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Do something about that. kicked in for you. George Gershwin's Congratulations. You've won $50,000.

$50,000. $50,000 cash, Elise O'Neill - one question, in the Millionaire Hot Seat, and I'll see you next time every night. where lives get changed Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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Tonight - Australia's home-buyers

mugged and kicked in the guts as

interest rates go up again.

We'll tell you how much more is

the money-hungry banks! being ripped out of your wallet by

Also tonight - Americain express -

a foreign raider spoils Bart's

Melbourne Cup party...

Americain to the end - So You Think

has run third.

From the famous to the not-so-

famous - the nation celebrated as the rain came down...

How a deal with Indonesia may allow

Schapelle Corby to come home early.

And we'll meet a brand-new baby

girl, weighing just 120kg. ANNOUNCER:

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Good evening. Peter Overton.

If you had a win on the Melbourne

Cup today, I bet your bank manager

has a much bigger smile than you do.

The banks that are making money

hand over fist will now get more of

your hard-earned, after the Reserve

gave them the go-ahead to further

squeeze home-buyers by raising

interest rates another 0.25%. But

the Commonwealth has been

the Commonwealth has been brutal in

its disregard for ordinary people,

almost doubling the Reserve's rise.

Forget what you won or lost on the

race - the big banks hammered your

wallet today. At 2:30pm, the

Reserve Bank sprung a surprise rate

rise of 0.25%. With almost

undignified haste, just an hour

later, the Commonwealth smashed

home-owners, putting rates up by

0.45% - almost double the Reserve

0.45% - almost double the Reserve

Bank's move. For many home-owners,

it's nothing more than a kick in

the guts. Well, if this is their

attitude towards the public and how

we live, I'm going to pull my money

out and go to another bank. Banks

are deservedly amongst the lowest-

regarded group of people in our

society. The rate rise will cost

Commonwealth Bank home-loan

customers dearly. Repayments on

customers dearly. Repayments on a

$400,000 mortgage will rise by $118

a month to $3,037. But it's the

ongoing rises that are even more

shocking - in the past 14 months,

rates have risen seven times, and

the banks have added even more. the banks have added even more. rates have risen seven times, and

That $400,000 mortgage now costs a

family an extra $6,300 a year. The That $400,000 mortgage now costs a family an extra $6,300 a year.

Commonwealth made $6.1 billion this

year - up 42%.

year - up 42%. The rate rise will

make the bank unpopular with

customers and politicians. This is

a cynical cash grab by the

Commonwealth Bank. There's no other

way to look at it.

And we are working through, in a

responsible way, a further package

of reforms to make our banking

system more responsive. The banks

are treating the Australian people

with contempt because the

Government is completely insipid

and weak in standing up to the

banks. The RBA was prompted to move

by its forecast of a booming

economy next year in gas, iron ore

and coal. RBA Governor Glenn

Stevens said: "An early, modest

tightening of monetary policy was

prudent." Most Australians are not

affected by the mining boom, and

Christmas the reality rise will kill off

Christmas for shopkeepers. It's

worrying, of course. This is - it

has been some very tough times.

Sales are down on computers across

the board - repairs have dropped

big time. Yeah, everyone's feeling.

It at the moment. Ross, the banks

have been itching to put up rates

for months. The Commonwealth has

gone in hard. Are the others fall

snoing No doubt about it, the

others will inevitably follow. The

Commonwealth wasn't even the

cheapest of the banks, so you'd

imagine that the ANZ and the

National Australia Bank might try

and keep a competitive advantage,

but they will go. The one tip I'd

suggest is westpic, which --

Westpac, which has been priced

higher than the rest of the banks,

might ease off on customers a

little this time around. The banks

want to be able to move interest

rates when and when they choose,

and not necessarily when the

Reserve Bank moves, Peter. I kind

of guess that's a little dangerous

for the customers, although they do

promise that within the next period

of time - maybe 12 months - if

interest rates overseas come down,

maybe, just maybe, they'll start

bringing them down. The markets

today, I can tell you, took it with

a grain of salt.

Good on you, Ross. Thanks for that.

