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(generated from captions) dramatic change in Syria. Bennets and the Raiders

there was any doubt that the Minister Stephen Smith has also of complaints triggered by the prompted hundreds of others to not stop there. There generally that through the result the ADFA scandal, Stephen Smith prospect of but he hasn't ruled formal judicial inquiry. We forced teenage cadets salute part of the latest attempt shake up Defence women the right to serve bit old-fashioned. Nor would I like to see a lady shot. Yet to says it wants to cheats. Rugby league

Anthony Watts is accused of repetedly punching this morning. His arrest

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revert to a shoot-out between took control early against magic. Radike Samo the Raiders proved too little,

first-half deficit. completed ladder. Last night, the Broncos are eyeing Sharks fans had a Kade Snowden. had

Panthers' Stadium with the Storm eased away to win by points, and Johnathan Thurston dummy-half blunder. Trying to stay off the boddom of ladder, the Raiders worked

their way into the match. A we need to work on

ladder if they beat the Queanbeyan unbeaten in the AFL this

30-year-old 60m. COMMENTATOR: incredible efforts from outside Wojcinski! Geelong terms of skill or but against against his think about and Bulldogs. Local Ainslie were never really in on 8 goals to 1 in half. Ainslie left many eventually losing Australia's Mark less than a for the next 15 laps with often

them. The first casualty was changing tyres, Button. But field Far and away the man on

final, they knocked out it has given stick putter has him again 2-under third round at the Fed Cup after losing Melbourne this afternoon. Jarmila Olympic silver medallist

meet titles, while Tamsyn Lewis later this year. She

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Her arrival on Easter

Victorians, fearful memories We used to it as children to collapse through the hull. you he had a cool night trough has Tropical Cyclone Brisbane will see more eventually coming from the west could be legally liable for decades abuse in the military, leaving taxpayers again. company. Goodnight.