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Sit down, Greg.

There you go.

Simple as that.

The Croweaters, the South
Australians, have won $100,000!

Catch you tomorrow night.

More of the Family Fortune special in
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This program will be captioned on a boozy night out
A young Sharks star arrested hits the NRL.
as another alcohol scandal Tax battle - for a 5% bump in the GST.
Mike Baird makes the case after the death of a teenager.
Warnings over synthetic cannabis Premium or E10 - the surprising results investigation into petrol costs.
of a special Nine News And we hear from the teenagers with a lightning bolt.
left thunderstruck by a near-miss

Good evening. tonight -
We begin with breaking news in trouble
another drunken NRL player the Mitchell Pearce scandal.
just days after Valentine Holmes
Young Cronulla star after a boozy night out
was arrested and fined with several members squad, in Brisbane.
of the Queensland Emerging Origin Six players broke a curfew - State of Origin.
all now banned from this year's now from Sharks headquarters.
Reporter Jayne Azzopardi joins us against Valentine Holmes?
Jayne, what are the allegations

This is alleged to have happened in On
the early hours of Sunday morning. was
On Saturday night, Valentine Holmes squad
was with the other members of that were
squad out for dinner in Brisbane. A hotel
were taken back to the Brisbane go
hotel before midnight and meant to six
go to bed, but it is alleged those curfew
six members in question broke the in
curfew to go partying. It was 4am alleged
in the morning that they make is with
alleged to have had his running queue
with police. He skipped a taxi of
queue to get into a taxi, some kind then
of scuffle with the driver, and then he was arrested and issued $706
with two on the spot fines with police,
$706 each. One is for obstructing court,
police, he does not have to go to chances
court, but he has just lowered his marines
chances of being named in the players
marines aside, because those six not
players have been told they will did
not be selected. Valentine Holmes morning
did show up for training this a
morning at Cronulla has now issued investigating
a statement saying it is is
investigating the allegations, as This
is the Queensland Rugby league. needs.
This is the last thing the NRL and allegedly
needs. One of those players team-mate
allegedly involved is Dylan Napa, a team-mate of Mitchell Pearce.

a personal and passionate plea
Mike Baird has made to support a hike to the GST.
to Sydneysiders, raised will benefit all,
The Premier says the revenue to education and health,
with improvements is weighing up its options.
but the Federal Government of the parliamentary year,
On the eve in the capital,
politicians touch down as the GST debate takes off. to Canberra,
I've come in here today, with Malcolm Turnbull.
ready for a big political fight to be ducking for cover.
The Prime Minister's unlikely

37% of voters would support
A new opinion poll found to 15%,
increasing the GST from 10% for low-income earners
provided there's compensation and tax cuts for all. 54% are opposed. any decisions on this yet
The Government hasn't made on this,
and there will be popular polls a lot of discussions.
and there'll be Mike Baird
The New South Wales Premier for a 5% hike.
is making his case services on a daily basis.
Everyone relies on their health they're funded, not just today,
We need to ensure that but in the long-term. is wrong, wrong, wrong.
A 15% GST on everything

Not everyone in his party agrees. Jay Weatherill
South Australia's Labor Premier backs a 15% GST, with conditions, of Federal Labor outraged
leaving some senior members to test his idea with the people.
and daring Mr Weatherill

last election in South Australia
Jay Weatherill went to the campaigning against a GST. an increase in the GST.
He said he would never support I welcome a robust debate. I'm not going to complain about their elbows around.
people throwing

The Federal Government says its proposed changes to taxation
voters will see before the election.

Laurie Oakes joins me now.
Nine's political editor Scott Morrison says
Laurie, Treasurer any decisions
the Government hasn't yet made on increasing the GST. that's what will happen?
Is it certain

is about the GST,
Most of the talk and most commentators assume a major tax reform package,
there will be as the centrepiece.
with a GST rise from 10% to 15% It genuinely is not locked in.
But the talk could be premature. the $30 billion or so
The only way to find tax reform package
necessary for a big bang is through the GST. Malcolm Turnbull is wary.
But Prime Minister changes must be seen to be fair.
He's adamant that any tax Would families see it as fair and service charges went up
if their grocery bills in company tax, for example?
in order to pay for a cut So, it's still possible,

As for raising money for schools not
and hospitals, senior ministers do cannot
not see why State governments land
cannot do it for themselves through land taxes.

