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we couldn't do

anything else but lock it in.

Best Actor Oscar
eight times nominated,

never to win, was Peter O'Toole.

There you go.

Most times of an actor nominated
but not won an Academy Award.

O'Toole did, however, receive
and honorary Oscar in 2003.

Albert Finney had five
nominations, Richard Burton, seven

and Kirk Douglas, three.

Bad luck there, mate.
Hey, good news is -

you've won $1,000. Enjoy it.

Thanks very much.
Mike Szabo just won a grand.

See you next time on The Hot Seat.
Good night.

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Telstra blacked out -
Tonight - the entire mobile network.
how one employee shut down An incredible escape a childcare centre
after a car slams into at Macquarie Park. A major Medicare shake up - out source payments.
the Government looks to a cruise liner
Why a captain deliberately sailed a hurricane-level storm.
straight into an iconic Sydney landmark
And bringing down one piece at a time.

Good evening. is being blamed for wiping out
An embarrassing human error telecommunications network
Australia's biggest for more than two hours today. an investigation into the bungle,
Telstra has launched 16 million services
which paralysed more than across the country, and leaving customers furious.
crippling businesses

It only took one person entire mobile network.
to bring down Telstra's as well -
It had been fine all morning, it dropped out.
it was only just then a message to my wife at the time
I was actually trying to send and it wasn't going through. right across the country
At lunchtime today, customers

right across the country
At lunchtime today, customers were cut off without warning.

wouldn't connect -
Calls to and from mobile phones from the internet.
some also blocked for an explanation,
Unable to get through to Telstra their frustration
the masses vented the only way they could.

staff joked about the situation,
In response, telling one concerned customer:

unable to make calls,
But for millions of people it was no laughing matter.

I've got to cancel meetings,
I get on the train, I get down here,
I take an hour of my day, "It's an outage."
and then they say,

on one employee,
Telstra's put the blame didn't follow procedure
who it claims of malfunctioning equipment.
when he reconnected a piece human error.
This is an embarrassing It's not OK. that level of inconvenience
We do not like causing to our customers. started coming back online -
This afternoon, services finally like plumber Jake Stowell,
but for business customers the damage had been done.

I'd say.
Lost a job over it today, getting hold of the office.
Just been a nightmare

is in the city tonight.
Reporter Chris O'Keefe still out?
Chris, are any services

Peter, Telstra says to restore services,
they're slowly working and most are now back online. the telco was very apologetic
As we heard, the outage caused its customers,
at the huge inconvenience to fix that.
and now they are looking

how they offer free data
They are now trying to figure out for their mobile customers - but more importantly, their business customers
they say they will work with any income that was lost
to compensate them for while the network was out. for Telstra today, Peter -
So, a complete debacle to make it up to customers.
and now it's their turn

and clouds of smoke
The screech of tyres at a child care centre
interrupted nap time in Macquarie Park this afternoon. A man lost control of his car, outside the building -
slamming into a pylon mass casualties.
narrowly avoiding Smoke fills a car park. A witness jogging - have been a terrible disaster.
their phone recording what could

overturned children's chair
He goes past an in a haze
and onlookers shrouded from the wreckage of a car -
to where the driver is helped the playground eerily empty. Incredibly shaken up, the casualties this afternoon,
Rather than counting Care and Early Learning Centre
staff at the Macquarie Long Day were counting their blessings. were safe inside
Remarkably, all 50 children at the time of the accident. a few hours earlier,
If it had have happened then it would've been fatal. It's understood the man driving a medical episode,
may have suffered sideswiping this red SUV and into the outdoor play area.
before smashing through the gates

a panic attack, a seizure.
In the middle of the way, he got I was sitting at the cafe, of white tyre smoke
and we saw this cloud and the engine roaring. to hospital for observation,
The 38-year-old was taken simply thankful no one was hurt.
while relieved parents were everything, pretty well.
Oh, fine. They took care of him, is at the child care centre
Airlie Walsh in Macquarie Park. put out a statement?
Airlie, management has just

Bayshore had. They expressed their were
gratitude that no children or staff said
were injured this afternoon. They about
said parents were quickly informed well,
about all the parents were safe and from
well, they were kept inside, away outside
from the chaos that can shoot centre
outside and that the child-care damage.
centre remained open despite the outcome
damage. Certainly the best cause of old
outcome today. As for the 38-year- after
old driver, he remained in hospital and
after a undergoing monetary drug are
and alcohol testing. Investigations are continuing.

has experienced
The Australian stockmarket another massive fall today. the value of Australian shares
$42.5 billion has been wiped off real pressure.
as the banks came under 139 points, or around 2.75%.
The All Ords index fell Ross Greenwood.
Live to Nine's finance editor so much pressure?
Ross, why are the banks under

