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(generated from captions) Come on, Luis. Quick.
OK. Let's lock in C, Eddie, Maine.

Locked in.

Dover is the capital of Delaware.


Montpellier is in Vermont,

and Providence, Rhode Island.

And Dover, Delaware. There you go.
Luis, don't worry about that.

You didn't win 50, but you've
got $1,000. Congratulations, bud.

Thank you very much.
Luis Gandolfo just won a grand.

See you next time
in the Millionaire Hot Seat.

Goodnight, everyone!

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This program will be captioned The former attorney-general in a corruption inquiry.
accused of meddling Behind bars - his eight-year-old son.
a father charged with murdering Underwater arrest - plunges into a dam near Penrith.
a bizarre standoff as a van robbed of her savings
A 94-year-old in a cruel confidence trick. steals the show -
And the 'Starman' Grammys tribute to David Bowie.
Lady Gaga's amazing

Good evening. It's a long-running scandal one of our top prosecutors
that's already tainted of the corruption watchdog
and thrown the whole existence into question. has been dragged into the battle
Now a senior government minister and the ICAC,
between Margaret Cunneen in Parliament.
after explosive revelations

senior law maker,
Once the state's with an ICAC investigation.
now accused of meddling As Attorney-General, in Question Time
Brad Hazzard admitted today what many would regard
that he may have given as highly unusual advice in the Margaret Cunneen affair.
to a witness spoke to me about the matter.
And I do recollect that she he received a phone call
Hazzard said to the car crash
from an eyewitness of Margaret Cunneen's son
where the girlfriend was the driver. to his office
Hazzard says the call was made it was investigating Cunneen.
after ICAC announced the eyewitness to contact Cunneen
Labor alleges he then told her mobile phone number.
and passed on to Sophia Tilly's car accident
Did you advise a witness to contact Margaret Cunneen? that detail.
Um, I don't recollect but it's possible.
If I did, I don't know, It's possible.
I'm not saying I didn't. and Community Services
What the now Minister for Family does remember with the witness
is he had a conversation with ICAC lawyers as well.
and put her in touch her to ring Margaret Cunneen.
I don't recollect whether I told but it's possible. I don't know.
I don't think I would have, Does it matter? Cunneen was investigated by ICAC Sophia Tilley to fake chest pains
over allegations she advised to avoid a breath test. Cunneen has always denied this, and the High Court found was outside ICAC's powers.
the investigation But claims of poor judgement under pressure,
now have a senior Baird minister refusing to defend him.
and the Premier alluded to in the question
It's very clear that matters should be addressed by ICAC. they'll be dealt with
That is where Chris O'Keefe
State political reporter is at Parliament tonight. a statement a short time ago -
Chris, Brad Hazzard released

what did it say?

he telephoned the person
Peter, Hazzard has said she had certain information
and she confirmed she was an eye witness.
as she alleged

about Hazzard's judgement on this
But Peter, the question now is now wondering why,
with some Liberal MPs he got involved at all.
as Attorney-General,

A father is tonight behind bars, his own son.
charged with murdering was carried
Neighbours say the eight-year-old by paramedics,
from his Canberra home by police.
while his father was handcuffed outside a home
On the grass verge in a quiet Canberra suburb - with a heartbreaking message.
a single white rose

and I just...
I'm a mother and I'm a teacher It's just a bit close too home. police were called to Gungahlin,
Last night, an eight-year-old boy
where they found with serious injuries. and came out for some fresh air.
Tammy lives next door

Within a minute, the little boy.
I saw a paramedic carrying out

it was too late.
Despite being taken to hospital, I'm a mum, and I know... Like, I cuddle a little child.

was the boy's father,
Inside the home 37-year-old Graham Stuart Dillon.

37-year-old Graham Stuart Dillon. spent the day investigating,
He was arrested, and as forensics at the ACT Magistrates Court,
Dillon appeared here and three counts of assault.
where he was charged with murder reappear in court next month.
He was refused bail, and will lived in the close-knit community
Neighbours say the family had for 12 months.

