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by Ai-Media this is Nine News First been
at Five.Good afternoon. There has hen's
been a who are pieing end to a women
hen's night in Sydney after six CBD.
women were attacked in the city's woman
CBD. As Amelia Adams explains, one collarbone
woman was left with a broken who
collarbone while a good Samaritan, injured.
who tried to help, was also left way
injured.What a who are I believe were
way to end a hen's night. The woman night
were attacked just after 12:30 last station.
night in the Hungry Jacks Wynyard violent
station. Witnesses described a kicked
violent attack. Town six women old
kicked and punched. And a 69-year- help
old man, who tried to step in and was
help them, was also assaulted.One friend
was knocked out completely. The friend was in a bad condition, she five
was like shaking. She got hit about centre
five or six times.The man at the ran
centre of all of this, the attacker, was
ran from the scene but his friend grabbing
was not so lucky. Witnesses arrest.
grabbing him and making a citizen's and
arrest.He ran. And I saw him run he
and I tackled him to the floor so into
he wouldn't get awayHe was taken police
into custody and questioned by charge.
police but later released without them
charge. As for the women, three of brought
them were so badly hurt they were Hospital
brought here to St Vincent's year-old,
Hospital and one of them, a 29- Two
year-old, had a broken collarbone. were
Two others, a 31 and 25-year-old, Police
were #2r50e9d for cuts and bruised. attack
Police are reviewing CCTV of the are
attack in the Hungry Jacks and they lay
are hoping to identify the man and station
lay charges.A Melbourne police brazen
station has been the target of a cocktail
brazen attack which saw a Molotov Andrew
cocktail thrown at the building. As officers
Andrew Nelson reports, five Packenham
officers were inside at the time became
Packenham police station itself after
became a crime scene overnight the
after an attempted fire-bombing on Highway.
the premises off the Princess just
Highway. Police say this happened just before 1am. A man arrived at been
the complex armed with what has cocktail.
been described as a lit Molotov set
cocktail. He has entered the first members,
set of glass doors. That's when have
members, who were working inside, glass
have disabled the second set of entry.
glass doors preventing this man's frustration
entry. Now, in a moment of Molotov
frustration he has thrown that Molotov cocktail at the set of a
glass doors. The resulting fire was it
a small one. Members got on top of extinguisher
it quickly using a fire matter
extinguisher to put it out in a behind
matter of minutes. It did leave of
behind some small singe marks but damage
of course there was no serious Forensic
damage to the police station itself. the
Forensic Police have spent most of including
the day gathering evidence, to
including shards of glass believed They
to be from the Molotov cocktail. believed
They have also seized what is that
believed to be a piece of fabric They
that may have been stuffed inside. some
They have also analysed possibly the
some accelerant that was used by description
the offender. There is a for
description of the man responsible for this as well as CCTV.