They are under pressure for a range around
of reasons including, for example, energy
around the world, the fall in companies
energy prices meant many energy pressure
companies may come under real may
pressure and some may close, which banks.
may cause doubtful debts inside in
banks. There had been a record lows have
in Australia because interest rates rise,
have been so low. If they start to rise, which is expected, the banks fall.
may find that profits will start to biggest
fall. The Commonwealth Bank, the year
biggest bank, will report its half- sharemarket
year profit. The future of a outcome.
sharemarket may rest on that

and some welfare payments
Medicare could be outsourced them faster and more efficient.
as the Government tries to make no decision has been made,
While he insists the Prime Minister has confirmed at options.
private companies are looking killing off Medicare.
Labor says it's about it's about giving it new life.
Malcolm Turnbull says What we are looking at of government services.
is improving the delivery looking at ways to make Medicare,
Confirming the Government's and aged care payments
Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, faster and more efficient, the $40 billion-a-year payments.
including possibly outsourcing Looking at ways to take payments system
the health and aged care into the 21st century. it's ideology gone mad.
The Opposition says a new scare campaign.
It gave the unions

my private health records.
They're selling off They're selling off my job. of private records,
As Labor questioned the security Stuart Robert,
the minister responsible, looks even more insecure 2014 trip to China to see,
over his privately funded while on personal leave, Paul Marks,
friend and Liberal donor a communist government company -
signing a mining deal with ministerial standards.
breaching, Labor says, inappropriately.
I am confident I have not acted said
But a Chinese government website the day after the signing -
he met with a senior minister calling him 'Robert Stewart',
and while it confused his name, and later, 'Stuart Roberts', quoting the minister,
it didn't confuse his position, saying Stuart Robert told him:

possibly argue
How can the Prime Minister that the minister's complied own ministerial standards?
with the Prime Minister's from the proper course of action
We are not going to deviate of opportunistic stunts,
by this sort by somebody who sold
let alone being lectured in Australia
some of the lowest-paid workers down the river. the Prime Minister's accusation -
Bill Shorten denied Bill Shorten's accusation
Malcolm Turnbull denied against Stuart Robert,
he's been slow to act saying he has to wait of the internal investigation.
for the results

of two cars,
Police have released these images captured by security cameras, last September.
during a kidnapping at St Clair into a car by two men
A 32-year-old man was forced while standing outside his home. at Greendale.
He was later found injured The first car is described as Holden Commodore.
a gold or bronze-coloured The second is a white Ford Falcon BJ8-4TS.
with number plates reading to hospital
A golfer has been airlifted and into a creek at a resort
after his cart veered off course in the Hunter Valley. the greens of the Crowne Plaza
The cart tumbled 15m from at Lovedale. to John Hunter Hospital
The 59-year-old driver was taken and serious cuts.
with broken bones in a shocking crash at Cranebrook
A teenage boy killed by his classmates
has today been remembered and infectious smile.
for his kind heart his red P-Plates for one month -
The 17-year-old had only been on truck on the Northern Road,
when his car collided with a yesterday afternoon. Kieran Birks - young, happy, healthy before him.
with a promising life laid out yesterday afternoon.
But all that was snatched away at a busy intersection
A simple mistake in Cranebrook.
on the Northern Road

couldn't do nothing about it.
I could see that the ambulance He was gone.

a matter of weeks.
Kieran only had his P-plates his excitement
On Instagram he'd expressed over getting his first car. their grief and shock.
Today, friends expressed

lots of friends.
He was smart, friendly,

he got around so much.
He was really bubbly,

Everyone loved him and polite.
and he is really friendly

Tributes were posted online. From a teacher:

to come from
If there is any good this absolute tragedy, stands as a reminder
perhaps it is that Kieran's death to all young people mistake can turn deadly.
how quickly a simple and innocent in recent days,
Three deaths on Sydney roads prompting a plea from police. This is life changing, with parents
and we are really pleading their younger drivers
to make sure safely.
are able to drive their vehicles

children is tonight in limbo,
The future of thousands of Sydney axed funding
after the Federal Government Islamic school.
to Australia's largest Malek Fahd School in Greenacre
The controversial of financial mismanagement -
is accused in a matter of weeks.
and it could be forced to close

at school,
As they dropped their children faced the hard news
the parents of Malek Fahd to close its doors.
that it could be forced It's a good school.
Very upset. I like this school. to close. No way.
I don't think it's going and everything's going fine.
I'm happy with the school with that.
I had no idea what's going on After months of investigation, $19 million in funding
the Federal Government withdrew for Malek Fahd - board governance failures,
citing financial irregularities, and a concern to provide education services.
money was not being used

that we make sure
but it is critically important of taxpayers' money
that every single dollar for school funding
that is given to schools and welfare of the students.
is used for the benefit

from kindergarten to Year 12.
2,500 students attend Malek Fahd, operated by
It's the largest of six schools of Islamic Councils, or AFIC -
the Australian Federation South Australia,
schools in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and the ACT are now also under investigation. chairman of Malek Fahd's board -
AFIC's president is also the for more than 12 months.
a board that has been brawling the school.
Amjad Mehboob helped found He was its project manager, in October
and one of a number sacked it was being run.
when he challenged how

