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Live captioning by Ai-Media and homes damaged
Tonight - roads swallowed smashed by another storm.
as Sydney's A young woman fighting for life are hit by a car at Strathfield.
after three friends Trapped by the flames - to save residents
the desperate operation from a Surry Hills fire. Mitchell Pearce
Mates rally around all unravelled is identified.
as the Bondi apartment where it And the $3 billion solution Sydney parents.
to cut child care costs for

Good evening. powerful storm.
Sydney has been lashed by another The cell swept in this afternoon Mountains to the CBD.
hammering suburbs from the Blue Kirribilli.
Cassandra Wood joins us from been?
Cass, how fierce has this storm

with many of these summer storms
Georgie, as has been the case

in recent weeks, this one hit late this afternoon, plenty of rain.
bringing with it, as you can see, the west
This storm cell moved in from south-western suburbs first,
and hit our west and of the areas
Rossmore and Blacktown among some copping an extreme drenching. areas was Winston Hills
But one of the worst affected and, as you're about to see,
with streets flooded underwater.
there are still plenty of cars

arrived it was still a shock.
We had the warnings, but when it Sydney has seen it all -
In the past hour, coming from.
I had no idea where it was all It's awesome! Cranebrook...
Thunder and lightning at with the road barely visible...
..driving rain across Penrith

in the Blue Mountains.
It was much the same It's right over us. winds.
There were also destructive at Mount Druitt,
Trees came crashing down the M4,
drivers forced to pull over on waiting for the deluge to pass. as it came.
And it did - going as quickly last night -
Flood rescues were frequent late the SES was called out to
this one at Austral one of 15 yet destructive, storm.
in the wake of a short, had receded.
By this morning, the floodwaters

able to retrieve their van.
And the Alameddine family was the street
The water just pushed him down and he was really scared. light show -
It brought with it a spectacular 13,000 lightning strikes area.
recorded across the Sydney metro

Between seven last night and to top 120
this morning. There were gusts of Glenfield.
120 km an hour recorded at wedged
Glenfield. This caravan tipped over neighbour
wedged inside of a family home.One had
neighbour came out and thought we was
had bought another caravan but it The
was on his side and he was confused. also
The SES was not only kept busy but Brooklyn
also police and paramedics at forced
Brooklyn where passengers were overhead
forced to evacuate the train where Hawkesbury
overhead wiring came out at rain
Hawkesbury River Station. With more message,
rain on the way tonight, the flooded
message, as always, do not enter flooded roads.

is in hospital
A camper has died and a teenager parts of Queensland overnight.
after wild weather tore across by a falling tree
The 68-year-old man was struck park at Hervey Bay.
as the storm struck a caravan nearby
A 17-year-old girl was injured after being struck by lightning. the country,
Meanwhile on the other side of in Western Australia
residents in Pilbara gusts of up to 170km/h.
are bracing themselves for wind to hit the region
Tropical Cyclone Stan is expected later tonight.
as a category three system

for three friends
A night out has turned to tragedy in Strathfield.
mowed down while crossing a road pedestrian light.
It appears the trio had a green questioned by police.
The driver is now being

changed in an instant -
The lives of three young friends

while crossing the road
mowed down on their way to get dinner. a night of fun, turned to horror.
What was meant to be

the green man was indicating,
I was about to walk, when and thank god I didn't

I delayed for one and half seconds cleaned
because otherwise I would have been cleaned up.

Louisa Huang
21-year-old medicine student with critical head injuries.
was rushed to hospital was bleeding heavily
25-year-old Glen Surjadinata but somehow was still talking.
and had a fractured pelvis, suffered a broken shoulder
20-year-old Michael Stramandinoli and lung injuries. on the road.
There was a pool of blood everywhere.
There were thongs and shoes

was one of disbelief.
The driver's expression Police believe on Raw Square at Strathfield
he was heading north and ran a red light. There was no evidence of braking. forced to dive out of the way.
Two other pedestrians

was conveyed to Concord Hospital
A 35-year-old male driver

was conveyed to Concord Hospital
A 35-year-old male driver blood and urine testing.
last night, for mandatory

exactly what went wrong
As police piece together to come forward.
they're asking witnesses

minding their own businesses,
It appears they were of Strathfield, I believe,
walking to the restaurant area vehicle.
when they were struck by a motor that's for sure.
So, it's not very nice

from Westmead Hospital.
Renae Henry joins us live on the victims' conditions?
Renae, you've got an update a critical condition
Louisa Huang remains in essentially clinging to life.
in intensive care, stable at the RPA Hospital.
Her two friends are fortunately As for the driver, breath test at the scene.
he provided a negative he's so far told police
It's understood that he wasn't paying attention. and their families.
Cold comfort for these victims Charges are expected to be laid.

