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(generated from captions) faces a compound fine
and loss of job. As a result of
the Southampton factory raid, 15 men were arrested and
found to be working illegally. The worker who claimed to be Greek
was deported back to India. The Aussie with
the sexual fetish gear decided to catch a plane
back home that night. And the woman in white will have
to get used to prison clothes. She pleaded guilty to smuggling
cocaine inside this dance mat and is facing up to
10 years in prison. Supertext Captions by

live by Ai-Media
This program will be captioned extraordinary pictures
Blown away - by a freak storm.
as homes are demolished over driving demerits -
Salim Mehajer accused what's his defence this time? Left behind - $19 billion
why Western Sydney needs and a brand-new rail line. Back at the crease - making a comeback to cricket.
Michael Clarke tells us why he's turn out for awards season -
And Hollywood's biggest stars get a gong?
but did Cate and Nicole

Good evening. are tonight homeless
Several families torn apart,
with neighbourhoods obliterated by powerful storms.
after parts of NSW were was among the areas hit hardest.
Sydney's west Today, residents returned home fierce winds and flash flooding.
to assess the damage caused by

a cyclone.
It looked, sounded and felt like (HOWLING WINDS) (BLEEP)!

next to Yamba
The village of Palmers Island was blasted by 100km/h winds. in the bedroom wall!
It's blown a massive hole Shannon Zammit shot the video. of his garage and tinnie.
This is all that's left come through the will
We had a bit of stuff in my the daughter's bedroom, for a while.
so yeah, was a bit scary there his roof collapsed on top of him.
Dennis Knock was trapped when Me roof has hit me on the head against the kitchen cupboards.
and the wood has jammed me "Oh, this isn't very good."
I thought, Forbes Creek,
1.5 hours east of Canberra, destroyed several homes.
the RFS says a mini-tornado

with roofing iron
Paddocks are littered and shredded insulation. snapped and twisted.
And everywhere, large trees

in this bed
One elderly couple was sleeping when the roof was blown apart. fell on the bed
Some rather large bricks to collapse.
and then the wall started parts of the house.
They obviously fled to other a few minutes of chaos
At Lidcombe, and sleepless night.
sparked a long Around 200 residents evacuated this unit block.
after the roof was peeled off The entire roof has been damaged has also been occasioned
and severe water damage to the unit complex. Nobody was injured. today to discover
But Rani Harnn returned home her car had become a casualty. Looks like it's a write off. no car to go shopping.
I got no car to go to work,

I've got a young child. I really don't know what to do.

fell in just 15 minutes.
At Strathfield, 36mm of rain It's like a river! Oh my god. at Campsie.
Trains stopped in their tracks

Highway at Warrimoo.
This was the Great Western was belted with hail.
Belrose meanwhile Overnight, parts of Sydney of up to 100km/h.
were smashed by winds over 1,000 calls for help
SES volunteers received more than 20 people.
and they rescued The rescues involve people into floodwater
that either intentionally drove rising floodwaters.
or were caught by very rapidly on record for the SES -
It was the busiest January 8,000 calls. For many, a summer to forget.

this week.
And more storms are forecast with more on that
Amber will be here a little later in the bulletin.

died in hospital
A young woman has today pedestrian crash at Strathfield
after an horrific on Friday night. is at the scene of the accident.
Reporter Cassandra Wood of events
Cass - certainly a tragic turn

21-year-old Melissa -- Lousia Huang intensive
spent the last two days in parents
intensive care in hospital and her to
parents may be heartbreak decision crossing
to turn off life-support. He was university
crossing the road here with two by
university friends who was my down light.
by a driver who allegedly ran a red their
light. The trio was due to start driver
their honours next week and the range
driver has been charged with a has
range of offences overnight and he dangerous
has also been charged with and
dangerous driving occasioning death will
and he has been granted bail and will face court next month.

A contractor has died at a Greenacre business.
after an industrial accident on the roof of a recycling plant
The contractor was working when he fell around 8m. He died at the scene. Islamic State militant
Australia's most wanted fighting in the Middle East.
has reportedly been killed, trying to confirm
Intelligence agencies are a recruiter for the terror group.
the death of Neil Prakash, He fled to Syria in 2013 beheading plot in Melbourne.
and was linked to an alleged have been circulated online
Claims of Prakash's death between senior IS figures.

