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. Today kidnapped by Jihadists, an Australian couple This Program is Captioned Live
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. Also ahead - sanctions against Iran lifted after the UN rules the country has curbed its nuclear program. The Prime Minister makes a surprise visit to Baghdad holding talks with the Iraqi Government. And Australia chasing 296 for victory in the third one day international at the MCG. . Hello, you're watching ABC quick
News, I'm Kathryn Robertson. A quick look at the weather.

. Officials in the West African nation of Burkina Faso have confirmed a couple kidnapped by extremists near the border with Mali are Australian. Dr Ken and Mrs Jocelyn Elliott are a former Perth couple aged in their 80s and have been living in the West African nation since 1972. A spokesman for the family says they operate a small surgical clinic and have dedicated their relief
lives to providing medical relief to people in the remote northern area of Burkina Faso. A couple of - a friend of the couple says they are well respected within their local community.They are held in the highest regard by the local community in Burkina Faso and it is tragic that at the end of his career this should happen to him. Very serious, dedicated student, very conscientious, very friendly man, he and his wife and two sons and one daughter and three grandchildren. It's not known if the abduction of the Australian couple is linked to the attack on a hotel in the capital of Burkina Faso this weekend. At least 26 people, including a number of foreigners, were killed and dozens were injured during the siege. A group linked to Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility.(Gunfire). This is when government troops backed by French Special Forces finally re took control of the hotel. Dramatic scenes right in the centre of the capital city. The terrified guests were evacuated after a long night in hiding. (Gunfire). It all began on Friday evening militants stormed
around supper time. Al Qaeda militants stormed the Splendid Hotel and a cafe across the street. Both popular with UN staff and foreigners. TRANSLATION: They started shooting, shooting and everybody lay down on the ground. As soon as you lifted your head you would get shot straight away so you had to pretend to be dead. They came to touch tour feet to see if we were alive.Soldiers had no
other option but to fight back here. There was no negotiation. The Jihadists didn't come to take hostages, they came to kill. TRANSLATION: When they left they set fire to the place. The smoke started to suffocate me and the other survivors.This is the scene just hours after the end of the siege. Some reports suggest that at least two women were among the four militants killed in the rescue operation. More than 100 people were freed. We're not allowed to go any further than this security cordon but from here we can see the traces of the attack. We've seen soldiers and investigators going in and out of the hotel but the authorities say they have the situation under control and they've called on people to stay calm. This woman is reunited with her husband but on a hospital bed. A local painter, she was attending a meeting chaired by a government Minister in the hotel when gunshots rang out. TRANSLATION: I am still shocked. It really was a nightmare. What we have seen is horrible. It really was horrible.Tonight, families are still waiting for news of their loved ones. The whole country
scarred by the first Jihadi attack of such a scale. The Islamist militants have shown here they remain a threat throughout the region. The lifting
international community is lifting economic and oil sanctions against Iran after it honoured its part of an historic nuclear deal. Billions of dollars in previously frozen funds are being released to Tehran and global companies are gaining entry into the Iranian market. Washington correspondent Zoe Daniel reports.Decades of isolation over. Iran can now re-enter the world. Sanctions related to Iran's nuclear program are lifted.Billions of dollars of funds un frozen, the ability to do business and flatten
trade in oil which may well flatten the global market, but the Iranian Foreign Minister was grinning from ear to ear. TRANSLATION: This achievement clearly demonstrates that with political will, perseverance and multilateral diplomacy we can solve our most difficult issues. To reach this so-called implementation day dismantle
Iran has had to partly dismantle its nuclear weapons infrastructure and get rid of most of its stocks of enriched uraniumian and accept additional protocols to allow inspectors extra access over the ten to 15 year life of the deal. All sites remain firmly convinced that this historic deal is both strong and fair and that it meets the requirements of all. Five Americans were released today prisoners
by Iran. In a swap for seven prisoners being held by the US. Among those released'Washington Post' journalist Jason Rezaian held for 18 months for espionage. The two tracks of negotiation are said to have been separate, but there's no doubt they came together in the end.The pace and the progress of the humanitarian talks accelerated in light of the relationships forged and the diplomatic channels unlocked over the course of the nuclear talks. The deal still ha has its critics who don't trust Iran to adhere to it nor the checks and balances to make it and the big question for the doubt terse what happens when
