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This morning - allegations of match-fixing at the top level of world tennis, including some players about to compete at the Australian Open. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - the search continues for a missing Victorian mother. Her neighbour is in police custody. The PM visits Australian troops in Afghanistan and commits extra personnel to a NATO-led training mission. And a superb Glenn Maxwell knock sends Australia to a One Day International
series clinching victory in the One Day International against India. Hello and welcome to Mornings, I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first. In the capital cities around the nation:

As the Australian Open tournament gets underway in Melbourne, the tennis world has been hit by allegations that authorities have failed to deal with a number of top players suspected of being involved in match-fixing. The BBC and BuzzFeed investigation alleges tennis authorities were handed compelling evidence several years ago about a network of players suspected of fixing matches but they were allowed to continue playing. The news organisations say they have received leaked documents from inside the sport about match-fixing, orchestrated by gambling syndicates in Russia and Italy. A portion of this BBC/BuzzFeed investigation has been based on an official report into a 2007 match involving Nikolai Davydenko. He and the other match player in that much had been cleared of any wrongdoing. Heidi Blake is the Investigations Editor at BuzzFeed in the UK. I spoke to her a little earlier.Actually this all started off when my colleague in New York, at BuzzFeed news in New York, began analysing betting data on dating
about 26,000 tennis matches dating back seven years. He was just really interested to see the kind of patterns that emerged on the gambling markets and he noticed a pattern where there were particular players where it kind of regularly occurred that very lopsided heavy betting was shifting the odds dramatically on their matches. That's a classic warning sign for match-fixing. When we realised how substantial that trend was, we really started to dig into the whole issue of match-fixing in tennis more Bradley.There are two facets to this investigation by the BBC and BuzzFeed. One of them is the probe in 2008 which came out of the Davydenko game. What was the strength of the allegations out of that 2008 probe and was that confined to men's tennis?Most of the evidence that was uncovered was confined to men's tennis and that is what our investigation has really focused on. What we found when we started to dig into this, actually the tennis authorities have for years been sitting on a huge amount of evidence of widespread match-fixing across the breadth and depth of men's tennis and back in 2008, they were warned by a team of investigators that they had hired to get to the bottom of highly notorious match between two players, Nikolai Davydenko and Arguello in Poland and those investigators had uncovered some really disturbing evidence, about 28 players who they thought might be connected to gambling syndicates in Italy and Sicily in particular and in Russia, who they thought were orchestrating widespread corruption across the game. They handed over five ring binders full of evidence to world tennis and asked them to investigate fully and expected those players to be pulled into disciplinary hearings. Tennis authorities have admitted to us they did absolutely nothing to investigate any of those players.The allegations of widespread corruption have continued to pour in, in the years since then?That's right. Since 2008, we've got lists, nine fixing lists of suspected players that have been sent in to the tennis Integrity Unit at Wimbledon. We can see the same 16 names appearing time and time again on those lists, a core group of players, all of whom have ranked in the top 50 and half of whom are about to begin playing at the Australian Open on Monday. We can see that these guys are just coming up again and again and many of them were flagged by 2008 by the investigators hired by the Professionals
Association of Tennis Professionals and they are all still playing.What has been the action by tennis authorities with those allegations of widespread corruption continuing to pour in over the years?The tennis authorities are sceptical about the value of betting intelligence and data in determining whether a player might be guilty of fixing. They say it's not evidence, it's only of limited use and that bookmakers and gambling experts aren't qualified to make judgments about whether players may be guilty. But there is widespread concern among the investigators and foreign police forces who are saying they are not doing enough to get to the bottom of disturbing is
evidence.The fresh work done is the trend on thousands of games in the last seven years. Talk us through the work you the work
have done on that?.This was the work of my colleague, John Templon, he devised an algorithm which analysed the betting activity on 26,000 tennis matches going back seven years. That algorithm spotted a trend where particular players, time and time again, were playing in matches where they were losing and very heavy bets were being placed on them to lose. It seemed like these gamblers were certain those players were going to lose those matches and they bet so heavily on the outcome that the odds on that player losing dramatically shifted time and time again. There are 15 players which our algorithm shows flag again and again in suspicious matches. Many of those players are the same players the tennis authorities keep being warned about. The professional investigators we have spoken to who were hired by world tennis to get to the bottom of match-fixing back in 2008, they said the evidence they had was the strongest evidence they had ever had, they said it was conclusive, it was a smoking gun and world tennis should have called those players into disciplinary hearings. They said it wasn't enough and decided in the to take it further. There are angry investigators out there who feel their work was ignored. What about the fact it's taken you to put the pressure on tennis authorities to put the pressure on this group of 15 or 16 when it appears there has been clear evidence against these people for several years?I think we are seeing a pattern with world sport, we've seen it with FIFA and now tennis. It they should be policing themselves, they should be rooting out corruption in their own ranks. Unfortunately it takes other people to dig around and uncover the stuff that they are trying to keep secret. That's what's happened here. The ATP boss Chris Kamode told the BBC he is aware of match-fixing in tennis but he is adamant it is an incredibly small level. Obviously there are a lot of big tennis stars in Australia today for the Andy