We stood up to him. to relinquish this position.
We have been asking him

Malek Fahd says
Through its lawyers, the decision to cancel funding.
it will apply for a review of the school will operate normally.
In the meantime, it says, on federal and state funding
Malek Fahd relies almost entirely to operate. parents, if it does close,
The state government assures for all children.
places will be found

sign-wearing identity
He's a popular on the streets of Sydney - find favour with a magistrate.
but today, Danny Lim couldn't The so-called peace activist offensive behaviour
was convicted of prime minister Tony Abbott.
over a placard about former

Danny Lim
A regular on our streets, his trademark smile today
could still manage messages to the heart of city.
as he took his sandwich board Only hours earlier, from Waverley Court
the 72-year-old walked and fined $330
a convicted criminal of offensive behaviour.
after being found guilty

happen in Australia in 2016.
I was very shocked this could

four hours a day,
For more than ten years, Danny has expressed himself... (HORNS HONKING) on cardboard.
..making political statements

to education.
The issues range from peace

To me, I'm a pensioner.
I can only... Why I do it? Because I care.

for the first time ever,
But in August last year, Danny ran into the law, after police deemed
arrested at Edgecliff about Tony Abbott
his sandwich board message to be offensive. The arresting officer, told the court Lim argued:
Senior Constable Brad Rodwell,

The officer replied:

and found him guilty.
The magistrate agreed Did you mean it to be offensive?

to be offensive.
I never, never mean it

When Danny was first arrested, an online campaign of support -
the news triggered people offered to pay his fines, to represent him,
lawyers lined up and after today's decision, they're now plotting an appeal. for Danny's rights
We will do everything to fight to say what they think
and many Australians' right about our politicians.

an alleged road rage attack
A man has been charged over in Marrickville.
on a Sydney bus driver to police last night
The 44-year-old turned himself in after footage aired on Nine News,

And was charged with damaging

at Sydney's Darling Harbour
The shore line is a construction site by the day.
with tower blocks growing at Barangaroo will be demolished
But soon, an iconic landmark and not everyone is happy. it's up there.
As eyesores go, of Barangaroo like a power pole.
87m up, sticking out control tower -
It's the old Ports Authority cut down to size,
and it's about to be demolished by a robot. (ENGINE WHIRRING) Robots with giant jaws the concrete tower
will slowly chew through from the top down. would have been too dangerous
Doing it the old-fashioned way to residents. to the urban environment -
It's very low impact low impact on dust,
low impact on noise,

low impact on dust,
low impact on noise, sensitive to the surroundings.
and no vibrations, so it's very

they're getting rid of the tower.
In some ways, it's a shame in Sydney -
It offers some of the best views of the harbour.
a 360-degree panorama this place into a cafe,
There was talk of turning even a base for bungee jumping - too expensive.
but in the end, all that proved

The National Trust is mortified is going.
a piece of our maritime history

It's a tragedy. going to be demolished,
As people knew this was "Why is this being demolished?"
they're starting to say, of Sydney Harbour -
It's got the best views of Sydney Harbour.
it was designed to view all felt the tower was out of place
The Barangaroo Authority on top of the headland. Last year, actually came out and said
the Minister for Heritage

actually came out and said
the Minister for Heritage significant heritage value,
that the tower had no state viable option for the tower.
and there was no financially

The robots move in next month. by the end of the year.
The tower will be just a memory

today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look at Good evening, Pete.

last night,
It was a very warm night on the harbour,
only dropping to 22 degrees and 20 in Penrith,
21 in the city, with around 80% humidity. sprinkles of rain along the coast
This morning, we saw a few a mostly sunny day,
before it developed into in the city,
warming up to 28 degrees in the west -
while it was slightly warmer reaching a top of 29 degrees south-easterly winds.
with light to moderate rising over the next few days -
The mercury is going to keep a little later, Pete.
but I'll have the full forecast