the period of the deal ends? Cleared cleared. The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has flown to Iraq to thank Australian forces and has flagged possible future military contributions in the fight against Islamic State. During a visit to the Taji military base, the Prime Minister told troops the Government could make further contributions if circumstances changed, but Australia does not intend to be in the country forever. The ABC's defence reporter Andrew Greene has more.He has dropped in to Iraq and spent about 90 minutes on the ground at the Taji military training base north of Iraq. That's where around 300 Australian troops are working alongside New Zealanders to help train the local forces and that's part of an overall contribution in this ongoing fight against Islamic The Prime Minister held briefings with some of the commanding officers there and also took the opportunity to thank the Australian forces. He said that they were doing a great job and a crucial role. He said Australia doesn't want to be in Iraq forever but it may make further contributions down the track if the circumstances change. Mr Turnbull also said that he thought European nations should step up their contribution but let's hear from Mr Turnbull in his address to those Australian soldiers. Thank you for the great work you're doing. You're a long way from home and you're showing a great professionalism, great commitment and great success.There were concerns about the commitment of the Iraqi forces. There was a lot of criticism particularly from the US when the town of Ramadi fell about the resolve these Iraqi troops. Slowly but surely senior figures in defence believe they are making a difference and the recent recantering of Ramadi has given them some reason to be encouraged. The Australian who is leading the task group at Taji says he's also noticing a improvement of
small difference in the improvement of the Iraqi forces, but he says progress is slow. Training an army such as the Iraqi army is a medium term proposition. You don't get instantaneous results. You've got to club plug away at it every day all day. But I think we are making progress and just little things that we can see, whether it is improved shooting, better organisation, better drills, those things do become more noticeable as time and training program goes on.The Prime Minister dropped in on his counterpart and the two spoke about Australia's commitment, the ongoing fight against Islamic State. The Prime Minister says that his Iraqi counterpart didn't ask from
for any further contribution from Australia, but he did say that the existing force was making a big difference and Malcolm Turnbull said that he was very appreciative of what Australians were doing there on the ground. As ex-ined, the Prime Minister will probably take what he's heard in Iraq on this unannounced visit with him to Washington when he talks about the overall struggle against Islamic State with President Barak Obama. Andrew Greene there with that report. Queensland businessman and Federal MP Clive Palmer has defended one of the donations from his Queensland nickel to the Palmer United Party. A total of $21 million has been donated to the party over the past two years. If has emerged $290,000 was donated to the party two weeks ago shortly before more than 230 people lost their jobs at the company's nickel refinery on Friday. Speaking on the Gold Coast this afternoon, Mr Palmer said the Government could have done more to help save those jobs. Unfortunately our governments haven't been successful, they haven't the support for other governments for metals industry such a China and Dan which has waived all electricity charges, it makes it very difficult for Australian manufacturers to shame.
compete and that's a great shame. I can condemn the current Premier who refused to even meet with the largest private employer in Queensland which is a very abrogation of her duty as an elected official of Queensland. She should have workers
been concerned about the workers and she couldn't give a damn.Victoria Police have arrest aid man in relation to the disappearance of a missing 49-year-old woman. Karen Chetcuti was last seen in her home time of Whorouly on Tuesday night. Police located her purse and phone inside her home before her burnt out car was found last Thursday 20 kilometres away. Police divers have today begun searching the wells on her rural property and have arrested a 48-year-old man. The Red Centre is turning green with rainfall that's been anything but average. Consistent falls in the usually arid environment have kept pastoralists happy and some wildlife too.The green grass has replaced the red dirt in Central Australia. Normally Dry Creek beds are flowing with water. We had the best Christmas present ever. It actually rained for us. The grass is just leaping out of the ground and we've still got a couple more Rayney months to go yet.Joella Klein has been working at orange creek station 100 kilometres south of Alice Springs for more than two decades. The rain has brought him much needed hope. It is the first time that I can remember we've got low interest, low fuel prices, really good cattle prices, and now a good season to go with it.His daughter, Joella Klein is a fourth generation farmer. She was coaxed back on to the land but now she wouldn't have it any other way.Dad said just come home for six months before you go overseas. So I did and I'm still here. The wet weather drawcard certainly helps.When you see all the green grass, rain and fat cows you think this is where I want to be, yes. You can already
see the cows shining and they're making milk so the calves are running around with their tales up in the air so it is absolutely fantastic. In a couple of months we'll probably double our value of the stock.It is not just our pastoralists that are happy with the rain. This carpet Python loves it too. They have anyway field day. It is like that buffet, the free buffet, eat all you can.Across the desert wildflowers are beginning to appear on the landscape. The desert s are full of life and when you add water it blossoms and explodes.It puts a bit of heart back in the job and keeps us going. Right as rain in a normally patched piece of Australia. . A woman has had a lucky escape after a car nowed flew a savings in Sydney inner west narrowly missing her. Emergency crews were called to Bellfield following reports a car had crashed into the front window of the building overnight. Three men were hospitalised as a result of the
crash. Police are calling on the woman who witnessed the crash to come forward.

