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(generated from captions) Six required. 17 on the clock. Time restarts now. Which British royal was married
to Sarah Ferguson? Uh, Andrew.
Correct. The Garda is the national
police force of which country?

Stop the clock. TRACEY: Ireland.
BEN: Yeah, I think it is. So, Ireland? Would it be Northern Ireland
or southern Ireland? It's Ireland. Ireland.
Ireland. Correct answer... Ireland.
To be sure! Well done. (LAUGHS)
To be sure, to be sure. Well, Chaser needs six. And your time In which continent
is the Ubangi River? Uh...Africa.
Correct. Which Jane Austen novel features
the character Mr Knightley? Um... Oh, well done, guys.
He concedes on the last question! Oh, team! Marvellous work! $40,000!
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Congratulations to you. You guys earnt it. Well done. Enjoy that cash. Enjoy your plans. Thanks for being with us, everyone, and we'll see you next time
on The Chase Australia.

On Seven News - they'd been together for 30 years. Tonight, in tears, accused of murder and leaving four children
without a mother. Salim Mehajer skips court as Seven News reveals more damaging
documents and accusations about his dealings. Cases of mosquito Zika virus
confirmed in Australia. Tonight, what's your risk. Trump trumped at his first test - missing out on key support
to be president, but he's still in the race. And hundreds of millions of dollars
worth of Sydney property abandoned and neglected. The story behind
the city's biggest eyesores. VOICEOVER: live from our
Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. This program is live captioned
by Ericsson Access Services. Good evening. We begin with the murder
of a 48-year-old mother of four stabbed to death
with a kitchen knife. Her partner was refused bail today,
charged with the killing. They'd been together
for more than 30 years, in a family with a history
of domestic violence. Dressed in a forensic jumpsuit,
Gavin Debeyer was sobbing... (CRIES) ..after being taken to Burwood Court charged with murdering
his life-long partner. (CRIES) Sharon Michelutti had taken out a
number of AVOs to protect herself. The mother of four was stabbed
to death yesterday in the bedroom
of her Riverwood home. But they've been together
since they were 14 years old so it's really crazy to think that,
you know, this could happen. Today one of the victim's sons
returned to the scene, confronting police. Did my dad kill 'er?! What jail is he in?! Why didn't you ring me
and let me know, mate? Police say Sharon Michelutti's body was left lying in the bedroom
of her house for several hours before it was discovered. Investigators believe
she suffered a single stab wound from a kitchen knife. Now police are trying to work out the suspect's final movements
yesterday, from the time the victim
was last seen until her body was found. No-one else was home at the time. Today, friends of the victim say
they're not surprised by what's happened. If me and her went out to dinner he'd be on the phone
every 15 minutes - "How long before you're back?" And I just found it very, very odd. A lot of this happens
in our street lately. It's not a big surprise. Friends want her remembered
as a beautiful mother who adored her children. Peter Fegan is at Burwood. Peter,
what happened in court there today? Mark, Gavin Debeyer appeared
by video link from the cells. He did not apply for bail
and it was formally refused. His legal aid lawyer asked
the court for his client to be listed
as a self-harm risk. He will reappear here
on the 16th of March. We have more tonight
on the widening scandal and police investigation
involving Salim Mehajer. Seven News can reveal attempts to
avoid stamp duty on company luxury cars and more people involved
in a demerit points racket. The Ferraris registered
to Salim Mehajer's company, the BMW to his wife Aysha, the demerit points for speeding
and red light offences transferred to former student
Abdel Razzak. And two of the penalty notices
sent to this man's home. I've got the penalty notices in my
car, would you like to see them? Yeah. Come and have a look. Abdel Razzak has told police he's never lived at the addresses
where the fines were sent so we found out who did. I don't know nothing,
to be honest with you. Your son worked
briefly with Salim Mehajer? Yeah, he worked a couple of months,
I don't know, not long time. He doesn't remember
receiving the penalty and doesn't know former student
Abdel Razzak, who Salim Mehajer claims hired
his Ferraris and his wife's BMW when they were caught
breaking the law. Likewise, this family in Auburn
can't explain why their address ended up
on one of the six penalty notices. The Turkish family
at this Auburn home say they've lived here for 30 years. They don't recall receiving
any penalty notices. They don't know Abdel Razzak. They don't understand
why any demerit points would have been sent
to this address. In a new twist, Seven News has learned
of Salim's cut-price cars. A Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith that
sells new for $645,000 was valued to the RMS at $65,000. A Ferrari 458 worth $526,000
was listed at $34,000. That difference alone
saving $24,000 in stamp duty. If a person intentionally supplies
misleading information to the RMS heavy fines may apply. But if it's a genuine mistake the right figure can be substituted
and the full stamp duty paid.

