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(generated from captions) Not Toni Collette. She's Antonia! You've won $20,000! Well done, Courtney! Fantastic stuff. Thank you, Eddie. Well played. Yes. Just put the icing on the cake. You've just won $20,000. Congratulations, Courtney.

for Courtney Young. Put your hands together She's taking home $20,000. in the Millionaire Hot Seat. See you next time


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the death of Hollywood funnyman Leslie Nielson.

Good evening, a new chapter has

been written in the drama-filled

life of the Ibrahim family with a

drive-by shooting at a property in

Ryde. It was home to one of the

sisters of some and John Ibrahim,

police say it was a targeted attack,

and they are now concerned about

possible retribution. Armani Stelio

was at home with her son, 11 and 15,

when the gunman struck. Her Santa

Rosa Avenue house was peppered with

20 bullets, Armani's brother former

bikie Sam Ibrahim was there within

minutes A projectile missed a

child? It's understood Armani

Stelio moved in a few months ago.

The gunfire lasted about 10 seconds.

Sounded like all hell had broken

loose. We are appealing for

witnesses who may have seen a

silver coloured hatch that left the

scene. Police spent the day

searching the street for clues We

are waiting for ballistics to get

back to us to indicate whoum

weapons were involved. Sam

Ibrahim's lawyer says they don't

believe the shooting was fire

related. I'm surprised someone

would go to the sister's house,

it's a low act. The Ibrahim clan is

no stranger to violence, Sam a

bikeie boss, John the so-called

'King of the Cross', sister Maha

charged over $3 million found in a

house. Armani Stelio, whose home

was shot at and Fadi charged with

conspiracy to murder and Michael

charged with a murder conspiracy.

Last year Fadi almost died when he

was ambushed and shot five times

outside his Castle Cove home. Brett

Galloway has no idea why Armani

Stelio's house was shot up She has

no gang affiliations, neither does

the husband. We believe it was a

targeted attack. Simon, there's

word the family has gone into

hiding. Pete, I don't know about

hiding, there's no doubt the

Ibrahim family will look at beefing

up security around the family

members. Investigators are

obviously looking at Armani's

background and her brothers, at

this stage there's nothing to

pinpoint a motive for the attack

last nite. Thank you Simon. An act

of kindness left a schoolgirl in

hospital with serious injuries to

her head and arm. The 12-year-old

tried to stop a dog from running

into a busy road at Galston when

suddenly it attacked her. The bite

marks on Jessica Urbano's face show

what a close call it was. I'm glad

to have my daughter back. Happy she

can see. She could have lost her

eye. I could see blood running down

my face. She could have bled inside

or been ripped to shreds. The dog

that bit her was one of two Alaskan

Malamute, they had apparently

escaped from a home at Galston.

Before the attack Jessica and her

brother were on the way to school.

They saw two dogs who crossed the

road. They told their mum to stop

and got out to help. How quickly a

good deed turned into a vicious

attack. The male dog jumped on the

little girl and mauled her. What

could I do, the dog was on top of

me. I grabbed the dog from the

scruff, and pulled him off. Both

dogs are in a pound at Kogarah,

authorities waiting to interview

the owner. Put the dog down, kill

it, they should not be allowed like

that. Jessica is putting it behind

her, preparing for her year 6

formal next week. It's gone from

inconvenient to disastrous. Five

days on the NAB is trying to

resolve the computer glitch that

affected millions of customers and

left 20,000 without cash.

Campbelltown couple Grant and Sally

Weymouth are among the NAB's

cashless customers, now they have a

bigger problem. The NAB has lost

$3,000 of their money. They told me

there's no record of me transfering

my money into that account.

Normally holidays would be a good

time. Not now for the Weymouths. We

have no money, our mortgage is due.

It's been a major inconvenience,

for some distressing. We are

apologetic. The bank says most

customer's accounts are fixed. It's

not what we found at the Narellan

branch. I had $3,500 supposed to go

in Friday, it didn't go in. Does

that leave new a tight spot. It did

over the weekend, there was no

money. A few minutes later. How did

you gox No good. It's not there.

There are bigger problems -

mortgages and loans waiting to be

settled. We have a bank account

with the bank and our mortgage was

taken out. It was dishonoured. We

are committed to put these things

right, come and talk to us. The NAB

says 20,000 customer's accounts are

affected by the problems and says

no customer will be financially

penalised as a result of its

mistakes and encourages customers

from other banks to make contact so

they can be reimbursed penalties or

charges they have incurred.