- and currently suspended -
Salim Mehajer, the controversial deputy mayor of Auburn, has tonight responded levelled against him.
to fresh new allegations Airlie Walsh is in Auburn. revolve around
Airlie, these accusations by somebody driving his cars.
demerit points racked up

They certainly do. It all revolves Sydney
around who was behind the wheel. A News
Sydney lawyer has contacted Nine News with explosive

at the property developer.
pegged directly Lovemore N'dou, says
Boxer turned solicitor, by an international student
he's been hired to have lost his licence
who claims and red light infringements,
as a result of speeding Salim Mehajer's white Ferrari
allegedly in and his wife Aysha's black BMW. knew nothing of the above
N'dou says the foreign student from the RMS
until he received a letter for a year.
suspending his licence Upon investigation of at least four photographs
he is now in possession

link back to the deputy mayor.
and statutory declarations which

to a Nine News staff member.
These documents have been shown

his client was in the process
N'dou indicated of lodging a formal police report this matter to the courts.
and is prepared to take

Were put these allegations to Salim Mehajer today and he responded:

If there is any truth to these Mehajer
allegations, if in fact Salim wheel,
Mehajer was the one behind the serious
wheel, well, he could be facing perverting
serious charges of perjury and Thank
perverting the course of justice. Thank you.

in the classroom,
They've splashed cash is targeting your lounge room.
now the Labor Party of an election year.
In a sure sign in the new advertising blitz,
There are no big-name stars just a lot of Bill Shorten.

A campaign ad to fit the Bill, personal.
Labor making the education debate I remembered how hard she worked
When Mum passed away, the best education.
for me to have which screens tomorrow,
The 30-second ad, home video, photos
featuring and the Shorten family. and everyone else's, too.
I want the same for my kids languishing in the polls,
The Labor leader, provides the voiceover in almost every shot -
and features teachers and students...
talking with parents, the best.
Let's make Australian schools presidential push.
..but denies a Kevin '07-style

having an election this year
I'm excited and energised by to present to Australians
because, at last, we'll be able for the future of this country.
a real choice

Bill Shorten's ad campaign
I think saving Bill Shorten's leadership
is more about Australian schoolchildren.
than it is about helping

Labor's personal pitch comes pressure from his own patch.
as Malcolm Turnbull faces

published by Fairfax showing
A new ReachTEL Poll the Prime Minister's electorate
just 9% of those surveyed in on same-sex marriage,
favour a plebiscite

an immediate free vote.
compared to 63% that favour

the new Malcolm Turnbull,
If Malcolm Turnbull, the old Malcolm Turnbull said,
actually did what by the end of February.
we could have marriage equality

Canberra late this afternoon.
The Prime Minister flew into Parliament resumes this week.

over a brawl at Randwick.
Two men have been charged Avoca Street
Police were called to after reports of a fight.
just after 2:30 this morning, with a head injury.
One man was hospitalised with assault and affray,
A 27-year-old man was charged was also charged with affray.
while a 28-year-old man next month.
The pair will face court

babies and children, have drowned
Up to 40 people, including off the coast of Turkey.
after their boat sank fleeing the war in Syria
The families were thought to be and trying to get to Europe.

this is the grim routine
Day after day, week after week, migrants drownings.
that is followed in the wake of Bodies pulled from the water, on the shore
their possessions washed up that carried them
and the too-small boats are inspected for more victims. the distraught survivors.
Then there are Dozens of Syrians were killed off the coast of Turkey
when this boat capsized shortly after departing. to the island of Lesbos.
They were on their way

in the middle of the night
Locals say they were woken screaming in the water.
by the sound of migrants have been killed
More than 250 people between Turkey and Greece
attempting the perilous crossing this month alone, the situation to ease
but authorities are not expecting any time soon.

Angela Merkel believes
And German Chancellor to the situation
that the European Union response is simply not good enough. incomprehensible
Saying that it is more immigrants.
that the EU cannot take

a Turkish man
Police have arrested who organised the fatal journey
accused of being the smuggler like him
but there are plenty of others try to move the desperate.
who will continue to

are lagging behind
Sydney's fastest-growing suburbs of infrastructure
in the most basic be spent now to put it right.
and billions of dollars need to across the west and south-west
That's the view of councils their own dedicated rail line
who are even arguing for to reshape the region.

hours a day on and off trains
Ogi Cvijetic can spend up to four from Liverpool to Penrith.
for his daily commute in a straight line.
It's a distance of around 40km Trouble is, he can't do it

connecting Liverpool and Penrith
There's no direct services to change the trains
so there's usually a requirement with each other.
and the trains are not matching

across Sydney
It's a frustration felt to the north-west
from the south-west campaign by Fund Our Future.
and the focus of a major national

fast-growing outer suburbs
Its research found Sydney's and Campbelltown
such as Penrith, Blacktown do not have access public transport and health,
to adequate roads, over the next 15 years to fix it.
with $19 billion needed

