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Captions C SBS Australia 2016

This program is captioned live. Scores killed in Syria -
the bloodbath overshadowing

the start of peace talks. Without negotiations, the bloodshed will drag on until the

last city is reduced to rubble. Massacre in Nigeria -
children burnt alive in a

Boko Haram slaughter. And a renewed bid to increase

This is SBS World News.

Good evening. holiest Shia site has threatened to derail already shaky peace talks
in Geneva. More than 70 people were killed
in the blasts. The Syrian government delegation
claims the bombings confirm a link between the opposition At a critical juncture

and the car suddenly exploded.

A lot of children were killed. The blasts happened
near the Sayyida Zeinab shrine south of Damascus. and recruits
from neighbouring countries. a quick recovery for the injured, and I would like to say that these
messages that are drenched in blood will not stop us but will make us
more resistant and determined. Extremist Sunni group IS-claimed
responsibility for the attacks. Extremist Sunni group IS-claimed But on the sidelines of peace talks
in Geneva, the Syrian government its more direct opposition. We are facing thousands
of terrorists coming

from all over the world. An Australian, an Uzbek,
a Chechnyan become incidentally, incidentally, in Syria, Syrian moderate opposition.

With already sour relationships
only disintegrating further, the man acting

My profession is to be optimistic
always and determined. representatives who said they
were encouraged

on humanitarian issues but that... The government delegation calling
the preconditions talks.

a tactic to derail talks. To urge all parties to put and above partisan interest. Without negotiations, the bloodshed
will drag on until the last city in reduced to rubble in virtually
every home, every form of Decisively ruling out blood a
military solution as blood once again stained the
streets of Syria. Brett Mason joins us live now Brett - how much optimism is there
now that these talks will succeed?

Geneva is a world away from but is that the United negotiators but is that the United Nations negotiators believe a peace can and must be achieved. It is the third time they have attempted this process. The idea of these talks is to try and get the government delegation and government delegation and the opposition forces to begin a 6-month process to work towards a peace deal. A very shaky . A very shaky start, neither of those parties has met face-to-face. will meet separately with negotiato separately with negotiators today to begin the process. The Australian Foreign Minister has gone to Europe, Syria is at the forefront of international diplomacy this She says she believes and hopes talks wi she believes and hopes the talks will prove to be a pathway towards peacrove to be a pathway towards peace. She will attend a Coalition meeting in Rome of nations who are taking the fight directly to Islamic Australia has 780 troops in the region. She will then travel to London for the supporting Syria meeting of e supporting Syria meeting of world leaders. Australia has committed $200 million to the conflict since 2011.That live update from Brett Mason in Geneva.

including several children
who were burnt alive in the latest attack by
Nigeria's Islamic extremists. targeted Dalori, the largest camps for people
a village housing

The aftermath of one of their worst
massacres to date - burned out

Savagely discarded near livestock,
militants from Boko Haram left fire on camps housing 25,000 nothing untouched after opening radical Islamist group's violence. Three suicide bombers then headed
straight for panicked crowds. Witnesses heard children's Many were burnt alive
as other people hid in trees. When the villagers saw
the flames they alerted us. Konduga 3 battalion. When the soldiers arrived, that's Dalori was their target,
a village around five kilometres in north-east Nigeria,
from the city of Maidugiri

The group has also been blamed
for bomb attacks where at least three people were

killed and dozens wounded. Boko Haram has been trying to set

for the past seven years. 20,000 people

They came to notoriety

Nigerian schoolgirls. 200 are still missing
and there are claims some have now

been trained to fight. The military drove Boko Haram
fighters out of towns and villages in Nigeria's
north-east and across the border

of a regional coalition fighting the group. But since then female suicide
bombers have been targeting

are facing their first
US presidential candidates

election showdown in Iowa. They've been criss-crossing
the mid-western state making final appeals to to voters
before tonight's crucial caucuses. The latest opinion poll showing
it's a tight race on both sides.

