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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaTonight pincer movement, the bushfire that's bearing down on a town in south-west WA from two directions.Meanwhile the number of homes lost in historic Yarloop rises to 131 but the State Government promises to rebuild.I've got no doubt there will be a Yarloop, probably not as big but the State will reassist in building public facilities. Also tonight - calls for compassion in Port Lincoln as the town battles conflicting emotions over the tragic loss of 3 much-loved locals.Five years on, Queenslanders remember the devastating Grantham floods.And a big bash on the face for bowler Adam Zampa leads to a run out at the MCG.Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Anita Savage.A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the capt acities: First tonight - there's a new bushfire emergency warning in WA. Homes in the Dallup area in the shire of Esperance are under threat and fire authorities are warning people to act immediately. The fresh warning comes as a bushfire emergency remains in the State's south-west where an out-of control fire is bearing down on the dairy farming town of Harvey. Residents are being evacuateds as the fire approaches in a pincer movement from 2 directions.It comes after authorities confirm the number of homes destroyed in nearby historic Yarloop has risen to 131.Jade Macmillan reports from the evacuation centre at Pinjarra, about an hour's south of Perth.The bushfire threat eased overnight with more favourable weather conditions helping authorities to slow its spread. Emergency warnings for some communities south of Waroona were lifted but it wasn't long before a wind change caused breakouts and the town of Harvey is once again in immediate danger.That house is in a bit of danger there.In Pinjarra, exhausted Yarloop residents were told the number of homes confirmed destroyed in the fire had risen to 131 but they've been warned that number could increase. A number of historical buildings have also been lost. Scott Blaker had to flee his home and take shelter at a nearby oval as the blaze tore through. He says a lack of water meant the town didn't stand a chance.About 10:30 in the morning I noticed that my water had been cut off. You couldn't get more than much of a trickle out of the hoses and the fieries, they were running out of water so there was pretty much no water in the town whatsoever.The Water Corporation says a loss of power due to the catastrophic nature of the fire affected the town's water supply.People living in Waroona are being allowed through these roadblocks and back to their properties but for the residents of Yarloop it's a different story. Authorities have urged people not to try to return to their homes. They say it's still too dangerous and they don't want lives being put at risk.With much of the tiny town now gone, its future is unclear. The WA Premier, Colin Barnett, says while some people will rebuild, it won't be the same.If Yarloop is reconstructed, and I believe it will be, then the State Government will reconstruct with local government those public facilities.The two major roads into the south-west of WA are still closed and fuel supplies across the region are running low.Milk producer Harvey Fresh has been unable to store or transport supplies. They've told dairy farmers to dump their milk until power is restored. In the meantime, reinforcements have arrived from NSW relieve weary fire fighters.We're pleased that a contingent of around 70 fire fighters are coming from NSW today and I very much appreciate the support of the NSW Government in doing that.And financial assistance from the State and Federal Governments has been activated. Players from the Perth Wildcats and a nearby zoo are doing their best to keep spirits up.You guys are doing a great job.It's alright, darling.Just having a bit of sniff.But for many coming to terms with their losses will only begin once they've been able to see exactly what's gone.Reporter Briana shepherd is at the evacuation centre at Pinjarra.What's the latest on the emergency warning that's been issued for the town of Harvey.Just over 3 hours oog the warning for Harvey was upgraded to emergency. We understand residents are quickly and still being evacuated from the town. The blaze is building rapidly towards the town from 2 directions.The Department of Fire and Emergency Services earlier said that while the day started out quite positively, it quickly deteriorated.The towns of Harvey, Cookernup and surrounding areas are being warned they could be impacted by the fire. It's estimated now around 80,000 hectare, that's 800 square kilometres of land has been destroyed by this blaze here in WA south-west. The fire is said to be burning with a perimeter of around 250 kilometres. We've been told there are around 300 fire fighters battling the blaze. Now emergency warnings remain in place for areas east of Waroona, Hamel, Cookernup and Ya - Yarloop and obviously for Harvey that we've just mentioned and a watch and act remains in place for West owa roon, a and Preston Beach.What's the mood like there at the evacuation centre?The mood is obviously some of these people have been here now going on 4 days, those evacuated from Waroona when the fire first started. Some of them have tried to go back to their homes but some are still here waiting until it's safe enough. The residents from Yarloop who lost many of them lost their homes and came yesterday, they are trying to remain positive. There was a community meeting held earlier, many of them had questions about their cattle, about their homes. 