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NARRATOR: Barking, East London. Patriotic crowds gather the First Battalion Royal Anglians as a regiment of soldiers from return home from Afghanistan. I'm here to see a soldier as well. But he's not in the British Army. In fact, he really hates the army. He hates freedom and democracy. in public, He thinks women should be covered up for adultery. that they should be stoned to death isn't a radical militant But this man from the mountains of Afghanistan. He's no ordinary Muslim. 27-year-old He's a white, middle class, from a seaside town in Dorset. He's also my stepbrother.

We were born and raised here. Rich and I are both from Weymouth. It's your typical seaside town. Rich left for London five years ago and didn't come back. the beach or up a tree, to city life. I stayed, preferring being on

I could never have imagined Just a year ago, would take such different paths. how our lives Yeah, absolutely. You're jihadist? just by being a Muslim. I support the concept of jihad that created us for this life. I fully submit to the one And if you've got a full faith, to fight or give up your life then obviously you're prepared to prepare for the judgement day. and do whatever else in order

This is Salahuddin. I've always known him as Richard. Although My dad married his mum in 1992. We were close, growing up. I looked up to him. Being a year older than me, But after his move we grew apart. Our family holiday to Cyprus in 2008 was the last time I saw Richard. We shared a room about God and the universe. and talked late into the night looking for something. He was clearly A year later, he'd found it. a radical Islamist, Anjem Choudary, I came across an article about a worldwide Islamic state someone who believes in imposing the most dangerous man in Britain. and dubbed was Richard's name. Four paragraphs down And that of our home town - Weymouth. one of Choudary's newest converts. He'd become to fight and die for his beliefs, Rich talked of his willingness his hatred of the West, and make Britain an Islamic state. and his desire to impose sharia law

struggling to come to terms with it. Even now, my family's still to help us understand. And it's why I'm making this film, an ordinary Muslim? So why didn't Rich just become on the world he grew up in? Why has he turned his back with my extremist stepbrother? And will I ever reconnect

I'm heading up to London. Rich has agreed to see me. I have to admit, I'm surprised a glimpse into Salahuddin's world. And I'm excited to be getting to show me around his new turf. He's really keen as I follow in his wake He greets fellow Muslims, a weird new religious language. and struggle to understand (Speaks foreign language) Salahuddin. What's your name? Yeah, yeah. Salahuddin. My name's Mohammed. Take care. Nice to meet you, brother. just because you're Muslim? So, all these people, they say hi which means peace be upon you. Yeah, yeah. They say 'salam alaikum' That's the greeting of Islam. The prophet Mohammed's salam said even that you don't know to greet people with the greeting of salam. in Islam, you know. That increases the brotherhood before Rich spots a white Muslim. It's not long I'm from Latvia, from East Europe. I'm a revert. European revert, this man. This is my stepbrother... I'm taken aback by the camaraderie. This guy is only just off the plane. is already taking his number And Rich his own extremist brand of Islam. to share brother, instead of a kuffar, Always stay with your Muslim in any situation. than the best of the kuffar. The worst of the Muslims is better will be in hellfire for eternity. That's a fact. That is why kuffar So always remember that. Inshallah. there's many misconceptions But I believe about the AQ movement or whatever. Which movement? Ah, that. Al-Qaeda. you don't - You're saying Osama bin Laden, that I study with and myself, Obviously, the people in a sense, we have a different belief, many other Muslims seem to believe. to what Not only did Allah create the world and a way to live but he also gave us a law for the day of judgement. in order to prepare ourself will take over the entire world. There's a prophecy an Islamic state There's many Muslims nowadays are calling for the Islamic state. but not many to make that prophecy come to pass. Rich is doing all he can

What does apostasy mean? something and then you abandon it. Apostasy means you're part of So apostasy means you're a Muslim you go into something else but you sell out, or whatever it may be. for benefit or gain just to show you. So I'm going to stick a couple up, is now a full time occupation. Spreading the word of Allah to get his message across He's determined as well as me. to local mainstream Muslims We put another sticker up here because you see these signs here, but generally this is prostitution. they call it massages I'm going to cover this evil up. that the sharia is what's necessary I sincerely believe

from the society, to protect the human mind the freedom that we're given. in society to the greatest extent. It eradicates all the evils to all the other systems, We believe that sharia is superior that can prevent all these evils so there's no other law in the way that the sharia does. a Muslim for six months. I remind myself Rich has only been and apparent authority about Islam. He speaks with utter conviction how he feels about me. I want to find out non-Muslims is purely for dawah. The relationship we have with with people that are non-Muslim. It's not allowed to have friendships becoming like them. Otherwise you might end up this is just a formal thing. So we're not friends, and we're working on it. You're my stepbrother I tried to give dawah to you.

