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Good morning, welcome to weekend Breck faeft, I'm Katherine Robinson.I'm Richard Davies. Two people confirmed dead as authorities in WA's south-west brace for another tough day on the fire front. by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - starving and under siege but relief is on the way for a desperate Syrian town cut off from aid for months.A wave of sexual assaults on New Year's Eve prompt anti-immigration protests in Germany as police clash with demonstrators.And in tennis - Nick Kyrgios leads Australia to its first Hopman Cup title since 1999. Hello, thanks for joining us. It is Sunday, 10 January. Plenty coming up today - including roll out the red carpet.The awards season kicks off in Hollywood with the Golden Globes ceremony to get underway tonight US time. Later in the program ABC film critic Luke Buckmaster will take us through some of the contenders.This one is for Joy with Jennifer Lawrence.We have Aussies up for gold as well. Cate Blanchett.And George Miller for directing 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.Controversial on missions. I believe Charlize Theron is not in there.And sometimes the categories can be called into question. We have Matt Damon up for best actor in a comedy or musical for 'The Martian' and it is neither.I think Luke might be able to look at the way that the whole Golden Globes awards system works with the Hollywood foreign press. Any chance to look at some of the up and coming blockbusters for the year is a good one. First, we will check the weather...

The bushfire crisis in WA has claimed two lives and destroyed more than 140 homes. More than 250 firefighters are battling the blaze that has already destroyed more than 70,000 hectares. An emergency warning is in place still for the townships of Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop, Harvey and surrounding areas. Firefighters are hoping cooler temperatures and lighter winds across the region over the next 48 hours will help them gain the upper hand on the fire.The United Nations says aid could reach the besieged Syrian village of Madaya as early as tomorrow. A convoy will carry a month's worth of food and medicine for the 40,000 people trapped in the town which is near the Lebanese border. There are reports people have been starving to death with some eating their pets and grass to survive. A similar operation for two villages in the north - Kefraya and Foah is also underway.Police in Germany have clashed with anti- immigration demonstrators after a number of asylum seekers were implicated in a wave of sexual Year's
assaults against women on New Year's Eve. Around 1700 people took part in the Cologne protest march organised by the anti-Islam movement PEGIDA. A spokesman said police brought the demonstration to a halt after firecrackers and bottles were thrown. 11,000 counter demonstrators gathered in the city. A separate group called for an end to violence against women. The German interior minister says 22 asylum seekers are among the suspected perpetrators of the New Year's Eve assaults.In Egypt, armed men have shot two policemen on the outskirts of Cairo. The pair were driving to work when militants opened fire. The Islamic State grouped has claimed responsibility for the attack. The incident came hours after three foreign tourists were stabbed by IS militants who stormed a hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. Egypt's tourism minister says the safety and security of tourists is a top priority for the Egyptian Government.Our efforts in upgrading our activities when it comes to security measures in our country is a continuous issue. It is a continuous practice. We will continue to upgrade it for both Egyptian nationals and visitors as well, ensuring their welfare and enjoyment in our country.A baby girl has been taken to hospital after an explosion in the NSW Hunter region. Emergency services were called to a home at Raymond Terrace last night after reports the 16-month-old had been burned.She was treated for leg injuries and taken to hospital in a stable condition. Police believe the explosion happened when an aerosol can was thrown into an open fire.A scouts leader has been charged with aggravated indecent assault of a girl while at a scouts event in NSW. Police say the 14-year-old girl reported and
the assault on Monday afternoon and senior scout members reassigned the 63-year-old man to another group. It is believed officers were called to Australian scouts jamboree south of Sydney late Friday night when another scout leader noticed the man at the event. After police investigations he was arrested and charged. He was granted bail and will appear in court on Wednesday.A lock down at a Melbourne prison has been resolved peacefully after a 9-hour stand-off with a prisoner who climbed a light pole yesterday. The 32-year-old man scaled the 12m pole before midday. Staff spent the afternoon trying to coax him down. They piled gym mats underneath the pole in case he fell. A cherry picker helped to bring the man down where he was assessed by medical staff and treated for sun burn. He will be charged with internal prison offences.Saudi Arabia says it is considering further action against Iran in the escalating feud over the execution of a Shiite cleric. The conservative Sunni kingdom and Iran have been at log heads since Saudi Nimr
