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(generated from captions) Tonight,
a man charged with murdering his own son, a defenceless 8-year
old, killed in the family home.

A hike in the GST is officially
killed off by Malcolm Turnbull. So, just how does he plan
to fix the tax system?

It's something everyone would
like to know.

The suspected Sydney crim who
was literally up to his neck. Just wait till you
see how this ended. Police and fair trading raid a
string of Sydney car yards, accused of ripping of customers, using
the oldest trick in the book.

On the mend. The brave Sydney cop who was
shot and nearly died is finally well enough to go home. And meet baby Xavier. He might just be
the 24 millionth Australian as our population continues to climb far
quicker than planners imagined.

This is Ten Eyewitness News - First at Five - with Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton.

Domestic violence has claimed
another victim, this time tragically an
eight-year-old boy, killed, police allege at the hands of his father.

37-year-old Graham Dillon has
appeared in a Canberra court charged with
murder after his son died in hospital from serious injury.

A once-quiet street
in suburban Canberra, now a crime scene that has shocked
and devastated neighbours. That poor little girl's got nobody. Police and ambulances were called
to the house early last evening. Their sirens piercing
the evening silence. The street quickly filled
with concerned onlookers. The little girl was sitting on the
front porch there, waiting very patiently as the paramedic arrived. She led them into the house. Paramedics were seen carrying
a seriously-injured young boy from the house. 37-year-old Graham Dillon was
charged with murder after his son Braydon died
from his injuries in hospital. Another neighbour's 8-year-old
son went to school with the boy.

Haven't mentioned anything to
my son, too little. The school made counsellors
available and isn't commenting. As police forensic experts
and detectives combed the house, neighbours spoke
of an isolated family. Lots of kids in the neighbourhood. We all warned each other, you know,
watch all the kids when they're out on the street,
you know, avoid that house. It seems this household was
an exception to the rule. It's a very good neighbourhood,
so it was a bit of a shock for everyone,
because everyone's so close. Dillon looked stunned
as he came into court in shorts and a grey T-shirt. He entered no plea to murdering
his son Brayden. He also faces three charges
of assaulting his young daughter. He did not apply for bail. Dillon will be back in court
on March 1st.

After months of talking it up, Malcolm Turnbull has today finally killed off any rise in the GST. He is pushing now another idea borrowed from Labor with talk of changing negative gearing tax breaks for property investors. The Prime Minister is continuing his sweep through Queensland's marginal electorates ahead of the election.

Malcolm Turnbull continues
his tour of North Queensland and he now has a partner in crime. It's not Thelma and Louise,
it's Barnaby and Malcolm, but we're on the road trip
and we're having a great time. Of course that was
a road trip that didn't have a particularly happy ending. At least Thelma
and Louise had a plan. And today the long-mooted GST
rise met a similar fate. I can assure you that
the Government will not be taking a proposal to increase
the GST to the election. Killed off, once and for all
as the tax debate firmly switched to negative gearing. The idea that this is
a massive rort for the rich is simply not right. I am concerned Australians,
younger Australians in particular, and single people,
have little prospect of being able to get into the housing market. And research suggests
the current suite of tax con krekss

concessions do disproportionately advantage
older Australians.

Young people are being priced
out of the housing market via tax concessions they don't
get any benefit from. Giving the PM plenty to ponder. And so Malcolm and Barnaby's road
trip has inevidently ended up here at a brewery, as the PM continues
his search for a tax package that will go down as well
as the beer here in Bundaberg. How can you not smile when you're having a great beer? Like a well-brewed beer, it seems
we're going to have to wait.

He is either the dumbest or unluckiest alleged car thief in Sydney. A man was arrested overnight after driving into a dam when he thought the police were chasing him. Problem was they were after someone else.

Neck deep and in deep trouble,
it's a strange and soggy standoff for police.

As the 45-year-old simply refuses
to get out, instead submerging himself in the cold, murky water.