I don't really want to stay.
I don't want to stay, I can't look up there.

during an armed-hold up
A baker has been attacked early this morning.
at a store in Colyton on Hewitt Street
The man was working in the bakery armed with a firearm and a knife.
when two men stormed the shop, and hit the man on the head
They stole cash from the register before running off.

of two people
Police have released images a jewellery store
suspected of robbing in a Roselands shopping centre. a woman entered the shop
Earlier this month, from a display cabinet.
and asked to be shown items and stole jewellery
A short time later, a man entered before the pair left.
from another cabinet, should contact Crime Stoppers.
Anyone with information

over a bizarre stand-off
A man has been charged at Glenmore Park this morning. to pull their weapons on him
Police were forced after he drove a van into a dam, and refused to get out.
swam out to the middle

A strange and soggy stand-off. bobs in the water.
It's 4am, and a hooded man and police with their guns drawn.
Nearby, a sinking stolen van,

hurled threats at officers,
The 45-year-old allegedly refusing to get out of the dam, trying to hide among the weeds.
and at times,

at camouflage failed
His best attempts he was spent,
and after half an hour,

and surrendering.
wading to the bank

all the flashing lights,
Flashing lights, next thing you know,

in the water.
there was a car, a van,

with lights and sirens
Police had been responding in the area
to an attempted bobcat theft in the stolen van.
when they stumbled across the man he then ran the van into the dam.
Seemingly spooked, was refused bail
A 25-year-old man over the failed machinery heist, police still investigating are linked.
whether the two incidents but no doubt embarrassed,
Now dried out, this driver remains behind bars.

the Prime Minister has finally
After months of heated debate, in the GST to the election.
ruled out taking an increase reassured nervous Coalition MPs
And Malcolm Turnbull has also gearing would have to stack up.
that any changes to negative

on a swing through Queensland...
Malcolm Turnbull flying high onto Bundaberg now.
We've got to get Barnaby Joyce.
..with his Coalition partner on a road trip.
Barnaby and I here it's Barnaby and Malcolm.
It's not 'Thelma and Louise',

had a plan.
At least 'Thelma and Louise' going over a cliff...
It ended with them Let's not get caught.

political suicide
Backbenchers fear the GST
if the Government increases Michaelia Cash kept it alive
and Employment Minister last night. the table completely,
We haven't taken it off not at all. health facility...
At a Central Queensland

..Malcolm Turnbull finally, formally, killed it off. taken to the election.
There'll be no GST increase in economic terms.
Simply is not justified has ruled out increasing the GST
Malcolm Turnbull his own job, not your job.
because he's worried about fear a GST-style voter backlash
While some Coalition MPs negative gearing,
if the Government changes Malcolm Turnbull says if it stacks up economically.
there'd only be changed deliver a major speech
Scott Morrison will tomorrow and framework
outlining the economic challenges any policy detail.
but don't expect Bob Hawke tackled big reform and big beers might be shrinking
Malcolm Turnbull's reform agenda from a yard glass to a shot glass. Cheers.

over a brawl
A man has been sentenced in Wetherill Park.
at a children's birthday party an 18-month term,
Edward Isaac was today given in the community.
to be served under supervision of the same family
He was among seven members at Lollipop's Playground and Cafe
charged over the fight in June to two counts of assault.
and pleaded guilty

The international student, deputy mayor Salim Mehajer
who claims Auburn's controversial shifted demerit points to him, postponed in court
has successfully had the case so police can investigate. as a result of speeding
Abdel Razzak lost his licence and red light infringements, white Ferrari
allegedly while in Mehajer's and his wife's black BMW. he wasn't behind the wheel.
But the student is adamant all this?
How are you dealing with

until next month.
The matter has been adjourned has told a Sydney court
Stephen Dank in the street and blamed him
strangers stopped him of a young Sharks player
for the death published in News Corp papers.
after defamatory articles were the media giant over the stories
The sports scientist is suing which linked Jon Mannah's cancer he administered.
to the substances

sports scientist
He is the controversial to Cronulla Sharks players.
who gave peptides he flatly rejected claims
But today of Jon Mannah
that contributed to the death from Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

and Sunday Telegraphs
Dank is suing the Daily one which said:
over three articles in 2013,

He told the court:

was safe to have the injections,
Dank admitted he told Mannah it despite his medical history. he said not in the levels
Asked if that was reckless, they proposed to be involved anyway.
and said the prop declined articles were published
Dank said when the newspaper and stopped on the street
he was called by people asking:

"I was extremely upset" he said.

How difficult is the last three but
years been?It has had its moments but not to bad.

the human growth hormone
He also admitted giving before two games,
to other players telling the team doctor.
without personally Among them Isaac Gordon, of an unusual amount of bruising.
who later complained giving evidence tomorrow.
Dank will continue at least 50 civilians
Russian airstrikes have killed in northern Syria, the proposed temporary ceasefire.
raising doubts about the most vulnerable targets -
The bombers struck hospitals and schools.

in Azaz, Syria,
In this neonatal ward the toughest of challenges.
tiny babies already face And at just days and weeks old, their first experience of the war
they have already had their country apart,
that has torn they're being treated in
when the children's hospital in an airstrike,
was deliberately targeted struck by missiles in one day.
one of four medical facilities

