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Today - a media probe uncovers evidence of match fixing in the top levels of tennis. by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia The search continues for a missing Melbourne woman as police question her neighbour. new sanctions imposed on Iran just 24 hours after restrictions were eased.Good afternoon you're watching ABC News, I'm Brigid Glanville. Also ahead - the Australian share market falls sharply in early trade following Friday's steep fall on Wall Street and another plunge in crude oil prices. And a sensational innings from Glenn Maxwell guides Australia to a series win over India. A joint investigation by the BBC and BuzzFeed news has uncovered secret files exposing evidence of widespread match fixing at the top level of tennis. Over the last decade, 16 players were referred to the sport's integrity unit, though all were allowed to continue playing. The group in question contains players who have ranked in the top 50, including winners of grand slam titles.Tennis is a big deal for the gambling industry with billions bet on the sport each year, it needs to be whiter than white. In 2007 an investigation was launched into suspicious betting and match fixing. Mark Phillips was part of that investigation.The data analysts and investigators had linked the players with the gamblers and that was one of the reasons why we believe this evidence was so strong. It seemed like a perfect opportunity for tennis to charge players, complete the investigation, charge the players, get through the disciplinary system and then create a strong deterrent.The BBC and BuzzFeed News have obtained documents from tennis insiders, including the investigation carried out by Mark Phillips and others. They identify a series of betting syndicates linked to players. A Russian group, who bet on five suspicious matches, and won over £250,000. A north Italian group placed bets on 28 matches and won over £650,000. A Sicilian syndicate who bet on 12 games, including three matches at Wimbledon, and won £650,000. This syndicate targeted Wimbledon, more than any other grand slam. The documents we have obtained also show that the former top 50 had exchanged
player Martin Vassallo Arguello had exchanged 82 texts with a Sicilian gambler before a match in 2006.Investigators retrieved parts of them. In the Vassallo Arguello
morning the gambler text Martin Vassallo Arguello "I would like to talk to you because the match".Martin Vassallo Arguello responds "He doesn't want to do it, he intends to win.Before the game he texts the gambler again "All OK". The syndicate went on to win over £250,000 on the match.We put Arguello
this to Martin Vassallo Arguello but he declined to comment.We have learned there have been repeated alerts about 16 top level players involved in suspicious matches sent to tennis's integrity unit over a number of years and some of those players will be on court this week at the Australian Open. Tennis is just a hobby now for this former player, the first to be banned for match fixing which he denies. He told me about the approaches to fix matches he had received and refused.In Chennai they offered me 50,000 to lose against Davydenko first round. In Paris, they offered me double money to lose against in straight sets. And also a bigger amount than 50,000 against Tipsaravic.Tennis is gearing up for its first grand slam of the year and those in charge of the game are adamant they are taking corruption seriously.We are aware it is there. I think it is on an incredibly small level and it is our business going forward that we keep acting upon this in the best possible way.One of the architects of tennis' integrity unit is critical of the way the sport has tackled match fixing.There is an element of actually keeping things under wraps. Nobody likes to air their dirty washing in public if they were serious about dealing with this, they really need to create an integrity unit with teeth.Tennis will be centre stage when the Australian Open starts tomorrow, in order to keep people playing and watching, the sport must prove it is doing all it can to protect the game. Tennis officials at the Australian Open held a news conference in the last few minutes addressing the allegations in this story. The ATP President Chris Kermode absolutely rejected any suggestion that authorities have suppressed or not thoroughly investigated allegations of match fixing.The tennis integrity unit and the tennis authorities absolutely reject any suggestion that evidence of match fixing has been suppressed for any reason or isn't being thoroughly investigated. While the BBC and BuzzFeed reports mainly refer to events from 10 years ago, we will investigate any new information. We always do. In its investigations, the tennis integrity unit has to find evidence as opposed to information, suspicion or hearsay. This is the key here, that it requires evidence. A year-long investigation into the Sopot match in 2007 found insufficient evidence. As the BuzzFeed report states itself, the investigators had hit a brick wall and it just wasn't possible to determine who the guilty party was in relation to this match. All professional players, support staff and officials are subject to the tennis anticorruption program. Tennis integrity unit, anticorruption investigations have resulted in 18 convictions of which six have had life bans. Let me just say all of us here in tennis are absolutely committed to stamp out any form of corrupt conduct in our sport. There is a zero tolerance policy on this. We are not complacent. We are very vigilant on this. Whilst we are aware that all sport is - all sport, not just tennis is at potential risk of corruption, that is why in 2008, the tennis integrity unit was set up to actually tackle this issue head-on and we are constantly vigilant and not complacent.An independent Senator Nick Xenophon has addressed the media to comment on those allegations of match fixing.They are incredibly serious and they demand answers from Australian gambling regulators and tennis Australia also. The allegations are that there may be at least one player in the tournament who has been referred to in secret files that have now been leaked in respect of this. I call on both tennis Australia and Australian gambling regulators, including the NT regulators, where most of these gambling operators seem to be registered because of lower taxes and I believe slacker regulations, to disclose essentially what they have done with this information. We need to know that the game in Australia is absolutely clean and if anyone has been involved - if there is evidence anyone has been involved in match fixing, in sports
