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Today - a raging bushfire in south west WA moves closer to the dairy farming town of Harvey. Meanwhile, the number of homes lost in historic Yarloop rises to 131, but the West Australian Government promises to rebuild the town. I have no doubt there will be a Yarloop, probably not as big and yes the State will assist in rebuilding public facilities. Also today - in Mount Isa, a man is charged over a one-punch attack that's left a woman fighting for her life in hospital. Mexican authorities recapture the fugitive drug lord known as El Chapo, who tunnelled his way out of jail last year. And Bernard Tomic has been eliminated from the Brisbane International, going down to Milos Raonic in the semifinals. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia You're watching ABC News. A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities:

First the latest on the raging bushfire south of Perth and the WA department of fire and emergency services says 131 properties are now confirmed lost to fire in the town of Yarloop. The blaze has burnt more than 70,000 hectares since being started by lightning on Wednesday morning. Residents in Harvey are being urged to leave as a break-out of the fire this morning put the town back under emergency warning. It's now under immediate danger. These are the latest pictures of the fire bearing down on Harvey. It's now less than 5 kilometres to the north of the town. Community meetings have been taking place at evacuation centres in nearby Australind and Pinjarra. Earlier, West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has thanked emergency services and volunteers for their efforts and says disaster relief funds will be made available. The area has been declared a natural disaster between Commonwealth and the State. That will immediately activate further support both for individuals, for businesses and particularly for local government in restoring infrastructure, 'cause the damage bill is going to be very significantly a large one. Also, the Lord Mayor launched the Lord Mayor's distress fund yesterday. State Government has contributed $1 million to start that fund. And that will be to help individuals to re-establish themselves. And I'd urge as many West Australians as they k if you can, like me, make a personal donation to support the people in the south west going through what has been a long fire event of four days and still continues on today.It's been a very challenging fire for us. We've seen conditions that we've not seen before on this type of fire particularly when it went through Yarloop. We have additional resources coming into Western Australia, not because we don't have the capacity here, it's just around fatigue management. There's some very tired firefighters out there in need of some arrangement
relief. With very a great arrangement with other States to bring resources in and they will be on the ground tomorrow. Still a challenge. Not out of the woods yet. I don't like to get optimistic in these circumstances. We'll just see what time brings. Just before I came to morning I spoke to the Prime Minister briefly by phone. He asked me to convey to the local people here his sympathy for their loss of homes and businesses. And particularly the people of Yarloop, who have not only lost their homes and businesses but 121 years of history. He also asked me to pass on his admiration for the volunteers and professionals who in very austere and exacting conditions are fighting the fire and providing relief to those who've been affected. Report er Briana Shepherd joins us now from Pinjarra. An emergency warning has again been issued for the town of Harvey. What's the latest on the fire ground?The town of Harvey is once again under threat. We've just been informed that the fire is encroaching on the town from two directions. So apparently, it's coming from the north east and the north west. We've been told it's moving very quickly, and also that there are spot fires starting ahead of it. Residents are being urged to evacuate immediately as the fire is only around 5 kilometres north of Harvey at the moment. It's estimated almost 80,000 hectares of land has been destroyed so far from this fire in the south west of WA. The perimeter is around 250 kilometres of that fire currently. There are more than 300 firefighters on the ground at the moment. What other areas are affected?There is still an emergency warning in place for the area east of Waroona, Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop and surrounding areas. It has been downgraded to a watch'n'act for the areas of Myalup, Preston Beach and west of Waroona. How much damage has been done at this stage and number of homes destroyed?So far, we've heard of 131 properties that have been destroyed, when the fire swept through Yarloop yesterday. The department of fire and emergency services expects that that number is likely to probably wise once they finish off their inspections. Are all residents from the evacuated communities accounted for?The latest we've heard is that at least three people are still unaccounted for. There was earlier six people that went down to three and now reports are that at least three people are unaccounted for. So what's the mood like among residents?There have been a number of community meetings, there was one a little earlier in Australind and there was one just earlier here at the Pinjarra community centre. People are really trying to remain positive. I think a lot of people that have been here now for three days since they were evacuated from Waroona are becoming slightly frustrated. Some of them are allowed to go back and see their property. Obviously residents of Yarloop who were only brought here yesterday have been unable to go back and see whether their homes are still there. It's full-on for the fire crews there on the ground. How are they coping?The