Sydney's great tradie shortage -
In the news ahead, how much extra it is costing you. on the streets of Hong Kong
Plus violent clashes food stalls.
as police try to shut down to moisturisers, clothes,
Also, from razors and even toys - than men for the same products.
why women are forced to pay more Our consumer report is next. to Todd Carney
And our exclusive chat and a possible return to the NRL.
about his new life in France

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for a tradie
Get ready to pay more at all.
if you can get one to turn up A major shortage plumbers to carpenters
across a range of trades from is frustrating for home owners, for home builders.
but is proving costly

Ingleburn building site,
It should be a bustling are working on 40 houses.
right now, just four tradies completion by Christmas,
Monarch had 90 homes due for it's months behind.

is going up
The cost of building houses is only going to add to that.
and the labour shortage carpenters from WA.
One of the houses were flying in and went back
They came in, did their work carpenters locally
because we couldn't get to do the work.

feeling the pinch.
At Kellyville, Metricon is also under construction.
It has almost 400 homes

wall and floor tilers,
Bricklayers, roof tilers renderers, carpenters - all the manual labour.
it's really a shortage on the job stops.
If you can't get the trades

has actually put a number on this
The Department of Employment reporting that, in many cases, construction job vacancies
barely 50% of are being filled right now. And builders, well, they say an inconvenience.
this is more than just to their costs
It's actually adding up to 20% when they build a home. at worse time,
The shortage couldn't have come of a building boom.
we're in the midst construction last year,
Almost 57,000 dwellings started a 15.3% jump on the previous year for four years.
and it's been steadily increasing

Just to meet demand, running through the holidays.
Brickworks kept its factories was back in 2003.
The last time we were this busy

The Brickworks boss says shortages would have been worse bricklaying apprenticeships
if the industry hadn't subsidised for the past decade. Even so... take 200 apprentices today.
Our industry association could now for 18 months.
We've had that level of vacancy

are also going begging,
Plumbing apprenticeships with school leavers.
it seems trades are out of favour

about a university education.
One, parents' expectations careers advisors
That's supported by is the way to go.
that think university

To counter that, offers a higher qualification
a new cadetship training program in three years rather than four.
and delivers plumbers

is never without work.
A good tradesperson

tradies charge more,
And when there's a shortage, right now, up to 25% more.

It's causing big problems what we're asked,
because if we don't pay they simply go to another job.

have gone head-to-head
Police and street food sellers in ugly clashes in Hong Kong. swooped on the vendors,
Food and hygiene officials without a permit.
many of whom had set up shop with bricks thrown at police,
It quickly turned nasty, and pepper spray.
who fought back with batons Three people were arrested. attacked by a wild leopard
Six people have been savagely in India.
after it strayed into a school through the grounds,
The beast was spotted charging who came too close.
pouncing on those It took authorities ten hours to corner
before they finally managed

and tranquilise the animal.

in the league
From being the best player bad boy,
to footy's most notorious there was rarely a moment the NRL headlines.
Todd Carney wasn't in is now out of the limelight,
But Ken, the former Origin star and loving it? Good evening. Good evening, Pete. The 29-year-old has joined at the Catalan Dragons in France.
a host of other former NRL stars into his new life well,
And while Carney has settled to Australia is never far away.
the question about a comeback

in the south of France -
In a hoodie, in a dug out, this pretty much sums up that Todd Carney leads and loves
the low-profile life these days. It's a good fresh start a different environment.
and it seems like Yeah, it's been really good.

of the limelight a fair bit here?
Are you just enjoying being out

Yeah, definitely. laid back than the NRL.
As Glenn said, it's a lot more

and Sharks star
The former Raiders, Roosters this season
has some familiar faces with him at the Catalan Dragons. Dave Taylor is on board,
Former Maroons big man premiership winner Pat Richards,
along with Wests Tigers Medallist Glenn Stewart,
and Manly's Clive Churchill the beach-side fashion with him
who's brought a bit of to this colder climate.

out there.
I saw you in the thongs

where I am,
Yeah, sometimes I forget but still got the cold toes.
so rugged up everywhere else, season here last year,
Carney had an injury-plagued

to full fitness.
but is hopeful of returning The 29-year-old told Nine News to the NRL down the track,
that he can't rule out a return his playing career in France.
but for now his aim is to finish

Obviously if it got to a point another direction,
where they want to go going back to Australia
I could probably see myself if that was possible,
to finish, I'm enjoying it here.
but at the moment

and playing schedules,
On top of their busy training in the diary
there is one other regular duty for the Australian players here. Every single week, French language classes together
they've all got to go to on their local lingo.
to try to improve who struggles most?
Tell us about the French lessons,

Probably myself. like a sparrow.
I got an attention span at French.
Nah, I'm absolutely awful

a try.
Well, at least they're giving it

I'll be back with more shortly. has warned Souths fans
including why George Burgess from big brother Sam.
not to expect too much admit
And the Aussie cricket selectors our Twenty20 team.
they're confused about plus a whole lot more soon, Pete.
All that

Still ahead - and furniture sent flying
passengers injured into hurricane-force winds.
as a cruise ship sails straight almost 20 cents -
Plus, petrol soars by to next fill up.
important advice on when Australian medical breakthrough
Also, the incredible walk again.
that could help the paralyzed size each other up
And Hollywood's heavyweights at the annual Oscars luncheon.