for this as well as CCTV. He is medium
described as Caucasian with a hooded
medium build, wearing a black who
hooded top and a tracksuit. Anyone this
who might have information about call.
this crime give Crime Stoppers a to
call.Donald Trump has been forced violent
to cancel a rally in Chicago after were
violent clashes brouk out. There hundreds
were kay on theic scenes as outside
hundreds of protestors gathered Republican
outside the event hours before the speak.
Republican candidate was due to dragged
speak. Inside one protester was forced
dragged out by security after he Into
forced his way on to the stage. and
Into for the safety of all the tens gathered
and thousands of people who have tonight's
gathered in and around the arena until
tonight's rally will be postponed shortly
until another day. Fighting erupted security
shortly after that announcement as contain
security services attempted to vision
contain the violence. Shocking teenager
vision has emerged of a group of out
teenager in Sydney throwing a chair which
out of a moving train. The video teens
which was posted online shows the a
teens laughing as the seat lands on could
a busy motorway belowThe damage it it
could cause or the serious injuries someone's
it could cause t could even lead to state
someone's death. I can't under- these
state how stupid the behaviour of in
these people is.There will be more the
in our story for Sydney viewers in has
the news at 6:00. A Melbourne woman was
has been rescued by her dog as she solar
was attacked by two men posing as Borg
solar installation workers. Trish Borg was pinned against a wall as house
the men forced their way into her Rhianna
house and her French Mastif named I'm
Rhianna fought the attackers away. There
I'm grateful I have the doubt. here
There is no doubt if she wasn't or
here I would either be in hospital the
or worse dead.Other residents on after
the street say they are concerned been
after similar incidents. It has weekend
been a horror start to the long with
weekend on South Australia's roads crashes.
with two people killed in separate Well,
crashes. Harvey Biggs has more. confronted
Well, it was an horrific scene that rushed
confronted Emergency Services who Adelaide's
rushed her to Dry Creek in this
Adelaide's northern suburbs early collision
this morning after a head-on believed
collision between two cars.It is the
believed the silver Toyota crossed side
the median strip onto the wrong into
side of Salisbury Highway, slamming after
into a black Holden sedan just tonne
after 6:00Just as I got to the bridge,
tonne of the Salisbury Highway sliding
bridge, cars had just stopped there
sliding in the middle of the road, pulling
there was smoke everywhere. Cars Glen
pulling up. We ran across help out. until
Glen rushed to help the injured the
until paramedics arrivedSmashed assist
the back window in and jumped in to comfort
assist the driver. We tried on old
comfort him in any way.A 41-year- passenger
old Salisbury bounce man, who was a at
passenger in the silver car, died rushed
at the scene. Both drivers were condition.
rushed to hospital in a serious site.
condition.It is a very sickening could
site. I really don't know how that of
could happen on a straight stretch long
of road.The horror start to the continuing
long weekend in South Australia Long
continuing with 31-year-old Michael at
Long killed after crashing his bike at Hamley Bridge in

at Hamley Bridge in the state's Mid with
North. The death rocking locals the
with the young father well-known in discovered
the community. The crash was drivering
discovered by a police patrol Investigators
drivering down the road. what
Investigators trying to determine police
what went wrong.The message from motorists
police is loud and clear - for all roads.
motorists to take extra care on Senator
roads.Controversial Tasmanian wants
Senator Jacqui Lambie says she power
wants to the control the balance of first-term
power in the Upper House. The ambitions
first-term Senator expanding her announcement
ambitions and her party at an Tasmania
announcement today.Maybe if opportunity
Tasmania is given half an balance
opportunity to be able to have the it
balance of power in the Senate if government
it comes down to that.The Senate
government will prioritise new parliament
Senate voting regulations when Queensland
parliament resumes on Tuesday. The await
Queensland government continues to jobs
await documents that could save 550 Nickel.
jobs at Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel. The refinery's new manager, also
Queensland Nickel Sales, which is operations
also owned by Palmer, took over tell
operations this week but is yet to is
tell workers of its intention. It which
is the latest twist for the plant administration
which went into voluntary debts
administration last month with State
debts in excess of $100 million. declared
State of emergency has been two
declared in the US as not one but on
two massive storm systems bear down Floodwaters
on parts of the country. Military
Floodwaters hit historic levels. help
Military has been brought in to residents
help evacuate thousands of authorities
residentsNorth of Louisiana, have.
authorities need every boat they people
have. They are already up to 250 since
people rescued from floodwaters night
since early this morning and the night is young.