Either way I'm going home tonight.

He was travelling
in this allegedly stolen van just before 4 o'clock this morning when
suddenly police were on his tail.

He lost control before landing in the water. At that stage police had no idea his vehicle was stolen. They stopped to rescue the driver on the way to another crime. That's when things got weird. Put your hands up! The man renewed to leave the dam
for more than half an hour, before finally trudging up the bank. Let's just walk up here. Where he was arrested. Just have a seat on the step,
buddy. The man was then taken here to
Penrith Police Station, where officers have spent the whole day
questioning him to try to get to the bottom of this bizarre stunt. His antics caused quite a mess
at Debbie Kane's place. She lives opposite the dam and
woke to flashing police lights.

I had all this debris in the middle
of my driveway when I came down. The dam quickly became a crime
scene, sniffed out by police dogs. The man remains in police custody.

Used car salesman often get a bad
wrap - and the ones we're about to show you are doing nothing to help
the reputation of the industry.

They're accused
of importing old Japanese cars and winding back the odometers
in a racket that has so far caught out four Sydney dealerships.

Used car salesman Yang Gao owned
Dream Car City on Parramatta Road. He's accused of selling nightmares. Police and Department of
Fair Trading officers were his only customers this morning. His licence suspended on
the spot as the yard was raided. If a person is caught attempting to
sell a vehicle that has knowingly that was knowingly had
the odometer wound back, it is also a criminal offence. It's fraud and it carries
up to ten years' jail. Further along Sydney's auto alley
another dealership, Edward Lees, was targeted. Just as this couple was returning,
a 15-year-old car they bought yesterday, it broke down
on the Harbour Bridge. It's OK, they are going to fix it. They are good people. But that optimism was fading as
officers collected their evidence. Fair Trading
and police have been watching Edward Lees Imports for a year. The owner is accused of using one
of the oldest tricks in the business to cheat customers. So is Prestige Auto Centre at
Concorde and Master Cars Blacktown. All are accused
of winding back the odometers on old Japanese imported cars. So far investigators have
identified 100 vehicles. Odometer readings are
an important way of determining the value of a vehicle. While the owners could face
criminal charges, dudded cues consumers face a long
battle getting their money back.

The vicious legal brawl
between the ICAC and top prosecutor Margaret Cunneen has spread
into the political arena, dominating the first sitting day
of the year at State Parliament. Government Minister, Brad Hazzard,
copped it in Question Time about what role he played
in the whole affair when he was Attorney General,
admitting he spoke to a witness of the original car accident,
that sparked the whole mess. Adam Walters reports from
Macquarie Street.

In in a firey open session of Parliament... The Opposition was demanding to
know if Premier Mike Baird knew if his former Attorney-General Brad
Hazzard had spoken to a witness to the car crash that head to an ICAC
investigation of Margaret Cunneen. Did Minister Hazzard
inform you that after ICAC's announcement after an
inquiry into Margaret Cunneen he personally contacted an eyewitness
to Sophia Tilley's car accident? Mrs Cunneen was under investigation
after ICAC claimed to have telephone intercepts of her
revealing that she told her son's girlfriend to avoid an alcohol test
by faking chest pains. The Premier didn't have
a straight answer on Mr Hazzard's role in the drama.

As much as the Leader of
the Opposition might be interested in any private discussions,
there is an appropriate body that would investigate such things and
that is where it should be left.

Under intense questioning,
Mr Hazzard then admitted he was contacted by the witness. She called my office, to the best
of my recollection, that's pushing it back 2-3 years
now, and I do recollect that she spoke to me about the matter. But he was then grilled on
whether he passed on to the witness Ms Cunneen's mobile phone number. If I did,
I don't know, but it is possible. Although the High Court
has already ruled that ICAC did not have the power to
inves gaze Ms Cunneen, there seem end in sight to the saga. The Premier admitted this latest
twist involving a member of his Cabinet would need
to be investigated by none other than the Independent
Commission Against Corruption. A parliamentary inquiry is
about to decide if it will publicly release the telephone intercepts
already leaked to the media.

