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Donald Trump forced to cancel a rally amid widespread protests. protests. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Live by CSI Australia Police hunt for a man accused of punching six women and an elderly man in Sydney's CBD. Three Paris attackers named in documents leaked from the Islamic State group. And - a thrilling win for the Canberra Raiders against the Sydney Roosters, with a last-minute field goal. last-minute field goal. Hello. You're watching ABC news. I'm Kathryn Robinson. A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the cap it will cities:

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has had to cancel a rally in Illinois, as tensions between protesters saw violence spill out onto the streets of Chicago. Supporters waiting to hear the GOP hopeful speak erupted in anger at the news the rally had been cancelled amid security concerns.We want Trump, we want Trump! Scuffles broke out amongst the crowd, while one protester managed to make it to the podium before being escorted from the premises. It's been a tense lead-up to the event, with US media reporting several protesters had already been removed from the venue in the hours before the presidential frontrunner was due to speak. Tensions moved to the streets as rally goers left the venue and came face-to-face with protesters outside. It follows similar scenes in St Louis Missouri, where Mr Trump's speech was interrupted several times. They're allowed to get up and interrupt us horribly, and we have to be very, very gentle. Very gentle. They can swing, they can hit people, but if we hit 'em back, it's a terrible, terrible thing, right? And then if you're a little bit rough, if you're a little rough, you see the abuse that police were taking back there? They were abused. The police should be suing them, it shouldn't be the other way round! Police are searching for a man who attacked a group of women on a hen's night in Sydney's CBD. The bashing took place at fast food restaurant chain Hungry Jack's on George Street just after midnight. Witnesses say a man hit two women then ran away. One was knocked out completely and the other girl, and she got her consciousness back. The friend was in a bad condition. She was like shaking and she got hit about five or six times. And they were both locked up. A 69-year-old man tried to intervene and was also assaulted. The women were treated in hospital and have both been released. Disgraced Queensland greyhound racing trainers have spoken out against their treatment, a year after they were banished from the industry. Racing Queensland has warned of 22 trainers implicated in live baiting with nine recently winning appeals against life bans, but greyhound racing advocates say an even tougher stance is needed to rid the industry of rogue players. Ron Ball was striped from the Greyhound Hall of Fame and warned off off for life by Racing Queensland over his alleged involvement in live baiting. He's one of 22 trainers cast out of the industry, which for many, was their life and livelihood. It's ... um ... mentally, physically, financially been just destructive. While he admits he was on the property west of Brisbane when baiting happened, he claims he didn't see it. Did you think it was still going on or did you know it was still going on?No, never had a clue. He's not facing criminal charges, and last week, the life ban was reduced to 10 years on appeal. But the trainer wants to clear his name and is taking the matter to court. It's cost me approximately $140,000 now. No income for 12 months. Barred from every greyhound track in Queensland. 91-year-old pensioner Ray Gatti took his life ban to QCAT and won. But still has to wait a decade before he can get back in the game. I used to get a quid out of the dogs. And I'm getting nothing out of them now, and they're costing me - I've still got 'em.He was charged with animal cruelty after being identified on the live baiting surveillance video. I can't remember seeing anything bar the wool on the arm. Racing Queensland stands behind its decisions and the Australian federation of greyhound breeders, owners and trainers associations says integrity must be restored. That's the only way our sport can be moved forward, is through zero tolerance and best practice and do things better than anybody else.Culturally the industry still has a learn lot and that old generation has to move on. Advocates say Racing Queensland needs leaders who know about and have a passion for greyhound racing. They haven't cared about the greyhound industry for a long time. There hasn't been one policy. There hasn't been one positive thing for 20 years. The state government expects to announce an interim board, including one independent and three racing industry representatives, in the coming weeks. the coming weeks. Labor says debate about the timing of the Budget and the federal election is just a distraction. The Federal Government is keeping open the option of handing down the Budget a week earlier in order to meet a deadline for calling a double dissolution election. The Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says the Prime Minister should be focused on a debate about the tax system. Mr Turnbull knows that the longer his government goes on, the more trouble his government gets into. Mr Turnbull also knows that it's been the Labor Party talking about negative gearing, superannuation reform, talking about tax reform. Mr Turnbull knows he should be talking about these matters, but now it is the Labor Party who's doing the job which Mr Turnbull should be doing. The Labor Party will