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Tonight - former Essendon coach James Hird takes some responsibility for the suspensions handed to his former players.I should have known more, I should have done more when the opportunity came and I feel extremely guilty for that. Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Also ahead - two Australians kidnapped by al-Qaeda in West Africa are identified as a West Australian couple.The PM surprises the troops in Iraq and outlines Australia's future in the country. And Toby Price fulfills a childhood dream conquering the gruelling Dakar Rally. Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Kathryn Robinson. A quick look at the weather:.

Former Essendon coach James Hird admits he should have done more to stop the club's supplements program which led to 34 current and former players being banned for a year. Speaking on ABC News 24 in his first live interview since the players were suspended, Hird has rejected suggestions he played an overseeing role in the program, but he has apologised for the damage the program has done to the players' careers.I think it's not just 2016 that's wiped off and potentially beyond but 2013, 2014, 2015 where they weren't able to play the football to their ability. I have a level of responsibility in that. I should have known more, I should have done more when the opportunity came and I feel extremely guilty for that and bad for that and I can only apologise for that because I made decisions in realtime that in hindsight I think were wrong. The ones I have spoken to, they're deeply concerned about their future and what lays ahead of them and they are very upset at what happened at the Football Club, but also it's what happened to them over the last three years.You have spoken to the captain Jobe Watson?Via text we've spoken. Johannesburg very angry and also I think, I'm not going to speak for him but I feel he feels very let down in a number of areas.Does he feel let down by you?I would say to a certain extent he does, yeah. I made a promise to Jobe Watson and to the other players in 2010 when I decided to coach - or became coach, that I would create an environment for them that they could be the best possible athletes they could be, they could achieve their dreams individually and win premierships. Quite obviously that environment hasn't occurred and for that, I feel that they should feel let down by me and I feel I have let them down. So I think he's got every right to feel let down by myself.James Hird speaking exclusively to ABC News 24 there. An elderly Australian couple has been kidnapped by Burkina
al-Qaeda-linked militants in Burkina Faso. The doctor and his wife, who are both in their West
80s, have run a clinic in the West Africa nation for the past 40 years. The abduction comes after a jihadist assault on an up market hotel in Burkina Faso's capital, that left as many as 29 people dead, including many foreigners. Africa correspondent Martin Cuddihy reports. Two Australians who have dedicated their lives to helping others are now in the hands of al-Qaeda.The need is enormous. And I think if you look after it, the rewards are enormous.Dr Ken Elliott and his wife Jocelyn, seen here in this promotional video were snatched by the ex- treatmentist group the Emirates of the Sahara. They left their home in Perth to build a clinic in Burkina's north in 1972. Dr Elliott does 150 sumplg ris a month with people travelling from across country to see him.I was shocked that anyone could take people like Ken and Jocelyn hostage. They are just so committed to their humanitarian work.Their captors have made no public demands but Australian diplomats are working to free them. The doctor and his wife are the latest Westerners to be targeted by al-Qaeda in Burkina Faso. Stunned survivors were led from the Splendid Hotel in the capital Ouagadougou after local troops and French Special Forces ended a 12-hour siege by Islamist militants. TRANSLATION: They started on the
shooting and everybody lay down on the ground. As soon as you lifted your head you would get shot straightaway so you had to pretend to be dead. They even came to touch our feet to check if we were alive. Officials believe all four assailants, including two women, are dead. Until this week, Burkina Faso appeared to be off the radar of Islamic in
extremist groups wreaking havoc in the region. Now dozens of people are dead and two more are being used as pawns in a dangerous game with no rules. The PM has declared Australia will not stay in Iraq forever and he's called on European nations to step up their effort in the fight against Islamic State. Malcolm Turnbull made the comments during a surprise visit to troops in the Middle East. Here's political reporter Jane Norman. In a military procession and with near military precision...Thank you very much.Australian troops captured this VIP visit.The person with the longest arms should always take the selfie. The PM stopped by Camp Taji where he spent just 90 minutes on the ground, receiving briefings and meeting the men and women on the frontline.We so admire your professionalism, your commit community, your courage, your determination to get the job done.Around 300 Australian soldiers are based at Taji. Their role, to train Special Forces