We have some good news to report
tonight, on the police dog squad officer shot
in the leg at Nepean Hospital. Acting Sergeant Luke Warburton was
discharged from his hospital bed today and was given a guard
of honour by his colleagues. Daniel Sutton joins us now. Dan, a special mate was
there to greet him? It was quite a moment today, Hugh. Five weeks to the day since Acting Sergeant Luke was shot in the upper thigh. He left that building today with bandages and on crutches but walking without help from anyone. His wife and his parents were behind him. At the end of a police guard of honour was his loyal dog Chuck. There was a rousing round of applause from his colleagues in the Dog Squad as well as officers from Local Area Command in the local area, including from Penrith, whose officers responded when he was shot. The most touching moment was when Luke and Chuck were reunited. Dog handlers and their animals have a special bond, we know that. You will see that tail wagging away. We know that Chuck was allowed into the hospital for a visit at one point and now he will be able to spend some time with his master at home. Of course, Luke has another dog T-Bone. He will also spend time with his wife and children. Glad to hear they get a look in as well. Is there more news on his recovery?We know at one point Luke was worried about regaining the lose of -- use of his leg. So there's clearly an improvement on that front. We know when he was hit in the leg he lost a lot of blood. He was in the emergency department at Napean Hospital at the time and it probably saved his life. Police a couple of days ago told us they didn't expect him to leave hospital for several weeks. Today's good news came as a pleasant surprise to many in the force as well as us of course. His colleagues told us today that they are looking forward to him being able to spend time at home to continue his recovery and rehabilitation. They say they will be with him every step of the way. Of course we wish him well. Absolutely. The entire state is wishing him well. It seems Australia is having
a growth spurt like never before as our population expansion
goes into overdrive. It past 4 million in the early hours while most of us slept. Meet little Xavier. Born at Melbourne's
Royal Women's Hospital at 1 minute to 1.00am
this morning. He's the 24 millionth Australian. Yeah, we had no concept that we
would be producing that 24th million! Just as Xavier's parents will
say to him in years to come, my, how we've grown:

17 years ahead of what was
predicted - after a big growth spurt. The last million has been added
in adding one million every three years.

With one birth every one minute
and 44 seconds, increases by one

There's a gain of a national migrant every 2.35 seconds, you might be surprised to learn that the population increases by one person every one minute and 31 seconds. There's a forecast we will get to 25 million quickly.

What's coming is a test
of our resources and diversity. Australia is a far better place at
24 million, better in the future. Whatever the growth,
baby Xavier will always be able to say he's one in 24 million.

Still to come - explosive
allegations about disgraceful doctors in our hospitals.

Dozens killed, as schools
and hospitals are bombed in Syria.

Pleas for the public to not give up
hope in the search for William Tyrrell.

And all the hits
and a few misses from the biggest music show on earth.

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We've had the strangest response to
the story we brought you last night about soccer hooligans,
from the people who run the game. These hooded thugs applauded
violence and threatened further trouble
at this weekend's Sydney derby. Football Federation Australia was
quick to publicly criticise us for failing to get their response
to the hooligans' claims. So today, we offered them
the chance to respond which they curiously declined. Sydney FC, however, has called
on its fans not to be stupid. The game of football needs good
publicity at the moment, so let's hope everyone behaves. Police and the FFA met this
afternoon to discuss security arrangements for the game.

Hovering above with the latest
on Sydney Traffic is Vic Lorusso. What have you found?Hugh up to the north-west into Winston Hills there's delays along Windsor Road, noticing the traffic flow up through Baulkham Hills heavy. You can see the off-ramp for Church Conservative street into Parramatta, motorists are being delayed by up to 20 minutes. There are delays to the north-west after a crash into Carlingtford.