Now to the Cup - it was as big a

surprise to the so-called experts

as the interest-rate hike. Nearly

everyone was saying So You Think

couldn't lose. But Americain, a

French raider with Aussie

connections, wasn't listening. Our

reporters have been covering all

the excitement - in a moment, we'll

speak to Damian Ryan at Flemington

and Natalie Gruzlewski, who's been

Randwick. getting into the fashion frenzy at

Randwick. But first, Ken Sutcliffe

on the race we all stop to watch.

Head down, Bart Cummings arrived at

Flemington like a man on a mission.

Pre-race, So You Think was just as

determined to keep his distance

from prying cameras. Earlier, Blake

Shinn - Bart's jockey on his other

runner, Precedence - fell, and was

taken to hospital, replaced by

James Winks. It was a bleak sign in

bleak weather. As they lined up for

the running of the 150th Melbourne

Cup... Racing - So You Think

bounced out well. So did Descrerado.

The early pace was made by the Gai

Waterhouse-trained Descrerado,

followed by Once Were Wild and

Harris Tweed. At the halfway mark,

So You Think was well-positioned

for the home run. He was about to

face a true test of whether he

could destroy the field like he's

done throughout the spring. But

form horses Maluckyday and

Americain were also in the hunt.

With 250m to go, So You Think has

raced up - Americain is a danger,

then Harris Tweed. So You Think in

front - Americain is coming at him

hard. Americain raced past So You

Think and

Think and then Maluckyday.

Americain for France coming right

away - Americain is coming away,

scored by two lengths Maluckyday.

So You Think has run third. In 150

years, only four other countries

have triumphed in the Melbourne Cup. Now a fifth. American-bread,

French-trained, a French jockey,

and Australian-owned - Americain

was the United Nations on four legs.

As for his finish? Best of luck with the way Want...

Zavite ran last. Descrerado failed

to finish.

It wasn't the result most

Australians were praying for. But

Americain came to town and got the

result he was trained and bred for.

So, what's it all about? For some,

it's the race. For others, it's the

fashion. And possibly the champagne.

Damian Ryan is at Flemington, where

the crowd managed a bit of everything.

The gates opened early... Racing!!

Some punters were left at the

barrier. The world's best-dressed

commuters rolled in every four

minutes, staking their claim on the

minutes, staking their claim on the

Flemington lawn. For a garden party,

celebrating a Melbourne Cup

milestone. We've got the 150th

banner for the running of the race.

And if Bart's successful, with a

couple of his runners, we've got 13.

It's an event bubbling over with

tradition. I think it almost

replaces breakfast on Cup day. But

in the car park, there was still

time for brunch... Filling up... On

a day when it's all about going the

distance. Love it. With so many

distance. Love it. With so many

thousands of people in the one area,

it's hard to be noticed. But plenty

of people tried. The debonair...

That is one mighty top hat. Well,

we do what we can. To the downright

dreadful: How are we? This is what

we're gonna try and get some women

with a bit later. Just got to find

the pretty ones, then it's - bing.

And everything in between...

There was the official Fashions on

the Field, along with the famous

faces... And a doctor and his wife

no-one could miss. I was up very

late last night gluing all the

feathers on my hat. Flemington

needed the splash of colour...

(ALL): Hey! As Melbourne's weather

was at its unreliable best. Four

was at its unreliable best. Four

seasons in one day in the best city

in Australia. Cup goers forced to

take cover as the skies opened. The

wet track made it slow going in

stilettos. The favourite, So You

Think, had plenty of support - and

more than one jockey. I could ride

it to win. That's how good it is.

In the ring, the bookies were

bracing themselves to get whipped.

If it wins, it won't be So You

Think, it'll be the bookies

Think, it'll be the bookies saying

"So you drink!" Right on cue, at

3:00, it rained again... The party

was put on "Pause" as the real

stars of the show got down to

business... It's wet, it's raining,

it's heavy underfoot, but nothing

stops the Melbourne Cup! There are

100,000 people here and many

millions all around the world doing

the same thing - cheering on the winner.