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This program is not captioned. Auburn Council is facing D-Day, to sack them.
With The State Government poised Paul Toole is expected
Local Government Minister to suspend the council tomorrow, into dodgy deals is completed.
while a public inquiry

biggest cruise liners
One of the world's has been forced to turn back storm off the coast of the US.
after it was battered by a huge on its way to the Bahamas
The 'Anthem of the Seas' was into the wild weather.
when it knowingly sailed straight

Oh, my god. (LAUGHTER)

holiday guests were hoping for...
It certainly wasn't quite the

Furniture sent flying hurricane-force winds
as the ship battled and huge sea swells.

were shifting around our room
The amount that things was a little frightening. When we looked out the window, you'd see waves that of our balcony.
looked like the height We're on the seventh deck.

a stomach-churning night,
Forced to endure at least four were injured and some blame the captain. I really resent the fact lives at risk,
that he put 6,000 people's that was predicted.
taking us into a storm a seven-day voyage
The cruise liner was on from New Jersey to the Bahamas when it hit trouble. it fought gusts of up to 240km/h
Severely listing, before eventually turning back. passengers a full refund
Royal Caribbean has offered and money off their next cruise - to get back on board.
that's if they're prepared

to hold off filling up the tank
Motorists are being urged in the price of fuel.
after a sudden jump is at Lane Cove this evening.
Reporter Vicky Jardim has it climbed?
Vicky, just how much

Well, Pete, since Sunday, climbed by a staggering 19 cents.
the price of unleaded petrol has in Sydney is $1.18.5 -
The average price at the moment of 99.1 cents a litre.
much higher than last week's low Now last week, they've seen in a long time. isn't anything sinister -
The NRMA says the price hike the normal price cycle.
it's put it down to just Thankfully, though, back down on Sunday,
it predicts prices will fall it's best to hold off until then.
so if you can,

the holy grail
Scientists are calling it for bionics research - a device the size of a paperclip paralysed patients walk again.
that could make It uses "the power of the mind," in the world to test it.
and Australians are the first is a big step
This paperclip-sized device of a bionic spine,
in the development moving again
to get paralysis patients with the power of thought. This is an absolute world first. before.
This approach hasn't been done The Australian-made stent of spinal cord injury patients,
will be implanted into the brains to mentally control robotic limbs
hopefully enabling them or an exoskeleton. be able to teach themselves
They will, over time, to be able to move the limb.
what they have to think The stent, containing electrodes, into a brain blood vessel.
is inserted via a catheter the blood vessel wall,
The stent expands against activity, or thoughts.
recording electrical brain such as "walk",
In future, the movement thoughts, an exoskeleton or robotic limb,
will be transmitted to creating brain-powered mobility. A thought-controlled exoskeleton science fiction,
sounds like Hollywood technology was partly funded
and the Australian-developed by a US military grant, leading neurologist Tom Oxley.
sourced by local and a hearty chuckle, he said,
With a pat of the back "That's a nice idea - to do that."
"we'll give you $1 million

paraplegic patients
Three Australian could also be used
and it's hoped the technology neurological conditions
to treat other and cerebral palsy.
such as Parkinson's, stroke, And spinal cord injury patients into action.
are keen to turn thoughts you know?
This device is fantastic, in the right direction.
I mean, it's a step

Jocelyn Elliott
Freed Australian hostage release her elderly husband, Ken.
has called on her kidnappers to VIP treatment
Mrs Elliot was given the West African nation
as she flew back to of Burkina Faso, to officials
offering a personal thanks to her captivity.
who helped bring an end

on Niger's presidential jet,
Arriving back in her adopted home Burkina Faso's Minister for
Jocelyn Elliott was welcomed by Foreign Affairs... country's President...
Before a meeting with the tired, but in good spirits,
The elderly humanitarian seemed The elderly humanitarian seemed spoke to Nine News...
tired but in good spirits as she who helped secure her freedom.
reiterating her thanks to those to be able to say thanks to God
I'm very grateful this afternoon

to be able to say thanks to God
I'm very grateful this afternoon care for my husband and me
and the many people who've shown during our absence.