Come on up.He doesn't usually share the stage with anyone but was a family fear and I were for the man who has dominated the US presidential campaign.She said if you run, and almost from the day we announced, here is my best Hello, I. best poster. Hello, I. It is great to be here. He will be unbelievable. The best dealmaker, the best master negotiator.Thank you. That is so nice, thank you. That is so nice, thank you honey.A more accurate poll of voters shows leading other Republicans on 28%. With Ted Cruz running a close second on 23%.The stakes are too high, we cannot roll the dice. Literally millions of Americans are counting on the men and women gathered here today. To look every candidate in the eyes,.Men wondidate in the eyes,.Men and women who will be the first in America to decide on Republican and Democrat candiide on Republican and Democrat candidates. An even closer contest on the Democrat side. In the latest Iowa poll, front-runner Hillary Clinton is just ahead of her rival Bernie Sanders. On 45% to his 42%.Stick with me, stick with the experience, stick with the ideas that will work for the country.This land was made for you and me.This land was made for you and me.Binny standard is proving to be a serious threat to Mrs Clinton. Popular with younger voters, he got a rock star reception and I were. As it prepares to kick off the first electoral contest in the US presidential race. Hundreds of newly elected a parliamentary session in Myanmar
to see the first democratically

Aung San Suu Kyi's National League which was suppressed for years,
now dominates the assembly. of all seats are reserved But a quarter for the military, which also retains control of key ministries. One
of the new parliament's first jobs

increase in the rate of the GST. New South Wales Premier Mike Baird arguing it is in the nation's best interest. The long summer holidays in Canberra. into a new GST debate - And the country is straight with a revised plan launched If the GST is raised, that gives
a capacity for the Federal

and to drive a growth agenda. How they mix it up to them,
obviously. Mike Baird's argument has changed
since last year, now it is

The plan would see the GST rate
increased to 15% and instead of money going to the states it
would to go the Commonwealth to

fund tax relief and compensation. a year - 7 billion would go to the

states for education and health. there is an incentive to work, lower corporate tax, incentive to
employ and that leads to growth.

But the sales job isn't easy. The latest published polls suggest

in the GST. The 5% increase is going I guess I don't have enough faith in the state government to

know that is where it will go. Labor is saying no. everything is wrong, wrong, wrong. to a plan
The Government still won't commit as Cabinet tries to determine
if it is an argument it can win. determinations on these matters, We haven't made any final but the decisions will be focused
on what's right for the country, what's right for the economy,
what's right for jobs and growth. The Parliamentary break has been
full of drama for the Government - two ministers, Mal Brough and
Jamie Briggs, lost their jobs - a various New South Wales seats and
pre selection battle continues in Tony Abbott announced he would recontest the next election. His US speaking tour has
attracted headlines of its own. His US speaking tour has Both leaders are preparing
for the election year. Despite the Governments problems,
Labor isn't getting any bounce. Malcolm Turnbull's better
Prime Minster rating sits at 59%

while Bill Shorten is on 20. Our chief political correspondent joins us from Canberra. How significant with those comments today by the NSW Premier?Very significant, this is the kickstart of the government campaign to see if the t campaign to see if the public is up for a GST. they accept for a GST. Will they accept that. That is what cabin is deciding right now. Might be has come out to foreshadow that proposal, to foreshadow that proposal, to see, speaking from a state respect of whether voters will accept her voters will accept that, and then see what the government will do. Cabinet met today, they are not convinced, is it going to work. The danger for the government is, if the scare campaign is if the scare campaign is successful, it could damage the Prime Minister's standing in a tough election standing in a tough election year.
It is 8-hour period but the Opposition r period but the Opposition ratings are not high. Bill Shorteratings are not high. Bill Shorten is under pressure. The government will be focused on anticorruption measures as we will hear later in the bulletin. It is hoping to get that through. If it does not it is a potential double dissolution triggertential double dissolution trigger. But once the debate from its perspective back on corruption. Coming up: The business
of political donations - how many millions did Clive Palmer
pour into his party? Shortly,
elephant poachers arrested over

And later -
which Australian city has

Make the switch to Money Magazine's 2015 Home Lender of the Year today - Newcastle Permanent.