night is young.They come woke us we
up about 3:00 this morning to say We
we had to go. We didn't even know. want
We were sleeping.The rain doesn't want to end. Some others

want to end. Some others along the inches,
kufl coast could still see six more destroying
inches, aadding to two feet walls.
destroying homes and rashing away sandbagging.
walls. Near sleeve port they were trouble
sandbagging.We were looking for levy
trouble sports, areas where the Already
levy might be compromised first Bayou
Already neighbourhoods around the a
Bayou look like they are sitting in homes.
a bath. 3400 people forced to leave busy
homes. The National Guard has had a some
busy week releasing this video of haven't
some of their 1300 rescues.You with
haven't been in here yetWe went Mississippi.
with Debbie Cook today in To
Mississippi.The water is town here. floodwaters
To see her home after three feet of is
floodwaters finally let it be.It do
is something the Lord did. We can't it
do nothing about it. Just pray for hard
it and hope we don't get any more released
hard rainIslamic State has shows
released new video which it claims and
shows the devastation left in Syria out
and Iraq from air strikes carried buildings
out by the United States. Dozens of rubble.
buildings are seen reduced to hospital
rubble. The footage also shows a treated
hospital where children were being mourners
treated for injuries. 1,000 former
mourners paid their respect to see funeral
former First Lady Nancy Reagan at a 90-year-old
funeral service in California. The ferocious
90-year-old was remembered for her dedication
ferocious determination and 1,000-strong
dedication to husband Ronald. out
1,000-strong con gre tags turning this
out for Nancy Reagan in California Everyone
this morning paying their respect. through
Everyone from Hollywood celebrities Quite
through to Washington heavy weights. Quite a remarkable turn-out for her First
this morning. Everyone from the Hillary
First Lady, Michelle Obama, to Presidential
Hillary Clinton, a current course
Presidential candidate, and of as
course former First Lady herself, pay
as well as form bred George Bush to two
pay respects to Nancy Reagan. Her this
two children ulagising their mother story
this morning remembering the love Ragan,
story between Nancy and Ronald Hollywood
Ragan, how they made it from being decades
Hollywood celebrities all the White
decades ago to making it to the mother,
White House. They spoke about their glamour
mother, who had a love of Hollywood, also
glamour and beautiful gowns but opinionated,
also a woman very strongly argued
opinionated, someone not to be mistake.
argued with. Take a listen. Make no and
mistake. She would bob journalists, this
and I mean bob any journalist in didn't
this room and we know this. If she But
didn't like a report you had done. days,
But unlike so many people these differences
days, she never seemed to harden was
differences into definitions. She and
was way too interested in people Reagan,
and who you really were.Nancy between
Reagan, of course, the love story Ragan
between her and her husband Ronald referenced
Ragan is very well-known. That was the
referenced quite a few times during her
the service this morning and also former
her dedication to protecting the former President's legacy. It was here
her wish to be buried alongside him Library
here at the Ragan Presidential today
Library and that has happened here notable
today in California. But another morning
notable moment in the service this about
morning was of course all the talk First
about how influential she was as a have
First Lady. Very much thought to husband's
have been the backbone of her that
husband's precedency. One point maybe
that was made, of course, that may
maybe without Nancy Reagan there Ronald
may have not been a President slow
Ronald Ragan.Back home, it was a side
slow and steady descent down the Sydney
side of a dam for rescue teams in operation
Sydney taking part in a training number
operation in the city's south. A carried
number of vertical rescues were Woronora
carried out off the side of the volunteers
Woronora Dam, winching SES 66m
volunteers up and down the steep warning
66m wall. In the news ahead, a their
warning to dads who are not pulling delicate
their weight at home. Plus, a safety
delicate rescue to pull a baby to it
safety from raging floodwaters. And Harry
it is where she wrote the first two beloved
Harry Potter books. JK Rowling's auction.
beloved writing chair set to go to

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This program is not captioned. household
A terrifying encounter for a three
household in Sydney's west after home
three men forced their way into a The
home armed with a knife and gun. property
The men stormed into thor skin Park property assaulting those inside. injuries,
The residents sustained minor for
injuries, were conveyed to hospital further
for further treatment. None with Stoppers.
further information contact Crime were
Stoppers.It is believed the men the
were trying to find a safe inside the home but left empty-handed.