131 homes we're now being told were destroyeded in that blaze and many of them are wondering whether theirs was one of those and perhaps if they will even have a home to go back to.How are the fire crews coping there on the ground?The fire crews are dealing with the blaze as best as they can. The commissioner earlier said that NSW are sending over 60 fire fighters. They arrived today in Perth and will be joining the fight tomorrow. The Commissioner, Wayne Gregson, said what this will do is help with the problem of fatigue. Some of the fire fighters are reportedly working for 30 hours straight. Now with this recent outbreak it could mean battling this blaze for much longer than they'd originally expected.All very exhausting. And looking to the weather conditions, what can fire fighters expect to encounter?The latest from the weather I've been told is that there are strong thunderstorms running down but apparently that's further east of the fire site. I have been told, though, that there is a possibility that that could blow over the fire site. He said the bureau have said that this will not bring any relief. It's expected to be a very dry thunderstorm. So if it does go over there will be no rain and possibility of further lightning strikes.Thank you for that, Briana Shepherd in Pinjarra.A mother of 2 young children is the latest person to be attacked in an alleged one-punch assault. She was working at a Mt Isa club when she was allegedly hit by a patron last night. A 28-year-old man has been charm - charged with grievous bodily harm.36-year-old other Melissa Abdoo is lifted into the Royal Flying Doctors plane bound for Townsville. Her condition critical after allegedby being punched from behind to her face and chest by a patron. Her head hitting the concrete.We're all devastated. We're completely devastated. This is one of our family.Very serious head injuries, at this stage doctors believe to be a bleed on the brain.Ms Abdoo was working as the duty manager at Mt Isa's Buffs Club around midnight when she refused entry to a man who was allegedly intoxicated. Staff at the club are in shock.Everyone who was on with her last night is still very emotional. You know, it's hard. We're all doing it tough.The 28-year-old man will front the Mt Isa Magistrates Court on Monday charged with grievous bodily harm. The incident is another in a spate of alleged attacks across several States.Less than a week ago, 18-year-old Cole Miller died after being allegedly hit in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.The floral tributes to Cole Miller have continued to grow over the past week. Thousands are expected to attend a rally on Monday to remember the talented water polo player who had only just finished school.Lobby groups are calling for a coordinated Federal Government approach to fight the seemingly growing number of incidents.This is not a Victorian problem alone, it's not a Brisbane problem alone, this is a problem that affects all of Australia.Ms Abdoo is tonight stable in Townsville hospital.You know, she's a great person, she's a great mum and she just doesn't deserve this.Nobody does.A 20-year-old Canberra man has been charged over a one-punch attack in Civic in the early hours of new year's day. The man turned himself in to police just hours after the release of this graphic CC TV vision of the assault. He's been charged with recklessly inflicting grievous bodily harm and released on bail to face the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday. The victim is recovering at home following emergency surgery to repair a broken jaw.Melbourne's raven hall Brisbane is in lock down because a prisoner has climbed to a light poll in the grounds. The man scaled the 12 metre pole before 11 this morning and prison staff have been trying to coax him down all day. They piled gym mats under the pole in case he falls. The authorities say the centre is in lockdown as a precaution and there's no threat to staff or other prisoners. It's not clear what the man wants. The jail was the site of a 15-hour riot last year when hundreds of inmates went on a rampage over a prison smoking ban.Residents in the SA town of Port Lincoln have come together to mourn the death of a local father and his 2 sons who died in an apparent murder-suicide on Monday. The tragedy has prompted calls for better mental health services in regional areas to help those in need.A line of 3 candles to reflect on the unthinkable. Locals in Port Lincoln came together to remember the lives of Damien Little and his 2 young boys and stand by a heartbroken mother left behind.Mel's probably experiencing the worst few days of her life and she has more to come.Mental health workers were also there to help those struggling to cope with what took place 5 days ago. Damien drove his car at high speed off a local wharf into deep water with his 2 sons also inside. Autopsies show all 3 had gunshot wounds before entering the water. The tragedy leaving a community asking how something like this could happen and shining a light on those suffering mental health issues.Reach out, don't lock yourself in your own prison. Yep, seek help.Their deaths have been felt outside the tight-knit community also. Julia Trinne, whose 4-year-old son Luca was stabbed to death by his mentally ill father David Janzow in 2014, paid tribute on social media hoping their spirits will shine bright. She also urged against anger and judgment wanting mental health issues explored to reduce what she said was an alarming number of similar cases. Her comments echoing those made by Damien's wife who wants her husband to be remembered as a valued member of the community.I would ask the Government to