just how far apart we now are, I realise if he sees our relationship in this way. GIRL: I didn't do anything. We've obviously both changed since we were kids. I wanted to be a footballer or a soldier. Rich, a builder. I became a tree surgeon and now a film maker. Rich ended up a security guard at the BBC. To my surprise, through the miracle of YouTube, I was able to see the moment his new vocation unfolded. It was his conversion to Islamism. (All cheer) Anjem Choudary was master of ceremonies. They were together again a few weeks later for Richard's first TV interview. TV: Choudary wants to establish an Islamic state in Britain and institute fully fledged sharia law throughout. That would mean cutting off people's hands for stealing and stoning women for adultery. These men study under Choudary at the London School of Sharia and they've all had dealings with his court. Salahuddin, formerly known as Richard, has been a Muslim for just five weeks. Choudary provided him with a certificate of conversion. I would discuss with Anjem and various other brothers how I came about becoming a Muslim and why I'm a Muslim and what it is I believe. And then I'd do the shahadah to confirm that that is what you believe. If Salahuddin decides he no longer wishes to be part of the faith,

the penalty under full sharia law is death. Who exactly were these people? One thing's for sure, they certainly weren't ordinary Muslims. It isn't long before I get a great opportunity to discover more. Rich invites me to a demo. It's a protest over the Belgian government's plan to stop Muslim women wearing the burqa. (Protestors chant) I'm surprised to find so many Muslim sisters in veils heading up the protest. You may ban the niqab, but you should know that you are fighting a losing battle. But more surprising is the number of white brothers. I honestly thought Rich would be unique, but they're everywhere. So what connects them? And why have they turned their backs on the Western world? What actually brought me to Islam was that my sister died of a cocaine overdose at the age of 18. I say if this society is prepared to look after the youngsters, then you have to look after these people, this society, and not introduce them to that lifestyle. Whereas, once again, Islam has the answers to that. Basically, what spurred me into reading about Islam was George Bush, funnily enough. George Bush. Yeah, he said you're either with us or you're not. And I thought I'm not with him, he's a liar, for a start. I was struggling and failing to think of an equivalent moment for Rich. Although he always did have strong views when we argued as kids. (Unintelligible) Not democracy, not freedom, not liberalism, not communism, not socialism. Islam. Then another more measured, yet distant voice takes the microphone. It is a pleasure to address you today. On this day, when the Muslims stand up for honour of the Muslim woman. It's Anjem Choudary again spurring on his troops, even if he can't make it in person.

The protest was certainly an eye opener. But I'm still intrigued by the enigmatic Choudary. One name keeps appearing - Islam4UK. A small group of around 250 radical Islamists led by him. They hit the headlines when they threatened to march through Wootton Bassett, where British war dead are honoured as they return home from foreign battlefields. After a massive outcry, they were banned under anti-terror laws. Although they keep changing their name to get around the ban. These were the people who Rich now called his brothers. Although only a tiny minority, they sought to drown out the voice of ordinary Muslims, accusing them of apostasy. All of you are in one camp, the camp of non-Islam. If I'm judged an apostate by a sharia court judge, will I be executed in your caliphate? Answer that question. You know very well you have left Islam because you side with enemies of Islam and against Muslims. I'm starting to understand how far from the normal Muslim convert my stepbrother is. TANNOY: Please do not leave cases or parcels unattended anywhere on the station. I'm at Weymouth Station to meet Rich. He's come to visit the family for the first time since his conversion.

Alright, yeah. My stepsister's just had a baby girl. She's finding his new beliefs difficult to come to terms with and doesn't want to be on camera. What's it like being back in Weymouth? Obviously London is kuffar as well but Weymouth has even more kuffar and non-Muslims and what not. So obviously it's even worse than London in my eyes.

What here? Or just everywhere? Particularly in Weymouth, I've noticed. Probably in London, as well, but you see the young men dressed like women or whatever. For a second, I think he's joking. But no, he's serious. He really is appalled at almost everything. It's a bit disgusting and unpleasant to see these half-naked people walking around

and the low standards of people, so yeah. Alhamdulillah. To me, it's just a typical Thursday in an ordinary seaside town. Perhaps when we were young, Rich was a little different. I never really noticed but according to him, he always saw the world from another perspective. I remember one time I went to a McDonald's in France. And they've literally got Eminem and a rapper called Nate Dogg talking about illicit sexual intercourse and swearing. It's not been censored at all. And you've got little kids running around there. It's quite shocking. Then I was a non-Muslim but I obviously have that fitrah of commanding good over evil, and I was quite outspoken about it. What's going on, this is terrible that this kind of thing is going on. Akiyah, we're outside the masjid at the moment. Before he goes to meet his sister and baby niece, Rich announces that he's also here to see someone else. OK, no problem. Ben is just 17 and another white Muslim. I'm intrigued by this young hometown convert. Maybe he will help me understand Rich's conversion. Did the usual teenage stuff like drinking every weekend, trying out different drugs. One time I woke up and I just thought, you know,