The Cup clinched by a mixed bag -

the US-bred, France-trained,

the US-bred, France-trained,

Australian-owned Americain. It was

a day for mudlarks on four legs and on two.

And Damian, it's the race that

turns everyone into an expert, but

it seems most of us got this one

wrong? They certainly did, Peter.

Bookmakers are probably dancing in

the rain tonight. The talk all day

on the track was that they were

facing a wipe-out if the favourite,

So You Think, got up. In Victoria alone,

alone, punters outlaid $107 million

on the Cup, and of course much of

that was on Bart's champion. So

instead of doing the cash this year,

at least, the bookies have

certainly cleaned up. Pete. From

Damian Ryan in Melbourne, to Sydney

now and Natalie Gruzlewski, who's

been getting into the spirit at Randwick...

I certainly have, Pete. And, um, it

might not have been the place where

the big race was won, but I tell

you what - people

you what - people are partying like

there's no tomorrow. Good champagne,

great fashion and of course

fantastic company made this one a

day to remember.

It wasn't Flemington, but it was

close enough. $20 bucks and a cab

fare beats $200 bucks with Jetstar.

And the weather's better.

Absolutely. I know they're having a

good time, but here is where it's

at. Sydney is the place to be?

Sydney is the place to be. Thousands frocked

Thousands frocked up in their

racing best, braving the grey skies

and cheeky breeze that played havoc

with the fashion essentials. Just

trying to make sure my hands are in

the right spot at the right time.

You're going to be kept very busy

today. It is very breezy. I know...

Down the serious end of the field,

the punting faithful got swept up

in the trackside bliss...

in the trackside bliss... At

Rosehill, the champagne was clearly

flowing freely, and the horses were

battling it out on the track -

although on a slightly smaller

scale... Across the city, A-listers

lunched, the fashion elite dished

out plenty of style advice... I

think they've read so many what to

dos and what not to dos, sud lane

they're saying "I'm going to listen

to these" and they're getting it

right. Apparently you're not

supposed to bear your shoulder --

bare your shoulder. I don't think

anyone's told us that. I've just

put my money on Kenny Sutcliffe's

hot tip, Maluckyday. We didn't

quite get there, Kenny, but there

is always next year. Natalie Gruzlewski, Nine News.

To the rest of the day's news now -

Indonesia's President has given

some positive signs on Schapelle Corby's

Corby's future, after meeting with

Julia Gillard. They discussed the

possibility that the drug-smuggler

could be granted clemency, and he

said he's optimistic that the two

countries can reach a prisen intransfer agreement.

Julia Gillard is getting used to

the red carpet treatment, but today

was serious business... There were

some explosive issues to discuss with the Indonesian President,

including one looming large back

home. I understand Australians are

very interested - deeply interested

- in the circumstances and fate of

Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine.

Three of the Bali Nine heroin

traffickers - Andrew Chan, Myuran

Sukumaran and Scott Rush - face the

death penalty. Schapelle Corby is

serving a 20-year sentence. With

her appeals exhausted,

her appeals exhausted, Corby has

lodged a petition for clemency with

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, but as

President, he's never granted

clemency to a drug-smuggler. The

Australian Government does support

Schapelle Corby's plea for clemency.

At a joint press conference, the

President was optimistic - not on

the question of clemency, but the

likelihood of a prisoner transfer

that would see Schapelle serve out

her sentence on Australian soil.

her sentence on Australian soil. TRANSLATION: I'm quite optimistic

that we'll be able to develop such

a framework. Julia Gillard's office

is warning Corby supporters against

premature celebration, saying

there's a few obstacles to

negotiate, including Indonesia's hung parliament.

Schapelle Corby's bid for freedom

has reportedly received some local

support, with a Supreme Court judge

and Foreign Ministry officials both

recommending a substantial cut to

her sentence.

We go now to reporter Mark Burrows,

who joins us from outside the

Kerobokan prison in Bali. Mark, has

there been any reaction from

Schapelle Corby? There certainly

has, Peter. If there was any good

news coming out of Jakarta, it was

news to Schapelle Corby. We've just

been inside in the last hour, with

the Governor of the prison. He was telling

telling us how badly behaved Corby

was - just as he finished, Corby

stormed into the governor's office

and she was quite airical. She was

shouting and holding onto the bars

just next to the door his office.

