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(generated from captions) Oh, idiot! Cybertron is the home planet of
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Transformers. Annette seems very keen on it. I like the movies.
Yeah, right! OK! Well, you like them enough
to know it. Transformers is the answer! Two pushbacks! Your time restarts now. What word means
the scientific study of fish? Ichthyology.
Correct. Alphabetically,
which day of our week is first?

Correct. The Circle of Willis is
at the base of which human organ?

Correct. Oh, gotcha, team. Gotcha.

Oh, well. Annette, Jono, Corey, sadly we
have to say goodbye to the $20,000, but you've been a terrific team. Beastie, it's been a pleasure
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Australians out there. Thanks for being with us. It's been a great
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This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. Tonight - a runaway car ploughs
through a childcare centre. How did everyone survive? Telstra blames a worker's
embarrassing flick of a switch - silencing of millions of phones
across Australia. Auburn Council to be axed, as more questions are raised about
the former mayor and his millions. Accusations of missing millions at
Australia's largest Islamic school in western Sydney. The incredible breakthrough that
could help paraplegics walk again. And the toll loophole
that every driver should know about.

VOICEOVER: Live from our Sydney
headquarters, this is Seven News with
Mark Ferguson. Good evening. The luckiest children in Sydney
are safely at home tonight after a near catastrophe
at their childcare centre. There was devastation as a car smashed through fences
and demolished chairs in their playground just moments
before all the youngsters were due to run out to play
on their lunchtime break.

As panicked witnesses
rush through the smoke the first piece of debris
raises fears of the worst kind. A child's chair
strewn in the middle of a car park. With the injured driver trapped they soon realise the playground
he crashed through was empty. I was a bit worried, but yeah,
I'm very relieved now. My little boy is safe. Nobody was hurt,
that's the main thing. All 50 children,
some of them babies, were metres away inside Macquarie Long Daycare
and Early Learning Centre. I thought the car
had reversed into that wall but discovered it came across
the childcare centre. The driver lost control
of his Ford sedan clipping one car before crashing into
this four-wheel drive and careering into the playground leaving a trail of destruction
for almost 50m. Witnesses have told police the 38-year-old driver had suffered
a seizure behind the wheel. All the people just panicked, they call ambulance and tried
to pick him up from the car. This steel bollard
finally stopped the car from ploughing into this car park during the lunchtime peak, just before the children were due
to be allowed back outside to play. If it had been half an hour later I think he would have killed
several children because it looked like he was going
pretty fast through those fences. The driver is under observation
in hospital and the parents we spoke to
hope he makes a full recovery.

Live to Ashlea Brown
at Macquarie Park. Ashlea,
what's centre management saying? Mark, they're obviously
incredibly relieved nobody was seriously hurt and they've commended
the child care workers who remained calm
during the emergency. They kept the children
occupied inside and shielded them from the rescue
and panic that was happening around them. The centre will remain open

and temporary fencing
has been put in place to keep the facility secure. Mark.

Telstra's mobile service
is working again tonight following a nationwide outage today. More than a million lives
were disrupted for several hours as the nation's
biggest telephone company went dark in our five biggest cities, caused, the telco says,
by an "embarrassing" human error. It's how we connect. Their slogan is
"It's how we connect" but today, Telstra just couldn't. Mobile services
across capital cities were cut. Around 1.6 million customers were unable to make
and receive calls or use data. Just in the middle of a conversation
and then, "Are you there?" "Are you there? No?"

A mobile node, one of 10 hubs
which directs call traffic, malfunctioned. Telstra says the problem
should have been easily fixed, but a worker failed
to follow procedure and paralysed much of the network. Absolutely apologise
right across our customer base. This is an embarrassing human error. Art installer Paul Jarvis
was left hanging. Not the sort of thing
you want to happen. It is painful. Thousands of businesses
were affected. For tradies, calls mean cash. There's probably a couple of
thousand dollars in it today for me and I'm only
a small family business. While Telstra says it's taking
the widespread outage seriously it seems someone forget to tell that
to the company's social media team. Their initial response was cheeky, even suggesting they "flicked off the switch as
a bit of fun." Cranky customers didn't see
the funny side nor did the boss. I can't say I see the joke in that. But some saw a positive. I think it's a blessing, you know,
I love the quiet time. Angela Cox is at Telstra
headquarters in the city tonight. Ange, will customers be compensated? Mark, Telstra says it is working
on how to provide free data to make up for today's outage. It's also talking to
business customers to find out the full impact and wants to make sure they
don't suffer anymore inconvenience. The telco has launched a full
investigation into what went wrong and will consider what action
to take, if any, against the employee responsible. Mark.