I had a big hangover and I thought there's got to be a bit more to life than drinking every weekend. So, you know, it doesn't make sense just to do everything right now and then go to sleep forever. Surely there's got to be a bit more to life than just doing that. This is the Weymouth masjid. Not very well known at the minute but, God willing, it will be one day. I started looking on YouTube videos about people converted to Islam and how they've become really nice people. That's the person I want to become. I don't want to become someone who drinks all the time and does drugs and I don't want to end my life like that. Bear in mind, it's only a small, simple masjid, so it hasn't got big minarets or anything. But it's a little kitchen. I instantly like Ben. He seems very open and well intentioned. As you probably know, Salahuddin is an Islamist. Yeah. Is that along the same sort of thinking that you're coming into? It depends on what perspective you look at things. I've seen people where they've gone a bit too angry at society. And some people who haven't got angry enough. As Rich says goodbye to his new brother, I'm determined I'll see much more of Ben in the months ahead. (Arabic) See you later. See you later. See you. You ask me what my experiences are, so many people they're talking about luck and everything. Are you recording now? Obviously coming back to Weymouth's been a bit of a culture shock. In London, I'm always with the Muslims and obviously they know to say inshallah, or hamdillah or the rest of it. And when you come here and you're amongst the non-Muslims... I want to talk to Richard but it's clear Salahuddin will give me dawah at every opportunity. He saw the rest of the family that day. His reasons for excluding me tell their own story. Apparently for his mum to appear on TV uncovered would bring him dishonour. He would be accountable for it on the day of judgement. Even though she's never worn a veil in her life. Back on safer territory, Rich is on a dawah mission with his jihadist brothers in Whitechapel. You guys do this every week? Several times a week. We go to different locations... Then, as we're talking, there's a scuffle. It seems dawah can be both physical and verbal. According to Rich, the man has forced a flyer back into the face of one of the brothers. I have just been beaten up by these bastards here. What, for no reason, you didn't do anything to them? I said nothing wrong. You're drunk and Mohammed - No, no, no, no. I'm not drunk. I am absolutely sober. Does he look like he's sober to anyone else? People like this only reinforce Rich's negative view of Western society. We're trying to protect people like yourself, trying to protect the society from falling into this trap. Bullshit. The brothers have organised another demonstration. As we head out by tube, the atmosphere is friendly and good natured. But then we arrive at Barking. (Protestors yell) They're here to protest at British soldiers returning from Afghanistan. They found themselves coming home to yet another battlefield. (Crowd yells) There's a counter demonstration. It's the English Defence League. You're not wanted! You're not wanted! I can't decide which protest group is worse. Even if Rich has a point about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, these soldiers aren't to blame. I'm speechless at the insensitivity. This regiment had lost five soldiers while they'd been away. Their friends and loved ones could be among the crowd. Murderers! Murderers! But it's Rich's lack of empathy I can't get my head around. He's showing a total and utter indifference to the society we both came from. When are people going to wake up and realise that you are merely creation, yet you feel you can legislate over your creator. Stop! Fucking stop! Hoist yourselves up from degenerate lifestyles. (Yelling) You foolish people risk your life but he's the general of all us. And these people that conspire to misguide you into the hellfire.

Those soldiers are murderers! Wake yourself up from your slumber. Educate yourselves, you foolish people. So he doesn't watch football anymore? No, he can't. He's not allowed. He's not allowed?! Not allowed. The only sports they're allowed to participate in are horse riding, archery and swimming. Seriously? Why is that? Trying to emulate the prophet Mohammed and the sort of things which he did back when he was alive. It's the World Cup. I've met with some friends to watch the England-Germany game. But first, a spot of philosophising. Both football and having an extremist stepbrother seem to have this effect. I think in this country it's very easy to fall into a habit of work. It's the weekend again, what have we got left to do? Go out and drink, let's get drunk. And let's, you know, do what we've always done. The way that the Western world is being run, I think people are trying to step away from it. Personally, I don't think we will ever go down the same route he has. (Cheering) Just a year ago, Rich would've been down the pub with the rest of us. But today he's home alone. I take no interest in nationalistic sports. I've more important things to do. A brother did a little video about watching TV. You flick onto one channel, you've got the World Cup playing. COMMENTATOR: Getting to it and it's put away by Peter Crouch. Then you flick onto another channel, you've got Muslims, women, children, men, being burnt with chemical weapons in Palestine. (Baby cries) It's a bit of a wake up call. Remember while you're enjoying yourself in activities that have been forbidden by your creator, there's people around the world that are being literally burnt with chemical weapons. No fucking way! I can see how it might look to Rich. In some ways, I agree with him. But he seems to be immersing himself in bad news and suffering. Being aware of these injustices is good. But for Rich, it always seems to come back

to the essential superiority of Islam. When I see people disobeying Allah, there is an element of amusement when you see their little lives are being disrupted. And to be honest, I probably prefer to see England knocked out because then hopefully nationalism will quiet down in this country. His wish is granted. England are thrashed. 4-1. Subhan'Allah. There you go. These people enslave themselves to the devil

and then they get their disappointments. When are people going to wake up? It's a small victory for the cause. I was a musician before, yeah. What sort of music? (Laughs) ? METALLICA: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Extreme death metal. Really? Yeah, my hair was down here. You look just like your dad. You've got your piercings there. 12 piercings. I'm back in Weymouth at Ben's house. It's an opportunity to meet his mum, Maggie, and find out how she's coping with her son's new religion. When I was on holiday, he told me he'd converted. And he waited until I was on holiday to do it because he didn't think I'd approve. No, I didn't. How did you feel about it? I was anxious and I was curious, mostly because of the views of Islam and what people's perception is. But actually me and his dad have always said you choose what religion you want. So he has. What sort of job are you looking to do? I'm trying to hopefully get to do an apprenticeship because you earn and you learn at the same time. But I've got quite bad GCSEs anyway. So nothing's really working out the way that I want it to. Ben discovered Islam at just 17. The fact he used to be a metal head makes him even more likeable. But I want Maggie to know more about my stepbrother and what he stands for. He is one of these extremists,

kind of more fundamental views. Yeah. So what? You have the same views as - Yeah, definitely. The fundamental views. Yeah, I think you have to when you come to Islam. But the idea that you would be prepared to die for Islam, that's quite a clear-cut fundamental thing. Mm. Wow. I mean, I know you are passionate but I didn't think that - Not saying we are going to die. But you live through that because you want it that much. When you say it, it feels like you're prepared to wire yourself up and... No. That's what came into my mind. And hence I was speechless.