Student Jame Gao wanted to get rich
quick when he was killed,

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara
are charged with murdering Gao, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara allegedly over
an ice deal gone wrong.

Roger Rogerson walks into court. Glen McNamara not far behind. The men have pleaded not guilty to
the murder of student Jamie Gao The Prosecution claims
the three men entered a storage

unit in Sydney's south-west. McNamara and Gao arrived
in the same car,

Rogerson followed in his own.

dragging a heavy surfboard bag. That bag, alleged to be
the same one recovered from a Cronulla beach six days
later, with Gao's body inside. Prosecutors say
the student was shot twice Crown Prosecutor Chris Maxwell

"What occurred was an execution of
that joint criminal enterprise." In front of a crowded courtroom,
the prosecution explained to prove whether it was McNamara or Rogerson who pulled the trigger, so reasonable doubt that selected for the trial.
Today, a 15-person jury Justice Geoffrey Bellew ended
his directions to the jurors with a warning,
"Prohibition against making any

The trial is expected to last
three months with opening statements to continue tomorrow. Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel,
which is now in voluntary administration,
was the largest donor to

the billionaire's political party. Latest electoral commission figures
show the Palmer United Party was propped up by millions of dollars
from the Palmer business empire. Clive Palmer's business empire is

Palmer United Party are full. The treasurer says following
the money highlights Palmer

United's credibility problem. show that they're running.
It's a very shabby, very shabby Of the nearly 10 million from Queensland Nickel,
which went into administration last

month, sacking 237 people. Mr Palmer's Mineralogy also Since 2013,
Queensland Nickel also donated more than $21 million to PUP. I suppose the warning in all
of this is this - at the last election Clive Palmer
ran around putting around what he thought were simple answers to
complex problems, and people put him on trust and they voted for him
and now it's all fallen apart.

the most money - $75 million,

down $50 million on last year. Labor also dropped, attracting
$66 million, down $12 million. Labor also dropped, attracting The Greens insist disclosure
is too slow and corporate

donations too influential. The changes that need to be made in
the parliament are being held back by vested interests throwing around
big wads of cash sometimes in an

attempt to influence people's vote. Activist group GetUp spent
almost 11 million on campaigns. Experts say disclosure is
important but a cap on campaign

spending should be imposed. We need limits
on political expenditure in campaign periods like Britain,
New Zealand and Canada has. So we need a holistic approach
and not to just worry about disclosure, so caps
on donations and expenditure. Mr Palmer has not responded to
the report.

Australia's Supreme Court, charged over the death of his father,
Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh. of murdering his father at their

Today he re-confirmed
his not guilty plea on the grounds

of mental incompetence. One psychological report was
tendered to the court,

and another two reports ordered. by their mother, says he hopes an inquest will provide answers, five years on

from the horrific murder suicide. 12-year-old Jane Cuzens
and 10-year-old Jessica were found by their grandmother,
in their home, north of Perth. Their mother -
who was going through a custody

battle - was also found dead. The inquest will examine

There are fresh warnings tonight
about the dangers of synthetic drugs, following
the death of a teenage boy. also consuming synthetic cannabis. Dean Shield consumed a synthetic
it's believed 17-year-old

form of cannabis known as Chronic.