keep making economic management, economic competence, a core issue of the upcoming election whenever Mr Turnbull calls it, but in the meantime, he should just settle on the Budget and bring down the Budget. That's what he's paid to do - economic reform - and he now needs to get on with his day job. He keeps saying that he wants to tackle these issues in terms of the ABCC legislation, but his own party hasn't even bothered putting it on the notice paper, so it can't be dealt with this week. If you're serious about something, you back it in. Actions speak louder than works. The problem with Malcolm Turnbull is that he's all talk and no action. The Deputy Prime Minister has dubbed his opponent for the New South Wales seat of New England, Independent Tony Windsor, as Labor's candidate for the area. Mr Joyce, who spent the day at a local show in his electorate, says he's not concerned by a poll showing strong support for Tony Windsor. The former Independent MP represented New England for 12 years. The Deputy Prime Minister says he's confident his past performance, not political game playing, will determine the outcome of the upcoming election. First of all, judge me by my record. Judge me by my work ethic. See the price of commodities. See the things we deliver from the small such as those bridges to the big such as the water infrastructure we're rolling out, such as the upgrades to the roads, such as the new markets that are opening, such as the fact that we are making sure that the economic management of the nation is strong. Mr Windsor, for all intents and purposes, is the Labor Party candidate for the seat of New England. The national loans scheme for tertiary students known as HECS is costing the Federal Government more than $40 billion a year. Many students never pay their loan back. They don't start repaying the money until they're earning more than $54,000 a year. But as Helen Brown reports, that may be about to change. It's a new university year, and many students will be relying on the government's low-rate loans scheme. Billions of dollars goes out, but it's not all coming back. The current estimates are that about 20% of the money lent each year won't be repaid. Some people say that's OK, but when you're lending $7 billion or so a year, that's a pretty expensive annual program. The scheme costs the Federal Government $42 billion last year. The Grattan Institute says that's largely driven by a boom in student numbers, including those doing vocational education and training. The government's cracking down on rogue operators in that part of the industry. It's also now collecting repayments from people who've moved overseas. It's an automatic scheme, so it does get taken out of your earnings, so most le it's the debt that people don't realise you have. It's cheap debt. The last indexation was at 2.1%. It's much cheaper than, say, a home loan For those juggling career and family, the student loans scheme is vital. These days, I feel that you have to have a masters before you even start most jobs. This professional puts aside income to make sure she can pay off the loan. It will go down over time and I will pay it off. It's just going to take a long time. The Grattan Institute is looking at ways to have the national debt paid off quicker, such as lowering the 54,000 dollar income threshold for automatic repayments. Even though it's not a high income, it is still generous compared to, you know, other government programs designed to minimise financial hardship. A move it says would capture more of the part-time workers who've used the scheme. the scheme. Searchers are continuing to push through rugged and dense bushland in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in their search for a missing 77-year-old woman. About 90 emergency personnel and volunteers are involved in the search for Elizabeth O'Pray near Katoomba, which includes an area where a call for help was heard last night. The the 77-year-old has been missing from her home at nearby med low bar since last Thursday. The terrain is difficult to cover. It requires some extensive skills and navigation skills to get through. It's a very extensive area stretching from Medlow Bath to Katoomba and some vast bushland tracks in the area. We're relying on some information and Intel and community sightings as well to direct those searches but there's some very large areas of bushland to look through. CSIRO scientists have come up with a solution to a major ethical issue in the chicken egg industry. Every year, the global egg industry culls billions of baby male chickens, and a warning, this report contains graphic images. Australian egg sales are up. But the industry is grappling with a major problem.It's an ethical issue that the industry has faced for a long time and they've spent quite a lot of time, money, resources in trying to find a solution. Each year, billions of one day old male chicks are culled because they don't lay eggs and aren't bred to chicken meat standards.They can be just masceated or killed with gas.But Mark Tizard and Tim Doran have come up with a solution, genetically marking all males. It was a light bulb moment when we said, with can precisely place a marker on the sex chromosome, and go round the problem of having to change the sex, just be able to identify it. They're injecting a chicken embryo what new gene and placing a mark on the male chromosome. The chick that will hatch from this egg will go on to be used for breeding. All its male offspring will be easily identified by their fluoro mark. The males can be detected through the shell by a laser, removed, and the chick will never hatch. Then