really look hard into what they can do to providing mental health and workers within our community that they can be a lot more active in the rural area.More help to hopefully prevent a similar tragedy occurring ever again.Queenslanders are used to extreme weather but 5 years ago this weekend there was a flood disaster that shocked the State and the nation.A deadly torrent of water tore through Toowoomba's CBD and swallowed small towns like Grantham in the Lockyer Valley. As Courtney Wilson reports, life will never be the same for those left in the flood's wake. It was a summer few Queenslanders will forget. In 2011 not even a city on top of a range was safe from flooding.We have two persons trapped. They're on the roof and the structure is collapsing.Toowoomba's red dirt was turned into a raging red torrent, swallowing everything in its path. 3 people died in the disaster.It's hard for the whole world to understand that there could have been a flood of this nature in Toowoomba at that time.Down the range, the deluge tore through the Lockyer Valley.Little places like Murphys Creek, Postman's Ridge there was loss of life. The bridge near Helidon, Grantham and so forth, really right along the creek system.The - small town of Grantham the worst hit. Frank King was with his son when they were swept into the floodwaters. He clung to a tree for hours and watched as friends and neighbours also fought for life.You could do nothing about those people. It took all my strength to hang onto the tree.The memory of one woman in particular still haunts him. A dozen of the dead were in Grantham alone.It does change you. The friends that I have left now say that I am a different person than what I was before the event.50 homes were destroyed. The majority of the town moved to higher ground. Last year a second commission of inquiry determined that the tragedy in Grantham was a natural disaster that couldn't have been prevented. But for some, it's been difficult to move on.It's very uncomfortable. I get anxiety really bad and get the shakes and just can't be there, especially indoors. If I'm inside the shop I'm really bad. Tomorrow, 5 years on, the community will come together again to remember.Every year I go back, yes, at 4:00 on the 10th, whether there's a service there or not. That's something that I will continue doing and pay my respects. In Egypt, armed men have shot dead a police officer and a soldier in the Giza area on the outskirts of the capital Cairo. In a separate attack, 3 foreign tourists were injured when suspected Islamic State-linked militants attacked their hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hergata. The 2 attackers were shot dead by Egyptian police who said the militants were attempting to kidnap tourists from the hotel. Egypt is fighting a wave of Islamist militancy against groups based in the remote Sinai Peninsula that has been increasingly spreading to the country's tourist resorts and the capital Cairo.Despite a commitment by the Syrian Government to allow food and aid into the besieged down of Madaya, residents say desperately needed supplies have still not arrived. Tensions are rising as protests break out on the border between Lebanon and Syria over the lack of help. Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill reports.More horrific pictures of starvation in the Syrian town of Madaya.This emaciate ed man says it's been days since his last proper meal.Madaya, a town near the Lebanese border, has been under siege by Syrian Government forces and Hezbollah militants since July. The medical charity Medicins Sans Frontiere says Madaya is like a fortress and the ib habitants virtual prisoners.This population, 20,000, stuck. We are surrounded by landmines, surrounded also by snipers. When they try to go out they will be shot at. It's a really terrible situation they are facing today.On the border of Syria and Lebanon, less than 10 kilometres from the town, an angry mob were protesting the lack of help.Zb In the capital Beirut, protestors gathered outside the Red Cross demanding immediate access to Madaya. TRANSLATION: There is no food. People are eating plants. It is a humanitarian case more than a political one.The International Red Cross says it hopes a convoy bringing food and medical supplies could reach the besieged city as early as Sunday but the UN says that no firm date has yet been set.We don't have a confirmed date to announce. We will be announcing at the moment that the aid is in and is successfully delivered to these areas.In the depths of winter, Madaya's residents continue their struggle to stay alive.A British aviator has touched down in Sydney after a marathon flight from the UK. Tracey Curtis-Taylor single-handedly flew the 1942 vintage biplane across 23 countries. It's taken her 3 months. She was fully exposed to the elements in the cockpit but never doubted she'd reach Sydney.Very bad visibility, duststorms, thunderstorms but it's been exciting, you know, you're sort of living the moment and it's the challenge of the elements and the old flying machine.The 27,000 kilometre flight was a tribute to Amy Johnson, the pioneer aviator who became the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia in 1930. Time for sport now with Georgie Tunney and Georgie, a huge night of tennis under way?Yes, and good news for Aussie fans in Perth at the moment as well. Australia green is closing in on their first Hopman Cup in 16 years with Daria Gavrilova winning the first singles tie against Ukraine. The young Aussie pulled out all the stops in the opening set to seal it 6-4 in 49 minutes. Her opponent, Alina Svitolina fought back in the second to force a tie break