from a good family. Chronic can be marketed
as a blend of plants and herbs. In reality, in a lab that haven't been
approved for human consumption. We have no idea what the effects in the formula means that
the effects are extremely in the formula means that unpredictable, from no effect
through to sadly a fatal outcome. Synthetic cannabis is Some well known brands were
outlawed after a series of deaths. The effectiveness of the laws are
being questioned though, with some suppliers sidestepping
legislation and peddling products

from an online black market. They're very easily accessible,
they can be purchased online using crypto currency, in ways,
the traditional supply routes were

completely unable to do. Synthetic drugs aren't cheaper,
but are undetectable

on some drug tests. The side effects can include
anxiety, palpitations,

kidney failure and hallucinations. to his death in 2013 He believed he could fly. getting, it's a roll of the dice, there's no quality control
in relation to it,

you don't know what you're buying. Police raided two properties

in New South Wales' Hunter Valley. a post-mortem examination before

Bosses who rip off workers could be
fined tens of thousands of dollars and even jailed, under
a new plan proposed by Labor.

The policy is
in response to the scandal that saw workers underpaid thousands
by convenience store chain 7-11.

street corners around the country. The extent of
which is still unfolding. 7-11 has been accused
of systemic underpayment of wages. will stamp it out. Even in the last 12 months,
we've seen household names embroiled in scandals where workers
are being ripped off. embroiled in scandals where workers have mistreated workers jailed for
Labor wants bosses who are found to up to two years, and fined $43 200,
instead of just over ten thousand. Overseas workers would also be
given extra protections, an avenue to pursue underpayments, the Government has been silent.
To date laws, if elected, that will protect
Labor today is proposing a set of

the interests of working people. Labor is going back to their core
and drawing up the battlelines a focus on Indutrial Relations. At the same time, to push the building and
construction union watchdog through the senate - also a possible double
dissolution trigger. I say to Mr Shorten and to Mr
O'Connor, if you're dinkum about protecting workers rights, stand
with the government tomorrow on workers' rights in the building and
construction industry.

The newly appointed Small Business Ombudsman,
Kate Carnell, is urging Dyson Heydon's royal commission
the cross bench senators to read report into union corruption. Anybody who's read the report, even just the first volume but it'd be great if they read all volumes,
would see that there's a very real be great if they read all volumes,

need for some significant change. Michealia Cash says she wants
the Australian Building Michealia Cash says she wants

after a British helicopter pilot
was killed while tracking suspected

elephant poachers.

He was doing the job he loved when he was killed, that does not make it any not make it any easier for his family.At his home in west London, his brother says he knew is the risks involved in tracking poachers but he was g poachers but he was not aware how close he had got to them.He would not anywhere those ld not have gone anywhere those poachers if he had known they were armed, as I understand it, he knew they were around, he came across them by accident and did not have enough time to nd did not have enough time to evaluate the situation before they opened fire.He built a successful business buying tourist safaris and Tanzania, yet also become passionate about conservation, flying regular patrols to track poaching activity. He was doing just that when his helicopter was brought down. That was fired on by poachers had killed three elephants, he was badly winded, his guide jumped clear and hid in the bush. The died of ritish pilot died of this injury is booked for help could arrive. The saying three men have been arrested. Poaching has become an industry with millions in Tasmania, at huge cost to the elephant population. Since 2009, the population has fallen by 30%. 60,000 are killed by poachers every year. Bush pilots are a key part of the battle to save the elephants. He is not the first lesson to be killed by poachers, but his loss is a loss to Tanzania in conservation. And to his died in a huge fire

at a textile factory in Moscow. It took more than 5 hours
for firefighters to extinguish the blaze,
which caused the roof to collapse. Many of the victims are believed to
be migrant workers who had been

living and working in the building. More than 52,000 migrants have made
the perilous sea crossing from

Turkey to Greece already this year. And 250 people have drowned
attempting the journey.