it tips the balance very firmly in the way that the technology provides a real solution that solves a welfare issue for the consumer. The technique has the support of some farmers and welfare groups. Ethically if we can move toward getting this right, it will be a wonderful outcome, a win/win.In-ovo sex determination has the real potential to end the culling of male chicks in the egg industry each year.The research has been presented to international breeding companies. It's now up to them to decide whether they'll use it. German media is reporting that the names of three of the Paris attackers appear in files linked from the Islamic State militant group. The three are believed to have carried out the worst attack at the Bataclan Theatre, where 90 people died. The IS files obtained by German, UK and Syrian opposition media are said to identify thousands of jihadist recruits from at least 40 countries. German officials have said the files can be assumed to be genuine. Roughly 22,000 fighters are reportedly identified by the documents. The United States has accused the Syrian government of violating the two week old cessation of hostilities in the war-torn nation. The State Department says there have been reports of air strikes on civilian protesters in a number of cities, including Aleppo. The truce is otherwise largely holding, allowing the provision of humanitarian aid to many besieged areas. It comes as the main Syrian opposition coalition announced it would attend the next attempt at peace talks, due to senator Geneva on Monday. A US State Department spokesperson says the Syrian government's attacks are a clear violation of the agreed truce.We also strongly condemn reports today that the regime has conducted air strikes which struck civilian protesters in Aleppo and Daara, including the Arbyan mosque, as the congregation was leaving. Now, these are clear violations of the cessation of hostilities. And of the express commitment by the Assad regime to the United States and Russia as ceasefire task force co-chairs to provide full humanitarian access and to abide by the cessation of hostilities. The United Nations Security Council has, for the first time, adopted a resolution to address sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers. The resolution endorses a plan that would see military or police units repatriated where there's credible evidence of abuse. The UN has been shaken by a wave of allegations that its peacekeepers in the Central African Republic raped young girls and exploited women. The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, says the UN needs greater accountability for such crimes. My ulterior motive is actually, finally, to do something about a cancer, the cancer of sexual exploitation and abuse against people who trust the UN flag. They see a peacekeeper coming their way, they think "this is someone who's gonna help me". They don't think "I gotta run, this is somebody who's gonna rape me". That's not what they should ever think you but that is what some of them do think because there is not accountability for the crimes that are committed in any way sufficient to the scale of what appears to be this problem. 16 people have been killed in floods and mudslides in and around Brazil's largest city, Sao Paolo. Some residents risked their lives trying to cross dangerous floodwaters. Rescuers rushed to retrieve people stranded on rooftops. Others worked to save those buried in mud. At the height of the downpours, Sao Paolo's international airport was shut down for six hours. Seven years after Sri Lanka's bloody civil war, 100,000 Tamil refugees are still living in neighbouring India. From there, some try to reach Australia by boat. One family has instead chosen to return home. The ABC's South Asia correspondent James Bennett joined them on their journey from India back to north-eastern Sri Lanka. At Chennai airport in southern India, Sri Lankan Tamil Matavan and his family are preparing for a journey 25 years in the making.TRANSLATION: I'm happy. I'm smiling'Going back to my motherland. Even after the Tamil Tiger separatists were defeated in 2009 there was widespread reports of abductions and torture by security forces. Allegations of mistreatment continue, but unable to get Indian residency or citizenship, Mathiva has decided now to the time to take his wife and three children home.TRANSLATION: We heard that there is no problem, that it is safe. That's why we are leaving. Back to Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan immigration is offlimits for cameras so we meet him staying with relatives in north eastern Sri Lanka. He's upbeat, but daunted by the prospect of having to ask for money to purchase a boat and go fishing to feed his family.TRANSLATION: To buy a boat I need $7,000. If I sell all the jewels that I own, I will get about 3,000. Those who've decided it is now safe to return face uncertain economic prospects. But they also acknowledge they're fortunate, not only did they escape the horrors of war, but they also avoided another all too common fate - drowning at sea in leaky boats trying to flee. Twice, this man himself tried to board a boat for Australia but was stopped by Indian authorities. Life back in Sri Lanka may not be all rosy, but he says he's determined to create a home and provide for his children's education. education. Political powerbrokers and Hollywood stars have farewelled former US First Lady Nancy Reagan, who died at the age of 94. Representatives of nine White House families were present at the funeral service in California. Nancy and Ronald Reagan's children said their father would never have become