expectations have been raised,
Despite the way reform of the tax system,
there might not be big bang but something more modest. very much up in the air.
Also, the timing is still proposed tax changes
One proposal would see put forward in stages - on superannuation policy,
some in an announcement some in the May Budget, to the Federal Election.
and some in the lead-up But there's an alternative plan by the Prime Minister -
being considered in the Budget.
to put all proposed tax changes a white paper on tax reform.
Make the Budget itself Make the Budget, in fact, election manifesto
the Turnbull Government's on the economy. in just four days,
For the second time been evacuated over bomb scares.
a number of Sydney schools have lockdown this afternoon,
Nine campuses were placed into at Hunters Hill,
including Riverside Girls High Sydney Girls High in Moore Park

at Maroubra.
and South Sydney High School phone threats were made,
It's understood violent to be safe.
but the schools were later found

A bad batch of synthetic cannabis of a 17-year-old boy,
is being blamed for the death

It also put two others in hospital.

Health experts warn of Russian roulette
users are playing a deadly game with the drug, but unregulated
which is illegal, and online.
and readily available in stores be starting Year 12 today,
Dean Shields was supposed to friends lay flowers at the place
instead, his heartbroken school he lost his life - beside a drain in Rutherford,
a suburban alleyway in the Hunter. always had a smile on his face.
He was always a happy boy, he

was ever a dull moment
He never... I don't think there when people were around him. and made the miserable discovery.
Dave Pettit was mowing his lawn he was drunk laying there,
First up, I thought I sort of hoped he was, shook him and had a better look,
but once I got down and I knew he was deceased.

Police have been told form of cannabis,
the teen consumed a synthetic sometimes called 'Kronic'. it is readily available,
Technically illegal, to get around the ban.
with stores using loopholes

what you're getting,
You really don't know it's a roll of the dice.

this tobacconist
Detectives have raided along with a nearby home, bought the drug over the counter
the resident claiming he'd and given it to Dean's friends. about what happened.
I am (BLEEP) sorry it hasn't happened to me,
I don't know why to everyone else, you know?
and it's happening have paid tribute
The teen's family to a much-loved brother and son.

the job of the Coroner
It will ultimately be the circumstances
to make a ruling on surrounding the teenager's death. for certain
But what we already know ended far too soon.
is that a promising young life these illegal
There's no regulation around and unregulated substances, quite dangerous.
which makes them And in this case, sadly, fatal.

Don't touch it. It has killed one person, killing another.
it's not going to stop

murder trial
The prosecution in the Jamie Gao as a young student
has painted the 24-year-old from a major drug deal.
who wanted to get rich of the proceedings,
In the opening address the Crown alleged and Glen McNamara
Gao was killed by Roger Rogerson in an ice deal gone wrong.

are both charged with murder,
Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara and killed
but which one allegedly shot remains a mystery.
drug dealer Jamie Gao, today,
At the start of their trial told the jury
Crown Prosecutor Chris Maxwell didn't matter
identifying the shooter because the evidence would prove:

in May 2014.
The uni student vanished

of him meeting McNamara
The jury was shown photographs in the lead-up to his death.
at a Hurstville hotel At the time, he told his cousin:

on the 20th of May
The trial heard, storage unit at Padstow,
Gao was lured to this in the chest.
where he was shot twice was found wrapped in plastic
Six days later, his body and floating off Cronulla. and McNamara's cars
CCTV showed both Rogerson parked outside the unit, a surfboard bag,
and then, two men dragging out the body of Gao.
allegedly containing The Crown Prosecutor said:

in crime,
They may be alleged partners and Glen McNamara
but Roger Rogerson in the court room,
couldn't have been further apart of the dock
sitting at opposite ends at each other.
and refusing to look as part of a drug rip-off -
It's alleged Gao was killed of 2.78kg of ice.
he had been in possession The trial is continuing.

Police are investigating an elaborate phone scam.

in Surry Hills
After two elderly residents claiming to be from their bank.
were targeted by fraudsters outside the local police station.
Live now to Amelia Adams, Amelia, how does the scam work? It's a pretty complex scam there are more victims.
and police believe

from a man
First, people get a phone call claiming to be from their bank, have been used
saying their credit cards and their account is at risk. They then get a second call

officer investigating the case.
pretending to be a senior police And a third and final call - claiming to be from the bank -
again from the a person to transfer money
convincing the victims their account.
in order to protect fake reference numbers
They're then given their bank in person.
and are told not to notify

That should be a massive red flag.