Two men have been rescued

in Surry Hills.
after fire tore through a home the blaze,
It's believed a candle sparked terrace
which spread to a neighbouring billowing over the inner city.
and sent a blanket of smoke

after being trapped by flames.
Scrambling to safely on the balcony
We had a person trapped

on the balcony
We had a person trapped ground floor
and we also had a person on the inhalation.
who was suffering from smoke

in their Surry Hills home
The men had become stranded in one of the bedrooms
after a fire broke out shortly before 9:00 this morning.

was started by a candle
At this stage we think the fire the occupants.
in a bedroom of one of

for thick, black smoke
It didn't take long above the two-storey terrace.
to begin billowing into the air desperately to douse the flames,
As emergency crews tried had just minutes to evacuate
surrounding residents fire could spread.
with fears the out-of-control

The flames were about 2m high. and the smell was pretty strong.
Yeah, it was pretty full-on

The heat so intense hanging on a nearby clothesline.
it melted washing

onto neighbouring properties
Out the back window we can look the flames coming straight up
and we could just see and through their roof.

in intensity
As the flames increased to a neighbouring terrace,
they quickly spread fuelled by files and books in the shared roof space.
that were being stored

to be taken from this
The message were alerted to the fire
was the residents by a working smoke alarm. smoke alarm
So, without that working potentially died.
residents could have

smoke inhalation,
As well as suffering at the scene for shock.
one of the men was also treated

friends says
One of Mitchell Pearce's closest

who is rattled
he feels for the NRL star bender.
after video of an Australia Day The Roosters have confirmed has been flown overseas
the 26-year-old a rehabilitation clinic.
to spend time at

this is ground zero -
In the Mitchell Pearce saga,

captain disgraced himself,
the Bondi flat where the Roosters on a knife's edge.
and left his career hanging today were ducking for cover,
Media shy, the female residents they'd witnessed this lewd act.
but just days ago

Pearce expressed remorse,

for a mere 30 seconds
fronting the cameras before he vanished overseas. The Roosters confirming a rehabilitation clinic
he's headed to with his mother by his side.

a sporting event.
The player was meant to attend His teammates also a no-show. his own enemy,
But even if he's been prepared to offer support.
there are some who are still

I've spoken to him. he's a bit shaken up.
Understandably what's gone on.
He's a little bit rattled by kids.
I've known him since we were bloke.
He's nothing but a respectful mine.
He's nothing but a great mate of He enjoys a beer like we all do.

the harbour on Australia Day,
After a sanctioned club outing on be wishing
Mitchell Pearce will no doubt to this Bondi apartment.
that he hadn't come back here Now still hanging over his head, drugs were consumed that day.
the question as to whether suggest
Text messages revealed yesterday this may have been the case. But police have confirmed by the NRL integrity unit.
they have not been contacted

from Melbourne
A Qantas flight which departed

unscheduled stop in Sydney
has been forced to make an due to a medical incident. thousands of litres of fuel
The LA bound jet had to dump safely.
before it was able to land at Sydney airport
A female passenger was unloaded before the plane took off again. Brisbane
A quick-thinking shop owner in with a somewhat unlikely weapon.
has startled two armed robbers and a lighter
The man used a can of fly spray the pair,
to send flames soaring towards and drop his gun on the floor.
causing one to stumble backwards bandits away,
The attack didn't scare the but it did confuse them, before they raided the till.
giving the worker time to escape

will resume next week
Federal Parliament

and education
with fights over child care for the election year.
setting the tone There's good news for families from both parties.
with sweeteners in the United States,
But as Julie Bishop discovered can quickly turn.
even the most civil discussions

Cal, just let it go. On foreign soil, her diplomatic side.
the Foreign Minister showing to answer this?
Would you like me In a moment. Oh, thank you. Interrupted twice, the famous death stare,
there was no sign of just a smile and a shrug. talk to me, do you?
You don't want to actually to meet with you.
Because I've offered Back home... (CHEERING) a much tougher fight.
..Bill Shorten facing Let's own it. Let's enjoy it.
We are the underdogs. Labor releasing figures, $4.5 billion of education funding
showing where its promised would be allocated -

would be allocated - over a billion dollars each.
NSW and Victoria claiming talking about dollars.
We are not just having the resources
We are talking about that are making a difference.
to invest in the programs They promise enormous spending it can be used most effectively
with no idea of how they will pay for it.
and no idea of how

school funding continues,
While the fight over low- and middle-income families
new figures show under proposed childcare changes
will be better off or volunteering.
if they're working

If it takes time and commitment childcare -
where you need to access to look for work, or volunteer
to work, to study, you'll get the support you need.