Arabia executed Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr last week. Tensions were further heightened when a mob attacked a Saudi embassy in Tehran. A meeting of the gulf corporation council has voted to condemn what it calls Iranian aggression. The Saudi Foreign Minister has called for an extraordinary meeting of the organisation of Islamic corporation to discuss further action against Iran.CCTV has emerged showing a Russian hospital doctor assaulting a patient leaving him with fatal head injuries. Local media is reporting the patient had earlier kicked a nurse during a medical procedure prompting the doctor to intervene. It is believed the man died of head injuries caused by hitting the back of his head against the floor. The doctor has been charged with manslaughter and could face up to two years in prison.Time for all the sport details with Nick Lockyer. Nick Kyrgios's outstanding start to 2016 has continued. He helped Australia claim its first Hopman Cup title in 17 years last night. Daria Gavrilova gave Australia a 1-nil lead in the final against Ukraine, with a straight sets win over Elina Svitolina. Kyrgios then secured the cup with his demolition of Alexandr Dolgopolov. He is still unbeaten this year. Also last night, Victoria Azarenka defeated Angelique Kerber to claim the Brisbane International crown and this morning, Novak Djokovic sent a warning to the Australian Open field, dismantling Rafael Nadal in the final of the Qatar Open.Western Sydney is lived after a controversial call in its 3-2 A-League loss to Melbourne City. After trailing 2-nil the Wanderers drew level with the hosts in the second half. They thought they had taken the lead late in the match but were denied a goal by the referee for playing on from a free kick too quickly. That allowed Harry Novillo to score the match winner for City. Adelaide moved into the top six with a 3-1 win over Perth. And Newcastle's 10-game winless run continued. The Jets were beaten 2-nil by Sydney FC.The Premier League gig guns have advanced to the fourth round of the FA Cup. Arsenal beat Sunderland and Manchester United defeated Sheffield United.And Chris Gayle's return to the crease in the Big Bash has been overshadowed by one of the most bizarre dismissals in cricket. Melbourne Stars bowler Adam Zampa ran out Renegades batsman Peter Nevill after the ball deflected onto his face and onto the stumps. It helped the Stars to an 8-wicket victory over their cross town rivals. He was OK.And Illawarra has added another chapter to Sydney's woeful NBL season. The Hawks thrashed the Kings by 24 points. If you heard gasps while I was reading the cricket story, that was from these two first
on my right.That was the first time I had seen that vision.Adam Zampa was OK. That is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen on a cricket field.We hadn't seen it which is why you got the gasps. We will try and behave ourselves.Thanks Nick.Thanks for your company here on weekend breakfast. The latest from WA where the firefighters are battling a devastating blaze south of Perth.Aid agencies say supplies will finally start to reach the town of Madaya in Syria. Red Cross spokesman Pawel Krzysiek will tell us more.And later, concern for the nation's fruit and vegetable farms with the number of young foreign backpackers wanting work as packers is in decline.Police have confirmed the remains of two people have been found in the fire affected town of Yarloop in WA. The bodies are yet to be formally identified but are believed to be two men aged in their 70s. Firefighters are continuing to battle the blaze which is now confirmed to have destroyed 143 homes. An emergency warning remains in place for Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop, Harvey and surrounding areas. Briana Shepherd has more.Tragic news for people here at the Pinjarra community centre with two men found dead inside their homes in Yarloop. The town that was ravaged by a fire that continues to burn across parts of the south-west of WA. They are believed to have been a 77-year-old man and a 73-year-old man but police are still working on formal identification. Police say they are continuing their efforts into locating other people still unaccounted for. Authorities are now most concerned about the town of Harvey. Residents have been evacuated to the community centre in Australind. Firefighters continue to battle this blaze tirelessly in an effort to contain it. Support has been sent from firefighters in NSW. They will be providing some relief to crews here, many of whom have been working for more than 30 hours straight. The waiting game continues for Yarloop residents with authorities saying it is still too unsafe to return.For those who are among the last to leave they say there is not much left to return to.Terrible. Devastating. Huge. The fire was too intense and too quick. The only thing to do was get away.Fire authorities say the blaze that devastated Yarloop was like nothing they had seen before.We have seen conditions that we have not seen before on this type of fire, particularly when it went through Yarloop.In just seven minutes a third of the town was reduced to ashes. Rodney Kennedy retired six months ago, buying a property in Yarloop. When the wind changed and the inferno turned towards his new home town, all he could do was flee.I watched the workshops across the railway line burn, then the hotel caught fire and burnt next to us. We had to move back. I watched the hospital catch fire and burn. Then I watched houses all around me burning.He lost everything but says he is one of the lucky ones because he can rebuild. At the Pinjarra evacuation centre, the Premier was told similar stories.Don't worry about me and my family. We survived. A lot of the older people have lost everything and they can't rebuild again. They say I hope you come to the party for them.They will get help.They need it. They are feeling pretty lost.Mr Barnett assured people the Government would help.The area has been declared a natural disaster between the Commonwealth and the State, that will immediately activate further support, for individuals, for businesses and particularly for local Government in restoring infrastructure.He has urged people to donate to the lord mayor's distress fund to help those affected by the fire. The international Red Cross says it expects to start delivering relief supplies to people of famine stricken Madaya in Syria. 