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politic support more help for

the mentally ill.

We are still waiting for the details of the Government's plan to among the banks but the leader

of the Greens has a scheme to

keep the big four in line. Bob

Brown is today giving notice of a

a bill he intends to intd deuce

calling for a two year bans on

banks lichting their mortgage

rates beyond the movements of

the Reserve Bank. This is

massive profit taking at the

expense of the public. We have

seen the big parties saying it

is unjustifiable. Now we see

clear evidence it is. Action

needs to be taken. That's what

of the Greens are doing on behalf

of the people - taking action. Yet the Reserve Bank

came out yesterday in its

November meeting saying it

recognised that wholesale

funding was getting more expensive to banks, justifying

them doing what they did,

saying they expected I, it's

okay, it's what they needed to

do. I don't know they said it

was okay. They said they

Who expected it but who didn't?

Who didn't expect the greed of the big banks and their CEOs

taking home more than $10

million in their own pockets

more. That's what it's about. Australians out of the pockets of ordinary

I say this to Joe Hockey - you

have been talking about sand

being kicked in the face of the

Government. You take

join the Greens in real action

in the Parliament instead of

the hot air. The same to Wayne

Swan. And to Penny Wong. You

say these rate hikes are unjustifiable. Get behind the

Greens and for 24 months let

the Reserve the banks be in lock step with

the Reserve Bank - we are not

saying no interest rate rises

but let them with the Reserve Bank and then

we can review the situation. I

can tell you the banks will still be making

to billions. That's right. What's

to stop banks, if this gets through, tightening up on the

number of loans they make or

putting up fees elsewhere in

order to make up lost revenue?

The Parliament. It's our job

to regulate in the interests of

23 million Australians. Not

just hand everything to four

banks and CEOs taking home multimillion dollar pay

packets. Because based on the profitability. It is in their

people and the consequence. interests to gouge money out of

Some people are going to lose

their houses, some small businesses are going to be put

out of business. The banks will

be laughing all the way to

their own vaults. But the

people lose. This is very

responsible action by the