The Government remains hopeful the Senate crossbench
they'll convince before this year's election.
to support the changes now a battle ground.
The school ground

as an animal
A teenager who was described for a horrific murder in 1988
when sentenced to life in prison is making a bid for freedom. years in jail
Bronson Blessington has spent 28 Janine Balding -
for his role in the killing of he was 14 at the time. His only hope of release Governor accepts
is if the New South Wales a mercy petition. Friends have paid tribute killed in a plane crash
to four people off the Victorian coast. are among the victims
A husband and wife the water for the plane itself
with police still scouring what went wrong.
as investigators try to determine and Don Hateley
Ian Chamberlain, Daniel Flynn all enjoyed flying, was to be very their last.
but yesterday's trip they were nice people.
Pretty sad, really, along with Ian's wife
The three men, the Piper Cherokee 235
were on board off the Bellarine Peninsula.
when it plunged into the ocean today, recovering more debris.
Search crews returned to the site scoured the ocean floor
Divers armed with sonar equipment and the remaining victim,
for the plane fuselage believed to be Daniel Flynn. there's a fourth person
At this stage, I believe still in the plane. with some of them
Michael Collet had dinner the night before the crash.

Yeah, just great.
Nice people. all about common things,
Talked, chatted, not necessarily flying. yesterday morning,
The flight took off in Bass Strait.
headed for King Island 12:30pm, it hit the water
However, in poor weather around 2km off Victoria's central coast. No distress call was made. down is still a mystery -
What caused the plane to come Transport Safety Bureau
investigators from the Australian and determine what went wrong.
arrived late today to try who the pilot was yesterday,
It's still not yet clear fly the aircraft.
as all three men were licensed to I'm very upset. He was a really nice man with him at the fence.
and we always had a good chat

in this search,
More than 100 people are involved focusing on land and sea and Port Lonsdale.
between Thirteenth Beach As the investigation continues, wash up along the shoreline.
authorities expect more debris to should contact police.
Anyone who comes across it

where that location is,
We've got a very good idea the water around that location
and currently, we're sweeping today.
and hope to find the plane

has resigned
SES Commissioner Adam Dent mid-range drink driving.
after being convicted of double the legal limit
The 35-year-old blew almost in Wollongong last year.
when he was pulled over Greg Newton
SES Deputy Commissioner since his appointment in 2014.
has praised Mr Dent's service

South Wales SES
Adam's service has left the New the needs
better prepared to respond to community.
of the New South Wales

as Acting Commissioner
Mr Newton will serve until the role is filled. in China
Four miners have been rescued weeks trapped underground.
after spending more than five was pulled to safety,
Crowds watched on as the group last month.
following the mine's collapse

but finally free.
Weak and exhausted (SPEAKS FOREIGN LANGUAGE) underground,
After 36 days trapped are brought to the surface
four Chinese miners rescue operation.
following a long and perilous (CHEERING) into applause
Waiting crowds erupt the men are winched out.
as one by one originally trapped
They were among 29 more than 200m below the surface in collapsed on Christmas Day.
when the mine they were working and 11 others freed soon after.
One was pronounced dead as rescuers frantically searched.
But 17 still remained stuck

Locating four of them,

spent weeks drilling down,
more than 700 emergency workers through a narrow opening.
passing food and drinks geological conditions meant
But complicated unstable and the operation slow.
the tunnels they'd made were used their phones
The miners trapped below those trying to save them.
to record the ordeal and thanked

Safely above ground,

to hospital for examination
the men were quickly taken a stable condition.
where doctors say they're in and rescue
Efforts now continue to locate the 13 miners still missing.

