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(generated from captions) I'll tell you what I mean.
I don't like chaos.

I don't like violence.
I want tranquillity.

I want a clear line between
right and wrong in my life!

I know you're upset!
I know you're upset about Ivy!

I am too! But I didn't plan this!

I didn't... I didn't want this!
I believe that.

So, then stop letting this
affect us! We're gonna get married.

We're in love with each other.
We are planning our future.

Aly and Ivy
have nothing to do with us!

Except they do.

It's about the fundamental
differences between you and me.

No. No. No.
I'm not letting this happen.

Are you trying to end things
with me?

Is that what's happening right now?

What, are you gonna... You're gonna
call off our engagement?

'Cause I'm not taking off this ring.
I'm not.


Tonight, Federal Parliament gets
back to business, under the threat of an early election. Malcolm Turnbull tells Government
MPs to be ready for anything.

The growing push to keep this
man out of the country. He says some types
of rape should be legal, and he is planning to come here to
spread his warped beliefs.

A mother of five murdered
in her home in Sydney's west. Two cases of Zika virus are
detected in Sydney, just yesterday, but we are being told not to worry.

A harsh reality check for
Donald Trump. He has been belted in the
Iowa Primary, but things are a lot tighter for Hillary Clinton.

And young League star Valentine
Holmes get a slap on the wrist from Cronulla, after his drunken arrest.

This is Ten Eyewitness News -
First at Five - with Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton.

But first tonight,
Malcolm Turnbull has put everyone on a war footing, using the year's
first day of Parliament to threaten a double dissolution election. In a pep talk to his MPs,
he outlined a timeframe for a vote in the second half of the year,
but warned a hostile Senate could force him to the polls early. Paul Bongiorno joins us now
from Canberra. Paul,
Just how serious is this threat?

Well, Sandra, the Prime Minister repeated it three times when he was addressing the Coalition party room today. Some MPs thought it was aimed at them as much as anyone else. There's nothing like the threat of an election to keep MPs, especially mische vows ones, there are a few of them, in line and focused. I'm sure that's what the Prime Minister is hoping. It is not hard to guess what
our politicians might be praying for, as an election year dawns.

There was plenty of comfort
in the Bible readings. "Do not be anxious about anything." The Opposition Leader will have
his faith tested. "Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek an you will find. ' Labor's first question
of the year charged the Government with breaking an election promise. It read, and I quote,
"Liberals will match Labor's school funding dollar for dollar. The government is investing more in schools than ever. The PM more interested
in knowing if Labor would now support bringing back the old
construction industry watchdog, as advocated by the Royal Commission. This is a critical test
of the leadership of the Leader of the Opposition. A test Mr Turnbull says he is
prepared to put to an early election if Labor baulks. The crossbench also on notice. The double dissolution would get
rid of the current small-party senators, with the exception
of Nick Xenophon. All the rest
of us would lose our jobs. But seven out of 10 voters
don't want an early poll.

Mathematically, the Government
can't get control of the Senate, and would be faced with even more
unpredictable crossbenchers. The minimise this the Government the planning Senate voting reforms to be introduced with the support of the Greens before an election. But curiously, the PM has also told
his MPs they will be in an election campaign within six months. By then, the Government's promised
tax reform package would be ready. Bill Shorten happier to talk
about that than his own struggling leadership. Whafrjts matters in this country is will we have a GST at 15% on That is still to be decided. The Treasurer and the Prime Minister are still to agree on just how big a tax reform package they want to take to the people. At this stage it rook looks like the Treasurer wants to be braver than the Prime Minister. We might know soon enough, we may not. Thank you. Big protests are being planned,
ahead of public rally from a so-called pick-up artist,
who claims rape on private property should be legal. American Daryush Valizadeh says he
will be here this weekend, but the Government has revealed he
hasn't yet applied for a visa, and he is unlikely to get one.