(OFF SCREEN: Slightly further south, Idlib province,
in the rebel-controlled another hospital decimated, Doctors Without Borders,
this one, financed by services more than 40,000 people.

against the medical mission.
It's clearly an attack

To be today a doctor or a nurse the opposition,
in the areas controlled by it's equal to be a criminal.

operate over the area.
Both Russian and Syrian warplanes In both these cases, though, pointed firmly
the finger of blame in the direction of Russia. if they want to.
The Russians can end this of hostilities work
They can make this cessation by scaling back their bombing the real terrorists
and redirecting it against the moderate opposition.
rather than bombing for a week from this Friday,
Fighting is due to stop of the most badly affected areas.
a chance for aid to get to some (EXPLOSIONS) no let-up until then,
But there will clearly be and the most vulnerable of people the most at risk.
will continue to be

have been critically injured
At least three people

11 people have been rushed to

in North Queensland.
After a bus flipped over were trapped on board
15 passengers near Airlie Beach.
when it rolled off the road, were called to the scene.
Dozens of paramedics

An elderly woman who was lied to, of thousands of dollars,
and robbed the trauma of being scammed.
has spoken to Nine News about from New South Wales police
It's prompted an urgent warning about the dangers of fraud.

Lucy French is 94 years old. who, until recently,
A great-grandmother has lived a happy, carefree life. after being called by a man
But now she's a victim of crime of her bank on the Central Coast.
who claimed he was the manager He sounded a real gentleman. he's a thief and a liar.
In reality, her wallet had been handed in
He told Lucy her personal details.
and was calling to double check

that he had an easy target
He would've known

that people can stoop so low.
and it saddens me to think

The man on the phone told Lucy her wallet from the ANZ branch
she'd be able to collect here at Westfield Tuggerah. as instructed,
She drove here yesterday something was wrong
but instantly knew knew nothing about it.
when staff at the bank

absolutely flat
I just felt flat, and I thought, "It's gone."

close to $5,000 has been stolen,
Since Friday,

that was inside her wallet.
including $500 cash from three banks across Toronto,
$2,400 was withdrawn from her credit card.
as well as $800 was made
The last of the transactions in Ourimbah yesterday,
at the Westpac remaining $900 in Lucy's account.
when the crook cleaned out the

trusting people
Mum lives her life is so distressing.
and to be so violated your personal information,
Never, ever provide your password
such as your PIN number, or your banking details. Lucy may be vulnerable,
And although she's also very resilient. he deserves to be caught.
I hope they get him because

the hope of doing exactly that.
Police will review CCTV, in

last night,
While most of us were sleeping officially hit 24 million.
Australia's national population at 12:50 this morning,
The milestone was reached Australian Bureau of Statistics.
according to the using the number of births,
It's calculated deaths and immigration an extra person
and means Australia gains and 31 seconds.
every one minute just more than Taiwan
Our population is now only than Tasmania.
and Taiwan is smaller

have gathered in Los Angeles
The biggest names in music for this year's Grammy Awards. powerhouse performances
There were from Taylor Swift and Adele, to the late David Bowie
but it was an emotional tribute that really stole the show.

Uptown funk...

a certain theme this year
The fashion ran with the skin
and it was all about the sequins, and plenty of sex appeal.

There were the bizarre standouts, Justin Bieber one of them, and a mini-me
with a mini moustache who was less than impressed.

Taylor Swift opened the show. And Lady Gaga owned it to David Bowie.
with a jam-packed tribute

We could be here is just for one

As for the awards, cleaned up,
Kendrick Lamar and Alabama Shakes as did Ed Sheeran. The Australians, and Tame Impala, all missed
including Keith Urban by Alice Cooper on vocals
in front of a crowd surprised and Johnny Depp on guitar.

Of all the performances tonight, everyone is waiting for.
there's one woman but certainly hotly anticipated -
She's not nominated and that's Adele. with that voice.
She was back from hiatus,

She overcame audio issues.

Grammys tradition, winning
Taylor Swift continued and taking aim at Kanye West.