corrupt practices related to sports betting, to gambling and corrupt gambling syndicates, tennis Australia ought to disclose that as a matter of priority. There is also a broader issue here and I agree with Tim Costello from the gambling task force who is essentially saying that the new sponsorship arrangement between William Hill, and tennis Australia for the Australian Open is completely inappropriate. That is not an appropriate thing to do, given it is meant to be a family activity, given children watch tennis and having that in your face sponsorship with William Hill which is run by Tom Waterhouse in this country is not appropriate. I hasten to add, I am not linking William Hill or Tom Waterhouse with these allegations. This goes to a broader issue about gambling, sponsorship and tennis authorities effectively and sporting authorities and sporting codes being hooked on gambling revenue themselves.If there is no Australia
inappropriate behaviour in Australia there would be nothing to show people? There are two issues here. The issue is there are serious allegations that have arisen out of the UK and internationally. There are the so-called fixing files involving an analysis of 26,000 games where it appears some strange things have happened, where the odds suddenly shortened as a result of very heavy betting by those in the know. The problem we have in Australia and around the world is where you have ball by ball betting, micro betting, it is an invitation for corrupt practices because it is easy to fix a particular event, a specific micro event within a game such as tennis. The other issue is that of those 26,000 matches that have been analysed, how many of them are Australian matches? Is there a similar level of analysis being carried out here in Australia for games here so that we can be absolutely sure that none of this is happened here in Australia, that there was been match fixing occurring here? This is the problem with the proliferation of betting around the world.Do you think banning point by point or ball by ball betting will address the issues that have been brought up? Banning micro betting, banning ball by ball betting won't address awe all the issues but much
it will be a good start. It is much more difficult to rig the outcome of an entire game, whether it is tennis or the AFL or a whole range of other sporting codes, although in a game such as tennis where there are only two players, it is much easier for there to be a players
corrupt outcome if one of the players has been got to. We have seen the revelations today that some players are being offered something like US $50,000 by international betting syndicates to play a little differently, to fix the outcome of a game because there is so much money riding on it.I know it is only allegations but how is it we have heard the Essendon supplements scandal and match fixing in cricket and now tennis. Is this something that is widespread? It indicates a failure of regulators to do their jobs. There is a lack of rigour amongst the regulators. They don't take this issue seriously enough. This is an issue that if we love the game of tennis, as all Australians do, if we love our sporting codes, we don't want a betting scandal to corrupt those sporting codes and right now, what has occurred out of internationally, out of the UK and other countries, indicates that I don't think our regulators are doing their jobs as they ought to in terms of rigorously analysing these games, rigorously analysing whether there has been any untoward outcomes. That is why I will write to our local regulator here in SA, who also have to give a licence for betting to take place here in SA. That is to say whilst the primary licence comes out of the NT, there is a role for State regulators also. It is an issue I will raise with regulators around the country later today, to see what can be done. At the moment, I don't think it is good enough that we have to rely on two news organisations to do the jobs of the regulators who apparently have been asleep at the wheel on this.What do you make of the announcements overnight regarding Coles' future intentions for -Woolworths. In terms of Woolworths and Masters - look, 7,000 people are employed by the Masters stores around the country. This appears to have been poorly executed by Woolworths management from day one. It was an attempt to crush the smaller independent hardware stores. It hasn't worked. My primary concern is about the workers at Masters, the 7,000 employees who are completely blameless in this. They were doing their job and doing it well. My office was contacted by a representative of Woolworths a few minutes ago to assure me of two things. Firstly, any Masters gift cards will be honoured by Woolworths. The fact is Woolworths is in a very different situation from the dim Smith stores where there was a private equity firm which has gone into administration. That cannot happen with Woolworths because it is a major Australian public company and whatever