It is an hour before dawn, 25 migrants waving from a broken boats do not lead that Europe is full. -- believe. Rescuers go to get them. Their private company supports the Greek coastguard. Winter has not stopped migrants from coming. It has made the journey more dangerous. A child can survive in these waters rvive in these waters for only 15 minutes. The migrants and children are coming aboard dren are coming aboard now. For those who have been those who have been at sea, for such a long time, this moment of rescue must surely be one of the great moments of their lives. They were happy to see you?They were happy. They were happy.Your name?Inside vessel, an Italian medical treats a man who collapsed from inhaling fumes. Other recover quickly and cover more quickly and are ready to stop being smothered.Thank you very much, thank you.This man and his family have escaped the Islamic State group in slamic State group in Iraq. At dawn, the boat goes to Greece. Towing with the migrant's useless vessel. They first steps in Europe are a little unsure. Greece will give them shelter but finding a home is up to them. of aid convoys have reached the besieged Syrian town of Madaya,
there are still grave concerns

for the people starving there. Aid workers told SBS reporter
Luke Waters that the impact of war on Syrian civilians is
the worst many of them have seen. Images from Madaya are perhaps some
of this war's most confronting. Humans nibbling leaves, licking
salt - literally starving to death. Earlier this month aid
finally made it through. Earlier this month aid convoy into besieged IS controlled
Braving the front line in the first

territory was Pawel Krzysiek. In these eyes you could see
a glimpse of hope that something is happening
in this place despite the siege after so many months they were weak
but you could see very big smiles. crossed front-lines in some regards Syria as the worst When we
were entering it was very emotional

very heart breaking moment. Regardless of who is fighting who,

victims of this war. Cease-fires are negotiated by both
sides paving a way for aid access

there are no guarantees. I don't know if this is adrenaline
or fear - I know that you feel something I mean you feel that you
need to get there - too many people fighting - caught up in the endless break in Beirut, Australian Sarah for almost 2-years.
Davies has been living in Syria It's really rewarding - I've always

like I was making a difference. and water engineer could command a sizable income in the corporate
world but has devoted her life to

disaster and conflict relief. She's helping to build and restore
toilet and water facilities across civilian lives in the process. They really appreciate that
somebody chooses to come at a time, just
the presence helps them feel that they're not alone or abandoned. moments, Sarah Davies sees
Even in this war's bleakest

the good, she says she has to. Sometimes in these situations you sacrifices and you get to see the
best parts of humanity as well.

Even a war must have limits. this one has too few.
But seemingly, In Damascus, Syria,

Lunar New Year is only days away,
and the festive season means

festive spending. Retail sales are bringing
the Chinese economy a much needed boost,
but the spike is only temporary. The economic outlook
for the year of the Monkey remains gloomy, and recent stock market
turbulence has sent investors gloomy, and recent stock market running for financial safe havens
such as gold and the US dollar.

A rush for gold in China. As a gift it brings good And as an investment safe
haven from the last one. Net gold imports to the mainland
have surged in recent months. There actually aren't many
investment options inside the Mainland because usually
we go to the stock market, but now

the stock market is crashing. and frequent traveller Laura Luo
Beijing professional says that while her relatives have
bought gold, she's chosen to shield her savings by converting one half
to US dollars. Because it looks like the

falling, for a while. seen many, like Laura,
turn their back on stocks. More than US$ 3 trillion in wealth was wiped in three weeks. And a free-fall at beginning

circuit breakers twice. China's growth,
which in 2015 ground to its lowest point for 25 years, is expected to
slow even more in 2016.

While unemployment is set to rise. as the economy slows, as those upstream sectors, steel, things slow down, you are going to
get suppressed wage growth,

you're going to get more layoffs. China's central bank pumped 600
billion yuan into the banking system ahead of the lunar new year
holiday, hoping to calm conditions system ahead of the lunar new year

and encourage spending. Holiday retail sales are a rare
bright spot in the slowing economy. But that's not
the only silver lining, China's are also on the up. and empty as workers flee
Much of Beijing will be quiet be packed with domestic tourists - their number is predicted to rise But not everyone's put
off international travel. A record 6 million are expected to
go overseas this lunar new year. Mostly to warm destinations
like Australia of course, and South East Asia are also preferred
destinations as there's more of an

good news for Australians As
But Andrew Polk says it's not all the name suggests - the monkey
year will be a wild one. the name suggests - the monkey China's transition to
a service-based economy will mean

jitters for the dollar. It's a momentous thing that's of the world's population. We should expect a little bit
of volatility. We should expect a little bit

Saying she'll stay away
from China's stock market.