What I mean is, for example, if you've got a patch of land that's being attacked, you're willing to fight for it, aren't you? Yeah. Same thing. Oh. That is scary. It's scary for me. But we all have our routes, our roads to take. And Ben's chosen this one and, um,

yeah, we'll see how it goes. Follow him. I'm touched by Maggie's faith in her son. (Chuckles) Embarrassing mum. Yeah. It's Ben's first trip to London to stay with the brothers. Embarrassment over. Yeah.

My family lost Rich to Salahuddin. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Maggie. Time for a crash course in being a London Islamist. First lesson, the art of dawah. Spreading the word to the non-believers. So what's in the lesson plan? Just learn how to interact with people. See what your pitch is when you're handing out leaflets, what to say. Is he doing quite well? Getting there. Do you ever think you'd do this in Weymouth? Yeah, inshallah. Weymouth, at the minute, is fertile ground for dawah. People need to learn about Islam and they're not getting enough of it, at the minute. So, inshallah, we'll take it down to Weymouth eventually. Not everyone is so receptive.

Dickheads. Ben may be struggling but Rich is in his element. Even looking for the most unlikely converts to extremism. In Islam it's not allowed to be part of kuffar society and kuffar law. You told him he's not allowed to be a police officer? Yeah. I have to hand it to Rich, he has the courage of his convictions.

And Ben seems eager to learn. With the principles of street dawah complete, lesson two, learning the role that new media plays in the struggle. Ben is about to star in his very own YouTube video. Say I'm from Weymouth, I'm 17, what not. And then say my life before Islam, I was fairly misguided. I used to go out with my friends and do such and such. Rich has transformed his living room into a makeshift recording studio, so white converts can reveal their journeys to fundamental Islam. (Speaks in Arabic) My name is Ahsan. I'm 17, from Weymouth. It's only a convert story but there's something quite unnerving about the combination of the flag and the music. How's your life been since you've been a Muslim? My life since I've been Muslim has changed dramatically but better. I've had to give away all my friends and I've lost them all now. Because I've told them I don't want to drink and smoke and listen to all the music. I arrive in Whitechapel early the next morning. The streets are alive, as usual. And Ben's about to undergo the final stage in his Islamist induction.

Did you think you'd be this nervous? Yeah, I expected it. You've got to be a bit crazy, really, not to be a bit nervous of having your foreskin cut off. Ben certainly doesn't do things by halves. This is where you're going to get circumcised? Well, good luck.

You don't believe in luck. OK, well, may Allah make the procedure... As easy as possible. painless as possible. And no complications. I really do wish Ben good luck. Even if he doesn't believe in it. I wait patiently for the operation to finish. Rather him than me. When he emerges two hours later, he seems quite chuffed. It looks a lot better.

It looks better? Yeah. You've seen it? Under the bandage, it looks a lot better, yeah. Like one of those porn star penises. First two or three needles, you feel it for like 30 seconds. I mean, after that you can't feel it. They used a laser, as well. A laser? Yeah, a laser. They didn't do it like that in the prophet's day. No, they didn't do it like that in my day, even a few months ago when I had mine done, it wasn't like that. So you're just texting... Yeah, just texting my mum and dad to let them know I'm OK. In a tremendous amount of pain or anything. So Ben has made the physical sacrifice, had a first taste of street dawah and fronted his first YouTube video. Back at Rich's, after prayers, which he's permitted to do sat down, rather than on his knees, conversation switches to what makes Islamist good manners. Everything we do good is on the right hand. You go to the toilet and wipe yourself with the left hand. So this is like the clean hand, that's why you don't do it on the left hand, always the right hand. Is that why sometimes when I speak to some Muslims and they greet me, they shake my hand with their left hand? Yeah. That's what I would do if I was shaking hands with a non Muslim.

With a kuffar? Yeah. You'd shake hands with the dirty hand? With the left. Yeah, the way you put that, yeah, yeah. It's true, yeah? Yeah. The clean hand is for the clean people which is the Muslims. Use the dirty hand for people like me. For the non Muslims, yeah. Yeah. Thanks for coming here, bro. Take care. Bye-bye. Come up and visit us soon, inshallah. And we'll speak on the phone, Pleasure having you. Rich has just told me, he'll only touch me with the hand he wipes his arse with. At the time I thought it was quite funny. But it's no joke, he's serious. The more I think about it, the more it hurts. On the train back to Weymouth, I'm touched by Ben's gifts to me. He seems to really want to share what has been revealed to him. But I'm curious to know whether he was truly convinced by the Islamists. Don't know. Some of the brothers explained a bit more detail and you see where they're coming from. In some people's eyes, you would be more extreme. Depends what you mean by extreme? So much has changed, so much has happened. I don't know where we're gonna be this time next year. I really don't. I just know that I can't sleep. I don't sleep. Your mind is ticking all the time. What goes through your mind most often? The usual. Has he been brainwashed? Is Ben going to do this or that? My heart tells me he hasn't,

I know he wouldn't do that he wouldn't do anything stupid. I know VIDEO: They kill the prophets that were sent to them with the truth. We know the truth, they will kill them forever without any rights. I want to challenge Ben. He's easier to reason with than Rich. You've got a new laptop. Yeah. I've got a new toy. No, to keep all my lectures and stuff on.