His online videos and -
and there are many - reek of hate and misogyny. Fat girls are simply unattractive,
so why would you waste time dating a fat chick? I mean, this is just
an anti-male environment. Daryush Valizadeh is the leader of
a US group called Return of Kings - neomasculinists who believe rape on
private property should be legal. I just can't believe someone would
like that or think it's OK to
advocate something like that. It's just completely appalling. And he's headed down under
as part of an international meet-up day for his supporters. Let him sit on aun uncomfortable flight and turn him around. The Immigration Minister says
Roosh, as he's known,

The Immigration Minister says
Roosh, as he's known, hasn't yet applied for a visa,
but if he does... Australia doesn't welcome people to
our country who disrespect women. The department in the past has cancelled visas.

His suggestion that rape should be legal inside private property, not even our homes generally is so offensive and undermines the whole criminal code. Sydney's Hyde Park is one
of six planned meet-up locations in Australia, but already the
number of attendees here is likely to be dwarfed by those attending
a protest against the group, which has been receiving plenty
of support on Facebook since it was set up 24 hours ago. Roosh has felt the wrath
of haters before.

His reception in Australia,
if he arrives, is likely to be just as frosty.

A man is behind bars tonight,
charged with stabbing his partner to death in the bedroom
of their home in Sydney's West. Police were called in
after the couple's daughter found her mother's body. Handcuffed and crying,
Gavin Gavin Debeyer is taken to court, charged with murdering
Sharon Michelutti, his partner and mother to his children. Beautiful mum. Absolutely adored her kids. Worshipped them. The kids are the real victims here. The 48-year-old was found dead
in the bedroom of her Riverwood home yesterday,
stabbed with a kitchen knife. Her son was so distressed he had
to be restrained by police. Police allege Debeyer has a history
of domestic violence, and yesterday after dropping their daughter
at school used a kitchen knife to stab the mother of five to death. Online, their son posted: "One
of the toughest days of my life.

The two had been together
since they were teenagers. Yeah, they fought a lot. At least weekly. I just felt very sad,
'cause that's their mum. And I didn't want to think what
could happen if it was my mum. In court today, the 50-year-old
didn't apply for bail, as forensic officers picked through
evidence at the family home, trying to figure out what happened. Police think Sharon's body laid
here for hours before being discovered, and they are now trying
to figure out where her partner went after the stabbing took place. All anyone knows now is
a woman's life has ended violently, allegedly at the hands
of the man closest to her. I just wish I had have done more. I just wish I had have done more. And if you or someone you know is
a victim of domestic violence, there is support.

A sensational claim in the murder
case against former detectives Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson. A lawyer for McNamara says it was
Rogerson who shot the student Jamie Gao and
then threatened to murder McNamara and his children if he didn't help
Rogerson dispose of the body. Melinda Nucifora was in court.

In fear for his life, and terrified
his family would be executed, Glen McNamara says his co-accused
Roger Rogerson shot Jamie Gao, and threatened to kill him if he
didn't help dispose of the body. The remains
of 20-year-old Gao were found floating in the ocean off Cronulla
in May 2014, six days after he was seen on security cameras meeting
the former detectives at a Padstow storage unit. McNamara's lawyer today told
the jury her client knew nothing of Rogerson's alleged plan to kill
Gao during the drug deal, saying,

She said McNamara
and Gao had met in the months before the killing, because Gao was
helping him research a true crime novel about Asian gangs.

Rogerso's lawyer alleged McNamara shot depchlt ao before Rogerson arrived.

The Crown, however,
alleges the two men acted together, and regardless of who pulled
the trigger, both agreed to kill Gao and steal his drugs. The two former detectives have
pleaded not guilty to murder, and supplying
a commercial quantity of ice.

Hundreds of people turned up
at meeting across Sydney today, filthy over the Government's plans
to kill off their councils. They have accused Mike Baird
of trying to steamroll the process, insisting
the whole thing is a farce. Here is state political
reporter Adam Walters.

It is the war that is not ending
anytime soon for Premier Mike Baird. His plan to shrink the number
of councils was being condemned in nine public meetings
across the state today. The numbers don't stack up,
I can assure you of that. The numbers don't stack up. This meeting in Bankstown was
fiercely opposed to amalgamating with Canterbury Council, to form
a super-city with a population close to the size of Tasmania. The Save our Councils Coalition
accused the Government of pretending to consult with
communities. The whole process has been designed
to avoid hearing what the community wants, because they know full well
the community don't want this. Each speaker was allocated only
three minutes to argue against the amalgamations. This is the only opportunity people have to give their voice to the fact that
they want their councils to stay independent and stand alone. The councils say all the
speculation over the amalgamations is costing local economies dearly. With regulations
on development varying from one council to the next, the renovation
and construction industries are just two that could be suffering
from all the uncertainty. There is so much uncertainty. There is staff that don't know
what's going to happen to their job, there are community
members who are really concerned about the loss of their suburb. The Government maintains there is
$2 billion to be made by reducing the number of Sydney
councils from 43 to 25, and regional councils from 109 to 87.

