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(generated from captions) He's taken a huge loan. Get rid of all that. So, this will... it'll help us get a house... It'll sort that out, It's just an answer to a prayer, to have come to Australia. and it's just so wonderful It was a good move. you came to Australia? I was gonna say, are you glad Thank you! Well done! ladies and gentlemen. Alrighty, there you go, win $250,000. We've just seen our man Brian in the Hot Seat next. We'll see you again you change your life $250,000, that's how right here in the Hot Seat. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Brotherly love - a special charity

swim for a very brave little boy.

And Braith Anasta has lost his

pants. But has he lost his job?

Good evening. They put their lives

on the line every working day, but

tonight, police are demanding

better protection after an ugly

weekend which left four officers injured.

Alcohol is being blamed for the

violence, and police say it's

spiralling out of control.

Officer Brendan Bullock was on a

regular night patrol when he

noticed a man struggling along The

Strand last night. Nathan Crookston

was allegedly drunk. Crookston

allegedly spat on the officer.

Daryl McIntyre, his friend, is

accused of throwing a punch.

Officer Bullock fell and used his

Taser before other police arrived.

Police allege the men even

threatened female officers:

Both men faced court today on

charges of assaulting police,

resisting arrest, and damaging

property. Both have been granted

bail - one man has pleaded not

guilty to all charges. I was

assaulted. I was hit with a Taser

three times in the back while I had

my hands up standing still. It was

the second alleged on police over

the weekend. At St Marys early

yesterday morning, three officers

were assaulted. Five men have been

charged. Shockingly, it's a regular occurrence.

a day. That's an average of seven assaults

Be warned! Anyone who throws a

punch at my police officers will

end up in handcuffs and will end up

behind bars! Alcohol is being

blamed. The Police Association says

more needs to be done for the men

and women in blue. Police officers

are going in there to keep the

community safe. Who's gonna protect

the police officers? Alcohol-

related crime is out of control.

Tracy, alcohol is obviously a

massive problem, as we know. How

are police planning to handle it on

Australia Day? Well, Peter, overall,

they're pretty Conservative

celebrations in the city and on the Harbour foreshore will be well-

managed and retain a family

atmosphere. Their more concerned

about some of the celebrations in

the suburbs, which are less well-

regulated and could get out of hand.

Their main objective, however, is

that everyone injoys the day and

gets home safely. Peter. Tracy Vo, thank you.

Corruption claims and sexual

innuendo featured in today's

parliamentary hearing into the

electricity sell-off. At

centrestage, Opposition Leader

Barry O'Farrell, who sidestepped

repeated attempts by Labor to have

him reveal what he would do instead.

A relaxed Opposition Leader arrived

at the hearing ready to rip into

the Government's part-sell-off of

the electricity system. He brought

props, including a book about

Labor's demise, and charts. The dud

deal of the century.

It was cowardly, contemptuous,


I believe what we've seen today

could well be a crime against the state

Labor MP Luke Foley returned fire,

highlighting the Opposition's own

changeable policy on power. You've

had more positions than the 'Kama

Sutra' on electricity privatisation.

Why can't you tell us the principle

of whether you'll privatise or not?

When we see the damage that your

Government has done, when we see

how much more of the state's

electricity assets have been sold,

and if you can tell me that today,

we might be able to put the

finishing touches to it. The

Treasurer sees a gap worth

exploiting. Mr O'Farrell was asked

more than a dozen times to rulute

the privatisation of NSW energy

assets. The full privatisation. And

he has refused.

Eight former power company

executives who quit in disgust over

the Government deal are still

refusing to give evidence. They

have one last chance to appear this

Thursday, or else. The committee

will then consider issuing warrants

for their arrest, which would mean

they would be brought to parliament

to attend a hearing.

Live to Kevin now. There's yet more

bad news for the Government today?

Yes - more delays in the now-

overdue delivery of the 600 waratah

trains. Now, cost blow-outs and

asbestos at a factory are partly to

blame. The company building the

trains, downer EDI, promises to

reveal more information on Thursday.

The Opposition fears the project is

on the blink offence collapse,

delivered. Peter. meaning not a single carriage

Thank you.

If you've filled your car up

recently, you'll have noticed a

jump in petrol prices. The highest

recorded in Sydney is just under

$1.45 a litre. We haven't seen them

this high in almost 2.5 years.