Now to breaking news about Sydney's
most controversial council. State political reporter
Lee Jeloscek is at Auburn council chambers with details on its future. Lee, what's happening? Mark, I can reveal
that as early as tomorrow the state government will
draw the curtain on this council, suspending it
and appointing an administrator. This is, of course, the council
made infamous by Salim Mehajer, who along with the rest of council
will be stood down indefinitely by local government minister
Paul Toole. He gave the council two weeks
to argue why this should not happen and despite pleas from the council to only axe those
who have been behaving badly it's my understanding that the minister's not been swayed
into changing his mind. An inquiry's underway into whether
the council was corrupt. So what does this mean
for the city of Auburn? This council has become the poster child
for scandal and controversy at a perfect time
for the state government, which wants to merge local councils. It was already proposing to
split the council up into two nearby councils,
Holroyd and Parramatta. That's expected to be finalised
later this year. As for Mr Mehajer, he's facing several other probes
for his business and driving record and may have more time now
to focus on those investigations. Mark.

While Auburns's deputy mayor
Salim Mehajer has made plenty of headlines his council colleague Ronney Oueik is, financially,
far more successful. The former mayor has amassed
a property portfolio worth nearly $50 million including one of Australia's
most luxurious mansions. It's amazing what you can buy
on a modest mayor's salary of around $60,000 a year. This is Kaylana, the $5.4 million mansion belonging
to Auburn councillor Ronney Ouiek. It's in Kenthurst -
a 40-minute drive away. Well, I've long said that Ronney Ouiek represents
self-interest, not community interest, certainly not the interests
of the community of Auburn. Over 12 years on council, Ronney Ouiek has declared
fewer physical addresses of his properties. Last year he listed
only 9 out of 31, and a list of the companies he owns
that own the properties. If it's legal, I still question
that it's ethical, especially when Ronney is the sole
shareholder of these companies. It is legal. His $45 million portfolio includes
Apartments on Park, worth up to $30 million more after the council
doubled the number of units to 184. The Super Six voting block, including Ronney and Salim Mehajer, always win
in the 10-person council. All the other councillors have left
for the day, although one told us Ronney Ouiek
is in there watching us to avoid being filmed. He's refused requests
for an interview but he's always maintained he's complied with the laws of
disclosing which properties he owns and excused himself from council
votes affecting those properties. Shortly after, we caught up
with a reluctant Ronney Ouiek on the road. Ronney, why won't you just answer a
couple of quick questions for us? Late today in a letter
from his lawyer, Mr Ouiek denied any impropriety. Developers can't donate
to political parties but Ronney Ouiek ran
for the Liberals last year against Labor Leader Luke Foley - spending $150,000 of his own money. He lost. Now we have developers able
to become councillors themselves, the argument is you just cut out
the middleman. A woman's been arrested
and a man is on the run after a police car chase at Richmond
this afternoon. A highway patrol crew tried to stop
a black Holden Commodore with no rego plates. It took off -
crashed into another car - and was then dumped
at North Richmond. The woman was found nearby. Police are still looking for the man
who might be armed with a machete. The share market has taken
its biggest hit in months with billions of dollars wiped off
the value of Australian companies. Paul Kadak
is at the Stock Exchange tonight. Paul, what was the cause? Mark, it followed a bad day
on US and European markets, with fresh fears of slowing
economic growth around the world. Most of the falls came in the
first few minutes of trading, following:

The ASX 200 fell 143 points,
or 3%, today - its biggest fall in four months, which saw stocks lose
about $40 billion worth. which saw stocks lose
about $47 billion worth. Banks were the main drag
on the market, the big four down between 4%
and 5%. Bank of Queensland down 8%, after warning borrowing costs
are on the rise. Among the dark clouds spooking
investors slowing growth in China and the oil glut and fresh worries
over banks in Greece. The silver lining today was gold. The precious metal rising to its
best price in months. Mark. Prime Minister Turnbull attacked
Bill Shorten's record as a union leader today after coming under attack himself
over one of his junior ministers. That minister, Stuart Robert, was
questioned repeatedly in Parliament about a trip to China to witness a business deal
with a Liberal Party donor. Stuart Robert takes
Parliament's long walk to deliver a short defence. Can I say to the House, I am confident I have not acted
inappropriately. As the heat intensifies over what he
says was a personal trip to China in 2014,