this afternoon.
Sydney has been swamped on the wild weather.
Here's Belinda with the latest

thunderstorm warning
There is still a severe in place tonight - thundering in from the north-east
another massive storm front and heavy rainfall.
bringing damaging winds, hail so far -
These are the biggest totals in just one hour.
40mm dumped over Penrith a drenching.
Badgerys Creek also got Only 17mm in Horsley Park, in just 10 minutes,
but all of that fell so far.
while the city has picked up 6mm month,
It tops up the totals for this start to the year on record.
some suburbs having their wettest 243mm has fallen over the city 100mm -
and we usually only get around even more in our west. 306mm recorded in Penrith - the long-term average.
more than triple to go.
And there's still one more day last day of January
I'll have a full forecast for the Georgie.
later on in the bulletin,

leap of faith -
In the news ahead, jump for his life
we speak to the monk forced to from a burning church. stop you being ripped off.
The health insurance crackdown to head-on smash survive?
Also, how did everyone in this to Aussie captain -
And from test reject comeback.
Shane Watson's remarkable

The strict new laws dividing is back
Plus the clothesline diet mum of women.
reshaping a new generation Tomorrow on 'Today'.

This program is not captioned. How Warner switch-hit a six that big
is a mystery. Just like Daryl
staying in that night. Don't be a Daryl. Don't miss Australia take on India
in the KFC T20 International. January 31 at the SCG. Book your free kids' tickets

This program is not captioned. A monk has praised police from a burning church.
who caught him after he leapt he also has God to thank
Father Soluncev says from the fire in Melbourne.
for his remarkable escape a baptism of fire.
The morning after They grab me.
They very good people. Father Nikodim Soluncev woke
Just after midnight, from his residence
to find smoke billowing Macedonian Orthodox church.
at St Nikola's saw the blaze
Patrolling police officers for help.
and heard the monk's cries God have mercy on me. of the window onto the ledge.
Father Nikodim climbed out linked arms, urging him to jump,
3.5m below, six officers before catching him safely. but knew they had to act fast.
Police called for backup,

"One, two, three!",
Sort of counted, and took a leap of faith,
and he's listened to us very well.
and it's all worked out escaped without injury -
Incredibly, the 37-year-old the dramatic rescue,
and just hours after he was back to work at church. all the police service.
Thank you to full of praise
Shocked parishioners for the quick-thinking officers. It's amazing. to save him, you know.
Really good of the police men

At the time of the fire, from the ground floor
thick smoke began to billow up along this wall. and ran to the window,
Father Nikodim jumped out of bed where he opened it to raise the alarm.
and bashed out the flywire screen to be have been sparked
The electrical fire is believed by a water-damaged switchboard, $100,000.
the clean-up bill costing around counting his blessings, and says
But Father Nikodim is just be divine intervention.
the officers' presence could

a sign of God,
He knew that there was a sign, and he knew that he had to jump, safe hands.
and he knew he was in

by the Federal Government
Health insurers have been ordered another jump in premiums.
to justify The Health Minister says steep price hikes unacceptable
consumers are finding the and unaffordable.

Staying healthy can be a pain

the ever increasing cost
when it comes to of private health insurance. It's irritating. rid of it,
My husband really wants to get him it's there for a reason.
and I just have to keep telling You need it.

You need it. 25 years we've have had it - it's gone up quick a fair bit.
you know, from the early days That's very frustrating, yes.

has stepped in,
Now, the Federal Health Minister requests to raise premiums again.
demanding insurers justify their premiums of around 6%
Five years of increases of

premiums of around 6%
Five years of increases of for the consumer to bear.
is a little too much Yeah, it's a bit greedy.
Every year, 6%? In the past six years, by more than 30%.
premiums have risen cumulatively with hospital and extras cover
So, in 2010, a single female insurers
with one of the most popular $900 a year.
would have paid around more than $1,200
Now, she's looking at forking out in premiums, annually. and not acceptable to consumers.
That is just not affordable to think again.
So, I'm asking the funds

But Private Healthcare Australia prices
insurers are forced to raise hospital and specialist costs.
to cope with a 7% jump in

above inflation every year.
Health costs are going up way lightly
And health funds do not take the need to put up premiums.

doing OK.
But some insurers seem to be is forecasting
Medibank Private, for example, $470 million this financial year.
an operating profit of will dump their cover,
The Minister fears more people on the public system.
putting extra pressure of not having health insurance
But some consumers say the price is too high.