I think the market will eventually
go up, so you might as well get

in while the assets are cheap. In Beijing, Katrina Yu,
SBS World News.

Melbourne has overtaken Sydney
as the nation's best performing

But, affordability across
the country remains a problem. Goncalves explains.
SBS Finance Editor Ricardo

And the extent of the slowdown depends on where you live.There was growth in the quarter. Sydney saw a 2% decline. Losing its property crown. its property crown. in its new title, overtaking Sydney

as property king. It's simply cheaper to buy
in the Victorian capital.

The median unit price in Sydney higher than the median house price in

But since the GFC in 2009, Sydney
outperformed, with property prices

surging a massive 73 per cent. From here the rate of growth
in Sydney is definitely going to

continue to slow, I think certain demand, I think particularly inner
west and areas close to the city

that people really want to live in. Affordability remains a problem -
and worsened in the three months after Australia's big banks lifted
variable mortgage rates independent

of the Reserve Bank. The Housing Industry Association
says while the ratio of mortgage repayments to earnings
fell at the beginning of this Part of the affordability
equation here is the fact that 44 that's partly related to economic
weaknesses we're experiencing at the moment, and it's partly
related to very low inflation environment we're seeing as well. That's likely to put further
pressure on some borrowers. in the number of people defaulting
on their monthly home loan

repayments this year. I think it will be pretty mild in

board. But greater for those in states
exposed to the commodities sector, although most borrowers are ahead I don't think we can deny that

You need to be realistic about your selling price.

The Australian industry group says activity has expanded for the seventh month. Petrol prices seventh month. Petrol prices fell
last week to the lowest in a year. The petroleum Institute says the average prize for a litre of unleaded fuel declined to $1 12 across the country. Coming up next: The loss of a British national
treasure - cancer claims the

life of broadcaster Terry Wogan.

VOICE-OVER: This is not
just another road trip.

Not just another weekend away. # I'm going ah-ah-ah... # Not just another SUV. # Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah... # This is
the extraordinary Ford Everest. And this is the 2015 Car of the Year.

(Motorbike revs) VOICE-OVER: Think you've got
what it takes to ride to live?

Sir Terry Wogan has died after a short battle with cancer. the BBC legend made fans all over
the world as a host of Eurovision.

hope will be a long

and happy relationship. It certainly was. Cheeky, irreverent and much-loved, scoring legions of fans across the

globe, as the voice of Eurovision.

His version of Using that well-known baritone to
send-up contestants, Using that well-known baritone to

even colleagues. We have to start again, I'm sorry. Until he passed the baton in 2009,
his biting humour and cynicism was

a mainstay of the event. natural person and he was able to

express that in his voice. It was a voice used
in his decades in British radio, across a variety of TV shows. How anyone can get such applause
and still stay as nice as me.

Thank you. Thank you for being my friend. No one was
a better friend than Terry Wogan, and I think that's why people feel
upset and genuinely shocked today. Because they feel Among them,
the millions he helped through Among them, the Children in Need charity. Here we go, the final total
raised for children in need... I think that's
the legacy he would like to leave, as much as the fantastic impact he
left on broadcasting. I could have been a brain surgeon,

or anything.

in sport with Michael Tomalaris delivers on and off the court.
and tennis' world number one

