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Tonight - the minister tells health insurers she won't just accept their planned hike in fees. That is just not affordable and not acceptable to consumers. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - the search continues for a fourth person killed in a plane crash on Victoria's Bellareen Peninsula. Leap of faith A monk jumps from a burning building into the arms of police. And - Germany's Angelique Kerber goes up against world No. 1 Serena Williams in the women's finals clash at the Australian Open. Hello. Adrian Raschella with ABC News. A quick look at tomorrow's weather:

The Federal Government is threatening not to approve the fee hikes of private health companies, saying their proposals are unfair. Some insurers want to increase premiums by nearly 10% from April. The companies say their costs are rising. Here's political reporter Dan Conifer. The Health Minister is giving private insurers their annual price check-up. And she says the diagnosis has bad news for patients. A very unfair premium increase. Health funds want an average rise of about 6%. Sussan Ley is demanding they come back with a better offer for customers or give more information justifying the increases. I'm giving a strong indication that, as minister who approves that request, I'm not prepared to yet. Private health price hikes have hovered around 5% each year over the past decade. With the two largest increases coming in the past two years. Insurers say the cost of benefits they paid last year rose by more than premiums did, returning nearly $18 billion to members. Health costs are going up way more than inflation every year. And a one-off discount is not going to address some of the fundamental problems. Labor sees another reason. The private health insurers have basically seen a green light because of the ineffectual leadership of Liberals on restraining health care premiums.We need the Health Minister to immediate ly put a stop to any premium increases above inflation, until we've done a thorough review of the private health insurance system. Into the government is reviewing its approach to private health insurance, after more than half a million Australians dropped or downgraded their cover last financial year. The fear is more could follow, heaping pressure on the public system. Yeah, we just don't understand why they keep going up. So yeah, be good if it stopped.I think it's expensive enough as it is. Particularly when you're retired. I'd rather pay more tax for health care than private health insurance.We've certainly gotten coverage out of it so far. And value for money is what the Federal Government wants too, with private health insurance costing it about $6 billion a year. Police have confirmed four people killed in a light plane crash off Victoria's Bellare negotiation n Peninsula yesterday had been heading to King Island. Search crews failed to find the aircraft's wreckage and the fourth victim today, more than 30 hours after the tragedy. A grim search on water for the wrecked fuselage of the light aircraft and a missing victim. Police believe both are 30m under water on the ocean floor. At this stage, our belief is that a fourth Bern is still in the plane. Along the shoreline, crews search for debris to help investigators piece together the tragedy.I saw it declining quite quickly. It got quite low. I thought it would land. The aircraft was heading from Melbourne to Tasmania when it plunged into water off Point Lonsdale. It was a terrible weather day. A woman and three men aged in their 50s and 60s from Melbourne's south eastern suburbs were on board the plane. Three bodies were pulled from the water behind me yesterday and their families were given the devastating news. They're in shock. They're trying to process what's occurred. The sooner we can locate the fourth person and identify each of the four people for them that will make it a lot easier for them. The Piper aircraft was registered to Ian Chamberlain but police won't confirm he was on board. The three persons we've located have not been formally identified. We don't anticipate that will occur within the next 24 hours. It will probably take a couple of days.Police hope it won't take that long to recover the wreckage or the final victim. With the help of sonar equipment and divers, it's believed it will be brought to the surface in the next 24 hours. A Queensland police officer has been charged with the murder of his two-month-old son. The baby died in 2014 and police have defended the length of time it's taken for the them to make the investigation public. The infant, who had significant injuries, was rushed to hospital from his home on Brisbane's bayside, but died soon after. His 38-year-old father, a Senior Constable, was stood aside from the Police Service a month later. Police say it's been a protracted and difficult investigation involving the