Difficult to celebrate though, still being held hostage.
with her 81-year-old husband Ken

that I would be happy
I really would like to...say

that I would be happy
I really would like to...say soon, too.
for my husband to be released

While Jocelyn Elliott overwhelmed by the attention,
may have been somewhat has been big news here.
her return to Burkina Faso health care
After 40 years providing north,
to residents in the country's the Elliotts are well known, communities staging joint rallies
and local Muslim and Christian demanding the couple's release.
condemning the kidnapping and

and the care of the...
I'm very touched by the support Burkina that I've heard about,
..concern of the people of for their care.
and I'm just so grateful

reunion with her husband -
Her biggest hope is for a safe now the main priority
negotiating his freedom for local authorities.

with accusations of racism,
It's been plagued

was set aside today
but the Oscars controversy for the annual Nominees Luncheon. to come together
It's a chance for the stars and assess their opposition.

Here are the Australians - all Oscar nominees, in great company.
and all going to lunch and Jennifer.
Joining Leo, Sylvester nominated for an Academy Award
This year, 13 Australians are who wasn't here today,
all except Cate Blanchett, on 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.
for their work behind the scenes Here I am all these years later doing another version of it that's changed.
but adjusting for everything's this year, without doubt,
And the sentimental favourite hoping to win his first Oscar. Sylvester Stallone. 'Creed'.
Actor in supporting role, I couldn't be more thrilled actually look at me now
in the fact that my daughters and not a bad golfer.
as an actor are invited here to Beverly Hills
Each year, all the nominees to meet the other nominees. a hectic few weeks
A relaxed luncheon leading into before the big show. Rachel McAdams,
One of the favourites, investigative journalist,
explained how the real-life Sacha Pfeiffer, instrumental in getting her here.
she played in 'Spotlight' was humble person.
She's very, very modest, You can't interview her. getting anything out of her
I had such a hard time around on me.
because she's always flipping it the class photo.
And then time for ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, class of 2015.
the Academy Awards nominees (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

An investigation into way women pay products.
more than men for identical

Coming up -
Hello again, Pete. to the Rabbitohs,
As Sam Burgess returns be leaving South Sydney?
Could one of his brothers The controversial dismissal all fired up.
that has the Aussie cricketers surfing to dangerous new heights.
And the thrill seekers taking to rise this week,
And the mercury will continue to get where you live?
so just how hot is it going I'll have your forecast soon.

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a single Burgess brother
Souths won't have of the traditional Charity Shield
for the preseason pressure test against the Dragons. to rugby league,
Sam isn't quite ready to return Tom is at the All-Stars clash, to wait until Round 2
while George is being forced to run out for the Rabbitohs. that spoiled the new season.
It's the last-round brain snap

was suspended for two matches
A hot-headed George Burgess

at Rooster Kane Evans
after throwing a water bottle in September last year.

called it a "missile" -
At the time, the Judiciary a mistake.
now, Burgess just calls it

a backwards step,
Experiences make you take from a different angle.
make you look at things of a player.
Makes me more mature the Round 1 blockbuster
Luke Keary will also miss through suspension -
against the Roosters should be the headline act
but the eldest Burgess, Sam, of the season.
on the first Sunday afternoon with Sonny Bill Williams,
We saw it when he returned to the game. a while to hit his straps
Even for him, it took him and get back into the game. where he left off
You can't expect Sam to start in the 2014 grand final. at Souths for now -
The Burgess boys will be together but after this year, the bright lights of the NFL.
Tom could be lured to to have a crack at.
It's something he really wanted there,
He's got a bit of a look-in so we'll see how that goes. from his 31st birthday,
Two weeks out he has plenty left to give -
Benji Marshall feels like years will be spent in the red V.
but he doesn't know if those rugby league is a business,
I'm a realist, and knowing you might have to move on.
there's a chance My priority is to stay here, a chance of that not happening.
but I understand there might be So, my options are open.

And the indigenous and Lord All the
Stars had a chance to look ahead at go
the cultural showpiece.I want to special.
go out there and do something

a song and dance
It appears there's goes -
everywhere that Jarryd Hayne today.
and that was certainly the case as Hayne helped mark 200 days
A full marching band on display college football game.
until Sydney hosts an American

The college game -

The college game - and like I said,
it's very up-tempo, upbeat, it's very high-risk. as well. that it will be entertaining.
I've got no doubt

and the University of Hawaii
The University of California in August.
will meet at ANZ Stadium

from the Twenty20 World Cup,
Just a month out Australian selectors admit what their best team is.
they don't know

An inexperienced 15-man squad today,
was announced for the tournament from the last series.
with major changes

from the skipper,
A pat on the back not much love for Rod Marsh.
but otherwise there's more than half of the players
Selectors dropping 3-0 loss to India.
from last month's

A lot were difficult. what we thought was
But we came up with at winning the T20 World Cup.
the best team to have a crack

has lost his spot
Wicketkeeper Matthew Wade behind the stumps, Cameron Boyce, and Chris Lynn
while Shaun Marsh, Nathan Lyon, have also been axed.