tonight -
So, the warning from police about your accounts,
be wary of phone contact to anyone you don't know,
don't transfer money if they're legitimate.
or can't verify over the phone.
Don't give out any personal info

any concerns or suspicions
And of course, if you have contact your local bank.
about potential scammers, we have Melbourne's number -
Sydney-siders might like to think bigger, better, pricier. stolen one crown from us today -
But our southern cousin has at a higher rate than ours
its house prices grew for the first time in years. And actually, Sydney home buyers.
that's good news for frustrated

has been in the thick of it.
Auctioneer Damien Cooley across Sydney last year -
His agency sold 6,000 homes at the peak of the frenzy, to make the winning bid.
buyers were doing anything aggression
What we've seen now is that really step out of the market,
or that frenzied bidding a lot more sensible
and buyers are being may or may not be worth,
about what a property a lot more realistic.
and sellers are also being latest CoreLogic RP Data numbers.
And that's showing up in the Sydney's property values
Its research shows in the past year -
increased by 10.5% for the first time in 3.5 years,
lagging behind Melbourne after it saw 11% growth. the most expensive city to buy,
But Sydney remains around $885,000,
with the median house price

in Melbourne.
compared to just over $652,000 over the last six months,
The trend has been, in Sydney is slowing,
that the rate of capital gain that's going to continue
and we think this is a trend through 2016. In December 2014, was 12.4%.
year on year growth in Sydney last year,
It peaked at 18.4% in July nothing but a steady decline.
but since then,

growing overall,
So, while prices are still it is becoming patchy. that we might see
I think the only challenge sensitive
where it's a little more price may be in the western suburbs. players in the market
Investors were the largest this time last year - and interest rates
changes to lending rules drove them out. Today's numbers aside, seller, there's no need to panic.
the experts say that if you're a better value,
Buyers may be looking for but they are still buying, are still selling quickly.
and attractive homes And with the Reserve Bank board of the year, tomorrow,
holding its first meeting relatively cheap
the feeling is money will remain for a while longer. over the course of 2016.
No change in interest rates The economy's still growing, of positive signs.
there are plenty

to fire the starting gun
Voters in Iowa are getting ready US presidential election.
on this year's the Republican race in the polls,
Donald Trump is still leading will come out tomorrow
and hoping the people where his mouth is.
to put their money

have had their say,
The political pundits the swing state of Iowa
and now the people in at least an indication,
will give us, the White House.
of who might end up in Donald Trump
Republican business magnate bringing out his wife, Melania.
made it a family affair, He will be unbelievable. the best master negotiator.
The best dealmaker, 'The Donald' barked orders,
Just like he does on his TV show, on their sickbed.
even to those who might be Get out of bed and caucus! the Democrat's front runner.
And a similar call from Don't worry about the weather!
Please come out and caucus! a victory for Trump,
The polls are pointing to with a predicted 28% of the vote. and Marco Rubio on 15%.
Ted Cruz sliding to 23%, good result,
I think we're going to have a a good result.
I hope we're going to have Iowa is a very special place. until the Trump storm hit Iowa.
Ted Cruz was leading, he sought help from a higher up.
And today in church, be done.
I prayed that God's will serious Republican candidates,
There are nine other but they've all been 'Trumped'. is just on 3%,
Chris Christie here is a disaster -
while Jeb Bush's campaign he's just on 2%, more than $100 million
having spent on television advertising. for Hillary Clinton.
Family here, too, I hope, our next President,
Please join me in welcoming, my mum. whittled down to a few points
Clinton's big lead has been opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders.
by her one and only serious

the Christmas lights away
We've put the New Year fireworks,
and we've had but for the past few weeks, giving Sydney
big storms have been a light show of a different kind. thick and fast,
The lightning has been coming know all too well.
as two young men from Oyster Bay It has to be seen to be believed.

I'm not, I'm not. (BLEEP)! This is the proof were almost struck by lightning.
Daniel Dudman and Nick Panayiotou (THUNDER AND LIGHTNING STRIKES)
I'm not, I'm not. I felt it, I felt it!
Holy (BLEEP)! Oh, my god.

their tinny out
The teenagers had taken at Oyster Bay on the weekend
on the Georges River rolled in.
when that electrical storm We decided to come in, the boatshed.
and we just stayed in outside
We were kind of mucking around we'd get hit by lightning.
to see whether or not As the light show drew closer, his phone and started filming.
18-year old Daniel got out just as we were discussing
It happened "Don't go out too far,"
maybe we shouldn't go out, just as he's saying,
and then, amazingly, and it strikes.
"No, no, I'm not", Don't go outside. (THUNDER AND LIGHTNING STRIKES)
I'm not, I'm not. (BLEEP)! The bolt hitting the water where they were standing.
metres from I orginally thought I got hit,
I actually thought I'd been hit, once we watched the video,
but then right next to us.
we just saw it was literally lightning doesn't strike twice,
We're told just two weeks ago
but incredibly, the house was hit which brought down a tree
during another storm, and shattered this glass panel. Just one incident a summer of wild weather.
in what's been

of big thunderstorms in Sydney
We've had plenty on Friday and Saturday, lightning strikes occurring
with about 20,000 on each one of those days.