State's Crimewatch dog and medical experts. These sort of crimes, irrespective of who commits them are tragic and terrible. I can only say that we are committed as we have been in this instance to making sure that the offender is brought to justice.the man will face court on Monday. The Australian of the Year is defending his record of supporting veterans after stinging criticism by some who've served in the military. The former army chief David Morrison is under attack for not backing servicemen and women in his new high-profile role. Here's Defence reporter Andrew Greene. This one-time soldier served in the army for 20 years. All the dust had blown up all round the back here.On Monday night he watched as a fellow veteran received the country's highest honour. The 2016 Australian of the Year is David Morrison.(Applause) He says he became furious when the former army chief failed to mention veterans in his acceptance speech. I will lend my voice to the republican movement in this country. It is time.The fact that he dismissed the veterans community in the speech and alluded to the republic issue just showed that he's out of touch. Three days ago, he began an on-line petition calling for the Lieutenant General to step down from his new role. The response is quite phenomenal.It's got the support of at least one veterans' group which says it's also been inundated with complaints. They feel the General has turned his back on his former colleagues, and that he has a role in society of promoting the cause of serving people and veterans and their families in the country. After a week of wall-to-wall media appearances, the Australian of the Year didn't want to speak today fwhu, a brief written statement, defended his record on veterans' issues. David Morrison says as the son and grandson of veterans and a veteran himself, he's always cared deeply about issues affecting the veterans' community. The former army chief says he's always supported fellow veterans and has vowed to continue to do so in his prominent new role. But at least one soldier who served under General Morrison is publicly backing his former boss. He's very empathetic and compassionate to the families of the fallen, those who lost their sons and their husbands and their relatives in Afghanistan. And the General's critics say they're now happy the welfare of veterans is again receiving the public attention it deserves. Tropical cyclone Stan is intensifying and is expected to become a Category 3 storm before it reaches Western Australia's Pilbara coast early tomorrow morning. For the latest, Bureau of Meteorology senior spokesman Neil Bennett joins us from Perth. Thanks for your time tonight. How far off the coast is Stan right now?Well, the latest information that we have is it's around 180 kilometres north of Port Hedland. It's moving in a south-south-easterly direction, less than 10 kilometres an hour, and as you mentioned, it is starting to really intensify so we are expecting it to become a Category 3 cyclone later on this evening. What will that mean, how powerful will it be when it crosses the coast?Right at the moment, we anticipate or we estimate the wind speeds are around 155 kilometres in gusts around the centre, but as it intensifies and makes its way towards the coast it's quite likely we'll see gusts of around 200 kilometres an hour around that core as it makes land fall some time tomorrow morning through the east Pilbara coast, west Pilbara coast area.What are the communities in its path and what should people be doing to prepare?Well, we have a cyclone watch that's running from Whim Creek just in this area here up towards Broome. And there's a possibility of gales developing there, so gusts of 100 kilometres an hour during the course of this evening. They could intensify in that region to 150, maybe 155 kilometres an hour during the course of tonight and into tomorrow morning. Right around the core as it's coming across in this area in here, we could be seeing those 200 kilometre an hour gusts. We also have heavy rainfall as well. We're anticipating falls of around 150 mm in the region during the rest of this evening and into tomorrow, and the dangerous storm tide as well. So this is a very serious situation that we have here and even though the region is sparsely populated through that Pilbara area, it's still something that people need to take very seriously. Will Stan start to weaken as it moves further inland?Typically, these systems do. The fact that it's going to be a severe tropical cyclone Category 3 means it will hold together a little way so we're expecting as it moves down through the area, could well see it holding together as a tropical cyclone Category 1 even as late as tomorrow afternoon. But it will weaken as it moves further to the south-east. Still some gales likely in land for the eastern Pilbara communities, and also some heavy rain as well, so even when it's crossed it's