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Today, a media probe uncovers evidence of match-fixing in the top levels of tennis. The search continues for a missing Melbourne woman as police question her neighbour. New sanctions imposed on Iran just 24 hours after restrictions were eased. Good afternoon. You're watching ABC News. I'm Brigid Glanville. Also ahead on the program, the Australian share market falls sharply in early trade following Friday's steep fall on Wall Street and another plunge in crude oil prices. And a sensational innings from Glen Maxwell guides Australia to a series win over India. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia A joint investigation by the BBC and Buzz Feed news has uncovered secret files exposing evidence of widespread match fixing at the top levels of tennis. Over the last decade, 16 players were referred to the sport's integrity unit, though all were allowed to continue playing. The group in question contains playing who've ranked in the top 50 including winners of Grand Slam titles. Tennis is a big deal for the gambling industry, with billions bet on the sport each year it needs to be whiter than white. In 2007, an investigation was launched into suspicious betting and match fixing. Mark Phillips was part of that investigation. The data analysts and investigators had linked the players with the gamblers and that was one of the reasons why we believe this evidence was so strong. It seemed like a perfect opportunity for tennis to charge players, complete the investigation, charge players, get through the disciplinary system and then create a strong deterrent.The BBC and Buzz Feed News have obtained documents from tennis insiders including the investigation carried out by Mark Phillips and others. They identify a series of betting syndicates linked to players. A Russian group who bet on five suspicious matches and won over £250,000, a north Italian group placed bets on 28 matches and won over £650,000, and a Sicilian syndicate who bet on 12 games including three matches at Wimbledon and won £650,000. This syndicate targeted Wimbledon more than any other Grand Slam. The documents we've obtained also show that the former top 50 player, Martin Arguello, had ex changed 82 texts with a Sicilian gambler before a match in 2006. Investigators retrieved parts of them. In the morning the gambler texts Arguello: The gambler's syndicate went on to win over £250,000 on the match. We put this to Martin Arguello but he declined to comment. We have learned there have been repeated alerts about 16 top-level players involved in suspicious matches sent to tennis's integrity unit over a number of years and some of those players will be on court this week at the Australian Open. Tennis is just a hobby now for this former player, the first to be banned for match fixing which he denies. He told me about the approaches to fix matches he'd received and refused. In Chennai they offered me 50,000 to lose against Davydenko first round and in Paris they offered me double money to lose against Mahut in straight sets and also a bigger amount than $50,000 in Moscow.Tennis is gearing up for its first Grand Slam of the year and those in charge of the game are adamant they're taking corruption seriously. We are aware that it is there. I think it is on an incredibly small level and it's our business, going forward, that we keep acting upon this in the best possible way.One of the architects of tennis's integrity unit is critical of the way the sport has tackled match fixing. There is an element of actually keeping things under raps. Nobody likes doing their dirty washing in public. If they were serious about doing this then they really need to create an in integrity unit with teeth. Tennis will be centre stage when the Australian Open starts tomorrow. In order to keep people playing and watching, the sport must prove it's doing all it can to protect the game. For more, we are joined by reporter Ben Lisson from the Australian Open in Melbourne. Benness has this news spread through the Australian Open as yet? Yes, it certainly has. It's been all anyone's talking about this morning and in fact the matches themselves have been sort of on the periphery really from what everyone's talk about because it has certainly taken centre stage. I guess there's a few rumblings either way about this. One is that it's certainly a big issue that tennis will need to look seriously in to. The other notion is there is not any statistical evidence shown to prove certain players have had this issue so I guess it does sort of remain to be seen, I guess, whether any actions taken by the international tennis body and whether we sort of see some names coming out from this but it certainly will be a topic for the next few days. Has there been anything yet said from tennis officials in Melbourne? Well, not really so as you heard in the story there, I guess the international tennis body is playing down its level of knowledge about these sorts of things, whether the statistical evidence that these reportvers uncovered does prove that these players have done something or not, it does remain to be seen whether the international body will sort of do anything about it but certainly the communication is that it's not as big of an issue as this story is portraying and that they certainly haven't turned a blind eye to anything either.Ben Lisson, I'm sure we'll hear more as the Open continues. Thank you. Police are questioning a 48-year-old man over the disappearance of a Victorian mother of two. Karen Chetcuti hasn't been seen for almost a week. Her neighbour was arrested yesterday and his property declared a crime scene. Stephanie Anderson reports. Behind me are the two properties owned by Karen Chetcuti's neighbour, Michael Cardamone. This area was declared a crime scene yesterday and homicide detectives and forensic investigators spent quite some time here yesterday afternoon and didn't leave until the early hours of the morning. Mr Cardamone is in police custody. He was arrested under some fairly bizarre circumstances. Police received reports that a Whorouly man had been kidnapped and they then saw a car matching that description in the Melbourne suburb of skilled awhich is two or three hours drive away. They moved to intercept that vehicle but the driver fled. They caught up with him about an hour later and arrested Mr Cardamone. It is important to stress he's just being questioned so far and no charges have been laid. Karen Chetcuti hasn't been seen since Tuesday night. The mother of two was last seen at the local pub here in Whorouly, her burned-out car was found in Myrtleford which is not far from here and there's been an extensive search to try and find her. SES crews have been out over the weekend doing line searchs and combing over the area but they're now no longer involved and it's all in the hands of police. Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel has gone into voluntary administration. FTI Consulting has been appointed to manage the company's operations. On Friday the refinery owned by the self-proclaimed billionaire Federal MP sacked 237 workers citing low nickel prices and the Queensland Government's refusal to guarantee a multimillion-dollar loan. Reporter Jesse Dorset joins us now. Jessie, what is the future for the workers? It's pretty bleak unfortunately, Brigid. The North Queensland economy isn't in a good way. It's tough times. Clive Palmer's company isn't the only one that's had to lay off workers in recent months with the mining downturn and the drought surrounding Townsville. The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the government ffings doing all it can by bringing forward some of its infrastructure projects which will create about 180 jobs and she says she hopes some of the sacked workers will be able to get work on those programs and she says she'll be phoning Malcolm Turnbull when he returns from the Middle East asking the Federal Government to do the same thing. What has the company said? We haven't actually been able to talk to any of the managers in person but they released a statement this morning confirming that the company has gone into voluntary administration. Clive Mensi in, k, who's the managing director and Clive Palmer's nephew, says he has hope for the business. He thinks it's got a future. He said the administrators will come in and provide an update to creditors later on in the month. A source inside the refinery has told me that the administrators basically act as another layer of management so they go in to the business and the usual managers still have their jobs but they've got an extra person to report to nowAnd have we heard from Clive Palmer? Not this morning. Mr Palmer spoke exclusively to the ABC late yesterday on the Gold Coast and he told us - he was responding to the revelations that his company has donated millions of dollars to the purpt, his - to the Palmer United Party, his political venture, in the last few years, and in fact donated money in the last six months but when he was talking to us, Brigid, he gave no indication that the company was about to go into voluntary administration so certainly, you know, he's got a couple of questions to answer there and a lot of the workers and indeed Townsville want to hear from Mr Palmer. They want Mr Palmer to come up to Townsville so they can talk to him directly. The company was Townsville's biggest private employer before last week's sackings.Jesse Dorset, thank you very much. The Prime Minister has announced a small boost to Australia's military contingent in Afghanistan during a brief visit to the country. A day after his surprise visit to Iraq, mother-in-law flew in to caw ball - Malcolm Turnbull flew in to Kabul to visit Australian troops still serving there. He announced Australia will increase its commitment there by 20, taking the total number of ADF personnel in Afghanistan to 270. You're making a real difference to the evolution of Afghanistan to a point where it can stand on its own two feet and maintain its own security. The work that you're doing right across the board building capacity is absolutely critical to this country's future. The Prime Minister also met the country's President who accepted an invitation to visit Australia this year. Mr Turnbull is now on its way to Washington for talks with the US President and senior Defence officials. Firefighters are being flown to remote bushland in Tasmania's west with where a fire could threaten the small community of Belfield later today. The blaze was sparked by lightning strikes south of Smithton last Thursday. Crews are building containment lines to prepare for changing winds of up to 30 km/h today and tomorrow. The fire is also threatening forestry plantations. Burkina Faso's President says he's mobilised troops in the country's north to find an Australian couple kidnapped by Al Qaeda. Dr Ken Elliott and his wife Jocelyn, who have run a medical clinic in the west African nation for 40 years, were abducted from their home on Saturday. TRANSLATION: A full alert has been issued to the Defence and security forces in the area to catch the kidnappers and rescue the Elliotts.The Department of Foreign Affairs is assisting local authorities to find the couple. Dr Elliott, who's in his 80s, is the only doctor in the area and performs as many as 150 surgeries a month. Rallies have been held across Indonesian to condemn last week's terror attack in Jakarta. The protest against extremism come as the civilian death toll rises to four and three of the Westerners seriously injured are flown to Singapore for surgery. Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey filed this report. Extremism in Indonesia isn't just this week's problem. This highly choreographed rally against terrorism and drugs was organised long before Thursday's attack. It doesn't mean the sentiments aren't heart-felt. TRANSLATION: Last Thursday in Jakarta, the terrorists wanted to create fear among people. But I call on the people not to be afraid. What is important is to build solidarity because solidarity of 250 million people is a massive power and no other power will be able to fight against it, leave alone the small terrorists which only make us worry.Ordinary Indonesians showed their resolve out on the streets during car-free day under the watchful eye of the city's police and military. TRANSLATION: I don't feel afraid, also because there are so many security personnel around today, God willing, it will be safe.The civilian death toll of the attacks has grown to four after a bank worker succumbed to his injuries and a courier killed on Thursday, originally thought to be a terrorist, has been cleared of involvement. French authorities are threatening to send in bulldozers today to clear an area of the controversial migrant camp in Calais nicknamed The Jungle. Around 4,000 people are living there in squalid conditions, most of them hoping to stow away to England to claim asylum. There's no-one in control and it's left hundreds of volunteers, including Australians, to help provide shelter and food. Europe correspondent Lisa Millar reports from the camp in Calais. Of the hundreds of thousands of migrants that are coming across into Europe, only a tiny percentage ends up here in Calais but this camp is just becoming more and more permanent every year that it exists. There are new homes being built for