And as the heat intensifies, to be the last.
they're not likely

at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look

Good evening, Pete. right across south coast today.
We've seen storms hit the ACT and

A severe weather warning tonight.

These are storm clouds this afternoon.
approaching Wollongong fall in Albion Park
Already, we've seen 18mm of rain with a few showers,
Sydney was mostly cloudy Camden picking up 5mm. 3mm in Campbelltown. to a top of 26 degrees
The city warmed up and then again this afternoon.
early this morning, a top of 25 degrees,
Our west only reached which is 4 below average. over the next few days
We could see some more showers a full forecast, a little later.
but I'll be back with

In the news ahead - a freight terminal at Moorebank
the battle over for south-west Sydney.
that's being labelled a disaster Also, mid-air drama - a passenger films is forced to make
as a British Airways jumbo an emergency landing. Plus - E10, or premium? paying 20 cents a litre more
We find out if it really is worth for petrol. tells us
And Dragons star Russell Packer player, and a better person.
how prison made him a better

This program is not captioned. A white elephant, of Sydney's south-west.
and an insult to the people and politicians have described
That's how residents at Moorebank.
a proposed freight terminal more than a billion dollars
The project will cost Government say it won't work.
but even members of the

who hates a project
A Liberal politician is determined to build.
his own party

It's a complete waste of money. the Government has put
Unfortunately, a lot of money into this. of Government money.
It's a waste

Craig Kelly has broken ranks, from Leppington to Liverpool
joining locals at a public planning hearing freight terminal
to fight a proposed the same size as Sydney's CBD.

for south-west Sydney
This is disastrous and they've gotta realise this. containers to be put on a train
The idea is for shipping at Port Botany at Moorebank,
and taken by rail to the site where they'd be unpacked. waiting to move the freight
From there, trucks would be across western Sydney.
to warehouses it will take less than 40 minutes
But with WestConnex, from the port to the west,
for trucks to get companies won't bother.
leaving many thinking coming into Port Botany
Anyone that has a container is going to put it on a truck, straight to Eastern Creek.
shoot it out on WestConnex, that will operate it
The company than 2,500 trucks off the road
says the terminal will get more in the next decade.
and cope with demand at Badgerys Creek on its way,
But with the new airport alluded to a rethink.
even the Premier's coming online,
With Badgerys Creek in relation to that facility,
and how would Moorebank work so that work has to be done.

Residents are convinced nothing more than a formality
today's public hearing was is going ahead
and this freight terminal who live around it think.
regardless of what the people is staying out of it,
But the Minister bureaucrats to make the decision.
leaving it to independent

The Department of planning will make the Independent decision.

a decision will be made
The department says all of the submissions.
when it considers more than 60 people dead
Three bomb blasts have left in the Syrian capital, Damascus. near a Shia shrine.
The first explosion went off Two suicide bombers then struck rushed to the scene to help.
as emergency workers as an attempt by Islamic State
The deadly ambush is seen talks taking place in Geneva.
to disrupt the UN-sponsored peace

a British Airways flight
A passenger onboard dumping fuel,
has filmed the plane landing at Heathrow Airport.
before making an emergency had to turn around
The Chicago-bound 747 the aircraft's landing gear,
after a major problem with of wheels failing to lower.
with two of the five sets

As rugby league deals with alcohol-fuelled scandal,
yet another from a player
sobering advice tonight jail, his career seemingly over.
whose behaviour landed him in Ken joins us now. all NRL players should listen to.
Russell Packer's story is one

game for an NRL club since 2013
Pete, Packer will play his first this weekend, he had to turn his life around.
but to get there, Packer should never play again,
There are some who believed to be back.
and he knows how lucky he is

for 23 hours a day in a cell,
As Russell Packer sat locked up one of two ways.
he knew his life was about to go

experiences is, you know,
The most I learnt part of my how we act and behave,
we get to choose when we make that choice,
and, you know, the consequences that follow.
we've got to accept Jailed for a year in 2014 described as
for what a magistrate late-night assault
'a cowardly and vicious 'near Martin Place', spoke eloquently today
the former New Zealand Warrior past behaviour
about his mistakes, and the road to redemption. that one bad night
It just shows you of your life.
can alter the course you know,
You can take things for granted, before you lose things. you know,
It's true, that's saying, how good you've got it,
"You don't know "till you lose something." of a rough upbringing,
The product high school,
yet Dux of his New Zealand out of the NRL -
he spent 2.5 years in a trial match in Brisbane.
clear to return this weekend at the Dragons
I'm super thankful to everyone and welcoming, not only myself,
for opening their arms but my family, my two children. offered advice to Mitch Pearce -
Drawing on his experiences, he rehabilitation facility
currently in an overseas derailed his NRL career.
after an Australia Day bender bad decisions,
Good people can make and that may be the case there, and he's looked at himself that he's got some problems.
and come out and said in our life, and, I guess,
And we all have problems to admit them.
it takes a strong person of when people make mistakes,
I guess I'm a living example if you do the right thing to give you a second chance,
and someone is willing