the Iraqi Army. Backed by Special Forces and the air task group they represent the second-biggest contribution to the US-led fight against Islamic State.Further commitments we were to make would depend on the circumstances but we do not intend to be in Iraq forever.During a Q&A with troops, Mr Turnbull countered calls from within his own on
Government for Australian boots on the ground.The most important boots on the ground are Iraqi boots on the ground because they have to win back their own country.And he defended Australia's decision to reject a US request for more military help in the Middle East.We're encouraging other countries, particularly other European countries, NATO countries, to step up and make a greater contribution too. Earlier the PM flew into Baghdad for talks with his Iraqi counterpart. The visit comes at a promising time for the country, with local forces starting to make some important gains. TRANSLATION: We are achieving heroic victories. Following their one-on-one meeting, Mr Turnbull confirmed there was no request from his Iraqi counterpart for more help. Malcolm Turnbull can give that progress report to the US President Barack Obama when he visits Washington early this week. His first trip as PM will be dominated by talks on the campaign against Islamic State. Clive Palmer has broken his silence over the job losses at his Townsville nickel refinery. 237 Queensland Nickel workers were shown the door on Friday, despite revelations the company donated $290,000 to the Palmer United Party just weeks to
earlier. He spoke exclusively to the ABC from the Gold Coast late this afternoon. Clive
Under attack but strident, Clive Palmer says he's done nothing wrong.We're really heroes. It's a very successful story, this plant has been going for another six years after BHP was going to write it off.237 workers lost their jobs from Queensland Nickel outside of Townsville on Friday. It's since been revealed the company donated $290,000 to the Palmer United Party just a fortnight earlier.I understand it was for other services, offices, things like that they occupy. You have to put down a value for these things when you report them.Queensland Nickel Palmer United Party in
has donated $21 million to Palmer United Party in the past two years. That includes a $15 million donation in 2013, which Mr Palmer says was used to establish the party and help abolish the carbon tax.What other Chief Executive would go into Parliament to fight for his workers, put his money and it was our money on the line to protect their jobs.Mr Palmer's to
resisting calls for the money to be paid back to the ailing company.That's rubbish. This is a private company. There are no mums and dad's money. It's a not a ASX listed company, it's privately owned by me.He blames the Queensland Government for failing to go guarantor for a $35 million loan to keep Queensland Nickel afloat. But the Premier says the business refused to hand over its books for scrutiny.The priority for Mr Palmer should have been for the jobs and workers at Queensland Nickel.That's a cheap shot. Anna has never run a business in her life.Mr Palmer says he personally gave the refinery could be
$2.8 million last year so staff could be paid for Christmas. But they're yet to receive details of their redundancies.When we tack took over the refinery we gave away $10 million of holidays to Fiji for their families and 55 Mercedes. They know they can trust me.Tough times for a man hoping to retain his seat in an election year. Two people have been found dead after a boat capsized near Dampier in WA's north. Police said a marine search and rescue south
operation was continuing to the south of island where the boat was found on Sunday morning. They said they did not know if there were more people onboard the boat. Rescue teams are all helping in the search. Police have arrested a man over the disappearance of a woman in north-east Victoria. Karen Chetcuti has not been seen since Tuesday night and hopes of finding her alive are fading. A neighbour's property has been declared a crime scene and police divers are searching the area. Reporter Stephanie Anderson has more. Well, there's still no trace of Karen Chetcuti. Police have today declared the property behind me a crime scene as they continue to look for her and homicide detectives and forensic police have been in and out all afternoon. Police divers have also joined the search. They have been concentrating on a number of wells on Ms Chetcuti's property as well as the Ovens River which is only a kilometre from where she lived. Yesterday the search was also quite intensive with SES volunteers doing line searches throughout the countryside but no sign of the missing woman so far. No charges have