people, they're moving out of their dispents there are things like jungle books. It's a library - if we can just have a quick look inside - so quite an extensive library there. Lot of the migrants don't want their faces to be seen so you'll see them turning away from us as we're walking and pointing because they believe that if they've been shown on television that they won't then have an opportunity to get asylum in England and that's why they're sensitive about that but they're standing around. We've got a generator here because they're charning up their telephones. You can see they put their heads down, understandably, they don't want to be identified. We've got the generator charging their phones so you can see it does seem like it is almost a permanent community here and Reverend Bill Crews from Sydney is here as well having a look. This is your second, third- Third visit. Has it changed? Yes, when I first came here there were just people and kind of make-shift sorts of things. Grnlingally now this community is coming together and my guess is that when this community ends a lot of people are going to miss the friendships that they built here. In one room in Sydney where I was a couple of weeks guy there was $4 trillion. $4 trillion. If the world wanted to solve this problem they'd solve it tomorrow. They're happy to dither around to leave these people suffering and the tragedy is that there's all this energy here that could build a whole new community and a whole new country and what they're being left is just to fall off the shelf. So there's a whole lot of potential in this place. When I come here that's what you see, you see the future and because these people are willing to grab at the future but most people see them as problems. Well, thanks, Reverend Crews. The trouble is this is a refugee camp that is not an official camp. The French Government has said it's going to bulldoze the tents over the next 24 hours and there's been a real rush here to try and move people into more permanent constructions. There just does not seem to be any solution to the problem. The UK certainly does not want them continuing to attempt to get on the semi trailers and through the tunnel. It is becoming more and more of a problem and certainly as winter approaches - well, winter is upon us - then the weather is also a real issue as they're suffering health issues and housing. The charities here say there's not enough help coming in. The US has imposed fresh sanctions on 11 Iranian companies and individuals over a recent ballistic missile test. The move comes just a day after international nuclear sanctions on Iran were lifted. It was part of a deal hailed by President Barack Obama as a unique opportunity. Less than 24 hours after, the first reaction directly from the American President to the latest breakthrough with Iran. This a good day. Syks have been lifted but the key, he argued, is that Iran no longer poses a nuclear threat. If Iran tries to cheat, if they try to build a bomb covertly, we will catch them so the bottom line is this, whereas Iran was steadily expanding its nuclear program, we've now cut off every single path that Iran could have used to build a bomb.But there's a twist. New sanctions slapped on today by the US Treasury to punish Iran for testing a ballistic missile last year. Clearly, the Americans held off 'til yesterday's deal was in the bag.In Tehran, the Iranian focus so far has been on the bigger prize. In parliament the President greeted his Foreign Minister, just returned from clinching the deal in Vienna to lift sanctions, enthusiasticically. TRANSLATION: It is true that the Zionists and hard-liners inside American campaign against this deal but we all know that the world has realised that sanctions are not a good solution. They're a lose-lose solution. Everybody has realise that Iran is reliable.Though he did add that any new measures imposed by the Americans would receive an appropriate response. But on the streets of Tehran today the mood was quietly jubilant. Newspaper headlines spoke of a great agreement and a new era for Iran and the end of an economic blockade. To Jason. And here's the other likely reason the United States delayed any fresh sanctions 'til now. Inprisoner swap involving, among others, American-Iranian reporter Jason Rezaian. Former colleagues in Washington were already celebrating. This afternoon it emerged he and fellow detainees have now flown out of Iran and were on the first stage of their way home.Reportedly flying in first to Geneva and then on to an American military base in Germany. It's here at the US ram stein air base near Frankfurt in Germany that these prisoners who were being held in Iran will get their first taste of life after the nightmare. American doctors will be assessing their health and they'll be meeting relatives who have flown in especially from America. This breakthrough with Iran isn't just a diplomatic triumph, for several Iranian-American families it's a very personal good-news story. French media say a man who was left brain dead after an experimental drug trial has died. The man was one of six people being treated in hospital, the other five remain in a stable condition. The drug trial by o-Portuguese company has been suspended but French prosecutors are investigating. Stay with us. We'll take a look at the markets next and coming up in sport, Manchester United's Wayne Rooney sets an English Premier League scoring record with a win against great rivals Liverpool. Finance reporter Sue Lannin is here and, Sue, Woolworths is getting out of It's decided to sell up or get out of its hardware business, Masters. So the retail giant made a statement to the market this morning and says it could take many years for Masters to become profitable. The company says it can't continue to sustain ongoing losses from its hardware stores. Woolworths says Masters will continue to trade while it gets out of the business which could take some time. The move in to hardware was an attempt to compete with the Wesfarmers owned Bunnings.And speaking of Wesfarmers, it's doing the opposite and expandsing? That's right, it's expanding into the UK with Bunnings so Wesfarmers has decided it will buy UK-based home improvement chain Home Base for just over $700 million. Home Base is the second-largest home improvement and garden retail chain in the UK and Ireland. Wesfarmers says it plans to roll out the Bunnings brand in the UK over the next three to five years. More red on the market today, Sue? Yes, we saw shares fall as much as 2% in early trade. That's because there's more falls in the price of oil and Wall Street slumped but news about Woolworths and Wesfarmers has helped boost the market.