during which he appeared at a
signing ceremony for a mining deal between a Chinese government-owned
company and one owned by his friend and
Liberal Party donor, Paul Marks, and met China's junior resources
minister the following day. The ministerial code of conduct
explicitly prohibits ministers helping companies
in a private capacity. Malcolm Turnbull has asked his
departmental secretary, Dr Martin Parkinson, to investigate. I, of course, will fully assist
the secretary in his review. Mr Robert's assistance to parliament
today, though, was limited on whether his Chinese visa
application declared it a private or official trip. I refer the member
to my previous answer. What his entry card declared. I refer the member
to my previous answer. And his meeting
with the Chinese minister. I refer the member
to my previous statement. A previous statement that said
he had nothing to say. Prime Minister, why is the minister
still on your front bench? Malcolm Turnbull used claims from
the trade union royal commission to counterattack, declaring he wouldn't be lectured
on standards by Bill Shorten, accusing him of dudding cleaners when head of the
Australian Workers Union. They know how he took $25,000
from the employer, while he traded off
their penalty rates and didn't tell them
about the payments. Those assertions are
entirely incorrect and he knows it! The new political contest
getting down and dirty.

There's new evidence tonight that should ensure
that Anita Cobby's killers are never released. 30 years after the Sydney nurse was
raped and murdered in a paddock a Seven News investigation
can reveal that a recording
from a secret wire tap reveals her killers were planning
a jail break, with guns, and even a bulldozer,
to knock down prison walls.

John Travers - the killer, rapist, ringleader who unwittingly spilled
the Anita Cobby confession and his jail break plans.

The tapes, aired for the first time in a Seven News investigation
last night, were made by Travers' aunty,
'Miss X', secretly recording her conversations
for police in a jail cell visit.

The plots were farcical - a machine gun raid
on the police station, fleeing to New Zealand or further.

These tapes were instrumental in the
convictions of Anita Cobby's killers and the police praised the bravery
of Miss X, while she disappeared overseas,
into witness protection. For Anita Cobby's husband, John - who's spoken for the first
in 30 years - an escape may have been welcome. Half of him would hate it - the other half would of be thinking,
"If they get out, I can get them!" Expert Mark Morri reveals
Cobby was so keen for revenge. He changed his name and vowed
to get a job at Long Bay jail. And low and behold, 10 years later
where does he end up - in the jail system and working. But John Cobby never got his chance. The government has pulled
millions of dollars in funding from Australia's largest
Islamic school, because there's concern
over where the money has gone. The Islamic college at Greenacre
couldn't prove the funds were only used
for its 2,400 students. Students from Australia's
biggest Islamic school left with an uncertain future. Their parents were rocked
with the news today - government funding is being pulled. Where are these 2,400 students
gonna go? Where are they gonna go? As parents,
we should not pay the price and our kids
should not pay the price. It's not our fault. I didn't take the money for myself. Taxpayers' money. The Malek Fahd Islamic School
is 75% publicly funded - $19 million in the last year. It could be that funds
are not exclusively used in the school environment
for the school and that is a matter
that's being investigated. It's left parents asking,
where's the money gone? They're giving us a headache
and a bad name. We're over it. We want our kids to have
a good education and that's it. The school is affiliated with the Australian Federation
of Islamic Councils and there are concerns
it was profiting from the funding. Former school staff say it won't survive
without government help. Not at all, not at all, not one day. The school's been set a deadline,
April 8. Make changes or lose the funding. If it's forced to close,
the question remains - what to do with so many students? There'd be very few schools with
more than 2,000 students in it. A mere handful, I think,
in the nation. The Education Department
would only say every child is entitled to enrol
in their local public school.

Those paralysed by injury or illness
could walk again because of a remarkable
Australian invention. Scientists are trying
to create a bionic spine. It uses a device implanted
in the brain allowing robotic limbs to move.

Within five years, this tiny titanium device
could give quadriplegic Nazim Erdem the ability to walk again. Anything that's gonna
give people some hope or improve their quality of life, that's really important. Melbourne University scientists have spent four years
creating the stentrode, described as the
'Holy Grail of bionics.' It is a game-changer, because we now have a device that actually can practically
be implanted and maintained over many years. Three Victorians will be the first
in the world to trial them. Unlike other devices
implanted during brain surgery, neurologists
at the Royal Melbourne Hospital will insert the stentrode
through the neck, then into a blood vessel
next to the brain. It will record activity
associated with movement, and using the power of thought, electronic commands
will activate bionic limbs, exoskeletons or even wheelchairs. Scientists at The Florey Institute
used sheep to test the device. The animals are then able to wake up and within an hour,
they're standing, happily eating and drinking and we can actually record activity
from this area of the brain. If human trials are successful, researchers predict the bionic spine
could be available within 4-5 years, and have benefits for patients
with neurological conditions like Parkinson's and epilepsy.