There are going to be people along your
the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments, for your fame.

was for Record of the Year,
But the big battle of the night especially catchy anthem.
and it went to one

at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look

Good evening, Pete. We've enjoyed a mostly sunny day south-easterly winds
with light to moderate overnight.
after dropping to 21 degrees The city reached a top of 28. in our west,
It was a much cooler night which is 3 below average,
falling to 16 degrees, 30 degrees late this afternoon.
before warming up to a top of of showers tonight
There is still the chance with southerly winds picking up.

a little later, Pete.
But I'll have the full forecast

In the news ahead - from Haberfield to Blacktown - a string of car dealerships.
police raid survive this?
Off the road - how did the driver doesn't tell the full story -
Also, when the picture pitfalls on the property market. on the night he almost died.
And Manly's Dylan Walker

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This program is not captioned.

often come in for a bad rap.
Used-car dealerships Today, we got a glimpse of why, Department of Fair Trading
with police, and the of a major fraud crackdown.
raiding four car yards, as part

that's new again.
It's an old used car sales scam Odometer wind-backs and posing safety risks.
costing buyers money Information we've received today like 100 vehicles
points to something in this way.
having been tampered with the prime suspects
Used cars imported from Japan because their history is unclear. the Department of Fair Trading
Police and inspectors from Sydney's inner west this morning.
raided three dealerships in

person will be prosecuted
It's anticipated a number of by the News South Wales police.

City and Prestige Auto Centre
Edward Lees Imports, Dream Car were the focus,
on Parramatta Road, at Blacktown.
as well as Master Cars Warrants were issued from each of those dealerships.
for the obtaining of records with speedos in modern cars
It's often thought that tampering odometers are now digital.
is more difficult, because has made it easier.
In fact, the technology Nine News has been told available on eBay,
a simple computer chip, the display.
can be used to doctor up to ten years jail.
It's fraud, and it carries turned up at Edward Lees Imports
This couple, from Uruguay, with their car on a tow truck. They bought it just last week, 140,000km on the clock.
15 years old, and with only It broke down the Harbour Bridge.
as they were driving across They will fix it or refund us. now have to show cause
Three of the dealerships shouldn't be suspended.
why their licences was suspended on the spot.
Dream Car City's

on a ski slope in New Hampshire
There's been a perilous rescue inside two stranded gondolas.
after 48 people were trapped in the air for three hours
The skiers were left dangling a rope, one at a time, to safety.
until they could be taken down

the heart-stopping moment
A driver has filmed he lost control of his dump truck in North Carolina.
and went smashing into a house,

careered off the road
The man claims his truck ran a stop sign
after another vehicle and clipped his rear tyres. by lying across the seats
He survived before the moment of impact.

that rocked rugby league -
It was the story left fighting for life
two South Sydney stars overdose.
after a prescription drug Ken joins us now. about his brush with death
Ken, Dylan Walker has opened up of moving to a new club.
and the challenge

Good evening, Pete. didn't end well
Walker's time at the Rabbitohs he was abusing pills to party.
but he's angry at suggestions Tonight he talks about that about playing for the Sea Eagles.
and what excites him

It's the team that Bozo built, to headquarters today,
the Eagles emperor paid a visit Dylan Walker in the Eagle's nest.
no doubt pleased to see Walker's lucky rabbit's foot of his South Sydney days.
a reminder The rabbit on my foot, that will last with me forever,
I've definitely got a memory covering that up, but you know,
so I don't think I'll be is going to be a big relief
putting the Menly jumper on for myself, again, you know, I can't wait.
and just to start playing footy to football.
Walker needs to get back He hasn't played a prescription drug overdose
since he nearly died after last September. his pill drama was a one-off.
Walker wanted it made clear today

it was just an honest mistake.
I'm not a user, to be honest, accused you of partying.
So basically, people have I was just at home.
No, I wasn't partying, I should probably clear up,
That's one thing I was at home. And it annoys you? Yeah, pretty much annoys me that I can't control now.
but it's something strong pain medication
Walker was using he'd broken twice
to deal with a hand and was trying to play on with. that he'd been used and abused
His lawyer said

by the South Sydney club. At the time, the right thing by the team.
I thought I was doing Just playing on? Yeah, just playing on. myself more than anything
But I was probably just hurting even more.
and maybe hurting the team and coaching staff there
But we had doctors and they could have managed it
that knew about it, a bit better, but you know, or anything, I respect them all.
I'm not burning any bridges and his head is clear.
He says his hand is fine of playing five-eighth,
He's got the challenge Trent Barrett made his name in.
a position his coach Number 6? Yeah, can't wait to put it on. preseason at the number 6
Haven't had a really full famous number 6, his experience
and having Baz here, he was a and knowledge

I would be back with breaking news out of the eels.

around their disastrous 2015.
Plus, how the Tigers plan to turn to derail Australia's bid
And the injury threatening number one ranking.
to take the world's Pete.
All that and plenty more soon, In the news ahead - accused of assaulting a customer
a TV repairman at Mount Pritchard.
inside her home Fighting for their rights - treated like drivers.
why cyclists don't want to be on black market pokies -
Also, a crackdown an illegal machine?
are you playing on Becoming an expert - two of his own babies.
the dad who's delivered

