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Good morning and welcome to Weekend Breakfast, I'm Miriam Corowa.And I'm Richard Davies. Malcolm Turnbull
Making news this morning, PM Malcolm Turnbull makes a surprise visit to Baghdad to talk with the Government and meet Australian troops. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, security forces end a siege in Burkina Faso as an Australian couple is kidnapped by al-Qaeda jihadists. Taiwan elects its first female President as voters turn their backs on closer ties with China.And Australia has its first ever winner of the Dakar Rally after Toby Price scored victory in the motorcycle division. Thanks for joining us, it's Sunday the 17th of January.There is plenty coming up. Hollywood is gearing up for the Oscars next month and a record number of Australians are in the running. 15 Aussies are nominated this year.The awards season kicked off with the Golden Globes this week but none of the Australian nominees took home a prize. Often Golden Globes are touted as a good Giles
indication of Oscar votes. Giles Hardie will give us his picks a little later this hour.We are seeing film there of 'The Revenant', one film that is likely to be a big winner. A great film but uncomfortable to watch at times.Everyone is wondering whether this year will be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio will walk away with an Academy Award.Not without controversy this year. Some saying it's too much of a white affair.There is a boycott that has been of
called for by some who see that of the nominees, there is no-one among them who is not of white background. A very interesting controversial topic there to look into with Giles when he joins us later this morning.First we will check the weather in the capitals: -
The top stories from ABC News - the PM Malcolm Turnbull has arrived in Baghdad to meet Australian troops training local forces and to hold talks with the Iraqi Government. In his first trip to Iraq since becoming PM, Malcolm Turnbull held talks with his counterpart Haider al-Abadi and visited the at
Australian embassy in Baghdad at the Taji military base. Around 300 UN troops have been training the Iraqi recruits since April last year as part of a contribution to the US military intervention against Islamic State militants. Authorities in Burkina Faso say a doctor and his wife kidnapped by Islamist militants are Australian, not Austrian as previous reported. It's believed the couple are aged in their 80s and are from Perth. They had been involved in volunteer work in the region. Authorities say it's still unclear whether the kidnapping is connected to the attack on a hotel in the Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou that killed 26 people. Three gunmen were killed when French forces stormed the hotel freeing 126 Christian
hostages. President Roch Marc Christian Kabore has called on the Burkinabe people to unite in its fight against terrorism.Indonesian police have arrested 12 people in relation to Thursday's terror attacks. Five militants and two other people were killed in the attacks near a United Nations building in the capital. Police of the
are trying to determine if one of the dead terrorists is actually a victim.The people of Taiwan have made history by voting in their first female President. Tsai Ing-wen represents the main Opposition party which has traditionally leaned towards formal independence from China. The 59-year-old called for freedom in the South China Sea and stronger ties with Japan in a clear shift away from mainland China. Iranian authorities say they have released four prisoners with dual citizenship as part of an exchange. One of those set free is 'Washington Post' journalist Jason Rezaian, who was convicted of espionage in Iran last year. The US says it nationals
will release seven Iranian nationals as part of the deal. Earlier this month Rezaian's brother told lawmakers, Rezaian's only crime was practising journalism.The charges against Jason are false. Jason did sometimes write about Iran's policy but this is recognised around the world as practicing journalism. Iran's treatment of Jason has been and remains in violation of international human rights laws that Iran has repeatedly promised to uphold to protect free speech, Iran has afforded Jason none of these rights.Two men have been arrested after a security guard was allegedly assaulted in Potts Point early this morning. The member was refused entry to a bar before one of the men punched a guard in the face. A parked car was damaged and a bystander assaulted. Two men have been arrested.Police are trying to find a convicted rapist they want to speak to over the disappearance of a 49-year-old woman in Victoria's north-east. Karen Chetcuti was last seen in her home town of Whorouly on Tuesday night. Her burnt out car was found on Thursday 20 kilometres away. Her neighbour, convicted rapist Michael Cardamone says he was questioned by police but police could not find him when they went to his home yesterday. An independent school in Sydney says it's been working with parents and students after reports of inappropriate sexualised behaviour. The Trinity Grammar School headmaster said he became aware of a small group of young boys were engaging in sexualised behaviour last year. He said the school reported the matter to family and family services and said one of the boys 8 days later. MPs have called on Clive Palmer to pay back money he paid to his own party. Queensland Palmer United