It's another stunning day in Sydney. Meteorologist David Brown joins us
with the latest weather. Thanks, Fergo. I'm enjoying this weather
at the moment and it should stick around
for the weekend.

It was warm and sunny
throughout Sydney. Most centres hit the high 20s
as forecast. The coolest place this morning
was Camden with 16 degrees. The latest model run suggests this fine spell will break down late Sunday into Monday. A passing trough should bring a
few showers and isolated thunderstorms as it moves through. I'll have the latest
weekend weather soon. Fergo.

A young boy has rescued his brother
from a house fire in western Sydney. Hear from him next, and how they got to safety
despite the smoke. Also, pictures of winter storms
whipping up seas and making touchdowns a nightmare
across the UK. See what we found when we went up
the Barangaroo control tower before it's torn down. And our special investigation
into how you can get cash back on tolls.

A 15-year-old boy
has saved his brother's life, coaxing him to safety as their home burned down
around them on the Northern Beaches. Their parents weren't home and the younger boy
was frozen in panic. Unable to see through the smoke until his brother shone a light
from his mobile phone.

A family home engulfed in flames
and chaos, as neighbours search for two boys sleeping inside,
just moments earlier. There's two kids
who are accounted for next door. It was a dramatic escape
for the brothers. The smoke was too much, obviously. It burned my eyes and my lungs,
which really hurt, so I started running through
the house, trying to find Kai. Jack woke from the sound of smoke
alarms and neighbours' screams. He called 000 and used the light on his phone
to guide 12-year-old Kai to safety. I could see that light. That's all that I could see,
apart from the smoke around me. The boys were staying
with their grandmother in Cromer on Saturday night. Their parents were away
and got a frantic phone call. And they said, "The house is on fire.
We can't find your children." I'm just really thankful of him. I'm here,
you can say it to my face, you know. (BOTH LAUGH) Sorry, mate. It took firefighters more than
40 minutes to put the blaze out. They said the heat was so intense it was a miracle anyone
made it out of this alive. The family's belongings
weren't insured and they were already struggling
with medical bills for Jack's battle
with Crohn's disease. A fundraising page has been set up.

There were more intensive efforts
today to free Australian hostage Dr Ken Elliott, so he can continue
running his hospital in landlocked Burkina Faso - a poor country,
even by West African standards. Recovering from her own ordeal
as an al-Qaeda captive his wife returned there today,
to a hero's welcome. Finally safe after three weeks
as a hostage Jocelyn Elliot describes her capture
as just "an absence." I am very touched by the support
and the care and the concern of the people of Burkina that I've heard about. And I'm just so grateful
for their care and I'm also grateful for all those
who have prayed for us during our absence. Two days after Islamist militants
handed her over to Niger's government, a deal apparently brokered
by the country's president, she said that work is not yet done, with this carefully worded message to those still holding
her husband, Ken. I'd be happy for my husband
to be soon released, too. The 76-year-old arrived
back Burkina Faso aboard the president's plane, greeted by officials
at Ouagadougou Airport before a reception
at the leader's palace. Hello!

(SPEAKS FRENCH) I'm very grateful
for the authorities of the Niger and Burkina Faso, for all that they have done. Burkina Faso is considered one of the most disadvantaged
countries in the world. The president concedes the Elliots have been working
with the poorest in the hardest part of the country. Their work here is seen as crucial. Mrs Elliot is keen to get back
to Djibo and the charity hospital she and her husband have run
for nearly 40 years but is unlikely to do so until her husband
is returned home too.

Hugh Whitfeld is in Burkina Faso. Hugh, has there been any update
on her husband, Ken? We believe
he's probably still being held by the al-Qaeda-linked group
in northern Mali. The hostage takers had indicated Ken's freedom would be tied to
the release of colleagues arrested over a local hotel attack. But there are suggestions Dr Elliot could be reunited
with his wife within a week. In the meantime,
locals in the village where they've run
the medical centre, say there'll be no celebrations until Ken and Jocelyn
are back with them.