. Voters in Taiwan have made history electing their first female president. 59-year-old swing.
Tsai Ingwen won in a huge swing. Her pro-independence party also for the first time won a parliamentary majority. The result is being seen as a rejection of increasingly close ties between Taiwan's in incumbent government and Page. Bill Birtles reports from Taipei.BeijingWhen you talk about landslides it doesn't come much bigger than this. Here at Tsai Ingwen's campaign headquarters the supporters louder
have been getting louder and They
louder as results rolled in. They knew she was going to being elected the first female president of Taiwan but the scale of the victory is bigger than anticipated. The mood few
here is a great contrast to a few blocks across town where the Nationalist Party, the incumbents have been holding theire ventricular. A few hundred blew believes turned up to watch the vote counting but the mood not particularly festive. For the past eight years the national list program have undergone a program of building closer economic links with China. This is hugely controversial. Beijing claims
Taiwan is a breakaway province that should be under its control. Many drot voters who backed when within say that was a major reason why they wanted to change. We can move to more high position and compete in the world. We don't need to be afraid of China, you know.Tsai Ingwen's party has
traditionally held a pro-independence stance but during the campaign she has reiterated she supports the status quo but among supporters here there are banners saying Taiwan is not a part of China. There are many people wearing these shirts. You can guarantee her election will mean relations between Taiwan and the mainland get a little bit rockier. The civilian death toll from Thursday's Jakarta attack has jumped to four after one of those injured succumbed his wounds, a 37-year-old worker at the Bangkok Bank office in Jakarta was shot in the head in the minutes after an explosion at the Starbucks cafe. Rais Karna died last night. Police now say that the suspected fifth terrorist killed on Thursday was in fact a courier who was passing through the intersection when the militants attacked. The US military has released footage of an air strike on an Islamic State bank in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Clouds of cash were sent fluttering through the air as the building was demolished by two powerful explosions. The military says the air strike destroyed millions of dollars in IS funds. Targeting the group's finances which are generated by stealing oil, lootings and extortion is a key
part of the Coalition's strategy to defeat Islamic State. Rescuers have pulled to safety dozens of refugees trying to reach Europe from Turkey by boat. Many migrants are still attempting the crossing to Greece at night to avoid detection despite freezing conditions making it even more dangerous.Off the Greek coast a call for help. (Shouting). Maltese volunteers spot a group of refugees in the freezing water on the brink of drowning. This way. Cast the rope.They're hauled to safety one by one. Good job done. Hold on, hold on.The rescue boat itself buffeted by the waves. A dinghy is overcrowded
full of women and children. Their own hope was Europe, a Greek island. In the care of paramedics the exhaustion of fleeing Syria is etched on their faces but they're safe. We tried three times to travel to degrees but Greece but we have very bad experience in the sea.They put their faith in the smugglers, Turkey now under pressure to clamp down on the trade. But however peril lus the waters the desperate continue to come as the Middle East's tragedy plays out on workers
Europe's borders. Five charity workers have been released on bail on the Greek island of arrested
Lesbos. The volunteers were arrested on Thursday and are facing criminal charges for allegedly setting off in a rescue boat to assist a vessel carrying migrants without clearance from the Greek Coastguard. The three Spanish and two Dutch nationals face a five-year prison sentence if convicted. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have reached Lesbos in unsturdy boats from nearby Turkey over the past year and many international charities are active on the island. US President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in Michigan freeing up Federal aid to help the city of flintd which is in the grip of a drinking Walter crisis. The move comes as pressure marks on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder with film maker Michael Moore calling for his arrest over his handling of the crisis. Mr Moore says Governor Snyder is responsible for poisoning the people of Flint.They knew that the people here did not have the political power to do anything about it. That's right.It is a racial crisis. It's genocide.It is a poverty crisis. That's what this is and that's what created this. Flint's drinking water became contaminated after the city began drawing water from the measure.