Nickel donated $290,000 to the Palmer United Party a fortnight before laying off 240 workers. Townsville based member Ewan Jones says it beggars belief.A war time bunker hidden beneath a London train station will be opened to the public for the first time since World War II. The underground shelter, sheltered 8,000 people. Transport for London officials say during the air raids, loud speakers pumped music into the rooms and dancing and singing would go on into the night.There was a lot of Comrie, dancing and it was the
difficult to sleep as you hear the Tube train is close by. This proximity of people meant to keep the spirits up, there was a lot of dancing and a lot of singing.Let's check sport now with Georgie Tunny.An Australian has won the gruelling Dakar Rally for the very first time. 28-year-old Toby Price clinched the historic win with convincing overall lead of 39 minutes and 41 seconds over his nearest rival. It was only price's second Dakar Rally after finishing third on debut last year. The Sydney Thunder have kept their hopes of a maiden final alive with a convincing win. Shane Watson, Michael Hussey and Andre Russell led them 5 for 322. The Sixers were bowled out for 156. If the Renegades lose on Monday night, Thunder will make the semis for the fires time. In Perth the reigning champs have a bit of work to do, thumped by the Melbourne Stars. Chasing a modest 147 for victory, the Scorchers were struggling for 5/44 and all out for 94. The win secures the Stars an all important home semifinal. A late Shane Smeltz strike has stolen victory over the Wanderers. It moves them to even points on the ladder with the second placed Western Sydney. And world No.22 Viktor Troicki has fought back from a set down to claim back-to-back Sydney International titles, taking down Grigor Dimitrov 1-6, 6-2, 7-6. So a very long winded win for Troicki tropical cyclone Australian
and a hard lead-up to the Australian Open. I don't think they were expecting that marathon effort.They might need to keep in good form.They will be fit enough if that match is anything to go by.Thanks, Georgie.Thank you Weekend
for your company here on Weekend Breakfast. Still to come - we get the latest from Burkina Faso where authorities have confirmed an Australian couple has been kidnapped just hours after security forces ended a deadly siege on a hotel popular with Westerners.Also ahead, fierce social media is contributing to feelings of isolation with crisis support services receiving a record number of calls over the last year. Later, pop-up pets, the Queensland RSPCA creates a novel way to connect more cat.
future owners with a new dog or cat. First, authorities in Burkina Faso have confirmed an Australian couple has been kidnapped by extremists. Social media is reporting that the couple is a doctor and his wife from Perth who have lived in the West African nation for four decades.It's not known if it is linked to the attack on a hotel. At least 26 people, including a number of foreigners were killed and dozens injured. A group linked to al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility. This is when Government troops, backed by French Special of
Forces, finally retook control of the hotel. Dramatic scenes right in the centre of the capital city. The terrified guests were evacuated after a long night in hiding. It all began on Friday evening around supper time. Al-Qaeda militants stormed the Splendid Hotel and a cafe across the street, both popular with UN staff and foreigners. TRANSLATION: They started on the
shooting and everybody lay down lifted
on the ground. As soon as you lifted your head, you would get shot straightaway so you had to pretend to be dead. They even came to check our feet to check if we were alive. Soldiers had no other option but to fight back here. There was no negotiation. The jihadists didn't come to take hostages, they came to kill. TRANSLATION: When they left, they set fire to the place. The smoke started to sufficient Kate May and the other survivors.Some reports suggest that at least two women were among the four militants killed in the rescue operation. More than a hundred people were freed.We are not allowed to go any further than this security cordon but we can see the traces of the attack. We've seen solders and investigators going in and out of the hotel but the authorities say they have the situation under control and they have called on people to stay calm. TRANSLATION: We appeal to the people to be vigilant and brave because we must fight on and learn to live with terrorist acts in our daily lives.It is the first time this country is carved by a Jihadi attack. Just under two months the same group carried out a similar attack in Mali, what they have shown is they remain a threat for the whole region. Voters in Taiwan have made history electing their first female President. Tsai Ing-wen had a huge swingHer party won a parliamentary majority. China correspondent Bill Birtles reports from Taipei. When you talk about landslides, it doesn't come bigger than this. Here at Tsai Ing-wen's headquarters, the supporters have been getting louder and louder. They always knew she was going to be elected the first female President of Taiwan, she was a of
heavy favourite but the scale of the victory is bigger than anticipated. It's a contrast to a few blocks across town where the incumbents are holding their event. The mood there not particularly festive. For the Nationalist Party