Successive governments population growth.
have failed to keep up with like Penrith, Blacktown,
And the communities in areas deserve a better go.
Campbelltown, Wollondilly

Federal Election,
Ahead of this year's infrastructure fund
it's lobbying MPs for a dedicated with expected growth.
for outer areas to keep pace a new rail line to connect
That means building and Western rail lines,
the existing South-West

to the North-West rail corridor
opening up connections currently being constructed. at Badgerys Creek airport
Included - stations and Western Sydney University.

hasn't committed
While the State Government or even funding a rail line
to building north-west via Badgerys Creek,
from the south-west to the it says it is planning for it, preserving rail corridors
including once the demand is there.
so it can be built quickly

have joined the campaign
Western Sydney councils to wait, given current growth.
and warn it will be too late

will lessen that inequity
That rail link employment opportunities
and provide better for people
and also transport options and work in Campbelltown
to perhaps live in Penrith by public transport
which is almost impossible at the moment.

he announced his retirement
Five months after from all forms of cricket, is making a comeback
Michael Clarke in just a few weeks' time. captain says he quit too soon.
Ken, the former Australian

Good evening. Good evening, Pete. of his 35th birthday
Just a few months shy on his decision to retire.
Clarke has had a major rethink from the game
In his short time away has become a father
the former Australian captain for the first time. in his life, cricket,
But it seems that other love that he just can't give up.
has got hold on him

Michael Clarke's last time
This was supposed to be out in the middle. Since his retirement, in the Sydney to Hobart.
he's become a father and competed

couldn't fill the void
But even those new challenges left by cricket.

first and foremost
My focus will certainly be on and playing for Western Suburbs,
getting back out there and then if I do enjoy that in regards to missing cricket
and the feelings I have now are there, in the shorter form.
then I'll look to play called it quits
The former captain dismal Ashes campaign
following Australia's in England last August, he has unfinished business
but says will be a stepping stone.
and the return to grade cricket

competitions around the world -
There's a number of Twenty20 the BBL, the IPL. there.
There are plenty of competitions

Towards the end of his career, and an ongoing back injury,
Clarke struggled with form has helped.
but his time away from the game has been fantastic,
I think the break from cricket with my family,
not only to spend time but to allow my body to heal. It is a nice feeling and socks on in the morning
to be able to put your shoes without pain. is backing the return.
His former coach Darren Lehmann

to have one of the greats back.
Oh, it's great He's obviously missed the game. for the young guys
He'll be great in whatever format, how to play the game
and teach them which is what we want.

Lehmann is still recovering with deep vein thrombosis.
after being admitted to hospital to fly,
He's waiting on medical clearance the Australian team
but is hoping to join in New Zealand next weekend. I feel a lot better now. There's been some good care a nice, relaxing week.
and it's been it hasn't been that relaxing.
Although, watching it,

And I'll be back a little later Australia salvage some pride
as Usman Khawaja looks to help against India.
in tonight's final T20 celebratory swim
Plus, Angelique Kerber's Australian Open win.
after her historic coming up, Pete.
All that and plenty more

is in full swing
The Hollywood awards season hitting the red carpet again -
with the A-listers Screen Actors Guild Awards.
this time for the It wasn't the Australians' night. were both nominated,
Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman but missed out.

as if it was the last
# I live my day as if there was no past
# Live my day # Doin' it all night all summer # Doing it the way I wanna... #

Colour and cleavage. put on a show
That's how Hollywood's elite for their peers tonight. and the show stoppers,
And among the eye poppers the Australians. Australia Day. Yeah! 'Grace of Monaco'
Nicole was nominated for The actors, very sweet to me.
It was so nice. she lost out to Queen Latifah.
But as the awards got underway is the New Black' cleaned up.
Of the other TV shows, 'Orange

Look at this stage. when we talk about diversity.
This is what we talk about

in a Leading Role was tight -
The race for Best Male Actor Bryan Cranston, Johnny Depp
Leonardo DiCaprio, among the nominees seems to belong to one man.
but this award season really Leonardo DiCaprio.

was Cate Blanchett.
Australia's big hope tonight She was absent, though, for lead actress in Carol.
despite getting the nod

for the SAGS
Cate Blanchett has been nominated over the years
more than ten times has led to a win.
and not every one of them could be telling -
But a win tonight the Oscars are only weeks away.

she lost out again
In a repeat of the Golden Globes in a tough field.