That's right. Newly crowned Australian Open

Djokovic, who secured after accounting for Andy Murray
joins some of the game's legends. His career haul of 11 Grand Slam
titles equalling that of Rod Laver

and Bjorn Borg. Novak Djokovic carries
his latest silverware through

his favourite part of Melbourne.

the events from the night before. The world number one securing six
Australian Open titles from

as many finals appearance. It feels the daily as great as it felt lock away the first set.

the outcome was never in doubt. Watching in the stands was tennis
royalty, as young son Stefan also Djokovic dropped to his knees
and kissed Melbourne Park's hardcourt - the scene of
so many career triumphs.

midnight last night, Melbourne's He's the greatest for now,
but Djokovic has a burning desire

to be the greatest of all time. Stark grab I need to be honest and say that it is at the back of my mind. I can achieve much more. I am at the peak of my abilities. in the last five Grand Slam

finals, winning four. And as he leaves Australia with
more positive memories, his return to defend in Auckland ahead of Wednesday's Paceman Kane Richardson says
there's plenty of pressure after they conceded more than six
on the tourists bowling line up, runs an over in
the recent series against India. Richardson believes there will
be no love lost at Eden Park.

At think that it has something that has been mentioned. One guy got a fish thrown at him in a tournament in Wellinwn at him in a tournament in Wellington. It would be nice if that did It would be nice if that did not happen. Spinner Adam Zampa is a chance of making his debut for Australia. Meantime Shane Watson has staked
his claim for selection at the T20 World Cup with a stunning century last night. Watson's heroics couldn't prevent
Australia from losing to India as the visitors completed
a 3-nil series sweep. The stand-in captain blasted 124
from 71 balls and is the first Australian to
score a century in all 3 formats

of international cricket. Cameron Bancroft's missed stumping
on Suresh Raina proved costly. a four off the last ball to
complete a thrilling run chase. Cycling has been hit
by a fresh scandal with a rider Cycling has been hit accused of using a concealed motor
at the World Cyclo-Cross Championships in Belgium. inside the frame of a bicycle being
The electric motor was discovered Driessche in the under 23 race.
used by Belgian rider Femke Van den The 19-year-old pulled out
of the event due to a mechanical problem with the device found
during a later inspection.

saying it belonged to a friend. Cycling's governing body has
described the incident

We have the powers to sanction anyone found to be cheating in this way. A 6-month suspension, and a substantial fine available. Van den Driessche fears her career
could be over Van den Driessche fears her career an investigations into the case.
but says she isn't afraid of Chelsea captain John Terry has not
been offered a new contract and will leave the club at the end of the season The news

fourth round. Oscar securing a hat-trick. Chelsea next face Manchester City While Arouna Kone and
Steven Pienaar were allegedly subjected to racist abuse
as Everton beat Carlisle 3-0. The matter is being investigated
by local police. Everton easing into the fifth round
where they will meet Bournemouth. Wild weather forced play to be
suspended during the final round of

the USPGA Tour event in San Diego. Colt Knost used
the extreme conditions at Torrey Pines to his advantage, with this
long range putt for birdie blown Pines to his advantage, with this

and will have a 1 shot lead
when play resumes tomorrow. Mitch Larkin has become
the first Australian to be named Mitch Larkin has become

men's world swimmer of the year. Larkin was recognised
for his stellar 2015, and 200 metre backstroke events at

the world championships in Russia. Teams have started arriving for
this weekend's leg of the World Teams have started arriving for

Rugby Sevens series in Sydney. Former Wallabies Glen Ella and Jim Williams greeted teams upon their arrival with message sticks,
a traditional indigenous welcoming

It is about the description of the individual and coming together and meeting in one place. Having that Indigenous flavour has been a really important and hopefully we can expand and grow in the coming years. Quade Cooper remains no certainty
to make his sevens debut which begins on Saturday. And finally in sport, today marks
one of the most controversial

moments in international cricket. captain, Greg Chappell instructed
It was 35 years ago that Australia New Zealand's Brian McKechnie was
It ensured unable to hit the 6 required to tie
a One-Day match at the MCG. unable to hit the 6 required to tie