Victoria's Premier John Brumby

admitted defeat a short time ago in

Saturday's state election. Mr

Brumby conceded a Coalition victory

is the most likely result ending 11

years of Labour Government. Ted

Baillieu will be sworn in as the

new Premier later this evening.

Federal MPs finally have gone home

to their electorates for Christmas

after passing legislation vital to

the National Broadband Network. But

there was little sign of the season

of good will as Julia Gillard and

Tony Abbott hurled abuse across the

chamber during the brief but fiery

sitting. Julia Gillard was late for

the special sitting of the House of

Representatives, Tony Abbott in

full flight as she made her

entrance. Very good of the Prime

Minister to turn up. Mr Deputy

Speaker. She summons back the

parliament, but can't bring herself

to be here at the start of the

parliamentary sitting day. Ms

Gillard had been making a speech in

Sydney promising a year of decision

and delivery in 2011. The

Opposition Leader ridiculed T We

must decide in 2011 on a way of

pricing carbon. The carbon tax that

she ruled out before an election.

2011 is also the year we deliver

historying health reform. Kevin

Rudd the former Prime Minister was

going to deliver health and

hospital reform in 2009. Well, what

a joke. On Friday the Senate

approved legislation to split

Telstra so the National Broadband

Network can go ahead. Today's

sitting was to allow the lower

house to rub you are stamp that.

When Mr Abbott's attack delayed

proceedings the PH turned on him.

The position has come here to have

a temper tantrum, acting like 2-

year-olds. In the end, despite the

Opposition's big talk the debate

ended not with a bang, but a

whimper, Mr Abbott didn't bother to

call for a vote A weak man with no

convictions on display for all

Australians to see. What an

absolutely shambolic mess this

government has become. And a merry

Christmas to them both. He's the

Australian America hates the most. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The man behind today's massive new

release of sensitive American

military and diplomatic documents.

They reveal US fears about

Australians being recruited by Al-

Qaeda, and the nuclear shadow

hanging over the Middle East. While

none of the leaked documents are

considered top secret they show,

for instance, the majority of the

Arab world agrees with Israel and

are terrified about Iran getting a

nuclear weapon, in a leaked table

the kink of Bahrain said "That

program must -- king of Bahrain

said "That program must be stopped".

Of another leader another said

Ahmadinejad is Hitler. US officials

give candid opinions of the leaders

of Russia, Britain and Italy. Some

of the quarter of a million mention

Australia, nearly all favourable

describing the Australian

relationship as Rock solid. A cable

revealed US intelligent services

are concerned about several

Australian citizens who disappeared

in the Middle East and now have

been put on terrorist watch liftss.

The Melbourne man behind WikiLeaks,

is Julian Assange, who I spoke with

earlier this year, returned to the

US now, and he'll be arrested for

dealing in stolen government

documents. What we want is justice.

What we want is just reform, and

transparency in the methods of

journalism is a way to get there.

The release of those documents on

our assessment could be prejudicial

to Australia's national security

interests. More anguish for

families of the New Zealand mining

victims, this surging pillar of

smoke from a ventilation shaft a

tell-tale sign of another

underground explosion at the Pike

river mine. Officials say the

latest explosion will delay

attempts to retrieve the 29 bodies.

Now to the arse, the poms

celebrating, -- now to the Ashes,

the Poms celebrating tonight. Tim

Gilbert, a draw, but the Aussies

thrashed. Australia had no answer

to a record-breaking innings by England. to a record-breaking innings by

England. When the tourists finished

they were 1/515, the highest ever

total in Australia. A fruitless

slog for the bowlers, the Aussie

finishing at 1/107, four days

before the second Test in Adelaide.

There seemed to be more English

supporters than Aussies on the

final day. The Aussies are out

there. Taken apart yesterday,

Australia's bowlers needed to get

back on top. Our first innings hat-

trick hero Peter Siddle pushed hard.

Without success. Absolutely no luck.

What happened there. The Aussies

were accused of lacking urgency.

Numerous mid-wict meetings showed

that Get on with it. Watson tried

to get the cracks to work in his

favour. England avoided those

landmines, the top order settling

in for more batting practice. It

started to get embarrassing.