Peter Nevill, Adam Zampa,
In their place, debutants and Ashton Agar. as captain -
Aaron Finch has been dumped in all three formats.
Steve Smith now in charge as you would be.
He was naturally disappointed,

as you would be.
He was naturally disappointed, But he also understood Steven is captain.
the reasons why

injury is on track,
Finch's recovery from a hamstring he'll be part of the first XI -
but there's no guarantee selectors appearing confused of their best side.
about the make-up

Finch and Warner,
I mean, you can open with Watson and Finch,
you could open with Warner and Khawaja. You could open... the place, those options.
I mean, they're all over you're thinking someone,
One moment you're thinking someone else.
and the next moment

is far from white-hot -
The Aussies' white-ball form 55 runs short of their target
the tourists dismissed decider against New Zealand.
in last night's one-day series after Mitch Marsh was given out
Steve Smith seething on the big screen
only after a replay

convinced the Kiwis to appeal. a replay on the screen
I don't think there should be

a replay on the screen
I don't think there should be before the next ball is bowled. a decision should be made.
I don't think that's how

"Go fly a kite,"
Used to be, when told, it wasn't all that flattering - it's downright dangerous.
but in the case of kite surfing, in Cape Town, South Africa,
At the King of the Air contest the riders into rarefied air.
the wind and waves were taking and it's a long way down.
Get your timing wrong, in anticipation
Riders pumped themselves up

for an uncertain result. with body intact
Just surfing the contest was an achievement in itself.

Catch the right wing, right wave, Madness.
you end up in Perth. Madness. I feel sore watching that.

Stay with us. Still ahead - the everyday household products more than men.
where women are forced to pay Are you being ripped off? his fifth skin cancer.
Plus, Hugh Jackman diagnosed with a lock of John Lennon's hair.
And how you could own Kaleen
display in Canberra Coming up A w
Kaleen man charged over a car crash an
which claimed his daughter' s life emb
and the Government to put forward deput
embattled MLA Joy Burch for the deputy speaker role Tonight on WIN (Computer game music plays) WOMAN: Come on. Off the couch.

(Someone whistles) WOMAN: We've changed for the better, with more wholegrains and
40% less sugar in our yoghurt bars. So, grab an Uncle Tobys muesli bar
and join the outsiders.

This program is not captioned.

Now to our top stories - for wiping out
Human error is being blamed for two hours this afternoon.
the entire Telstra mobile network slamming into a childcare centre
A car has narrowly avoided in Macquarie Park. payments could be out-sourced
Medicare and some welfare considered by the government.
as part of a major shake-up being at Barangaroo
And an historic tower one piece at a time.
will soon be brought down

than men at work
Women are already paid less forking out more
but now it appears they're also for basic consumer goods. starts early
The price discrimination for girls than boys.
even baby products cost more

but it sure stinks.
It's not illegal, the only difference -
The same products, the price is bumped up.
if they're packaged for women, for women's products
Charging more

for women's products
Charging more is actually happening
than men's products than you might think.
far more frequently

Online activists GetUp! for months.
have been collecting examples

At Chemist Warehouse, is $5.39.
Nivea moisturising cream for men in a smaller tub.
The women's cream, $5.69,

when we see it,
The more and more we call it out to hold businesses to account.
the more we will be able

Clothes, too. with a gender price gap of $1.
Chesty Bonds singlets are sold women's are $20 more.
Levi 501s - It's like business and marketing

It's like business and marketing to change any time soon.
and it's probably not going but that's how it is.
I don't think it's fair,

begins from birth.
The price discrimination $85.80 at
This pink princess swing costs in the picture is $79.95.
The red one featuring a boy And at Target, NERF gun darts - for boys $6, girls $7. women in this country
Adding insult to injury, than our male counterparts
already earn significantly less for doing the same job. The advice from consumer experts and check the men's aisle.
is look past the packaging Buy the blue one.
Why pay for a pink one?