the home but left empty-handed. flooding
Torrential rain triggered flash leaving
flooding and mudslides in Brazil carried
leaving tlies 16 dead. A baby was rescue
carried to safety after being were
rescue entered a roof. While others fast-flowing
were seen trying to swim across the A
fast-flowing water around Sao Paulo. A number of people remain missing. off
A new piece of plane debris found sent
off the coast of Mozambique will be belongs
sent to Australia to see if it Airlines
belongs to missing Malaysia picked
Airlines flight MH370. The item was African
picked up in December but the South say
African family who discovered it may
say they have only just realised it another
may be connected after learning recently
another piece of debris was Australian
recently found in the area. lift
Australian dads are we go told to reveals
lift their game as a new study the
reveals mothers of still bearing workload.
the majority of the household details.
workload. Zara Rattue has the failing
details.Many working fathers are responsibilities
failing to share their parental to
responsibilities equally, according Australian
to their partners. Out of the 1,000 only
Australian working mothers surveyed, parenting
only 16% say their partners shares they
parenting obligations equally and and
they struggle to you juggle careers home
and parent responsibility. Stay at are
home dads, it suggests Australians parental
are fail to go shake the stigma of dads
parental gender rolls despite more roles
dads wanting to take on parenting workplace
roles but on old-fashioned Despite
workplace cultures are not helping. in
Despite some of the great movements arrangements,
in flexibility and part-time is
arrangements, the fact remains it options
is more women take ongoing those a
options as opposed to member.It is connect
a great opportunity for you to very
connect with your children in their that
very formative years and hopefully their
that will pay dividends later on in mothers
their lives.Legal experts say both rights
mothers and fathers have the same hours
rights to request flexible working criteria
hours from their employer. The gender
criteria surrounding this is not women
gender specific and both men and Australian
women are equally protected under The
Australian anti-discrimination laws. sat
The chair that awe shore JK Rowling life
sat on when she brought magic to yours.
life in Harry Potter could soon be penned
yours. She used the seat as she has
penned the first two novels. She lightening
has since hand-painted it with It
lightening bolts and inscriptions. the
It will cost you. Opening bids on $45,000.
the ma rah billa will start at afternoon,
$45,000.Among stories this Broncos'
afternoon, injury sours the season.
Broncos' dominant start to the dominates
season. Also, Adam Treloar final
dominates on debut in Collingwood's final pre-season hit-out. This program is not captioned. From the car company that brings you
the class-leading CX-3 and CX-5, a brand-new experience
from the ground up. Mazda CX-9. Get it for your family,
drive it for yourself. Coming soon. WOMAN: (Whispers) Zoom-zoom.

This program is not captioned. To be honest, I really didn't know
what to expect with my case. The actual outcome, it was
more than what I expected. For more information
on motor vehicle accident claims call Slater and Gordon
on 1800 555 777.