past eight years the Nationalist Party have been ruling Taiwan and they have undergone a program of develop closer links with China. Many voters here tonight who have backed Tsai, say that was a major reason they wanted to change.We can move to more high position and we can compete in the world. We don't need to be afraid of China, you know.Tsai Ing-wen's party has traditionally held a pro-independence stance but during the campaign she has reiterated she supports the status quo. Among supporters here, there are banners say Taiwan is not a part of China. There are many people wearing these shirts. So you can guarantee her election will mean relations between Taiwan and the mainland get a little Bill Birtles
bit rocker.China correspondent Bill Birtles there in Taipei. The winner of an American killed in Jordan is suing Twitter. Tamara fields is accusing the social network of giving a platform to Islamic State to spread extremist propaganda.Lawyer Joshua Arisohn is representing Tamara Fields. He joined us earlier via webcam from New York.For years Twitter has knowingly allowed ISIS to use Twitter as a tool for raising funds and attracting new recruits. The role of Twitter and the rise of fair to
ISIS can't be overstated. It's fair to say without Twitter, ISIS's dramatic emergence over the last few years to one of the most feared terrorist groups in the world would not have been possible. Twitter has not been an innocent bystander in all of this. It's long known ISIS has been using its network to terrorise and has taken little action. For years, the White House and FBI and Hillary Clinton have been urging Twitter to do more to prevent ISIS from using its social network but Twitter has refused to act. To this day, it's easy to find ISIS themed accounts and accounts and hashtags and Twitter allows Hezbollah to have official accounts. We think it's shameful an American company like Twitter would knowingly provide this kind of support to terrorist groups like ISIS and groups that openly seek to kill US citizens and other innocent civilians and my client Tamara fields, the widow of Carl fields killed by an ISIS operative a few months ago has bravely stood up and said that Twitter needs to be held accountable.You are saying because Twitter knowingly let the terror groups use the network, supporting terrorism, it is in part responsible for your client's husband death. Is there a legal precedent for this type of action?You know, the anti-terrorism group, has been used in a number of different situations. It hasn't been used against social networks before, so that would be a first. Under that law, if you support material support to a terrorist organisation and do so knowingly, you are liable for the acts of terrorism they carry out. In this case Twitter has knowingly given access to its social network to ISIS so it needs to be held responsible.Twitter says that this lawsuit is without merit and its rules make it clear that the promotion of terrorism deserves no place on its platform. Do you think you will have a hard time prosecuting this case?No, we are confident about this case moving forward and we believe the facts and law are on our side.Do you expect this will possibly lead to more calls for other social media companies to take down possibly posts that do promote terrorism?I hope so. I think it's a shame that these companies like Twitter allow terrorists to proliferate on their websites and one of our goals is that they are going to take more action to stop them.So what sort of damages are you seeking and what would you actually like to see after this case is finished in terms of law reform?Well we haven't specified an amount of damages at this point but, you know, our goals are to hold Twitter accountable for providing material support to ISIS, to get compensation to Ms Fields for the terrible loss she sustained and hopefully to get Twitter and other companies to do more to block ISIS and other terrorists from using their social networks in the future.So currently in the US there are no uniform guidelines for dealing with requests to take down this type of material?Not to my knowledge, no.That's what you would like to see?We would like to see more rigorous policies, whether they are implemented through law or voluntary by these companies, I'm not sure matters.So where does this case go from here? What is the timeline of this action?Well United
unfortunately litigation in the United States does not move very quickly so we suspect there will be a motion to dismiss shortly and if we get past that, we will be into discovery and then we will be trying to get to trial as quickly as possible. That's lawyer Joshua Arisohn speaking to me earlier about his action against Twitter. Now crisis support service Lifeline said it has received a record number of calls for help over the past year.Social media is believed to be a major contributor with people seeking support for feelings of isolation and social pressure. For more, we are joined by Pete smeeg yell, Chief Executive officer of Lifeline Australia. We are seeing increased numbers of Australians where they feel they need to reach out. How have you been able to establish a link between the rise of social media and the issues people are facing where they feel greater senses of isolation or distress?In 2015 we had the greatest number of calls ever to Lifeline, over a million in the last four months are the busiest on record since we were formed 52 years ago. Therefore we have to ask ourselves what's different in the community, what's different in the society that's driving these sort of numbers. We think the one
it's primarily two factors. On the one hand there is a greater social acceptability about talking about our emotional and mental health issues. That's great, we want people to be able to share and reach out on the other