Promising Cronulla League player
Valentine Holmes has escaped with a slap on the wrist, after
the game's latest boozy scandal. He is one of six Queensland
up-and-comers who got blind drunk in Brisbane at the weekend,
when they should have been in bed. Michael Caine joins us from
Sharks HQ. Michael, what did he do,
and what did he get?

Just seems like another day, another NRL scandal. Now Valentine Holmes is the person in question. Sunday morning he was on an emerging Origin camp, a bonding session, so to speak. It lasted well into the early hours and ended at a taxi rank where the police were called later on and a lot of trouble was had after that. Now what's happened today is the Queensland Rugby League has slapped the player with a 12-month ban from playing State of Origin football and what's happened is that his own club t Cronulla Sharks, they banned him, or dropped him from playing in the Auckland Nines this weekend. A remorseful Valentine Holmes,
after a scandal that held the attention of the Rugby League
world. Not any character. A poor choice. I'm happy to live by the consequences and get whatever I get. The timing
of yet another couldn't be worse. There is never good timing
for blemishes that bring down the name of the game. The Sharks winger was arrested for
public nuisance and obstructing police, following a drunken night
out in Brisbane with the Emerging Origin squad on the weekend. To say I'm shocked that Val would
engage in this sort of behaviour on Saturday night would be
an understatement. Clearly it's a very disappointing
outcome, for our club, for the player, and the game holistically. Melbourne fullback Cameron Munster
was one of the six players who broke team curfew. Today, his Storm teammates
came to his defence. I am sure he will learn and make better decisions later. Today the Queensland Rugby League
imposed a 12-month ban on Holmes, which excludes him
from playing State of Origin, while Cronulla took its own
action, dropping the fullback from their Auckland Nines squad. It hasn't been violent conduct,
or anything like that at all. We've formed a very strong view
that, with all the sanctions that are in place, and
the undertaking about Val's ongoing professional development, is
a more than appropriate sanction. Maroons veteran Sam Thaiday says
they have learnt a hard lesson, and could have missed an opportunity to
break into an aging Origin team. We are going to need some of
these young guys to fill a void. I'm sure they'll go back to their
clubs and play some good footy. To be not selected for Queensland is a big disappointment for me. Now, there's been confirmation there's been no fines issued. The only money Holmes will lose if he played in the Origin series. There is nothing to say he would have played. So there were no fines. More information in regards to the Cronulla club - the Sharks are set to go through mediation with a former Cronulla player, Todd Carney as he sues them for wrongful dismissal. He was sacked in 2014 after there was images emerged of him urinating in his own mouth. Now should the matter not be resolved, both parties will go back to court on June 1. As we know Todd Carney is playing in France. We remember the case too well. Still to come, two cases of
the Zika virus arrive in Sydney. Also tonight,
a heartbreaking reminder for every sun-loving Australian. A big bump in the road in Donald
Trump's run for the White House. Plus, what Mariah really thinks
about her $4 million rock. And who won this epic battle
between man and machine?

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To our eye in the sky with
the latest on tonight's traffic, it's Vic Lorusso. Welcome back. Now, while the pics are perfect and so is the weather, the traffic is as per usual. Yes. Traffic trying to get into Ryde, due to a broken-down car out here at Rhodes. We're doing our best to get to the scene. The breakdown in the left lane southbound caused traffic congestion. It is standstill over the main deck. Parramatta River straight under. I will zoom back and the traffic pushes back past Church Street. What this means is traffic trying to get down towards Greenacre delayed by 30 minutes. There are problems into the south-west.

The Reserve Bank has left official
interest rates on hold at the record low of 2%,
but there are fears the big banks will ignore that and
once again jack up rates anyway.