run-ins I have with them, I have never once suggested that they wouldn't behave with integrity in terms of employee entitlements or honouring gift cards. I am pleased with that. We need to see what the shake-up will. My fear is that if Masters is offloaded to a private equity firm in the same way Woolworths offloaded Dick Smith to an private exity firm years ago, I hope it doesn't end in tears. The best thing you can do is to go to the stores and shop with confidence because they are covered by the administrators who guarantee any purchases from 5 January.And Queensland Nickel going into administration, what are the implications of that? My primary concern is not so much for Clive - look, the news is - this is very serious news arising out of Queensland Nickel going administration. My primary concern is for the employees of the company, not for Clive Palmer, who I think is big enough and ugly enough it look after himself. He needs to be - his primary concern or the concern of the administrators Queensland
now should be the employees of Queensland Nickel and contracts being honoured. My concern is for the employees of Queensland Nickel and the no-on affect to the local authorities where Queensland Nickel is operating. Nick Xenophon in Adelaide. Police are questioning a 48-year-old man over the disappearance of a Victorian mother of two, Karen Chetcuti, she hasn't been seen for almost a week. Her neighbour was arrested yesterday and his property declared a crime scene. Stephanie Anderson reports.Behind me are the two properties owned by Karen Chetcuti's neighbour, Michael Cardamone. This area was declared a crime scene yesterday and homicide detectives and forensic investigators spent quite some time here yesterday afternoon and didn't leave until the early hours of the morning. Mr Cardamone is in police custody. He was arrested under some fairly bizarre circumstances. Police received reports that - a man had been kidnapped and they then saw a car matching that description in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda which is two or three hours drive away. They moved to intercept that vehicle but the driver fled. They caught up with him an hour later and arrested Mr Cardamone. It is important to stress that he is just being questioned so far Karen
and no charges have been laid. Karen Chetcuti hasn't been seen since Tuesday night. The mother of two was last seen at the local pub here in Whorouly Hotel. Her burnt-out car was found in Myrtleford, not far from here. There has been an extensive search to try and find her. SES crews have been out over the weekend doing line searches and combing the area. They are no longer involved and it is all in the hands of police now.Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel has gone into voluntary administration. FTI Consulting has been appointed to manage the company's operations. On Friday, the refinery, owned by the self-proclaimed billionaire Federal mchl P, sacked 237 workers, citing low nickel prices and the Queensland government's refusal to guarantee a multimillion dollar loan.The North Queensland economy is not in a good way. It is tough times. Clive only
Palmer's company is not the only one that has had to lay off workers in recent months with the mining downturn and drought surrounding Townsville. The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the Government's doing all it can by bringing forward some of its infrastructure projects, which will create 180 jobs and she hopes some of the sacked workers will be able to get work on those programs. She says she will be phoning Malcolm Turnbull when he returns from the Middle East asking the Federal Government to do the same thing.What has the company said? We haven't actually been able to talk to any of the managers in person but they released a statement this morning confirming that the company has gone into voluntary administration. Clive Mensink, the managing director and Clive Palmer's nephew, says he has hope for the business. He thinks it has a future. He said the administrators will come in and provide an update to creditors later on in the month. A source inside the refinery has told me that the administrators act as another layer of management. They go into the business and the usual managers still have their jobs but they have an extra person to report to now.Have we heard from Clive Palmer? Not this morning. Mr Palmer spoke exclusively to the ABC late yesterday on the Gold Coast and he told us - he was responding to the revelations that his company has donated millions of dollars to the Palmer United Party, his political venture in the last few years. Donated money in the last six months even. But when he was talking that
to us, he gave no indication that the company was about to go into voluntary administration. Certainly, he has a couple of questions to answer there. A lot of the workers - and indeed Townsville want to hear from Mr Palmer. They want him to come up to Townsville so they can talk to him directly. The company was Townsville's biggest private employer before last week's sackings.Thanks Jesse Dorsett.Firefighters are being flown to remote bushland in Tasmania's west where a fire could threaten the small community of Balfour later today. The blaze was sparked by lightning strikes south of Smithton last Thursday. Crews are building containment lines to prepare for changing winds of up to 30km/h today and tomorrow. The fire is also threatening forestry plantations.The PM has announced a small boost to Australia's military contingent in Afghanistan during a brief visit to the country. A day after his surprise visit to Iraq, Malcolm Turnbull flew into Kabul to meet the Australian troops still serving there as part of a NATO-led training mission. He announced Australia will increase its commitment to that operation by 20, taking the