The parents
of missing toddler William Tyrrell have pleaded for the public not to
give up hope for their son. It comes after the boy's
grandmother declared publicly that she now thinks he's dead. Melinda Nucifora has the story.

For one-and-a-half-years
William Tyrrell has been missing.

And the whole time
his grandmother has stayed silent but not any more. I am his grandmother
and the first day he went missing was the end of our lives.

Until now, for legal reasons
William's family has had to remain anonymous, but this morning
for the first time we saw a family face and with it her greatest fear,
that no-one wants to be true. I want him to be safe. I want him to be feeling loved. I want someone to be looking after him. This morning for the first time we saw a family face and with it her greatest fear.

I hope he's still alive but... It's been so long. His birthday goes by and Christmas
has gone by.

It's a question police are
working tirelessly to answer. William's parents disagree with
his grandmother. They believe he is alive and they
want everyone's help to find him.

How are you enjoying your holidays? Good thank you. After so long, hope is all anyone in this family has to cling to. Please give him back, because it's not fair. That poor little boy has been through enough as it is.

Top neurosurgeon Charlie Teo has
exposed a dangerous culture of bullying within Australian

Teo says doctors are putting
their own commercial interests before patients, risking lives. He made his explosive allegations to Ita Buttros on Studio 10. He's one of our most respected and
outspoken surgeons and now Charlie Teo is exposing the ugly truth
of his profession, that surgeons' egos and professional jealousy is
costing patients' lives.

It's Machiavellian. The Sydney neurosurgeon
and founder of Cure Brain Cancer says doctors are putting their egos
before a patient's best interests, advising them not to get second
opinions from the competition. I said I'd take the tumour out
on Monday. On the Friday the doctors at
the Children's Hospital decided to make the child a ward of the state,
so they could take responsibility away from the parents to give that
child a chance at life. Thankfully we operated before the
court injunction came through and that child is alive and well today. In an interview to be aired
on Studio 10 tomorrow, Teo is calling for a royal
commission to expose the truth. I would be most concerned if I
realised there was somebody in the medical profession who could
help me and I was being denied because of professional jealousy. A study found nearly half
of all surgeons have experienced discrimination,
bullying or sexual harassment.

The AMA says an independent approach, such as a royal commission is not the answer. The change needs to happen from the top down from within hospitals. That could take years. We have to empower our juniors
and inform our seniors to really got cultural change. As a profession,
we are 100 per cent committed to changing that from a culture,
from a policy and a legal sense. But Teo says that's clearly not
working and lives will continue to be lost
until something drastic is done.

When it comes to the weather, who could complain. The wind is whipping things up a bit. A soothing southerly chose Tuesday and zipped in around 48km/h across the harbour and airport. Dropped temperatures a little bit for us, too. A weak cold front moving across the state ended up in the north-east but mainly fine and sunny conditions across NSW for the next 48 hours. A few showers, coastal down south and in the north-east corner. Apart from that it should be big and blue, that will do. Currently 23 with that south-sou-easter doing business at 20-30km/h.

Up next - Taylor Swift's
world domination continues.

Also tonight,
the battle for the White House becomes a family affair. And an Aussie company strikes it
rich with this dazzling discovery.

Justin Bieber won his first

The death toll is rising
in northern Syria, with at least 50 people killed,
including children, after a series of air missile strikes. Russia and pro-Syrian forces are
being blamed for the attacks which destroyed several schools
and hospitals. Erin Bell explains.

There was little warning
before the explosion hit.

Down below, panic as
the rush o to save lives begins.

The target was clear. Four rockets fall
on the hospital supported by Medicins Sans Frontieres in
Maarat al-Numan, Idlib province.

Seven people were killed at the
Doctors Without Borders' hospital. Another eight staff are missing. Unfortunately if you are
a doctor and you are working in a hospital, clearly you are
under attack by the Syrian regime. And the charity wasn't
the only medical centre hit during the raids. Four others were struck
by missiles as well as two schools, killing up to 50 people. Several newborn babies were found
crying inside the children's hospital.