23 people are reported to have died of starvation in the town which has been cut off from aid by conflict since October last year. Earlier I spoke to Red Cross spokesperson Pawel Krzysiek about conditions in the town.We cannot really verify the reports that are coming out on social media. We take all the reports, all the pictures, all the voices, the talk about suffering of civilians in Syria and those besieged places very seriously. First of all, when I went to Zaatari and Madaya in October 2015, the first convoy, at that time the Red Crescent brought medical aid, alongside with the UN who brought food. The situation was very, very concerning, very stronging. You could see really people not having enough food, people hungry and their faces were skinny. They were weak and tired. This is unfortunately not only the case of Madaya. The same reports are reaching us from Kefraya and Foah, two other places besieged in Idlib and any other places that are currently under siege in Syria. From all those places, we hear that food is lacking, that there is not enough medicine. The hospitals cannot treat basic diseases or illnesses because there is not enough medicines, there is no electricity, there is no running water. There is no baby food and as the mothers cannot really lack Tait because they are malnourished because they are tired and stressed, their a
newborns can't be fed.Now that a deal has been struck to get aid through, when is the earliest you're expecting supplies to be delivered? Right now the preparations to organise the aid convoy to three locations, Madaya, Foah and Kefraya are underway. We are hoping to get them in the following days but definitely not before Monday, due to logistical reasons. Our teams, it is not only the team here but the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the UN teams, it will be a joint convoy. Everyone is working 24/7 to bring essential supplies to those people. We are hoping for - to be able to deliver in the following days.How challenging has it been to strike this deal to actually get access and also to get the aid into the besieged areas? The deal wasn't struck by the Red Cross or any other humanitarian organisation, the deal to deliver humanitarian aid, to bring humanitarian aid - wounded fighters were struck by the parties early in December 2015. We offered our humanitarian service to help those people in need, in fact upon the request of those who are involved in the fighting on the ground. You are making a good point here, it is very challenging in Syria to bring aid to besieged areas. The humanitarian aid deliveries, it is a complicated process in this country. It requires a meeting and administrative procedures and negotiating access and establishing security guarantees from multiple actors on the ground or in the sky so it is not an easy process. It is also very dangerous country to work for us. Since the very, very beginning of this conflict, some 50 volunteers of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent lost their lives in action which really shows the scale of how dangerous it is to work for us here.Is there any long term solution to this so we don't face this situation again? The war has been going on for years. Both sides show no sign of backing down and civilians are caught up in the middle? I do agree. The one time distributions will definitely not solve the long term needs of civilians living not only in the besieged places but all across Syria. We are talking here today of 12 million people out of 18 million who are still in the country, who are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. This number is very enormous. We need to be granted, the entire humanitarian community, the Red Cross, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, we need to be granted unimpeded access on a regular basis to all those in need. However, humanitarian aid will not solve this conflict. There is a need of political solution but this solution must come from the parties themselves.What more should the international community be doing to stop whole towns and communities starving to death and to try and bring about a solution? That is a good question. I think we should start from raising awareness that the terrible situation that we have been witnessing in the relation to Madaya, it is not only the problem of Madaya, it is the problem of nearly half a million people who are currently living under siege in Syria. It is a problem forming on people who are living in hard to reach places in this country. We definitely need to talk about that but more than talking, the humanitarian organisation must be allowed the access on the ground. That was Pawel Krzysiek from Red Cross.Aid agencies are making a plea for help for the forgotten victims of Islamic State's advance in Iraq. More than three million people are displaced and they say the cold winter conditions are making the humanitarian situation worse.Whether escaping the war or embracing for winter. The internally displaced have become accustomed to one catastrophe after another. Even in this camp meant to protect them, supplies are too few and aid distributions too far between. It is why some children walk around in slippers, despite the freezing cold.TRANSLATION: Our condition is so difficult here. The tents are soaking wet and the rain is always leaking in.As if on cue while we were talking, a deluge begins.The nightmare Russia had just described becomes real once more. To give you an idea of how bad the weather conditions are now, it was raining a few minutes ago, now it is actually hailing and this hail and this rain is coming into this tent. That is why so many of the internally displaced here are worried about what the worsening winter weather will bring in the weeks and months to come.Concerned for the welfare of her children, Russia took what precautions she could as early as possible.TRANSLATION: We paid for and built a separate makeshift room because sometimes this tent would fly away. One time the wind carried it away and we had to bring it back here.After three months of saving, Russia and her husband had enough money to buy the wood for this makeshift shelter.Tiny compared to the tent they had been in but at least now they feel slightly more secure against the elements.But in other parts of this camp, things are far worse. The evidence is all around. Like this tarp that collapsed under the weight of rainwater.Or the trash piling up in the mud.UNICEF tells us getting money and resources to help the people here is becoming extremely difficult.People are forgetting that there is 3.2 million displaced people living in a miserable life. It is the fighting with ISIL that makes the news. The plight of the people doesn't go to the news.He describes the situation children are facing throughout the country.He says he is still haunted by the memory of seeing one child at another camp who was so cold, he tried to warm himself under the engine of a car.Life for many of the children here is as punishing as this weather and they are becoming accustomed to this suffering. Egypt's tourism minister has insisted that safety is his country's top priority after three tourists were injured by knife attacks in a hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada last he