He responded late today, promising He responded late today, promising us an exclusive interview. You can read his email in fall at our website. Parliament is back
is session in Canberra and already, there's talk of an
early double dissolution election. The Prime Minister told his
party room it's a live option if legislation
for a building industry watchdog is rejected by the senate
a second time.

At the traditional
first day church service Malcolm Turnbull turns conductor with his foot... (CHOIR SINGS)

..and Bill Shorten
lip synchs the difficult bits.

As back outside
the cathedral of politics an unholy commotion erupts. This is just absolutely
bloody ridiculous. That anger after Mr Turnbull
told government MPs an early double-dissolution election
would be a live option if parliament blocks
his government's second attempt to resurrect
the building industry watchdog - the Australian Building
and Construction Commission. The construction sector does not
need intimidation, thuggery, job-destroying industrial conflict. But Mr Turnbull also told
his party room today an early election
wasn't his preferred option. He'd rather go to the polls
in about six months - around August. Using the extra time
to sell his case for tax reform, as Labor pulled on a first-day stunt trying to ping Mr Turnbull
as a turncoat, reminding him of his past comments in support of a range
of contentious issues. The emissions trading scheme. A republic. Should have a free vote
on marriage equality. That fell flat,
but there's more to come. I can reveal
that Labor's plotting to blindside Malcolm Turnbull on
that issue of marriage equality, trying to force another
parliamentary debate, settle the issue before the election and call him out on his long-term
support for same-sex marriage. Labor's Terri Butler will move
for a vote on the cross-party bill she co-sponsored. I want it to be a free vote. I hope Malcolm Turnbull will make
sure that his members and senators get a free vote. That's what he should do. But that would also anger
Christian conservatives within the government and seriously challenge... Thanks a lot. ..the spirit of goodwill. Our chief medical officer has
revealed 23 cases of the Zika virus have been reported in Australia
in the past few years, including two just yesterday,
here in NSW. They both fell ill in Haiti. All were infected overseas. We have a concern for pregnant women but otherwise
this is not a serious disease in terms of clinical outcomes. The World Health Organization
has now declared the Zika virus a global health emergency. But one, as we'll show you now, that has a very human,
very young face. 16-year-old Poliana
didn't even know she was pregnant when she contracted the Zika virus. Yesterday she gave birth
to baby Davi, who has microcephaly. The diameter of his head
is 3cm smaller than a healthy baby, his brain badly damaged. How are you feeling now? I mean,
he's a beautiful little boy.

it's like he's a normal baby but I worry he won't be able
to walk. Dr Adriana Scavuzzi
is a paediatrician at Recife Hospital, ground zero for the Zika virus. We used to have 10 cases
during the whole year, and just in August we had 10 cases so we realised we've got a problem
because it was completely unusual. These new mums can
breathe a sigh of relief. Luckily their babies are healthy, but for four out of five mothers whose babies end up
having microcephaly, there was no warning sign. They can never remember
having the Zika virus. The World Health Organization has
declared this a global emergency. A co-ordinated international
response is needed to minimise the threat
in affected countries. Virologist Professor
Fernando Figueira was one of the first
to discover Zika in Brazil, seen here under a microscope, and warns we are not immune. Can you see this spreading
to Australia? Will it arrive in Australia,
do you think? If you have an infected person that
comes to all the countries like Latin America, Africa or
some parts of Asia - going back, that's all you need. A virus that
is South America's problem now but no country is safe from.

Seven's Health Editor
Dr Andrew Rochford joins us. Andrew, we've now had 23 cases
where travellers have brought the virus home - are Aussie tourists at real risk? Mark, the fact is,
Zika's been around Asia and the Pacific for years. These are the nations affected.

The good thing is, populations there
have built up some immunity to it, so outbreaks are rare.

The mosquitoes which carry Zika
are only found in North Queensland so it'd be very hard
for the virus to establish here. For anyone carrying the virus
to, say, Sydney, we simply don't have
the mosquitoes to spread it, Mark.

That may change in the future, but as we have heard, we are wary of it and alert, but should not be panicking just yet. On day two of their trial Roger Rogerson and Glen NcNamara
were blaming each other for the murder of Jamie Gao. Lawyers for each man claimed
their client is innocent of shooting
the 20-year-old drug dealer.