Remarkably they weren't injured
as broken medical equipment fell down around them. Other children weren't as lucky.

The United Nations has slammed
the attacks as a blatant violation of international law. France
and Turkey have also condemned the strikes as a war crime, while
pointing the finger at Russia. The author of the strike is clearly
the Syria-led coalition, either the government or the Russian planes
striked probably the hospital. Unfortunately it's not
the first time. And it's not likely to be the last.

Former President George W.
Bush has returned to the political arena,
hoping to energise younger brother Jeb's
faltering presidential campaign. The elder Bush's legacy has been
the target of blistering attacks by Republican frontrunner
Donald Trump.

There seems to be a lot
of name calling going on but I want to remind you what
our good dad told me one time. Labels are for soup cans. (LAUGHTER, CHEERING) Despite spending a lot
of cash, Jeb Bush is struggling to
catch up with the winners of the first two state contests to
pick a Republican party nominee.

An Australian-based company says it has discovered the biggest
diamond ever found in Angola. Lucapa Diamond says this sparkler
is around 7cm long and a whopping 404 carats. That makes it the 27th biggest
diamond found in the world and the largest ever uncovered
by an Australian company. The gem hasn't been valued yet
but recent sales of similar stones suggest it could
be worth more than $20 million.

Taylor Swift had another triumphant night at the Grammies. There was standouts on the fashion front. No wins for Australia, though, all four nominees missing out.

As the red carpet hotted up,
all eyes were on Taylor Swift's new bob and signature pins. Black the colour of choice,
but with a twist. While Justin Bieber had
everyone asking, who's that? Australia's Courtney Barnett
at her first Grammies. It's pretty overwhelming,
kind of exciting, you know all the emotions. But lost to Meghan Tranior,
for Best New Artist. Oh, I'm a mess. Taylor Swift opened the show,
before becoming the first woman to win Album of Year Twice. I want to than tk fans
for the last ten years.

I want to thank the fans
for the last ten years. Stevie Wonder introduced Song
of the Year. You can't read Braille, nanana! We wrote it on a couch in my house
after having dinner, quite odd. And Uptown Funk walked away with
the other major award - Record of the Year. We wouldn't be up here
if it wasn't for the people dancing to this song. Lady Gaga's David Bowie tribute
was fittingly chaotic.

Justin Bieber won his first Grammy.

Disappointment for Adele fans when her microphone cut out. Before Pit Bull wrapped things up.

Still to come - the new app forcing
drivers to practice safe texting. Plus, the dad forced to step
in to help with a speedy delivery.

And the Australian sharemarket.

I don't know if you can say
what a normal family is. So, you see, it's basically
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An inquest has heard the final
terrifying final moments of a father of three, who drowned trying
to clear a storm water drain. Paul Smith was remembered
as a safety conscious supervisor at the Lucas Heights Waste
Management Centre. Amanda Hart reports.

Paul Smith's last words,
were chilling - "Don't do what I'm about to do." And there's little doubt Daniel
Malone is still haunted by them. Battling torrential rain, he
waded into dangerous waters to try to save his boss from drowning in
this drain - which was full at the time - at the Lucas Heights Waste
Management Centre, two years ago. The father of three had gone
in to try to clear away sticks and debris that had blocked it. The 43-year-old training
supervisor was quickly sucked in. Daniel told the Inquest, "I had no
idea what had happened, "he just said come in
and grab me, so I did. "I tried to make sure
his head was above water."

Daniel managed to get out,
and get help. But it was little use. Today, his teary family heard how
employees often entered the water to clear blocked drains, even
though they weren't supposed to when it was above gumboot height. But on that day, Paul -
who was described as safety conscious - was waist deep. The police officer who investigated
the incident said given the extreme weather that day, Paul should never
have entered the water.

One of the points of the inquest is to determine why a Code Proun wasn't called on the day Paul died.