night. One of the victims says he thought he was going to die after suffering serious neck injuries. Security forces shot and killed one of the attackers and wounded the other.These are the moments after the attack at the Bella Vista resort. Two men, each carrying knives, stormed into the hotel restaurant and began attacking tourists at their tables.27-year-old Sammie Olovvson from Gothenburg told me he was stabbed in front of his father. All of a sudden, I can hear, and feel a guy grabbing me and I see an arm coming here and he is stabbing me here and I think he was aiming for my heart but I put my hands up so then he sliced me here on the left side of the neck and I stand up and I am all in shock. They yelled to us go down.The attackers made it into the hotel lobby. Minutes later, security forces arrived and shot them.This is the black ISIS flag, the assailants had that with them. Inside the restaurant, Sammie was left lying on the ground.I am bleeding in the neck and I feel like I am going to bleed out, maybe he hit artery because it was bleeding so much. I am thinking I am going to die.To the relief of his father, a passer by drove him to hospital. Sammie Olovvson is now almost well enough to go back to Sweden.He says that he will visit Egypt again. Queenslanders are used to extreme weather but five years ago this weekend, there was a flood disaster that shocked the nation and the State. A torrent of water tore through Toowoomba's CBD and swallowed Grantham in the Lockyer Valley.Those in its path could offer little resistance and life will never be the same for those left in the flood's wake.It was a summer few Queenslanders will forget, in 2011, not even a city on top of a range was safe from flooding.We have two persons trapped. They are on the roof and the structure is collapsing.Toowoomba's red dirt was turned into a raging red torrent, swallowing everything in its path. Three people died in the disaster.It is hard for the whole world to understand there could have been a flood of this nature in Toowoomba at that time.Down the range, the deluge tore through the Lockyer Valley.Little places like Murphy's Creek, postman's Ridge, loss of life. Grantham and so forth. Right along the creek system also.The small town of Grantham the worst hit. Frank King was with his son when they were swept into the flood waters. He clung to a tree for hours and watched as friends and neighbours also fought for life.You could do nothing about those people. It took all my strength to hang onto the tree.The memory of one woman in particular, still haunts him.A dozen of the dead were in Grantham alone.It changes you. The friends I have left now say I am a different person than what I was before the event.50 homes were destroyed. The majority of the town moved to higher ground. Last year, a second commission of inquiry determined that the tragedy in Grantham was a natural disaster that couldn't have been prevented. But for some, it has been difficult to move on.It is very uncomfortable. I get anxiety really bad. Get the shakes and just can't be there especially indoors. If I am inside the shop, I am really bad.Five years on, the community will come together again to remember.Every year I go back, yes, at 4 o'clock on the 10th, whether there is a service there or not, that is something I will continue doing. Pay my respects. Almost 300 pin ball machines, juke boxes and arcade games have gone under the hammer at a sale in Hobart. Some items in the collection are more than 50 years old and attracted interest from around the country.A once in a generation opportunity for hundreds of collectors.You will never see this again. 50 years of accumulation of machines.Almost 300 pin ball machines, juke boxes and arcade games were up for grabs but before investment came inspections.We lift it up, look at the bottom of the play field and make sure things are right.Keen pin ball collectors eyeing off multiple machines.Five, six or 10. I would buy all 20 if they had them.I have a collection at home. I want to add to it. One 'Star Wars' fan was willing to part with $3,300.Been a collector for a number of years. About 20 years, happy to grab it.The American made continental two was the oldest item on offer. It was also the most sought after.$6,100, back to the Gold Coast.I got the last flight out of Brisbane last night. Come down, have a look and take home something, I'm happy.Those with less pocket money were happy for a history lesson.It is interesting to see how it works and what it used to be listening to music. You couldn't get your iPod out of your pocket.Err WIN Boot started the collection 47 years ago but was overseas during the auction. Down sizing the business means bidding goodbye to history.Good to see people enjoying them. They were just sitting there not being loved and not being appreciated for what they should be.Plenty to find if you drive a hard bargain - Erwin Boot. Let's look at the satellite. A broad low pressure system over WA is triggering showers and storms. More widespread in the south. Another trough over northern Queensland is generating showers, while a series of troughs are filtering hot air over much of the south-east. Looking around the country...