when they are in trouble. But on the other hand when we ask ourselves what's different in society over the last few years, certainly one of the growing factors is the rise of social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Why do people contact Lifeline, it's generally about isolation, loneliness, family problems. Social media can sometimes accelerate the feelings of isolation. Am I the only unhappy person on Facebook. Moreover, if you look at what we do in our work lives, today yourselves would probably be receiving something in the order of 120 emails. The more we are connected into the computers, the more we are connected into the digital world, physically speaking, that's the less time we have to connect in the human world. The way I talk about it is, URL is replacing IRL in real life.You are seeing more calls from people who are younger than you have perhaps previously seen in other years?We have got our phone line, 131114 and our chat line and when you look at where the rise in the numbers is coming from, the increase in the demand, it tends to be lower down the demographic scale, that is younger people. That would lend itself to believing social media may be playing a role there. Older people have been around longer. That's the reality and have probably had a greater opportunity to form those really important connections, connectedness is the number one thing that abates risk of suicide. Lack of connection is a true risk factor, a real co morbidity when it comes to suicide and perhaps those young people aren't as connected yet.In a way, can social media be a positive thing in terms of being able to access information, connect to services that they need in these instances?Indeed it can. To simply cast the Internet as an absolute evil is simplistic and wrong. Like never before any Australian can go online and find a wealth of mental health information. Any Australian, many Australians can go on to their smartphones and download apps that help you with your emotion al issues and mental health issues. Whilst it may be planning a negative effect in some respects, social media, the internet is playing a positive effect in raising awareness. We need to do a better job of using our digital world for our emotional world, simply being led by the internet into a lot of dark places.You see in social situations where you have a group of people, most of them are looking at their phone and not talking to the group in front of them. You see the changes that social media has made?We have been together as humans for millions of years and I stress together, we've bonded together in families and communities and there is something strange and artificial about spebding more time with a device than with a real human being. We need that gooey stickiness of human relationships to be well. Unfortunately in a world where an average Australian owns three digital devices now, an average Australian spends more than 24 hours a week online, these are signs that we need to be concerned about. It's never going to go away, but perhaps we can practice more con tem practice tiff computing, us positively using these tools as opposed to them dominating our lives, them dictating terms to us.It's interesting you made the point earlier perhaps the increase in numbers of calls to lifeline may be partly to do with the fact that people are more comfortable about reaching out but you pointed out the fact that perhaps on social media there is the sense that people are portraying their lives without the negatives necessarily being shown and so people in their private space are starting to feel they are the only ones going through anything bad. Should we see a greater opening up of what is our daily life and reality?You point to an interesting divide on our public lives and behaviours. Things like Facebook, Instagram accounts are real platform for our public lives as opposed to what we may be really feeling. Commentators have talked about a thing called digital amnesia where we cure ate personalities for the purposes of the internet as opposed to some of the difficult stuff that we all think about and all confront. We need to get realistic about the fact we are in a huge emotional transition in our country. Last year there were 2,500 people who died by suicide. It's one of the highest years on record. It's double the national road toll. So there is some kind of underlying unhappiness and underlying sense of a lack of connection that is driving these trends. My point and Lifeline's pint, we need to get better about disconnecting in order to reconnect.Certainly good vice. Thank you for talking to us.Thank you very much.If you or someone you know is experiencing distress: You may have heard of pop-up shops, pop up shows and pop-up parties. Now there is pop-up pets.The RSPCA has found a novel way to connect future owners together with their new furry friends. It's the season where sadly shelters overflow with unwanted animals but there was no shortage of prospective pet owners today. About 10,000 people came to the RSPCA's first pop-up adoption event last year.It was successful beyond our wildest dreams. We actually re-homed 277 animals.More than 500 people were waiting when the doors opened this morning. They kept coming all day. So did the pets.As the animals are going out with their new homes, we've got more animals out the back that are coming in.Hundreds of cats, dogs, puppies and kittens were brought in from shelters around the states.Very tolerant.They are picked to it will