Despite economy turmoil overseas,
today the Reserve Bank held its nerve, leaving the official
cash rate unchanged at 2%, where it has been since May 2015. There has been a lot of uncertainty
about the global economy, about the United States and China, but I
think the Reserve Bank wants to take the opportunity to say look
we're doing OK here Down Under. Craig James expects rates to stay
on hold for the foreseeable future.

Certainly it's our view that
the Reserve Bank will stay on the interest rate sidelines
for all of 2016. But will the banks? We can't rule out another
out-of-cycle rate hike,

We can't rule out another
out-of-cycle rate hike, as witnessed late last year. There are fears the big banks could
increase their home loan rates regardless of the RBA's stance. There has never been
a better time to compare home loan rates, and contemplate
the options available to you. Jump online, do your research,
and if you're not happy, make the switch. But, while
the Reserve Bank is looking on the bright side, consumers aren't. Consumer confidence has been
in freefall since the start of the year, down 4.4% in January. That is the worst start to a year
since the Global Financial Crisis.

Melanoma is the biggest single
cancer killer for young Australians, but scary new research
shows they're still worshipping the sun and are not getting checked. Jessica Turner has this story.

Emma Betts is 24,
but she won't finish university, she won't have children and she
may not be here in five years. I've always approached it being
very realistic since my terminal prognosis. Obviously I hope for more time
but I do realise that one day it probably will catch up to me. Emma wore sunscreen most
of the time, but it only took a few mild sunburns. A stranger noticed the mole
on her shoulder. It wasn't what you think would look
like melanoma, it's not what you'd Google. Now living with stage four
melanoma, Emma and her husband are making the most of the time they
have and they're warning others.

Even though Australia has the
highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

39% of young people admit they
don't even consider getting a skin check, while 29% say they
don't even think they're at risk. I haven't had a check as much as I
should. How often is that? I haven't had a check
for 7 or 8 years. I just had my first skin check
a couple of weeks ago and I just had one cut out, all good. For the not so lucky,
new treatment is giving melanoma sufferers more time. We have learned from lab
investigation of the genome of cancer there are some particular
mutations that occur in some of the tumours and and they can be
treated with targeted therapy. The Melanoma March this month
raises funds for research and trials to give sufferers back
some precious time.

If you're worried about the sun, today was miserable. Tim, it was close to perfection. When this city turns on a big blue, it turns heads. That was one of February rare's finest. Still 25.4. East-southEaster doing business at 20-26km/h. It is perfection. Put it in that box, 50% relative humidity with a big blue sky tomorrow. Late showers look to be around the evening. 28-30 will be your winning Wednesday.

Blue skies tomorrow before a late shower.

Up next: The first genuine clue as to who America's next President might be. Plus, what it looks like
inside a plane crash. And the weather girl who
walked away with a flathead.

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Donald Trump has suffered
a big blow to his billion-dollar ego and to his
hopes of winning the White House. He's been beaten
in the first caucus vote by his main Republican rival and only
just scraped into second place. The Democrats' result
from Iowa was just as sensational, with Hillary Clinton effectively
held to a draw by her main rival.

It was always going to be the
moment of truth for Donald Trump. We finished second,
and I want to tell you something. I'm just honoured. I'm really honoured. But it was
a different tone earlier in Iowa. Make sure you all caucus tonight. We're going to have
a tremendous victory. We love you. Texan Senator Ted Cruz eclipsed
Trump, with 28% of the vote to 24%.Victory ensures him
much-needed campaign momentum. Got bless the great state of Iowa. Victory ensures him campaign momentum. But Trump isn't worried. We will be back many, many times. In fact, I think I might
come here and buy a farm. I love it, OK. He is headed now to New Hampshire,
where Trump's numbers are strong. We will go on to get the Republican
nomination, and we will go on to easily beat Hillary or Bernie. But he will have to watch fellow
Republican Marco Rubio, who did far better than expected. For the Democrats, the race
couldn't have been tighter. As people packed halls,
school cafeterias and gymnasiums, officials counted
their presidential preferences. Only a handful of votes separate
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. We have to be united
against a Republican vision. And tonight,
Donald Trump has a black eye. Letisha Marambio,
Ten Eyewitness News.