She seemed to be yelling about

there was abuse of her inside the

prison. This is what happened...

We're not too sure exactly what

sparked this sort of outburst from

Schapelle Corby, but it may be

because this prisoner-transfer

scheme that's been mooted has been

talked about for years now, and the

problem for Schapelle Corby - that

the Indonesians want her to spend

at least two-thirds of her sentence

in Indonesia before she can go back

to Australia - two-thirds.

to Australia - two-thirds. That

means she would have to spend

another seven years in prison here

in Indonesia before she got to

serve the rest of her sentence back

in Australia. But an extraordinary

moment this morning, and it shows

you that Schapelle Corby is still

extremely anxious, extremely

depressed about what is happening

to her here, Pete. All right, Mark.

Thank you for that.

In the news ahead - a sad end to

the search for teenager Matthew Appleby.

Also - the woman accused of

snatching the Governor-General's handbag...

And the latest very cute addition

to Taronga's elephant herd...

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This program is captioned live.

After two weeks of tortured

questions, Matthew Appleby's

parents had the most heartbreaking

answer possible today, with

confirmation that a body found on

Forresters Beach is that of their

16-year-old son. Davina Smith is

there. Davina, what do police know

about what happened? Police say, at

this early stage, they're going to

have to prepare a report for the

coroner - but they seemed to think

that two weeks ago, Matthew skipped

school for the day, went for a swim,

and tragically ended up drowning.

The 16-year-old was quite a good

swimmer, but police say on that

particular day when he disappeared,

the surf was quite big and he was

by himself in the water. Now,

police are saying at this stage

that the body was found here at

4:00 yesterday afternoon at Forresters Beach.

Forresters Beach. It's not far from

Avoca beach, where his schooling

beand shoes were first found.

Police spent some time today with

the Appleby family, and they say

counselling will be provided to his

friends at school. We're certainly

thinking of them tonight. Thank you.

A woman accused of snatching

Governor-General Quentin Bryce's

handbag faced court in Waverley

today. The court heard that 46-

year-old Montserrath Hidalgo ran

off with the bag from a cafe at

Double Bay last month, but was

caught by the Governor-General's

security guards. She'll face court

again in December.

While most of Australia's attention

was on horses today, another 4-

legged animal made a very welcome

entrance. A baby elephant was born

at Toronga Zoo - the third in 12

months, but the first female.

She was born exactly four years to

the day that her mother and the

other endangered Asian elephants

arrived in Australia from Thailand.

Her arrival was very ladylike - no

problems for mother or baby - all

of it quick and easy. She got up

very quickly, was walking around

quicker than any of the boys that

we've had, and weighed a little

more - yeah. So she's in very good

nick. The unnamed calf - the third

Asian elephant to be born at the

zoo in the past year - weighs 120kg. In

In March, partyhorn entered the zoo

family - his name is Thai for

"miracle" after his traumatic birth.

He's better known as Mr Shuffles.

And last year, Luk Chai - "son"

arrived. Last year, he celebrated

his fifth birthday. The community

has really taken them to heart.

Just as the other elephants -

mothers, aunts and brothers - have

immediately bonded with today's

arrival. All in the family now...

The next step in all of this is

finding a name for the baby girl -

that's going to be chosen by the

keepers here at the zoo, and we

should know what to call her within

the next few days.

Ken's next with sport - as we've

seen, it wasn't Bart's day at

Flemington? Peter, in fact, Mr

Cummings will have to wait until

next year for a 13th Melbourne Cup.

But what now for the winner, Americain?

Also - the Kiwis say they have a

point to prove against the Kangaroos.

And I'm here in Puerto Rico for the

crowning of the new women's world surfing champion, Stephanie Gilmore...

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This program

This program is captioned live.

Americain by name, but now we can

call today's Melbourne Cup winner

Australian - the French-trained

stayer will remain Down Under. Its

Victorian owners don't want to part

with their champion.

It's been, ah, our dream - Kevin

and I - five years ago we planned

this, didn't we, Kevin? And here we are, mate!

And while we wanted a sentimental

victory for Bart, it's a magical

effort from

effort from trainer Alain de Royer-

Dupre - a win in his first-ever Cup campaign.

She's only 22, has already created

history, and it's almost scary to

imagine what Stephanie Gilmore may

achieve in the future. The Aussie

surfer clinched her fourth straight

world title today, and took out the

Rip Curl Pro to top it off.

Before she set foot on sand,

success was ringing in her ears...

Stephanie Gilmore, 2010 women's

world champ! The girl from the Gold

Coast carried through a Caribbean

crowd that knows her by name...

Just floating. I'm just floating.

And for good reason - she's led the

women's tour from Day 1 - today,

the champ I shp would come down to

a scrappy beach break in a remote corner of Puerto

corner of Puerto Rico. But Gilmore

is in form. She won the round, the

points, the champagne - and the

trophy. There it is, folks! Are you

starting to get used to it? Yeah. I

don't know, it feels pretty

comfortable in my hands. 4-time

world champion - that's an

achievement in any sport. But what

really makes it special - Stephanie

is 22 years old. She's almost a

veteran and the future of the sport

all in one. Huge, you know? It just

puts another stamp on how good she

is. And it makes a stroll along the

beach impossible... You're signing

surfboards, you've got people

coming up taking photos. I don't

even know where to look... With

Kelly Slater tipped to notch up an

incredible 10th world title here,

the challenge is set...

A record that's unlikely to be

broken, isn't it? Yeah, it's definitely

definitely unlikely. It's possible, though!

New Zealand captain Benji Marshall

has warned his in-form side will be

out to make a statement against the

Kangaroos in this weekend's four

nationers are match in Auckland.

Australia remains the favourite to

win the tournament, but it's the

Kiwis who have looked the more

impressive in their games. Big

occasion at Eden Park - you know,

rugby union ground. So we're trying

to change the perception of rugby

union fans to start supporting us.

They are a good side, and Peter, I

didn't have a real good day at the

Melbourne Cup today... Don't dare

stand up - I don't. That makes two

of us. Good on you, Ken. Thank you.

Natalie is live with the weather

from Randwick next. Kinder weather

here in Sydney? That's right, Pete.

Fortunately for racegoers, the rain

has held off. I'll have all weather

details for you after the break.

Coming up on WIN News... The new

world class jetty making a day on

the water more accessible. And, why

debate' s heating up around a new

charity calendar. Join us for all the details

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It's great playing in front of a home crowd... It's amazing. You walk out there... ..and there's this huge roar... ..and you're filled with pride 'cause you know they're cheering for you. When you're the local team and the home crowd's behind you...'s amazing what you can achieve.

VOICEOVER: Actew AGL knows the importance of local support. That's why we're your local team, getting behind not just our big stars but our entire community.

This program is captioned live.

Well, the showers stayed on hold

down here at Randwick for race day

celebrations. The south-westerly

winds certainly played havoc with

the frocks and fascinators:

A low is heading south-east,

A low is heading south-east,

causing wind and showers to ease in NSW.

Pete, some very happy punters down

here tonight. I hope you backed a winner today.

I had a good day anyway. Thank you, Nat.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I'm Peter Overton. From us all, goodnight. That is Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Edition. Tonight ... Tonight ... Canberran' s soak up the Melbourne

Cup spirit, as bookies cash in.

Family outrage: a terminally ill

mother, transported between

hospitals by taxi. And sparks fly hospitals by taxi. And sparks fly a

female firies are investigated female firies are investigated ove

their fundraising calendar. Good

Evening, I' m Danielle Post.

Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup celebrations and commiserations are continuing commiserations are continuing acros

the region. Race officials at

Thoroughbred Park are happy with

today' s turn-out, despite the

weather conditions and the lack of

public holiday. WIN reporter Lisa

Mosley spoke with the head of the Canberra Racing Club a short

Canberra Racing Club a short while

ago. Closed captions are not