for him.
and I hope that's the case impressing coach and team-mates.
Packer's attitude he's been exceptional.
Over the last 13 months, He's really put his hand up, at the moment.
and his leading by the front

to come,
And there's plenty more sport at the end of a long road back
including the Sea Eagle from a debilitating back injury. And a new cycling scandal riding with a motor in her bike.
as a young star is accused of very shortly.
That's all coming up

In the news ahead - they may have the answer
the Australian doctors who think to the Zika virus epidemic, of unborn babies.
affecting thousands of a Lidcombe block
Also, the residents over their head
left without a roof and told to fend for themselves. And turning the tables -

This program is not captioned.

are on the verge of developing
Adelaide researchers a world-first treatment of the Zika virus.
that could halt the spread They've told Nine News other mosquito-bourne illnesses
work already done fighting in combating the outbreak.
means they're well advanced

The heartbreaking effects the next global health crisis.
of what could be The Zika virus, before they're born,
which harms babies is spreading rapidly, and the race is on to stop it. we're in a good position.
We think the front runners
We could be amongst for, not only Zika virus, infectious diseases.
but other emerging

For the past four years, researchers
University of South Australia biotech company Sementis
have been working with to develop a vaccine illness, chikungunya.
for a similar mosquito-borne Pre-clinical studies 100% effective,
have shown it to be and researchers say to combat Zika.
it could be readily adapted with chikungunya virus,
I think the work we've done is rapid and effective,
it proves that our approach apply this
and I think we're going to in the case of the Zika virus. from the virus
They hope to extract genes to create a safer version would produce antibodies,
which, when inserted in the body, providing protection. over the virus,
It comes amid global concern to 23 countries,
believed to have spread serious complications,
and linked to in Brazil.
including birth defects millions of people
They're still talking about through the Americas in the next 12 months.
being affected alarming situation,
It's quite an with birth defects.
particularly the association Researchers are planning experiments immediately,
to start pre-clinical, lab-based but it could still be years is developed and distributed.
until an approved vaccine you know,
There's no doubt about that, registered medicine,
that, if for any it's going to take years.

Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh
The son of murdered fatal stabbing in July last year.
today pleaded not guilty to the via video link,
27-year-old Cy Walsh faced court, mentally incompetent
claiming he was his father was killed.
on the night in April.
The case will be back in court

Hundreds of Lidcombe residents for months
fear they will be homeless undergoes repairs
as their apartment block for serious storm damage. left in the dark by insurers
Some say they are being over the quality of the building.
and have raised concerns

Confusion and concern. where you're sleeping tonight?
So, nobody knows, even, I don't know. so many people, right,
Because there are and no idea. Water Street apartments
Residents of the Lidcombe's meeting at Auburn Council,
crammed into a closed-door desperate for answers. You're quite upset, aren't you?

I am. I am homeless. what's going to happen to me.
Tonight, I don't know It was Saturday night from this apartment block -
when a storm ripped the roof 200 people were evacuated. the block
Today, police have sealed by security -
and it's being guarded owners reportedly told costs of alternate accommodation
the insurer may not cover the for what could be months. While it's believed find and finance their own.
renters will have to It's two days on, of what went on here, remains.
but the evidence to have peeled clean off,
We've got a roof which appears also asking questions
and that's got residents about the quality of the build. that the rain was really heavy
Last year, we had a few days and the roof is leaking. we don't have this problem.
If it's been done properly, providing emergency support.
The insurer says it is working on didn't return phone calls today,
Ronney Oueik of the troubled Auburn Council
he's the former mayor of the development in 2008.
and the man at the helm

of Anita Cobby
The abduction and murder back in 1986.
saddened and sickened the country of the 30th anniversary
Now, on the eve of that appalling crime, named in honour of her family
a homicide victims' refuge is set to be unveiled.