total number of ADF personnel in Afghanistan to 270.You are making a real difference to the evolution of Afghanistan to a point where it can stand on its own two feet and maintaining its own security. The work that you're doing right across the board, building capacity is absolutely critical to this country's future.The PM also met the country's President who accepted an invitation to visit Australia this year. Mr Turnbull is now on his way to Washington for talks with the US President and senior defence officials.Burkina Faso's President says he has mobilised troops in the country's north to find an Australian couple kidnapped by al-Qaeda. Dr Ken Elliott and his wife, Jocelyn, who have run a medical clinic in the West African nation for 40 years, were abducted from their home on Saturday.TRANSLATION: A full alert has been issued to the defence and security forces in the area to catch the kidnappers and rescue the Foreign
Elliots.The Department of Foreign Affairs is assisting local authorities to find the couple. Dr Elliott, who is in his 80s, is the only doctor in the area and performs as many as 150 surgeries a month. Rallies have been held across Indonesia to condemn last week's terror attack in Jakarta. The protest against extremism come as the civilian death toll rises to four and three of the Westerners seriously injured are flown to Singapore for surgery. Adam Harvey filed this report.Extremism in Indonesia is not just this week's problem. This highly choreographed rally against terrorism and drugs was organised long before Thursday's attack. It doesn't mean that the sentiments aren't heartfelt.TRANSLATION: Last Thursday in Jakarta, the terrorists wanted to create fear among people but I call on the people not to be afraid. What is important is to build solidarity because solidarity of 250 million people is a massive power and no other power will be able to fight against it let alone the terrorists which only make us worry.Ordinary Indonesians showed their resolve out on the streets during car-free day. Under the watchful eye of the city's police and military that is.TRANSLATION: I don't feel afraid, also because there are so many security personnel around today, God willing it will be safe.The civilian death toll of the attacks has grown to four after a bank worker succumbed to his injuries. A courier killed on Thursday, originally thought to be a terrorist has now been cleared of involvement. French authorities are threatening to send in bulldozers today to clear an area of the controversial migrant camp in Calais nicknamed the jungle. Around 4,000 people are living there in squalid conditions, most of them hoping to stowaway to England to claim asylum. There is no-one in control and it has left hundreds of volunteers, including Australians to help provide shelter and food.Lisa Millar reports from the camp.Hundreds of thousands of migrants that are coming across into Europe, only a tiny percentage end up here in Calais. This camp is just becoming more and more permanent every year that it exists. There are new homes being built for people, they are moving out of their tents. There are things like jungle books, it is a library, if we can just avenue a quick look inside. Quite an extensive library. A lot of the migrants seen
don't want their faces to be seen so you will see them turning away from us as we are walking and pointing. They shown
believe that if they have been shown on television, that they won't then have an opportunity to get asylum in England. That is why they are sensitive about that but they are standing around. We have a generator here because they are charging up their telephones. You can see they put their heads down, they don't want to be identified. We have the generator charges their phones. You can see it does seem like it is almost a permanent community here and Reverend Bill Cruz from Sydney is here as well having a look. This is your third visit? Yes.Has it changed in the time -Yes, when I first came here there were just people and makeshift sorts of things. Gradually now this community is coming together. My guess is that when this community ends, a lot of people are going to miss the friendships that they have built here.In one room in Sydney where I was a couple of weeks ago, there was $4 trillion. If the world wanted to solve this problem, they would involve it tomorrow. They are quite happy to dither around and leave these people suffering like they are. The tragedy is, there is all this energy here that could build a whole new community and a whole new country. What they are being left is just to fall off the shelf. There is a whole lot of potential in this place. When I come here, that is what you see. You see the future because these people are willing to grab at the future. Most people see them as problems.Thanks refnd Cruz. The trouble is this is a refugee camp that is not an official camp. The French Government has said it is going to bull doze the tents over the next 24 hours and there has been a real rush here to try and move people into more permanent constructions but there doesn't seem to be any solution to the problem. The UK certainly does not want them continuing to attempt to get on the semi trailers and through the tunnel. It is becoming more and more of a problem and certainly as winter approaches - winter is upon us and the weather is also a real issue as they are suffering health issues and housing. The charities here say there is just not enough help coming in.The United States treasury has imposed new sanctions against Iranian companies and individuals over a ballistic missile test last year. The announcement of fresh sanctions was made after a plane, containing American prisoners, left Iran in a prisoner swap. The United States lifted international sanctions after an historic deal with Iran lessened the threat of a