You have to have it. who wants to wait?
I mean, if something goes wrong,

It's been revealed Hillary Clinton used at her home
an unsecured server contained top secret emails. contained information
It's thought the 22 messages government projects,
about clandestine but it's unclear or simply received the emails.
if Ms Clinton sent has been an issue
Her use of a home server her presidential campaign
throughout she put US security at risk
with accusations because it was unsecured.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev
Lawyers for Boston bomber

have launched an appeal and conviction.
against his death sentence who carried out the attacks
The 22-year-old and hundreds more injured,
that left three people dead to be moved to death row.
is currently waiting to reverse a decision,
His lawyers also hope denying a motion for a new trial.

an horrific head-on car crash
Two people have survived in Canada. the oncoming traffic
A ute crossed into a small black car -
and ploughed into the front of both vehicles obliterated. of the two drivers.
A local boxer came to the rescue

this Saturday evening,
Still ahead smashing property records -
the humble beach shacks they fetch.
you won't believe the price for Parklea Markets?
And what's next iconic Western Sydney precinct.
The uncertain future of the That's still to come. all the sport with Neil Breen.
But up next, Good evening, Georgie. looked over a few months ago,
His international career to captain Australia at the SCG.
but now Shane Watson is set Djokovic from making history
Can Andy Murray stop Novak at the Australian Open? A-League after a 7-goal thriller.
And the Wanderers top of the

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This program is not captioned.

cast aside by Test selectors,
Just months after being a stunning return
Shane Watson has completed to international cricket. in tomorrow's Twenty20 game
He'll captain Australia went down with injury.
at the SCG, after Aaron Finch an earlier flight to Sydney
Shane Watson caught than his teammates - Australia's new skipper.
maybe some special treatment for during last year's Ashes series,
After being dropped appeared over.
Watson's international career a recall to the T20 side
But the all-rounder earned against India tomorrow.
and will now lead the Aussies Obviously, with his experience that he's played for Australia
the amount of cricket and T20 cricket in particular. So, he's probably the standout. Watson's chance came a hamstring injury
after Aaron Finch picked up in Melbourne last night. Usman Khawaja called up
The summer's form batsman at the top of the order.
to replace Finch

in the one-dayers team,
When I didn't get picked I wasn't too worried. coming up.
There's a lot of cricket

I was really happy with the way I was hitting the

desperately needs reinforcements.
Khawaja comes into a team that Oh! That is very good. again at the MCG.
The Indian batsmen dominated Virat Kohli leading the way from their 20 overs.
as the tourists posted 184 when Finch was in full flight.
Australia looked on track Oh, hello. What a way to go to 50, that is. for the skipper.
But there was no support India sharp in the field. from Ravi Jadeja.
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant

The Aussies limping to 157. completely outplayed
Well, we're getting at the moment.
in all three departments There's no panic yet being just over a month away.
despite the T20 World Cup

so far throughout the series.
We've had quite a few debutants or heading to New Zealand
We've got some players resting over there.
preparing for that series at the moment
So the make-up of our side compared to the World Cup might be completely different.

her seventh Australian Open title
Serena Williams is looking for German Angelique Kerber
when she takes on in tonight's final. The men's decider sees face off.
the top two players in the world, the red-hot Novak Djokovic.
Andy Murray hoping to stop A night owl in recent days, to take centre stage once more -
Novak Djokovic is ready some slightly different praise
but first, for Serena Williams. I've seen her stretching

I've seen her stretching vertically against a tree.
and lift her leg up impressive stretches I've seen
It was one of the most ever in my life. That explained many things.

slice of history tonight.
While she chases her own equal Roy Emerson's record
Djokovic can tomorrow night of six Australian Open titles.

of six Australian Open titles. history
The fact that I'm able to make encouragement
is just an additional and incentive for me to do well.

But the world number one admits have their downside.
the recent plaudits in the way, mentally
It also imposes a great obstacle because you need to deliver. is Andy Murray
Waiting for him in the final two sets to one down
after he came from against Milos Raonic.

a case of fifth time lucky.
The Scot hoping it will be achievement,
Five finals is a great me.
so you can't take that away from there's no mental scarring
Murray adamant at Melbourne Park.
from his previous defeats

disappointments, it's like
All the previous

It doesn't matter what has happened in the past, really.

to ponder what might have been
Raonic, meanwhile, was left by a groin injury
after being hampered before making his exit.