The top stories from ABC News - the bushfire crisis in south-western WA has now claimed two lives and destroyed more than 140 homes. More than 250 firefighters are battling the blaze that has already destroyed more than 70,000 hectares. An emergency warning is in place for Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop, Harvey and surrounding areas.The United Nations says aid could reach the Syrian village of Madaya as early as tomorrow. A convoy will carry a month's worth of food and medicine for the 40,000 people trapped in the town which is near the Lebanese border.Police in Germany have clashed with anti-immigration demonstrators after a number of asylum seekers were implicated in a wave of sexual assaults against women on New Year's Eve. Around 1700 people took part in the Cologne protest which was organised by German anti-Islam movement PEGIDA. A spokesman said police brought the demonstration to a halt after firecrackers and bottles were thrown. And Nick Kyrgios has helped Australia claim its first Hopman Cup title in 17 years. Daria Gavrilova gave Australia the lead against Ukraine with a straight sets win over Elina Svitolina. Kyrgios secured the cup with his demolition of Alexandr Dolgopolov. Time to look at the front pages of today's major newspapers. "Wild card" the 'Sunday Mail' is running a story claiming James Packer was involved in an altercation with a security card at his own casino on New Year's Day. The 'Sunday Mail' in SA has that same story reporting the incident happened after Packer was refused entry at the Crown Casino because the security guard didn't recognise him. The 'Sun Herald' is reporting on a row over a new mosque in the Sydney suburb of South Hurstville. Supporters of the mosque say they have been subjected to a hate campaign. More on James Packer's casino dust-up in the 'Herald Sun'. The details on the guard's hospitalisation. Predators on the payroll, the Sunday Age says the Catholic Church has spent millions providing pensions, housing and insurance to convicted pedophile priests. The Sunday Tasmanian reports students wishing to study health care subjects are being forced to go interstate because degrees aren't being offered in Tasmania despite a shortage of allied health specialists in the State.And the Sunday Territorian has the story of a 3-year-old boy who drowned in a backyard spa in the rural Darwin suburb of Herbert.Mexico is expected to Chapo'
extradite drug boss Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman to the US after he was captured on Friday although it could take some time. Security forces captured Guzman after a shoot-out in the coastal city of Los Mochis.He said he had been on the run for six months after escaping a Mexican prison.For a third time, the world's most notorious drug lord was arrested by Mexican security forces. His arrest ends a six-month embarrassment for the Mexican Government.TRANSLATION: For months intensive careful intelligence and criminal investigation work was carried out to identify, detain and pull apart the network of influence and protection that surrounded this criminal. Today, Mexico confirms its institutions have the necessary capabilities to overcome those who threaten the stability of Mexican families. Its success demonstrates when we Mexicans work together, there is no adversity that we cannot overcome.The Government says Guzman was arrested in his home State of Sinaloa on Friday morning. Someone called to complain about armed men holed up inside a motel. During a shoot-out the Government says it killed five criminals and arrested six, including the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel. Guzman has taken on mythical status here in Mexico. His drug cartel is believed to provide a significant amount of the drugs that end up in the US. Twice he has escaped from prison. That may be why people we spoke with reacted to his recapture with a blaze attitude saying "He will escape again". Pena
But for the President, Enrique Pena Nieto, it was an opportunity to reclaim the upper hand after El Chappo's escape from Mexico's prison last July. Guzman's escape from his prison cell was global news. He escaped from a hole in the shower in his prison cell that connected to a one mile long tunnel. It had airconditioning and a motorcycle. The President has previously been reluctant to extradite Guzman to the US where he is facing charges but one analyst told Al Jazeera he thinks this time he will be sent to the States where an escape is considered less likely. Back here, a shortage of backpacker workers is creating concern on the nation's fruit and vegetable farms. The young holiday workers are relying on - they are relying on to get the harvest off at critical times, the numbers are declining and industry groups are trying to reverse the trend.Waiting to be picked up after a day's works, workers like these are relied on by the fruit and vegetable industry.But statistics show 34,000 less backpackers have arrived over the last two years and industry groups are worried.We have received reports from a number of growers who are having trouble finding labour, particularly during peak harvesting seasons.Travellers on a working holiday visa can stay longer by doing farm work. As economies improve in western Europe, doing such tough work is less attractive.It was just me and less people from back home. Just from my group of friends.The figures show a decline of almost 60% of workers from Ireland. Many young travellers rely on registered hostels to help them.The unscrupulous actions