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(generated from captions) It's prime minister. Ryan, I'm sorry, mate. (AUDIENCE GROANS) prime minister in the Constitution. Yeah, no mention of the Only the federal executive council, is the head of convention, of which the PM not the Constitution. a prime minister. I thought we're governed by Yeah, I know, but you have senators of the House of Representatives and you have members and you have the governor-general. and you have the Queen Argh. Anyway, doesn't matter. And the prime minister's not... $1,000! You won $1,000. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) There you go. Bad luck. Close, but no cigar. time in the Hot Seat. Goodnight. Ryan won 1,000 bucks. See you next Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

First on Nine - the driver caught

doing the 50km/h on the M5 motorway.

A massive shake-up ordered in the

scandal. wake of the Defence Force sex

The hut for passengers who beat up

a Sydney cabbie. How thousands of

families across western Sydney

can't pay their electricity bills.

Bali Nine drug smuggler Martin

Stephens gets married inside

. Kerobokan Prison.

Good evening. A P-plater has

escaped jail time despite being

caught on the M5 doing an

extraordinary 249km/h. He was

travelling so fast that the police

officer who arrested him said he'd

never seen anything like it. With a

piece of paper to shield his face,

Fidel Manual leaves the court,

jail time. doing community service instead of

REPORTER: Feeling lucky?

It was March last year when the

police clocked him in his

girlfriend's V8 doing 249km/h on

the M5. That night on police

dashboard camra, he knew he was

flirting with danger.

It will be up to the magistrate. At

150 above the speed limit, police

gave the speedsters a dose of

roadside discipline. Public road, I

wouldn't say it was light traffic.

OK? You were doing 250km/h. If I

had my way, you would be going to

jail. That is disgusting. The 27-

year-old has never got off his P-

plates. He is an amateur car-racer

who took his need for speed public.

It is stupid. At 1am there were

other cars on the M5. The speed

limit is 100. The P-plater

accelerated to 249. That is 70m per

second. He was caught when he

slowed down through the toll gates.

The prosecutor told the court that

he should be going to jail. It is

not a high speed - it is a stupid


Instead, he will do 200 hours

community service and pay a $2,000

fine. He won't get his licence back until 2015.

To Lizzie Pearl, I think everyone

would agree this man was lucky not

to be sent to jail. That's right.

This race car driver came to court

today with a very real possibility

that he could be spending tonight

behind bars. Dangerous driving is a

serious offence. It carries with it

a maximum nine months jail term. We

could say that he has dodged a bullet at court today.

The Australian Defence Force

Academy is to come under intense

scrutiny after a week of damaging

allegations about the way its women

are treated. The academy's military

commander has been sent on leave

and there are to be a number of

inquiries including one headed by

the Sex Discrimination Commissioner

and another led by a top QC.

In the so-called Skype incident at

the Australian Defence Force

Academy, an 18-year-old woman,

known as Kate, was filmed without

her knowledge having kons sensual

sex with a male cadet. The vision

was relayed via Skype to half a

dozen other male cadets in another

room. We need to drive home that

inappropriate conduct brings with

it serious adverse consequences.

Now the scandal has produced not

Sex Discrimination Commissioner just one inquiry but half a dozen.

Elizabeth Broderick will lead an

investigation into the way women

are treated at the academy. And

Melbourne QC Andrew Kirkham will

conduct an inquiry into the

handling of the incident by Defence

officials, including academy

commandant Bruce Kafer. Commodore Bruce Kafer on Saturday was

directed by the Vice Chief of the

Defence Force to take leave

effective from Sunday afternoon.

There will be investigations into

ways to improve career paths for

women in the Defence Forces, how

the Defence department deals with

complaints and treats victims and

mistreatment that have been allegations of assault and

reported to the mini-'s office and

Defence office since the sex

scandal erupted. There will be an

examination of the Defence Force

force culture, including alcohol

and binge-drinking, the use of social media.

Mr Smith announced today that the

Government will bring forward

action to open up all roles in the

Defence forces to women. At present,

women are barred from the infantry,

artillery, SAS special operation,

airfield defence and clearance diving in the navy.

A hunt is underway for two men who

assaulted a taxi driver in Kings Cross on Saturday night.

The confrontation began inside the

cab after the men allegedly failed

to pay a fare. Outside the car, the

driver is pushed, then punched

twice to the face, causing him to

fall to the ground.

The incident was filmed by another

taxi drier.

The surging cost of electricity is

hitting Sydney families hard. Nine

News has discovered that hundreds

of thousands of households are

failing to pay their bills, and it

is not going to get any easier.