firefighters - Commissioner Gregson says they are obviously doing a wonderful job considering the situation. He has said that 60 firefighters from New South Wales will be joining the fight. They will start tomorrow. They arrived today at Perth airport. There was once a member of New South Wales Rural Fire Service said earlier that the experience that they've had fighting fires where they are is only going to help them when it comes to dealing with this situation here.Yeah, everybody who's come over has got a lot of experience. So hopefully we will be able to contribute to what they need over here, and yeah, so we've experienced similar sort of fires over in New South Wales before, so hopefully that experience can come in handy over here for them. What will firefighters encounter in terms of the weather today?There is expected thunderstorms in the region across the south west, particularly for Harvey. With that, it will mean gustier winds which isn't going to help them. Possibly some rain, if that helps, still unsure. There was rain here yesterday and that didn't seem to do much to alleviate anything. The incident controller earlier said in the meeting here at Pinjarra that considering the way that the fire is currently burning and encroaching on Harvey, that people should pray for a wind more from the south-south-westerly direction to try to change that and take some of the stress off that current town. Briana Shepherd, thank you. A Mount Isa man has been charged over a coward punch that's left a woman with critical head injuries. The 28-year-old from the suburb of Parkside was refused entry to The Buffs Club by a female employee. The one threw one punch to the back of the 36-year-old woman's head causing her to fall. She was rushed to the incontinuesive - to the Intensive Care Unit of Mount Isa Hospital. Very serious head injuries. What at this stage doctors believe to be a bleed on the brain. That's more than likely caused by the impact of her head making contact with the concrete. The man will appear in court on Monday charged with causing grievous bodily harm. The White House says President Barack Obama will meet the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, in Washington later this month. It says they're expected to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria when they sit down together on January 19. It will be Malcolm Turnbull's first US visit as Prime Minister. In Egypt, three foreign tourists have been injured after two militants attacked a hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. The two Austrians and one Swede were stabbed when two attackers with suspected links to Islamic State stormed into the hotel armed with knives. Egyptian police killed the militants who were reportedly aiming to kidnap foreign tourists. Egyptian authorities say they are still searching for other attackers, while all roads in and out of the resort town remain closed. Meanwhile, an Egyptian militant group allied with Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a separate attack on tourists in Cairo on Thursday. In the US, a gunman claiming to have pledged allegiance to Islamic State militants has shot and seriously injured a police officer. 30-year-old Edward Archer fired at officer Jesse Harnett in his patrol car in a Philadelphia street, striking him three times in the arm despite his injuries, the officer gave chase to his asillant and returned fighting, resulting in his arrest. Under those circumstances, man, I can't imagine that almost anything that you could have could protect you. American officials have been on high alert after a series of Islamic State-linked attacks, including a shooting in San Bernadino when 14 people were killed. Belgian prosecutors say they may have found a Brussels apartment that served as a bomb factory for the Paris attacks. Three hand-made belts that could've been intended to transport explosives, as well as bomb-making equipment and traces of explosive residue, were found during the raid. It's believed the same residence was used by one of the suspects, Salah Abdeslam, after a fingerprint believed to be his was found. Prosecutors believe Abdeslam used the apartment as a hide-out following the November 13 attacks. Meanwhile, Paris is on high alert after police shot dead a knife-wielding man believed to be a supporter of Islamic State on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. A notorious drug lord has been recaptured in Mexico, six months after he's capeed from a maximum-security prison. Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman is head of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, responsible for smuggling billions of dollars of illegal drugs into the United States each year. He made a brazen escape last July, through a secret tunnel which burrowed up to his prison shower. In an early-morning raid, Mexican police acting on a tip-off swept in on a home containing one of the world's most wanted drug lords. A shoot-out ensued, killing five people inside the house and the head of Mexico's notorious Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman, was recaptured. The news was proudly broken by Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Twitter. "Mission accomplished w got him." In a country plagued by gang violence and corruption, Enrique Pena Nieto said the arrest proves Mexicans can trust in the country's law enforcement.TRANSLATION: Mexico's authorities have the necessary capacity to confront and overcome those who threaten the tranquility of our families. There is no adversity that we can't overcome. All goals are reachable, if we trust in the solidarity and strength of our institutions. Guzman's jail break last year made international headlines and greatly embarrassed the President. It was the drug Lord's third escape from a maximum security prison, fleeing via a secret tunnel which burr road up to the prison