match.We pick the dog knowing it will have a happy life.And it seems there is someone for everyone manyIt's taken quite a while of decisions but she's the one.Looking for something with a good temperament. He seems really calm.The cat chooses the person, I think.Daisy has three legs.A lovely addition to the family. Get her home and settled in. Did you come to find a dog today?I came to have a look and took my wife to the bookfest. I wasn't looking for a dog but he looked for me.You may not be allowed to come here next year.I want to go to the boat show next year.By lunch time they had broken laster's record. The event will be on again next year. Taking a look at the satellite. A low pressure trough over WA is generating widespread showers and thunderstorms. A second trough over central Queensland and northern NT is producing showers. An onshore flow is bringing isolated showers to eastern NSW and Queensland. Looking around the country now:

The top stories from ABC News. The PM Malcolm Turnbull has arrived in Baghdad to meet Australian troops training local forces and to hold talks with the Iraqi Government. In his first trip to Iraq since becoming PM, Malcolm Turnbull Haider
held talks with his counterpart Haider al-Abadi. He also visited the Australian embassy in Baghdad and the Taji military base.Anna Burke officials have confirmed a couple kidnapped by extremists near the country's border with Mali are Australian. The Australian Federal Police say the couple are aged in their 80s and have been living in the area since 1972. They are originally from Perth. It's been widely reported on social media the names of the pair as Dr Kennel yacht and his wife Jocelyn. Taiwan has voted in its first female President. Tsai Ing-wen's democratic progressive party has traditionally leaned towards formal independence from China. In her victory speech, the 59-year-old called for freedom of navigation in the disputed South China Sea and for Taiwan's democracy to be respected by China. And 28-year-old Toby Price has become the first Australian to win a category at the Dakar Rally. He won in the motorcycle division with a lead of 39 minutes and 41 seconds ahead of his nearest rival.Talks are taking place in Vienna between the US and Iran that international sanctions against Iran will be lifted.The international nuclear watchdog, the IAEA is expected to rule that Iran has scaled back its atomic program, confirmation of which will trigger the lifting of sanctions. Overnight Iran said it released four prisoners with dual US-Iranian nationality as part of a prisoner exchange with the US. Released today from captivity, 'Washington Post' reporter Jason Rezaian. Along with three other Iranian American captives, Amir Hekm at circumstances and two other men. All freed in a dramatic prisoner swap with the United States. On the very day the Iranian Foreign Minister came to Vienna for the other expected momentous news, that Iran has cut back its nuclear program enough to get years of crippling international sanctions lifted.Today is a day when we prove to the world that threats, sanctions, intimidation, pressure don't work. Respect works. Through respect, through negotiations, we can in fact reach mutually acceptable solution.In Tehran, they were following the latest news closely. The sanctions on Iran have been the most extensive and complex in the world, binning not just trade, but even moving money around. Now in one big sweep, the world is lifting most of the restrictions. TRANSLATION: Of course people's economic situation will become much better. Now there is a lot of pressure on people, too much, everyone has two jobs. TRANSLATION: If sanctions are lifted we can have low prices. Inflation will go down and this will help the quality of life for people in Iran. Some sanctions will remain. But overall, this is a significant milestone, a promise of the end of years of isolation for Iran, its oil can start to flow out again and investors can dive m, once they have got the confidence, that the sanctions winter is well and truly over. Live cattle imports in Indonesia have been slapped with another 10% on top of what are already high prices.Producers and exporters in Northern Australia say they have had no official notice and they are bracing for the implication s.Record-breaking live cattle prices and new permits locked in, things were looking up for cattle in the north of Australia. But overnight that changed with a surprise new tax.It was a shock for everyone, exporters and importers.Indonesian importers have been told it is no longer exempt from VAT. It means an extra 10% on breeding stock.My assumption is that 10% will be passed on down the line and finish up with the consumer.Darwin exporter Ashley James had just seen off his first shipment for the year. He says he will hold on buying cattle for export until the details become clear.The cattle price in the NT and across Australia is extremely high at rates that have never been seen before and with this tax of 10%, it can make a huge difference.Producers are understandably nervous.We've experienced recently tariff reductions making us competitive. So it is a surprise in this particularly competitive marketplace an increase of 10% tax on the supply chain.What is behind the decision is unclear. The speculation it could be part of Indonesia's push for self sufficiency in food production or part of a wider effort to raise revenue for the country's sluggish economy. A pinch no doubt that will be felt hardest by the Indonesian consumer. From hip hop to Alpine horns, MONA's art and fuse cal festival is living up to its reputation.Hundreds of performers