Nine's finance editor Ross

Greenwood has been out trying to

bowser. find the best ways to beat the

It's a sight we're all too familiar

with - fuel prices higher, and our

pockets lighter. You do start

thinking bout how much more you can

walk places. The cost of living is

too high. Around Sydney today,

Penrith prices below average:

We've seen prices go up very

steadily for the last Lee or four

months. The reason? Rising prices

in Asia, and higher oil prices but

changes to the weekly cycle here

make it harder to get a bargain.

These days, nobody can say they

understand petrol prices. Last week,

for example, the cheapest petrol

price - on Friday. This week, it'll

be Saturday. But the craziness is

that last week, the most expensive

petrol was on Sunday. In two weeks'

time, Sunday will be the cheapest

day. Maybe the petrol companies

have done this deliberately. The

grocery retailers, which dominate

the market, are making

extraordinarily high profits

currently. Small service-station

operators deny. It The competition

at the retail level is the most

intensive in the whole of the chain.

All motorists can do is fill when

it price is low. Mote erests have

to keep an eye on what they see on

those price boards. They're

expected to rise another two cents

this week.

Three men armed with shotguns and a

baseball bat have tried to hold up

the Parramatta Speedway. The would-

be thieves bound and threatened

staff in an attempt to get the safe

open. But the workers were unable

empty-handed. to assist, and the crooks left

33 years after Sydney teenager

Trudie Adams disappeared without a

trace from the northern beaches, an

inquest began today in the hope of

finally solving one of our most

baffling crime mysteries. Lizzie

Pearl is at Newport Surf Club,

where Trudie was last seen. It

sounds like police have some

suspects? That's right, Pete. Some

of them will be called to give

evidence at this inquest. Of course,

Trudie's family and friends have

had to live for all these years

without knowing what happened to

Trudie after she left this car park,

because her body has never been found.

June, 1978 - the car park of the

Newport Surf Club, where the

carefree teenager Trudie Adams left

a dance to go home. The popular

blonde was hitchhiking her way

there, but she never made it. Today,

still searching for answers, four

of her childhood friends, as well

as her brother and elderly father.

I'm just glad that things don't get

left alone, things get brought up.

In the days and weeks after Trudie

went missing, police, family and

friends scoured bushland in the Ku-

ring-gai national park. Today, the

inquest was told police have

narrowed the list of suspects to

two gangs from the time. One is the

so-called rose Roselands Lads, who

reportedly bragged about raping and

killing Trudie. The other group is

believed to have been responsible

for at least 14 rapes on the

northern beaches in the 1970s.

Today, the inquest was told, after

Trudie went missing, the attacks

stopped. Because of my sister, it

probably saved - probably saved a

lot of other people going through a

similar thing. Trudie's boyfriend

at the time, Stephen Norris, saw

her leave the surf club and get

into a panel van. In those days,

hitchhiking wasn't out of the

ordinary. Mr Norris was cleared as

a suspect and helped in the

bushland searches for his

girlfriend's body. Today, he still

wants answers. When Trudie never

came home, her mum Constance kept

his daughter's bedroom wasast it

was, making an emotional appeal for

information. Time is running out.

Trudie's mother died without ever

seeing a breakthrough in her daughter's disappearance.

A work site accident claimed the

life of a 20-year-old man this

afternoon. He was about 7m up on a

cherry picker, painting timber

handrails at a block of flats at

Meadowbank, when the machine

toppled over. The WorkCover

authority is investigating the tragedy.

A review by Custom has cleared its

officers of any wrongdoing in the

tragedy last month when an asylum-

seeker boat crashed onto rockopsen

on Christmas Island, claiming at

least 30 lives. Davina Smith joins

us from Canberra. The review has

found this boat somehow just

slipped through the cracks? Yeah,

Pete. The big question is how. We

spend millions of dollars on Border

Protection and intelligence, no-one

picked this boat up - not when it

left Indonesia, not when it was on

the doorstep of Christmas Island,

until 40 minutes before this

disaster unfolded. The only excuse

today - dangerous weather played a

role. Today, eight key

recommendations in this report that

a land radar be built on Christmas Island, that search-and-rescue

equipment and vessels also be

upgraded. There was also high

praise for the navy and customs

official whose risked their own

lives in that dangerous weather to

save 41 survivors from that boat.

And Pete, today the first

indication that criminal charges

are likely to be laid against the

crew and the people-smugglers

behind this operation. OK. Thank you.

New to the story of a courageous

croup group of Sydney boys who

areing on a gruelling ocean swim to

help a friend. What's most amazing

is that the boys are only 10 years old.

Aiden Fisk is fighting a battle no

child should ever have to face.