The first leg of the Tour Down Under begins tomorrow and amongst the riders will be defending champion Rohan Dennis. While winning a medal at the Rio Olympics is his top priority, Dennis is still hungry enough to pedal his way to another Australian Tour win. An easy ride through his home town is another day in the office for the 25-year-old defending champion. Form-wise I think I'm probably just as good as last year, if not maybe a little bit better, but it all just depends on how the race pans out tactically. A stage win in last year's Tour De France and a world hour record have taken Rohan Dennis's confidence to a new high. An hour record specifically just show ed me another level of pain I can actually go to. There will be strong competition from other contenders including 3-time winner Simon Gerrans, but this year Dennis will have help from a former rival. Geraint Thomas and Simon Gerrans, guys like these, I think we do need both Rohan and I, to team up and take those guys on.Champion climber Richie Porte has shifted from sky to Dennis's Team BMC. The dilemma for BMC is who was going to be the one and I think that may well be determined after stage 3 at the Corkscrew day because it's a hard climb towards the end with a 5km descent after the top.At this Adelaide cafe, run by Rohan Dennis's parents, there's no doubt about who is going to win. He will hurt beyond what anyone else can hurt to get that result and it's just like it's inbred, just like it fuels his engine, I suppose, the more pain he's in he just feeds off of that. Certainly, if it's not me causing mayhem it will be rohan so, you know, bring it on. The mayhem begins with the first stage of the Tour on Tuesday. Now for sports news, here's Grandstand's Nick Lockyer. Nick, in-Australian Open has begun with some serious controversy? Yeah, good afternoon, Brigid. This is of course after that Buzz Feed and BBC report we covered at the start of our bulletin that uncovered some widespread match-fixing at the top level of tennis. Play has begun in the first round of the Australian Open following that report and there are a couple of matches to watch out for tonight, specifically in terms of the Australian. Nick Krygios who we saw a little earlier there, he plays Spain's Pablo Carreno Busta tonight - I hope you like that pronunciation - and Sam Stosur, who has never progressed past the fourth round at the Aussie Open, start her campaign against Kristyna Pliskova. Also tonight, the defending champion Novak Djokovic plays a little later this afternoon and everybody's favourite on screen at the moment, Roger Federer opens his tournament tonight at 7:00.Excellent pronunciation! Thank you very much. The eastern Europeans are coming so watch the next couple of weeks. February's the test. What's the great news for Nathan Lyon this morning? Nathan Lyon the Australian spinner has been called in to the national squad for the remaining two one-dayers and three Twenty20 matches against India. Last night the Australians won the ODI series. They wrapped it up with a 3-wicket win over the tourists at the MCG, helped out by some wonderful fielding from Steve Smith and Glen Maxwell on the boundary. There was some brilliant fielding. They were set 296 for victory and found themselves in a bit of strife for the first time in the series when they were reduced ed to 6/215 in the 39th over. Enter Glen Maxwell. He smashed a match-winning knock of 96 off 83 balls to rescue Australia. Some of his shots were absolutely beautiful. Beautifully played innings that showed a lot of maturity just when the hosts needed it. James Faulkner played a great supporting role as well. He hit the winning run and the fourth ODI is in Canberra on Wednesday. NRL, it's the preseason, I suppose plenty of players switching club s? Qulo, there has been a lot of movement in the NRL off season and no changes to that just yet. Michael Jennings, one of the biggest stars in the NRL, has left the Roosters effective immediately for the Parramatta Eels in fact he actually train would the Eels this morning. The NSW Origin star signed a 4-year deal with the Eels and he'll be joined in a new-look side at Parramatta which includes Kieran Foran, goal kicking fullback Michael Gordon and State of Origin back rower Beau Scott so expect a very improved performance from the Eels this season.Finally, some history in the English Premier League this morning? Yeah, nice little bit of history for Manchester United fans. Wayne Rooney, the captain of the Red Devils, need Netted the only goal in his side's 1-0 win over Liverpool and in doing so broke the Premier League record for goals scored for one club. It was the 30-year-old's 176th EPL goal for the Red devils, surpassing Thierry Henry's record and lifted the Red Devils to within 2 points of the top 4. Hasn't been a good start to 2016 for Liverpool fans, yet to record a win, they're struggling in 9th spot on the ladder.Nick Lockyer, thank you. The Nude Olympics have been held at maz ln beach south of Adelaide for three decades. There were concerns it wouldn't go ahead this year due to issues with council permits but with that sorted out, hundreds flocked to the coast, keen to strip down and compete. The official uniform for this Olympic Games doesn't leave much, if anything, to the imagination. Maslin beach is Australia's oldest unclad beach and the Nude Olympics are a highlight on the nudist calendar. There's the Miss Maslin award for women. 