Brie Larson. Thank you. big winner for its cast
'Spotlight' was the other for its stunt actors
and 'Mad Max' won belong to the Aussies,
but this night certainly didn't not in this field, anyway.

in the series.
No thank you for beating India

in the series.
No thank you for beating India at today's weather.
Here's Amber with a look

Good evening, Pete. we enjoyed a warm and sunny day.
After some early fog of 20 degrees
After an overnight low to a top of 31,
the city warmed up to 18 overnight,
while our west dipped this afternoon.
reaching a top of 29 degrees It is the last day of January and this month the city's seen one degree warmer than average,
top temperatures hovering around 27 degrees. in 28 years, with 250mm of rain
While it was our wettest January 2 degrees cooler than average
Our west was actually with a top of 29 degrees. on record for several suburbs
And it was the wettest January Bankstown and North Parramatta.
including While today was calm, of the stormy weather.
we haven't seen the last forecast a little later, Pete.
I'll be back with the full

Raising photograph.

In the news ahead- too much, or not enough? how much sun is good for you.
The new rules on with riot police
Also, protestors clash on the streets of a British town. Lucy Turnbull,
And the Prime Minister's wife, of the Lodge
takes us on an exclusive tour renovation.
after its multimillion-dollar

a petrol station
Every time you pull into you're faced with a choice - with the standard E10
do you fill up and fill up with the premium?
or do you pay an extra $0.20/L Is it better for your car? Is it more economical? Is it worth the cash? Well, the results are in out of you.
and they'll surprise the hell This program is not captioned.

have come together
Five peak health bodies on just how much sun is safe.
releasing new guidelines which occurs in summer,
When the UV index is 3 or above, the number one priority.
skin cancer protection should be

Prolonged sun exposure vitamin D production.
doesn't further increase to further ageing of our skin
All it does is contribute of skin cancer.
and the development When the UV index is below 3, and winter,
usually in late autumn sun protection is not needed, some much-needed Vitamin D.
and it's the ideal time to get

and eight others injured
One person has been killed between rival bikie gangs
after a brawl in Denver, Colorado.
at a motorcycle show and others stabbed in the fight.
Four people were shot in a critical condition.
Three men remain

on a motorway in Slovenia
A shocking pile-up at least four people dead
has left and dozens more injured. and trucks were left mangled
Up to 70 cars after crashing in heavy fog. caused hours of delays.
The accident Violent clashes have broken out and riot police in the UK.
between rival protest groups attempted to disrupt a rally
Anti-racism protesters demonstrators in Dover,
being staged by right-wing charging through police lines. with bricks and rocks
Police were pelted were set off in the crowd.
and purple smoke bombs

has housed our Prime Ministers,
For 90 years, the Lodge to Julia Gillard
from Stanley Bruce and now Malcolm Turnbull. and extensive renovations,
After lengthy has finally moved in,
the current PM has given us a look inside.
and his wife Lucy

the prime minister's cottage
It was known as but with touches of luxury - three permanent staff,
four bathrooms, and a swimming pool.
sprawling gardens

It is not grand. is just a suburban house
The design of it with a few more rooms. showing signs of wear and tear.
Well into its 80s, the Lodge was a wonderful story, I understand,
Prime Minister Gillard does have run down the wall
about seeing a possum whilst she was entertaining. spurred me to action.
That certainly would have

the official residence
No-one has lived in for more than two years. And now $9.4 million later, for the Turnbulls to move in.
it is finally ready Good to see you. his way around...
While the PM is still finding and lots of rooms and corridors.
It is very large very much at home.
..Lucy Turnbull seems Come on in, please. to show off her retro taste,
The First Lady is keen couch from the home's early days
restoring furniture like this to its rightful place.
and returning each piece

It is a lovely coincidence where it was in the 1930s.
that it is now back by famous Australians,
Covering the walls in art this painting of Magnetic Island.
a touch of Queensland with

to express Australia
I was very keen for the art through its whole history.

has hosted infamous parties
Over the years, the Lodge and celebrations...

and royalty. well as many world leaders

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd,
From Robert Menzies to Bob Hawke, has brought something unique
each Prime Minister to the official residence. Vicious guard dog. Since the 1920s ministers and their families
nearly all of Australia's prime have lived in the Lodge. is surrounded by huge wall.
Nowadays the property But back in the 1930s with his 12 children,
when Joseph Lyons lived here to the house
tourists would drive right up to have a peek inside. a temporary home
It was only ever meant to be but after 90 years just a museum any time soon.
it is unlikely to become

this Sunday evening,
Still ahead the price of plastic - is leading the charge
how this little turtle to clean up our waterways. of the 'Star Wars' rebel
And the extraordinary story and won.
who took on George Lucas's empire That's after sport. And Ken joins me again now. Righto, Pete. Well, here we go. his T20 chance tonight,
Usman Khawaja will finally get for the struggling Australians?
but can he make a difference We're live to the SCG next. champion cools off
Plus, the newest Australian Open after a red-hot win. Americans doing a double take.
And the young Aussie who has

This program is not captioned. (SINGS SOFTLY)
# Somewhere over the rainbow... # Skies are blue... #
(MAN SNORES) # And the dreams that you... MAN: # Dare to dream # Really do come true... # VOICEOVER: Dream, plan, book. Expedia - your somewhere starts here.

