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This program is live captioned by Ericsson Access Services. Today - the Prime Minister visits troops in Iraq, praising their efforts, but saying Australia doesn't want to be in Iraq forever. The US and Europe lift sanctions against Iran, as a landmark deal over Tehran's nuclear program comes into effect. And an Australian couple living in West Africa for decades kidnapped by suspected Islamists in the wake of a deadly attack. It is 4:00pm eastern daylight time. You're watching Sky News National. I'm Ahron Young. This Sunday, also, we have a 48-year-old man arrested by police over the disappearance of a Victorian woman last seen on Tuesday. Then in sport - Australia's made an early breakthrough in Melbourne, after opting to bowl first in the third one-dayer against India. On Sky Cast on Sky News Weather - a wet start to the working week across the west. Storms are likely in Perth as it heats up in the