Michael Clarke can't hold his own

at the moment. Mitchell Johnson's

reputation needs help. Have a look

at that. That's a wide. By lunch

Alastair Cook passed 200. Jonathon

Trott joined the Pom's triple

figure family. England's top three

batsman were century or double

century makers in the '70s. It's a

worrying sign. By the time the

curtain's were pull the lead was

296. And the Aussie's second stint

was not perfect. Katich went for 4,

Watson dropped on 17. Ricky Ponting

and his team have many headaches

heading to Adelaide and Mitchell

Johnson is facing the chop It's not

the fact that he hasn't taken

wickets. Some of the deliveries are

so wayward. So all the momentum

with England going into the second

Test in Adelaide we'll get Ian

Healy's take on what the Aussies

need to do to turn it around. Healy's take on what the Aussies need to do to turn it around. The

final curtain falls on the man who

turned bumbling into an Art form.

Leslie Nielson, the comic star of

'Flying High', and 'The Naked Gun'

decide in Florida, he was 84. Can

you fly this plane and land it.

'Flying High', and the moment

Leslie Nielson took off with surely

his trademark line Shurl you can't

be serious. I am serious, and don't

call me Shirley. The master of

deadpan delivering the most

ridiculous lines with the streetest

of faces This woman has to be got

to a hospital. A hospital, what is

it. A building with patients.

Leslie Nielson started as a serious

lead man, movies, television series

before a crack at comedy. Bingo. A

hapless doctor, and then as the

bumbling detective Lieutenant Frank

Drebin. Who is down there? Slasher,

have you seen my pigeon. Pigeon.

What pigeon. The wonderful thing

about 'The Naked Gun' humour is

it's so dumb and stupid that I feel

it's wonderful. The Canadian born

star made three 'The Naked Gun'

movies, had four wives and two

children. He died after a bout of

pneumonia and was 84. I'm a very

lucky woman. So am I. In the news

ahead - an exclusive look at the

lives of our elite Navy divers,

plus freezing temperatures and

heavy snow cause more problems in

Britain. And Elle Macpherson to

spear head Australia's campaign to

host the World Cup.

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As work environments go, it's not

the most inviting, it's cold, wet

and occasionally dangerous. Allison

Langdon took the plunge to explore

the secret world of Australia's

Navy divers. They are the elite of

the elite. Hand-picked for one of

the hardest jobs in the military,

yet much of what they do is a

mystery. We have got each other's

lives in our hand. You've got each

other's backs. Always. You get to

wok with that as your backdrop Yes.

This is where they spend most of

their time. Today the job is

cleaning the giant prop on the

frigate HMAS 'Newcastle' in chilly

water. A barmy 15 degrees, is that

cold for you. Be honest. It is. No-

one likes cold water. As I find out.

The look beneath the surface is

freaky, green and murky, visibility

poor, at times no more than 1-2

metres as we swim beneath the hull

How is the prop looking. Beautiful,

mate. Nice and shiny. It was here

early last year Navy diver Paul

Degelder was attacked by a Bull

shark, losing his hand and part of

his leg. Chris white is the

commander of this team, his boys

are the fittest. 15, guys. Both

physically and mentally. Come on,

guys, push it out. Push it out. Go,

go. As everyone else is clearing

out, that's when you go in. We'll

deal with trying to clean up, like,

remnants of war, like bombs and so

forth that have been left in the

port. Whether it's hunting mines on

the seabed as they are doing in the

Persian Gulf, disposing the bombs

in the Afghanistan, or underwater

repairs, every day they put

themselves in harm's way. I like to

think they are the toughest people

in the country. They have given us

a glimpse of their world. I didn't

see any sharks, I know they were

there. It looks like fun to us, but

it's driving England mad, heavy

snowfalls buried much of the

country in a thick blanket of white.

The early chill caught motorists

snapping, emergency teaming

stretched to the limit. The

forecast is gloomy, more big falls

on the way. The cat is out of the

bag, Elle Macpherson has been

confirmed as the ace card in

Australia's bid to host soccer's

World Cup in 2022. She'll present

our case to FIFA officials in

Zurich Wednesday. Tim Cahill, and

Lucas Neill, part of the mission.

Australia's bid began with a video

of Aussies booting a ball across

the country. Next version the one

that will be shown to FIFA

officials came straight from

Hollywood, directed by Philip Noyce,

starring Hugh Jackman, and

presented by Elle Macpherson. She's a wonderful international

ambassador for Australia, who

better to help make the case on the

day. Watching closely in the crowd,

rival bid teams from the USA, Japan,

South Korea, and Qatar. Here at the

home of FIFA. Soccer's world

headquarters is where each team

makes its case Wednesday. After two

years of preparation, the Aussies

will have half an hour to convince

officials Australia is where the

2022 World Cup should be. The

strength of our bid lies in the

fact that we have successfully

hosted major sporting events, but

never a World Cup, t after all the

world game. Come play in Australia,

the best choice for the beautiful

game. Tim's back with sport and the

Ashes focus turns to Adelaide now.