showers. - burrowed. Guzman now faces the prospect of extradition to the United States over charges including cocaine smuggling and money laundering. Mexican authorities will be hoping they can finally keep the drug kingpin behind bars. The police chief of the German city of Cologne is stepping aside after the wave of assaults against women during the city's New Year's Eve celebrations. It follows sharp criticism over how police handled the crimes committed on the night. Many women reported being robbed and assaulted by men of North African and Middle Eastern appearance. Earlier the German Interior Ministry said 31 people have been identified as suspects, including 18 asylum seekers. The assaults have fueled debate over the record number of migrants being allowed into the country. Copies of Hitler's manifesto Mein Kampf are in high demand after book stores in Germany began selling the book for the first time in 70 years. The State of Bavaria previously had copyright over the work and refused to republish it, but that expired this year. The new edition has hit shelves after decades of debate on whether it could fuel neo-Nazi sentiment and is being met with mixed reactions from customers. Historians say the annotated text is essential to understanding Hitler's brutal rule. British aviator Tracey Curtis-Taylor has touched down in Sydney after a marathon journey from the United Kingdom to Australia. The female adventurer single handedly flew an open-cockpit 1942 Boeing Stearman biplane through 23 countries over a three-month period. Reporter Stephanie Dalzell spoke to her at Sydney Airport shortly after she landed. Tracey Curtis-Taylor just finished a 27,000-kilometre flight in a Boeing Stearman biplane. Tracey, can you describe how it felt the moment you landed in Sydney?Honestly, relief. Flooding relief. Euphoria. I was herified of bringing the whole of Sydney Airport to a standstill. Bit of a cross-wind coming in. Coming in with parallel with another airliner who just said "Awesome" as the air traffic controllers gave us the clearance in. Coming in with parallel with an airliner, amazing! Were there any moments along the flight where you weren't sure that you would make it here to Sydney?I never doubted that I would make it but I can only live and do the expedition day by day, 'cause it was overwhelming to look at the mile and and everywhere we had to go to. Overwhelming, I was terrified. You plug on inch by inch, mile by mile and one day you get here but it feels completely unreal. What is real is the aeroplane. You live the flying which has been sensational. What was the most challenging part of the flight, if there was just one?No, there's a few moments. The weather was always going to be the single biggest issue with an open cockpit, old aeroplane, I'm slow, I'm low, so coming through the monsoon, through Indonesia, actually we hit big thunderstorms through Thailand. But it's dramatic. Flying along the Indonesian coast, thunderstorms, volcanos. Winding the clock back, coming through Eastern Europe, some of the worst weather in Romania, trying to get over the Karpasian mountains in heavy rain, I was flying in on the deck, 30 feet, dodging powerlines and I thought, no, I don't need to take this risk, I'm not Amy, I don't want to break a world record here. Please tell us about how Amy Johnson was the motivation behind your plight?Amy Johnson in 19 30, with less than 100 hours solo in her logbook, wanted to make a name for herself and wanted a career in aviation, in a completely male-dominated, male establishment and she announced she was going to try to break the world record which then stood at 15 days. With incredible naivety, sort of packet of sandwiches, a flask of tea, she was also an engineer, her tool kit, she sets offer and crashes her way to Australia and against all the odds she makes it. So from complete obscurity she lands an international celebrity, having survived - what she did was just so brilliant. And now having flown this, I can't reproduce in any way really what she did. It's a different universe. But I've lived her story p rismatically and her story has such resonance for me, her dauntless courage, her stamina, she crashed four times, not just flying it and engineering it, she damaged it. She was fixing it. She had a lot of help on the ground. It was all British Empire but it's an astounding achievement which I think resonates through the decades to this generation. Did she pave the way for female aviators such as yourself?Very definitely. You know, she just wanted to work as a pilot. It was a very modest ambition. She never succeeded. Within 10 years of her flight to Australia, she died. She was killed in a flying accident, flying for the air transport auxiliary in the war. So it was a very short, tragic, brilliant life, and you know, I hope that I have contributeed in some way to reminding people of what she did. Her bravery. They're not adequately remembered, these women. It is, it's about Amy and it's about women in aviation and engineering, so yeah. I'm for the women. In Victoria, Sam Sheppard has won Lorne's popular Pier To Pub Race for the sixth time, smashing the record in the process. 