of a few labour hire operators such as underpayment, has hurt Australia's reputation.We haven't necessarily seen a reduction in the number of people that come and stay with us. What we have seen is - we found it sometimes harder to get people to come.The problem has been tackled by the industry on several fronts to combat the long term threat to fruit and vegetable growers.The industry is calling on the Government to make more holiday work visas available to people from eastern Europe, saying there is still a financial advantage for them to travel to Australia for work.We want to see local produce on the shelves and the industry's reliance on the backpacker work force to make sure that the crops get to the supermarket shelves.Australia can produce its own food, the question is who will pick it? Film and television awards season kicks off tonight in the US when the Golden Globe awards ceremony gets underway in Hollywood.For more we are joined by film critic Luke Buckmaster from the arts review program 'The Critics'.The Golden Globes to look forward to. What should we be looking out for? I think what you will look out for is a lot of red carpet, a lot of dresses, champagne and alcohol. They actually serve champagne and alcohol at the Golden Globes whereas they don't at the Oscars. It is like the Oscars's rowdy, drunk cousin where people get loose. They undo their buttons and have more fun. That is the most important thing.Before we discuss the movies, let's talk about the actual awards themselves. There is a bit of speculation over the credibility of the Golden Globes. Some films end up in some of the strangest categories? They do. This year we have Ridley Scott's science fiction epic 'The Martian' being nominated for best comedy. That is an unusual fit. If you see the film, you wouldn't think it was a funny experience, I think it is the best comedy of the year - so the reason why you get films in categories that aren't appropriate is because the producers and distributors get to choose which category they put their film into and they make that decision according to which category they think they can win best in. If they put 'The Martian' in best drama, you're against some big hitters, films like 'The Revenant' and Spotlight.Matt Damon is up for best actor comedy or musical and it is neither.That is right.Is it because there is music in there? I think for 'The Martian''s case it is more because there is jokes in there. A film that doesn't have its primary objective being to make people laugh is, by most people's definition, not a comedy. In 2014 it was memorable in that instance because every nomination for best comedy or musical was neither.Best film drama. What are you tipping? I think Spotlight will win. It is an investigation into child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. It has a lot of momentum behind it. A pedigree cast including Michael Keaton. 'The Revenant' is another fit in that category. I could see it possibly going 'The Revenant's way. And the dark horse is George Miller's futuristic epic Fury Road.He is up for best director, isn't he? Yes, he is against Ridley Scott. They are both veterans. Ridley Scott is a Hollywood veteran. He will probably win I think for best director. Again, 'Mad Max: Fury Road' might bolt out of the Golden
gates.People say that the Golden Globes is often the lead-up to the Oscars. Is there any correlation in what wins at the Golden Globes is likely to win at the Oscars? There is a thin correlation. A lot of people say this is the precursor to the Academy Awards and there is some truth in that. They are working with nominations from a reasonably small pool. You get basically five to six or seven films that are reasonable contenders for the major categories but it is much more accurate or a better indicator if you look at some of the critic bodies. The national board of review or the various different critics, organisations across America. It is cumulative. After 10 or 12 different ceremonies, you see a pattern emerge.We have Ricky Gervais back for the fourth time. He did say last time they will never invite me back? That is part of his stick. He will get up and orchard five people in two minutes.Do you think he might attack or target certain people? Absolutely. Probably people in the front row or in the first five rows. His stick will be sharp, a lot of put downs and that is part of the comedy of the Golden Globes. You get a looser, more comedic experience which is arguably, it makes it a more entertaining ceremony.That is what you need, an entertaining ceremony. If you're going through a long list of different films, you need someone to bring it together and poke fun and not take it all seriously as some do with the Academy Awards? They do. The Academy Awards has more of a prestigious quality to it. The organisation is made up of a couple of thousand members who have all worked professionally in the industry. The Hollywood foreign press organisation, the organisation behind the Golden Globes, you are looking at 90 entertainment journalists from around the world. A small body of people.There has been talk of notable absences in the nominees. There is no Charlize Theron from 'Mad Max: Fury Road' or Michael Keaton, is that shocking? I don't know. Every year you get your absences from the list. People turn up late to school or the teacher at the front says "Where is so and so? " And everyone points around and says maybe they are coming next year or tomorrow. Charlize Theron was a surprise. Her performance in Madaya got