but Gavrilova managed to save 5 set points and take the advantage. She's jumping like a kangaroo out there, Fred. She is so excited.Nick Kyrgios has the chance to wrap up the trophy in his singles tie against Alexandr Dolgopolov. The Aussie's taken the first set 6-3.Victoria Azarenka and Angelique Kerber are playing out a tight first set in their final at the Brisbane International. Currently Azarenka leads 4-3. This afternoon Bernard Tomic lost to Milos Raonic in the semifinal. Raonic will now meet Roger Federer in the decider tomorrow night.Bernard Tomic was given a warm reception onto Pat Rafter Arena. Early on, the crowd got to experience the raw power of Milos Raonic, versus the skill and accuracy of Tomic.Raonic came close to earning a break but Tomic stepped up when it mattereds. The sets went to a tiebreaker and the rallying went up a level. It proved a pivotal moment as Raonic took the first set.In the second set, the Canadian continued to dominate on serve. But he couldn't break Tomic. Raonic began to impose himself.Tomic continued to fight but Raonic prevailed winning in straight sets.It was a great match today, a difficult one against Bernie. He's been playing so well.Raonic will take on Roger Federer in the final after he beat Dominic Thiem this mpb ash afternoon.The number one seed breezed through the first set 6-1.He then got a break off a Thiem double fault in the second set. The Austrian showed plenty of courage to break back.However, more and more errors crept into Thiem's game and Federer won the match 6-1, 6-4.I really thought I hit the ball very well but that's usually how it goes, you usually play better towards the end. Nobody cares how you played in the beginning as long as you got there.Lit be Roger Federer's third appearance in the final of the Brisbane International.The Renegades have failed to post a big total in the Big Bash as Melbourne derby, big hitting Chris Gayle was looking to put a controversial week behind him and belted two sixes from the one Adam Zampa over. The West Indian's run a ball cameo ended on 21. Zampa used his head to produce one of the most remarkable run outs of all time. That is one of the most extraordinary dismissals you will see.I reckon it's in the grand final. A bizarre dis mitssales run outs.Zampa recovered to take a wicket in the same over. Some late swinging from Dwayne Bravo helped the Renegades post 155. The Stars are currently under way in their run chase.The Newcastle Jets remain winless in their past 11 A-League matches and are desperate to make amends in the next round. They went down to Sydney.A late strike from Ali Abbas to score in his comeback game from injury sealed the result.

Sydney too good at home, 2-0.Meanwhile in Melbourne, City got off to a flying start thanks to Frenchman Harry Nevia on the intot. Then they turned defence into attack as the inform forward got his 12th for the season. The Wanderers halved the deficit before the break. An own goal early in the second has the scores locked at 2-2.The favourites have taken out the 2 feature races at the Gold Coast Magic Millions. Mahuta dominated the 3-year-old Guineas while Capitalist blew the field away in the 2-year-old classic.There was a tropical feel at this year's Magic Millions race day.It's the Gold Coast equivalent of the Melbourne Cup so the ladies frocked up and rocked up.Is it hot under there?Not really. I just feel like I'm doing a little bit of pilates because I'm holding myself up so straight to keep it on.As the temperature rose, so did the queue to get in. But not everybody backs the sport of kings.The Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips enjoys horse racing. She mingled in a marquee at her third Magic Millions. Away from the champagne and canapes, the betting ring was bustling.Flat out, flat out. Very busy. I can't talk to you too long.Going hand in glove with racing is the fashions on the field. Dozens of glamed up girls hoofed it onto the stage. Most people are here for the party and the punt but spare a thought for the owners and trainers who are vying for part of a $10 million prize pool which makes the Magic Millions Australia's richest race day. In the first of 2 feature races, it was the favourite Mahuta who was too good in the 3-year-old Guineas. A $1.2 million payday to the winner. In the $2 million 2-year-old classic it was the short-priced favourite Capitalist who patiently waited, then pounced. The races are run but the party continues. So Anita, fingers crossed Nick Kyrgios can keep that form going in the Hopman Cup.Thank you for that, Georgie.In Victoria, Sam Shepherd has won Lorne's popular pier to pub ocean swimming race for the 6th time, smashing the record in the process. 5,000 swimmers took part in the annual challenge over a 1.2 kilometre course from the pier to the shore. Shepherd finished in 10 minutes 2 seconds beating the previous record which he also held. Harriet Brown was the winner in the women's field. Really happy with the win. 6th and and I'm really happy with that and Lorne down here has a little bit of specialness in my heart so I'm happy to get the win.The pier to pub race is a boon for the region's economy which has been hit hard by the bushfire that shut parts of the Great Ocean Road for almost a fortnight. Let's take a look at the satellite. A high pressure ridge is keeping skies clear across inland SA, Victoria, Queensland and NSW. Reducing cloud along the eastern seaboard. Troughs over western and SA a triggering showers and storms with mild westerly winds bringing isolated showers and cloud to western Tasmania.Looking around the country tomorrow:

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