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(generated from captions) you can come and catch it yourself.

Off you go, my barra friend.


Now, I've gotta be very croc savvy
here. Look at that eye.

They can hunt so well at night.

OK, girl. Swim for me. Do me proud.

And down she goes. Look at that -

along the rocks,
from where she came.

What an incredible beast.

And that fight - how was when that
fish came up out of the water,

and jumped the second time?

I reckon it displaced about
two cubic metres of water.

It went for metres.

Then she took me down
on these rocks, along the ledge.

I actually slid her up on the ledge,

and she managed to get back
in the water.

And when I say she,
the reason I say she,

the closer a barramundi gets
to one metre in length,

the more chance there is
that she's a girl.

There is a possibility
that she could be a boy.

But the bigger they get, the more
chance of turning into a girl.

And the great thing about the
girls - they lay millions of eggs,

so there's a lot more barra
for you and me.

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Flares, fights, and football -
hooliganism takes over at the A-league. Labor
and the government trade blows over tax reform, as negative gearing
becomes the new battleground. Reports Australia's most wanted
terrorist, Khaled Sharrouf, is still alive and making death
threats from Syria. The worlds most famous short film
festival makes its triumphant return. And roses are red,
violets are blue... Today is the day we say I love you.

First tonight,
shocking crowd behaviour has again marred the A-League leaving
football bosses to deal with a crisis that has no end in sight. The blockbuster clash
between Melbourne's two teams was supposed to be a showcase
of the beautiful game but instead hooligans took over. Flares were ignited, players were
pelted with rubbish, and the police who were trying to restore order
were assaulted by thugs determined to cause plenty of chaos. Trent Dann has more.

For a second Saturday night
in a row soccer fans in Melbourne ran riot. After all that has happened this week! Some lunatic has brought
a flare into the ground. Can you believe these people? Grow up! Twenty trouble makers were kicked
out and four arrested for various offences, including throwing
bottles at the Melbourne City goalkeeper and a police officer. Prompting authorities to call
for prison terms for badly behaved fans. A lot of my people put themselves in danger when they do it. Rival coaches equally appalled. We should not accept that. Not accept that from our fans
as well. It's not acceptable and in light of
what we've seen in the last week . Those individuals shouldn't
come to our games anymore. The march to
the ground was even more disturbing as hooligans turned violent. Seven flares were lit
and 2 people arrested. (CHANTING): Melbourne! But while Ppolice, fans,
commentators and coaches were happy But while police, fans, to voice their disgust, the players
were ordered to stay silent. What do you make
of the fans behaviour last night? Ah, sorry, mate,
I've gotta go home. of fans lighting flares? Is that acceptable? I've been told not to talk to you. Last week,
Western Sydney fans turned Etihad Stadium into a smoking
cauldron - setting off 19 flares. The club was fined $50,000
and warned if their fan misbehave again it will cost
the club 3 competition points. The FFA is due to announce
a national flare management plan tomorrow but just how to keep these
thugs from smuggling flares through the front doors and igniting them
remains the biggest challenge for not only the clubs but
for police and stadium security. It is about time we grow up. And tomorrow night we have
an exclusive report about Soccer's shame. And the chilling warning
from the masked thugs setting off flares and starting fights that
the worst is still to come. Scott Morrison has slammed Labor's
new policy proposing to cut back on generous tax breaks
for property investors. But the Treasurer hasn't ruled out
making his own changes to negative gearing, sparking claims the
government's looking increasingly in-decisive on tax reform. Catalina Florez reports.

Already struggling to get
cut-through Bill Shorten's message is drowned out by Chinese New Year
celebrations. In this country the really wealthy
don't need taxpayers helping them become even wealthier. A day after announcing
a major new tax policy. Labor's plan is to limit tax breaks
known as negative gearing to new homes
from mid next year, but which won't affect existing investors, and to
halve the capital gains discount. At the moment, first homebuyers
turn up at an auction with very little government support. People buying their second,
third and tenth home have negative gearing and the capital gains tax
discount which combined are the most generous tax incentives
in the world. The opposition keen to exploit the
government's lack of a tax plan. So far we're the only side turning
up at the election with any plans. The Treasurer hit back in print,
describing the proposal as a "silly idea" that raises little revenue -
suggesting it could benefit the wealthy While more modest mums
and dads are forced out. the wealthy while more modest mums But he says the government is
keeping an open mind on the issue ahead of the budget. Now he's reduced to
a pathetic response in the papers saying this is a bad
idea but I'll think about it. What we will release will be
an integrated package of measures. It won't be one thing
dribbled out at a time. It's clear negative gearing is
in the sights of both major parties but they differ
on how they'll spend the revenue - the government wants to cut income
taxes while the opposition wants to spend on things such as education.