President without his wife's unwavering support. Her absolute belief in him gave him that chutzpah, to run for office. I don't know that he would've done it otherwise. Ms Reagan was laid to rest beside her husband on the grounds of the Presidential Library north west of Los Angeles. The British keyboardist for Emerson Lake & Palmer, Keith Emerson has died. The influential band rose to fame in the 70s with a string of successful albums. One of their most famous hits was 'Fanfare for the Common Man'. for the Common Man'. (Keyboard solo) Keith Emerson trained in classical piano before returning to rock. The 71-year-old performer died in his Los Angeles home. in his Los Angeles home. Let's get some sport now. Here's Georgie Tunney. South Sydney are well in front in their round 2 NRL clash with Newcastle. The Rabbitohs scored eight tries in their opening match of 2016, and they've certainly picked up where they left off against the Knights. They've scored two tries in the opening 8 minutes. Walker long. Goodwin quick hands, for Aaron Gray, in the corner! A second try for South Sydney! The Bunnies just can't be stopped early in 2016! And then the floodgates well and truly opened. Gray bagged his double as the Rabbits scored five first half tries to see Souths well in control approaching the break. A 78th minute field goal from Canberra half Sam Williams has stunned the Sydney Roosters at home. In stifling heat, Canberra struggled with their passing early. The home side took full advantage thanks to some perseverance from Lattrell Mitchell. The Raiders were finally able to convert some great field position through Soliola but two tries in five minutes had the Roosters ahead by 10 points at the break before Josh Papali slashed the deficit with a double all of his own. Papali scores a try!Papali! Well, he can be a one-man army at times but he has turned this second half on its head! Tries to Jayden Nikorima and Raiders skipper Jarrod Croker locked the scores up at 20-all before Sam Williams booted the match-winning field goal 21-20. In SuperRugby, defending champions the Highlanders are looking good in their game against the Lions in Dunedin. At half-time the score is 10-3 thanks to the hosts thanks to a try from their winger. Collingwood have pulled off an incredible come-from-behind win against the Western Bulldogs. Last night, Buddy Franklin starred with three goals for Sydney in their win over the Blues. Currently Geelong lead the Dockers while the Pies stunned the Bulldogs in Melbourne. The Dogs were in control from start and booted nine goals and one supergoal in the opening half, compared to the Pies' please le 34 points. But four goals from D'Arcy Moore led Collingwood to fight back, and miraculously steel the lead in the third. Collingwood have come from the clouds and they lead by 2 points. A 7-goal third term led Collingwood to a thrilling 107-105 win. Roxy Pro tour rookie Bronte Macaulay has caused a huge upset at the Gold Coast event, knocking out world No. 3 Sally Fitzgibbons in round 2. It's the first time in 60 events of the Championship tour that Sally Fitzgibbons has wiped out in round 2. Fellow Aussie Macaulay, an jur injury replacement for Lakey Peterson outgunned Sally Fitzgibbons in their heat. Stephanie Gilmore has advanced to round 3 after winning over Coco Ho while Laura Enever has been defeated by her South African opponent.I came into today feeling really strong and nice and light, it was a good taper into this event. Everything was feeling on song. In that 30 minutes, it just really didn't swing my way, and I fought back into the heat and Bronte was surfing really good. Hats off to her. I hope she goes well in the event. Controversy has again soured Melbourne's Autumn Racing Carnival with Preferment winning the Australian Cup on pro test. It was the third time in four weeks the result of a feature event was determined by the stewards. The first horse over the line in the group 1 $1.5 million event was Awesome Rock in that photo finish, but following the race, trainers and jockeys were called in to look at the footage again, with Chris Wallace awarded the race on protest. Wellington Phoenix has massively dented Sydney FC's hopes to move up the A-League ladder, scoring three goals so far in the first half and here are the highlights. Powell steers it into the bottom corner. Sydney's defending all over the shop and Powell was there to pounce on the error. Make absolutely no mistake. No flag again. Watson! 2-0 Wellington Phoenix!Oh again it's a lovely combination play here from Wellington. Just a simple ball in there from Bonavaccia. Yedovich comes out way too far. He's in no man's land. Just way too easy there for Watson. Makes no mistake.McGlinchy. The cut back. Missed in the middle by Watson. Watson. Can't finish it. Bonavacci is there to pounce. In golf, Victorian Matthew Griffin is in contention at the end of Day 3 of the New Zealand Open currently under way near Queenstown. Griffin managed to eagle and three birdies on the back 9 to get to 15 under for the tournament, and secure second spot on the jove all lead.And another solid iron shot for Griffin. Underneath the hole. Going into Sunday, the tournament leader is still Japan's Hideto Tanihara. He's 1 shot ahead of Griffin. shot ahead of Griffin. Let's take a look at the satellite. A trough is bringing cloud, isolated showers and storms to Victoria, Tasmania and inland New South Wales. A high pressure ridge is keeping South Australia and New South Wales coast mostly clear. Another trough across the tropics is still triggering scatter ed thunder sdorms in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