We were given a last look
at a Sydney landmark today before it's demolished. The Sydney Harbour Control Tower,
at the Barangaroo end of the CBD, was built in 1974,

with views all the way
to the Blue Mountains. Now the 87m tower is empty and ready to be demolished
by robots. You might know it best as
Barangaroo's concrete mushroom but officially it's the oldest port control tower
in the country. The tower was built for one purpose
and one purpose only. That purpose was lost when container ship operations
relocated to Botany in 2011. Now, in an Australian first, robots will pulverise the disused
building from the top down. Low impact on noise.
Low impact on dust. And no vibrations.

It'll be slow going -
the process will take nine months. We can't just turn up here
with huge excavators and start knocking it down. It's a very sensitive area. Instantly recognisable
from the outside, few people have seen it
from the inside.

That requires climbing 400 steps,
but it's worth it. On a clear day, you can see from the Harbour Bridge
to the Blue Mountains. But this is the last time visitors
will be granted access to the tower. It's also the last time pictures
of this view will ever be taken. The National Trust argues
that's a shame. The trust wanted it preserved
as an observatory, a museum or even for projections
during Vivid. We're going to have nothing left. Nothing to show for the real history
of Sydney Harbour. Sydney's working harbour. Demolition starts next month.

A school is in mourning
for a young life lost. Next - tributes for a mate killed on a dangerous stretch
of Sydney road. What's next for the restaurant
that slipped into Lake Macquarie and the couples
without a wedding venue. The tricks to reducing
your toll bills and even how to get cash back. And why Australia was
the talk of the town at the traditional Oscars lunch. That's next.

Family and friends are mourning
a 17-year-old Sydney student killed when his car was broadsided
by a heavy truck. Kieran Birks died at what locals say is a
notoriously dangerous intersection, one that's long overdue
for traffic lights. At Cranebrook today,
flowers for a friend. Schoolmates gather at the roadside where a 17-year-old boy died
yesterday. Cranebrook High student Kieran Birks
got his P-plates just last month. As he turned right
from a side street on to the Northern Road at 3:30 pm his Ford Laser
was hit by a truck and trailer, rammed into the scrub. All of a sudden
there's an almighty bang. And I said, well, no brakes,
didn't hear any brakes. And then I thought,
that's a big one. Paramedics tried to save Kieran
but he died of head injuries. I could see that the ambulance
couldn't do nothing about it. He was gone. Kieran lived at Penrith, remembered as a polite,
sensible young man from a good family. He was smart, friendly,
lots of friends. A good kid.

The main road has an 80km/h limit. Side traffic has to give way
but there are few gaps. Neighbours say the intersection
has been a black spot for years and it was only a matter of time
until a life was lost. It had to happen eventually,
had to happen eventually. But how many of these
is it gonna take? Because it's a main road, too,
there's lots of trucks, lots of traffic up and down
all the time. They say the tragedy
may have been avoided if the intersection
had traffic lights. A 17-year-old boy, God -
just starting his life. Engineers are still trying to save
a half-destroyed marina complex threatening to collapse
into Lake Macquarie, wrecking a popular wedding venue. Today, another heartbroken bride
arrived to see the destruction. I'm still getting married
in 10 days. Where is a mystery to me. Not only have the owners
lost the weddings, the restaurant was going
to be packed this Valentine's Day. Massive waves are smashing
the English and Welsh coasts. Some have been as high as 19m -
whipped up by a winter superstorm. Weather forecasters have described
the sea conditions as phenomenal. A man is missing, feared drowned, after trying to rescue animals
from the weather. This truck was blown over
in 160km/h winds and fallen trees trapped a family
inside their home. A parked car was almost buried
in sand, that was blown inland. And this Alitalia aircraft coming in
to land at London City Airport had to abort, unable to touchdown safely
in the strong winds. The wild weather should ease
in coming hours. Wild weather
from a different storm cell ruined a holiday for those on board on one of
the world's largest cruise ships. The Anthem of the Seas was hit
by hurricane-force winds on the way to the Bahamas. Conditions were so dangerous the 6,000 people on board
were told to take cover. Four passengers were injured as massive waves smashed furniture,
and even collapsed a ceiling. The race for the US presidency
has moved to New Hampshire and the next primary. Many voters there remain undecided. Among Republicans most interest is on who'll
come second to Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton, who once seemed a certainty
for the Democrats, is now struggling.