Catalina Florez,
Ten Eyewitness News.

Police are hunting
for two men after a Bandidos club house was fire-bombed. Investigators say
while the attack could've been a warning from a rival gang, they haven't ruled out
a simmering internal feud. Sharnelle Vella has more.

Two hooded figures ran towards
a Bandidos stronghold then within four seconds of the men
leaving there's an explosion at the front of the clubhouse
which we are led to believe is power gel with a detonator. The club house was left blackened
by the explosion, which was powerful enough to be heard
throughout the industrial estate. Police unit happened to be
in the area at the time and they happened to hear
the explosive detonate and they were there within 60-90 seconds. And while no one was
inside the building at the time, detectives say the blast could've
easily been deadly. Some of the fragments
from the explosive device pierced a couple of vehicles that were
in close proximity. The factory has been the target
of rival attacks before but detectives say their strongest
lead this time is a white dual cab Ute driven by those responsible. Detectives say the Bandidos haven't
co-operated with their investigation and they were forced
to serve the club with a warrant in order to obtain their vision.

They said it could be the result of internal war external feuding. A Chinese restaurant was the scene
of a wild food fight over night, as a birthday party turned violent. It's believed 10 people were
involved, using chairs and bottles as weapons as the brawl spilled out
into a major shopping centre. The group were nowhere to be seen
by the time police arrived, but several were arrested
after a search of the nearby area. They were released without charge,
with police continuing to investigate. Austral State terrorists may still
Islamic State terrorists may still be alive, with new reports he's
making death threats to people back in Australia. There were reports Khaled Sharrouf
had been killed in a US drone strike but the lawyer
representing his children says. He shouldn't be underestimated. Ursula Heger reports. His crimes shocked the world. But has Khaleed Sharrouf
managed to fake his own death? What does seem clear is Islamic
State wanted us to think he was dead and Islamic State, if he was
still alive, perhaps recovering from injuries, made a point
of keeping him off social media. A man claiming to be
Sharrouf has now reportedly made a death threat against a person
in Sydney over government attempts to seize a Western Sydney home
linked to the terrorist. As far as Khaled Sharrouf is
concerned, anything is possible. The lawyer representing Sharrouf's
children says they've not had any contact from their father. I suspect that he is immobilised,
and I suspect that he is not in Syria. Police and intelligence
authorities, today wouldn't confirm whether they believe Khaled Sharouf
is still alive, but if he is, the bigger problem now is what's
to become of his children still trapped in Syria. From Foreign minister Julie Bishop:

They are in a very serious position. For those in Syria, the
situation is only getting worse. Russia is accused of bombing
opposition groups and civilians. Western forces, including Turkey,
now considering place ground forces into the mix. The international community
obviously is not going to sit there like fools and watch this.

The number
of lives saved through heart transplants could soon be about to
double, thanks to a new technology being trialed in Brisbane. A machine from Sweden pumps
oxygen into donor hearts keeping them alive for up to 24 hours. Lauren Day explains.

It's ground-breaking technology
pumping hope to those desperately waiting for a new heart. We can dramatically improve not
just the number of transplants that happen but also the function. Being trialled for the first time
in Brisbane using sheep hearts. doctors believe this machine from
Sweden for up to 24 hours, which could
save hundreds of lives every year. Cardiovascular disease is
the biggest killer in Australia and we have to do better. It works by continuously
pumping oxygen into the heart. Not only keeping it alive
but perhaps even bringing damaged ones, back from the dead. It can repair some of the injury
that's occurred to donor hearts. It continually feeds the heart. In Australia most donor hearts die
before they reach the patient. Lengthy travel time
starving them of oxygen. It wouldn't be the first patient I
guess to say that they were definitely worried
about the transport time. Until now, hearts have been
transferred around Australia in a backyard esky on ice. The organ has just four hours to
reach a patient, until it can no longer be used. With this machine we wouldn't have
to send corporate jets to Western Australia at tremendous expense. A classic Bee Gees song is being
used to raise money for the project.