And since that day, Trans Tasman ties have gone from bad to And that's the day in sport. Coming up,
the weather and the presidential of millions on Iowa advertising.
candidates spending tens

Australian scientists have

eruption of an Antarctic volcano. chance, off remote Heard Island.
The CSIRO team filmed the event by The crew were actually looking to
study underwater volcanoes, before the land-based variety
caught their attention. Big Ben is believed to have only
erupted three times since the turn of the century. To the forecast, the remnants
of ex tropical cyclone Stan is over eastern Western Australia. A trough over Queensland is

In the major centres, a few showers
for Cairns, partly cloudy in Canberra and Sydney, sunny in Perth
and a few showers for Hobart. Looking further afield,

and rain in Tahiti.

Bangkok is partly cloudy,
In South East Asia, rain for Jakarta, a few showers in
Phnom Penh, rain for Port Moresby. a few showers for Hanoi,
Further north, fine in Beijing,

Heading West, partly cloudy
in Baghdad, showers in Beirut, partly cloudy in Jerusalem, sunny
in Riyadh and overcast in Tehran.

To Europe, drizzle in Berlin,
partly cloudy in London, snow in Moscow, rain in Paris, fog
for Rome and rain in Stockholm. snow in Moscow, rain in Paris, fog

In Africa, fine in Addis Adaba,
fine in Cairo, cloudy in Casablanca, thunder in Johannesburg

In South America, thunder in in Buenos Aires, cloudy in Lima,
partly cloudy in Rio de Janeiro. And for North America,
showers for New York, sunny in

It's the first vote in the US
presidential campaign tonight -

the Iowa caucuses.

(MUSIC FROM ADELE'S 'HELLO'). Holding at just 3%, you cannot blame Mike Huckabee for having to introduce himself. But singer Adele was not singer Adele was not having any of it, lawyers ordering the campaign to say goodbye to hello blocking the EU Tube audience. ing the EU Tube audience. Bernie Sanders had bought like with Simon and Garfunkel, with their lending their voices to the senator's ad. Across Iowa, residential wannabes are flooding the airwaves with their promotional advertising. -- presidential. They have spent 8 million in the past week alone. Hillary Clinton alone. Hillary Clinton has gone historical. Appeals to the parties base for the GOP.My mother gave me this very Bible.Some get political...How stupid are the people of Iowa?Others' physical. While some are truly bizarre.I have looked ly bizarre.I have looked at the candidates, Ted Cruz is my man. He fits the bill. It iss my man. He fits the bill. It is going to be a long and expensive campaign.long and expensive campaign. (MUSIC FROM ADELE'S 'HELLO'). (MUSIC FROM ADELE'S 'HELLO').I Ted Cruz. I am Bernie Sanders.I'm Hillary Clinton. I'm Steven Wilson, SBS World News. That's the world this Monday. We'll have news updates throughout
the evening and Janice will bring you another
bulletin at 10:25 on SBS. You can get all tonight's
stories on line, and news around the clock, at our

Good night. Captions by
Ericsson Access Services.

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The oceans define the Earth.

In fact, without the oceans,
there would be no life.

We once thought they were unique
to our planet.

But we were wrong.

We've recently discovered oceans
all over our solar system

and they're very similar to our own.

Imagine this at the bottom
of Enceladus's ocean.

Now scientists are going
on an epic journey

that never seemed possible.
in search of new life in places

Life has got this amazing ability

to, you know,
just keep surprising us.

I want to get the data back
from a probe

and be able to say "It's life, Jim.
But not as we know it."

NASA are even planning to dive

of a strange distant ocean
to the depths

with a remarkable submarine.

That first picture...
Are you kidding?

That first picture

on another planet

The hunt for oceans in space
marks the dawn of a new era

in the search for alien life.