going to present problems for the communities in that region. How long do you think it will be before it really runs out of puff, before the danger period is over?Well, we think some time on Sunday afternoon is when we'll start to see it downgraded into an ex-tropical cyclone. That will continue to have strong winds associated with it, though, below 90 kilometres an hour and also some quite heavy rainfall as well. So the Pilbara coastals, some heavy rainfall leading to some flooding, so it will have an impact for a couple of days as it moves away to the south-east, but it is a relatively sparsely populated area of WA. So we'll be keeping an eye on it, but certainly the impacts tonight and tomorrow morning are what are really focusing our attention at the moment.Neil Bennett from the Weather Bureau in Perth, thanks so much for joining us tonight. My pleasure. A severe storm has wreaked havoc in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales and the ACT this afternoon. The severe thunderstorm flooded roads and took out traffic lights in a second day of wild weather for parts of the State and Territory. At Badgerys Creek in the city's west, the storm produced wind gusts of 98km/h, while at Toongabbie, 30 mm of rain fell in just 10 minutes. Yesterday's wild weather saw the New South Wales SES receive more than 700 calls for help. Home owners across Tasmania are counting the cost after flash flooding tore through parts of the State. The wild weather may have finished, but residents will be mopping up for weeks to come. The clean-up has started. Wayne Dank has only lived in in government-owned house at Fingal for four months. This was supposed to be a new start for us so it was pretty hard. All the carpets are saturated, the lounge was saturated, a few of the electrical appliances have gone under. And this is why. Floodwater inundated homes in Tasmania's north east and east coast yes yesterday. Home owners in the seaside town of Orford are also counting the cost. A lot of clothes, anything that was not in shelves, like all the shoes and so on, they've all been damaged. Things like you don't even think about t but the vacuum cleaners.At the local primary school, flooding damaged the floor. The deluge came straight through the administration block of Orford primary school. All the carpet has now been taken up. Workers are confident of having the school ready for returning students next week. Orford's golf course was perhaps more suited to water sports. This is the worst one in my 12 years here. A couple of years ago we had one where it was probably half as much as that, but we had 206 mm yesterday in eight hours or so. So it's the worst one I've seen. And across the road, the caravan park was forced to turn customers away during its busiest time of the year. Owner Chris Chapman is looking at the positives. Last weekend, we were full and next weekend we're full. So it was a good weekend to happen.One of the major challenges for emergency service crews are small rivers like this. When the floodwaters came yesterday, they rose above the banks, washing debris through the streets. And that means some heavy lifting had to be done today. It was a similar story all up the east coast. The worst of the weather is over, but the clean-up continues. A Macedonian orthodox monk has thanked God and police officers after he was rescued from a burning building in Melbourne's north. The officers arrived at the Preston church before fire crews, prompting a leap of faith. The priest was back at work today, after leaping from a burning building into the arms of the angels in blue. Thank you ... to the ... all police ... service who held me and saved my life. I wish peace in life and God bless to him. To them. Ha ha! Police on patrol saw smoke coming from the church, but the fire was too intense to get inside. Six officers linked arms about 4m below the window. Sort of counted 1, 2, 3 and he has listened to us and took the leap of faith and it all worked out very well. The Father says the smoke was so thick, he couldn't get back down the stairs and he was finding it hard to breathe so he pushed open the flyscreen on this window but as you can see, it's a terrifying drop. He says he knew God was on his side. Did you have time to say a prayer before you jumped at all?Yes. In my heart. What did you say?"God have mercy on me." Fire crews say the blaze started when rain leaked into an electrical box and caused $100,000 damage. The congregation is just glad the Father is OK.This is true example for intervention of God. Holy help with a few extra hands. After 36 days trapped underground, four miners in China are recovering in hospital, thanks to a dramatic rescue operation. They'd survived on food and water passed through a narrow borehole as teams above raced to drill an access tunnel. China correspondent Bill Birtles reports. From deep below the ground, an extraordinary tale of