nuclear bomb.If Iran tries to cheat, if they try to build a bomb covertly, we will catch them. Whereas Iran was steadily expanding its nuclear program, we have now cut off every single path that Iran could have used to build a bomb.Iran partly dismantled its nuclear weapons infrastructure and got rid of most of its stock of enriched uranium. The first leg of the Tour Down Under begins tomorrow and amongst the riders will be defending champion Rohan Dennis. While winning a medal at the Olympics is his top priority, Dennis is still hungry enough to pedal his way to another Australian Tour win.An easy ride through his home town is another day in the office for the 25-year-old defending champion.Form wise, I think I am probably just as good as last year if not maybe a bit better. It all depends on how the race pans out.A stage win in last year's Tour de France and a world hour record have taken Rohan Dennis' confidence to a new high.An hour record specifically just showed me another level of pain I can actually go to.There will be strong competition from other contenders, including 3-time winner Simon Gerrans but this year Dennis will have help from a former rival.Geraint Thomas and Simon Gerrans, guys like these. We do need both Rohan and I to team up and take those guys on.Champion climber Richie Porte has shifted from Sky to Dennis' team BMCThe dilemma for BMC is who will be the one? I think that may well be determined after stage three, at the corkscrew day because it is a hard climb towards the end, with a 5km descent after the top.At this Adelaide cafi, run by Rohan Dennis' parents, there is no doubt about who is going to win.He will hurt beyond what anyone else can hurt to get that result. It is just like it is inbred, it fuels his engine, I suppose. The more pain he is in, he just feeds off of that.Certainly, if it is not me causing mayhem, it will be Rohan.The mayhem begins with the first stage of the Tour on Tuesday. A young man from the Hunter Valley has made sporting history, becoming the first Australian to win the world's toughest motor race. Toby Price defeated all the odds to win the motorbike category of the gruelling Dakar Rally just three years after a broken neck threatened his future in the sport. This is the moment a childhood dream came true.To be the first Australian to win the Dakar in all divisions is crazy. I don't know what to think. Insane.Some would call him insane for even wanting to enter the two-week race. The Dakar is the most gruelling endurance motorbike rally in the world, participants ride up to 900km a day from Argentina to Bolivia and back. Toby Price's family is ecstatic.You beauty.The 28-year-old stunned fans by winning five of the race's seven stages, battling some of the harshest conditions on earth.Freezing cold, high amount attitudes where you can't breathe, to 47 degree heat in sand dunes the next day.It all started when he was a toddler.He took a shine to riding his older brother's bike and there was basically no stopping him.That is until 2013, when he broke his neck while competing in the US.It gets you emotional thinking about it and talking about it. He was so determined, even from laying in his hospital bed, that that wasn't going to stop him.Whatever he wants to do, nothing can block the driveway. He goes at it full bore and you can't stop him.The neck injury was devastating. But Toby Price had been through worse. Two years earlier, he lost his sister Amanda.She was born very premature and her survival rate at that time was not very good but she outbeat them also.To the family, Amanda Price was known as Min, she died in 2011, aged 29.When Toby started doing the altitude race at Dakar, we always said Min is up there pushing him on.Matt Price taught his champion brother everything he knows but says he has long given up on beating him.I am not as agile as I was back in the day but he sort of pushes me along and mucks around.He and his parents have barely slept for two weeks.I have been getting up at 4 a.m. every morning so I can spend an hour before I go to work and make sure he is OK.For now, Toby Price is lapping up the media frenzy in South America. But when he comes home, his family will be waiting for him with open arms. The Nude Olympics have been held at Maslin Beach, south of Adelaide, for three decade. There were concerns it wouldn't go ahead this year due to issues with council permits but with that sorted out, hundreds flocked to the coast, keen to strip down and compete.The official uniform for this Olympic Games doesn't leave much, if anything, to the imagination. Maslin Beach is Australia's oldest unclad beach and the Nude Olympics are a highlight on the nudist calendar. There is the Miss Maslin award for women.10 years ago this year I won it and Michael has won best bum on the beach twice.That contest is for the guys.I want to try and win it again for a second time.Can you show us your bum? Not a problem.The day's other events require more technique and serious planning.You have to run to the other end, keeping the balloon between your legs and you can't touch it.Some people find it more relakdzing. You remove the clothes, you remove barriers between people. Take away the uniform and everybody looks different but we're all the same.The Nude Olympics has been held at Maslin Beach for 30 years, attracting a mix of experienced nudists and those looking to try something a little bit different.I have beep coming here since I was a baby. It is my pilgrimage every year.First year I have done it. Something new.There is lots of people that don't consider themselves nudists but they often come down here. We get people from interstate. We have had overseas people come along also.For some, any excuse will do to get outdoors and enjoy the sun shine.It is just good. Getting plenty of vitamin D. A quick look at the weather now...