This program is not captioned.

domestic summer on a high tonight
Australia will look to end their in the final T20 at the SCG.
when they take on India a win in this form of the game.
The Aussies are yet to record is Yvonne Sampson,
Joining us live from the SCG takes on extra importance
and this match take for a number of reasons?

It does. Good evening. This is the get
last chance for the Aussie men to Cup
get it right before the 2020 World a
Cup in five weeks. Osman Khawaja is they
a debit on tonight, Mark Taylor, Whited
they deserve it is not late pot. injuries
Whited it take so long? Lowe ones.
injuries mostly. He has some bad really
ones.Hamstring, an ACL tear, so game
really not had a long time in the but
game to show how well you can play, but he has had a long time in the centuries
game this year, three test and
centuries and two in the big bash Khawaja.
and we are seeing the real Usman Shane
Khawaja.That was some excitement. anything
Shane Watson is the captain, anything to prove?I don't think opportunity
anything to improve but a good because
opportunity to cement a spot try
because I think the Australian is a They
try to find their best T20 side. these
They have only played one before to
these once the whole user they try chance
to work out the best site so a and
chance to watch leadership skills can
and make some runs.Hopefully they Back
can avoid an Indian CleanSweep. Back light from 7 PM.

brushed aside her code conundrum,
Meanwhile, Ellyse Perry over India
lifting Australia to a 15-run win in the women's T20 at the SCG. over the A-league grand final,
Perry, who opted to play cricket with a six
brought up her half-century with the ball.
and then bagged 4/12 Australia loses the series 2-1.
Despite the win,

a sixth Australian Open title
While Novak Djokovic chases tonight against Andy Murray, we have a new women's champion. in a big upset,
Germany's Angelique Kerber, in three sets
defeated Serena Williams in what was a high class final.

in the Yarra this morning,
A winner's traditional dip but the head and hair stayed dry. and yeah, to be in the water,
I won it and I think it's not so clean.
but for sure, it's cold,

turned up for sponsors and fans
Later, the grand slam champion the secret of Angie's success.
all wanting to know

I had nothing to lose. was more on her side.
I think the pressure But Kerber's victory collapse and self-belief.
was the result of both relief I was working really hard,
My whole life I'm a grand slam champion,
and now I'm here, and I can say and unbelievable.
so it sounds really crazy

It was match of mutual respect,

It was match of mutual respect, high-glass tennis
with passages of searing, that deserved to be applauded, and then Serena for Angie.
first Angie for Serena COMMENTATOR: Oh, yes! the great champion,
Kerber ambushed defiant tennis.
playing some gutsy, COMMENTATOR: Wow. Kerber had the 'wow' factor
Indeed, to put away winners.
as Williams urged herself Come on! 13 unforced errors
The truth of it - Kerber only had to Williams' 23, and was relentless in her drive Williams got back over the net.
to get to any ball Kerber didn't freeze. favourite in a memorable final.
She stared down the raging-hot She's created history.
COMMENTATOR: It's over! of sportsmanship,
Then in a genuine show to the other end of the court
Serena walked to congratulate Angie, vacated centre stage.
and later, in an act of respect, This was Angie's moment in time.

my dream come true tonight
To win it, I mean, on this night. (CHEERING and APPLAUSE) also netted $3.4 million
Angie's night of nights of number two.
and new world ranking

be called on to help England
Supercoach Wayne Bennett could and the 2017 World Cup.
in this year's Four Nations Reports out of the UK say most successful mentor
Australia's as their head coach.
is set to replace Steve McNamara the 66-year-old was overlooked
It comes after for the Kangaroos job, in favour of Mal Meninga. last night,
Sydney FC got stuck in the mud going down to Brisbane Roar 3-1 at Allianz Stadium.
in their rain-soaked affair the first minute to the last.
It was flat from we looked heavy-legged.
We looked flat, and heavy on the legs.
The pitch obviously was soft

for their women's side either -
Not much joy in today's W-League grand final.
they lost to Melbourne City 4-1

Australia has warmed up

Australia has warmed up at the Rio Olympics
for its Rugby Sevens campaign by beating Argentina Series Tournament in Wellington.
to finish fifth in the World Sonny Bill Williams scored again in the semifinals
as New Zealand thrashed England South Africa in the decider.
to set up a showdown against

Ben Simmons
And young Aussie basketball star in the US.
continues to turn heads Oh, baby!
COMMENTATOR: Simmons again! Williams, Take that! Are you kidding me? and social media into meltdown
The 19-year-old sent the stadium with this huge double-handed dunk against Oklahoma.
in his college match but it wasn't enough,
Simmons finished with 14 points, with LSU going down by 3.