Hillary Clinton wants to be
America's first female president but young women are abandoning her
in droves for Bernie Sanders. She seems a little...old fashioned. I want them to know that
even if they don't support me, I support them. In the latest polls, Sanders leads Clinton by 16 points
in New Hampshire. ALL: (CHANT) Bernie! Bernie! Bernie! Sanders is confident. Join with us
in making that political revolution. (CHEERING) On the campaign trail, Bill Clinton has accused
Sanders supporters of making sexist comments. Attacks that are literally
too profane, often, not to mention sexist. I think it's unfortunate that president Clinton decided
to go after Bernie that way. Volunteers have been going
door-to-door for Donald Trump. He is sitting on a 20-point lead
in the Republican field with the real competition
for second spot. Trump further inflamed tensions
with rival Ted Cruz in the final hours of the campaign. She said, "I never expect
to hear that from you again." She said, "He's a pussy." That's terrible. Terrible. Jeb Bush isn't giving up...yet. And I'm in it for the long haul. The polls are pointing to wins
for Sanders and Trump but 44% of voters here
are undeclared, meaning they could vote
for either party.

The biggest names in Hollywood
were back in Beverly Hills today for the traditional Oscars lunch. Among them,
a record number of Aussies, and one star very warmly welcomed 40 years after the movie
that made his name. The Academy Awards nominees class
of 2015.

They're the best of the big screen, taking a moment to mingle
in a frenzied season... ..while Leonardo DiCaprio now seems
certain to win his first Oscar for The Revenant he wasn't
the lunch crowd's favourite. 69-year-old Sylvester Stallone is celebrating his first nomination
since Rocky in 1977. And my daughters actually
look at me now as an actor, and not a bad golfer,

Australia's big hope this year
is down Fury Road... ..with 10 nominations
from Best Director... Never expected that
we'd still be talking about the film after all this time. the excited sound mixers. It's like getting married, because all your friends, all of
our colleagues are in there, going, yeah! Whether Mad Max wins big or not,
it has set a new Academy record - the most nominations
for an Australian film in Oscars' history. Though Cate Blanchett is likely to
miss out on Best Actress this year, all will be revealed
when the Oscars air, on February 28.

He's had a health scare before. Next, Hugh Jackman's got a warning
he wants everyone to listen to. Also, police track down the man
they believe was involved in this violent road rage attack. Lamborghinis, Mustangs and Volvos - how you can take some of the world's
finest vehicles for a test-drive in western Sydney. And the warm and sunny spell
keeps on keeping on. I'll have more soon.

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Hugh Jackman
has had another health scare. He posted this picture
on social media after having a fifth cancer removed
from his nose. It was a Basal Cell Carcinoma, the most common skin cancer
in Australia, that typically occurs
in people over 40. Jackman's urging everyone
to use sunscreen and get regular check-ups.

Police have charged a man over that
road rage incident in Marrickville, that saw a driver leap from his car and smash a bus windscreen
with a shovel yesterday morning. The 44-year-old man was interviewed
at Marrickville Police Station before he was charged
with damaging property. He'll be in court next month. There has never been
a motorshow like it, and it'll be in Sydney for
several days at the end of the year. This time, you'll be able
to test-drive the cars - every kind of model on street,
track and off-road circuits. For five days, starting November 30,
western Sydney will be car crazy. (ENGINE REVS) Our target is 25 brands. 200-230 cars which will provide us
with over 20,000 test drives, which is a huge amount
by any standards. It's about the whole
driving and riding experience, a high-octane festival raking in
$15 million over three years. We're expecting over 28,000 people
to come from overseas and interstate to MotorWorld Sydney. But unlike traditional
look-and-no-touch displays, at this show, you can do all. (ENGINE REVS) From the California T classic
white Ferrari, drive like you're in a race
in the Tesla Model S to one of the all-time classics - a 1969 Mustang convertible. And it's not just supercars
and classics. You can put your next
family wagon through its paces. 65% of car purchases
are made by women. And I think that's something the car
industry has long underestimated, With Australian-made cars
all but finished the classics could be in big demand.

We have two of them
and we'll be keeping both of them. We've uncovered a toll loophole
that every driver should know about. Don't miss that story soon
on Seven News. Plus, monkey business at the zoo. The games that had these orangutans
so emotional. In sport with Jim Wilson, we're one-on-one with Dragons star
Benji Marshall, who opens up about his future. And trans-Tasman tension
at boiling point ahead of the test series.