It does, there'll be plenty of talk

about how they let Brisbane slip

away. We'll gross to the 'Gabba for

Ian Healy's -- cross live to the

'Gabba for Ian Healy's

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As we have seen a Test which

featured so many twists and turns

ended in a tame draw. Australia

seemed to be in a winning position,

many will ask how they let it slip

away, for more we are at the 'Gabba

with Roz Kelly. Good evening, well,

I think everyone here at the 'Gabba

is in a state of shock as to how

this Test played out and for more

I'm joined by Nine commentator, Ian

Healy. Selectors are meeting, who

do you think should stay in the

squad and go and who should come in.

I think it will be a squad they

choose, 13 players will go to haled.

Doing, or Ryan harigs. Biologist,

or rain Harris, -- -- -- Doug

Bollinger, Ryan Harris. What is

going wrong with Mitchell Johnson,

should he be out of the squad. He

looks to me like he's thinking too

much. He's worried, anxious, stiff,

he's probably worrying about "What

if I don't bowl well? What if I do

bowl well?", he's probably worrying

about the wrong things. Clear your

head, bowl fast, get it right. If

they deem he can't do that, he's in

trouble. He will probably have a

rest. I don't find if they don't

change anyone. They'd like a second

spinning option, Steve Smith, if

that is the case Marcus North could

be in trouble. Ian Healy, thanks

for your time. The squad leaves for

Adelaide tomorrow. It will be quite

a week. Thanks Roz. Breaking news

in league. South Sydney's bid to

secure Greg Inglis, the NRL have

seen the contract and aired their

concerns, more information is

requested about the third party

components of the deal. South

promised to supply the information

and are confident Inglis will be a

bunny. It's back to work for the

Dragons, the NRL chaxions dipping

their toe into -- champions,

dipping their toe into preseason

training. Matt Cooper is coming to

terms with this year's success.

Sometimes I see something on the TV

in the paper about the premiership.

I think to Mee "Jees, did that

really happen", Greg Norman will be

accompanied by his bride when he

arrives for the Sydney Australian

Open to talk up the President's Cup.

He reveals he'll spend time with

the in-laws. Her father lives in

Sydney. She's looking forward to

seeing him, her sister has come

with her, she hasn't been to

Australia for a long period of time.

The Great White hark is in Sydney.

higher today. To finance. The market finished

Jaynie with the weather next. Heavy

rain on the way Absolutely, 100mm

Coming up on WIN News... The spell

of bad weather - how long will it

last. And parliamentary triangle

parking: the poor turnout to the

all the details next. NCA' s public meetings. Join me for

Sydney, prepare for a wet week, not

too hot. Four below the average in

the city. We had light rain during

the day with the next lot moving in

from the west. Main reason is the

very large trough along the east

which will slowly track west

tomorrow. Around the country storms

for Darwin, showers increasing for

Brisbane, and rain expected in

Canberra, tops of 19. Sydney:

scattered showers and storms, up to

35mm for the western suburbs, for

the city suburbs up to 45mm with a

top of 23. Storms right up until

Thursday at this stage, and showers

for the weekend. For the western

suburbs in for a wet week.

This week we could get close to

100mm across parts of Sydney, a

soggy end to spring and a wet and

stormy start to

stormy start to summer. That is soggy end to spring and a wet and

Nine News for this Monday, I'm

Peter Overton, I hope you have a

Tonight ... Wild weather descends

on Canberra. Trees down and a plane

diverted. More storms to come.

Questions raised over poor turnout

to public meetings on parliamentary

parking. And: experts warn more

Australians are becoming addicted o Australians are becoming addicted

prescription drugs. Good evening,

Canberra is on target to record its

HIGHEST annual rainfall in 15 years

-- and last night' s storm made a

solid contribution to the tally. solid contribution to the tally. Th

ACT was hit by wild weather --

which brought down trees and floode which brought down trees and

streets. And forecasters say it' streets. And forecasters say it' l

be days before the clouds lift. be days before the clouds lift.

Emergency crews had their hands ful Emergency crews had their hands