10 years ago I won Miss Maslin and Michael's won best bum on the beach twice. The best bum constes for the guys. I have won it before and want to win again. Can you turn around and show us your bum? Not a problem.The day's other events require more technique and serious planning. You have to run to the other end and keep the balloon between your legs and not touch it with your hands. If you drop it you have to go back to the start Some people find it much more relaxed like you remove the clothes you remove the barriers between people. Everybody's the same. Take away the uniform, everybody looks different but basically we're the same.The Nude Olympics has been held at Maslin beach for 30 years, attracting a mix of experienced nudists and those looking to try something a little bit different. I've been coming here since I was a baby so it's sort of my pilgrimage every year. First year I've done it so something new. There's lots of people that don't consider themselves nudists but they often come down here and we get people from interstate, we've even had overseas people come along.For some, any excuse will do to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. It's just good and I'm getting plenty of vitamin D.A quick look at the national weather now: Stay with us. Coming up later in the program, creek flowing and grass growing. Cattle farmers welcome the rainfall that's turning the Red Centre green. A reminder now of the top stories. A joint investigation by the BBC and Buzz Feed News has uncovered secret files exposing evidence of widespread match fixing at the top level of tennis. Over the last decade 16 players were referred to the sport's integrity unit though all were allowed to continue playing. Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel refinery near Townsville expected to keep trading despite being put into voluntary administration. The announcement comes just days after Queensland Nickel sacked more than 230 workers from its Townsville refine ry. The company had been seeking support from the State Government but was knocked back because of a lack of transparency over its books. Burkina Faso's President says he's rB mobilised troops in the country's north to find an Australian couple kidnapped by Al Qaeda. Dr Ken Elliott and his wife Jocelyn who have run a medical clinic in the west African nation for 40 years were abducted from their home on Saturday. The Prime Minister has praised Australian troops engaged in training missions in Afghanistan during a visit to the country. Malcolm Turnbull met with military personnel still serving in the war-stOrn country as part of a stopover on his way to Washington. Mr Turnbull also held talks in Kabul with Afghanistan's President. Back bank to our top story - secret files exposing evidence of widespread suspected match fixing at the top level of world tennis, including at Wimbledon, have been revealed by the BBC and Buzz Feed News. Over the last decade 16 players who are ranked in the top 50 have been repeatedly flagged to the tennis integrity unit over suspicions they have thrown matches. A portion of this Buzz Feed-BBC investigation has been based on an official report into a 2007 match involving Nikolay Davydenko. Nikolay Davydenko had been cleared of any wrongdoing over that match. Heidi Blake is the investigations editor at Buzz Feed UK. This all started off when my colleague in New York, at Buzz Feed news in New York, began analysing betting data on about 26,000 bets dating back 26 years. He was interested to see patterns and he noticed a pattern where there were particular players where it regularly occurred that very lop-sided heavy betting was actually shifting the odds dramatically on their matches and that's a classic warning sign for match fixing. When we realised how substantial that trend was we really started to dig in to the whole issue of match fixing in tennis more broadly. What we found when we started to dig in to this was that actually the tennis authorities have for years been sitting on a huge amount of evidence of really widespread match fixing across the breadth and depth of men's tennis and back in 2008 they were warned by a team of investigators that they had hired to get to the bottom of a highly notorious match between two players, Nikolay Davydenko and Martin Arguello, in Poland, and those investigators had uncovered some really disturbing evidence about 28 players who they thought might be connected to gambling syndicates in Italy and Sicily in particular and in Russia who they thought were orchestrating really widespread corruption across the game. They've handed over five ring binders full of evidence to world tennis and asked them to investigate fully scpkted those players to be pulled in to disciplinary hearings and the tennis authorities have admitted to us that they did absolutelying into investigate any of those players. Since 2008 we've got lists, nine fixing lists of suspected players that have been sent in to the tennis integrity unit at Wimbledon and we can see the and
same 16 names appearing time and time again on those lists. A core group of players all of whom have ranked in the top 50 and half of whom are actually about to begin playing at the Australian Open on Monday we can see that these guys are just coming up again and again and many of them were flaggeded back in 2008 by the investigators hired by the association of tennis professionals and yet they're all still playing but there's widespread concern among the book makers, the gambling industry and foreign police forces too who are dealing with the tennis in integrity unit who are saying, "They're ignoring us and not doing enough to get to the bottom of disturbing evidence." Rare wildlife and fragile sea beds are given more protection under a scheme designed to conserve the waters around the UK. The move, covering 23 new areas, has been welcomed by environmental groups, although there are concerns about how the protection can be managed. A glimpse of the remarkable world beneath our waves. These images were captured on a recent expedition to a deepwater canyon off the Cornish coast, designated as a marine reserve two years ago, life here is flourishing. Now 23 new zones have been added to this conservation network. A lot of what we're doing is about protecting what's already there for the future and trying to enhance the status of these habitats. The truth is as we have ever more intense uses in