able to grow old,
Anita Cobby should have been have children, grandchildren. as a human being
She was such a bright light in such a horrific, brutal way
and for that to be taken away by the five perpetrators, so many people.
I think it just hit enraged the community.
The beauty queen's murder a really good human being,
They could see Anita as being a good person. plans are underway
On the 30th anniversary, children affected by homicide.
for a world-first refuge for She inspired people, with Grace's Place -
and that's what we want to do that,
inspire young people to think out there,"
"Yeah, there is a good world because there is. To be built at Blacktown, after Anita's mother.
it'll be called Grace's Place, I just wish Mum, Mum and Dad - to see that
I wish they were here they'd be thrilled.
because I know of Martha Jabour,
It's the brainchild Homicide Victims' Support Group.
the driving force of the is murdered,
When someone in their family that they have to face
it's a new world how to do it.
and they don't know may have passed,
While three decades of Anita Cobby's murder
the brutality and the viciousness still resonates. modern-day murder investigations.
In many ways, it shaped

really, for the community.
There was a loss of innocence, make people feel unsafe.
Those sort of crimes, I think, They're signal crimes.

Blacktown Workers Club
Tomorrow night, a special memorial dinner,
will host raising funds for Grace's Place. and to honour
It'll be a chance to reflect but all homicide victims.
not just Anita Cobby, anyway,
She's so much a part of my life in my memories, yeah.

has some explaining to do
A police officer in Florida for speeding
after being pulled over by a member of the public.

I do not know how fast I was going, not
but I was on the way to work, I do apologise.
not think I was speeding. That I

with a warning
The woman let him off about leading by example.
and a stern lecture sport.
Ken is back with the rest of Pete, coming up - we talk to a Sea Eagles star an inspirational recovery
who has made from a debilitating back injury. Six of the best - Australian Open success.
Novak Djokovic's stunning the world at the X Games.
And Sydney snowboarder who beat and muggy conditions last?
And how long will these overcast I'll have your forecast soon.

This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: This is not
just another road trip.

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goes to the core, moisturises every strand
and repairs damage. Stronger, shinier hair inside out. That's the Pantene

This program is not captioned.

The Queensland Rugby league has drunken
released a statement following the emerging
drunken night out involving the the
emerging Queensland origin squad on Valentine
the weekend. They have confirmed Munster
Valentine Holmes and Cameron origin
Munster have been banned from stop
origin football for 12 months will if
stop others could also be punished curfew.
if they are identified as breaking

Just two years ago, of Origin selection.
Brenton Lawrence was on the verge a horror back injury
Since then, he's battled last year.
and hasn't played since Round 1 After a long recovery, return to the field this weekend
the 31-year-old will finally at the Auckland Nines. No wonder he's smiling - on the sideline
after ten long months Brenton Lawrence is back. than I did this time last year.
I feel good, I feel a lot better ongoing back issues,
The Manly workhorse battled he pushed himself too far.
and at the start of last season I was going into Round 1
Truth be told, end up having the surgery
not ready for the season, the season.
and missed the rest of a painful procedure -
He underwent and fusion.
a total disc replacement having to learn to walk again.
The 31-year-old was debilitated, 2cm taller.
The operation also left Laurence an ankle and missed 6 weeks,
I think prior to that, I'd done like last,
so it was hard to miss a season and hard not to contribute.
it was hard to watch out of the game,
After nearly a year to the field this weekend.
the forward finally returns I'm 100% confident with it.

I feel great. It has been a long process that it is good now.

across the ditch,
Tom Trbojevic is also headed Trent Barrett
hoping to prove to new coach this season.
he deserves a starting spot It's the first real trial the coaching staff,
we'll get to impress and do my best,
so I'll go out there and hopefully impress Trent. It will be a family affair - the side.
his brother Jake will captain I'll listen to him.
Not too sure, I don't think I'll listen to him sometimes.
Nah, he'll go well,

are bracing for another slog-fest
The Aussie pacemen New Zealand on Wednesday.
in the opening ODI against And that's nothing could serve up.
compared to what the Kiwi fans You're going to cop a bit. when he played in Wellington,
I think 'Boof' said or a toilet seat?
he got a fish thrown at him, if that didn't happen.
So, it would be nice at the SCG
It was a final-ball thriller 7-wicket victory over Australia.
as India smashed a boundary for a a T20 series whitewash
The tourists enjoyed ahead of next month's World Cup.

into rarified air,
Novak Djokovic has gone deeper taking out the Australian Open.
winning his 11th major by In doing so, tally of six Australian titles
he equalled Roy Emerson's in straights sets, 6-1, 6-3, 7-6.
after defeating Andy Murray

Everybody was in awe of Novak benificiaries this morning,
at one of his charity as one of the games greats.
while conteplating being regarded it is in the back of my mind.
I need to be honest and say that Like he did against Federer, in the first set
Novak set the tone when he steamrolled Murray. COMMENTATOR: Oh, my goodness.

in the second...
Murray regrouped a little

(CROWD CHEERS) relentless groundstrokes
..but Djokovic's talking to himself.
soon had Murray breaking down Murray's resistance
The world number one was in methodical fashion.

was Murray's bedfellow.
Frustration into Djokovic's fortress defence.
The long rallies played right

(CROWD CHEERING) Murray tried forays to the net,
Mixing things up, second-guessing.
but Novak kept him

For the fourth time, final came up short
Murray in an Australian Open at the hands of his great rival.