5,000 swimmers took part in the challenge. Sheppard finished in 10 minutes and 2 seconds beating the previous record which he also held. Harriet Brown was the winner in the female field. Really happy with six. Lorne down here is just - has a bit of specialness in my heart. Really happy to get the win.The Pier To Pub Race is a boon for the region's economy, which has been hit hard by the bushfire that shut parts of the Great Ocean Road for almost a fortnight. Now time for sport with Georgie Tunney. We have our Brisbane International tennis?We do. Unfortunately, there aren't any Australians going to be in that final, though. Bernard Tomic has bowed out of the Brisbane International, going down to Milos Raonic in the semifinals. Tomic pushed the world No. 14 to the limit in the first set, forcing a tie break to decide the opener. But unforced errors plagued the Aussie. Tomic fought back in the second before some technical issues with the Hawk-Eye review system forced an extended break and had Tomic even calling for a rule change.If it's past 40 seconds they have to make rule on this. You know what I'm saying? It puts him off, it puts me off. Puts both players off.The Aussie ran out of strike power in the final tie break. Raonic through to the final for the second straight year. The second semifinal was not as tight as Tomic's with world No. 3 Roger Federer providing a master class for his young opponent. So Federer holds and he is in masterful control. Federer powered through the first set in 22 minutes, stole the early break off Dominic Thiem in the second, and finished it off comfortably. He is in scary form ahead of the final, 6-1, 6-4. Nick Kyrgios and Daria Gavrilova are on court in tonight's Hopman Cup final with the chance to claim the title for Australia for the first time since 1999. They qualified for the dead cider with a thrilling victory over France last night. With the doubles locked at one set all, it tame down to a match tie break. Kyrgios smashed the winner to give Australia a chance of claiming the tie. The hosts then closed it out with one of the most entertaining rallies you will ever see. That will do it! Australia are into the final! It's the first time an Australian team has made the final since 2003. Capitalist has won the Magic Millions 2-year-old classic on the Gold Coast. Jockey Blake Shin was aboard the firm favourite and wasted no time hitting the front on the home straight. He's kicked away. Running home on the outside, but it's all Talist all clear. The 2-year-old is now unbeaten in his three starts.He jumped well. Probably better than I thought he would. He showed tremendous gait speed which we hasn't been doing. The horse is obviously learning. Travelled very strongly. And I think Blake was superconfident as I was from the 700m point on because he doesn't normally do what we did there and he just pulled his way to the front. Exciting horse. Good future. And let's hope he is a horse to look forward to in the future.The Newcastle Jets are desperate to break their 10-match winless streak in the A-League. However, things got off to an appalling start against the Sky Blues, with FC marquee Polosko finding ample space up front. Played through. One-on-one and he buries it! If the home side maintain the advantage they'll jump into the A-League's top three. The Court of Arbitration for Sport will hand down its decision on 34 Essendon Football Club players accused of doping next Tuesday. The past and present players had a big win last year when the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal clear them of using a banned peptide during the 2012 season. But the World Anti-Doping Authority appealed against that decision. It's hoped Tuesday's ruling will be the final chapter in the long-running supplements saga. The Melbourne Renegades have pulled off an upset win in the women's Big Bash, up against the table-topping Sydney Thunder, Melbourne's openers smashed 72 off just the first 8 overs.Oh that's beautifully hit! No protection out there. And that has cleared the rope! Magnificent shot from the South African.Nor is there a better way to work yourself into the innings then just shimmying across the offside and saying "I will just dump you over the mid wicket boundary for a fantastic 6." The Thunder lost three quick wickets and never recovered. It was only their third loss of the season. Adelaide has ended Brisbane's Big Bash finals hopes with a comfortable 8-wicket win over the Heat last night. The home side had plenty of chances on their way to a respectable total of 175, but in reply the visitors' top order fired. Three players smashed half centuries.Head goes hard and long. The Strikers have hit form at the right time of the season. They are now top of the ladder and have just two games left before the finals begin in a fortnight. So plenty of sport, looking forward to this afternoon as well. Lovely, thank you for that. Some items - almost 300 pinball machines, jukeboxes and arcade games have gone under the hammer in a historic sale in Hobart. Some items in the collection are more than 50 years old, and attracted from right around the country. Reporter Kieran Jones was there. Hundreds of people have flaked to this warehouse in North Hobart for a once in a generation opportunity. They're keen to get their hands on a collection of almost 300 pinball machines, jukeboxes arcade games which are being told by Irwin Boot, a local collector. There's a lot of variation in the machines and there's also been a lot of variation in the prices. We've seen a Star Wars pinball machine fetch $3300 while some machines are running out the door for only $100 or $200. At the top end of the field a a Continental Field jukebox fetched $6200 after an interstate bidding war.I got the last night down from Brisbane overnight.The man behind the collection has spent almost 50 years amass ing it. His family says it's time for the items to find a new home. Yeah, it's good to see them. It's good to see people enjoying them as well, because they were just sitting there not being loved and not being appreciated for what they should be. So obviously, a momentous day for these historic items and it could be a long time before we see a display like this again. Let's look at the satellite. A high pressure ridge is keeping skies clear across inland South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. Reducing cloud along the eastern seaboard. Troughs over western and South Australia are triggering showers and storms, with mild westerly winds bringing isolated showers and cloud to western Tasmania. Hooking around the country tomorrow:

That's the news for now.