start of the Australian Open. Andy Murray is one of those and he's just re-tweeted a link to this BuzzFeed story that we've been covering. A 48-year-old man remains in police custody over the disappearance of a Victorian mother-of-two. Karen Chetcuti hasn't been seen for almost a week. Her neighbour was arrested yesterday and his property declared a crime scene. Reporter Stephanie Anderson has more.A 48-year-old Whorouly man is still in police custody, being questioned over the disappearance of Karen Chetcuti. Ms Chetcuti hasn't been seen since Tuesday when she was last spotted at the local pub and there's been an extensive search for any trace of her. Her burnt out car was found in the town of Myrtleford about 20 kilometres away but there has been no sign of her so far despite the fact SES crews have been conducting line searches, looking for any trace of her. Yesterday police divers also joined in the search. They were checking a number of wells on Ms Chetcuti's property as well as the near buy Ovens River. The man in custody is Ms Chetcuti's neighbour, his name is Michael Cardamone and two properties which he owns which are quite nearby to Ms Chetcuti, were declared crime scenes yesterday. Homicide detectives and forensic police arrived late yesterday afternoon and spent quite some time going in and out of the buildings on both those properties. He was arrested in some fairly bizarre circumstances. Police received a report that a Whorouly man had been kidnapped and they then spotted a car that matched the description given in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda. They attempted to intercept that car but the driver sped off and was tracked down about an hour later on the other side of town and then Mr Cardamone was arrested. It's important to stress that no charges have been laid and so far he's just being questioned over Ms Chetcuti's disappearance. The PM Malcolm Turnbull has praised Australian troops in training missions in Afghanistan. He visited the country overnight. Mr Turnbull to
committed an extra 20 personnel to the NATO-led campaign through to the end of this year, taking the total number to 270. Speaking in Afghanistan he said Australian forces are playing a valuable role in the region.You are making a real difference to the evolution of Afghanistan to a point where it can stand on its own two feet and maintaining its own security. The work you're doing right across the board building capacity is absolutely critical to this country's future, which is important not just for the Malcolm
Afghans but important for us. Malcolm Turnbull speaking overnight in Afghanistan. Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel refinery has entered into voluntary administration. The business has been struggling with the low nickel price for months. Jesse Dorsett joins us from Townsville. This news has come through in the last hour or so. What's the mood like there?Joe, on Friday I was here talking to about 237 workers who were sacked from the plant. Certainly they were angry and upset as they drove out after receiving the news. While everyone in the city sympathised with them and felt bad, there was a sense of relief in Townsville, because there's been speculation for months about Queensland Nickel closing. So Townsville felt like it had got even off in the
lightly with 550 jobs remaining in the plant. It's fair to say that since the news broke about an hour ago that feeling has dissipated and everyone is nervous again, wondering if they will be next and if the plant will survive.Do you know what the process is from here, the administrators have been appointed and they check out if the business is viable, is that what happens?It's business as usual in the sense that Queensland
production continues at Queensland Nickel. But the administrators take over the operations and they will examine the business and determine where to go from there. Clive Mensink, Clive Palmer's nephew and the manager of Queensland Nickel, said in a statement he believes the business has got a strong future. The Queensland Premier has spoken to the ABC. She says that finally we will be able to see the books or there will be an independent review of the finances of Queensland Nickel and the Government is meeting with the company this afternoon, to get an idea of what's going on.There has been a discussion over the past couple of weeks or months even about the possibility of the Government going guarantor to a multimillion-dollar loan. Does it sound like the Queensland Government might be willing to look at that now if the books are open, because transparency had been a problem up until now?I don't think they will, Joe. That's what Clive Palmer was asking for and the company, they wanted the Government to guarantee its loan. But the Government said it's got two issues with that, they needed to open the books and find out where the money was going and also they were worried it would set a precedent for other failing businesses. So I don't think that will happen but the Queensland Government says it's going to try and bring forward as many of its own North