That is the news for now. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. Australian Story is next. Australian Story is next.

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Hello, I'm Caroline Jones.

Tonight, a doctor
who believes that the terminally ill

and those with
unbearable pain and suffering

should have a choice about
when to end their lives. For more than two decades,

Dr Rodney Syme has been campaigning
to legalise voluntary euthanasia.

It's an issue that polarises
the medical community.

At the age of 80,

Dr Syme says that time is running out
for him to see the law changed

and he's decided to risk everything -
even if it means going to prison.

This is his story.

(Plays recorder)

Apart from the time Dad
spends with his family,

I would say most of his other time
is spent working with people

towards helping them
achieve or explore

what their possibilities are
towards their end of life.

(They cheer and applaud)

He's stood up,
to his own determinant, frankly,

bringing pain and fear
upon himself.

He's stood up for people

who don't have enough
other defenders in society.

Over the years,
I have counselled over 1,500 people

and, of those, probably
somewhere around 100, roughly,

I don't keep a count,

I have given Nembutal
or some other medication

to essentially, as I say, to give
them control of the end of life.

He's offered to give me Nembutal

and I just can't explain
in enough words

what enormous relief that gave me,

knowing that I have access
to this drug.

I guess the thing that concerns me
about this situation is that,

who is Rodney Syme to decide...

Is Rodney Syme the one
who decides now

when people's life is not worth
living or is worth living