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara - Each pointed a finger
at the other today and declared 'he did it'. Both protesting their innocence over the murder of 20-year-old
student and drug dealer Jamie Gao in this Padstow storage shed
20 months ago. McNamara's defence said
it was Rogerson who:

He only helped dispose of the body
because he was under duress: The court was told McNamara
was a former police officer turned crime writer. With two books published, Dirty Work and Savage Obsessions, he was working on a third - and Jamie Gao, a triad member,
was his secret informant. But Rogerson's defence claims
McNamara was the killer: McNamara:

Next week the court intends
to take the 15-member jury out to the Padstow
Rent A Space facility to see where the alleged
murder took place. The Crown Prosecutor saying
it was important to 'really put them
in the picture'. They allege both are guilty - Security video shows them
the next day with fishing rods and boat.

Gao was found off Cronulla
six days later.

Donald Trump's political brand
is based on bluster, bullying and winning, but tonight the Midwestern state
of Iowa fired him. In the Iowa caucus part of the process to choose
presidential nominees, Donald Trump lost to his fellow
Republican Texas senator Ted Cruz. The other shock
was Hillary Clinton's bid to become the next
President Clinton. Shaken to the core,
after her dead heat with 74-year-old socialist
Bernie Sanders. After millions of dollars months of messages
and political promises, Iowa took the nation's first vote... I'm here to support Bernie Sanders,
I'm feeling the Bern. ..and they came in huge numbers.

Hillary Clinton has the experience
in foreign policy that I think we're going to need
over the next four years. For the man who's all about winning the first test of the polls
was a moment of truth. We finished second. And I wanna tell you something,
I'm just honoured, I'm really honoured. The Donald,
for so long the frontrunner, is vowing he will still
be the frontrunner after losing to the evangelical
senator from Texas - Ted Cruz. Iowa has sent notice that the Republican nominee and the
next president of the United States will not be chosen by the media.

The other big Republican story
was young Senator Marco Rubio who came close to putting Trump
in third place. For Hillary Clinton
it was a pure nail-biter. A virtual dead-heat
with rival Bernie Sanders. It is rare that we have the
opportunity we do now, to have a real contest of ideas. We will transform this country.
Thank you all. For some presidential hopefuls Iowa marks the beginning of the end, particularly in the crowded
Republican field where a cull will soon begin. All remaining contenders
now head to New Hampshire, the second state to vote next week. US Correspondent Emma Dallimore
joins us now from Iowa. Emma, just how much of a setback
is this for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Mark, it'll come as a shock
for Trump, but it's not a devastating setback. He will move on to New Hampshire, where he's widely tipped
to beat Ted Cruz. As for Hillary, she'll be disappointed
with a dead heat in Iowa, as she's currently trailing
Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. The final presidential candidates
will be endorsed in late July for the November 8 election, Mark.

The Reserve Bank has decided
to keep interest rates at their record low. Paul Kadak is at the RBA
in Martin Place for us. Paul, why did the board decide
not to give homebuyers another rate cut? Mark, it says with signs the economy
is ticking along OK at the moment, they're keen to leave things
as they are for now. Bank Governor Glenn Stephens has
talked about stronger jobs figures, inflation remaining low
and better conditions for business as key reasons to leave
the official rate unchanged. They'll stay at 2%
for the 10th month in a row. But the Reserve is keeping an eye
on how shaky markets overseas and slowing growth in China
will affect the Australian economy and consumer confidence, and it's left the door open
for further cuts. But market predictions are, they'll stay on hold for the
foreseeable future. Mark.

Two Kings Cross clubs have been
ordered to shut their doors for 6 months. Ashlee Mullany is on
the nightclub strip this evening - Ash, why the drastic action? Mark, the two clubs
were raided in December by police investigating the supply
of cocaine in Kings Cross. Bada Bing and Dreamgirls
were closed then for 72 hours and 3 staff members were arrested. One of them was Bada Bing's responsible
service of alcohol manager - he allegedly sold cocaine
to an undercover officer. Today, liquor licensing authorities
shut down both clubs for a further 6 months. They've been ordered
to introduce a drug control policy and improve their security cameras. Kings Cross police welcome
the decision by the authority, and will continue to target
pubs and clubs in our area that allow drugs to be sold
from their premises. Police also raided an apartment in
Kings Cross overnight, where they allegedly seized
a commercial quantity of drugs including ice and MDMA. The 30-year-old resident
appeared in court today - he's been refused bail.