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This program is not captioned.

has faced court today,
A TV repairman a mother
accused of indecently assaulting in her Mount Pritchard home. crept into the bathroom
It's alleged the 42-year-old while the woman was showering, to fix a broken antenna.
after being hired

you don't want in your home.
This is the repair man

He is in trouble with the law.

of indecent assault,
George Salloum is facing charges a woman in the shower
accused of trying to grope fixing her television antenna.
while he was supposed to be say about these allegations?
Mr Salloum, what do you have to to the house on Hutchens Avenue
The 42-year-old was called in December last year.
in Mount Pritchard, who lives there, took a shower,
When the 36-year-old woman, went into the bathroom
he allegedly and tried to grab her breast. only when she started yelling,
He left who was in another room.
alerting her teenage son, moved to the street
The woman had only just to get the television working.
and needed a repairman It's believed Mr Salloum to come to the house.
her landlord arranged for of the allegations,
Despite the seriousness with three young children,
Salloum, who is married he has no criminal record.
was granted bail because he intends to fight the charges
Today, his lawyer told the court when he returns next month.

when he returns next month.

State Parliament,
Cyclists have descended on to scrap new laws
urging the Government forcing them to carry ID. by more than 10,000 riders.
They delivered a petition signed This is a nanny state idea. having to carry photo ID?
What next - pedestrians, surfers It's a very silly idea. increased for cyclists
The new laws will also see fines next month.
and are due to come in

black market poker machines
More than a dozen have been seized and destroyed uncovered
after gaming investigators 're-birthing' operation.
an elaborate poker machines
The sale of illegal rips off taxpayers and players, as a feature
and includes those being bought in games rooms and man caves.

They have the potential of dollars in revenue each year.
to generate hundreds of thousand

now little more than landfill.
But these 15 poker machines are of an elaborate scam
This is the end in the poker machine room
that began with a fire more than a year ago.
of this Maitland bowling club and collusion that occurred
The level of sophistication we haven't seen before.
in this instance, were colluding
Where club officials to falsify documents,
with licensed gaming technicians in order to rebirth them
change gaming machines into the industry. are strictly controlled.
Poker machines or used for parts,
When they're destroyed and reported.
it must be carefully documented

being crushed now,
These Maitland machines, immediately after the fire
were meant to be destroyed but weren't. executive and a gaming technician
It's alleged a former club but refurbished them instead,
reported them as trashed illegal compliance plates.
fitting new They now face serious charges. for approximately $13,000.
Some had already been resold involved in this,
Total value for the people they'd already netted $200,000 net another $300,000
and potentially were going to out of this operation. also has other machines
But the office liquor and gaming in its sights. were confiscated from sellers
These poker machines on Facebook, pawn brokers, of private homes
and from the games rooms to prevent illegal gambling. you're subject to a serious fine
The reality is, if you have one, and potential jail time.
up to $11,000 have one of these it is illegal,
So the message is clear, if you to liquor and gaming NSW.
hand it in most of these don't
While this machine works, once they're seized,
and that's because technicians take them apart, for anything
searching them forensically where they've come from.
which might identify at some point in time,
Because, obviously, or hotel or licensed technician
a registered club, by not disposing of it
has done the wrong thing in an appropriate way. into coin sized pieces.
They, too, will end up crushed

US presidential hopeful Jeb Bush brother on the campaign trail.
has enlisted the help of his big posed for photographs
While George W and signed autographs, Donald Trump
Republican frontrunner on the former president.
launched a blistering attack

I have heard for years he kept the during
country safe after 9/11. What about friends.
during 9/11? I've lost a lot of

for this weekend's primary
Trump is leading the polls of South Carolina.
in the deeply conservative state has been praised
A quick-thinking father on a nature strip
for helping deliver his baby girl in the middle of the night. it was nothing new -
But for this dad he'd done it once before, running in the family.
with impromptu arrivals Arriving two weeks early, entering the world.
little Violet wasted no time She came with a bang. of Sunday morning,
In the early hours having contractions.
Sarah started started driving to hospital
Her husband Simon before things turned urgent.
but they only travelled 1km

or do we pull over?
Do we keep going,

we pull over.
Then my body told me laid Sarah down.
Pulled over, laid a towel down, after leaving the house,
Just eight minutes a nearby nature strip in Preston.
the bundle of joy was born on

Everything happened so quickly, to
there was not a great deal of time whether
to think.They were not sure they
whether it was a boy or a girl, There
they stage wrapped up in the car. couple.
There delivery was a danger for the before
couple. Big Sister was born also before they could leave the house.