Remains perfect in Melbourne, with two Aussie legends.
and draws level

after winning a major -
Djokovic - as is his practice kissed the court soon to be a father, some advice.
and offered Murray, like no other before
You will experience a feeling me and to my wife,
because that's what happened to so I wish you all the best. Roy Emerson's record
As for equalling of six Australian Open crowns? to be mentioned
I am extremely honoured alongside legends of our sport. After collecting the prize, with the ball-kids,
Novak shared the spoils to his championship qualities.
adding another notch

from the North Shore of Sydney
A 20-year-old of the snowboarding world
is the toast after winning the Snowboard Cross X Games in Colorado.
at the winter Jarryd Hughes, wearing yellow, Alex Pullin
slipped past fellow Australian of the final
in the last few metres X Games gold medal.
to claim his first

the winning margin was.
Replays showed just how small

proclaimed her innocence
A Belgian cyclist has tearfully in the bike she was riding
after a motor was found during a race at the weekend. Femke Van den Driessche says with that of a training partner
her bike was switched of the motor.
and she had no knowledge withdraw from the race
Ironically, she was forced to with a mechanical problem.

I think that was a bit of ingenuity. Someone spiked my bike?

Stay with us.

it costs 20 cents a litre more,
Still ahead - in the long run?
but will it save you money The surprising results into premium fuel.
of our Nine News investigation Also, prices go up at the pub - your favourite drink cost now?
how much will And great snakes - in the world
one of the deadliest serpents the fright of his life.
gives one man

the Raiders Coming up: Teens rescued En
after a dramatic Sunday adventure a
Enlighten launches for another year and Jason Croker hoping to turn back time for the Raiders This program is not captioned.

After weeks of cheap petrol, a price increase
drivers today copped Federal Government's fuel tax.
thanks to a rise in the It comes as new figures reveal are deliberately paying more,
many motorists with premium fuel.
choosing to fill up investigation has found
But a special Nine News wasting their money
most could be of the major oil companies.
and instead, boosting the profits

Which nozzle does it grab?
Your hand reaches out. Regular or premium?

If you grab the premium, the big oil companies' hands.
you're playing right into much higher margins
The petrol companies are making

there's no doubt about that.
on premium fuel, of the motorist,
Someone's having a lend are benefitting.
and the oil companies is said to cost the oil companies
To make the premium fuel more.
at most, just a few cents a litre the premium fuel
Of course, the cost of making you pay,
is nothing like the 20 cents you're paying for the 95.
or the 10 cents extra didn't get big by being fools.
The big oil companies know about profit margin.
They know everything there is to more of these premium fuels
And right now, they're making than ever before. They're marketing it to you, more of the stuff.
so they can sell is it worth your while?
But the bigger question is - and push the sales that way.
They're promoting it to try and it's working.
It's deliberate is expected to have jumped
Caltex's 2015 profit by $140 million - to a record $635 million. It's last annual report says of petrol and diesel
higher sales of premium grades the long-term decline in demand
continue to offset for unleaded petrol.

now account for 45% of all sales.
In New South Wales, premium fuels of ethanol-based E-10 petrol.
A key reason is the enforced sale are growing.
And premium fuel sales Because with cheaper fuel prices, decision.
motorists also make a curious up the pump for the premiums
People are more likely to pick rather than the standard fuel difference.
because there's not that much use the premium petrol
Many motorists fuel efficient for your vehicle.
in the belief it's more a bit more fuel-efficient.
Generally speaking, it can be fuel-efficient at all.
On some cars, it's not more So, the bottom line on premium? to use premium fuel,
There's no reason whatsoever by the manufacturer.
unless it's mandated

a brown snake
There's nothing like to sharpen up your nerves,

Drew Scott discovered
as Gold Coast local slithered between his feet.
when a deadly serpent on his back veranda,
Drew was loafing till his dog alerted him.
not realising the danger That made him jump! under the fence.
Then the snake disappeared

of alcohol is set to rise.
Coming up - why the price finance,
Plus, Sydney petrol prices, and Amber with the weather.