A cold wind is blowing through

Australian's household budgets. Get

set for another jump in electricity

prices. That will be pretty close

to a 100% increase in five years,

basically. On Thursday this week,

its latest electricity price pricing regulator IPAR will release

estimate for the next three years.

Last time, they said prices would

rise 62% with a carbon tax and 42%

without it. This time, the price

rises will be even more.

The forward prices for next year

are showing an increase of around

about 25% in one year. In my view,

ridiculous. this is now at the point of being

So every month, more and more

families fall behind. In the past

three months, 364,000 people in NSW

missed paying their electricity or

other use utility bills on time.

Most Australians are doing well,

but one in five families don't know

how they will pay their next bill.

Despite more energy efficient

utensils, Australians these days

are being hit by two things - No. 1,

higher electricity prices, and, No.

2, more things in our houses that

use electricity. Like, for example,

air conditioning. You are looking

at for a standard system at about

$180 over the year. And for a high-

end system, around $400 a year.

A father who threw his young

daughter after Melbourne's Westgate

Bridge has been sentenced to life in prison.

The verdict was broadcast live and

after it was handed down, 37-year-

old Arthur Freeman had to be

restrained and dragged from court.

Your behaviour through the whole of

this period of your life was self-

centred, with a strong tendency to

blame others. You are yet to say

sorry for what you have done. It is

believed Freeman murdered four-

year-old Darcy in an act of revenge

against her mother. He will not be

able to apply for parole until 2014.

The merryland Shoe Store has

declared war on shoplifters. They

have posted pictures of suspected

thieves. Trying on a pair of shoes

this shopper has no intention of

paying for. The woman hides the

high heels behind her back, the

shoes are never seen again. And she

joins a long list of suspected

shoplifters at this shoe store at

Merrylands. We find an empty box

and then we will go back to the

cameras and have a look and try to

find the person who has done it.

Once the thieves are identified,

their mug shot is placed in the

shop's front window. Has reduced

the rate of theft in our shops. The

moves has certainly attracted more

window shoppers. They need to be

named and shamed. How can they go

into the shop and steal something?

But human rights campaigners say it

is not the answer. Shop owners

should be reporting these people

suspected, not convicted, but

suspected of shoplifting to the police.

But it seems the wall of shame is

working. Since it has been up,

several of the exposed offenders

have returned to the shop, offering

to pay for their stolen shoes, so

their picture is taken down.

Even then, some still have no shame.

That is at the time, the shoes were

on sale, but when she stole them,

they were not. When she came back

for pay for them, she asked if she

could get the sale price!

Channel Seven and the Ten Network

took their fight over TV executive

James WarBurton to the Supreme

Court today. Seven boss, David

Leckie, denied freing WarBurton

from his contract saying, "I'm not

very bright but not stupid." It is

extremely disappointing, all jokes

aside. He is a very, very close

friend of mine. WarBurton defected

to Ten earlier this year. Seven is

trying to block the move. An act of

hope by a member of the Bali Nine

drug gang today. Martin Stephens married his Indonesian girlfriend.

To Mark Burrows in Bali. It was a

romance which started inside the

jail? Yes, it did, Peter. Martin

Stephens was right in the thick of

his drug trial about five years ago

when he first laid eyes on Chris,

she was a Christian Aid worker

inside the prison. As soon as they

met - well, it was history. Today

it was a very different wedding.

But then again, it will be a very

unconventional marriage.

It had all the trappings. The bride

in full Javanese dress, the groom

also in traditional gear. There was

family. Even a cake. Just one big

difference...$$NEWLINE This wedding

was held deep inside Bali's

Kerobokan jail. Sydney-born Martin

Stephens, serving a life sentence

for smuggling heroin, looking every bit the nervous groom.


Chris was visiting another prisoner.

The two somehow met, somehow fell

in love, and today they became inmate and wife.

The rest of the Bali Nine witnessed

it all - Scott Rush, on death row,

and math knew thunderstormman.

And the lawyer who tried to defend

them. I guess it is a dream come

true for the couples. For a few

hours, the prison was transformed.

Martin and his wife were looking -

well, almost regal! And for a

moment, all the prisoners had a

sense of life on the outside.

Bali is of course, one of the

world's top honeymoon destinations,

and in keeping with that tradition,

the jail boss kindly agreed to

allow the couple to spend a wedding

night together. Nothing five star

or fancy - just a small room at the

back of the prison.