been laid. He was arrested in some fairly bizarre circumstances. He is a local man and he was arrested after a police pursuit in Melbourne this morning. Police say that a kidnapping of a local man was reported to them and then they noticed a car matching that description in St Kilda and attempted to intercept it. That led to a police chase and then that car was later stopped in the suburb of Ringwood. The man is being questioned about this matter but no charges have been laid. This is a tiny town and Ms Chetcuti is a very prominent citizen. She is a sort of person who is involved on a lot of committees. She works for the local council, so she's got a high profile. In a town like this where there is only 500 people or so and one pub, it's obviously something which is really playing on people's minds and everybody seems shocked by her disappearance and hopeful of good news. More than 30 years of sanctions against Iran have been lifted as the United Nations welcomed the country in from the cold. With its massive oil reserves, the move means Iran would flood the world with fly and that would push prices even lower. Decades of isolation over. Iran can now re-enter the world.Iran's sanctions related to Iran's nuclear program are lifted.Billions of dollars of funds unfrozen, the ability to do business and trade in oil which may well flatten the global market. But the Iranian Foreign Minister was grinning from ear to ear. TRANSLATION: This achievement clearly demonstrates that with political will, perseverance and multilateral diplomacy, we can solve our most difficult issues.This really opens them back up to the financial markets and eases some of the hardship that the Iranian public has been under.To reach this so-called implementation day, Iran has had to partly dismantle its nuclear weapons infrastructure and get rid of most of its stocks of enriched uranium. And it's had to accept additional protocols to allow inspectors extra access over the 10-15 year life of the deal.All sides remain firmly convinced that this historic deal is both strong and fair and that it meets the requirements of all.There are some snap-back mechanisms where if Iran is seen to be not upholding their end of the bargain, some of these financial restrictions will be instantaneously re-established so I think there's a good deterrent there.Five Americans were released today by Iran in a swap for seven prisoners being held by the US. Among those released, 'Washington Post' journalist Jason Rezaian, held for 18 months for espionage. The two tracks of negotiation are said to have been separate but there is no doubt they came together in the end.The pace and the progress of the humanitarian talks accelerated in light of the relationships forged and the diplomatic channels unlocked over the course of the nuclear talks.The deal still has its critics, who don't trust Iran to adhere to it nor the checks and balances to make it. The big question for the doubters - what happens when the period of the deal ends? Another victim of Jakarta's terror attack has died, bringing the civilian death toll to four. Indonesian police are hunting for suspects and they have arrested a man believed to have been responsible for funding the attack. Authorities say the money came from Islamic State in Syria. Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey reports. Jakarta's unstoppable Sunday ritual - car-free day. The city's residents are on the move, undaunted by Thursday's attack. TRANSLATION: I think they're failing to create terror. Look at all the people of the the terror they did is useless, it isn't good and does not follow Islamic teaching.Are you scared, are you frightened?No, never, ever. This is like stupid people doing crazy things and we are actually now OK and the Government, the police and extra has acted so quick.But the bad news continues. Another victim of the Jakarta attack has died and police now say one of those killed, who they thought was a terrorist, was not. So the death toll is now eight. Four attackers and four civilians, including a motorist who was stopped for a traffic ticket when the bombers struck.(Explosion) And Tahar Amer-Quali, a Canadian hearing aid specialist working in Jakarta. 12 people connected to the attack have now been arrested, including the money man who received cash from IS in Syria and shifted it to the terror cell. But police have not got everyone. TRANSLATION: From the CCTV video, we can confirm that no other suspects ran away but there must be more than five militants involved helping to manage the group and arrange logistics. We are still chasing more suspects. There is a fear of a follow up attack. You don't normally see security like this at car-free day. It's as much a deterrent to the
to terrorism as a way to saying to the people of Jakarta "We are in control". IS-inspired extremism is a growing problem in South East Asia. Four alleged militants have been detained in Malaysia, including a man arrested at a train station who police say was Kuala Lumpur.