This is my mum's. So I can't keep any extremist lectures on that. (Laughs) I show him an article written by an ex-Islamist. But my plan is flawed from the start. Independent. You know, it's one of the most anti-Islamic newspapers in Britain. Don't believe anything you read from this. Unless I hear it from this brother's mouth, I can't actually have any proof that he's said this stuff. I get the feeling if I found something that was wrong from any other than the people you trust, it's not going to hold weight with you. Where is the truth, you know? Maybe Ben's not quite as open as I'd hoped. We're heading back up to London again. I've told Maggie we'll be attending a lecture with Anjem Choudary. Ben can't wait to be back with Rich and the brothers. Quite looking forward to going up to see Richard, again. His company is nice and his friends, as well, the brothers up there were very nice.

(Conversation in Arabic) ? RADIOHEAD: High and Dry It must be pretty lonely for a teenager like Ben to be living in a town like Weymouth. (Arabic greetings) But despite his increasing zeal, I'm glad he's with me. I'm able to get much closer to Rich when the three of us are together. Are you fasting with us? You may as well, see if you can hack it. (Laughs) It'll be a challenge. Why not? A day in the life of a Muslim, inshallah. You don't have to be an Islamist, you can be a moderate Islamist. It's the holy month of Ramadan, which means fasting between sunrise and sunset. So the plan is to make the most of the night. We end up driving round Tower Hamlets looking for mosques. It starts off just the three of us but before long a small group have congregated. I feel like I'm in a gang. Only we're not looking for a place to score, we're searching for a place to pray. Everything seems to be going so well until we stumble into unfamiliar territory.

Hi. We don't hang around. These guys don't seem hardcore enough for Rich and the gang. As I taxi Rich and Ben around, the sights of London nightlife don't go unappreciated. Billboard, someone with a bra. No, you didn't see the two kuffar. They were drunk, one was vomiting over the fence and the other one were like kissing and everything. A man and woman. We eventually find a backstreet mosque. Ben's sent to do a recce. For a Muslim being out at night-time, is when all the munkar, the evil is in society. So it's not usual we'd be out here. It's only that it's Ramadan that we stay up. Doing praying, pray late, reciting Koran, doing talks and stuff like that. Was it closed? It's like some sort of dodgy stairways. You got scared, basically, yeah? I didn't get scared. I looked at it and thought this doesn't really look like a masjid. I didn't want to walk upstairs, to find some bloke there, like, 'What the hell are you doing?' This is the most relaxed Rich and I have been together since the holiday in Cyprus. Moving on. Inshallah, let's check out maybe east London masjids. We get back just before dawn. I can't bear to sleep, I've got to film everything. See what happens. I radicalise you when he sleeps. Might talk jihadi talk or something. Alright, I'll leave you two. Inshallah. OK. I'll see you in the morning, inshallah. Solution to fasting - sleep. As much as you can. You feeling tired? Yeah. Not very comfortable. No. OK, inshallah, I'll just come down in a second. Bye. You and me. Yeah, where's Ben gone? He's just gone with one of the brothers. He did go, yeah? Yeah, to a conference or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I spend most of the time pulled over by the kerb, while Rich dashes about getting the halal food in. But it's a good opportunity to talk alone. We're getting on so well, Rich even interviews me. So how you finding it all in general? Well, obviously you guys are a bit different to like the vast majority of Muslims. Kind of interpret things very, very literally from the Koran. Then obviously there's the biggie, which is the global struggle, jihad. So yeah, see, I'm laughing about it now, but it's serious.

I'm becoming desensitised to Rich's Islamic extremism. But the dirty hand business is still raw in my mind. And the talk of global jihad is a constant reminder. We meet with a group of brothers to break the fast. I've been waiting for an opportunity like this. It's a chance to spend some quality time with Rich

and the brothers. 30, ex alcoholic, ex cannabis, ex bass player. I used to be a drummer bass MC. You know, so that's why I talk really fast. There's more to these guys than how they behave at the protests. They're actually a laugh. I'm enjoying their company. (Prays) I've managed to last a whole day of fasting. We break it in the traditional way by eating dates. I find myself reflecting on the sincerity and resolve of the group which Rich and Ben have become a part of. (Prays) Such total belief in a religion is something I still can't get my head around. Tastes nice, mashallah. May I have some food, as well? Yeah, yeah, don't worry. Even the non Muslims get fed. Fast an extra hour for not being Muslim. They think it's funny. But I'm starving. When we finish eating, conversation again turns to questions of faith. You can't read the Koran with an insincere heart and say, 'I'm going to read it just to find the contradiction.' Your insincerity will lead you to something you think is contradiction. To learn Arabic to challenge it and these people are idiots. Ahsan, you cannot just say these people are idiots, you can't. You've never met them. They've read... I hope you're getting out of here alive. I find it hard to dislike these guys. Even though they clearly hate my Western world. I'm actually sad to see them go. We're off, yeah. You're off. We're like bad eggs, we're off. Yeah. I'm pleased that Zakariah uses his clean hand to shake mine. We're just like big kids, really. In private, we're like big kids. That may be true, but then something Zakariah says reminds me of the world they're really working towards. On the offensive, there's three options. You give the dawah and tell people about Islam. Or you let us rule, with no oppression. Or we fight. That's the three options. Offensively. But that doesn't exist because we haven't got an Islamic state. I'll probably see you at the conference tomorrow, inshallah. (Both speak Arabic) See you later, hopefully, inshallah, Allah will guide you and open your heart, inshallah. It's nice to see you again, as always, mate. Abdullah Dean also shakes with his right. I remember what Rich told me about getting close to non believers. See you later, man, take care. See you later. But I don't buy the idea that the friendliness isn't real. And they are, despite being extremists, people I seem to get along with. Inshallah, take care. Next day, I arrive at the conference. It's clearly going to be a big event. Testing one, two, three. Rich is outside acting as a door marshal. So I seek out Ben, instead. How's it going? Yeah, not bad. Thanks. Having a good day? Yeah. Ben seems embarrassed talking to me in front of the brothers. As the conference begins, the warm up act wastes no time in getting to the heart of jihadism.