Anita Cobby's savage murder
was a crime so savage, so upsetting it nearly brought back
the death penalty. It happened 30 years ago tonight. You're about to hear
from her husband who has never spoken
on camera before, and her younger sister talking now,
despite the many haunting images, because they're doing something
remarkable in her memory. It was a crime that outraged
not just Sydney but the nation with its brutality, its depravity. Anita Cobby, a 26-year-old nurse
and beauty queen, abducted, bashed,
raped and murdered. She was so stunning. She was just amazingly beautiful,
and beautiful inside, as well. John Cobby, speaking out for the first time
in 30 years. The week before Anita died, we'd spent the weekend
on the Central Coast. It was almost like a honeymoon
that we didn't really have. Anita's killers were jailed
for life. Justice, but little consolation. Anger - you want revenge. It's whole gamut of emotions
that you feel, It's a whole gamut of emotions
that you feel, and you've got to work your way
through them. Kathryn was 20 years old
when Anita died. What happened to her
was such a tragic event. It was the most tragic
kind of crime. Losing her best friend,
and role model. When I lost her, it was for me,
um, very sudden obviously and... She was your big sister? Big sister. Yeah, she was a big sister.
A great big sister, actually. Anita was walking home
from Blacktown station around 10pm when she was snatched by five men
in a stolen car. People heard the commotion, launched a search,
even found the car. But not Anita. Her brutalised body was discovered
two days later. Anita's memory will be kept alive with plans for a refuge
for children affected by homicide. It will be built at Blacktown and called Grace's Place,
after Anita's late mother. It's just perfect actually,
Grace's Place, because Mum was a person of grace,
she was beautiful. A memorial dinner tonight
at Blacktown Workers Club will raise funds
for Grace's Place. Samantha Brett is there. Sam, hopefully there'll be
a big turnout. Mark, about 800 people will be here
raising money for the world's first
residential trauma centre for children affected by homicide. Anita's family is expected to attend as well as Premier Mike Baird and many of the detectives
who worked on the case. A lot has changed in Blacktown
in 30 years but what remains clear is how deeply this crime affected
the local community. Mark.

A Merrylands mother has been
sentenced to a good behaviour bond after admitting to attacking
her son on a Sydney train. The 25-year-old was arrested after passengers
photographed the assault and posted the pictures on Facebook. Parramatta Court was told
she swore at the 6-year-old, threatening to punch him before slapping him on the head. It happened as they went home
from a family Christmas party. Sydney turned it on today. David Brown joins us now. I'm enjoying this weather, Brownie. You're not the only one, Fergo. It's been a stunner, a taste of things to come
in the short term. Statewide,

showers and thunderstorms
are tracking over the far west and north. In contrast, it's essentially
clear in the east. Temperatures close to average
for this time of year. On radar, the sky is clear in Sydney as we fly up the coast
towards Mona Vale. Suburbs - a warm 28 in Penrith. Bankstown 26. Parramatta, 25 degrees. It should be a little warmer
tomorrow. I'll have more soon. Fergo. It's often a tight squeeze
for a seat on Sydney trains. Next, evidence the layout
of new carriages is not what commuters want. The controversy some fear
could lead to designer babies. Could this man be banned
from travelling to Sydney? His controversial views,
and how he's trying to spread them. And the fishy tale of a weather
reporter's close encounter, on air.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
is tonight considering banning the founder of a group that suggests legalising rape
on private property. But the American,

who runs the "male advocacy group",
Return of Kings, is tonight taunting officials, saying he'll get in anyway
because our borders are weak. On a night out in Canada,
the beers were on him. MAN: Oh, yeah! You (BLEEP) scum! WOMAN: This is the guy that says
that rape should be legal. I think he's a very sad human being.
He's completely inadequate. He's certainly polarising. Daryush Valizadeh, nicknamed 'Roosh' has evolved from a self-styled
pick-up artist to anti-feminist. Feminist organisations
came out against me. His article,
entitled How To Stop Rape, suggested rape should be legal
if done on private property. Any idea that rape
under any circumstances is ever OK is an incredibly appalling concept. The article
might have been satirical... Falsely accusing me
of a rape threat. ...but his planned visit to
supporters in Australia this weekend has caused a nasty backlash. I hope it will be the beginning
of permanent tribal meetings. The end might come
before the beginning, though. Roosh's planned itinerary
to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra for some "male bonding" might be cancelled if he can't even get here
in the first place. The government
might refuse him entry. I've asked for an urgent briefing
in relation to the matter.

But in a country which famously
ordered Johnny Depp's little dogs, Pistol and Boo, to "bugger off", a champion of rape
might have difficulty. I have to wear a disguise.
I have to hide.