Probably the most heartbroken I've been on court.

looks bright
Australia's tennis future the Junior Boy's title
with Oliver Anderson claiming this afternoon.
at the Australian Open an injury concern
The 17-year-old brushed aside 6-1.
to run away with the deciding set of former Australian winners.
He joins an illustrious list

The Wanderers coach has declared following
his side genuine contenders over
following their emphatic victory The
over seventh placed Melbourne city. 4-3
The Wanderers sit clear, led to a 4-3 win.

new dynamic duo.
They're the Wanderers' combination
And the Mark Bridge, Mitch Nicols

Looking more dangerous by the game. They have been deadly tonight.

linked up
The veteran and his new recruit a 3-0 lead
to gift Western Sydney earning him special praise
with Bridge's double from the coach.

Nothing really seems to save Bridge, he
I think he is playing better than he ever has at our club.

with two quick-fire stunners.
City kept their hopes alive Forterolli! Melbourne City, here they come. were snuffed out
But any hopes of miracle comeback Brendan Santalab.
by the ever-reliant Santalab does.
Castala to wrap it up. How close the game was.

That maybe takes some gloss off but players.
I don't want that to worry the win.
players. A brilliant and fantastic

we wereexcellent.
For 75 minutes genuine contenders.
We have to be A wonder goal from Wayne Rooney beat Derby
has helped Manchester United of the FA Cup.
in the fourth round set to continue
United's woes looked before halftime.
when the hosts pulled a goal back with two second-half strikes
But the Red Devils responded to seal the win on their under-fire manager.
and ease the pressure a winning start
Australia has made underway in Wellington,
to their Rugby Sevens campaign to claim a 19-12 victory
coming from behind in their opener against Portugal. It didn't stop there. to defeat Canada and Kenya,
The Aussies then went on on top of their pool.
to finish the day a successful Seven's debut,
Sonny Bill Williams had 38-7 win over lowly Russia.
scoring a try in New Zealand's After battling a virus, has missed cut
Australia's Jason Day at the Farmers Insurance Open. a 2 over 74 at Torrey Pines,
The world number two shot to defend his title.
missing out on the chance

The 17-year-old Australian made the Gary
cut, managing a 1/73, he trails Gary Woodland by eight shots.

And in the NBL, the losses
the Sydney Kings keep racking up to the Cairns Taipans.
going down 81-76 a step closer
The defeat puts the Kings wooden spoon in five years.
to claiming their first

In this tough town, bottom of the ladder is not where you want to be.

In the news ahead, Prince 'Cheering' - hollering from the sidelines.
the games that have Harry where time stood still until now.
Touring the war tunnels are being used again.
Why the secret bunkers for these seaside shacks?
How much would you pay of absolute beachfront bliss.
We'll reveal the staggering price to Bond films -
And they went from farms for a classic four-wheel-drive.
now it's the end of the line

This program is not captioned.

very close to his heart,
It's an important cause the athletes
and today Prince Harry cheered on in this year's Invictus Games.
hoping to compete women and veterans
The wounded servicemen, spent some time with the Prince head-to-head.
as they prepared to go

to his favourite sporting event
The countdown is on

he was on hand
and Prince Harry made sure to support the athletes the British Invictus Games team.
hoping to make The event began in 2014 servicemen and women.
for sick, injured and wounded to Orlando, Florida.
This year teams will travel And as the founder of the Games, Prince Harry has always been most vocal cheerleader.
the athlete's

from the military last year
The 31-year-old retired after a decade of service to help those
and now he goes to great lengths to serve their countries.
who have made sacrifices

Prince Harry will join

or wounded servicemen and women
more than 500 sick, injured from around the world later this year
when they head to Orlando and just like last time, among the competitors.
a strong Aussie team will be in early May.
The Games will get underway

rolled off the production line,
The last Land Rover Defender has

of the classic four-by-four.
ending almost seven decades the royal family
A favourite among and exported across the world, the iconic British vehicle from surplus military parts.
was originally developed have been sold
More than 2 million since production began in 1948 safety or emission standards.
but it's no longer able to meet

the British Government
For the first time in decades,

secret war tunnels
is opening up the country's buried underneath London. a fascinating insight
The hideouts give into life during World War II, fled underground
when tens of thousands to hide from German bombs.

your average London high-street.
This may look like You'd certainly never know Clapham South station
that beneath of secrets.
lies a subterranean chamber into the old rickety elevator,
Through a side door, below ground,
then down nine floors and here it is -
through a another steel door underground bomb shelters.
one of the city's biggest

