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are next. Tonight ... A man pleads
not guilty over an alleged one punch attack in Civic. Drugs, weapons and cash seized in a raid in Wanniassa. care
And police urge drivers to take evening
care on the Kings Highway. Good Braddo
evening I' m Geoff Phillips, A charged
Braddon man faced court today att
charged over an alleged one-punch Th
attack in Civic on New Year' s Day guilt
The twenty-year-old pleaded not griev
guilty to recklessly inflicting r
grievous bodily harm. Jordan Sharma Magis
remained silent as left the ACT y
Magistrates court. Reporter: How do Y
you feel about what happened on New comm
Year' s Eve? Lawyer: There' s no you
comment guys thanks Reporter: Have actions?
you anything to say for your
actions? Lawyer: There' s no comment ma
guys. The twenty-year-old Braddon Recklessly
man was today charged with Bodily
Recklessly Inflicting Grievous one-punch
Bodily Harm over an alleged conv
one-punch attack outside a Civic
convenience store in the early hours th
of New Years Day. Police released inci
this shocking CCTV vision of the vict
incident last week - the alleged argu
victim appears to be in a heated s
argument with one man, before being f
struck from the side by another and shatt
falling to the ground - his jaw bef
shattered. Both men then walk off fall
before a bystander rushes to the called
fallen man' s aid. Police were late
called to the scene a short time t
later, the injured man was taken to s
the Canberra Hospital for emergency circu
surgery. The footage was widely ha
circulated on social media. Sharma r
handed himself in to police and was h
released on watch house bail. Today
his lawyer Kamy Saeedi entered a not client.
guilty plea on behalf of his Sharm
client. The registrar continued to
Sharma' s bail, and he will return
to court in late March. Harry Frost, with
WIN News. A man has been charged and
with a number of drug trafficking on
and firearms offences after a raid t
on a Wanniassa property. Police say of
they seized trafficable quantities cocain
of methylamphetamine, MDMA and mor
cocaine during a search yesterday tw
morning. Investigators also allege forty-four
two rifles, ammunition and were
forty-four-thousand dollars cash Thirty-tw
were found on the property. w
Thirty-two-year-old Nathan Davidson toda
was arrested during the raid and l
today sought an adjournment to seek h
legal advice. Bail was refused, and this
he will re-appear in court later warning
this month. Police have issued a t
warning to Canberra drivers heading following
to and from the South Coast, accident
following a spate of serious Eurob
accidents on the Kings Highway. the
Eurobodalla Shire Council insists bes
the State Government is doing its
best, committing millions of dollars Three
to try to make the road safer. in
Three serious crashes on this road s
in four days. It' s very sad to see someone who is obviously coming down sho
the Coast for a holiday or for a to
short time and like that to happen Highway
to them on the road The Kings Canberr
Highway is a gateway for many Ci
Canberrans looking to escaping the
City for the Coast. Police insist it driver
can also be deadly - and want w
drivers to remember just that. What of
we' re asking is motorists be aware of road conditions the unpredictable mot
nature of conditions demand that c
motorists be aware and drive to the com
conditions of the day The warning serio
comes after six people suffered cr
serious injuries in three separate
crashes on the Highway last week. In Canberra
one case an eleven year old Sydn
Canberra girl was airlifted to a she
Sydney Children' s hospital where she remains in a serious condition - down
after her family' s car plunged certai
down this embankment. They' re b
certainly examples of why we should d
be taking extreme care on the roads h
during this busy time of year We do th
have three times the population in 140,00
the Eurobodalla coming into us c
140,000 people up to 140,000 people
come through over that 6 week period so there' s a lot of traffic on the Gover
road Lindsay insists the State m
Government has committed funding to about
make the Highway safer There' s about $14 million being spent on the gr
top of the Clyde so we are seeing Highway
great investment in the Kings co
Highway which has been a long time about
coming Police will again be out and vi
about on Australia Day - with more t
visitors expected to travel down to s
the Bay. Mia Glover WIN News There' from
s been a spike in calls for help the
from victims of domestic violence in
the ACT. There were over twenty-one fi
thousand calls for help in twenty sixteen
fifteen, a major jump from the be
sixteen thousand received the year increased
before. Front-line services say h
increased public focus on the issue out.
has prompted more women to reach woma
out. The fact that we are seeing goo
woman making those decisions is a d
good thing and we encourage them to
do it but to make sure they' ve gone Violence
to places like the Domestic Violence Crisis Services and talk to people before they make that leave. unsc
The Canberra region has escaped move
unscathed from a cold front that
moved through the region over night. th
A flood watch had been issued for but
the Queanbeyan and Molonglo rivers fa
but was cancelled, when heavy rain rece
failed to hit the area. Canberra rain
received just two millimetres of rain, but it was heavier to the east fif
with Googong picking up forty to chill
fifty mms. Canberrans woke to a tempe
chilly morning with an apparent Temp
temperature of just two degrees. averag
Temperatures will remain below clim
average over the weekend, before
climbing back up to the low thirties continues
s on Monday. When WIN News fin
continues: A new study to try and find an answer to back pain And, ... The action heats up at the Canberra ATP Challenger tournament. This program is not captioned.