infrastructure projects in North Queensland, creating about 180 jobs in the hope that some of the sacked workers will be able to find work on those new programs.How significant is this plant for the Townsville industry, Townsville economy generally?Well it was the biggest private employer in Townsville, Joe. It was employing 800 people until it sacked the 240 on Friday. Certainly when we spoke to the Townsville Mayor, Jenny Hill, last week about the sacking, she was very nervous. The union people
said they don't know where the people are going to go. Other miners have laid off people in the region in the last couple of months. The region is in drought, so it is tough times in North Queensland. It will be hard for them to find new jobs.Jesse Dorsett reporting from Townsville. Former Essendon coach James Hird has revealed that he was instructed by the club not to tell the whole truth about the Bombers supplements program when speaking with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. The former Essendon coach has admitted he should have done more to stop the club supplements program which led to 34 current and former players being banned for a year. He says he still believes the players did not take anything illegal. James Hird was speaking on ABC News 24 overnight in his first TV interview since the players have been suspended.The players are put in a position where they are seen as drug cheats. I don't want them seen as drug cheats, that's what will haunt me. Evidence of match-fixing by a large number of players at the top level of tennis have surfaced. Some players accused are competing in the Australian Open. The search for Victorian woman Karen Chetcuti continues today. 48-year-old Michael Cardamone was arrested yesterday over the disappearance but no charges have been laid against him. And the PM Malcolm Turnbull has praised Australian troops engaged in training missions in Afghanistan during a visit to the country and committed an extra 20 personnel to the NATO-led campaign. The United States has imposed fresh sanctions on Iranian companies and individuals just a day after lifting on
international nuclear sanctions on the country. In spite of the new sanctions, President Obama has welcomed the prisoner exchange between Iran and the US, as the two countries look to improve relations. With more details, here is North America correspondent Zoe Daniel.This relates to the testing of a missile back in October in which Iran broke a UN resolution by doing that. It was said or suggested yesterday that in signing off or finalising the Iran nuclear deal, the US backed away from imposing extra sanctions because it wanted to get those prisoners released and it had been told by Iran, if you impose those new sanctions we are not going to let those people out. However, four prisoners plus one were released in a prisoner swap yesterday and those people are now on their way back to the United States via Germany. The Iran deal on nuclear weapons was finalised yesterday in the so-called implementation day, so there was great applause in relation to that and now we see imposed
these new sanctions being imposed on particular individuals who are said to have been guilty of using front companies to procure equipment to build those ballistic missiles for Iran. Regardless, Barack Obama trumpeting the nuclear deal today here. Let's see what he had to say.We've now cut off every single path Iran could have used to build a bomb. Whereas it would have taken Iran two to three months to break out with enough material, we have extended that break out time to a year. And with the world's unprecedented inspections and access to Iran's program, we'll know if Iran ever tries to break out.US Secretary of State John Kerry said this will release around $1.7 billion US that was previously frozen. That said, Iran has huge debt so the estimate of the liquidity of that money is something more in the vicinity of 500 billion upwards, still a substantial amount clearly. Republicans are saying firstly, at the most extreme end, Iran will use that to build nuclear weapons. But further to that, that the oversights that have been put in place under this deal are not sufficient and it really comes down to a lack of trust in Iran and also the continuing division in Iran because it has to be noted that President Rowhani is a moderate but not everyone is, particularly the strong arms in the Revolutionary Guard who hold substantial power. So there is serious concern among the critics about how safe this deal is and what happens afterwards, because it's a 10-15 year program. Burkina
Zoe Daniel reporting there. Burkina Faso's President said he has mobilised troops to find the Australian couple kidnapped by al-Qaeda. Dr Ken Elliott and his wife Jocelyn who have run a medical clinic in the area for 40 years were abducted from their home on Saturday. TRANSLATION: A full alert has been issued to the defence and security forces in the area to catch the kidnappers and rescue the Elliotts.The Department of Foreign Affairs is assisting local authorities. Dr Elliott, who is in his 80s, is the only doctor in the area and performs as many as 150 operations a movement Two of the Westerners seriously injured in the Jakarta terror attack have been flown to Singapore for surgery. The men from Austria and Germany are among the more than 20 people seriously wounded in last week's attacks. The death toll could rise with several of the injured in critical conditions. Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey reports. Extremism in Indonesia isn't just this week's problem. This highly choreographed rally against terrorism and drugs was organised long before Thursday's attack. It doesn't mean that the sentiments aren't heartfelt. TRANSLATION: Last Thursday in Jakarta, the terrorists wanted to create fear among people but like I call on people not to be afraid. What is important is to build solidarity, because solidarity of 250 million people is a massive power and no other power will be able to fight against it, let alone the small terrors which only make us worry.Ordinary Indonesians showed their resolve out on the streets during car-free day under the watchful eye of the city's police and military. TRANSLATION: I don't feel afraid, also because there are so many security personnel will