planning a terror attack in Kuala Lumpur. The US military has released Islamic
footage of an air strike on an Islamic State bank in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Clouds of cash were sent fluttering through the air as the building was demolished by two powerful explosions. The military says the air strike destroyed millions of dollars in IS funds. Targeting the group's finances which are generated by stealing oil, looting and extortion is a key part of the Coalition's strategy to defeat Islamic State. Voters in Taiwan have made history by electing the first female President of the island but it's the fact that Tsai Ing-wen represents the pro-democracy party, the DPP, that's drawing the most attention, especially on mainland China. Now Taiwan is walking a fine line between protecting its identity and placating Beijing. China reports from
correspondent Bill Birtles reports from the capital Taipei. The headlines say it all - Taiwan's 23 million residents have woken up to a new era. And for supporters of Tsai Ing-wen there's good reason to celebrate. TRANSLATION: I'm so happy, it's so great.The 59-year-old cruised to victory in a landslide. Her party took more than 56% of the vote as Taiwanese voters rejected a Government that had drawn closer to Beijing.We don't need to be afraid of China, you know.Ms Tsai was understated in victory and committed to maintaining peace with China. With a nod to her support base, she reiterated Beijing must respect the choice voters have made. TRANSLATION: Our democracy, national identity and international space must be fully respected and any suppression would undermine the stability of cross-Strait At
relations. At the headquarters of the losing party, the KMT, true believers arrived early and blamed irrational young voters saying they didn't appreciate the need for strong ties with Beijing. TRANSLATION: In five minutes of excitement, there will be 50 years of problems.China's government which has sought to unify Taiwan under its control, quickly moved to censor online discussion about Tsai Ing-wen's win but issued a statement saying it's willing to talk to the new leadership if it recognises that there's only one China that includes Taiwan. Two months ago China's President Xi Jinping was shaking hands with Taiwan's outgoing leader. Now things He will
couldn't be any more different. He will be facing a woman with a mandate to pull this island's economy away from Beijing's grasp.Beijing has to worry about the heart of the people in Taiwan because there's no point for Beijing to capture the land but lose the heart of the people.And it's not just Beijing watching closely, Tsai Ing-wen specially thanked the US which provides the internationally isolated military with its arms. But among her supporters, few seemed worried about such concerns on a historic day for the island. Trips overseas, mountain climbing and helicopter rides, it sounds like a movie star's life but for an increasing number of young Australians, it's becoming more like every day life and it's all being generated by social media. Miles Gray might not get recognised here but online it's a different story.I've got over 53,000 followers now.Companies keen to reach those followers are willing to fly the 27-year-old around the world, including a trip to San Francisco last year.We were road cycling, we were mountain climbing, hiking, you name it.In exchange he has to share his holiday snaps with fans. It's a marketing strategy that's becoming increasingly popular. Since the days of YouTube, companies have been taking note of the internet's most popular profiles.From moving away from the celebrity endorsement where you would take a footballer or cricketer, kit them out in their sports gear so they are recognisable and stick them in the middle of somewhere.It's not always a positive experience. As seena O'Neill had more than 600,000 followers and made an estimated $2,000 a photo. Last year the teenager spoke out saying some are pretending to like products for the payment and they are contrived by marketers and advertisers behind the scenes.Companies know the power of social media and they are exploiting it.For those less concerned, building a following takes time and effort. The results are worth it. This photo alone received more than 2,000 likes in 24 hours but nothing lasts forever, including Instagram.Whatever comes up against it will probably have a similar trajectory. It will be the thing that we sort of hear about then six months later you can't imagine a world without it.Fame is fleeting, perhaps online more than anywhere. A young man from the Hunter Valley in NSW has made sporting history, becoming the first Australian to win the world's toughest motorbike race. Toby Price was 2 years old when he first rode a motorbike, chasing sheep on his parents property. Three years ago his family thought his dream was over after he broke his neck but the 28-year-old proved everybody wrong. This is the moment a childhood dream came true.To be the first Australian to win the Dakar in all divisions is crazy, yeah, I really don't know what to think, it's insane.Somewhat call him insane for wanting to enter the two-week race. The Dakar is the most gruelling endurance Toby