This was him less than six months

ago. Your active 5-year-old who'd

suffer the odd headache and lose

his balance. As you can imagine, it

was a huge shock to learn, um, that

he had malignant brain tumour. But

from there, he's been - he

underwent brain surgery, and

commenced immediately onto

chemotherapy. It's a hard thing

that our family's going through. So,

Aiden's brother, 10-year-old Harry,

rounded up his mates and set them a

challenge - to swim 1km in the

ocean to raise money. He's my

brother. And I love him. They're

training hard, and they're

definitely determined. On your

marks. Get set. Go!

A tough swim for anyone - let alone

a bunch of kids. I think everyone

should just have a nice and joyful

and healthy life. I wanted to

support him. Still two weeks out,

they've already raised $30,000.

Every cent raised from the boys'

swim will go towards trying to find

a cure for children's cancers,

especially brain tumours. They're

the hardest to treat, and while

Aiden's prognosis is good, almost

half of kids diagnosed will lose

their battle. The children are a

lot stronger than we give them

credit for. I've seen both in aiden

and these 10 boys that children are

remarkably strong and they can do

incredible things. You think you

can do it? (ALL): Yes we can!

Go, boys!

In the news ahead - why many Sydney

children are missing out on preschool.

Plus - how the teenager called Ruby

Heart-Stealer may be about to break the career of Italy's Prime Minister.

And Sir Elton on the joys of fatherhood.

I'm so contented and so relaxed,

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This program is captioned live.

For many children, the time they

spend at preschool can be the most

crucial of all to their education,

because it sets them up for the

years of learning ahead. But rising

costs are putting preschool out of

reach for thousands of Sydney families.

The class of hebertium preschool -

all five of them. The centre, near

Mount Druitt, can accommodate 40.

For today, this is it. If I could

afford it, I'd love to have the

kids in as soon as they're old

enough to be able to come. At $25 a

day, this preschool is heavily

subsidised, but still too expensive

for some families. Their kids are

missing out on the building blocks

of learning. In other states and territories, governments foot most

of the bill. In Victoria, for

example, fees are pretty nominal -

$200-there 300 a term. In NSW, for

KU at the moment, our average

preschool fees are abetween $40-$50

a day. In NSW, our commitment is

$170 million a year. Plus, a

promise to create more than 5,000

preschool places by 2013. In the

middle of last year, this centre

received a one-off State Government

subsidy and were able to cut their

fees to $10 a day. Now, attendance

jumped immediately - from 20

children to 35. That's 15 extra

kids every day, receiving preschool

education. When the fees went back

up, enrolments fell. On the other

side of Sydney,anesly Quinn is

preparing for the term. Charging

$39 a day, it's a constant struggle

to provide a quality service

without hurting families. We'd like

to have equal funding that long day

care centres have so that parents

have a choice.

Two weeks after the floods and the

children of Queensland were back to

school this morning. Some of them

by boat. The flood task force met

in Brisbane today, whipping up

support from corporate Australia to

help pay for the recovery.

Treasurer Wayne Swan has confirmed

that the idea of a special flood

levee is still on the agenda.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi is refusing to resign

over allegations he had sex with an

underage prostitute. Berlusconi

failed to attend court on

accusations he slept with a belly

dancer called Ruby Heart-Stealer,

who was 17 at the time. Taped phone

calls about sex parties at his

estate have also been published in

Italian newspapers.

Sir Elton John has spoken about the

joys of fatherhood following the

birth of his baby boy, Zachary.

He's a very happy little soul. He

just likes to eat, to poo, and to

be winded and to have a bath. I'm

so contented and so relaxed, and

it's put me in such a great mood.

Elton was speaking ahead of the

premiere of 'Gnomeo and Juliet', a

joint effort with husband David Furnish.

Ken's next with sport. The

Australian Open developing into a

battle of the fittest? Peter, there

have been some marathon matches.

While two women rewrite the tennis record books.

Also - out-of-form Michael Clarke

now in trouble for tweeting.

I'm just trying to help him out.

And Sonny Bill softens up 'The Man'.

This program is captioned live. Fourth seed Robin Soderling is the

latest big name out of the

Australian Open, going down to

little-known Ukrainian Alexandr

Dolgopolov in the fourth round.

This was the first time Soderling

and Dolgopolov had gone head to

head. And the 22-year-old overcame

a slow start to shock Soderling,

and everyone watching him.