This program is not captioned. NRL
The Roosters's horror start to the surrendering
NRL season has continued after loss
surrendering a need their 21-20 story
loss to Raiders. It was a different dominated
story in Brisbane where the Broncos at
dominated against New Zealand but Corey
at a bit of a cost. H will explains. a
Corey Oates got the Broncos off to Absolute
a flying start at Suncorp Stadium. minutes
Absolute sensational.And for 70 form.
minutes the winger was in supreme in
form.He throws the pass in his own He
in goal. Do your best Corey Oates. fall
He does that.Before an awkward a
fall forced him off the field with 10
a shoulder injury in his sides 25- year-old
10 victory. Slinging up, the 21- weeks
year-old is facing four to six skipper
weeks on the sidelines. Brisbane loss
skipper Corey Parker admitting the fantastic.
loss would hurtHe has been him
fantastic. I think tonight, between they
him and Darbs and JK at the back, situations,
they got us out of sticky caught
situations, particularly getting himself
caught in goal and big Oates got is
himself out of there. I suppose it size
is only a player like him with his that.
size and strength that could do better
that.But Wayne Bennett was in better spirits.Not a problem that could
is life-threatening. Normal go month.
could be a week. Corey could be a now.
month.H will, Nine News.To AFL afternoon
now. NAB Challenge continues this currently
afternoon in Perth where Geelong over
currently holds a 12 point lead Collingwood
over Fremantle at half-time. two
Collingwood has claimed a thrilling to
two point win over Western Bulldogs Pies
to round out its pre-season. The thanks
Pies overturned 40 point deficit Moore
thanks to four goals from Darcy recruit
Moore and strong goal from new goes
recruit Adam Treloar.From 55 he Boyd
goes bank a bombSdmiet loss, Tom three
Boyd impressed for Dogs booting take
three goals. AFL, Sydney FC will look
take to the park shortly as they around
look to turn their season slump At
around against Wellington Phoenix. Melbourne
At Coopers Stadium last night match
Melbourne ended Adelaide United 14 strike
match unbeaten run. 70 first minute launched
strike from Nick Fitzgerald. That League
launched Sydney to second on the A- has
League ladder. Stephanie Gilmore round
has carved her way into the third Coast.
round of the Roxy Pro on the Gold easily
Coast. The six-time World Champion suffering
easily dominated her local break Hawaii
suffering a season 9.9 to topple Hawaii champ Coco Ho.

Hawaii champ Coco Ho. Fellow Aussie first
Sally Fitzgibbons suffered her round.
first ever knock-out in the second Bronte
round. The world No.3 edged out by Championship
Bronte Macaulay in her 60th have
Championship appearance. There you sport
have it Brett. That is the latest sport for youThank you. I will This program is not captioned. (HELICOPTER WHIRRS)

Take away the shiny panels
and the chrome badge, take away the dual climate control and the hand-stitched
leather seats...

..take away the sports bar
and the alloy wheels, the preconceptions
and the misconceptions because out here 'tough'
is not an optional extra. 'Tough' comes from within.

This program is not captioned. a
To the weather details now. Taking a look

a look
To the weather details now. Taking trough
a look at tomorrow's satellite, a Tasmania
trough moving across Victoria, bring
Tasmania and inland NSW is set to to
bring isolated showers and storms pressure
to the regions while a high Australia
pressure ridge will keep South It
Australia and NSW coast mostly dry. scattered
It will be 29 in Brisbane with a day
scattered shower. A partly cloudy in
day in Sydney. 29 the top. Also 29 ahead.
in the nation's capital. A wet day degrees.
ahead. Cloudy in Melbourne, 25 Cloudy
degrees. 25 and showers m Hobart. sunny
Cloudy 29 for Adelaide. Hot and storms
sunny for Perth. 32 in Darwin with Monday,
storms likely. Looking ahead to Brisbane.
Monday, the chance of rain in Sydney.
Brisbane. Showers developing in could
Sydney. Canberra showers. Melbourne wet
could also get a shower or two. A Adelaide.
wet day for Hobart. Grey skies in Adelaide. A scorcher in Perth.

Adelaide. A scorcher in Perth.
wet day for Hobart. Grey skies in Top
Adelaide. A scorcher in Perth. The Before
Top End has the chance of a storm. Before we go,

Before we go, a scary sight for Melbourne's
young injure as I can fans in pre-his
Melbourne's Docklands today. The like
pre-his store ishg world of life- Ice
like creatures and beeses from the Top.
Ice Age came along under the Big to
Top. Some enthusiasts took things clues
to the next level in the search for news.
clues in a past era. That's the news. Next bulletin coming On 60 Minutes...

Say, "Hey, g'day, mate."

He does this a couple more times

we're all gonna be eatin' Vegemite
up here.

Jarryd Hayne is a legend.

It's been a long time!
Oh, it's been a long time, man!

But he's also a little bit crazy.

Nuts, crazy, I am it.

He gave up his fame
and his fortune.

What's wrong with you, man?