Tuesday evening -
Still ahead this now you don't.
now you see it, The vanishing water tower real estate agents into trouble.
that's got Sydney That's after sport.

Ken is next with sport. Hello again, Pete. Coming up - ahead of his Parramatta debut.
breaking news on Kieran Foran to behave at the A-League derby.
Sydney FC beg their fans at a Winter Olympics.
And Australia's best day ever some cooler weather tomorrow
And we're expecting but it won't last long. I'll have your forecast soon.

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This program is not captioned. out of Parramatta,
In breaking news named the Eels new captain
star recruit Kieran Foran will be tomorrow morning.
at the club's season launch Foran left Manly last year, stars to join the Blue and Golds.
his signing encouraging other big for the Kiwi star,
It's been a memorable day to the couple's second child
his wife giving birth a baby boy, Jordan.
this afternoon -

to Rugby League this Saturday,
Sam Burgess will make his return named in the Rabbitohs team the Titans, on the Gold Coast.
for their trial against Aaron Woods has declared
At the Tigers, out of trouble
he's the man to lead the club after a horror season last year.

the Wests Tigers can avoid it -
There's no way 2015 was a disaster. Robbie Farah-Jason Taylor saga
Equal last on the ladder, the off-field drama
and never-ending at a club propped up by the NRL. happy-go-lucky personality player
Enter Aaron Woods, the

handed the captaincy.

relaxed approach.
I've got the calm, from round 1 to round 24.
It'll be the same Woodsy you get the Origin and Kangaroos prop,
It's hard to believe Woods, 24 years of age.
is still a tender He won't change his ways, rein the fun in a little bit.
but concedes he might need to when you're captain?
Can you still do as many gee-ups when you do it now, I suppose.
Yeah, you gotta be smart the coach too much anymore,
You can't really pick on with him now.
because you're gonna be working for it all, but in saying that,
There's a time and a place the top with it, mate,
I don't go over a little bit of a laugh,
I just like to have in the change room.
a little banter chose Woods for a reason.
Coach Jason Taylor He's a very relaxed guy, at the same time,
but he's very serious he's got that brilliant blend towards his footy
of a relaxed attitude but he knows it's important that we've got to do it well.
and he knows Farah today talked of the relief his footy again.
of simply being able to enjoy of years has been pretty tough.
To be honest, the last couple and enjoy it
I come in to training every day and I'm able to switch off.
and I go home on the Farah-Taylor relationship,
While the glare will remain the halves pairing
plenty of eyes will be on of Luke Brooks and Mitchell Moses under their belts.
who have a couple of NRL seasons realise how tough the NRL is.
After two years, you start to going to help me
I think last year is really and plan every game.
plan the whole year out after this season.
Both remain unsigned what's best for me
I just have to do and what I feel is best for me. start to the year.
I really want to have a good That's my plan I can start off the year
and hopefully for talks,
and that's all I put back the year well.
I just want to start off

a new coach today,
The Swans unveiled for the clipboard
Jarrad McVeigh ditching his boots NAB Cup Challenge.
for the opening convince the injured co-captain
It took some persuasion to to take over from John Longmire. that means I'm playing.
Ideally, I'm not doing this, But being the one who is injured are playing,
and all the other boys for this weekend.
I'm happy to fill that role big things from Buddy Franklin
The rookie coach is expecting on Saturday afternoon.
when Sydney play Port Adelaide

Coach Darren Lehmann says the decision review process
cricket bosses need to clarify as the Adam Voges no-ball drama across the Tasman.
continues to rage Arriving in Christchurch, ahead of the Second Test.
Australia are playing it safe

One up against the Kiwis the best in the world.
and one Test out from becoming to risk anything.
The Aussies are not willing an injured Peter Siddle.
And that includes No, no. that's what we do.
If he's not 100% he won't play, From our point of view, how he pulls up
we'll wait to see in the next few days. in the days leading up,
He'd have to bowl pretty well for now.
we've only got an extra day off very quickly to play.
He'd have to recovery We'll just wait and see. a sore back
The paceman is carrying to prove his fitness
and will be given every moment for Saturday's Christchurch Test. still on the mend,
Even coach Lehmann's Deep Vein Thrombosis last month.
after he was diagnosed with

with a stocking on,
I look a bit weird but that's OK. it's always good if it's quiet.
Normally cop a bit but keeps people off my back a bit.
If we're playing well it by an innings and 52 runs
Australia won the first Test of a vicious Kiwi comeback
but are concerned in the second Test. around the no-ball call
And it seems discussions well past this tour.
will continue I don't know. at the ICC Cricket Committee.
We've got to talk about it so I have my views.
I sit on that the solution right
We've just got to get for umpires, as well.

has told trouble-making fans
Sydney FC coach Graham Arnold from Saturday's A-League derby
to stay away against the Wanderers.