It's a strong reminder of just how serious these guys are. And what Rich actually believes. Out of nowhere, Anjem Choudary appears. Fashionably late. For a moment, I think I'm about to lose my chance to film him. But I'm allowed to continue from the other side of the room.

What I can't understand is guys I laughed and joked with last night are here entertaining the idea of a martyr's death. And by themselves the American position as General Petraeus said would be untenable. By themselves they cannot survive. During the intermission, I find a familiar face selling perfume. This is the business side of Abdullah Dean. This is your trade? Yes, I have a wife to look after. It's not long before things heat up again. (Men yell out) You're obviously enjoying it here. Yeah. Don't take him to too many dodgy lectures. Dodgy. What kind of dodgy, though, isn't it? They're good dodgy. Inshallah. As I'm leaving, Rich reveals that the brothers are planning a bit of a surprise. About a week after Ramadan finishes, we're going to try and do a bit of a show down in Weymouth, inshallah. This is going to be so alien to Weymouth. Loads of bearded guys with shahadah flags. We'll convey the message but whether people take to it, that's another matter, inshallah. As you can see, we're doing so much dawah. If they don't believe in it. Allah makes people deaf, dumb and blind. So I don't know. Deaf, dumb and blind. Thanks. You think I'm deaf, dumb and blind, as well? Metaphorically, yeah. Metaphorically. Thanks. I thought we were friends. Allah does say in the Koran not to take disbelievers as your friends. And helpers because they seek to misguide you. So every time I've spoken to some of the brothers, and I've felt that there might be some sort of friendship or sort of warm feelings towards each other, I'm just being mistaken. Obviously they're trying to incline you to Islam. Maybe you'll become Muslim, then you can have a proper friendship with them. It's not false, they're trying to get close to you. But until you become Muslim, there's going to be a barrier there because Allah's plan tells it. It's been an eye opener. Some people say Rich has been brainwashed. But I don't think so. It's almost as if the stepbrother I knew has locked himself away in a self-made fortress. Built to protect him from the degenerate society and evil he perceives around him. The world we were brought up in. I still don't feel any closer to really understanding Rich's beliefs. The idea that we're all dirty, immoral and the only way to escape eternal suffering in the hellfire is to join Rich's exclusive group of fundamentalists really bothers me. It doesn't matter how charitable, good willed or selfless you are, if you don't conform, you will burn.

It's the anniversary of 9/11 and the Islamists are outside the American embassy. They're responding to an American pastor who threatened to hold a Koran burning day. He called it off but my new friends are here anyway. Zakariah's getting stuck in with his flagpole. Rich is filming the event for propaganda purposes. And Abdullah Dean is his usual cheery self. You going to be selling perfumes, afterwards?

No, not today. There's no business on the battlefield. And someone else is making his protest debut. How you doing, Robb? How you doing? Yeah, not bad. Enjoying yourself? How can I not be enjoying myself? You got cami-ed up. Yeah, I'm going Bosnian style. Bosnia style. Because I'm white. I've not heard Ben sound so radical before. (Yelling) Come on! (Men yell) (Protestors chant) There are more media than extremists, as Choudary makes another late appearance. (Men yell) There has to be a special reason for his attendance. I soon find out why. (Protestors yell)

I'm amazed that the authorities are standing by as these people incite so much hatred. What did you make of that? Sorry? What did you make of that? Do you think it's a good idea though? Going to make the situation a bit worse, maybe? I didn't think you agreed with this sort of thing? No comment?

With Anjem Choudary within earshot, I wonder what Ben really feels about the demonstration. Although Rich is in no doubt about flag burning. They beat me to it. I was hoping I could do it, inshallah. Really? Don't you think this is making things worse? No, not really. I believe to fight the evil, means that we have to show that we won't step back and remain silent. When evil is taking place. The kuffar, they choose to back down, that's their choice. I'm not surprised at Rich's attitude. I already know he's come to hate the country we grew up in. Hi Robb, how you doing?

I saw you on the grassy knoll, I thought you were going to shoot me. Yeah, I did, actually, because it gets to a point when you just really need to have a go at some Americans. You believe in fighting and jihads, same as most other people. There's aspects of peace within Islam, but there's also aspects of fighting. So prepare yourself because when the Taliban defeat the Americans and rest of the allies, inshallah, we establish sharia, we'll expand the borders and take the fight to the enemy, rather than them occupying our land. The shoe will be on the other foot, inshallah. Saturdays are always busy in Weymouth. The town centre heaves with shoppers. Perfect for a spot of street dawah. But there's a hitch. Rich is running late. Two routes into Weymouth, I don't know which way he's taking you. You've either gone away from Osmington... I'm actually hoping he won't make it. It just seems so close to home. And I worry about the locals. Salahuddin is by Southampton and they've pulled over. Eventually, a carload of brothers show up. How you doing? You're late. Yeah, yeah, it's a bit hectic getting down here. Getting out of London took a long time.