a lot of street credibility in terms of this warrior character, also a feminist icon. I am not sure that translates to voting for a prestigious awards ceremony.Do people sometimes turn down their noses at the Golden Globes, people in Hollywood? Yes and no. People within Hollywood understand - they are in on the joke. They understand this is not something to be taken seriously. The big portion of the American public, your cheese burger and fries mainstream viewers actually regard it as something, not serious per se but something to be taken seriously in terms of the winners and losers.We haven't discussed best actor or actress. Who are you tipping there? I am tipping Leonardo DiCaprio for 'The Revenant'. It is a really full on cranked to 11 performance from Leonardo DiCaprio. He plays this guy who cops it every which way from Sunday. He gets thrown off cliffs, he gets stabbed. He gets smoked, he gets shot at. He gets frozen, then thawed. Then he rides a horse and falls off a horse and it all goes around again. He is a strong contender. I think Jennifer Lawrence for Joy. You never want to underestimate her ability to woo the voters.The team working on that film were behind Silver Linings Play book and a lot of the cast and actors? Yes, the director has established himself as someone who appears in the front row of most of the awards ceremonies. He is on a run at the moment.Thanks Luke Buckmaster. We will see how your predictions go. It began as a small idea to help those who sleep rough on the streets of Melbourne. Now the homeless of Melbourne Facebook page is making a difference. It has grown into a registered charity which runs a store providing clothes and other products to the homeless. It is also succeeding in breaking down some of the stigma surrounding those who live on the streets. Richard is a street artist in a very literal sense.For the past eight months he has been sleeping rough on the streets of Melbourne.The hardest thing is just being safe at night. My days are fine. They are like anybody else'. I get up and paint and busk.I am 39 years old. I struggle from anxiety and depression. I have done my whole life. Jobs have always been awkward. I am a nice enough guy and that and I don't get angry or anything but I get wound up with people trying to tell me what to do in a job and I stress and worry about it.80% of homeless people you have here in Melbourne have mental health issues. It is not about them being scum bags or lazy or criminals or just drug addicts. It is a mental health issue.Earlier this year he was featured on the homeless of Melbourne Facebook page which shares the personal stories of people on the streets.The response I got after a week - I got people coming down visiting me, checking that I was OK, just chatting to me. It makes you feel like a normal human being. It is amazing.The idea came about when Nick Pearce and Marcus Crook met on a charity bike ride in Vietnam and Cambodia.Marcus hit me up one night and said I'm keen to do something back home. What do you think about speaking to people experiencing homelessness? I was like it sounds fantastic.I felt the stories needed to be shared and people needed to realise that it wasn't that stigma and stereotypical homeless person being just a drug addict or alcoholic. Someone would stop and say hello, that could change someone's day.The idea has grown from story telling, into practical support.In a busy Melbourne shopping centre, this is a clothing shop with a difference.I am buying a T-shirt. How does this benefit the homeless? When you buy a shirt, it costs $40 and the quiflt of that we give away, a beanie or pair of socks to someone who is experiencing homelessness.On days like this one the shop is closed to the general public but hope to those who need a helping hand. It comes with a personal touch. These are the messages that people leave when they buy a product from the store.They stick them on the wall and they put up a bunch of messages in to put in the bags for people to collect the clothes.The stories filled with people experiencing homelessness and clients of housing services. The guests are welcomed and treated with respect.The workers here are real nice. It is not so much about the free clothes as well as they are people to talk to.A lot of people don't know, what is it like being homeless? I was homeless for a long time. Most of last year and it is definitely not fun. It is draining, exhausting. You are struggling to think about shit what am I going to do tomorrow, how will I eat today, how will I fix myself up? It is a very, very - it is a very long and exhausting journey to try and get out of.A few fall on the ground. Someone will always pick you up, it doesn't matter if you have no food or money. If you fall down, of starvation and dehydration, as long as you're not hiding in a bush, someone will be there to pick you up and get you better and a lot of the time the saddest thing is, it is not until you fall down and fall over do you get help.According to data from the last census, more than 105,000 people across Australia experience homelessness every night. Those in the sector say putting a face to the figures is part of affecting change.I think humanising homelessness is incredibly important. It is an individual by individual story by story basis that we can start to understand what it might be like and what the solutions might be and how we personally can help in those solutions. I think that work of story telling is really powerful. I also think someone who has been homeless, being