A final check on the commute
home now with Vic Lorusso. A breakdown equals big delays on Pennant Hills Road?The traffic towards Thornlea is what we're concerned about. We have the wrap-around to Beecro if, t Road near the lights at the intersection, the traffic can queued back. So south and northbound impacted. What it means is an extra 20-30 minute travel time for commuters heading towards the M1 and then into Gosford.

Research shows
using a phone while driving is the same as driving with
a blood alcohol level above 0.8. Today marks
the first national practise safe text day, raising awareness that
driver distraction is deadly. Cyndi Lavrencic reports.

It's a dangerous distraction
and it's on the rise. Drivers behind the wheel texting. He's still looking down. It doesn't really impact until it
actually happens to you and there's no way of explaining the feelings. Rosemary's partner of 35 years,
retired Professor Paoli Ferroni, was hit and killed while cycling. The driver had been texting
and received a message just 16 seconds before the Triple 0 call. It wasn't an urgent thing,
it was about how mad she was with her sisters and wanted to go to
Bali and how unimportant is that when you're driving? This is a technology-driven risk. It might be also
a technology-resolved risk. We have to look for solutions
throughout the industry.

the textstopper which uses the web,
an app solar-powered device. It completely blocks any
incoming distractions. As soon as you put your phone
on the vehicle, it pairs with that Bluetooth device from then on. No incoming texts, no Facebook
messages, no tweets and if you touch your phone, try to unlock it. It simply won't let you do it. A driver travels 50m in three distracted seconds. Research shows the average time
a driver is distracted by their phone is up to 4.5 seconds. That's an extra 25m
from where that ball was hit.

As part of Practice SafeText Day, drivers are urged to take the pledge not to text and drive and use the hashtag to spread the word.

A father has been forced to play doctor and he's done it before, with mum Sarah unable to make it to the hospital. There was no time for an ambulance. Simon stepped in to bring little Violet into the world. It was a nature strip. We managed to, yeah, get out and pretty much lay down and deliver her. She came with a bang. The girls have a habit of arriving early with Violet's older sister Tilly delivered in the family bathroom by dad. Well done. Ahead: Stay with us - just ahead, we've
got more on tonight's big stories. And in Sport,
the Sydney Swans have a new coach. We'll explain all next. Also tonight,
have Robbie Farah and Jason Taylor finally ended their feud? Plus, the perfect wave. Have a guess how many barrels this
guy scores on a Gold Coast cracker.

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Time for Sport with Matt Burke, and Robbie Farah says he's back
enjoying himself at the Tigers?

It's been six months
since that very public falling out with coach Jason Taylor,
and the hooker now believes the pair can work together in harmony. But as Michael Cain discovered, the
jury's still out on whether they've actually settled their differences.

It was the spat which threatened to
tear the Tigers apart in 2015, but today it was a case of, rift? What rift? How's your relationship with
Robbie Farah? It's perfect. Relationship's are fine. It was even fine last year
when we were through all those things with myself. Farah was unwanted by Taylor last season and relinquished the captaincy. But in a sign they buried the hatchet, the hooker was calling the shots in last week yenldz's trial against the Storm. Nice to pull the jersey on again last week. And to have the chance to skipper the side. But I will still be a leader, no doubt. I think that's something that has come natural to my game, with my talk and my leadership, so that won't change.Aaron Woods is the official leader for 2016 and says Farah is a vital part for the team to succeed.He has a massive role. So we still love Robbie and need the his influences.Last season the Wests Tigers narrowly avoided the wooden spoon. Now they want improvement around the park. It's their new captain that wants the younger brigade to step up.They played footy their whole life. So there's no more excuses. Plenty will be expected from halfback Luke Brookes and fullback James Tedesco after the pair scored 27 tries between them last season. There's a big responsibility to lead the boys around the park, so that's a normal challenge for us that we're used to.