The dawah stall opens for business. Almost five hours late. Some shoppers seem genuinely intrigued and quite a few of Ben's old friends have shown up, too. I wonder if they'd have looked these Islamists in the eye if they'd seen them outside the embassy on the anniversary of 9/11. Maggie arrives. The dawah stall is in full swing as she finally gets to meet Richard. This is your mum, yeah. Yes. Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. Hello. I'll take one of your leaflets. Have a read, have a read. OK, I understand. Even for my family and obviously I'm a lot older, I'm about ten years older, they find it a bit extreme or whatever. But you look at Jesus, he came telling people there's a hellfire or there's a paradise. That's part and parcel of being a religious person. But he's very good, mashallah. Yeah, he's a very good lad. The encounter's incredibly brief. I take the opportunity to hear her concerns about the flag burning. I was horrified and I think he got drawn into it and I'm hoping that he's pulled himself back out of it and it is not what he wants. But yet he's spending time with the people

who absolutely think that's the right thing to do. I know and it's a gamble. Hopefully, he's gonna come away from that side of things and carry on the way that he believed. Which is, you know, he can preach about his beliefs but without having to demonstrate in such a violent way. I hope Maggie's right. But I'm not so sure. This was really the main thing - Oh sod off! Terrorists. Take no notice. As the afternoon wears on, the atmosphere takes a turn for the worse. So what do you think about it? Do you really want me to put it in one word? I think it's disgusting. It's not right. Bollocks. Wankers! Oy, there's no need for that. Sorry. Terrorists! But some are more angry than others. You're winding us up on purpose! The prostitution. You're gonna get it! Here in 1924. In a way, I'm glad my townsfolk are angry. I hate the idea that people might unwittingly stumble into the world of extremism. We have different views. You're entitled to your views. Obviously we get some hostility.

That guy's getting a bit excited. We're gonna move on soon because this is around the time when all the drunk people come out. My time with Rich is coming to a close. He's in no doubt about the path he's taken. But I still don't understand why he's so extreme. Today we deal with effect of hajj. Rich is to make hajj. The sacred pilgrimage to Mecca, thousands of miles away, and one of the most important things a Muslim can do. As I film Choudary's preparatory lecture, I think about my mixed feelings for Rich and the brothers. On one level, they seem like nice guys. But on the other, they're jihadists, religious fundamentalists set on taking over the world. If necessary, by using force. I want to confront Rich on some of his more extreme beliefs. A few weeks later as he leaves for Mecca, I get my chance. But not before a bit of banter first. There's no bombs in your bags? Inshallah, unless the kuffar planted one there in order to try and put me inside. But as far as I know there's nothing there, inshallah. So if I hear ticking. It's just... Maybe an alarm clock or something. The one thing about Rich which definitely hasn't changed is his sense of humour. But I'm soon reminded of the Islamist he's become. While I'm gone, the brothers are doing a demonstration. Called British soldiers will burn in hell or something. But you know the kuffar, the only language they understand is harsh. That's what Allah's dawah says - be merciful with the believers and harsh with the kuffar. Another demonstration is being planned. This time for Remembrance Day. Rich's flight is set to leave and it's my last opportunity to get things off my chest. Tell me to my face that I'm a filthy kuffar. I've never said that to you. You won't touch me unless it's your dirty hand. I've never called you a filthy kuffar, Robb. I don't shake your hand because Islamically it dishonours to shake with the left hand. That is dishonour but permissible to shake with right hand. There's a reason and wisdom behind that.

I thought you understood that and it was nothing personal. You treat everyone who's not an Islamist as sub human, as filthy kuffar, the way you talk about them. People I've met, lectures I've gone to, it's clear to see that - I don't think that's the case. So why do I feel like that? Why do I go out several times a week to talk to the British public? For rewards.

It's an ugly outburst on my part. And certainly not how I wanted to say goodbye to Rich. I'm left feeling pretty miserable. But the pent up feelings just needed to come out. Maybe Rich and I won't be close again. We now inhabit two conflicting worlds. Diametrically opposed and incompatible. Rich has made the decision to leave my world. Salahuddin now lives in the other. And I get the feeling Rich isn't planning on coming back. But maybe it's not too late for everyone. Ben's invited me around for a chat. I wonder if he's had a change of heart. When you want to get some judgement of something, you've got to get to know all areas of it. You can't just side with one group. At the end of the day,

we're Muslims, we want to bring Muslims together, we want to invite people to Islam. Don't look into what one group says, what this group says. Look at Islam with an open heart, from the way in which no-one says it. That's how I did it. Ben's words seem incredibly wise. I hope that he'll continue to find his own path and to think for himself.

I reckon Maggie's right to have so much faith in her son. I'm still no nearer to finding out why Rich was drawn to fundamental Islam. There seems to be no single moment, no great epiphany. Just the gradual accumulation of years living in a world he doesn't feel a part of. He was looking for answers to the big questions in life. Now he's found them, along with a set of rules that he believes will save his soul. But his salvation has come at a high price. For me and my family. I guess it will take him a lifetime to find out if it was worth it.