I appeal to all fans to behave. We wander
cannot control the Sydney will hopefully
wander as fans -- wanders fence but hopefully they will need good.

A loss at Allianz Stadium fall out of the top six.
could see the Sky Blues at the Youth Olympics in Norway,
An outstanding day for Australia picking up three medals. Alex Dickson nailed the silver Snowboard Cross.
in the hotly contested colour in the women's ski cross.
Zali Offord also won the same medal count on one day
Capping off our highest at a Winter Olympics, in the men's ski cross.
Louis Muhlen won bronze

Hot form on a cool slope.

Stay with us. spot the difference -
Still ahead - to market a property?
is this an acceptable way for a police officer
A guard of honour shot in the line of duty. behave on an escalator.
A textbook example of how not to

is back
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and we're giving away

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Now to our top stories - Brad Hazzard
senior Government minister has been dragged into the battle and the ICAC
between Margaret Cunneen

in Parliament.
after explosive revelations Family tragedy - his eight-year-old son.
a father charged with murdering Bizarre scenes to draw their weapons
as police were forced into Glenmore Park dam.
on a man who drove a van about the trauma of being scammed
An elderly woman has spoken out of thousands of dollars. at the Grammys
And Lady Gaga has wowed crowds with a tribute to David Bowie.

we love to hate,
In the tally of professions may seem like fair game.
real estate agents has hit back today
But one major agency of photoshopping a house ad
after being wrongly accused disappear.
to make an ugly water tower

that lit up the internet.
It's the Photoshop furore A real estate agent outed digitally altering a photo
for seemingly to turn this into this.

to be told,
We're happy for stories are based in truth.
providing the stories

it's been unfairly accused,
Ray White says with our own camera.
a point we proved and with a wide angle,
Shooting the Penshurst house low the water tower disappears. Step back, and it's there again. No trickery involved. by another agency last year,
The flattering shots were taken Ray White says to use them by the vendor
it was specifically instructed for new photos to be taken.
who didn't want to pay

It's a fact. The photo is real. of the property.
It's a representation of a property
It's not all the representations is to present the property
but the agent's role in its best possible light. the Department of Fair trading
Regardless, is asking the agency to explain. our properties to best advantage
We all want to display the property
but if people misrepresent not only under the Property,
then that can be an offence Stock and Business Agents act Australian consumer law.
but also under

Property experts we've spoken to say there is a fine line representing a house
between creatively an obvious negative
and blatantly trying to hide are going to turn up
because obviously buyers and may feel duped.
and see it for themselves,

it's complied with the law.
In this case, Ray White insists with five other agents
The house has also been listed all used the same photos.
in the past eight months - have been through the property.
Presumably, hundreds of people previous complaints.
There's been no it goes to auction next week,
No matter the angle, at no extra cost.
water tower views

has been jailed
A 23-year-old Chinese national $5.9 million worth of ice.
for importing sold by a board games shop.
It was hidden in toys, which were found the concealed drug
Staff in the store and alerted police. He was jailed for eight years, of four years and eight months.
with a minimum

proudly lined up
The thin blue line for one of their own today. and rapturous applause
A guard of honour Luke Warburton
greeting Acting Sergeant from Nepean Hospital.
as he was discharged The decorated Dog Squad officer last month.
was shot in the line of duty was police dog Chuck,
But perhaps most excited of all

for his handler.
with the warmest of welcomes

in the most painful way possible
An escalator prank has backfired in the UK. A video posted on Facebook the middle barrier
shows a man sliding down as his friends egg him on.
at a London tube station, on a safety warning sign
Ironically, he becomes stuck onto the moving staircase.
and is sent flying back

Coming up, what a whopper - biggest diamonds.
one of the world's and finance,
Plus, Sydney petrol prices and Amber with the weather. Thanks, Pete. over 27 degrees -
Today was our 11th day we've seen in seven years.
that's the longest stretch tonight, though,
It has cooled right down southerly.
thanks to a gusty in the city and our west.
Right now it's just 22 degrees forecast next.
I'll have your

side for this weekend' s clash af
Coming up Canberra left horrified, wi
after a 37 year old man is charged law
with his son' s murder Changes to an
laws to recognise same-sex parents pill
and a push for Canberra to trial pill testing This is what
some people call service. They take your keys and point you
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This program is not captioned.

has found
An Australian mining company

worth a staggering $20 million.
a massive diamond in Angola, is 7cm long,
The 404-carat sparkler ever discovered.
one of the biggest gems Lucapa Diamond,
Shares in the Perth-based firm, after the announcement.
rose almost 30%