Duel International Sam Burgess will
make his long awaited return for the Rabbitohs in Saturday's
trial game against the Titans. His former Souths team mate
Dylan Walker has a new lease on life at Manly, excited
at the prospect of pairing with Daly Cherry-Evans in the halves. Me and Chez get along really well,
training hard. There's no doubt he's a strike
weapon for South previously, now he's going to create headaches
for sides moving forward.

Cherry-Evans is set to have
his first run this pre-season when Manly face QRL team Ipswich
on Saturday.

The Swans have a new coach
for this weekend, at least with co-captain Jarrad McVeigh taking
over for Saturday's Nab Challenge clash against Port Adelaide. The 30-year-old, who's recovering
from knee surgery, has aspirations to coach one day but was initially
hesitant when John Longmire handed
over the clipboard.

Didn't want it to sound
disrespectful to Port, to what the coaches are seeing. We're looking for different ways to improve our leadership and what we see out on the field and see if that correlates with what the coaches are seeing. McVeigh says Buddy Franklin has had
his best pre-season at the club and should play on Saturday.

Australia coach Darren Lehmann
has a solution to avoid another no-ball calamity. Umpire Richard Illingworth is
reportedly still distraught by his error that should have seen
Adam Voges gone for just 7 in the first test against New Zealand. And Lehmann says it's time to act.

The no ball situation is getting
tough for umpires - I'd have the square leg umpire do
the no balls, but that's me.

Peter Siddle has to prove he's over
back spasms by Thursday if he's to play in the second test,
starting Saturday. James Pattinson looms
as his likely replacement.

Scoring just one barrel is
the ultimate in surfing, but wait till you see how many
Mitch Parkinson pulls into on one wave at Snapper Rocks. The cousin of former world champ
Joel Parkinson caught this absolute gem on the Gold Coast
and couldn't believe his luck as the tubes kept lining up. His ultimate ride went for
so long we've had to speed up the vision to cram it all in, but just
keep an eye on that barrel count. Yep, junior Parko managed to get
a lucky seven at the Superbank and he also rides away with
our Play of the Day.

Sandra, Hugh, Tim Bailey, he will attempt that tomorrow. Ah, Snapper, the best beach on the Goldie. I'm biased. The weather wall next.

Thanks for watching Ten Eyewitness News and sharing your evening with the Daily Bailey Weather Wall, the forecast where you get it all. A feature of today was the strong sot southerly getting up to a smij under 5 Airport and the Harbour. Another good-looker tomorrow despite the fact there's a weak cold front across NSW. It will end up in the north-east of the state by tonights. It's just going to make conditions a bit milder right across NSW for the next 48 hours. Temperatures down to 25 tomorrow. There's plenty of big blue skies. Any shower activity and unsettled weather patterns are likely to be east of the divide, north of the Illawarra and probably the biggest rainfall totals in the north-east. That covers that. Now we talk about the fantastic, the artistic and why my inbox is full every day. Your weather photographs.

You could trade your car keys for palm trees, peakhour for happy hour, email to see a whale in the Cook Islands. We have six nights for you.

This one tickled my fancy. Minions out of haystacks. From left field. Good work.

The compositon is brilliant.

On 28th February we will send someone to the beach bungalows on the Cook Islands. We will do it next month as well. This work deserves rich prizes.

Low pressure trough going through NW NSW. A cold front down from Tasmania, east of there, weekly moving through NSW, a few thunderstorms in the Gulf of Carpentaria. That is all she wrote. The low pressure trough is from the west into Northern Australia. Background to NSW and the cold front moving deep south of Tasmania, pushing the southerlies up the NSW coast. High pressure system goes to have a bit to say with blue sky for the next two or three days. Business of the brolly. East of the divide, the showers, mainly in the north-east of the state.

Saturday and Sunday I'm thinking more blue sky than showers. In the west your weekend around 30.

That is Ten Eyewitness News. We will have updates throughout the evening. Tom kn Jones

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