British scientists
have been given the green light for controversial research. They're being allowed to modify
the genes of human embryos, which some fear
could lead to designer babies. The Francis Crick Institute says it will research
the first seven days of a fertilised egg's development in the hope it could
improve fertility treatments. The permission has been granted with the strict condition that embryos
are never implanted into a woman. A woman claiming
to be TV reporter online has become an online sensation after stepping outside
as storms pounded the UK. As she battled strong winds,
a flying fish hit her in the face. But when you watch the pictures
in slow motion, the wet slap reveals it's all a
stunt, thrown by someone nearby.

We've found an example tonight
of a government determined to ignore
its own expert advice. It involves Sydney Trains
and a secret survey, showing passengers don't like
proposed changes to rail carriages. But the Baird government
is going ahead anyway, with the trains
that few seem to want. Sydney Metro is coming,
along with brand new trains that have fewer seats
and more standing passengers. But the results
of a Sydney Trains trial obtained by Seven News reveals that's not
how we like to travel. I much prefer to have a seat
on the way to work. It's a long enough train ride
as it is. No, I don't like standing up. In a 2013 trial Tangara carriages were modified
with European-style seating. When the carriage was full,
like in peak hour, half of the passengers said they preferred the existing
3- and 2-seat layout. while just 13% liked a Metro-style
2-seat-plus-bench carriage. And that offered double the seating
of the planned Metro trains. The people are a bit worried about. Give it a year or so and people will be raving about
how good the new Sydney Metro is. Despite the results, the $900,000
survey and report suggested stripping seats out
of the existing trains too, but the government
has quietly dropped that politically sensitive idea. We need people who use our trains to understand that there are certain
things that we all can do, as passengers, that are going to help
the quick through-put of people. Which means we might have to stand, but on journeys
that are a little quicker. We broke the story of a ticketing
scam costing travellers thousands. Now our cameras have caught up
with the businesswoman behind it. See what happened, next. A teenager critical
after surviving this crash only to be run over moments later. Security called in as tempers flare over who'll pick up
rubbish and collect rates across Sydney. And we'll reveal the fruit
proven to slowing dementia.

Australia, summer is here. and enjoy fresh Aussie fruit sweet, juicy nectarines. nectarines - just $3 a kilo. in abundance and in Coles now.

Now to a young man who survived
flipping his car early this morning - only to be knocked down
moments later. It happened on the motorway
between Sydney and Newcastle. Tonight he's seriously ill
in John Hunter Hospital. The aftermath of not one
but two crashes. It was a matter of seconds between when 18-year-old
Thomas Spratt escaped the first only to fall victim to the second. Struck by a passing van
as he waited for help around 2:30 this morning, on the M1 near Freemans Waterhole. We don't know the full extent, if the 18-year-old male
was injured at the time and to what extent, before that second accident. Thomas had been heading north,
towards Cessnock, when he lost control
and flipped his four-wheel drive. With the wreckage
in the middle of road the vehicle behind
veered to the right. Skid marks indicate the 26-year-old driver
of the Mercedes tried to stop. Of course he was certainly rattled
and upset about it. The accident closed one lane
of the M1 northbound into the morning peak as investigators examined the scene. Traffic was at a crawl
for kilometres. This morning's crash comes
just three weeks after a Northern Beaches man was
killed in similar circumstances - knocked down as he checked on damage
from a minor bingle. Police say it's another reminder
for drivers to take extra care after a collision. I guess the main thing is we hope
that the young driver pulls through and is OK at the end of the day. There have been some positive signs
Thomas Spratt will survive. He's in an induced coma
and listed as serious but stable. Ashlea, do police know
what caused the teenager to initially lose control ? to initially lose control? No Mark, crash investigators
are trying to work that out. Nothing has been ruled out, so fatigue is a possibility
given the time of the morning. We do know Thomas was travelling
from the Central Coast to see his father
in the Hunter Valley. Any witnesses to the crash
are being asked to come forward to police, Mark.

More victims have emerged
after our story last night on the website selling
very expensive tickets to America's Super Bowl - tickets that never arrive. Now we've found out
the owner has been involved in travel company fraud before. Spruiking her old company,
this is Julie-Ann Yeowell. Domestic Sports Tours and Travel
can save you time and money. Now she runs Universal Sports Tours from this apartment
in North Queensland where she wasn't keen
to show her face. Would you like to tell us
your side of the story? Last night,
we revealed two Sydneysiders spent thousands on her site
for Super Bowl tickets that never showed up.