But he made his mark in the theatre Standing
critic is right after the news. the
Standing by. See you tomorrow. -- the cricket.

this Sunday evening -
Still ahead the desperate battle for firies in Lakemba under control.
to keep an inferno Hillary, Bernie or Jeb?
Also, will it be Donald, about to have their say
The first voters in the race for the White House. And swimming free - saved from certain death,
the baby turtle and why he still needs your help.

day today,
And we enjoyed a beautiful sunny around?
but will the blue skies stick for your week ahead soon.
I'll have the forecast

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This program is not captioned. The share house has been fun, but I've found a way
to get into my own home sooner.

Luckily, a good mate
put me onto RAMS. Ah. Another quiet night in, was it?

RAMS were up-front
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So, if you're saving
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Ohhh! Get her off the road, mate. VOICE-OVER:
Test-drive the Nissan NP300 Navara. Powerful made clever. (Phone rings)
MAN: Yeah? Think you might've
dropped something?

This program is not captioned.

a heritage-listed boarding house
A fierce fire has destroyed at Lakemba a neighbouring building.
and damaged Last night, the massive blaze for 1.5 hours,
dozens of firefighters battled was trapped inside the home.
fearing somebody Fortunately, it was empty. Authorities are now investigating by a lightning strike.
if the fire was caused

After months on the hustings, have converged on Iowa,
America's presidential hopefuls is about to begin in earnest.
where the race to the White House the polls for the Republicans,
Donald Trump is still leading of this small midwestern state
but on Tuesday, the people in the country to have their say.
will become the first

It's that time - election year, and now in late January, falls, temporarily, in love
just about every politician with the little state of Iowa. It's getting to be crunch time.

a sort of pre-season competition
Iowa matters because it's get to have their say.
when the first-time voters

Smack for the first time, voters get to have their say.

they caucus.
In time-honoured fashion, trying to convince each other
They gather in groups, of their favourite candidate.
the worth in traditional secret ballot.
The Republicans then vote the old-fashioned way,
The Democrats caucus that last for hours
with often rowdy gatherings and stand or sit in groups
with attendees having to go for their preferred candidate.

Come stand here with us.

a knock-out competition,
But its like with losing candidate supporters a new favourite candidate
then having to choose until one emerges as the winner.

they're predicting snow,
On voting night, which may keep people at home. If it were any other year, Donald Trump
that low turnout would effect first-time caucus goers
because he's attracting the effort before.
who've never made Trump is a phenomenon,
As it turns out, about him now -
and trying to predict anything well, you just shouldn't.

the non-politician businessman",
"Donald Trump, ahead of Ted Cruz with 25%
is on 32%, "and Marco Rubio on 18%."

Trump's so confident, in a debate,
last week he refused to appear instead holding his own meeting down the road.
just a few kilometres

they said, "How about now?"
And they've wanted me there and and said, "How about now?"
They called me a few minutes ago "Hasn't it already started?"
And I said,

a final presidential candidate,
So until they get it's a brutal battle - versus Democratic candidate,
Democrat candidate Republican against Republican, as possible.
digging up as much dirt

think of Iowa?
And what does Donald Trump

are the people of Iowa?
How stupid

one and only serious opponent
Hillary Clinton's is the straight-talking, 74-year-old -
sometimes way too honest Senator Bernie Sanders. Yes, we will.
We will raise taxes.

Yes, we will.
We will raise taxes. is strangely enough,
One of Clinton's major problems she has been around too long. to dig up,
And there is a lot in her past somewhat wary of voting for her.
making some

from quite a few people my age
I've heard you are dishonest.
that they think

if it's the first time
If you're new to politics, you go,
you've really paid attention, look at all of this!"
"Oh, my gosh, And you have to say to yourself, all of that?"
"Why are they throwing Well, I'll tell you why, on the frontlines
because I've been since I was your age.
of change and progress

the love affair with their state
Already, the people of Iowa know will end is known,
just hours after the result then it's on to New Hampshire will get the love
where the people there moves there next weekend.
when the whole circus

plastic bags every day,
Australians are using 10 million impact on our marine life.
and it's having a devastating has become an example
A green turtle in Sydney litter in our waterways can be.
of just how dangerous journey back to health
He's undergone a painstaking after mistakenly eating plastic.