motorbike race in the world. Toby Prices family is ecstatic.Buhari ty!The 28-year-old stunned fans by winning five of the race's seven stages, battling some of the harshest conditions on earth.Freezing cold, high altitudes where you can't breathe, to 47 degree heat in sand dunes the next day.It all started when he was a toddler.He took a shine to riding his older brother's bike and, yeah, there was no stopping him.That is until 2013 when he broke his neck while competing in the US.Gets you a little bit emotional thinking about it. He was so determined, even from laying in his hospital bed, that that wasn't going to stop him.Whatever he wants to do, nothing can block the driveway. He goes at it full bore and you can't stop him.The neck injury was devastating but Toby Price had been through worse. Two years earlier, he lost his sister Amanda.When Tobes started doing the altitude races at Dakar, we said Min's up there, she's pushing him on and guiding him.Nobody's had much sleep.I've been getting up at 4 every morning just so I can spend at least an hour before I go to work and, yeah, make sure he's OK.For now, Toby Price is lapping up the media frenzy in South America but when he comes home, his family will be waiting for him with open arms. The third One Day International between Australia and India is heading for an exciting finish with the home side on 6/231, needing 65 runs off 62 balls for victory. India has patiently worn down the Australian batting order with opener Aaron Finch caught on 21 and captain Steve Smith only scoring 41. Shaun Marsh looks set for a big total but a lack of intensity cost him his wicket for 62. COMMENTATOR: He's gone here. It's gone. I'm not sure he knew the ball was coming his end.Virat Kohli posted his first century of the series.In the A-League the Newcastle Jets have beaten the Wellington Phoenix 3-1 at Hunter Stadium. The referee denied the home side what looked to be a straightforward goal in the first ten minutes before giving them penalty. Milos Trifunovic made no mistakes from the spot. Ryan Kitto then doubled the lead 20 minutes later pouncing on a ball after this attacking move. COMMENTATOR: Feral ball. In behind, good save. Ryan Kitto, 2-0 Jets! It's raining goals for Scott Miller's team.David Carney was instrumental in Kitto's effort. He Coolie slotted home after beating the off side trap. The goals were welcome relief for the Jets who hadn't found the back of the net in six consecutive games. The first leg of the Tour Down Under begins on Tuesday. Rohan Dennis will be there. Denis is still hungry enough to pedal his way to another Australian Tour win. An easy ride through his home town is another day in the office for the 25-year-old defending champion.Form-wise, I think I'm probably just as good as last year, if not maybe a little bit better but it all just depends on how the race pans out tactically.A stage win in last year's Tour de France and a world hour record confidence
have taken Rohan Dennis's confidence to a new high.Our record specifically just showed me another level of pain I can go to.There will be strong competition from other contenders, including three-time winner Simon Gerrans but this year Denis will have help from a former rival.Geraint Thomas and Simon Gerrans, guys like these, we need Rowan and I to team up.Champion climber Richie Porte has shifted from Sky to Denis's team BMC.The dilemma for BMC, who is going to be the one. That may be determined after stage 3 at the corkscrew day because it's a hard climb kilometre
towards the end with a five kilometre descent after the top.At this Adelaide cafe run by Rowan Denis's parents, there's no doubt about who is going to win.He will hurt beyond what anyone else can hurt to get that result and it's just like it's inbred, it's like it fuels his engine, I suppose, the more pain he's in, he just feeds off that.Certainly it's not me causing mayhem, it will be Rowan. Bring it on.The mayhem begins with the first stage of the tour on Tuesday. Let's take a look at the satellite. A low pressure trough over WA is generating widespread showers and thunderstorms. A second trough over central Queensland and the north of the Territory is producing showers. An onshore flow is bringing isolated showers to eastern NSW and Queensland. Looking around the country for tomorrow: