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. Today, hostages freed from a hotel in West Africa after a Program is Captioned Live by
CSI Australia. Also ahead - documents reveal Clive Palmer's nickel refinery made a large Party
donation to the Palmer United Party just weeks before sacking hundreds of workers. Calls for compensation and an apology after a report finds Save the Children staff on Nauru were unfairly deported. And a new generation of UFC fighter is emerging but medical experts consequences.
are warning of potential consequences.

. Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Kathryn Robinson. A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities.

. Security forces in the African nation of Burkina Faso have launched an operation to recapture a hotel under terrorist attack in the capital Ouagadougou as events continue unfolding, here he a summary of what we know so far. As many as 20 people have been killed and dozens taken hostage when Islamist gunmen stormed the hotel popular with foreigners on Friday night. A group calling itself an Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have claimed responsibility. Burkina Faso's Communications Minister says 63 hostages have been freed after French Special Forces used explosives to enter the Splendid Hotel about five hours after the attack. The military operation by local troops supported by French Special Forces is ongoing. And there are reports now that 10 bodies have been discovered by local firefighters on the terrace of a nearby restaurant that also came under attack. Rukmini Callimachi is a foreign correspondent with'The New York Times' reporting mainly on Al Qaeda and IS. She says the popular
hotel that was targeted is popular and well-known in the capital.This is now considered one of the best hotels in Burkina Faso. I was in and I
Ouagadougou about a year ago and I don't remember hearing of it, but what people says on the main drag, the largest avenue in town, and recently after protests in town, some of the other good hotels been damaged. By default, this hotel became one of the best known ones. It's Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, these are two works that have been working together for some time. They also led the attack on the Radisson Hotel in Mali's capital Bomana in November. This is the first attacks that they have, first major attacks I should say that they have done in Burkina Faso and the only one that they've capital.
ever carried out in the attacks
capital. There have been attacks on the border with Mali. Mali is a country that has a Jihadist problem going back more than a decade now, but Burkina Faso was largely immune to that particular Faso
problem up until now. Burkina Faso was led by Blaise Compaore, a man who was considered one of the strong men of Africa, up until, for more than - I think for almost two decadesing up to October 2014. In October 2014 there was a popular uprising again him and he was forced from power and since then there has been a number of transitional bodies that have tried to lead the country and a lot of uncertainty regarding the role of the military. Rukmini Callimachi reporting there from'The New York Times'. New documents can reveal Clive Palmer's troubled company, Queensland Nickel, made a very large donation to the Palmer United Party just a fortnight before it announced it was reporter
sacking 237 workers. Here's reporter behalf before with the details. Documents uploaded to the Queensland Electoral Commission just this week show that Queensland Nickel in fact donated nearly $290,000 to the Palmer United Party just two weeks ago. It was donated on 31 December and then the notifiedth's
Electoral Commission was
notifiedth's put it up on its website under a special events section, special registries, in fact. It was just signed off by the director of Queensland Nickel four days ago, so that's sacking
just a few days before the sacking of 237 workers at the site. Coming up to the end of last year, Clive Palmer was asking for the Queensland Government to act as a guarantor for a $35 million loan that he said he needed to help the struggling company in the wake of falling nickel prices and the general mining Queensland
sector downturn. The Queensland Government refused that because they couldn't see his paperwork, they asked to see the books of Queensland Nickel and he refused to give that over. He said that jobs were in jeopardy. Also late last year it was revealed that Queensland Nickel in fact funded off $5.9 million to the
Palmer United Party that was given as political donations just a few months prior. The year before that, some $15.2 million went from Queensland nickel to the party part as donations. The Queensland Government stood by its stance not to help bailout Mr Palmer's struggling nickel refinery. The resulted in hundreds of job losses just yesterday and those workers are still waiting to find out if they will be receiving those entitlements that they're owed. Reporter Josh Bavas reporting there. Nine welfare workers deported from Nauru are demanding an apology from the Government following another official report finding there was no basis for their removal from the island. The Save the Children workers were abruptly sent home in 2014 after raising asylum seekers' concerns about sexual harass many from guards. Then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison suggested the group had orchestrated a campaign to undermine the Government's offshore detention policy. A newly released internal Immigration Department report says they should be offered compensation after finding no evidence they acted outside their duties at the Nauru Detention Centre. Save the Children's Chief Executive, Paul Ronalds, says the staff deserve an apology.These were simply very professional staff extraordinarily
doing their job in extraordinarily difficult circumstances and the way that they were treated and the way that Save the Children's name was dragged through the mud, is completely unacceptable. Certainly the staff involved and Save the Children deserve compensation
an apology and I think compensation is absolutely appropriate. Of course, the bigger issue here is the way that offshore detention is being run by the contractors currently on Manus and Nauru. We need to see independent and transparent oversight of our offshore processing to make sure that the harm that's being done there is minimised. In the long-term, we've got to come up with a solution that's more human, more compassionate. The impact of being deported from a country on these professional aid workers has been huge to their mental well-being. They obviously lost wages and income and they've had to engage legal support to help them work through these issues. For Save the Children similarly we've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending our name and the staff's reputation in the face of what is clearly baseless allegations. Those orders do remain in place so those staff members cannot return to Nauru. That said, Save the Children is no longer operating on Nauru. The welfare and education services that we were previously providing are now being provided by Transfield, the full profit contractor. We certainly should see changes. Malcolm Turnbull is leading a new government with new ideas and I think one of the running sores that we have is the way that Australia is currently conducting offshore processing. We also know that the average length of time that a refugee is being held is increasing and that only exacerbates the mental harm, the physical problems that refugees face. Paul Ronalds speaking there, CEO of Save the Children. This week has been another volatile one on global stockmarkets fuelled in part by the plunging price of oil. It's trading at around $30 a barrel. Its lowest price since the depths of the Global Financial Crisis in February 2009. Petrol have dropped a little for consumers but probably not as much as they should have.18 months ago oil was trading at nearly $110 US a barrel. Today it's around $30. We've been in a supply, oversupply situation in the oil markets between 1 and 2 million barrels per day. The reason the United States is now virtually self-sufficient in oil whilst Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest producer has stepped up production to protect its market share. Energy producers around the world have been smashed and are slashing costs to try to stay afloat. The plunging price of oil has given motorists their lowest fuel prices in a long time which is the equivalent of a cut in interest rates which should boost the economy. That's the good news. The bad news is that fuel prices are not as low as they could be.What we're seeing at the moment is the difference between the pump price and the wholesale price around about 15.5 cent a litre. Peleton companies are keep a big chunk of the oil price benefits for themselves. It's been said Sydney has been paying 7 cents more per litre over some time than they is should have been demr in Darwins it is worse where the ACCC says petrol higher
profits are up to 12 times higher than in Adelaide. The competition regulator has Darwin in its spotlight and it seems with some success.It is a lot cheaper than last year. As for the price of oil with demand falling and supply still increasing, the only direction it is heading is further south.Andrew Robertson, ABC News. South Australia's opposition is calling on the State Government to reduce the cost of recycled water to ensure more of it is used rather than being let out to sea. It says the multi million-dollar pipeline project is, under-utilised and more incentives should be offered to encourage councils at that take part in the recycled water program.Much of the green grass in Glenelg's reserves is maintained through recycled waste water but it comes at a cost which is prohibitive according to the State Opposition. If the waste water was affordable, if it was viable to put into a pipe and utilised, more people would be subscribing to this recycled water project. It is a $70 million project that's being under-utilised, it is a waste of taxpayers' money at the moment. The $76 million Glenelg to Adelaide pipeline ago
project was completed six years ago to delivery cycled water into the city's parklands.Last financial year, nearly 3,500 megalitres of water from the Glenelg waste water treatment plant was reused and while water to be
that's the highest amount of water to be reuse ed from this plant in the past 7 years the State Opposition says it is still minimal compared to the 13 and a half megalitres that Floyd out to seaIt having a significant impact on the gulf waters. It is have having a greater impact on the recycled
seagrass.Holdfast Bay uses the recycled waste watt on 6 and a half hectares of council parklands and wants to extend that infrastructure in the future ifnos too expensive. analysis
It comes down to a cost benefit analysis as well as the environmental benefit and how
return on investment dictate how much years way off you get by using recycled water over mains water. In a statement the State Government says it is maximising water reuse and continues to seek new recycled water opportunities which SA Water is currently negotiating throughout the State.They include a connection between the Aldinga and Christies plants which will increase recycled water available to primary producers..

.. To a want looks set to get its first female president as voters today cast ballots in national elections. Polls show Opposition Leader Tsai Ing-wen is almost certain to claim victory. A win for the pro incidence candidate will likely set a more uncertain course for future relations with China. From to a way here's China correspondent Bill Birtles.One an ex-eve in pie a there's an inevitable sense of change in the air. Thousands of supporters of the Opposition Leader Tsai are confident she'll cruise to victory and in doing so, will become Taiwan's first female leader. Her party is the hope for our children. I can agree with what she stands for. Ms Tsai is no stranger to the political stage having run for president once before. Four years ago when she lost, her opponent the incumbent was in the midst of a bridge building exercise with China. Direct flights, more investment and more tourists from the mainland has been the hallmark of his eight years in power. Now his term is at an end and his party's candidate Eric Chu is struggling to capitalise on the warmer ties with Beijing. The activists.
part of that is because of activists. The blogger is now part of Tsai Ing-wen's campaign. He helped lead a student backlash against the dependent
closer China ties.Solely dependent on China, that's the thing that people are against. It's not that we don't want a relationship with China any more. We just want to have a more open relationship with other countries. Business groups worried about the island's economy hope Tsai Ing-wen the won't do anything rash.She knows that we need to keep kind of a relationship with China. Many voters here say it is not so much they're rejecting the closer Tye's that the government has built with Chinas it is more confident Tsai Ing-wen can put Taiwan on a new course without upsetting Beijing too much. The botched trial of an experimental anti-anxiety drug in France has left one person brain dead and three others permanently impaired. French prosecutors are now investigating who was responsible but the firm that developed the medication insists it followed best practice.The worst-affected patient was rushed to hospital just three days after he began taking the drug regularly. TRANSLATION: We thought the patient was having a stroke. The patient's condition deteriorated really quickly and he is now brain dead. Three other men now have permanent brain damage. Another as neurological problems and a 6th is being monitored. They'd be given the highest dose out of 90 health try volunteers. The trial was in its first phase with the drug only tested
previously on chimpanzees. There is no known antidote.TRANSLATION: To my knowledge, there has been no such event comparable in France. What happened is unique and is a call for the greatest vigilance in the investigation. We invest more than 20% of our turnover in R&D. The oral medication was developed by a Portuguese company and was meant to treat anxiety. It acted on natural receptors in the brain which regulate mood and appetite. The victims' lawyer wants to know if the amount prescribed was excessive.TRANSLATION: How come in 2016 such an accident can still happen? Has there been a human error? There is inevitably been an error a fault at some level. The pharmaceutical industry says trials of experimental drugs on humans always carry an
element of risk. But strict regulation should ensure such a tragedy doesn't occur. High waves are hampering the search for 12 marines missing near the Hawaiian island of Oahu after two large military helicopters collided. US Coastguard official say four ships and in
several aircraft are involved in the search but efforts are being hampered by 12 metre surf and poor visibility from rain storms. The helicopters were reported to have collided just before midnight local time. A Coastguard helicopter screw spotted debris in the water on the north shore of Oahu but did not find any passengers.We did not receive a Mayday call. The coastguard was notified by a civilian on the beach who had seen the aircraft flying and then saw them disappear, did see a fireball and then notified the Coastguard. Subsequently we got a second notification within just a few
minutes of a report of a flare. It was the flare and afy ball were they one and the same were they different, we don't know. Indonesian police say they've identified four out of the five of the Jakarta attackers. They're now searching an for an Indonesian man they believe is the top suspect. Police allege he has links to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in SyriaThey have been accused of being caught off guard. Police in Indonesia are trying to find out who was involved in Thursday's attacks. They said they have evidence an Indonesian ex convict named in
Rahrun Naim who has joined ISIL in Syria may have planned attack. He gave the order from Syria but he has also the chief in Indonesia, he's the one that basically, you know, prepare this operation. In Jakarta.? In disglark the alleged leader of the operation is still on the run. Three other men were arrested in a suburb of Jakarta suspected of plotting an attack. Police have not confirm it they were involved in Thursday's attack. Analysts say an estimated 120 Indonesia Yass have been trained to commit ISIL inspired attacks.They have training camps, they have been to Syria, to minnow, they've been fight as warlords in the jungle and trained in difficult circumstances. We have information they have received money from ISIL through Uyghur people in China. Analyst says surprise
the authorities were taken by surprise on Thursday in what's been described as an intelligence failure. Stricture anti-terrorism laws are being discussed in Parliament but the government says it would rather focus on what is called soft approach. Look at US experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and some where else with the hard approach not to solve the problem. Even make the situation become much worse.Indonesia's largest Muslim organisation with more than 40 million members together with leaders from other religions has called ISIL an enemy of Islam. They're planning a peace rally this weekend to condemn Ita fr ISIL. Terrorists are our own common rent me, the enemy of the Indonesian people, of the Indonesian statings. Of our religious communities. Terrorism is against humanity, against religion, especially against Islam. Authorities are conducting raids in several parts of the country hoping soon to announce some significant arrests.

. The biggest tennis stars in the world are gathering in Melbourne for the first Grand Slam of the year. The Australian Open kicks off at Melbourne Park on Monday but it was media day today and all the championship hopefuls and home
town favourites fronted the press pack ahead of the tournament.Good practice here right now and very happy to be here now, good feelings and just trying to be ready for the action. Yeah, obviously last year I had a really good run and I just remember it being a really rollercoaster couple of weeks when I lost against Andy it almost felt like I was exhausted, just mentally and physical drained, coming back this here I feel like I've grown and physically made a lot of improvements and I feel as if I'm ready for whatever comes. I always loved Australia, it gives me a special energy. I feel really good here. I love the fans here, really passionate and always, you know, in a good always
mood and excited, so it's always fun.I've been out of
play five pretty good matches and have lots of time on quort and have a few wins on along the way. I'm feeling good and really happy with the way I've come into this year's open. Meantime, France's Alize Cornet has won the Hobart international with a straight sets victory over Canadian Eugenie Bouchard. Cornet breezed through the first set in 31 minutes as Bouchard windy
struggled with her serve in the windy conditions. The French 7th seed took out the title winning 6-1, 6-2 and will take solid form into her first round Australian Open against world number 82 Bojana Jovanovski. The Western Sydney Wanderers will have the chance to return table
to the top of the A-League table when they play arch rivals Sydney FC tonight. The Wanderers head in just a point
behind top placed Brisbane Roar. In other matches today Adelaide United hosted the last placed Central Coast Mariners and Perth Glory face Melbourne City. Last night Melbourne Victory continued their emphatic
A-League resurgence with an emphatic win over The Roar. Victory strike weapons Kosta Barbarouses and Ben Khalfallah and Besart Berisha were at their best in the four-nil rout. Barbarouses bagging a brace.That's tremendous. Barbarouses has got a double. Three-nil to the victory. Inside half an hour. They're tearing Brisbane apart. Berisha's 11th goal of the season in the 52nd mimpbility sealed the Del anything and keeps the demanding champions within striking distance of a top two finish, now only four points adrift of Brisbane on table. Disgraced Essendon coached Hird criticised Essendon's handle of the supplements saga. It tried to control the ASADA investigation. The Court of Arbitration for Sport this week upheld WADA's appeal against the AFL's Tribunal's decision to clear 34 past and present Bombers I players of taking banned substance while Hird was coach. Hird apologised to the players for breaking his promise to them but said his trust was also broken. You can hear from the man himself tomorrow night on ABC News 24 at 7.40 eastern time when Tracy Holmes interviews James Hird. The UFC a Ronda Rousey is inspiring a you go generation of young girls to take up mixed martial arts but medical experts warn the sport can have dangerous consequences.This person is on a mission to become the next ultimate fighting champion. The 13 year old took up the sport three years ago and says while it looks rough, she's not worried. If someone hits you you hit them harder. The deem during inspiration from former champion Ronda Rousey who has become a household name in the last year She's had downhill in her life Xie's still strong and yes, she's good inspiration for kids Ronda Rousey's recent fight in Melbourne as inspired a influx of women and girls to take up mixed martial arts. Before she came to Australia Australia I only had one or two. Now we're up to 10 or 12. It is a big increase for just a few months.That fight ended in a knockout and a hospital stay. Boom, head kick. Doctors are warning repeated brain trauma had results in long-term issues.As a result of that brain injury often they'll have a slower speech, they won't be able to think as well as they might have in the past and in some respects it is like someone who, for instance, might be under the influence of alcohol ten is something that stays with them permanently. Others say the risk can be managedIt seems a bit scary to other people. Because there's the fence there stopping people falling out and because there's a referee there, it's a lot safer than you think. The women who have started the sport here at this gym say the confidence they've gained from martial arts far outweigh s any potential risk.Especially for females it's definitely a great skill to have, you know. You've got to be able to look after yourself. She says it is about empowering women in and out of the ring.

. Taking a look at the generating
satellite, a trough is generating a band of rain over north-eastern NSW and south-eastern Queensland gradually moving north. Another trough in the west is generating thunderry showers, mostly around Western Australia's Pilbara. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

.. That is the news for now. I'm Kathryn Robinson, thanks for your company. Stay with us "talk about it" is next. Captions by CSI Australia This program is not captioned.