to get back into the sea...
Thriving and eager

into Sydney Harbour
Andrew was released by Taronga Zoo staff nursed him back to health.
who had carefully

I am so excited today. he has been in care.
It has been 17 months he was placed in a small tub,
When Andrew was found barely able to move. this piece of plastic
He had swallowed near a Central Coast beach, for a three-week old hatchling.
a dangerous choice of food

a little hatchling,
A turtle that small, out in the ocean.
is already consuming plastics So that was quite a surprise.

plastic bags each and every day
Australians are using 10 million and it is choking our waterways. and rehabilitated,
Thankfully, Andrew was rescued to get him ready for his big day.
placed in a deep-water tank

marine turtle hatchlings
But sadly only 1 in 1,000 survive into adolescence. for jellyfish.
Many mistaking plastic

the plastic
We are seeking turtles ingesting and it gets into their gut. is plastic, such as this,
And what with our finding the intestine of the turtle.
which has come out of a medium-sized animal
And this is quite and it had all of this plastic.

for up to nine months.
Andrew will now be tracked to Taronga Zoo
The information will be sent back staff at the wildlife hospital.
where it will be monitored by Gliding through Sydney waters greatly improved.
Andrew's life expectancy has now

homes under the hammer -
In the news ahead, auctions of the year,
the results of Sydney's first but is it good news for sellers? swim, run and ride for glory.
Also, thousands of Sydney kids And a disturbance in the Force - the might of 'Star Wars'
one man's battle against a cultural icon.
over who invented

This program is not captioned. SONG: # Danke schoen
Darling, danke schoen #

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This program is not captioned.

for the Sydney auction market,

of just 43.2%.
with a clearance rate for the same week last year.
This compares with more than 70% in Chatswood for $2.1 million,
The most expensive property sold was on the Central Coast,
while the most affordable going for $375,000.

Almost 40 years ago, created some costumes
a young London engineer science fiction film.
for a small-budget But after 'Star Wars' exploded blockbuster,
into an international in the middle
Andrew Ainsworth found himself over his Storm Trooper designs.
of a David-and-Goliath battle

in a city half a world away
Not so long ago low-budget film called Star Wars
George Lucas made a little that went on to become in the world.
the biggest blockbuster series

an outfit for his storm troopers.
Back then he desperately needed

a kayak craftsmen in London
Enter Andrew Ainsworth, saved the day
who, at short notice, now-famous creations.
crafting those

a prototype
I managed to knock up "Make me 50, right away."
and Lucas said,

workshop beneath his home.
It was all done in this humble A good warrior for us. a bit hard up for a dollar
Decades later when he was some more of the outfits
Andrew decided to make to sell to eager fans. the Empire struck back.
Well, then let's just say

the Empire struck back.
Well, then let's just say David versus Goliath -
It was very much Literally one man against... when we researched in 2005,
I think, was $28 billion
Lucas's turnover in licensing characters that I made.
and most of it was based on

Legal proceedings were launched sued Andrew for $20 million.
and George Lucas successfully and numerous appeals
But after a lengthy battle for this humble British engineer.
it was a victory

all over the world
Now people from penny for Andy's handiwork -
are flocking to pay a pretty tried to merchandise the goods
a far cry from when he first

tried to merchandise the goods
a far cry from when he first at markets back in the '80s.

11 quid each in about 1985.
I stood up there with helmets, I didn't sell one so I gave up.

What you charge for them now?
So 11 pounds then. We charge 500 pounds. investment back for 11 pounds.
People could have had a great If they were smart enough, yes. outfits are walking out the door.
These days the storm trooper

the Force strongest amongst fans?
So, whereabouts in the world is Well, according to Andrew, his biggest customers.
Australians are just about

We love Australia. from Australia.
We get a lot of orders There is a movie cult down there anywhere else in the world.
that you don't find

Sydney Olympic Park
Thousands of children have packed

What if that was Tom inside that

Sydney Olympic Park
Thousands of children have packed their way to gold.
to swim, ride and run series in the world
The biggest kids triathalon was held here today. But the aim wasn't to win. and being healthy,
The event is about having a go received a medal.
so everyone involved the weather for the week ahead.
Coming up - Amber with

Thanks, Pete. this month.
We saw some warm temperatures reached 39.2 degrees,
The hottest day in the city while our west hit a top of 40.8. and 26 in our west.
Right now it's 28 in the city I'll have your forecast, next.

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in someone else's driveway.

Fact: Seven out of ten women
have an 'I hate my body' moment every single week. Think about that. That's a lot of women looking in the mirror
wanting to change something.

legs, hips, hair. We believe all women
can change something more important than the size of our bums. We can change our perspective.