Flint River as a cost cutting measure. The corrosive water from the river lacked adequate treatment and caused lead to Leech from old pipes in homes and schools. . Australia will be chasing 296 in the third one day international against India at the MCG. Australia's decision to send the visitors in to bat paid early dividends with Kane Richardson picking up the wicket of the dangerous Rohit Sharma for six. Got him. Yes he has. Richardson strikes. But India's top order kept the scoreboard ticking over led by Virat Kohli who posted his first century of the series. Toby Price has clinched an historic win in the motorcycle division of the Dakar Laurie Raleigh ly. The 28 year old became the first Australian to ever win the event finishing with a convincing overall lead of 39 minutes and 41 seconds ahead of nearest rival. It was only Price's second Dakar Rally after finishing third on debut last year. A stunned Price says he's still coming to terms with his triumph. A bit of a record and history we've done and to be the first Australian to win the Dakar in all divisions is, yeah, crazy. I'm - yeah, I don't know what to think. It's insane.In the A-League The Newcastle Jets are leading Wellington Phoenix half
two-nil early in the second half at Hunter Stadium. In last night's matches, the Reds were Reith list in their 3-1 romp against the Marners. City had to settled for a draw with the 10-man Perth Glory, while Sydney FC stole a crucial Derby
win against the Western Sydney Wanderers. In front of a record corrode, Sydney opened the scoring to take a one goal advantage into the break. The Wanderers were eyeing top spot on the table and Dario Vidosic found the equaliser for them early in the second before super sub Smeltz struck. . COMMENTATOR: Right at the death. It will drop here for Shane Smeltz who could well have won it for Sydney FC! What a hit! Almost for the net out. The 90th minute winner sealed the Sky Blues 11th Derby win. An Aaron Mooy masterclass wasn't enough to lead city to victory over Perth, to settle for a two-all draw. Leicester City are back on top of the English Premier League while Manchester City has leapfrogged
Arsenal to sit in second spot on the table after thumping Crystal Palace. City were dominant upfront with Sergio Aguero running rampant. He had his brace midway through the second half and very nearly had his third.. COMMENTATOR: This for the hat-trick for Sergio Aguero. No it's silver. Four-nil. Again, palace ripped apart. Sergio Aguero taking the unselfish route to help close-out the impressive performance four-nil. Leicester City topped the standings for now after splitting the point with Aston Villa one-all. A controversial trick in penalty time from Terry stole Chelsea an entertaining three all draw with Everton. The first leg of the Tour de France begins on Tuesday and amongst The Riders will be defending champion den didn't. While winning a medal at the Rio Olympics is his top priority Dennis is still hungry enough to pedal his way to another Australian tour win. Tour Down Under. An easy ride through his home town is another day in the office for the 25-year-old defending champion. Form wise, I think I'm probably just as good as last year, if not maybe a little bit better, but it all just depends on how the race win
pans out tactically. A stage win in last year's Tour de France has taken Rohan Dennis' confident to a new high.An hour record specifically just showed me another sort of level of pain I can actually go to. There will be strong competition from another contenders including three time winner Simon Gerrans, but this year Dennis will have help from a former rival.Geraint Thomas and Simon Gerrans guys like these we do need both Roman and guys
I to team up and take those guys on.Richie Porte laid all his cards on the table.Champion climber Richie Porte has shifted from Sky to BMCThe dilemma to BMC is who going to be the one that. May well be determined after stage three at the corkscrew day because it is a hard climb towards the end with a five kilometre descend after the top. At this Adelaide cafe run by Rohan Dennis' parents there's no doubt about who is going to win.He will hurt beyond what anyone else can hurt to get that result and it's just like it's inbred, it's just like it fuels his engine, I suppose, the more pain he's in, he just feeds off that. Certainly it's not me causing may member it will be Rohan, so, you know, bring it on. The mayhem begins with the first stage of the tour on Tuesday. . And just a reminder that tonight ABC News 24 will have the first live and Essendon
exclusive interview with former Essendon coach James Hird when he tells his side of the story to Tracy Holmes. That's tonight at 7.40pm eastern hour
daylight time, just over an hour from now, right here on ABC News 24. . Let's take a look at the satellite. A low-pressure trough over WA is generating widespread showers
and thunderstorms. A second trough over Central Queensland and the north of the Territory is producing showers. An onshore flow is bringing isolated showers to eastern NSW and Queensland. Looking around the country for tomorrow: the country for tomorrow:

. That's the news for now. I'm Kathryn Robertson. Stay with us,'Australian Story' is next. Captions by CSI Australia Australia

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