around today, God willing, it will be safe.The civilian death toll has grown to four after a bank worker succumbed to his injuries. A curer killed on Thursday, originally thought to be a terrorist has been cleared of involvement. French authorities are threatening to send in bulldozers to clear an area of the controversial refugee camp in Calais. Most of them are hoping to stowaway to England to claim asylum there. But the French and the UK Governments are taking an increasingly tough stance and want to discourage more migrants making the trek there. There is no-one in control and it's left hundreds of volunteers, including Australians, to help provide shelter and food. Europe correspondent Lisa Millar reports from the camp in Calais. Of the hundreds of thousands of migrants that are coming across into Europe, only a tiny percentage end up here in Calais. But this camp is just becoming more and more permanent every year that it exists. There are new homes being built for people, they are moving out of their tents and there are things like jungle books. It's a library, if we can just have a quick look inside, so quite an of the
extensive library there. A lot of the migrants don't want their faces to be seen so you will see them turning away from us as we're walking and pointing because they believe that if they had been shown on television, they won't then have an opportunity to get asylum in England and that's why they are sensitive about that. We have got a generator here because they are charging up their telephones. You can see they put their heads down to
understandably, they don't want to be identified. We have got the generator charging their phones. You can see it does seem like it is almost a permanent community here. And Reverend Bill Cruise from Sydney is here as well having a look. This is your second, third...Third visit.Has it changed?When I first came here, there were just people and kind of makeshift sorts of things. Gradually now this community is coming together. My guess is that when this community ends, a lot of people are going to miss the friendships that they've built here. In one room in Sydney where I was a couple of weeks ago, there was $4 trillion, $4 trillion. If the world wanted to solve this problem, they would solve it tomorrow. They are quite happy to dither around to leave these people suffering like it is and the tragedy is, that there's all this energy here that could build a whole new community and a whole new country and what they are being left is to fall off the shelf. So there's a whole lot of potential in this place. When I come here, that's what you see, you see the future and because these people are willing to grab at the future, but most people see Reverend
them as problems.Thanks, Reverend Cruise. The trouble this is a refugee camp that is not an official camp. The French Government has said it's going to bulldoze the tents over the next 24 hours and there's been a real rush here to try and move people into more permanent constructions. But there does not seem to be any solution to the problem. The UK certainly does not want them continuing to attempt to get on the semi-trailers and threw the tunnel. It is becoming more and more of a problem and certainly as winter approaches - well winter is upon us and the weather is a real problem as they are suffering health issues and housing. The charities here say there's not enough help coming in. Lisa Millar reporting from France. Tamworth in NSW has welcomed thousands of people for its 44th Country Music Festival. Despite a wet start, this year is expected to attract up to 50,000 visitors. Tammie Bannister joins the pirates rugby club. What is the atmosphere like there and at your camp site?Fantastic, we are full already with more to
coming. It's been a great start to the festival this year.Have you been a local all your life?Most of it, yes.What's been your involvement in the festival over the years, have you - as a little girl, were you there in the mall with your guitar singing out a if you tunes?No, but I was a marching girl so I have marched in the cavalcade in the festivals. I've worked in my pub and clubs for six years and this is the first time I've run the camp at pirates rugby club. How important is it the festival?It benefits everyone, the sporting clubs through either having campers there or fundraising through barbecues and selling drinks, even auto electricians, mechanics, hairdressers, everything like that benefits from everyone being in town for the ten days.How has the festival changed over the years? You have seen it over a couple of decades now?I have. Yeah, it's definitely grown and more diverse to attract a wider range of people it's very family oriented now. You may not like a particular of music style but there is something for everyone to enjoy.Did it attract a particular demographic 15, 20 years ago and that has broadened significantly inIt's definitely broadened. All ages come to the festival now and it's definitely brud end.Is there a tussle saying you should stick to traditional country music rather than those that verge on the fringe of country rather than being the true form?You would probably definitely get people with that opinion but most people I think understand that country music itself has broadened over the years. But to continue getting good crowds and people for the city, you have to have something for everyone, that everyone will enjoy.Are people generally well behaved at the pirates rugby club? They are there for a long time?Very well behaved. Some people are here for up to two weeks.Jeez.I have 65 powered sites and usually take tents and campervans as well. But we've become good friends with some of them over the years. My daughter even stayed in a tent three nights last year with a family she has become friends with. So it's nice to see people come back year after year.A crazy, busy time of year for you but you don't mind?No, not at all.We're not going to see you in the mall plucking a guitar and singing a few tunes at some stage? I thought everyone would get involved eventually?I'm not much of a singer. I would definitely turn people.I thought we were going to finish but
with you singing a few lines but we'll leave it with that. Thank you for talking to us and have a great festival.Thanks, Joe. It's a uniquely Australian festival. The red scepter is turning green. Some farmers have had their first decent falls in six years. The rain has also been a boon for wildlife. The green grass has replaced the red dirt in Central Australia. Normally dry creek beds are flowing with water.We had the best Christmas present ever. It actually rained for us, the grass is leaping out of the ground and we've still got a couple of more rainy months to go yet.Wally Klein has been working at Orange Creek Station, a hundred kilometres south of Alice Springs, for more than two decades. The rain has brought him much-needed hope.It's the first time that I can remember we've got low interest, low fuel prices, really good cattle prices and now a good season to go with it.His daughter, Joella Klein, is a fourth generation farmer. She was coaxed back on to the land but now she wouldn't have it any other way.Dad said, "Oh just come home for six months before you go overseas". So I did and I'm still here.The wet weather draw card certainly helps.When you see all the green grass and the rain and the fat cows you think yeah, this is where I want to be. Jo you can already see the cows shining and they're making milk so the calves are running around with their tails up in the air and it's absolutely fantastic. In a couple of months we'll probably double our value of the stock.It's not just our pastoralists that are happy with the rain. This Centralian carpet python loves it too.Carpet pythons have a field day. It's like that free buffet, eat all you can.Across the desert, wild flowers are beginning to appear on the landscape.The deserts are full of life and when you add water, it just blossoms and explodes really.Puts a bit of heart back in the job and keeps going.Right as rain in a normally parched piece of Australia. Great to see green out there. Kirsten Veness.
Time for the weather, here is Kirsten Veness. Checking the satellite. Areas of cloud over WA with a trough that's causing showers and potentially some severe thunderstorms. Some patchy cloud over the NT as well and parts of northern Queensland, that's bringing a few storms there. Some showers along the NSW and Queensland coasts as well with heavy falls in the tropics. But dry and hot further south. Victoria and SA reaching some very high temperatures today. Checking the rainfall for tomorrow, the rain continues for much of WA, with some decent falls likely in the south-west corner and good to see showers likely over the interior, mainly lighter falls there though. Checking our outlook for tomorrow:

The top stories today - the tennis world has been hit by accusations that authorities failed to deal with a number of top men's players suspected of being involved in match-fixing. The BBC and BuzzFeed investigation alleges tennis officials were given evidence about a network of players suspected of fixing matches but they were allowed to continue playing. Eight of the players are due to compete at the Australian Open which is getting underway in Melbourne today. The search for missing Victorian woman Karen Chetcuti continues in the State's north-east. 48-year-old Michael Cardamone was arrested yesterday over the disappearance but no charges have been laid against him. Mr Cardamone lives next door to Ms Chetcuti and his property has been declared a crime scene. The PM Malcolm Turnbull has praised Australian troops even gamed in training missions in Afghanistan during a visit to the country and committed an extra 20 personnel to the campaign. The increase takes the total number of Australians involved in the NATO-led campaign to 270 through to the end of this year. And Australia has taken an unbeatable 3-0 lead in the one-day cricket series against at
India after a three-wicket win at the MCG. Australia wrapped up the match thanks to Glenn Maxwell. He faced 83 balls.A joint investigation by BuzzFeed news and the BBC has uncovered secret files exposing evidence of widespread match-fixing at the top levels of tennis. Documents describe strong evidence linking betting syndicates to players but they were not pursued by tennis's anti-corruption body. The group in question contains players who have ranked in the top 50, including winners of Grand Slam titles. Tennis is a big deal for the gambling industry with billions bet on the sport each year, it needs to be whiter than white. In 2007 an investigation was launched into suspicious betting and match-fixing. Mark Phillips was part of that investigation.The data analysts and investigators had linked the players with the gamblers and that was one of the reasons why we believe this evidence was so strong. It seemed like a perfect opportunity for tennis to charge players, complete the investigation, charge players, get through the disciplinary system and then create a strong deterrent.The BBC and BuzzFeed news have obtained documents from tennis insiders, including the investigation carried out by Mark Phillips and others. They identify a series of betting syndicates linked to players. A Russian group who bet on five suspicious matches and won over £250,000. A north Italian group placed bets on 28 matches and won over £650,000. A Sicilian syndicate who bet on 12 games including three matches at Wimbledon and won £650,000. This syndicate targeted Wimbledon more than any other Grand Slam. The documents we've obtained also show that the former top 50 player Martin Arguello exchanged 82 texts with a Sicilian gambler before a match in 2006. Investigators retrieved parts of them. In the morning the gambler texted Arguello: Before the game, he text the gambler again. The gambler syndicate went on to win over £250,000 on the match. We put this to Martin Arguello, but he declined to comment. We've learned there have been repeated alerts about 16 top level players involved in suspicious matches sent to tennis's Integrity Units over a number of years. Some will be on court this week at the Australian Open. Tennis is just a Hopi now for this former player, the first to be banned for match-fixing, which he denies. He told me about the approaches to fixed matches he received and refused.In Chenai they offered me 60,000 to lose to Davydenko in the first round and in Paris, they offered me double money to lose against March sudden in straight sets and also a bigger amount against Tipsaravic in Moscow.Tennis is gearing up for its first Grand Slam of the year. Those involved in the game are taking corruption seriously.We are aware it's there. We think it's an incredibly small level and it's our business going forward that we keep acting upon this in the best possible way.One of the architects of tennis' Integrity Unit is critical of the way the sport has tackled match-fixing. There is an element of keeping things under wraps. Nobody likes doing their dirty washing in public. If they were serious about dealing with this, then they really need to create an Integrity Unit with teeth.Tennis will be Australian
centre stage when the Australian Open starts tomorrow. In order to keep people playing and watching, the sport must prove it's doing all it can to protect the game. The PM Malcolm Turnbull arrives in Washington tomorrow where he Barack
will meet the US President Barack Obama. The visit is likely to focus heavily on international security and the economy. Washington correspondent Zoe Daniel spoke with Danny Russell, the US State Department Assistant Secretary for Aish thank
affairs.Assistant Secretary, thank you for your time.My pleasure, Zoe.It's a volatile time internationally. How significant.
important is this visit?It's significant. PM Turnbull will be the first leader to meet with President Obama in 2016, because this is the ultimate, the final year of the Obama the first
Administration.Australia, for the first time, has resisted US requests to increase the military presence in Iraq and Syria to push back against Islamic State.I wouldn't put it that way, Zoe.Is that something that will be on the table in the discussions? How is that being read by the US administration?Well I'm not saying that Australia has reached its maximum in terms of its ability to contribute in global security. Australians are famous for digging down a little bit deeper and reaching in and finding a little bit more to give. But there's no contribution
question Australia's contribution is very, very significant. In some cases, it's bigger and as big as practically any other country. It's immensely valuable. What these conversations - or I should say these consultations are about is not what can you do for me, it's about what should we be doing together.President Obama will hold a large summit among the ASEAN leaders in California in a few weeks?Yes.What is the significance of that in the context of what was described as the pivot to Asia, which perhaps was somewhat derailed by larger international issues but, as you said, in the last year of President Obama's administration, it seems he's returning to a lot of things that he sees as unfinished business. Is that one of them?Well, the pivot or the rebalance not only has never been derailed, but I think one Obama Administration
of the great successes of the Obama Administration is the fact that we have been able to ramp up and sustain our engagement in the Asia Pacific region at a time when so much of the attention of our leaders and our security officials is directed at the Middle East. The rebalance is a common recognition that in the 21st Century, the economic future and the security interests of the United States are inextricably linked to those of not only South East Asia, but of the entire Asia Pacific region.We appreciate your time, thank you very much. My pleasure, thank you. Bill Shorten has been visiting a pathology lab in Melbourne. He spoke to the media a short time ago. Let's listen to what he said.I believe that the quality of healthcare you get in this country should be determined by your Medicare card, not your credit care of
card. That is why the decision of the Turnbull Liberal Government to take away bulk billing incentive payments is complete medical madness. Pathology and the research done in these remarkable pathology laboratories is necessary for 70% of the decisions that are made in medicine. 100% of all cancer diagnosis require pathology testing. Everything from the treatment and the prevention of chronic diabetes, right through to cancer, right through to leukaemia require hard and skilled work done in these pathology laboratories. Everyone knows that if you cut the funding for bulk billing incentives, what will happen is that pathology laboratories will have to increase the cost and have to introduce a co-payment. Once patients, especially ones in early stages of diagnosis and looking at preventative treatment, everyone knows that it's hard making our cost of living requirements, making ends meet. If you are confronted with the choice of preventative health test which is requiring greater and greater payments from your own pocket, some people through no fault of their own, but due to their financial circumstances, will delay getting necessary medical treatment and the tests they require. What this means is that if people delay getting the pathology tests they require through no fault of their own, through the undermining of Medicare and the expansion of co-payments, what it means is that people will get sicker, then they will take the necessary treatment that is required. Now what that actually constitutes, it will be a greater burden on the taxpayer and the medical system. So the madness of what Mr Turnbull's Liberal Government is doing, they are discouraging preventative health, they are putting upward they
pressure on the cost of living, they will cost patients more for the really necessary tests - cancer, leukaemia, chronic illness such as diabetes. Now this is a Government who needs to drop their attacks on pathology, drop their attacks on the introduction of co-payments in terms of pathology testing and they need to actually get on the side of the patient. We need to defend Medicare because it should be in Australia that the quality of your healthcare depends upon your Medicare card, not your credit card. I'm pleased to be joined by leading experts in terms of pathology. I would like to ask David and John to talk further in detail about why the Turnbull Government's decisions to attack these measures is madness.Thank you. Very proud to say a few words here. We are proud to be providing quality pathology services as we have for some 80 years. What's just as important is to ensure those services are accessible and affordable to all Victorians. That's why we are absolutely shocked when we received the news there would be a 4.5% cut to our rebate, targeted specifically at the bulk billing incentive, the incentive that's given to us to bulk bill patients. Melbourne pathology do thousands of tests and many of those tests are done at a loss. Whether we're talking about pap smears, whether we are talking about home visits where we visit the sick or in firmed who can't attend our collection centres or losses in relation to going out to regional or rural communities which just by geography cost a significant infrastructure to establish those services. Hence a cut of this magnitude puts a lot of pressure on us, on our ability and the capacity for us to continue to deliver these services without an out of pocket cost. We are delighted that the community has also taken an interest in this by a petition across the internet where already is something like 189,000 signatures, already urging the Government to reverse this decision. Pathology, as we have seen, and I've shown, is a vital healthcare service. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Pathology doesn't stop. It's absolutely critical that the industry remains robust so we can continue to deliver pathology services to Victorians. Thank you for coming and shedding light on this important issue and I will pass on to John who has a few extra words. Thank you, David. As Mr Shorten mentioned, 100% of cancer diagnosis relies on pathology. Prevention, early diagnosis, relies on pathology. In fact 70% of all clinical diagnosis made by your doctor relies on pathology. Last year one in every two Australians had a pathology test. That's over 12 million pathology tests performed in Australia last year. However, pathology is the least understood, least visible and therefore least valued component of medicine. It's really important that we take this opportunity to consider how important pathology is because if something is not understood and not valued, then if there are obstacles put in the way, then there are concerns that people may not do or have their critical pathology tests at the right time. This will have implications on the patient outcome and implications on the healthcare system overall. Pathology awareness Australia represents all of pathology and it's there to help and highlight the importance of pathology in our healthcare. We have our website no pathology Jokowi that's know That's there to help people better understand how pathology is there. I appreciate Mr Shorten and Ms King coming today to look inside the engine room of healthcare. This is a very highly intense invested scientist, pathologists, medical professionals who are there to support the healthcare system. Thank you for your time. Are there any questions on the pathology and cuts first and then I will ask our other two associates to stand aside and happy to do questions on other matters after that? Just to finish on the pathology, we thank Melbourne pathology for hosting this visit. There are 1,500 people who work for Melbourne pathology but the work they do means that Australians enjoy longer life and better quality of life. Again today we call upon the Turnbull Liberal Government to drop these ill-thought out cuts because they will arm the outcomes for patients, they will put upward pressure on the cost of going to see the doctor and a chief a long-term - or achieve a cost to the medical system. Any other questions?REPORTER: On the G st. T, (inaudible) modelling day shows the GST and perhaps personal income tax, do you support that as a way of boosting the economy?Labor sees no case made out for increasing the GST to 15% on everything. It is a lazy tax to ask every day Australians to pay more money for the goods that they need, for fresh food, for healthcare, for education services. There are better ideas out there which will help make sure this country runs fishily for making middle and lower income people pay a lot more for everything which is counterproductive to building confidence. It will lead to pressure on jobs and for small business and it will increase the cost of living for Australian families. It's a very poor idea and Labor's not having a bar of it.This modelling has found there could be (inaudible) in terms of (inaudible)?I live in the real world and I know that when I put to Australians that Malcolm Turnbull says you will be compensated for paying more tax, what a lot of them say is "Why increase the tax, then compensate us?" They think that is a big money-go-round. John Howard said in 1998, 10% GST, no more. There they are again, there is the Liberals sneaking out under the side of the tent to put a new tax on everything. This Liberal Party, they say they are on the side of every day people but they want to make everyone pay more. Go to any checkout in Australia and you ask parents, you ask people trying to make ends meet, what do you think about paying 15% on everything. People think it is a bad idea. We've had a rocky start to the year in terms of the share market, the share