are lining up in Hobart. It's a festival which provides a smorgasbord of music. That means a shell can be played on the main stage at MONA. While Alpine horns can be heard just metres away. More than 300 performers are taking part in this year's line-up of music, art and other organisation.We have massage, we have primal scream therapy, it's eclectic, hopefully it's not mindlessly eclectic, hopefully it's got some sort of theme.Organisers are expecting 30,000 attendances, matching previous years.oh my God, it's amazing.A chilled vibe, it's fun.Nothing like anything I've seen before. I want to join the cult of David Walsh.David Walsh's museum is the backdrop for every performance.We have venues from one audience member which we are using one of the goods lift for that, well we had over 3,000 people on the lawn last night.Many of the artists are doing several shows. Across a range of venues.A lot of musicians who are here come from very far. It's good to use them while they're here. We are very happy to work.Some artists are inviting the audience to take at
part, like at this exhibition at the MONA Arts Centre.The audience comes and we make sound together and like any opera, it has some singing, some spoken word, some titles.Despite the success of the festival, organisers are promising it will be different again next year. Australia is in the running to take home its biggest ever Oscars haul with 15 nominations in this year's Academy Awards.For more we are joijd by entertainment writer and film critic Giles Hardie.I don't any I'm nominated. Not one of us.You didn't make it??Not one of us. A sad day.Do you think it will be Australia's year with so many nominations? We are favourite to get the technical awards. Of 'Mad Max'
those 15 awards, you can put 'Mad Max' next to all of them. Like editing and production design we are the favourites - we are, because it's my film. 'Mad Max' is the favourite. There is every chance there will be extra special forms being filled in at Customs in the weeks after the end of February. In the major categories, it's less of a chance. We've got Cate Blanchett nominated and George Miller for director and 'Mad Max' itself for Best Picture. None of those are likely to be the winners. We have got major Guild awards which will give an indication. They are not the favourites.We have seen the Golden Globes. Should we read anything into those, do you think?Apparently not, given they gave the writing award to 'Steve Jobs', that they hadn't even nominated. The globes are hard because they split a lot of categories into drama, musical and comedy. 'The Martian' did well in that category. We don't know if Matt Damon is the big threat to Leo, Leo my friend. Leonardo DiCaprio is the only threat to him winning the Oscar. If he has a scandal, it might hurt it, otherwise he has the Oscar in the bag.It could be a clean sweep for 'The Revenant'?That's unlikely. It's nominated in most categories. I don't think it has a Best Actress for lack of basically an actress in the film, unless the bear was female. The bear was female. Sadly the bear did not get a nomination. The director is certainly the favourite in the direction. In Best Picture, it's probably the toughest category to pick. 'Spotlight' was the favourite until it didn't win anything at the Globes. It's notionally with favourite with the punters. 'Carol' is unlikely to win at this point.Let's talk about the elephant in the room, of course, there is a boycott that is being launched in terms of the particular appearance of nominees. A second year in a row.The same complaint that's been going for a decade about the old white men's club that is the Oscars. In terms of a boycott, the Oscars, they are more worried people won't watch it. It's only a limited number of people who will stay away from the Oscars because of self interest at the industry level. to be
It was a strange year for there to be such a white tone. You had films like 'Creed' which managed to get Sylvester Stallone, he is the favourite yet the director and writer of that film, he got Sylvester Stallone nominated for an Oscar, he has to be a talented man, yet he couldn't get nominated. You didn't see anyone from - there is Indie films like 'Dope', and Netflix film 'No notion' and 'Concussion'. And it's one of the things with the Oscars, if you pointed to one person and said that's because of a racial bias, everyone would say it could have been anything. Consistently, for all of these performances, it does begin to look weird. 'Straight Outta Compton' got a nomination for script writing but not Best Picture. If that was the one thing, you would go that was maybe it didn't qualify. It stacks up and does begin to feel just really awkward. Just awkward.Because of previous years, it's a continuation?That's exactly it. It was almost ten years ago they had the year where they had their - started giving African-American actors the lifetime Achievement Awards and they were - everyone felt it was a big move and a shift towards recognition of the performances. It seems to have feel
