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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) of relationship building It's been a week for the Prime Minister.

from Hillary Clinton First, Julia Gillard got a visit some serious girl time. and that meant

for her first face-to-face meeting Then, the PM jetted off US President Barack Obama. with the big guy, Here's the Riley Diary via airmail. # Gonna have a good time tonight gonna play all night. # # Rock'n'roll music from the politician so famous This week started with a visit she goes by just one name - Hillary. (LAUGHING) with just one thing on her mind. And she arrived a good time in Melbourne. We said we would offer the secretary have some fun in Melbourne. He promised that we would Oh, yeah. But the 'Red Queen' wasn't going to have all the fun. let the 'Leakenator' in her home town. She'd promised Hillary some fun And her idea of fun? A walk... # Girls just wanna have fun so complimentary of little old us. ..and she of the one name was no better friend than Australia. The United States has isn't that a lovely thing to say? I mean, I've heard it before. But, something tells me to old Leaky a couple of years back Wasn't that what she said when he was king? in the world than Australia. America doesn't have a better friend And Leaky talks about... Our American friends. of America. We are great friends and allies

Our American friends have done that for 70 years. than Australia and John Howard. We have no better friend bowled it straight back. And the cricket tragic in the world than Australia. America has no better friend about everybody. Mind you, he used to say that in the region than Japan. Australia has no better friend Friends? They're a dime a dozen...

..or a buck a bunch as it may be. this week The Red Queen headed to the region for the G20 meeting in Korea like China's Hu Son, first. joining big-time leaders, Britain's David Cameron he goes by only one name, Obama. and that other politician so famous

The United States does not have a

Australia. closer or better ally than

Our two countries are great mates,

to use our terminology. meeting for three very good reasons. The Red Queen said she was at the First -

What happens here matters to Australian families. Second, what happens here That's right. matters to Australian families. And thirdly, what happens here We've probably got that by now. But, just in case... Australian families need to know is stable. the world's financial system And why do they need to know that? are not stable, When the world's financial systems on Australian families. it has an impact Because? matters to Australian families. Because global economic growth But all this talk about trade? Why does that matter? put very simply, trade equals jobs. For Australian families,

Oh! Sooooo? matters to Australian families. So what happens to free up trade It was quite a to-do. gathering Journos from all around the world with other leaders. to watch their leaders mingle And because we're in Asia,

and gizmotrons, the home of techno-wizardry of diplomatic speed-dating yourself, if you want to indulge in a bit

natty little vending machines. you can by coming to one of these

You can line yourself up with a

world leader, G'day, prime minister,

how are you good. Having a good

time. I am having a marvellous time

but I hope you don't take offence, I

have met you before so I wonder

there is somebody else here, let's have met you before so I wonder if

try that button there. Hey, Barak

Obama. How are we doing this? I

don't - how are you doing, alright?

Yeah. Look, ip am sorry about this,

Mr President, please forgive me but

I must do this for my children, they

wouldn't allow me to come home if I

didn't. Very serious business. but seemed to have a gee-whiz time. The Red Queen was a G20 debutante, on the world stage. Although she's not yet well known in a G20 statue The Koreans depicting her as an Austrian milk maid. Or is that a Von Trapp? with the sound of music. # # The hills are alive Nah, that's Julie, not Julia. their error Anyway, they tried to correct

Australian national dress was, but with no idea what the real redid her as... Oh! I'm not sure. An emo? 'cause in the end... At least she can laugh it off, really just wanna have fun. # # Girls

I think they dressed her in funeral gear.