Soderling went from heavy favourite

to major flop, with Dolgopolov

celebrating the biggest win of his

career. Andy Murray continued his

ride, while Jurgen Meltzer had

issues with his racquet. Pretty

good height on that too. I give

that about a 7.5. And history was

made at the Open last night, with

the lostest Grand Slam women's

singles match ever played. It went

so long, Francesca Schiavone wants

to show her son a DVD of it.

Kuznetsova forgot the score at

times, and there were occasions

both players pleaded for the point.

She's hit the net! She's hit the

net! Shat is going to be a tough

call. Schiavone saved six match

points, and four hours, 44 minutes

later, it was finally settled. This

time she's got it! The girls are

good friends. It looked as though

they were holding each other up at

the net. And at her news conference,

Schiavone said it all. Ahhhhhh.

(LAUGHTER) 4 hours-40.

What difference the one-day game

makes. In the best of Seven series,

Australia leads 3-0 after last

night's win at the SCG.

For our cricketers, it's a gypsy

life - another day, another city.

However, winning eases that burden.

But Michael Clarke is still copping

flak, making just nine runs last

night. Right now, I'm not that

worried, and we're winning, which

is a bonus, which makes life a lot

easier, I guess, for individuals if

they're not performing as well as

they'd like. Clarke is also drawing

heat for overtweeting, even trying

to find team-mate Steve Smith a

date for the Allan border medal.

It's not me, it's Steve looking.

I'm trying to help him out. He's a

wonderful guy. Good-looking young

fella, and he plays cricket for

Australia. I'm certain he'll find a

date. But will the Australian

captain find some batting form? His

leadership on the paddock is sound,

but Clarke desperately needs runs

to keep his critics at bay. I'm

training as hard as I possibly can.

I've been saying it for a while now

- I don't think I'm far away. On

the back of another Brad Haddin

half-century, David Hussey with 68

off 89 balls, Australia has gone

some way towards redemption

following their miserable Ashes

Series. Australia are back! Every

game we go out there, we play with

confidence, and with the reason

because we are the number-one-

ranked team in the world. While not

in super form, the fact that

Australia is 3-0 up in the series

against England hurts, when

reflecting on the Ashes result. against England hurts, when reflecting on the Ashes result.

Braith Anasta looked every inch the

professional at Roosters training

this morning, despite speculation

surrounding his future, and it

would seem, the whereabouts of his

pants at times. The Sydney captain

is in negotiations with the club,

but there's talk they won't renew

his contract after this year. Dally

M medallist Todd Carney plays in

Anasta's preferred position of five-eighth.

No love lost between Sonny Bill

Williams and Anthony Mundine during

a training session in Redfern this

morning. The All Black heavyweight

will fight this Saturday on the

Gold Coast. And he says early signs

of a stress fracture in his leg

aren't stopping him. Williams also

hasn't ruled out a return to league

after the Rugby Union World Cup.

Socceroo Tim Cahill is in doubt for

Wednesday morning's Asian Cup

semifinal against Uzbekistan. The

striker is struggling with an ankle

injury and a corked thigh. But he

still played in Australia's 1-0 win

over Iraq. In better news,

midfielder Brett Emerton returns to

the squad after suspension.

Pete, I think we'll go home and

tweet about that and see if we can

get Steve Smith a date. Kenny the

matchmaker. Good on you. Thank you.

To finance news:

Tonight, we welcome Natalie back to

the news. You've returned on a warm

one for Sydney? I certainly have

indeed. Great to be back. One of

the hottest days of summer so far.

All the weather details for you after Coming up on WIN News... The

results for Canberra' s Time to results for Canberra' s Time to Tal

survey And, the retired judge,

returning to preside over a

ten-year-old case. Join me for all

the details next. Good evening,

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This program is This program is captioned live.

It certainly was hot and humid in

the city today, with dry westerlies.

A surface trough moving in from the

south-west should bring a cooler

change across NSW tonight, which is good news.

Pete, I think the beach might be a

popular spot on Wednesday. What do

you reckon? Cover up, plenty of

water, or come to work for the

airconditioning. Good advice. That

is Nine News for this Monday. I

hope you have a good evening. From

us all, goodnight. Supertext

in the Tonight ... Time to talk -

Canberra has spoken. Residents want

improved housing and transport. A

decade on: The former supreme court

judge, coming out of retirement, judge, coming out of retirement, fo

a special case. And: the stars and police prepare for Australia Day

celebrations. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post, It was a labelled

"Time To Talk" -- and Canberrans

found their voice. More than

25-thousand people had their say on

where they want to see the ACT in

2030. And after months of analysing

-- the results have finally been

released. The focus was on the

Territory' s "silent majority". And

the message to the Government is