There are a series of chambers

people in this one location.
designed to sleep more than 8,000 probably have around 500 people.
In a single chamber, you As you can imagine to say the least.
that would be close and personal hand dug in the early 1940s
The tunnels were remarkably at the height of the Blitz across London.
as German bombs wreaked havoc worrying, very frightening.
It must have been hugely

worrying, very frightening.
It must have been hugely left, right and centre.
Houses being demolished were really important.
And these deep level tunnels

Today, the tunnels ooze history. who bunkered down here
The names of those are still etched on the roofs, still fill the cramped spaces.
while the old spring bunks how they slept back then
Although it is hard to imagine with the tube line roaring above.

it gives you a real insight
These tunnels are so vast during the Blitz in London.
into what it was like absolutely fascinating.
I find it

the tunnels have been used
Since the war, to house American servicemen from the Caribbean
as will as migrants in the 1960s.
before being shut down After decades in the dark, opened up for public visits
the secret war tunnels will be from the middle of this year. years,
But even now after all these at war again,
if somehow Britain did end up the government has the right straight away
to cancel all the tours operational yet again.
and make these facilities never comes.
But hopefully that phone call

or running water
It may not have electricity

in Melbourne
but this cosy beach box is smashing real estate records. on the iconic Brighton foreshore
The humble wooden shack sold for a staggering $285,000. was the lucky bidder.
An 87-year-old grandfather

was the lucky bidder.
An 87-year-old grandfather

I love the colours.

down to this beach.
I used to bring my children for an impressive $280,000.
A second beach box also sold

In the news ahead, bargains there for 27 years -
Sydneysiders have been bagging so what now for Parklea markets? has been pulled from shelves.
Why a popular children's toy And highway hazard - slip away?
what made this busy road

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This program is not captioned.

Now to our top stories. calls for help in the past hour
There have been more than 100 Sydney's west and south-west.
as flash flooding sweeps through for three friends
A night out has turned to tragedy in Strathfield.
mowed down while crossing a road in support of Mitchell Pearce
And players have come out seeking rehabilitation.
who's now overseas

for bargain hunters
It's been a popular fixture for almost three decades, is under a cloud.
but Parklea Markets' future seem to be behind it
The sprawling market's best days in western Sydney is up for sale
and now the huge site a very real prospect.
with redevelopment

When it opened in 1987,

5km traffic jams.
Parklea Markets drew Crowds often exceeded 60,000. from all over Sydney,
I think we used to get people

from all over Sydney,
I think we used to get people Central Coast, South Coast. from the beginning.
Ian Willmington has been here It was really busy, flat out. around the aisles,
You could hardly walk there were so many people.

# Have a Parklea Markets day. # Sunnyholt Road, Parklea. But fewer people than ever part of their day.
are making Parklea Markets is a relative newcomer.
Shoe-seller Yas Kadivar in just three years.
He says much has changed

was very busy,
Saturday and Sunday you can have a look and see,
but these days not too many people, actually.

So, it's up for sale. the 22 hectare site includes
As well as the market, two fast food restaurants,
a service station, a steakhouse, a car wash undeveloped land.
and around 8 hectares of Commercial agents estimate $60-80 million.
it could fetch between With much of the area around it for homes and businesses,
now redeveloped it is prime real estate. does still have its fans.
But the market itself

does still have its fans.
But the market itself to have a look,
For a stroll around good prices a variety of stalls. quite friendly, very friendly.
People here are actually department stores
You go into other the service.
and you've got to find with prices, I think, too.
It's good for young families

over its zoning
A row with Blacktown Council before it began.
almost ended Parklea Markets the costs of the $140,000 fine
Public fundraising helped cover stepped in to save it.
until the State Government in the almost three decades
The reality is that since this market opened, in the way we shop.
much has changed a huge impact on retailers
The internet alone has had larger than these.

larger than these. now more interested
I think people are all Westfield-type places,
in going to more comfortable,
where it's air-conditioned, underground parking. rough and ready.
Where here, it's sort of Rough and ready or not, this western Sydney landmark go.
many would be sad to see