Next week on Compass - the academic who found fame and fortune with a lady detective from Africa. 'Ramotswe did not want Africa to change. She did not want her people to become like everybody else - soulless, selfish, forgetful of what it means to be an African.' If I just wrote about the problems of Africa, I would join the ranks of many other people writing about those problems. Of course, things are awful. The world is a vale of tears. Sometimes you send your readers up as my anxious readers. Yes, well, I - You tease them. I tease the readers a little bit and say they're people who perhaps are of nervous disposition. Alexander McCall Smith, the No.1 Ladies' man, next Sunday on Compass. Closed Captions by CSI .

(Audience applauds) ? Don't waste your time walking ? If you need it right away ? Don't waste your time talking ? If you don't have something to say ? Keep your eye on the open road ? You're a fool if you live in the past ? Don't you know the time's gonna come ? It won't be easy to say ? Times can be bad Your friends are all gone ? But don't you go crazy Life goes on ? Times may be bad Your friends are all gone ? Don't you go crazy Life goes on ? Don't waste your time fighting ? When you know all that fighting's so wrong ? Don't waste your time writing ? If you're writing little lies in your song ? Life is a matter of ups and downs

? Take the good right along with the bad ? Don't you know that time's gonna come ? It won't be easy to say ? Life can be bad when your friends are all gone ? Don't you go crazy Life goes on ? Times can be bad Your friends are all gone ? Don't you go crazy Life goes on ? Take a look at the brighter side of the things that you plan to do ? Especially when the morning comes ? Bringing everybody a gift of a brand new day ? And if you're small, forget about the stars ? The trip is up to you ? Don't you know the way it's gonna turn ? It could be turning your way ? Look out Might show up today

? Don't waste your time warming ? Trying to warm up all those people who wanna be cold ? Let 'em freeze, don't waste your time ? Don't they know they're gonna grow old ? Life is a matter of ups and downs ? Take the good right along with the bad ? Don't you know the time's gonna come ? It won't be easy to say

? Life may be bad when your friends are all gone ? Don't you go crazy Life goes on ? Times can be bad Your friends are all gone ? Don't you go crazy Life... ? Times bad Friends gone ? Hang on in there Life's going on ? Times may be bad when your friends are all gone ? Don't you go crazy Life... ? Let me tell you something about life. It keeps rolling on, and rolling on. And rolling on. ? And I must be doing something right ? 'Cause I'm still up here ? Rolling on ? And on. ?

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, I'm celebrating. It's 40 years since I first stood on a West End stage. 40 years ago, it was the swinging '60s. They always say, 'If you remember it you weren't there.'

I was there. I remember it. It was great. I was in the chorus of a show called 'Hair', and one night I was sitting in the pub where we all used to meet before the show, and the company manager comes running in, panic-stricken. The leading lady and her understudy were both off sick.

You know what's coming, don't you? Yes. Yours truly thrown on, hauled out, no rehearsal, terrifying, absolutely terrifying. So, from 'Hair', the first song I ever sang on a West End stage.

? How can people be so heartless ? How can people be so cruel ? Easy to be hard ? Easy to be cold

? How can people have no feelings ? How can they ignore their friends ? Easy to be proud ? Easy to say no

? And especially people ? Who care about strangers ? Who say they care about social injustice ? Do they only ? Care about the bleeding crowd? ? How about a needing friend? ? I need a friend ? How can people be so heartless ? How can they ignore their friends ? Easy to be hard ? Easy to be cold ? Easy to be proud ? Easy to say ? No. ? ? Theme from Jesus Christ Superstar ? I don't know how to love him ? What to do How to move him ? I've been changed ? Yes, really changed ? In these past few days ? When I've seen myself ? I seem like someone else ? I don't know ? How to take this ? I don't see why he moves me ? He's a man ? He's just a man ? And I've had so many men before ? In very many ways ? He's just one more ? Should I bring him down?

? Should I scream and shout? ? Should I speak of love? ? Let my feelings out? ? I never thought I'd come to this ? What's it all about? ? Don't you think it's rather funny ? I should be in this position? ? I'm the one who's always been ? So calm, so cool ? No lover's fool ? Running every show ? He scares me so ? I never thought I'd come to this

? What's it all about? ? Yet, if he said he loved me ? I'd be lost ? I'd be frightened ? I couldn't cope ? Just couldn't cope ? I'd turn my head ? I'd back away ? I wouldn't want to know ? He scares me so ? I want him so

? I love him ? So. ?

? It won't be easy ? You'll think it strange ? When I try to explain how I feel ? That I still need your love ? After all that I've done ? You won't believe me

? All you will see ? Is a girl you once knew ? Although she's dressed up to the nines ? At sixes and sevens with you ? I had to let it happen ? I had to change

? Couldn't stay all my life down at heel ? Looking out of the window ? Staying out of the sun ? So I chose freedom ? Running around trying everything new ? But nothing impressed me at all ? I never expected it too ? Don't cry for me, Argentina ? The truth is I never left you ? All through my wild days ? My mad existence ? I kept my promise ? Don't keep your distance ? And as for fortune and as for fame ? I never invited them in ? Though it seemed to the world ? They were all I desired ? They are illusions ? They're not the solutions ? They promise to be ? The answer was here all the time ? I love you and hope you love me

? Don't cry for me, Argentina ? The truth is I never left you ? All through my wild days ? My mad existence ? I kept my promise ? Don't keep your distance ? Have I said too much? ? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you ? But all you have to do ? Is look at me to know ? That every word ? Is true ? Don't cry for me ? Argentina. ?