To chase a dream.

They asked him if he knew where
he was going to live

once he got over there.
And he absolutely no idea.

It's ambitious
to say the very least.

Slightly arrogant to think
that you can go over there

and play and mix it
with the big boys

without even having put pads on

American Football is the world's
toughest game.

Do you think a guy who's never
played can suddenly come in

and make a roster?

I've seen it on TV before.

I'll be right.

He cracked it...
How often do you see this?

..without even knowing the rules.

What did you know?

Didn't know much.

He really flies
by the seat of his pants.

Actually, that piece of paper
that I wrote all the plays on,

put it in my pants.

On 60 Minutes,
go behind the scenes...

Thanks mate.
For the moments no-one ever saw.

Yeah, I made it.

COMMENTATOR: For the Niners,
diving and catching and fumbling.

Oh, my god, my coach would have
killed me if I fumble this ball.

Have youheard from anybody
from the Niner yet?


The untold story
of the kid from the suburbs.

Comin' back here really puts things
into perspective.

Who never, ever gives up.

I'm taking myself on the craziest
adventure that I can.

On 60 Minutes.

This program is not captioned. G'day. I'm Rob Paxevanos. And coming up on Fishing Australia, and epic adventure
along the Tasman Peninsula.


(Line whirrs)

(Kids chant)

(Laughs) Oh!

Tasmania is one of my
favourite fishing destinations.

The diversity of angling environments
spread across a small area make this island a coveted escape.

I've spent the past few days
at Twin Lakes, a private fishing retreat
about an hour north-east of Hobart.

The two lakes are home to some
of the biggest trout and salmon I've ever caught on fly, and while it's tempting to stay, I'm moving on to my next stop
in this Tassie adventure.

Just over an hour from Twin Lakes is Eaglehawk Neck
on the Tasman Peninsula.

This narrow strip of land, or neck, separates the ocean from Norfolk Bay and is the staging point
for some spectacular fishing.

I'm meeting up with Brett Sharp
from Force 10 Fishing Charters.

Brett's son Adam
is joining us as deckie, and we're heading out to hit the tuna that populate this dramatic corner
of Tasmania.

How good is this place? Coming out of Eaglehawk Neck there,
Pirates Bay, down to Fortescue Bay, and we're heading all the way down to
the Tasman Peninsula down the bottom. It's got to be one of my absolute
favourite tuna fishing spots in the entire world. What's the play for this morning,
mate? We're gonna chuck a few lures in
very shortly. We're gonna try
for some bluefin tuna. Couple of service lures,
couple of divers. Fishing's been good?
Fishing's been great. Let's get 'em in.
No worries.

We rigged up, the lines went out, and we settled in
to the pace of the trawl.

This season has seen
an abundance of bluefin tuna and the anticipation
of hooking one or more of them quickly turned to excitement. Alright! Half an hour into it,
just south of Fortescue Bay, and bang, we're on, happy days. First fish of the morning,
this one on an extra-deep... There's a few boats around today,
so something a bit deeper is good. She's coming up, Adam.
You got that little net ready?

There we go. Oh, beauty!

Rightio. Hey-hey! Ha-ha-ha!

Look at that. Brett's got another one
over there in the corner. Here we go. There's your classic
southern bluefin tuna, full of life, beautiful eating. Classic size at the moment. There goes me hat,
she's a bit breezy. Round about that 12-kilo mark. We'll dispatch her and get her on ice
and it's a great start.

We turned around
and made another pass, and sure enough, it was on again. Here we go!

Another one again now. Ha-ha-ha! Oh, great fun. We'll just get
that little lanyard off there. Gotta be pretty quick on them

..there's a... lot of seals about and they're looking for a free feed
too. So get into 'em if you can. Oh, he spat it. Spat it. That's OK.

You've still got yours, mate?

Upsadaisy. Another bluefin.

They are an amazing fish,
very fast-growing, strong.