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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Tonight - ten seconds of terror. Homes destroyed as a storm tears through a township south of Bungendore.Walls started to collapse around them and they fled for cover.They had bricks coming down in their bedroom while they were sleeping last night. Reports one of Australia's most wanted terrorists has been killed in Syria. Highlight of the year or bad for business - why the Multicultural Festival is dividing Civic traders.And unfinished business, Michael Clarke is ready for another innings.I wouldn't put it past him. He is one of the most passionate and single-minded players I know. Good evening, Siobhan Heanue with ABC News Sunday. Several homes have been destroyed in a freak storm event in the southern Tablelands. The storm tore roofs from homes in the town of Forbes creek south of Bungendore. Family and friends are rallying around those affected, as emergency services work to clear the wreckage. A dream home now in ruins. Late last night home owners Geoff and Jan McKergow were forced to run for their lives.The roof was ripped off, the walls started to collapse on them. They fled for cover.They had bricks coming down in their bedroom while they were sleeping last night.The destruction came as a large thunderstorm passed through the region. Damage was concentrated in an area of Forbes creek a few kilometres long leaving the SES to suspect a small tornado.Bouncing around from house to house. Some are damaged to the point of being unoccupied, others are untouched.With phone lines down, contact with family became impossible.When things if you
go wrong, who do you call and if you can't call someone, it could be very devastated. They were close to having a life threatening situation.With everyone accounted for, they started the clean-up. It's been tough work and there's plenty still ray head.For some of them it's going to be a significant period of time Bureau of
while they get sorted out.The Bureau of Meteorology says it's unclear exactly what happened here last night. Pictures indicate wind gusts of more than 100km/h, while radar shows a long line of storm cells approaching shortly before midnight. The bureau says that means it could have been a tornado or a strong micro burst. For Geoff and Jan McKergow, the cause is far less important than the consequence.It's his birthday tomorrow. So it's not the greatest birthday present. They have had offers of assistance, friends came and helped move sentimental values.A tight-knit community rallying to help its neighbours. Australian authorities say they can't confirm reports one of Australia's most wanted terrorists has been killed. Melbourne man Neil Prakash has become a high-ranking recruiter and prop beganist for Islamic State in Syria. Experts say if he has been taken out, it's a significant win in the battle against terrorism. I come from the land of Australia.He's the Islamic State poster boy who is known for his powers of persuasion.My beloved brothers of Islam in Australia, now is the time to wake up.Neil Prakash, who goes by the name of Abu Khalid al Cambodi is a former Buddhist from Melbourne. After converting to Islam he became radicalised and travelled to Syria in 2013.If anybody were to ask me this three years ago and tell me I will be living under sharia, them they
among Muslims, I would tell them they are crazy.He has repeatedly called on other Australians to join him. He had been in contact with a teenage boy in London to perform an attack on Anzac Day. Now there are reports he has been killed.If Prakash has been significant
killed, it's the most significant counter operation to kill the most famous terrorist of Australia.If he did die, it's unclear where or when it occurred or whether it was the result of a military Government
strike. The Australian Government says: Without Neil Prakash, IS will be short of one of their key recruiters.Social media accounts linked to Prakash have been quiet of late. Australian authorities will be hoping they are never revived. There are hopes peace talks aimed at ending the war in Syria may have a chance of success. The main Syrian opposition group has arrived in Geneva at the 11th hour, a day after backing down from their threat to boycott the Middle
UN-sponsored talks. But as Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeil reports, it's still not clear whether they will take part. The bombs continue to fall. These pictures are believed to show Russian air strikes on Syria's once thriving city of Homs. A quarter of a million people have been killed in the ongoing war in Syria and conflict
progress towards ending the conflict is moving slowly. Last night Syria's main opposition group turned up to the UN-mediated talks in Geneva they have
which started on Friday but they have not yet agreed to participate. TRANSLATION: We are here to discuss humanitarian matters first. If this happens we will start the negotiations. If not, there will be no negotiations.Before they join the talks, the group wants the Syrian Government to comply with a UN resolution on human rights. They want to lift sieges on rebel held areas and ending the bombardment of regions controlled by opposition fighters.We are ready to start negotiation but at least we should see something on ground there in Syria. We should really stop this massacre against our people.The Syrian Government's delegation was there from the start. Syrian activists are imploring all delegates to remember the hardships people are facing in Syria.