So it ended as it does - with a

photo, the Bali Nine, Mr. And Mrs

Stephens, together in good times and bad.

She served the nation proudly but

this morning 'HMAS Adelaide' was

escorted through Sydney Heads for the final time.

The guided missile frigate is now

anchored off the Central Coast

where she will be scuttled later

this week. After 28 years in the

navy, winning battle honours in two

conflicts, 'HMAS Adelaide' was

towed out to see today, and they

will blow her up on Wednesday.

It is too big, too toxic and too

close to the beach. Many residents

of Avoca Beach on the Central Coast

don't want the warship anywhere

near them beach or them. We have

significant concerns. There will be

23,000 square metres of led paint

on the ship when they sink it.

After a slow tow, there she was,

ready for the explosions that will

send her to the bottom, for her new

life as a dive wreck and marine

sanctuary. Many locals worry about

the impact on wave patterns as well

as toxic last weeks. Others don't.

The experts would have got rid of

the nastys. I can't see what the

problem will be.

In fact, the experts spent two years taking all hazardous material

out of the ship. The warship may go

to the bottom on Wednesday but the

opponents say their case is not

sunk - they believe that the months

and years to come will prove their

concerns right, and the Government wrong.

In the news ahead - stuck in the

mud, an embarrassing end to a big

night out.

Plus brave or reckless - the man who talks to sharks.

And animal magic between some unlikely friends.

A late-night short cut turned

sticky for a man on his way home

from a concert in Perth. 20-year-

old Shane Parker was winched free

this morning after spending all

night stuck up to his neck in mud.

What do you think of the new

nickname, mud man? Mud man? It's

gonna stick! There was more

humiliation. A public clean-up from

a fire hose and an arrest for an

outstanding assault charge. They

are some of the world's most feared

creatures. One man is on a mission

to change the way we think about sharks. Chris Fallows wants to

teach Australians how to survive

and enjoy an encounter with a shark.

Bobbing alongside a 4m man-eater,

armed with nothing but nerve, a

tasty pulse and paddle. Only water

and a foam board between you and

the giant great white. The chances

of being attacked by these sharks

is incredibly small. What a way to

make a point. I think what I'm

trying to show is that we can learn

to live with sharks and not

necessarily fear them. Photographer

Chris Fallows has been snapping the

jaws of saltwater dinosaurs for 20

years but it is the plaszv placid

playful moments that he wants the

world to see. They are more

frightened of me than I of them.

Australian Matthew Hawksworth has

been part of Chris's film crew, but

it is moments not caught on camera

that will take your breath away.

Touching them happens quite often.

Chris is like an aquatic warrior,

amazing. Shark encounters are

hardly rare. Ask most seasoned

surfers. It wouldn't take you much

to get you off the board, you would

be in the drink with it. Never have

surfs gone out looking for this

attention. If that was me and I was

in that situation, I'd dare say I

would (Beep) myself. The South

African shark came to paddle

alongside the great white and share

his secrets on how to survive a

shark encounter. Never swim at dawn

and dusk - that is feeding time. If

you see a shark, don't panic. But

that is easier said than done. Once

people have interacted with sharks

and seen what they are about, they

change their perspective

dramatically. It is like walking with lions.

In the perfect world there are no

boundaries to friendship. You need

to clearly agree. At an American

marine park, a local cat has bonded

with one of the dolphins. And going

by this video, the affection is mutual.

That dolphin did that on polpoise!

Did you like that?! Wayne Bennett's

decision - we are still waiting on it.

But Darius Boyd tells us why he is set to follow the supercoach

wherever he goes.

And again, Australia on the wrong

end of a thrilling Masters finish.

Plus Formula Ones take off in

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Dragons intercept hero Darius Boyd

says he has not talked with Wayne

Bennett about where he will keech

next year but will blindly follow

him to his next club.

Bennett's decision may be made

public as earlier as tomorrow. He

might be leaving the red and white,

but the Dragons fans still love him.

And no-one has more admiration for

Bennett than Darius Boyd.

Boyd's skills may appear to be

natural but he says it is Bennett

who brings out his best. I'm still

learning, want to improve my game

and be one of the better players

and be the best I can be. I think I

can do it under Wayne, he has been

great for me so far. I think I'm a

fair bit too - great for my career

and me personally. No matter where

Wayne goes, Darius will follow. He

has been great for me. This club

has been great here as well, and

enjoyed my time here.

The Dragons never gave the Dogs a

hope yesterday. Clearly, the better

situation is not affecting the team.