able to tell their story is a powerful thing. It is reclaiming your own story about yourself instead of it being your - you are a case or one of a number. It is that individuality, it is incredibly powerful for us all.The homeless of Melbourne page has come a long way in a year, growing into a registered charity with a bricks and mortar presence. There are plans to take that even further.We are starting up a work experience program for young people that are engaged in these services and potentially providing job opportunities. For us, if we can get something like it to be purely staffed by people who have previously or are currently experiencing homelessness and are earning an income to get them off the street and support themselves, that is where we want to head.Richard's paintings are on display in the store and his future is looking brighter. If you generally see a homeless person, go up and say hello. Have a chat. Don't go over with money or a sandwich. Just say hello first and chat to them and see what their story is. Find out a little bit about them. Maybe you can help them, maybe you can't. Get to know them.Time to talk sport with Nick Lockyer. How did Australia's Hopman Cup champs celebrate last night? Australia's first win in the Hopman Cup since 1999 and they didn't party like it is 1999. I will use this again. Nick Kyrgios went back out onto the court and hit balls for another couple of hours, trying to tune up for the Australian Open.A changed man.Absolutely. Kyrgios believes he is in line for a huge Australian Open after leading Australia to its first Hopman Cup title in 17 years. The world No.30 secured the crown when he continued his unbeaten start to 2016. He took less than an hour to defeat Ukraine's Alexandr Dolgopolov in straight sets. He is now focussed on the year's first major.I feel like I have had that mind set for a long time now. I feel as if I play my best tennis on big stages and if I am playing well I have a Daria
good chance.His team-mate Daria Gavrilova set up the win with a straight sets victory over Elina Svitolina.Still with tennis - defending Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic has sent a huge warning to the rest of the field. The world No.1 dominated long time rival Rafael Nadal in the final of the Qatar Open this morning 6-1, 6-2.The way I have played today, it gives me great confidence and satisfaction obviously playing against Rafa for the trophy. To win in the two sets the way I have done is a great feeling.Last night Victoria Azarenka took out the Brisbane International to win her first title since 2013. She defeated German Angelique Kerber in Roger Federer
straight sets in the final. Roger Federer will take on Milos Raonic in tonight's men's decider.The western Sydney Wanderers are furious with A-League officials after a controversial call which cost them a crucial goal in last night's loss to Melbourne City. The Wanderers were forced to come from 2-nil down after a pair of stunning first half goals from the hosts. They were helped out by a goal keeping howler and an own goal but they were denied the lead by the referee when he deemed that the quickly
visitors had played on too quickly from a free kick. We made one mistake, we actually listened to the ref. He blew the whistle and we played and Fox
scored. He will explain it on Fox and that will make it better.Harry Novillo's second goal secured City its first win in three matches. Also last night - Adelaide moved into the top six with a win over Perth and after more than a year on the sidelines with injury, Ali Abbas secured Sydney's victory against Newcastle.Still with the round ball. Manchester United has survived a scare from third division side Sheffield United in the FA Cup. They advanced to the fourth round which was secured with a penalty in the 93rd minute. No such drama for Arsenal which progressed courtesy of a win over Sunderland. Manchester City defeated Norwich.One of the most bizarre dismissals in cricket history has helped the Stars claim bragging rights over the Renegades in the Big Bash League's Melbourne derby. Stars bowler Adam Zampa copped a hit to the face but in doing so ran out Renegades batsman Peter Nevill.It is out. That is run out. That has come off Zampa's head onto the stumps. That is one of the most extraordinary dismissals you will ever see. Definitely in the Grand Final there. Despite nursing a sore nose Zampa finished the match and helped restrict the Renegades total to 155 which their rivals had little trouble reeling in. Kevin Pietersen top-scored for the Stars in the 8-wicket win. Illawarra has closed the gap on the NBL's top two after adding another chapter to Sydney's miserable season. In a heated affair the Hawks showed far too much fight for the last-placed Kings. Kirk Penny the oldest player in the league top scored with 29 points as the visitors won the game. How old is old? He is late 30s. Ancient really, isn't it? Wouldn't you call him a veteran then? Yes.Adam Zampa was lucky not to break his nose with that hit.He might have done damage there. Managed to finish off the match. That is one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen on a cricket field. When you think you have seen it all, someone runs you out with their nose.By a nose.Thanks Nick.Coming up in the next hour on Weekend Breakfast - Dr Karl will wrap up 2015's achievements in science and he tells us about what to expect in the year ahead. That and all the day's news, sport and weather up next.

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