our marine environment from renewable energy, digging in cables, fishing activity for instance, we need to make sure that we protect the vast array of marine habitats that we have.Some 20% of English waters are now considered protected. The reserves rain from the North Sea to Allenby Bay in Cumbria and down the Lands End. The waters around new quay lie within one of the new Jones. It is an important area? It is, yeah, a really important area for marine life. We went rock pooling with Ruth Williams from the Cornwall wildlife trust. It's not just about the colourful and charismatic, it's about conserving the familiar wild places like this. We've been damaging our seas for centuries now, over-fishing and polluting and using the protected area networks is one way to start to look after it, to give our species and our habitats the space and time to start to recover and hopefully they can then start to thrive again. These waters may now be part of a marine reserve but what's actually changed? There are no rules or regulations in place to say what you can and can't do here. And that's what concerns the fishermen who work along this coast. They don't yet know what the impact will be on their way of life. Do you think fishermen are worried? I think fishermen are worried. The worst case scenario's complete closure stopping fishing and we're hoping there is a far more nuanced, far more realistic measures in place that does allow the fishing activity that currently takes place.The reserve lines have been drawn, the marine world needs to be protected and a balance must now be found between the sea and the humans who use it. Could it be that we might be able to eat our way out of mental health issues? This afternoon's health report on Radio National deals with an emerging discipline called nutritional psychiatry and also astounding research that suggests some people with diabetes actually live longer. Dr Norman Swan is here with us. How could diet or how does diet affect your mental state? There's lots of ways it could. Remember, lot of this is still research-based but there is tantalising evidence. There's various things, first of all your bowel, the chemicals that keep your bowel going, the neurtransmitters and so on, are almost the same neurchemicals that exist in the brain. The gut is very complex. So the disgut designed to response to nutrition in a very similar way to the chemicals in the brain so that's one thing is that you get chemicals that are small enough molecules that can go to the brain and influence brain activity. The second is through the immune system so nutrition can affect the immune system and some mental health problems such as schizophrenia have probably got an immune element to them. Then there are other things which we simply - then there's pregnancy. So women in pregnancy may - who have an unhealthy diet, there's some evidence that affects behaviour and emotional regulation in their babies and that's not too difficult to follow because you might well - the pattern of diet may influence the neurodevelopment of the baby and then there will be stuff we just don't know but there's tantalising evidence. You know how often many psychiatrists and psychologists, even with people with depression, will say, "Exercise more, eat healthy." Is that where it starts? That is exactly where it starts and there's - this has been a very controversial area over the years with some controversial psychiatrists giving massive doses of vitamins to people saying that's going to help them, well there's no evidence for that. So the evidence is omega 3 fatty acids in fish and serious depression and probably bipolar disorder, there's an amino acid and there's a form of it which may help in bipolar disorder and then there is a lot of evidence, as you say, that the healthy diet, the Mediterranean-style diet, is associated with less depression and less anxiety even when you control for things like where you live, how much money you've got and how much education you've had. Could the data be affected by social factors? It could and sometimes it's hard to control for that but they've tried to do it as well as they can but there are animal studies which support this and there's tantalising evidence from Canada that your microbiom, the bugs in your bowel, could be involved here. It is a very trendy area of research. One researcher reckons he's found a form of lack to bacillus with anti-depressant affects so what you eat affects the bugs in your bowel. If what you eat changes the bugs in your bowel and they exude chemicals which affect your brain, that could be one way it works. I thought I should put an alert in the introduction. A caveat signed all over the screen. That some people with diabetes actually live longer, moving on to that one, and the other one, but diabetes live longer. What's the story behind that? It's amazing research. Sweden's got fantastic health statistics and they've got this register of people with Type 2 Diabetes, that's the diabetes you get as you get older, often fatter. They've got about 435,000 people with diabetes on this register. They followed them for 5 years to see how they went compared to 2 million controls in the population, people who were otherwise similar but didn't have Type 2 Diabetes. What they found was good news fist, that as you get older with Type 2 Diabetes, your chances of living longer or dying at your age compared to people who don't have Type 2 Diabetes get better. Up to about 30% lower mortality compared to kroz as you get older. Which is incredible and I'll explain it in a moment. The bad news is if you're young with diabetes, under 55 with Type 2 Diabetes, your chances of dying are higher, irrespective of how well you control your dive. So here you have this kind of bimodal distribution, older better. Here's what the story is, when you're younger with Type 2 Diabetes, you're often a smoker and very unhealthy and that seems to wash over the