The main decision is made as far as

what concerns us, and that is Wayne

is going leave. At Penrith, former

panther Chris Gow has been lynched

to a return to the club, but he

will have to do it on the cheap. He

is not coming back here for money.

There ain't any left! Greg Bird was

in court today, after he claimed to

be the victim of domestic violence.

It was a verbal disagreement and it

was a private matter. You know,

really embarrassed that it has

become so public. Bird says despite

reports he was injured in the

scuffle, she fine. It was blown out

of prorgs. I'm 100% ready to go.

Australians fill three of the top 4

spots on the leader board at the US

Masters. Unfortunately, not the one

that mattered. After a thrilling

final round at Augusta. South

African Charl Schwartzel launched a

late birdie blitz to win by two

shots from Aussies Adam Scott and

Jason Day.

The obvious assault on Augusta was

launched on three fronts - 23-year-

old Jason Day had the momentum. Geoff Ogilvy had the accuracy.

And Adam Scott made sure Down Under

laid to down south.

COMMENTATOR: Do you suppose they

are paying attention in Australia?!

We were, but so was Tiger.

He had the crowd in his back pocket,

but in the end, the ballwise a different story.

COMMENTATOR: And that is momentum-

stopper. The Australians charged home.

Geoff Ogilvy, tied with Tiger, but

the united front of Adam Scott and

Jason Day would go two better,

finishing at 12-under. It has lived

up to everything I expected and

more which is fantastic. Playing

with Jason was great. We really

kind of spurred each other on with

our good play. So with minutes

remaining, two Australians were

tied for the lead and ready to make

sporting history. But their fate

was in the hands of a 26-year-old from South Africa.

All day, Charl Schwartzel had made

long range seem easy. Four birdies

on the last four holes. His final

putt, sinking the ball and Australia's hopes along with it.


And it has done for three quarters

of a century, the jean jacket slipped through Australian fingers one more time.

Ouch, that hurt. More tyre problems

cost web web web any chance of

victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

It went wrong at the start with

Webber surrendering six spots

before he got going.

He was swamped with cars. Red Bull

team-mate Sebastian Vettel made it

two from two. Webber fought back to

finish fourth while Renault Vitaly

Petrov pet made the most

spectacular exit. He was airborne.

His steering column broke away but

luck was on his side. Imagine that

- you are driving along and you

think, "What is this." I had a

Billy cart like that!

Tonight we welcome Amber Sherlock

with the weather. A beautiful

automatic day.. We can expect more

sunshine in the next few days. More in a moment.

Coming up on WIN News... An early

morning ram-raid on a Fyshwick pet

shop. Will Lake Burley Griffin soon

house a conference hub? And only on

WIN NEWS. A tour through the AFP' s

evidence vault. Join me for all the details next.

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It was a beautiful automatic day

today. Mild across the city. Top

temperatures ranging from 21 to 23

degrees. Tonight, fine but cool,

dropping to 9 degrees in Penrith.

South-east, continuing to bring

cool southerly winds, showers and

snow to alpine areas. Isolated

showers clearing in the north-east

of the state.

Around the country tomorrow, a

shower or two for Brisbane.

Possible showers for Adelaide and Perth.

Rain for Melbourne and Hobart.

Another fine and sunny day is

expected for Sydney tomorrow, with

the westerly winds just a little stronger.

A top of 23 in the city and in our west.

Looking ahead - mostly sunny for

Wednesday and Thursday.

A few showers developing on Friday.

Now, while we can expect a slight

drop in temperatures across the

weekend, a top of 22.

Mostly sunny in our west tomorrow.

The pick of the days will be

Wednesdayy and Thursday, reaching 24.

Cool showers on the weekend. A top

of 23 on Sunday. Rug up tonight. We

are expecting our coolest night of

the year so far. are expecting our coolest night of the year so far.

That is Nine News for this Monday. Supertext captions by

Red Bee Media$$NEWLINE -

Tonight ... A destructive early

morning ram raid - leaves shop

owners on edge after weeks of

attacks. A multi million dollar

conference hub, for the shores of

the Lake. And: inside the AFP' s

evidence vault. We look at evidence vault. We look at remainin

clues for unsolved crimes. Good evening, I' m Danielle Post. An

early morning ram raid could be the

culmination of weeks of attacks on

shops in Fyshwick. Thieves used

heavy machinery to smash through heavy machinery to smash through th front of a pet store today -

causing thousands of dollars in

damage - leaving with nothing more

than pet food. A trail of

destruction that spilled into the

car park. Police arrived at the