fundamentals of the Australian share market are strong let me hasten to add but what we don't need when the rest of the world has headwinds, we don't need a lazy Government whacking a blanket 15% tax on everything. That was the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten speaking earlier in Melbourne today. The US embassy in Baghdad has confirmed that several Americans have been kidnapped there. Unconfirmed reports from Iraqi security circle said three Americans and an Iraqi translator were seized on the southern side of Baghdad. The US officials did not say how many were held or how they were seized. A man left brain dead after suffering serious side effects during an experimental drug trial in France has died. They were testing a new mood and anxiety drug for the first time. Five other people are now in a stable condition. An investigation is underway whether it was caused by an error in the trial's procedures or in the substance tested.Sue Lannin joins us now with business and finance news. Retail giant Woolworths plans to sell or close its loss-making hardware business Masters. It says a review of operating performance indicates it could take many years for Masters to become profitable. The company says it can't continue to bear ongoing losses from the hardware stores. Woolworths says Masters will continue to trade while it gets out of the business. While Woolworths is getting out of hardware, Wes farmers is expanding. The owner of Coles supermarkets and Bunnings say it will buy Homebase for just over $700 million. Homebase is the second largest home improvement and garden retailer in the UK and Ireland. They plan to roll out the Bunnings brand in the UK in the next three to five years. Australian shares have recovered some of their early losses. In midday trade:

Thanks, Sue. The tennis world has been rocked this morning by evidence of match-fixing by more than a dozen high-ranking players, including some appearing on court at this year's Australian Open. Though the players are not named. Reporter Ben Lisson joins me now from outside Rod Laver Arena where the Australian Open begins today. Take us to the substance of these allegations? Good morning, Joe. Well temperatures are pretty hot here for day one of the Australian Open but the main temperature has been turned up on the officials for the tennis. Because there is a big allegation here coming forward from the BBC and BuzzFeed that reported this morning there are widespread suspected match-fixing allegations going on at the pro level of men's tennis. It's difficult to know quite what this means in actual fact, whether some of these were happening in the last few months or last few years. The details are sketchy in the report as to what specific elements they are talking about. It is important to mention these are suspected match-fixing allegations and so the assertion really is that the international tennis federation has sort of swept the allegations under the carpet over several years and has not fully followed up on these situations. So difficult to know quite what's going to happen. There will be a fallout over the next few days and it will be the main talking point aside from the tennis here on day one because there are allegations surrounding some of the top 50 players, for instance, and again without knowing any names, it does make it a bit tricky to know how serious those allegations are.So the basis of the allegations is analysis of betting trends?That's right. And so they've gone through matches
thousands apparently, of matches and a series of interviews with high-ranking officials over several continents over the last few years and it seems to me the substance of it is essentially that they found some players have lost matches where the odds of them losing were really significantly stacked against that result. But, you know, again, that says statistically speaking those are shock results and there's a pattern of those but it doesn't necessarily prove anything substantial yet. So it does point to an issue that tennis will certainly have to look at but without any serious evidence at this point, it does mean it's difficult to know what the next step is in terms of whether there's any players names to be revealed.Who is on court there today?Yes, so obviously a bit disappointing to arrive at the tennis and find you are talking about something completely different. But the tennis itself should be fascinating. We have got world No.1s in the men's and women's draws, Novak Djokovic is up against an exciting Korean teenager Chong. He is ranked 5 Serena
1st in the world already. Serena Williams up against Georgie as well on Rod Laver Arena. The biggest of the Australians is Nick Kyrgios. He will face Busta tonight in his first round match. It should be exciting to see what Kyrigios can do. An important year last year.We have to leave it there. Cheers. Time for the weather now, here is Kirsten Veness. Checking the satellite. Areas of cloud over WA with a trough that's causing showers and potentially severe thunderstorms. Patchy cloud over the NT as well and parts of northern Queensland is bringing a few storms there. Showers along the NSW and Queensland coast as well with heavy falls in the tropics. But dry and hot further south. Victoria and SA reaching some very high temperatures today. Checking the rainfall for tomorrow, the rain continues for much of WA with decent falls likely in the south-west corner. Good to see showers likely over the interior, mainly lighter falls there, though. Checking your outlook for tomorrow:

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Today, a media probe uncovers evidence of match-fixing in the top levels of tennis. The search continues for a missing Melbourne woman as police question her neighbour. New sanctions imposed on Iran just 24 hours after restrictions were eased. Good afternoon. You're watching ABC News. I'm Brigid Glanville. Also ahead on the program, the Australian share market falls sharply in early trade following Friday's steep fall on Wall Street and another plunge in crude oil prices. And a sensational innings from Glen Maxwell guides Australia to a series win over India. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia A joint investigation by the