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Good evening, everyone. Dragons playmaker Benji Marshall
is resigned to finding a new club beyond this season. Marshall has told Seven News
he's desperate to stay in the NRL but his options are limited and he may be forced overseas.

Off-season surgery has become
routine for Benji Marshall. The latest -
a serious ankle operation. How much more
can his battered body sustain? It's a good question. To be honest with you, I feel like
I've got 2 or 3 years left at least. That's unlikely
to be at the Dragons, with Paul McGregor approaching
Cooper Cronk to replace Marshall next season. Does that hurt you? Nah, not really. I've learnt that
rugby league's become a business. As much as you'd love
to stay at a club, you always know
there's a chance that you can't. Melbourne want Cronk to make
a decision in the next month. We're all really, really keen
for Cooper to stay here.

If he

If he does decide to move on there will be no grudges held. A fairytale finish
at the West Tigers appears unrealistic for Benji. They've got two good young halves
there that I'm pretty sure are
the future of that club so I don't know if interrupting that
is going to be a great idea. Marshall's manager is shopping
the playmaker around to rival clubs, including the Penrith Panthers. But if there's no interest, Marshall may be forced to finish
his career in the UK Super League. I'm not that good in the cold, man,
to be honest.

It'd be nice for Benji
to get his future sorted out, so it's not dragging on
into the season. Mitchell Pearce's dramas
have narrowed the focus on player behaviour. Marshall now avoids
notorious nightclubs after an altercation in Kings Cross
in 2008. There's probably a good chance someone is going to
try and rile you up or give you a bit of stick and I suppose I've just learned that's part and parcel
of the position we're in and you've just got to deal with it,
unfortunately, as sad as it is.

Jarryd Hayne says former club
Parramatta is a genuine title contender
this season. Hayne believes the Eels' success
at the Auckland Nines is just a taste of things to come
in 2016. It's a top four team but I think the biggest thing
is keeping everyone healthy and on the park, and I think if they can do that they'll give the competition
a shake. The San Francisco 49ers recruit was promoting
American College Football today - coming to ANZ Stadium in Sydney
on August 27.

Australian captain Steve Smith
is copping it from Kiwi fans after a controversial finish to
the deciding one-day international. Smith was fuming
at the review process that led to Mitchell Marsh
being given out. It's added some extra spice
to the test series starting on Friday. A game that started
with a guard of honour ended with death stares at 20 paces. It wasn't until we saw something
on the big screen that the decision actually
went upstairs, so I was a bit disappointed
about that. Smith fumed over the dismissal
of Mitch Marsh at a critical stage
in the deciding third one-dayer.

COMMENTATOR: It's a yorker. Matt Henry claimed the catch,
aborted an appeal and walked back to his mark
without complaint. Then the crowd saw the replay
on the big screen. Inside edge.

Onto the toe. Did it hit the ground,
did it hit the ground? After two minutes,
umpires called for a review. And said, "I didn't think
you guys appealed" but we did. That's when they discussed it. The only thing I said was, "Surely the right decision
needs to be made." I think the New Zealand players genuinely didn't believe it
to be out. Not quite the new underarm, Smith concedes Marsh was out
but wants a big screen blackout. I don't think that's how a decision
should be made and I think Brendon McCullum
shared my thoughts on that. I think in the end,
the right decision was made but the process was far from ideal. A day full of angst
ignited ill-feeling ahead of Friday's first test.

Matthew Wade was left out of Australia's 15-man
World T20 squad today. Peter Nevill is in
as a specialist keeper. Smith replaces Aaron Finch
as captain. Zampa, Maxwell and Agar
are the spinners. Big Bash Player of the Tournament
Chris Lynn is stunned by his omission. and next moment,
you're thinking someone else.

Cameron McEvoy's blistering times
at the Perth Super Series at the weekend means he will have a huge target
on his back in the countdown to Rio. James Magnussen could be his biggest
threat in the 100m freestyle, but 21-year-old McEvoy
is thriving on the rivalry.

It's definitely not a coincidence
I did my best time when James made his return
to international competition. Their next big showdown will be
at the Olympic trials in Adelaide in early April.

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That's just what Rouse Hill couple
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The day's finance
is coming up in Seven News. Plus, video games at the zoo? Not something for visitors
to play with, but orangutans. We'll explain why - next. And there's no monkey business
on the weather front. My forecast is next.