survival. One by one, the four miners were carefully pulled up through a narrow hole, drilled 200m deep. The group had been trapped there since the gypsum mine in eastern Shandong province collapsed on Christmas Day. For five days they were in the dark and out of contact. And then, against the odds, rescuers detected signs of life. News that four men were still alive triggered a frantic but delicate rescue mission. More boreholes were drilled and supplies were threaded down. But more cave-ins underground showed things down and the weight - and the wait and the 7 square metre living space was taking its toll. Thank you so much for the ongoing rescue operations. I feel relieved and safer now.I hope we can be lifted to the surface soon. Thank you for your efforts. Despite the ordeal, the men were relatively healthy when pulled to the surface.TRANSLATION: The four miners are all in a stable condition and they're conscious. Only one of them has suffered a fibula fracture on his left side. While there's relief, there's no celebration. Another 14 piners died in the accident, while the mine owner committed suicide in the aftermath. But in a country where mining accidents are far too common, the successful rescue is a rare piece of good news. Two of Italy's most dangerous mobsters have been found hiding in a secret mountainside bunker more than a decade after they went on the run. Anti-Mafia police surprised the crime bogses as they slept in their cold and cramped hideaway. Authorities say they'd been living like animals, but were still controlling part of Europe's biggest cocaine syndicate. Police I discovered an arsenal of weapons including a machine-gun, foims and and detonators. The men are wanted for murder, extortion and Mafia association. A new Smartphone game in Indonesia lets users relive the Jakarta terrorism attacks of just a couple of weeks ago. Children as young as 3 get to fire slingshots at one of the attackers. The game has the backing of police, while its developer says he hopes it will make kids more aware of terrorism. Indonesian correspondent Adam Harvey reports. Against Jakarta's nimble fingered 9-year-olds, the terrorist Afif hasn't got a hope. (Speaking another language) The January 14 attacker is the villain in a new Smartphone game called "annihilate the terrorists". It's won the backing of police and its target audience.TRANSLATION: It is exciting. It was good to shoot the terrorists. TRANSLATION: I used catapults to attack the terrorists. It took game developer Aji just three days to build the game, which can be downloaded for free. It was his response to a black day. I'm angry. TRANSLATION: I was angry initially, because they disturbed Indonesia. It was a safe and tolerant country, but because they committed this act of terror, they disturb ed the peace in Indonesia. Frankly, I am not scared, but I am angry that they did a cowardly act. You want to supply here. You almost game over! Game over! Ha ha ha! Your score is of 40. It's good! Laughing about what happened just down the road two weeks ago may seem a little strange to western eyes. But it's a pretty good embodiment of the slogan that took hold just after the attacks: (speaks another language) "We are not afraid". You win this game just by playing it. If a marathon is a test of endurance, running seven of them in a row could be the ultimate challenge. A mother from Sydney has done just that, completing her seventh race on seven continents in just seven days. In doing, so she's raised money to fight cancer the, after surviving the disease herself. From across the world, to across the line. Heather Hawkins ends her mammoth journey in the early hours of the morning at Manly beach. She's one of 15 competitors who've pushed their bodies to the absolute limit. Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. The world marathon challenge is regarded as one of the most gruelling events in the world. Athletes battle the freezing temperatures of Antarctica before flying to Chile, then the United States, Spain, Morocco, Dubai and, finally ending the 294-kilometre race in Sydney. The 50-year-old has been running competitively since beating ovarian cancer in 2007. I guess when you get a scare like that you realise how precious life is. And I really wanted to, from there, live life to the full and do things as a family and do things personally. And also raise awareness in particular for ovarian cancer.It's not the first time the mother two of has tackled an extreme sport. Last year she was the female winner of the North Pole Marathon. What a run! Oh! That was really special! And an amazing race.But for now it's home on the harbour while she contemplates her next chapter. Now I think: wow, what next? Kind of leaves you with that feeling, you've been looking to something for so long, to experience it and then, yeah, to any what next? What will be my next challenge, which I haven't really decided