Now a travel agent has revealed
even she's been duped. There's just been lie
after lie after lie, and I know I'm not the only one. The woman doesn't want
to be identified - worried about her
business's reputation. She says she paid $28,000
for a package that never eventuated, then had to spend an extra $39,000
with another company to ensure her client's request
was met. I've virtually had
no other work done, trying to keep my clients happy. That's my number one concern. Yeowell has form. Last year, she was put
on three years probation for fraud in relation to another
sports tour company. She says she's now on
antidepressants to help her cope.

Very nice human being. Never rip-off a fly. Remarkably, even after
our story aired last night, her website still has Super Bowl
tickets advertised for sale for less than $4,000 - just five days out from the game. Or for $85,000,
you can buy her whole company. It's for sale on Gumtree.

There were some heavy-handed tactics
across the city today at the first round
of community meetings on forced council amalgamations. Our cameras were ejected
from one meeting. At another, microphones
were pulled away from a councillor objecting
to a merger. Mike Baird turned magazine vendor
this morning but there was another big issue
he had to sell - council amalgamations. These are one of these issues
that aren't easy. At 10 public meetings
on council mergers, speakers had just three minutes... We deeply respect local democracy
at the local level. (APPLAUSE) ..before time was up
and microphones dragged away.

And there was security
to keep it short. We deserve proper consultation. This is a complete sham! Amalgamating Ashfield,
Leichhardt and Marrickville... They are literally silencing us. I mean, we might as well have gags. ALL: (CHANT) Hands off Botany Bay! ..amalgamating Botany with Rockdale. Cameras be switched off
and taken out of the room. Cameras were ordered out. We want everyone to know how we
feel, especially Macquarie Street. Meetings too in Bankstown
and North Sydney which is set to be joined
with Willoughby. Residents voicing their concerns, some local councils fighting
for survival but the state government
remaining committed to the plan - having spent up to $6 million
already, on council mergers. They're vowing to fight them
on the beaches, merging Manly with Mosman. When the hell did Mosman become
part of the Northern Beaches? (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Warringah will disappear.

A fire emergency could close down one of the country's busiest
motorways - that's next in Seven News. Plus - what caused major delays
at Sydney Airport this morning. The Sydney eyesores worth millions
but left in ruins. And I'm tracking a showery change
that's heading our way. Those details soon.

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A key bridge on one of the nation's
busiest stretches of road is being examined
for its ongoing safety after a fiery truck crash
this afternoon. It tore across 4 lanes of
the M1 motorway on the Gold Coast, leaving the driver
trapped in the cabin. Five men jumped over barricades
to pull the man, in his 60s, to safety seconds before the truck exploded
in flames. Thousands of Virgin Australia
passengers were delayed this morning after the airline's
check-in technology suffered a major glitch, forcing staff to manually
process tickets. The worst hold-ups
were in Sydney and Melbourne, with flights across the country
up to an hour late. The system is back up and running. A hardware fault
is being blamed. Another side
of Sydney's building boom is the many abandoned buildings
often held by owners in prime spots expecting a capital gain -
sometimes years down the track. But now they're about
to become targets of a campaign to make them pay taxes
for keeping the buildings empty. In a city boasting some
of the world's most valuable land, it's hard to believe this
is on Sydney's doorstep. Inside the Balmain Tigers, derelict, a building stuck in a battle
between developers and government. It only takes one eyesore to have a negative impact
on the local economy. But it isn't even the worst. A short stroll down Darling Street
is Callan Park - once a mental hospital, now a largely vacant
60-hectare waterfront property. There are 100 buildings on the site, a haunting reminder
of times gone by. These wards
were once teeming with patients, now it's eerily quiet. Preserved just as it was when the hospital closed its doors
eight years ago. But even this pales when compared
to the White Bay Power Station. The state government paid $5 million
to keep the pigeons out but still no tenant has moved in. A highly desirable location -
it's close to the city, it's on the harbour. Every day, drivers wonder about the Brescia Furniture site
at Parramatta Road, the squats along Liverpool Road. and this derelict site at Gordon. There are a number of sites
which are still sitting there a bit under-utilised which could be re-used
in a more productive way. Where developer inaction
is to blame Mayor Darcy Byrne has a solution. We're going to propose to the
New South Wales government that the LGA rates system
be changed, to make sure landlords
have a tax incentive to make sure their buildings
are tenanted and that they're not too run down. If you know of an eyesore,
get in touch.

We've got new details on a fruit that could really help in the fight
against dementia. Don't miss that story soon
on Seven News. Plus, what's all the fuss about
over new fast food? In sport with Jim Wilson, we're one on one
with Valentine Holmes after the Sharks axe him
for the Auckland Nines. And Aussie Dan takes on the big boys
of rugby - that's next.