To finance - for our share market,
a second day of strong gains more than 68 points.
the All Ords putting on 71.51 US cents
Our dollar is buying or 81.94 Japanese Yen. unleaded is just under $1.09/L,
The average petrol price for E10 is just under $1.07. Here's Amber. We enjoyed a mostly sunny day this afternoon
before clouds rolled in and southerly winds picked up of a few showers tonight.
and there is a chance it reached a top of 28 degrees.
After a warm night in the city, 27 in Cronulla. overnight,
Our west was much cooler to 14 degrees,
Campbelltown falling before warming up to 28. saw a top of 27 degrees.
Blacktown and Parramatta 29 in Richmond. inland areas were mostly sunny,
Across NSW today, in the late 20s to early 30s,
with temperatures of the Northern Tablelands
with the exception which was very hot -
and the Far North Coast, Narrabri reaching 38 degrees. 29 in Grafton. it was mainly fine,
Along the coast, could see a shower or two tonight
both Newcastle and Wollongong Batemans Bay reached a top of 24. A warmer 30 in Coffs Harbour. for parts of the Northern Rivers
Tonight, there is a storm warning and Northern Tabelands, and damaging winds.
for heavy rain, hail and north-eastern NSW
Tomorrow - a low over Queensland mainly about the ranges.
may cause showers and storms, will produce showers
Cool onshore winds and throughout Tasmania.
about southern Victoria a shower or two,
Brisbane could see a top of 30 degrees. Sunny and 26 in Canberra. a top of 20 degrees.
A few showers in Melbourne, a top of 37 degrees.
Perth will be fine, Around NSW - an early shower
the north coast could see across the state.
but it will otherwise be fine in the high 20s.
The south-west will see tops reaching 30 degrees in Dubbo.
Warming up further north, cooler than the last few days,
Coastal areas will be a little 23 degrees.
Wollongong is only heading for 24 for Bega and Newcastle. Sydney can expect a fine day
After possible showers overnight, with moderate southerly winds. and powerful surf conditions
There is a warning for large with a southerly swell building.
right along coast tomorrow, of 4-6 foot
We are expecting waves for south-facing breaks. we've seen in nearly two weeks.
It will be the coolest day Reaching 27 in Penrith. 26 in Campbelltown and Liverpool. 23 degrees in Cronulla. 18 to 25 in the city in Gosford.
and a top of 24 degrees Thursday, sunny and 28 degrees.
Looking ahead, a beautiful day on on Friday.
Staying fine with a top of 30 a few light showers,
Then the weekend could see with tops of 28 degrees. Staying warm into next week.

and 30 degrees on Thursday.
In our west, it will be sunny on Friday.
Warming up to a humid 33 with possible light showers
The weekend will be partly cloudy and tops of 29-30 degrees, Pete.

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next for this Tuesday.
That's Nine News I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight.
I hope you have a good evening.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

break. Tonight ... An eight year old th
boy has died, allegedly killed at the
the hands of his father Calls for the ACT to lead a pill testing trial to reveal the ingredient of illicit drugs And: a push for more areas in Go
Queanbeyan to become alcohol free Gun
Good evening I' m Geoff Phillips, de
Gungahlin residents have been left eight-y
devastated by the death of an murdere
eight-year-old boy, allegedly thirty-se
murdered by his father. The M
thirty-seven-year-old faced the ACT whil
Magistrates court this morning -
while the community attempts to come incident.
to terms with the horrific r
incident. Overcome with grief Jacka residents lay flowers at the home of was
eight-year-old Brayden Dillon. I saw
was just doing the school run and saw the police car, then I heard the news on the radio and my heart just Ne
broke. It' s very sad...very sad. b
Neighbours who watched the child' s body being removed from the property
last night- in shock. I watched the male
whole thing and he was the only male brought from the house and that went into the ambulance, and I knew that.
by the way that little boy was k was him. The boys alleged Dil
killer: his father, Graham Stuart thirty-se
Dillon. Police arrested the cal
thirty-seven-year-old after being I
called to the home late last night. sustain
Investigators say the boy had tr
sustained serious injuries and was
transported to the Canberra hospital where he later died. Dillon faced a Magistrates
brief hearing at the ACT Magistrates court this morning where wel
he was charged over the death as Repr
well as three counts of assault. lawye
Represented by a Legal Aid duty bai
lawyer - Dillon did not apply for O
bail or enter pleas to the charges. remaine
Outside court the prosecution detai
remained tight lipped about the Dru
details of the case. Reporter: Mr this
Drumgold are you able to comment