To some breaking news now - at Lakemba.
and there's a house well alight make their way into the property
Fire crews are trying to in Quigg Street South. if anybody is inside.
It's not yet known a lightning strike in the area
Residents say there was before the fire started. to recall a popular toy
Safety fears have prompted Big W from its shelves. in the Tinkers Wooden Garage
A loose screw for young children.
could be a choking hazard the toy to any Big W store.
Customers are urged to return

has remained tight-lipped
Singer Mariah Carey

Aussie billionaire James Packer.
about her upcoming nuptials to in New York earlier this month,
He proposed to the star with a 35-carat diamond ring.
presenting her Let's just tell it all.
Oh, yeah. No. I'm keeping it to myself the actual ceremony
until we have to be private.
because we want it for both.
It will be the third marriage part of a highway in the US.
A giant sinkhole has swallowed up to open up in Oregon
Torrential rain caused the hole another sinkhole occurred
just weeks after on the same section of road. Coming up - for the rest of the weekend.
Belinda with the weather

for the rest of the weekend.
Belinda with the weather once the storms arrived.
A big drop in temperatures on 20 degrees.
Right now, the mercury sitting Tonight, showers are expected some more storms as well.
and we could see Will they clear tomorrow? next.
I'll have the latest forecast

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to spooky Saturday -
From freaky Friday for Sydney
another day of intense storms barrelling in this afternoon of 29 degrees.
after the city hit a top And it's not over yet.

And it's not over yet. still in place tonight
A severe thunderstorm warning Richmond and Bankstown
with another wave moving through in the last hour. across the west and south-west,
There have been lightning strikes at Mount Pritchard.
including this one (THUNDER CLAP) the full force of the storms.
Our western suburbs have felt in 10 minutes.
30mm falling in Toongabbie for most.
Temperatures in the high 20s the hottest today, reaching 31.
Richmond and Penrith with damaging winds,
We've also been hit in Badgerys Creek.
gusting up to 98km/h And 80km/h in Bankstown. lashing much of our state.
The storms have been widespread,

lashing much of our state.
The storms have been widespread, A warning still in place tonight and far north coast.
for the south-east corner

and far north coast.
for the south-east corner of the storms yet.
And we haven't seen the last are expected
Some thundery showers tomorrow.
over southern parts of NSW While in the west of our country, move over inland parts of WA,
Tropical Cyclone Stan will bringing heavy rain and storms. are in for a stormy Sunday.
So Brisbane and Canberra Some showers in Melbourne. for Adelaide.
And a fine day ahead the south of our state, as well.
More wild weather for around the Riverina.
The heaviest falls are expected and hot in the north -
Cool in the south in Coffs Harbour.
soaring to 37 degrees a mostly sunny day
Sydney can look forward to of a shower early in the morning.
with only a slight chance in more than a week.
And it will be our hottest day to about 31 degrees
The city climbing turning westerly in the evening.
with north to north-westerlies right across our basin,
The sunny skies will stretch in our west.
climbing to around 31 degrees stick around for long.
The fine weather won't some more storms on Monday.
Showers and the chance of for the rest of the week
Conditions remaining unstable as temperatures take a dive. Down to 25 by Friday. In our west, on Monday.
just a possible morning shower with a top of 31.
Tuesday will be fine before cooling off.
Warming up to 33 on Wednesday around for the rest of the week.
The showery weather hanging tomorrow, Georgie.
So make the most of the sun

tomorrow, Georgie.
So make the most of the sun for this Saturday.
That's Nine News Thanks for being with us.
I'm Georgie Gardner. Goodnight.
Live captioning by Ai-Media


# Systematic

# Hydromatic

# Ultramatic

# Why, it could be...

# Grease lightning!

# Oh, grease lightning... #

A major television event.

# Greased lightning,
oh, greased lightning

Fast-tracked from the US,

the biggest musical of all time
performed live.

Tell me about it, Stud.

# You're the one that I want... #
# You're the one that I want... #

The songs you love,
the words you know,

the world phenomenon
as you've never seen it.

We are going to have
a live audience.

Live audience
right in front of our faces. Wow!

An incredible new live production.

It's one thing to shoot a movie
or do a Broadway show.

We're doing a combination of both.

Cameras everywhere, we're gonna be
running from stage to stage.

Grease is music, Grease is dance,
Grease is the word.

With 'The Voice' superstar
Jessie J.

# Grease is the word, is the word
that you heard

# It's got groove,
it's got meaning, yeah

# Oh, yeah
# Oh, yeah!

# Grease is the time, is the place,
is the motion

# Grease is the way we are feeling

# Hey, hey... #

Holy crap! This is amazing!

A spectacular TV live event.

# the word, is the word... #

This program is not captioned.