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Good evening, everyone. Cronulla has axed embattled rising
star Valentine Holmes for this weekend's Auckland Nines. Holmes has told Seven News he
regrets breaking a late-night curfew at an Emerging Maroons camp
at the weekend. Valentine Holmes shot himself in the foot
over the weekend. Today he got on the front foot
to apologise. Something like this has
never really happened for me before. I've definitely learnt a lot
from it. Yeah, it's very silly what I did. Holmes and Melbourne Storm youngster
Cameron Munster broke curfew at
Queensland's Emerging Origin camp to party at a Brisbane nightspot. The Shark arrested after getting into hot water
with a taxidriver. Both players now ineligible to
represent the Maroons this season. It's very, very shocking. To be part of that Emerging
was awesome. If I ever got the chance
to play for Queensland I'd never let anything like
that get in front of me. Two players by their stupidity
have ruled themselves out and we're really, really cranky
about it. I wasn't thinking very clearly. It was definitely
out of character for me. It was a poor choice by me and definitely
not going to happen again. Cronulla has also dumped Holmes
from this weekend's Auckland Nines. I had to tell them the other day
at training that I wouldn't
be travelling with them. They were all pretty disappointed but hopefully they go really well
and bring that trophy back. I know the player
is incredibly remorseful - he's been an outstanding
role model for our club. The QRL
has closed its investigation, with no more players
expected to be sanctioned.

Rabbitohs star Greg Inglis
has hosed down any suggestions he's considering a code switch. But a return to Queensland
and the Broncos remains a possibility as he was immortalised in wax today
at Madame Tussauds. This may the closest we ever come
to cloning the great Greg Inglis. I just enjoy playing footy,
you know, to be standing here
next to my twin, as I said, it's a big honour. The likeness
a perfect 'dummy half' - freckles, facial hair, right down to the strapping, but not the 'Goanna' pose
many league fans would expect. I did toss that up, but to stay in that position
for five hours, probably wouldn't have been
a good idea. Souths coach Michael Maguire
chose not to risk GI in the Auckland Nines this weekend, and the club will have to sweat
on resigning their star skipper for a little longer, further fuelling talk
of a possible code switch or a return to the Broncos
when his contract expires. Look, I'll probably come to my
decision at the end of this year instead of dragging on
for another year. I've still got two years there. I don't want to be making the club
uneasy of where I'm going to be at but moving forward, Souths and rugby league are the only
things on my mind at the moment. Bunnies team-mate Sam Burgess
has become the sixth withdrawal from the World All-Stars team to take on the Inglis-captained
Indigenous All Stars on February 15.

Australian selectors
are even copping it from the Kiwis for continuing
to snub Usman Khawaja. He won't play in tomorrow's
first one-day international at Eden Park with Shaun Marsh
the preferred option. Yeah, I was a bit surprised. I think he's been the form batsman
of the Australian summer. He does need a hit going into what's
a big test series for us and he's batting extremely well. He's unlucky to miss out. There's a big-game feel
to the series between last year's
World Cup finalists. Peter Siddle and James Pattinson will make their comebacks
from injury for Victoria in the Sheffield Shield
against Tasmania. Super Bowl fever is taking over
in the United States. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton
arrived in California wearing $1,200 gold and zebra print
Versace pants. It wasn't the only shock
during Media Day. 39-year-old Denver quarterback
Peyton Manning is a huge Newton fan. He's been awesome,
he's been awesome. It's the best word I can think of. Super Bowl 50 is live and free
here on Seven, at 10am on Monday. Aussie Formula 1 star
Daniel Ricciardo visited the home of Bath rugby, and pitted his Red Bull race car up against the team's
first-choice forward pack. Despite having to contend with
the smell of burning rubber, Sam Burgess's old teammates
held their own in the scrummaging contest. Ricciardo says he's itching
to start the new Formula 1 season. It begins in Melbourne on March 20.

Genuine horse power there from that scrum. One of the stranger promotions I have seen. The Bathurst 12 hour is live and free on 7 on Sunday. The claims about an Australian
super food are extraordinary but they're being made by scientists
with plenty of evidence. They're convinced it holds the key
to treating dementia, obesity and high blood pressure. It's a sweet plum
grown in Queensland.