safe, enjoyable weekend, good night Canberra
A new study from the University of ba
Canberra is hoping to help chronic eighty
back pain sufferers. More than battle
eighty per cent of Australians researcher
battle with the issue, and c
researchers are now hopeful pilates solutio
could be the key to finding a ti
solution. As Canberrans spend more ove
time sitting at desks and hunched
over computers - it seems our health is suffering. Back pain is the most
common side effect and it can cause serious issues for some. Eight-five per cent of people will suffer from lower back pain and out of that ten per cent will receive a disability. Heavy lifting and standing for long area.
periods can also aggravate the conducted
area. But a new study to be Canberra
conducted through the University of solution
Canberra is hoping to find a exercis
solution, using strengthening exercises like pilates to manage the eff
pain. It has already shown it' s st
effectiveness in reducing pain and
stress in the short term but we don' t know about the long term effects. change
As well as measuring physical im
changes the study will explore the manageme
impacts of Pilates on stress management. It relieves your tension re
it relieves your stress and gives So
relaxation. It relieves your mind. t
So it eliminates your psychological s
tension. experts sat if you want to B
see results you have to keep at it. But it' s something anyone can do. A
lot of people think Pilates is just ben
for young women but everyone can benefit. We get a lot of males in as participa
well. Anyone interested in contac
participating in the study can E
contact the University of Canberra. s
Edwina Seselja WIN News. Turning to busine
sport and it' s getting to the Chal
business end of the Canberra ATP I
Challenger. Croatian Ivan Dodig and t
Italy' s Paolo Lorenzi will go head expl
to head in what' s sure to be an
explosive match. He impressed at the Brisbane international finishing as wi
the only player to take a set off winner Milos Raonic - and Ivan Dodig the
has continued his run of form at g
the Canberra ATP challenger. I felt bette
great every match I was playing great
better and better so far I feel v
great on the court and my tennis is and
very good I' m serving quite well performa
and I' m very happy with the cruise
performance. Dodig comfortably
cruised through to tomorrow' s final six
- beating Daniel Munoz de la Nava now
six one six three. Clapping. He' ll b
now face top seed Paolo Lorenzi who th
beat Spain' s Marcel Granollers in sev
three sets. Lorenzi won the first second
seven five before dropping the second seven six - Eventually taking f
the third set seven five to book a t
finals berth. Clapping. Dodig hasn' taki
t lost a set all week but isn' t i
taking anything for granted heading anyw
into tomorrow' s final. Tomorrow match
anyway it' s going to be a good a
match and I think it' s going to be gets
a great final. Tomorrow' s final Canber
gets underway at one pm at the Je
Canberra Tennis Centre in Lyneham. it
Jelisa Apps, WIN News. ar ANU says tomorro
it' s feeling confident ahead against
tomorrow' s Douglas Cup match sec
against Eastlake, despite sitting we
second last on the ladder. I think
we' ve sort of been a little bit hot and cold throughout the season so I compe
think we' ve shown that we can compete with the best and i think if com
we can put it on the park we can come away with the points. Elsewhere W
Tuggeranong takes on Weston Creek, Wests meet Queanbeyan and Gininderra wee
hosts Norths. That is sport, the weekend weather details are next.

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This program is not captioned. fol
Good evening, A cool day today 1
following that change, Canberra was yesterda
13 degrees below what we saw we
yesterday...temps warming into the temperatures
weekend Taking a look at
temperatures for the region today.. Sydney 14-22 Wollongong 13-20 Nowr 13-21 Ulladulla 13-19 Batemans Bay Merimbu
12-21 Moruya 12-22 Bega 12-21 Merimbula 12-21 Cooma 5-14 Jindabyn Bomb
2-10 Perisher -1-8 Thredbo -3-5 11-23
Bombala 6-14 Goulburn 9-19 Yass 11-23 Gungahlin 10-21 Canberra 10-2 Br
Queanbeyan 10-21 Bungendore 20-21 pressu
Braidwood 9-16 - A strong high is
pressure system south of the Bight So
is extending a ridge along the New co
South Wales coast in the wake of a this
cold front. Rain associated with
this front has contracted to the fa most
northeast of the state and will mostly clear early Saturday. - Earl s
rain in the northeast, easing to a shower
shower or two. The chance of a central
shower along the southern and
central coasts, and adjacent ranges di
Checking the forecast for the ACT district, Partly cloudy. Winds sout tendi
to southeasterly 15 to 20 km h 3
tending east to southeasterly 20 to Dan
30 km h in the late morning. Fire Territory
Danger - Australian Capital Territory: High Canberra 9-23 Partl cloud
cloudy Tuggeranong 9-23 Partly cloudy Queanbeyan 9-23 Partly cloud 10-
Yass 9-24 Partly cloudy Goulburn for
10-19 Cloudy Taking a look at the Sa
forecast for the next seven day... 9-
Saturday 9-23 Partly cloudy Sunday Mostl
9-25 Partly cloudy Monday 11-30 sun
Mostly sunny Tuesday 12-32 Mostly T
sunny Wednesday 17-32 Shower or two 1
Thursday 16-27 Shower or two Friday
13-28 Possible shower Now it' s bac to Geoff.

weekend weather details are next.
And that' s WIN News for Friday 15th reports
January. To view some of our reports, visit the WIN News Canberra Facebook page. I' m Geoff Phillips, good
have a safe, enjoyable weekend, good night.