gone backwards a bit. It does feel straeng that the films are coming out and these quality films are coming out that are far more diverse in terms of the colour pallet we are seeing but not turning up and the speeches are being given by a lot of white people.It will be interesting to see how Chris Rock handles this?Being Chris Rock, I have a feeling he may make some mention of it. I don't think he will leave that as the he will fact in the room unaddressed. I think that will be fun. Look, he will be pride. He is the cost cars host.Run us through the top picks in terms of actors, actresses?Best Picture, is a bit of a mixed basket. 'The Revenant' and 'Spotlight', 'Big short' and 'The Martian'. In the director, Neritu, an and Leonardo DiCaprio has a mortgage on the Best Actor and best animated feature. Supporting actor Sylvester Stallone is the favourite. It's going to make for an interesting acceptance speech with subtitles. Best Actress, sadly it doesn't look like it's Cate Blanchett's year. I would say for Best Actress, it looks like being the actress from 'Room', Bree Larsen. A whole bunch of lead actresses that the studios campaign to be listed, in theory to give them a better chance, so you have Alicia Vikander for 'The Danish girl', she is up against Kate Winslet who won the Golden 'Steve
Globe. She is in there for 'Steve Jobs'. That is arguably a supporting role. You have rea Maria which is a co lead in 'Carol'. All of them are really at
big roles. We are not looking at the Dame Judi Dench 28 years of Shakespeare and love this year. It is at least a good sign bus the roles in the Best Actress category are really great roles, great performances. At least at a gender split level we can say there is great performances and great roles that have been recognised by the academy so that's nice. Wouldn't it be nice if someone wasn't white.We had the point being made in terms of some of the key roles, we are not recognising women. There has been a push here in Australia this year to promote women?I must admit, I was quietly hoping 'The dress maker' which had a lot of female talent right up there, all behind the scenes, I was quietly hoping it might have got recognition at the technical level, particularly in costume and design, it was as good as anything in the world. It never seemed to get any buzz. Whether it was linked to the wrong studio in the US and therefore didn't get the campaign. The Oscars is all about campaign ing. There are billboards, big full page ads saying "For your" "Which is basically "Please vote for us!". The screenings are held where you are invited to have nice cocktails and see the film and wouldn't it be nice if you voted for this film. It is a club so it can be hard for example a small Indy Australian film, unless they get a Harvey Weinstein or equivalent behind them, can be hard to play. The way the industry works, the majority of female directors are working on smaller Indie films. The academy is never going to start going and trying to find extra films. They have films in their face saying "Vote for us!".No doubt they will be paying tribute to actors we have lost, notely Alan Rickman only a few days ago?Exactly. In the past week, David Bowie was quite an actor as well. It was within half an hour before the nominations were announced was when the news of Alan Rickman's sad death broke online. It was very interesting to see online the people who were trying to say "Am I allowed to talk about the nominations", it was one of those weird social media moments. He was such an extraordinary actor and human being. I was lucky enough to meet him when he came to Australia last year. He was exactly how you wanted him to be. That's a sadly rare thing when it comes to actors, who knew they could be chameleons. He was generous and intelligent and sweet. You could tell there was a lot going on behind the eyes. I loved the fact he was told by his theatrical teachers he would never have success with that voice. Alan Rickman having one of the most identifiable and mimicked voices in the industry, he was told it sounded like it was coming out of the back of a drain pipe. His non-theatrical teachers told him he had a spas particular windpipe. I'm sure he will get a lot of recognition. It's been a terrible year in terms of loss. There is never a good year but it was notable, you could see the Oscars desperately going can we still celebrate? He was never even nominated for an Oscar.Don't take it to heart if you haven't got your name on that list.We can take it better. We haven't been nominated. I have a lot in common with him. There is that and nothing else.Giles Hardie, always wonderful to have you talk us through the ins and outs of this very interesting spectacle.We like to pretend it's interesting. If it's not interesting, the Oscars are doing it wrong.Thanks, Giles. Since a raft of retirements after the London Olympics, Australia's male gymnastics team has been in a rebuilding phase. Australia has slipped down the international rankings creating doubt over its presence at Rio later this year.Local coaches are now preparing a long-term plan to take on the sport's powerhouses.Gymnastics is the ultimate test of strength, skill and agility.It's a combination of everything really. With gymnastics, it's not just one area in which you have to focus on being stronger, it's your whole body.Australia's male gymnasts have resumed training at the AIS in Canberra after the Christmas break. They have one month to prepare for a high stakes test event in Brazil.The trial is huge. This is their opportunity to either Olympic Games
qualify or not qualify for the Olympic Games or at least it's the step before that.Due to Australia's low ranking, only one male gymnast will have a chance to compete in the test event. That lone athlete must perform well to compete in Rio.It's all about pushing each other.While Australia will have a limited presence in Rio, the coaches and athletes have set their sights further afield.To get a team that can get up there with the other countries.With several juniors coming through, they want to qualify a full team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.The young guys are feeding off the older guys. It's a great symbiotic relationship.The younger members have been adopting to life as an elite athlete.The guys have to manage their lifestyle outside the gym as well as in the gym.A sport and career with little room for error.Let's catch up on some sport now and Georgie Tunny is here. History was made overnight in the Dakar will
