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(generated from captions) That is a powerful, important story. outcome
Will keep you updated on the come,
outcome of the court case. Still to duped
come, how Aussie shoppers are being ointment
duped with knock-off pawpaw brands
ointment is.Is a sneaky by the packaging
brands to have almost identical Now
packaging just to sell the ointment. farms
Now the fight to claim back Aussie of
farms as the Chinese buying spree has
of our land continues. Brady Halls looking
has been continued -- has been businessman
looking at the story.Aussie passionate
businessman Dick Smith is a a
passionate businessman, but he and patriots
a growing band of other powerful enough.
patriots say that they have had are
enough. Dick and others say they sale
are sick of seeing Australia for something
sale and have decided to do something about it.

want agricultural land
The Australianpublic doesn't to be sold to foreigners. from down under us.
Down Under is being sold going to be food shortages.
In the years to come, there's

going to be food shortages.
In the years to come, there's than just our land.
And they're wanting far more in their droves
That's why they're coming here and send it home.
to try and round this stuff up I fell in love with it.

and says we all should be.
Jan Cameron is devastated, by a Chinese company.
We were gazumped

by a Chinese company.
We were gazumped

by a Chinese company.
We were gazumped

by a Chinese company.
We were gazumped wanted to buy a farm,
This Aussie businesswoman and not just any farm, one of our most iconic.
quite possibly Van Diemen's Land Company dairy farmer.
is Australia's largest also had their eye
But someone else on this huge slice of Tasmania, with its 29,000 cows of milk a year.
producing 100 million litres demand for animal protein.
Projects are for increasing The founder equipment company Kathmandu
of clothing and outdoor by the Chinese.
found herself chequered want to buy office blocks
It's fine if overseas investors or tourist resorts. out of that?
They can make a dollar That's fine. on any of our security.
That doesn't impinge Yeah. Absolutely. one-child policy,
With the end of China's and fertile land,
their shortage of water and heavy pollution, from our cheap dollar
our farms, with a little help for their hungry nation.
are ripe for the picking They're very smart, for them.
and this is a food investment It's not a financial investment. Craig and Marie Aplin reckon
That's what dairy farmers next door to them.
may be going on Nothing's happening over there? operating for a while.
No, no, no. It hasn't been the Aussie abattoir
The Chinese bought to their Victorian dairy,
next door for now,
but they're just sitting on it of the area,
It's a major employer

the bills don't stop.
and let's face it, from them
And two farms up the road are also now in Chinese hands. tomorrow morning
If the Chinese came knocking would you listen to them?
with a chequebook, our own house.
We've got to look after We'd also like to think the next generation.
we can hand it on to

patriotic Gippsland farmers,
Spend a bit of time with these out that today's gain to them
and they'll point is tomorrow's loss for all of us. easy decision and say,
If we make a really quick, of dollars for something,"
"OK, I can get X amount of the whole industry,
and just wipe our hands we don't get it back. purchasing the land,
The thing about Chinese it will never be re-sold. on to the market.
It will never come back in Chinese ownership forever.
It will remain And while the New Zealanders of the Van Diemen's Land Company,
have been the most recent owners they, like most nations, after a few years.
turn over assets like this that could come back to us.
And this is some asset, says Jan, endless supply of food,
With its vast, clean land, that just happens to generate
and a wind farm of Tasmania's electricity needs.
one tenth to a Chinese investment company.
And it's about to be sold The Van Diemen's Land Company... So, Jan has made a TV ad

So, Jan has made a TV ad ropeable patriot we all know.
and roped in another

ropeable patriot we all know.
and roped in another

ropeable patriot we all know.
and roped in another you have the chance
Scott Morrison, to overseas hands.
to stop this from being sold off of food, without any doubt,
They need a tremendous amount selling them the food
well, what's wrong with us the electronics.
they're going to sell us, We should sell the food. this is a globalised world
We keep getting told what they're good at.
and countries do OK, we're good at growing food, where we grow the food,
but if we don't own the places the whole thing breaks down.

to sell off that beautiful land.
We would be totally stupid

the farmer's friend.
Dick Smith has long been he's fast running out of friends.
But he says a free-trade agreement.
You talk about because it's only one way.
No, it's not free, that beautiful property,
So, if they buy we can buy something equivalent.
there's no way biggest dairy in Australasia
Here's an opportunity for the to be in Australian hands. Let's not lose this opportunity.

is Senator Nick Xenaphon.
Also supporting Jan

I'm not xenophobic.
Despite my name, foreign investment.
I'm not actually against But what I am for there's a level playing field,
is to make sure that get a fair deal.
that local investors

up these major properties
Recently, the Chinese have bought around the country. Australia's largest cotton farm,
One of them was Cubbie Station, a Chinese textile maker.
bought by Shandong Ruyi, The now-Chinese-owned cotton their Chinese factories.
goes straight to has been described as a steal,
And the purchase for $232 million $120 million this year.
given the farm is tipped to make (APPLAUSE) free trade agreement with China
And since the signing of that are earmarked to be spent
billions of dollars more this year and next.
buying Aussie farms If an Australian investor slither of a dairy in China,
wanted to buy even a tiny good luck to them, the Chinese authorities
because there's no way would allow that to happen of their national interest.
because they take a strong view When it comes to protecting... in her own inimitable way.
Jackie Lambie put it same standards as the Chinese?
..why can't we have the What's good for the goose the bloody gander.
is just as good for buys here,
And if a foreign entity Jan says, don't hold your breath some taxes.
on them at least paying are being made now
I suspect that the profits

rather than in Australia.
in China The sale is yet to be approved Review Board.
by the Foreign Investment has the final say.
But the Treasurer of Kidman Station
Recently, he stopped the sale that covers 2.5% of the country, on the grounds that part of it the Woomera Prohibited Area.
was within the board would ever know
But Jan has her doubts on how if it's a Chinese investor buying our land.
or the Communist Government Foreign Investment Review Board
I think it's impossible for the the Chinese system.
to penetrate into It's shrouded in secrecy. actually do proper due diligence
I don't see how they can these Chinese buyers.
on these buyers, in our hands,
Desperate to keep this place to the Treasurer
Jan Cameron is pleading and all Australians. Mr Morrison, it's his choice.
Well, that's down to Australians
And I would encourage to send him an email. Dick has one suggestion.
In the meantime,