on yet. Whatever that next challenge is, Heather Hawkins is living life to the full. It's finals weekend in Melbourne, with the biggest names in tennis fighting out the Australian Open deciders. Damian McIver is at Melbourne Park. It's not long now until Germany's Angelique Kerber embarks on the toughest challenge in women's tennis. She will be taking on Serena Williams in the final of the Australian Open, it's her 33rd Grand Slam, first time she has advanced to her final. Her opponent is gunning for her 22nd gram are Grand Slam title which would draw her level with Steffi Graf and just two show of Margaret Court's all-time record. Serena Williams has won six times in Melbourne but this is the first time she has advanced to the final without dropping a single cement. Angelique Kerber has done it the tough way. She advanced after beating Yohanna Konta. But if you look at the form line of the two players, it'd be a stunning upset if Angelique Kerber could beat as well as this evening. The men's final tomorrow night is a repeat of last year's decider. Novak Djokovic looking to win his sixth Australian Open title. A possibility for me to make history, which of course is another great imperative for me for tomorrow's match. These are the kind of matches that you work for, these are the kind of occasions that define you as a tennis player. So I will try to do my best, obviously and get my hands on that trophy again.Andy Murray the fiflth time he has advanced to a final but he is yet to claim the title. Plenty of interest and excitement building here in Melbourne. It should be two classic finals over the weekend. Australia will have a new skipper for tomorrow's Twenty20 clash against India at the SCG after an injury to Aaron Finch. As the Aussies arrived in Sydney following their loss to India last night, Shane Watson was named as captain for the match, while Usman Khawaja and Cameron Bancroft have been added to the squad. Regular T20 skipper Finch injured his harm strong during last night's 27-run loss to ind ya, leaving the home side desperate to win the third and final game to avoid a whitewash. Well, getting completely outplayed in all three departments at the moment, bat, ball and the field. Their batters are in outstanding touch and they have been all summer. We're struggling to get early wickets and get into their middle order. There area playing exceptionally well no, doubt about that.Australia has booked a spot in the Wellington Rugby Sevens quarterfinals after two wins from as many matches in Stage 3 of this season's competition. The Aussies accounted for Canada 26-22 and earlier a light tray from Tom Lucas helped with a narrow 19-12 win over Portugal. Meanwhile dual international Sonny Bill Williams scored with his opening touch in Rugby Sevens as the hosts smashed Russia 38-7. Away it goes to Pulu. Stepping. And Sonny Bill Williams scores with his first touch. It's a gift. Australian golfing young gun Ryan Ruffles has made it to the weekend of the PGA event in San Diego. The 17-year-old carded a second-round 73 to be 1 under, 8 behind leaders Gary Woodland and KH Choi Choi. The news wasn't so good for Jason Day who's battled a virus. He's missed the cut. Ouch.I mean, it's a little bit more frustrating, knowing that I put a lot of good prep coming into this week and then I got sick on Friday night and haven't picked up a club until Thursday. So that was frustrating. You can't really come in to this tournament prepared the way I wanted to, especially when I'm defending champion. He's not the only big name to have the weekend off. Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler also missed the cut. Let's take a look at the weather. Tropical cyclone Stan is approaching the northern WA coast, causing wind and rain to increase. A pair of troughs associated with a low is triggering showers over Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia, with showers and storms over New South Wales and Victoria. A deep trough is producing thunderstorms over the southern part of Western Australia. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

A Hobart man has turned his backyard into a native bird rescue centre, specialising in Australian tawny frogmouths. Over the past five years, David Joyce has nursed 64 of the nocturnal birds back to health. That's about one a month. The most common injury is concussion, caused by the bird flying into something. The little ones are fed at least four times through the night and need plenty of exercise. Because they're young, they need fledgling and they need some physio. So we do a little bit of flight physio. Just flapping. Their rescuer says the best bit is seeing them fly away when they're better. And that is the latest news for now. I'm Adrian Raschella. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. The Mix is up next. This program is not captioned.

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