Rally?The Dakar Rally, there will be happy no-fly cas treeans around. In the early hours of this morning, one of their own, Toby Price took out the Dakar Rally. It's something we have never seen.In convincing fashion?Very convincing fashion. The person who was runner up was a fairway behind.It's nice to know because you mentioned it was a boyhood dream of his?It was only his second appearance in the Dakar Rally. That's very impressive. A third finish, something like that. Amazing performance by him. History made, an Australian has won the gruelling Dakar Rally for the very first time. 28-year-old Newcastle man Toby Price clinched the historic win in his moat motorcycle decision in the 180 kilometre stage. He finished 39 minutes and 41 seconds ahead of nearest rival Stefan Scitko. He finished third last year. Dakar veterans Peter Hansell took out the title for the 6th time since 2004.The Sydney Thunder have kept their hopes of a maiden BBL finals hopes alive with a convincing win over the Sixers. The 200 run mark was surpassed with big hitting from Shane Watson, Mike Hussey and Andre Russell. In reply the Sixers despite
were bowled out for 156, despite some back-breaking efforts. COMMENTATOR: Yep, that's hit the middle of the bat.It snapped in half. Look at this.Something you don't expect coming back at you, half a bat.Thunder do have a nervous wait on their hands. They need the tryingers to defeat the Renegades on Monday night to be assured of that top four finish. In Perth the reigning champs have a lot of work to do. They were thumped by the Melbourne Stars. Chasing a modest 147 for district tri, the Scorchers were struggling. They never recovered, all out for 94. The win secures the Stars an all important home semifinal.I was getting a bit worried when Madison and Haddin in
were going well. Once you are in the semifinals, anything can happen. We have to wait and see what happens with the Renegades. If you are there, you're a chance.Sydney FC have stolen a win against Western Sydney to move with equal points. In front of a record crowd, Sydney opened the scoring to take a 1-goal advantage into the break but the Wanderers were eyeing top spot on the table and Dario Vidosic found the equaliser for them before super-sub Smeltz struck! COMMENTATOR: Got visions of stealing this Derby right at the death. It will drop here for Shane Smeltz who could well have won it for Sydney FC! What a hit! Almost tore the net out.The 90th minute winner scored the Derby win. An Aaron Mooy master class wasn't enough to get Victory over the line. It was a 2-2 draw.It was massive. You can see what it means to the boys. They wanted that for me as well. Really pleased. Tactically we were very good all night, we defended well and stuck to the job. You get your we wards. We knew it was going to be tough. They are a good team, well organised with plenty of match winners in their team. Thankfully tonight the sky is Stuart Broad
blue. Stuart Broad has led England to a 7-wicket win over South Africa in Johannesburg. The tourists demolished South Africa bowling them all out for 83. Brood took six wickets today, five of them in the space of 31 balls for a ing is will run. The victory sees England clinch the format series against the world number one side. Serbian Viktor Troicki has won his second straight Sydney International. Grigor Dimitrov looked on course for victory when he dominated the first set but Troicki found his feet in the second, racing through it in 25 minutes before taking out a tense decider in a tie-break 1-6, 6-3, 7-6. Jerome Randall is leading Adelaide to an NBL finals berth bagging a career best 37 points win over Townsville. The Crocs pull off their highest scoring first half of the season but Adelaide only trailed by 8 points at the break before their lightning quick guard took control, racking up six assists and 10 out of 11 free throws. Randall showing his class as the Sixers held on 108-103. So a fantastic performance there from the 36ers in the NBL. Let's go back to the BBL. I'm loving all of this cricket action. We are seeing so many sixes and fours.And broken bats. There was also a broken bat in the England game which we will see next hour.They are throwing it down. Thanks, Georgie.Coming up in the next hour on Weekend Breakfast...We will cross to our Defence reporter Andrew Greene on Malcolm Turnbull's surprise visit to Iraq. Plus we will have the rest of the news, sport and weather coming up in a couple of minutes.

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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaGood morning and welcome back to Weekend Breakfast, I'm Miriam Corowa.And I'm Richard Davies. Security forces end a siege at a hotel in Burkina Faso as an Australian couple are kidnapped by Al-Qaeda jihadists.PM Malcolm Turnbull makes a surprise visit to Baghdad to hold talks with the Iraqi Government and meet Australian troops.Taiwan elects its first female president as voters turn their backs on closer ties with China.And Australia has its first ever winner of the Dakar Rally after Toby Price secured victory in the motorcycle division. Hello, thanks for joining us. It's Sunday, 17 January.Plenty