This is the harvest
for a rare fruit, a special plum grown near Stanthorpe
in southern Queensland, which offers more than
a great taste. This is a really important advance of showing that foods
can be medicines. Researchers claim
the Queen Garnet could be used to prolong the fight
against dementia, because as a whole fruit
or a juice it's loaded with natural chemicals which can increase blood flow
to the brain, improving learning and memory. What sets it apart is the level of the anthocyanin so something like at least 5 times,
maybe 10 times, any other plum. Professor Lindsay Brown also
discovered weight loss benefits after feeding plums to fat rats. Now human trials are underway. One glass a day is probably going
to meet or exceed the potential benefits
from eating a diet that is rich in fruits
and vegetables. 75,000 trees are fuelling demand
at home and niche markets overseas. Everyone is becoming very well aware
of the lifestyle diseases and super foods and nutrition and what makes up a healthy diet. The fresh product
is in season until next month. The day's finance is coming up
in Seven News. Plus, the long queues
for free burgers. Was it worth the wait? And Sydney turned it on today, but a showery change
is lining us up. Details next.

Hi eveyone, Daniel gibson with you hope your well, Nice to see the sun at
last! catch up on some direct vitamin D today!. Tomorrow should again bne a mostly sunny day but along the coast
winds will pick up in the afternoon and stay quite strong for a few days. Generally though as the week goes it on should be mostly fine and dry.
next week syummer starts to return and we should see the tesmps increase

Tonight's Seven News headlines - a man accused
of murdering his partner of 30 years with a kitchen knife refused bail. Cases of Zika virus
confirmed in Australia, but experts say
Sydney's mosquitos can't spread it. Donald Trump misses out on key
support to be president in his first test with voters. And Seven News reveals Sydney Trains
rejected expert advice, instead choosing fewer seats
for new carriages. The ASX 200 lost yesterday's gains, closing down 50 points. Shares in BHP Billiton fell after its credit rating was lowered. Domino's was also down despite finalising a takeover of Germany's biggest
pizza delivery chain.

The invasion of US fast-food chain
Carl's Jr. has officially begun on the Central Coast. Fans queued overnight at Bateau Bay to get their hands
around one of the famous burgers from the very first
Australian restaurant. It tasted like heaven. Free burgers for a year,
like we got vouchers and stuff. Over the moon, man. The company plans to roll out
more than 300 stores.

Now, here's Seven's meteorologist
David Brown with Sydney's weather. Thanks, Fergo, and good evening on this clear,
warm evening in town. Today the top was just shy
of 28 degrees by mid afternoon. Right now it's 26

Right now it's 25 and it feels like 24.

In the suburbs:

From the satellite big thunderstorms are rumbling
over Central Queensland and the north-west
corner of our state. It's been a clear day over the east. Tomorrow,

a southerly will
push up the coast in response to this developing
high pressure ridge. It's looking dry
throughout most of the state although this southerly should bring some late showers
to the south-east. Around the nation: Showers sweeping
over Brisbane.

Melbourne, a few
passing showers. Adelaide,
fine and mild. Statewide, clearing rain in the north. Dry in the
far west.

Winds out of
the south.

Have a look at this showery weather
developing in the south-east and pushing up the coast. Closer in, a fine and warm day. A southerly change
during the evening may bring the odd shower or two
towards midnight. On the water,

winds light and variable
for most of the day: In the city - fine - that's the weather word. A warm and mainly sunny day. A top near 28 degrees. A shower close to midnight. Looking further ahead, Thursday, windy, a few passing showers 25. A few more showers Friday.

The weekend is looking good. Mid 20s throughout.

Warmer in the west on Monday. Unsettled on Tuesday.

A stunning 28 tomorrow. Fergo. That's Seven News for this Tuesday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a great night. Live captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

from the Sydney homicide squad. He'll be heading up the
Charlotte King investigation. KAT: Maybe someone wanted
their secrets to die with her. You always had the makings
of a good detective. You two know each other?
We've worked together before. I know I wasn't always good to you
when we were together. Now, I'd like put
all that behind us. I can work with you.
Well, great. 'Cause there's a killer in this town and we're gonna figure out who. Will you marry me?
Yes. There's something you need to know. Brax is alive. ASH: He did this to protect you.
Get out. No, you need our...
Get out of my house! So, what? You let us grieve?!
For nothing?! I have to tell you something.
It's about Brax.

# Ohhh-ohhh-ohhh # Nowhere home # Ohhh-ohhh... # Ask them if they know where he is. Yeah, you tell them
to keep their mouths shut.

They might know something.
Just do it!

What do you want? You making calls about Brax? What, have you got
a problem with that? What if the wrong person hears
and they tell the cops? Won't happen.