A Taliban suicide bomber has killed
at least 20 police officers, and wounded 29 others, when he attacked
Kabul's police headquarters. Witnesses say the bomber walked up
to a line of visitors waiting for a security check and blew himself up. Casualties among Afghan soldiers
and police officers rose dramatically last year, by almost a
third, in fact, and have continued at that rate since the New Year.

A terrifying flight
for the pilot of this light plane. Just after take-off, he runs into
trouble when his engine cuts out. The pilot tries to negotiate
a smooth landing in an open field, but instead narrowly avoids thick
bush, before a rough-and tumble landing in the dirt. Amazingly, the pilot escaped
unhurt, and uploaded this video.

A massive blaze has ripped through
a commercial complex in Los Angeles. High winds spread the flames
from one building to another, and it took 150 firefighters
nearly two hours to put it out. No-one was injured, and the cause
is still being investigated.

Here is an unexpected occupational
hazard for reporters covering a big storm in Wales. Wind gusts reaching more than
160 kilometres per hour sent all sorts of things flying.

I'm here at Barry Island Beach,
and there is no signs the storm...

Now, it is easy to think
the video is a little fishy, but it is being shared
by huge numbers of people online. The storm also wreaked havoc
for this weather reporter, who was nearly blown
off her feet in England.

And just last week Mariah Carey was
showing off her 35-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring
from fiance James Packer. Now, she is talking about it.

It's hideous, take it away!

How did you feel
about getting given it? I was insulted, I was insulted. I couldn't believe... No, it was an amazing moment,
and I'm very, very excited.

Still no word on when or where
the couple will tie the knot.

Still to come, a Sydney mum
punished for hitting her six-year-old. Also tonight, a
one-time magazine queen describes her own fall from grace. And the
late-night burglar with a penchant for pants. In finance news, the
Australian share market fell by 50 points today. The Australian dollar
is buying 71 US cents, and 49 pence.

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Health authorities have told us
that two cases of the Zika virus were confirmed
here in NSW just yesterday, by people returning from Haiti. But they stress there
is no need for alarm. Natalie Schenken has
the very latest.

From the jungles of of Africa,
to a college in America and now Australia,
the Zika virus is spreading fast. Australia has had over the past
three years or so, 23 cases. But we're being reassured that the
risk of an outbreak here is low. We know that if someone comes
into the country with this disease it stops with them. And only mosquitoes found in
Far North Queensland can carry it. We have very good systems to
prevent the incursion of the mosquito into the country
and our colleagues in Queensland have very a very good range
of public health measures there. Still,
pregnant women are being warned not to travel to affected areas. On DFAT's Smart Traveller website
there's information about that for pregnant women to reconsider
their need to travel. The virus has now been linked to
thousands of birth defects in Brazil, prompting the World Health
Organization to take action. Members of the committee agree that
the situation meets the conditions for a public health emergency
of international concern. What it means is efforts can be put
in place then across the world to sort it out. In countries where it is a concern,
officials are fighting back any way they can, as mosquito repel
lent stocks begin to run out.

A Western Sydney mother has been
punished by a court for assaulting her six-year old son. 25-year old mother-of-four
Kelly Bloomfield was arrested for verbally abusing
and slapping her eldest son on a train between Blacktown
and Riverstone in December. At Parramatta court today,
she pleaded guilty to the attack, and was slapped herself with
a 12-month good behaviour bond. An apprehended violence order is
in place to protect Bloomfield's children, who are aged
between 10 months and six years.

Time for a traffic update,
with Vic Lorusso. Problems in the south-west?For the traffic heading to Revesby we had a problem offer the River Road. Traffic using the M5 is delayed eastbound. You can see the congestion on the left down towards the M5 Tunnel and then right of screen, fairly empty for traffic to Campbelltown. We had delayed over the Ryde Bridge. The two-car accident is cleared. Traffic into Top Ryde.

Magazine queen Nene King has
described herself as a generous fool in court, after giving a
friend access to her bank accounts. Today Ms King took to the stand to
give evidence against Colin Hahne, who is charged with siphoning off
close to $40,000 from her savings. The court heard Hahne took
advantage of Ms King while she was battling
a drug addiction and depression. Lawyers have indicated Hahne's
former partner Larry Sutcliffe will also give evidence,
as the trial continues.