Thanks, Pete. has now passed
The threat of storms for Sydney and the Illawarra, in some suburbs.
with just a few showers lingering it's 22 degrees in the city,
Right now, 24 in our west. in just a moment.
I'll have your forecast

This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: This kid doesn't know
about the 100-odd years of tradition that's gone into that Bulla
Raspberry Split. But boy, can he taste it! # Don't change a thing for me. # Bulla - some things
are just 'unfakeable'.

This program is not captioned.

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This program is not captioned.

is set to rise,
The price of alcohol

with increased taxes.
with drinkers about to be slugged will be the hardest hit,
Those who enjoy spirits of pre-mix rising by 29 cents.
with the tax on 24 cans served at the bar
The tax on a 30mL nip will climb 1 cent, to 91 cents. will cost an extra 13 cents.
A carton of full-strength beer

closed higher today.
To finance, and the stock market

Here's Amber. It was a partly cloudy day, to gusty southerly winds,
with light showers and moderate Campbelltown and Liverpool.
reaching 26 degrees in the city, and Penrith -
A cooler 25 in Cronulla which is three below average. an average top of 26 degrees
This month, the city can expect with 118mm of rain over 12 days.
and a low of around 19, of around 28 degrees
Our west usually sees top temps in February, and 109mm of rain.
with overnight lows of 18 below average in southern NSW,
Across NSW, temperatures were way and showers.
thanks to cloudy skies a top of 17 degrees,
Cooma only reached which is 9 below average. 21 in Batemans Bay. thanks to storms this afternoon -
Wollongong saw some heavy rain picking up close to 20mm. Inland areas were mostly sunny, a top of 27 for Mudgee. 29 in Dubbo. will shift east,
Tomorrow, a broad trough and storms
causing patchy rain Tasmania, NSW and Queensland.
to spread across parts of a shower or two, 37 degrees.
So, Brisbane will see A sunny 28 for Canberra. Fine and 29 in Melbourne. Rain for Adelaide. move in from the west
Around NSW, we'll see some rain the Far North Coast.
and a few showers around mostly fine along the coast.
Everywhere else should be a top of 24 degrees.
Wollongong is heading for 26 in Newcastle in the south.
while it will warm up again heading for a top of 30 degrees.
Albury and Griffith a mostly fine day
Sydney can expect of a light shower in the east
with the slight chance during the morning, southerly winds.
and light to moderate of 29 degrees in Penrith.
We are heading for a top and Parramatta.
27 in Campbelltown 19 to 26 in the city. for Terrey Hills.
A top of 25 degrees Looking ahead - a top of 28 degrees.
Wednesday should be mostly sunny, southerly change moves through,
Thursday will be windy as a bringing showers. Friday, a top of 25 degrees.
Those showers lingering into is looking mostly cloudy,
At this stage, the weekend with tops of 26 degrees of 19 to 20 degrees.
and overnight lows Wednesday will be mostly sunny
In our west, on Thursday and Friday,
then a light shower or two with tops of 25 degrees. Cloudy on Saturday on Sunday, with tops of 27.
before warming up again

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next That's Nine News for this Monday. I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight.
I hope you have a good evening.
Live Captioning by Ai-Media

watching WIN, good night. Tonight take
... Three years until light-rail Ca
takes off - the Government unveils
Capital Metro' s consortium Cyclonic heartache
winds and heavy rain cause grou
heartache near Bungendore. And a r
group of teens' lucky escape out of G
remote bushland . Good evening I' m t
Geoff Phillips, Light rail will hit the Capital in three years - that' s the ACT Government' s promise after cheap
confirming the project will be Toda
cheaper than originally thought. buildi
Today it announced who will be constructio
building stage one - with mon
construction due to start in five Canbe
months. A detailed glimpse into Canberra' s transport future. +

Canberra' s transport future. + ll p
be a service every 6 minutes during
peak hour - every 10 at other times. 11:
Services will run from 6am until un
11:30pm Monday to Thursday and 6am until 1am Friday and Saturday nights anno
This morning Canberra Metro was th
announced as the successful bidder arou
that will deliver stage one - at t
around 700 million dollars. - close pred
to one hundred million less than sta
predicted. Construction is due to Can
start in July. The first stage of b
Canberra' s light rail network will o
be completed in late 2018 and begin consorti
operations in early 2019 The
consortium is promising to use local workers. 90% will be Canberrans for the construction phase and over the 20 years of the operations 75% will be Canberrans The Canberra Liberals have slammed the Government for not releasing more details about costs. Canberra
The opposition is concerned millio
Canberrans will be forking out