Hi eveyone, Daniel gibson with you hope your well, we hit 29 today but tomorrow will be a lot warmer, generally light winds, a little stronger in the afternoon so hang on to your favourite hat just in case Tops of 33 in the noations
capital. Be 32 in Goulburn and 34 in Yass Well not only is it hotting up on MKR tonight, I think we are shouting at tonights couple? we climb to the mid 30's on the weekend.

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Tonight's Seven News headlines - children miraculously escape unhurt when a runaway car ploughs through
a Macquarie Park childcare centre. Witnesses say the driver suffered
a seizure behind the wheel. Telstra blames a worker's
embarrassing flick of a switch for cutting calls
to 1.6 million people. Auburn councillors to be stood down
indefinitely and an administrator appointed because of corruption claims. And Australian scientists develop
a world-first treatment that could help paraplegics
walk again. As we saw earlier

the Australian share market closed sharply lower today. The ASX 200 dived 143 points. Shares in Cash Converters dropped after it secured a $100 million loan to boost future growth.

It's not an issue for most of us, but how do you keep an orangutan
from being bored? Turns out the same way you do
with many kids - video games. The University of Melbourne
is working with Melbourne Zoo to develop Xbox games
to stimulate their apes like Malu the orangutan. We know that
Malu's super intelligent and he really appreciates
the challenge of technologies like these.

He's been hugging and kissing
screenshots of his keepers, now Malu has mastered a light game -
playing with humans. Who knows what's next -
maybe Pong or Donkey Kong? Now, here's Seven's meteorologist
David Brown with Sydney's weather.

Thanks, Fergo
and good evening, everyone, as the fine and warm spell
continues. Today's high was just shy
of 28 degrees.

Penrith hit 29 mid afternoon.

A strong high pressure zone
continues to drive our weather directing a south-easterly
air stream across the state. Little change is likely
over the next 24 hours. We still have this meandering trough
way out west.

It is hovering towards

It is hovering towards Victoria and the tail one 2 showers about the southern coast late in the day. We might see the odd shower in the northern coast because of the onshore south-easterly.

onshore south-easterly. Perth is in the middle of a severe heatwave. No relief until the weekend.

Brisbane, unsettled possible shower,
31. Statewide,

the tail-end of this trough
triggering a shower or two to the southern coast

Another hot day in the outer west. In the western suburbs:

Humidity is on the way up so it will start to feel a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the day.

Along the coast, light winds in the morning giving way to 15-20 knot

In the city, remaining fine. A humid and sunny day with a top near 28.

Looking further ahead - little change on Thursday
and Friday.

Saturday, a touch warmer. Hot in the west. Hot again on Sunday, but a late thundery change
is likely. Cooler on Monday with a few passing showers.

That's the latest weather.
A sunny 28 tomorrow. Fergo.

That's Seven News for this Tuesday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. A Seven News bulletin
tomorrow morning from 5am followed by Sunrise from 5:30. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night.

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Ericsson Access Services.

KAT: This is where Charlotte's body
was found by a passer-by. She was shot in this vicinity. EMERSON:
This is Detective Dylan Carter
from the city homicide squad. He'll be heading up
the Charlotte King investigation. You two know each other?
We've worked together before. Did you take this case
because you knew I'd be here? I know I wasn't always good to you
when we were together. There's a killer in this town,
and we're going to figure out who. Where are we with Hunter King? What, you think I killed her? My mum was a horrible person. She didn't care who she hurt -
she only cared about herself. I still love you. I still love you too. Do you want to get back together? It's about trust. You broke it,
so you need to win it back. What's with all the suits? Billie's trial started today. How are you doing? Looking down the barrel of 10 years
in prison isn't fun. Leah's house... ..I'm the one that burnt it down. Well, your mum's gone. So you can say it was her. I guess it makes sense. Billie gets off,
you don't get trouble. Excuse me.
Billie didn't start the fire.

I did.

Did that seriously just happen? ASH: Yeah, it did.
PHOEBE: I can't believe it was him. Who cares? I am walking free. Yeah! Let's get out of here. Definitely.
Yeah, I'll catch you up. I've just got some stuff
that I need to take care of.

Ash, having a go at Hunter
will achieve what, exactly? Well, he needs to know
what he put us through.
Oh. don't be stupid. You could have ended up in jail. Yeah, and I didn't, and that is
all that matters right now. At least Hunter came forward today.
That would have taken guts. After letting her hang for months. You could have died in that fire,
Billie. Hunter needs to pay. And that's what he'll be doing right
now, trust me. Let's go. No, no, I'm not done.
Yes! You are!