There is a petty thief in Melbourne
who must be dying of shame tonight, after being caught red-handed
stealing women's underwear. The man, believed to be in his 20s,
stole from the same apartment block five times. When three victims realised what
was going on, they installed a camera, and caught him in the act.

I wouldn't be exaggerating to say I
felt bile rise up in my throat, seeing what he was doing to our
underwear, while we were sleeping in our beds 20 metres away. Police say they want to catch the
man before his behaviour escalates.

Stay with us. We will cross back to the
Cronulla Sharks shortly to hear more from disgraced young winger
Valentine Holmes. Also, Greg Inglis gets his own wax
figure, but hoses down his contract talks for the rest of the season. And you may have had a golden summer, but Khawaja once again missing out on national selection.

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Time for sport with Matt Burke
and Matt, a speechish Valentine Homes fronted our cameras today. He did. The Sharks did ntz train as the Cronulla winger met with the club all day about his sanction. Michael Cain has been across the developments. Should the young star consider himself lucky? Well t talk in league circles, you would have to say yes. You have to remember he never got fined by the Queensland Rugby League, he's only been banned from playing State of Origin. So he's only lost money he probably would have earnt had he played for the Maroons. I caught up with a remorseful Valentine this afternoon.It's not my character. Big mistake. A poor choice. Happy to live by the consequences.What have you learned from this?To be not selected into Queensland this year is a big disappointment. I'm sorry for my poor decision to Kevy and the Queensland boys and to the Sharks and coach.Do you feel this has set you back in regards to Origin selection?At the moment it's just for this year, but probably has set me back later on. If I play good footy hopefully I get a selection later. Well, there you go. A very remorseful player. You have to say that you have to say he's lucky not to escape with more of a ban. The Cronulla Sharks have stopped him from going to Auckland for the Auckland Nines this weekend. Let's hope that this is the last of the rugby league scandals before the season kicks off. Thank you. South Sydney captain Greg Inglis
won't negotiate any contract extension with the Rabbitohs
until the end of the season. Inglis was today immortalised
at Sydney's wax museum, and while he hasn't ruled out
talking to other clubs, he won't leave the Bunnies wondering.

I is two years there. I don't want to make the club uneasy of where I will be at the following third year. So I'd like to put that to rest. Inglis will farewell his Souths
teammates as they head across the Tasman for this weekend's
nines tournament in Auckland.

Australian cricket selectors have
again snubbed Usman Khawaja from the one-day side,
preferring Shaun Marsh to open the batting with David Warner
in the opening game against New Zealand tomorrow in Auckland. But, as Bernie Coen reports,
even the Kiwis are surprised by Khawaja's omission. They will be forced to give him a run in the three-day series. Usman Khawaja is the form
Australian batsman right now, but even with Aaron Finch injured,
selectors have opted for Shaun Marsh to open with David Warner. He's unlucky to miss out,
but Shaun's going to get it. He's batting extremely well. The Aussies may well have
a glutton of choice in ODIs, but even if Kiwis raised an eye
bro over the latest snubbing. Khawaja fans, don't despair. The classy left-hander will
definitely get a run-in this one day series. He's batting well. Smith knows the Kiwis will be extra
hungry on this tour with Captain Brendon McCullum retiring
once it's finished. Obviously they will want to
send him off in the best way possible and it is up to us to
make sure that doesn't happen. Smith is feeling refreshed
after a short break where, where he admits he only saw one of
the Aussies' T20 losses to India. I was watching the tennis,
actually. I love my tennis. As for the cricket, after the one
day series there's two tests against New Zealand, seeing the
likes of Peter Siddle have hit-outs in Shield matches this week. He's looking to prove he's
overcome an ankle injury. I'm positive I will get through
this game, then push on to New Zealand and be right for there. James Pattinson will also be out to
prove he's recovered from a shin injury.

It is not every day you see Maasai
warriors training with the Sydney Swans on the SCG. Well, today was that day. Making this story even better,
they also padded up and practiced their cricket. And, as the Swans discovered,
their African visitors go OK.