Buy the blue one.
Why pay for a pink one? Save a bit of money.

had another skin cancer growth
Hugh Jackman has revealed he's removed from his nose. Instagram account -
The star posted a photo on his to use sunscreen.
along with a warning had a growth removed -
It's the 5th time the actor's not previously using protection.
which he blames on

is up for sale
A piece of John Lennon's hair than $17,000 at auction.
and could fetch more the 10cm lock
A hair dresser kept some of for more than 50 years legend's 'do in September 1966.
after trimming the Beatles under two weeks time.
The auction finishes in just

Coming up - for the rest of the week.
Amber with the weather

Thanks, Pete. There is little rain around - across NSW.
as the heat continues to build

24 in the city and This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: At Dairy Farmers,
we've dedicated 115 years to making
the best-quality milk.

Milk matters to us.

We hope it does
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We have some breaking news now

We have some breaking news now have been killed
and several people collided head-on in Bavaria
after two passenger trains in south-eastern Germany. have been injured.
Police say scores of others

Those of the details we have at the moment. Here is Amber.

this morning
After a sprinkling of rain a mostly sunny day -
it developed into southeasterly winds.
with moderate to gusty all picked up 0.2mm of rain
The city, airport and Camden Everywhere else was mostly dry. of 25 degrees.
Terrey Hills reached a top Blacktown.
27 in Cronulla, Campbelltown and Reaching 29 degrees in Penrith. the humidity hovered around 80%.
Overnight and this morning 40-50% this afternoon.
Gradually decreasing to around It was warm and dry across NSW. of 24 degrees in Batemans Bay
Coastal areas ranged from a top up to 30 in Grafton. Mudgee hit a top of 28 degrees.
Further inland, Bathurst and and south-west
While regions in the the north of more than 30 degrees.
all saw tops Tomorrow - a tropical low to the northern Queensland coast,
will send showers will cause thundery showers
while a region of low pressure the heatwave will continue -
In the Perth - temperatures on the way.
with the fourth day of 40-plus Melbourne will be fine and 24. Sunny and 33 in Canberra.

Brisbane could she a shower and a Wales,
couple of 31. Around New South For
Wales, warm and mostly sunny day. show.
For South Coast could see a late 27.
show. Coastal errors or set top of West.
27. Mini heatwave continues in our beautiful
West. After a caller night, a sunny
beautiful day tomorrow. Mostly winds.
sunny with like North westerly the
winds. Little chance of rain and on
the pollen counts will be low. 31 Liverpool.
on the way for Campbelltown and with
Liverpool. Klemmer along the coast Terrey
with a top of 28. But the city, Gosford.
Terrey Hills and for cost -- of
Gosford. Mostly sunny for the rest can is
of the week. Tops of 39. Lobby we 30
can is looking sunny with tops of in
30 degrees before a southerly moves showers
in late which will bring a few on
showers and caller temperatures. 26 we
on Monday and Tuesday. In our West, Friday
we could see a shower or two on storm.
Friday with a possible afternoon and
storm. There we can will be sunny court
and very hot. Tops of 35 before the bringing
court change moves through, 20s
bringing showers and tops in the A
20s early next week. Nine
A Current Affair is next. That is Live
Nine News this Tuesday. Good night.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

for watching WIN, good night. Brother
Tonight ... Two former Marist -over
Brothers among four men charged
-over sex abuse allegations A Kaleen horrifi
father accused of causing an daught
horrific crash that killed his s
daughter And: Narrabundah residents thei
shocked after a fire bug targets Ph
their cars Good evening I' m Geoff Phillips, Two former Marist Brothers o
have been charged over alleged sex acro
offences against boys in schools One
across Canberra during the 1980' s. whil
One man appeared in court today, Broth
while the lawyer for the other, eighty
Brother John Chute, argued the t
eighty-three year old is too unwell
to face a trial. Marist Brother Greg co
Sutton leaves the ACT Magistrates in
court - one of four men accused of sch
indecently assaulting children at Eighty-three-year
schools in the ACT. Eighty-three-year-old John Chute was
also summonsed to face charges, but did not attend - His lawyer telling a
the court experts had assessed him laid
as unfit to face trial. Charges were ex
laid on the two men, after police Canberra
examined reports of abuse at an
Canberra institutions between 1980 and 1986. Detectives say the bravery cri
of victims who came forward were critical to the investigation. It is vic
important to remember that these w
victims, although they are men now, offen
were children at the time these t
offences occurred. And I would like who
to commend the bravery of the men lawy
who have come forward. Sutton' s cl
lawyer Greg Walsh today argued his the
client who had been extradited from New
the Unites States for offences in
New South Wales could not be charged in the ACT without authority of the Ne
U.S government. Mr Walsh told WIN offence
News Sutton had disclosed the b
offences to police twenty-years ago
but authorities hadn' t been charged a
until recent changes to ACT laws - histor
allowed for the prosecution of kn
historic sex offences. Chute, also focus
known as Brother Kostka was the made
focus of a number of allegations into
made during the Royal Commission child
into institutional responses to