other effects. You've got to really change your lifestyle. The people who are older who do better are people who've looked after their diabetes, don't have kidney failure and basically are doing quite well with their diabetes. Why they're better than controls is they're getting more love and attention from the medical system, they're on statins to reduce cholesterol, they're lowering their blood pressure see even though they've got diabetes they're relatively healthy. Is it older people getting diabetes or just one of the other things you might get with old age that isn't really going to affect their life span or when they're going to die? If they neglect it it will but if they look- The group of people who did up to 30% better with the controls were those looking after themselves. This study is almost saying people under 55 that get Type 2 Diabetes, doesn't matter if they don't look after themselves. They looked at crude things like blood sugar control and how well they were controlling that. What they need to do is get active with lifestyle, make sure they're not smoking, get the blood pressure and cholesterol down and really look after themselves. Everybody's got to do that but there is light at the end of the tunnel if you do.I'm sure everyone will be listening. Thank you. You're welcome. After six years farmers in the Northern Territory have had their first decent rainfall and the continent's Red Centre is finally turning green. The rain's also been a boon for wildlife.The green grass has replaced the red dirt in central Australia. Normally dry creek beds are flowing with water. We had the best Christmas present ever - it actually rained for us. The grass is just leaping out of the ground and we've still got a couple more rainy minutes to go yet.This farmer has been working at Orange Creek station, 1 00km south of Alice Springs, for more than two decades. The rain has brought him much-needed hope. It is the first time that I can remember we've got low interest, low fuel prices, really good cattle prices and now a good season to go with it.His daughter, jo-Ella clooin, is a 4th-generation farmer. She was coaxed back on to the land but now she wouldn't have it any other way. Dad said, "Just come home for six months before you go overseas." So I did and I'm still here. The wet-weather drawcard certainly helps. When you see the green grass and the scpran the fat cows, you thing, "Yeah, this is where I want to be." You can already see the cows shining and they're making mill soak the calverise running around with their tails up in the air. It's fantastic so in a couple of months we'll probably double our value of the stock. And it's not just our pastoralists that are happy with the rain. This sen trailian carpet python loves it too. Carpet pythons have a field day. Like the free buffet, eat all you can.Across the desert wild flowers are beginning to appear on the landscape. The deserts are full of life and when you add water it just blossoms and explodes really. Yeah, puts a bit of heart back in the job and keeps us going. Right as rain in a normally parched piece of Australia. Stay with us. Coming up later, teaching dogs new tricks. Owners bond with their pets over dog yoga. Let's take a look at the latest market figures:

Gold Coast tourism trades on the city's image as a place where skyscrapers meet the sea but a new wave of development and unlimited height restrictions in key areas have raised concerns that the council is pushing that image too far. The coast's former city architect believes density ratios are out of kilter and the results could be ugly. Tom Forbes reports. The Gold Coast is known as a high-profile city by the sea. We have an international and a national image of tall buildings and that's mart of the identity of the city. - part of the identity of the city. Since the 1960s, Surfers Paradise has been reaching for the skies but former city architect Phillip Follant says in recent times the approval process has become skewed. The developers are having a little bit of a field day at the moment. The architect questions why an 88-storey tower was approved on the site of the former Iluka building on the tourist strip. He says the gross floor area is almost 40 times the size of the land. This development is 36: 1, when we know New York is normally a maximum of 10: 1.It would tower over the iconic Q1 building down the road which had a plot ratio of 6.5: 1. The head of city planning said the application met all requirements. The Surfers Paradise sky line is an area we have identified for high rise and high density development. It is well serviced by infrastructure including the light rail, and accordingly, that was approved. The Surfers Paradise skyline is changing rapidly. Jewel is the Gold Coast's newest luxury development. Work has already begun on the billion-dollar 3-tower project and three months ago the mayor Tom Tait turned the first sod on the nearby Ruby development. With four towers and 2600 units planned, residents in neighbouring Buds Beach are wary. Certainly, traffic congestion and whatever else and all the other services that it may affect. Budds Beach remains a low-rise precinct, a zoning fought for by residents. Developers would see it as a great place to develop. We're saying, no, leave things alone. There should be some areas where we can escape to without standing next to a 50-storey building.City planning isn't easy and the problem council has is coping with population growth so to prevent urban sprawl it must focus development along the coastal strip where there's amenity and infrastructure.Late last year council adopted a new city plan which lifts the lid on high-rise construction along the light rail corridor. There comes a time in the life of every city where opportunities are presented that, im embraced, can transform and define its future.Council wants 70% of future construction in already developed areas. Phillip believes there's