One dit a hat-trick. We struggled against them, probably not the best cricketers but handy.It's like a dream. Personally I've been dreaming to come to Australia, but now here we are. Sydney. SCG. In case you are wondering, and we
know you are, the Maasai warriors are in Australia to support
a number of charity events. They will roll the arm over
for real in a game on Thursday night, when they take
on some Swans legends.

We know Formula One cars are
a pretty powerful unit. So, too, a rugby forward pack. So Daniel Ricciardo decided to pit
the two against each other, and took on the Bath rugby team
in a scrum war. The eight-man pack,
weighing in at more than 800 kilos, held their own. Everyone came out unscathed,
but the same couldn't be said about the drone, which Ricciardo brought
down with his pinpoint kick. He can add another Play of the Day
to add his ever-growing trophy cabinet.

How good is that?A nice stunt. Would have woken Bath up. (LAUGHTER) Bit of burning rubber. A bit of spluttering. Good visuals. Your fabulous weather pics are up next at Tim details the forecast.

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ends Sunday.

A choice Tuesday. Nice-looking day. I have an orred irin for another one just like that tomorrow. Thanks for watching Ten Eyewitness News. You're plugged into the daily Bailey weather wall. You don't mind those big seamless blue skies. Looks like we will have them until maybe tomorrow evening, when a low pressure trough is going to edge from the west into the east and bring some shower activity to your place, not before we reach some nice temperatures tomorrow. How about 28-30? From the coast to the greater west and outside right now it is pleasantville - 25. Easterly 26km/h. As I said, it is one of February's finest.
Oh dear. Speaking of the fine things in life, what about your weather photographs? We have come up with a granld reward for you. We will, after you send us your pics, we will send you to paradise. Trust me. Let's look at this. This is what we're doing. This is the Cook'Slands.

You are in the running to win the run for six nights there. Magnificent. This is for the best photograph of the month. Ones look like this!

You have hit us with hundreds and hundreds. We love them.

We will send you to paradise. Sydney's plane to paradise, you will be on it.

Let's have a Beau Peep at what is happening. Monsoonal strof through here, embedded thunderstorm action into the Gulf of Carpentaria and Northern Queensland. Big load of cloud with a trough across Queensland. You can see the complex low pressure system has moved off the coast of NSW. That's all that cloud out over the Tasman Sea. Remnants of former Tropical Cyclone Stan bring the cloud to WA and Eastern SA. The weather map tomorrow - here we start to get a bit interesting. You can see the troughs dominant for about a week. Not going anywhere. Right across from the west through Northern Australia and down into the Eastern States. These troughs will move from west to east and the saving grace is a ridge that will keep blue skies for at least 24 hours although western areas of the state will see some rainfall tonight and into tomorrow and a lot of heat booming down through Queensland. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops and crops - you can see the troughs. Plenty of wet stuff dragging itself across Queensland to the border. Here is trough action, Western NSW getting a bit of that big hole here. Blue sky, sunshine, 28-30 at your place tomorrow. That is the good news. Around Australia -

Back to the ras calls on the desk. Tim, you should get into it. That is Ten Eyewitness News. Another big night ahead on Ten,
with the Project tonight at 6:30pm. Right now, it is Family
Feud with Grant Denyer. Goodnight.

Survey says it's six o'clock -
time for Family Feud.

Survey says it's six o'clock -
time for Family Feud.

Now, here's your host, Grant Denyer.

Hi, everybody.
Great to have you with us.

Welcome to Family Feud,
where these two families

cannot wait to start
battling it out tonight.

So let's meet them right now.

First up, please welcome,
from Reservoir in Victoria,

our champs, the Nicolazzo family.

Romina, welcome.

Just remind us
who's on this team of yours.

This is my husband Anthony,

my sister Sonia,
and her husband John.

And taking them on tonight, from
Brisbane, it's the Salter family.

Hi, Jacqui.
Hi, Grant. How are you?

Welcome along.
Thank you. Who's with you?

This is my husband Nick, my daughter
Jayley, and her partner Jake.

Welcome, everybody.

Team captains,
let's play the Feud.

Here we go, families.

Best of luck to the both of you.

We surveyed 100 people, and the
top eight answers are on the board.

Name something you wear
that doesn't have buttons.


A bra.

What about a bra?
What about a bra?

It's not on the board.



Good job. Pass or play?