What if we tell
that little voice inside that tells us we aren't good enough to shut up! Let's focus on stuff
we can actually change instead of stuff we can't. What if we're nicer to ourselves and put good things in our bodies?

Let's be perfectly imperfect. Let's take
a good long look in the mirror at the good and not so good and proudly own it all.

This program is not captioned. with blue skies and sunshine
We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day north-westerly winds.
and light to moderate were the warmest today.
Coastal suburbs Cronulla reaching 32 degrees. which is 5 above average,
31 in the city and Richmond hit a top of 29.
while Campbelltown, Penrith

after yesterday's storm.
We saw some huge rainfall figures and Kings Langely
Baulkham Hills, Lidcombe all picking up 50mm or more, only recieved 13mm.
while the city Across NSW - some rain, around 5-10mm.
the south-west also picked up The rest of the state was dry. some very warm temperatures.
The north coast seeing 36 in Grafton, were cooler than average.
while inland areas Bathurst only reaching 22. the Pilbara Coast this morning
Ttropical Cyclone Stan crossed but has now lost its intensity. the NSW/Victoria coast
Tomorrow, a low developing off will bring thundery showers. 36.
Brisbane will be hot and stormy, A shower or two for Canberra, 24 and mostly fine in Melbourne, 25. will continue in the south,
Across NSW - the light showers up the coast.
creeping a little further will be mostly dry.
The rest of the state Warming up again in the north. 38 degrees for Bourke. to the day
Sydney can expect a fine start a few showers in the afternoon
but there is a chance of and another possible storm, as we saw yesterday.
although it won't be as severe

it should only be between 1-5mm -
If the rain does arrive, heaviest in our west. 29 degrees in Penrith.
We are heading for a top of and Parramatta.
28 in Campbelltown, Liverpool 21 to 28 in the city. And a top of 27 in Terrey Hills.

will be mostly sunny, 27 degrees.
Looking ahead - Tuesday with a possible late shower, 29.
Wednesay will be cloudy

a little cooler on Thursday
A southerly will make it with a shower or two on Friday, 25.
before a possible shower In our west - 29 degrees.
a warm and sunny day on Tuesday, Cloudy on Wednesday, 31. Thursday will be windy, 26. 24 degrees.
Staying cooler on Friday, Pete.

That's Nine News for this Sunday. I hope you have a good evening.
I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight.
Live captioning by Ai-Media

When I first came to this country,
I made myself a promise.

VOICEOVER: All his life,
he's been a working-class battler.

One day, my family,
we too would live the Aussie dream.

Now he's just won his family
a first-class life.


How much did we win?
22 million!

We're billionaires?

Finally, the Habibs are living
the life they've always dreamed of.

My queen has a palace

and my children have the kind
of opportunities that we never had.

Like the sickest clubs
and the hottest women.

Nobody asked me

if I wanted to live in this stupid,
good-looking mansion place thingy!


But can they survive
in a whole new world?

You must be the new pool boy.

I'd like to speak to your boss.

You're looking at him!

There's something not right
about this, Jack.

Where do they get their money?

Here comes the brand-new series...

A taxi that sells kebabs?
It's called 'The Kebabbab'.

..full of big ideas...

Just think of it - end of the night,
you want a kebab and a taxi,

Kebabbab pulls up, a taxi
with a kebab skewer in it.

Thank you.

You're Australia's Next Top Moron!

..and forbidden love.

I didn't know
the party was in my room.

You're never leaving home
until you're married.

Get ready, Australia.


Two worlds are set to collide.


The Habibs aren't staying, Jack.

They're going.

This is our home, our family,

and we stick together.

We're all staying here!

Here comes WIN's new
big-hearted Aussie family.

When life gives you lemons, Dad...

You make lemonade.

Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade,
lemonade, lemonade, lemonade!

This program is not captioned.

This program will be captioned live by Ai-Media

Oh, that is very good!Wow!That's enough
all the way as well.Has he got the
enough on it. Yes, he has.There is Oh,
the reverse hit is taken.Smashed! to
Oh, yes.He comes in and Sharma has like.
to go.Takes a ball as easy as you like.Over his head. Parts his hair.

It is a good shot. Good batting go
Aaron Finch.Hello. What aa way to fine
go to 50 that is. That's another fine hit.

Oh, you are kidding me.

Taken!MS Dhoni, he takes it.Gone! brilliant!
Oh, brilliant! Absolutely Finch.
brilliant!And he has got to go, India
Finch.There he goes, Faulkner. well
India clinch the series and a job well done to date.

Two terrific evenings in Adelaide here
and Melbourne. The third tonight