a market for high-density developments that focus on quality over quantity. Our city has become lazy in relation to tall bidding development as being the only form of high density development possible. Council looks at every application on its merits and, importantly, we give approvals for high density and high rise developments in locations that have been identified for that purpose.More growing pains for a city by the sea. The Australian share market has fallen sharply in early trade following a steep fall on Wall Street and a further plunge in crude oil prices. To talk more about this I'm joined by noon noon noon from Thomson Reuters. John, why is the falling oil price such a grave concern in causing heightened investor fear? On the one hand it should be a good thing, the less money you spend in the) The world is facing deflationary pressures anyway. Inflation is bad but deflation is good and the falling oil price is decreasing inflation head winds. The second and probably biggest problem is it the fact so much of the shell oil industry in the States is funded by debt and that debt could go bad and if you look back to the GFC that was all caused by bad debt in the subprime sector, the mortgage markets in the States. If there's suddenly a lot of fails in the US related to the falling energy price that would be a cause of great concern. What will that mean for Australia? Well, we're not affected directly but one of the factors that would be detrimental for Australia is the fact that the emerging markets are very dependent on commodity prices staying higher. Oil is leading commodity prices lower. We won't have the debt problems here. There may be some in certain industries, particularly in the mining sector, but not on the scale you'll see over seas. Australia is lined up with the emerging market story, we're a bit of a proxy for that. It means the Australian Dollar will go lower which stagood thing but if the economies in the emerging markets are affected by some sort of emerging market debt crisis that are would have an impact. Do you think the Australian economy could be heading towards a recession, given what's been happening in the mining industry? The Australian economy's been nothing short of a miracle in some ways.Surviving the GFC? Absolutely and this time around - where mean, we were so much associated with the Canadian economy for instance, both of us - both Australia and Canada really benefitted from the commodity boom in a huge way. It was our biggest source of the massive growth period we've had over the last 20 years. Canada, because of the falling oil price, Canada is now in recession, they're about to lower rates probably this week. Our economy has transitioned to be less dependent on the mining sector and more - and we're seeing the services sector build up, our tourism industry is improving, our unemployment rate is coming down, that's all very positive news and the Reserve Bank, unlike the bank of Canada, the Reserve Bank is on hold because they're happy with the transition. Of course certain regions in Australia are affected by the fall in commodity prices, obviously WA, but the mobility of our workforce to move out of the mines where they were getting very good money there to moving into the services sectors in the east coast has been nothing short of remarkable. But that's been the concern v we transitioned quickly enough out of mining to protect ourselves from the recession? It has been - it is very difficult to match it up. There's always going to be some slippage but it's so far so good and you hear the messaging from the Reserve Bank is they're quite happy with the way it's progressing. Of course it could be better, it always could be better and the Reserve Bank may need to lower rates. By the same token f we see this deterioration of the commodity outlook plus the thina hard landing story becomes one that we look at the real story, obviously those kind of head winds will not be good for our economy and eventually we could go into recession but now it's OK. Looking at the falling oil prices, pet ring prices have come down but not as much as I'm sure what people would think with such a drop in oil prices. I can say as a consumer and stopping at the bowsers this morning, I'm still quite amazed to see where the prices are. The excuse is the Australian Dollar's come down but the Australian Dollar is close to 70 kensz and that's where it was for many, many years - 70 cents. When the price of oil was below $30 as it is now, petrol prices weren't $1.10 and $1.20, they were closer to 70 cents. I'm not an expert in that area but I do wonder what's going on here. Probably should talk to the petrol company s? Yes, they probably have a bit to answer for.John Noonan, thank you. Pet owners have set a world record in Hong Kong for the largest-ever dog yoga session. 270 pooches and their owners took part. Dog yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong as a way for owners to bond with their pets while getting a good stretch. Money raised from the event will go towards Hong Kong's guide dogs for the blind. Lets take a look at the national weather now. Here's Kirsten Venness. Checking the satellite and areas of cloud over WA with a trough is causing showers and potentially some severe thunderstorms. Patchy cloud over the Northern Territory as well in parts of North Queensland is bringing a few showers and storms there. Some showers as well for the NSW and Queensland coast with heavy falls in the tropics but dry and very hot further south for Victoria and SA. Checking today's top temperatures:

Look at the rainfall for tomorrow now and the rain continues for much of WA with some decent falls likely in the southwest corner and good to see some showers likely over the interior, mainly lighter falls there though. The outlook for tomorrow:

That's ABC News for now. The next full bulletin on ABC TV is at 5 p.m. I'm Brigid Glanville. Thanks for watching.