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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Today - the bushfire emergency continues in WA, more than 120 homes confirmed destroyed with more under threat as a massive blaze sweeps through the south-west.I am just in awe of the emergency services. You see the very best of Australia when we've got a serious natural disaster such as this. Also ahead - Mexican authorities say they've recaptured a fugitive drug lord who tunnelled his way out of jail last year.And Nick Kyrgios stayed undefeated at the Hopman Cup after a straight sets win over France's Kenny De Shepper.Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Jamelle Wells. A quick look at tomorrow's weather in the capital cities

Fire authorities in WA have confirmed three people remain unaccounted for after a massive blaze tore through the south-west community of Yarloop on Thursday night.120 homes were destroyed and several other buildings were also lost as the fire raged through the old milling town. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services says the whereabouts of 3 people reported missing remains a concern. Meanwhile, the WA Premier has thanked emergency services and volunteers for their tireless work over the past 4 days. Colin Barnett says disaster relief funds will now be made available to people affected by the fires.The area has been declared a natural disaster between the Commonwealth and the State and that will immediately activate further support, both for individuals, for businesses and particularly for local government in restoring sphrur - infrastructure because the damage will be significantly a large one. Also the Lord mayor launched the lord mayor's distress fund yesterday. The State Government has contributed $1 million to start that fund and that will be to help individuals to re-establish themselves and I'd urge as many West Australians as they can, if you can, like me, make a personal donation to support the people in the south-west going through what has been a long fire event of 4 days and still continues on today.It's been a very challenge ing fire. We've seen conditions that we've not seen before on this type of fire, particularly when it went through Yarloop. We've got, as has been said, additional resources coming into WA, not because we don't have the capability or capacity here, it's around fatigue management. There's some very tired fire fighters out there in need of relief and we want to maintain the capacity for WA. So we've got a great arrangement with with other States to bring resources in and they will be on the ground tomorrow. Still a challenge, not out of the woods yet. I don't like to get optimistic in these circumstances. We'll just see what time brings.Just before I came this morning I spoke to the PM briefly by phone and he just asked me to convey to the local people here his simplify thy for their loss of homes and businesses and particularly to people of Yarloop who have not only lost their homes and businesses but 121 years of history. He also asked me to pass on his admiration for the volunteers and professionals who in very austere and exacting conditions fighting the fire and providing relief to those who have been affected.The reporter Briana Shepherd joins us now from Pinjarra. Briana, we understand the blaze remains an emergency for some communities but it's been downgraded in some areas, what can you tell us about that?That's correct. So it does remain an emergency warning for the areas west of Waroona, Hamel, Cookernup, Yarloop and those surrounding areas. It's been downgraded to a watch and act for Harvey, milup, Preston Beach and the areas west of Waroona.And are all the residents from these evacuated communities now accounted for?There has been - there were reports of 3 people unaccounted for initially. There was some confusion around that. What we understand at the moment is that 6 people were unaccounted for, 3 of those have been found but 3 are still unaccounted for.And in Yarloop, what's the latest on the number of houses destroyed there?So that remains the same. Yarloop has now lost 121 homes and that's not including other areas.And Briana, looking at the weather conditions for the rest of the day, what are they going to be like for fire fighters?So, conditions have eased, with lighter winds giving fire fighters a chance to try to get ahead of the blaze probably for the first time since this fire started. With those slightly lighter winds, they're expecting that they might be able to get around and contain it a little bit more. There may be some stronger winds this afternoon. There could be a thunderstorm and with that brings gusty winds which obviously is not good.Briana Shepherd in Pinjarra, thank you.A notorious drug lord has been recaptured in Mexico six months after he escaped from a maximum security jail. Joaquin Guzman is responsible for smuggling billions of drugs into the US each year. He made a brazen escape last July through a secret tunnel which burrowed up to his prison shower.In an early morning raid, Mexican police acting on a tip off swept in on a home containing one of the world's most wanted drug lords.A shootout ensued, killing 5 people inside the house. The head of Mexico's notorious Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin el-Chan o Guzman was recaptured.The news was broken by the Mexican President on Twitter. Mission accomplished, we got him. In a country plagued by gang violence and corruption, Pena Nieto said the arrest proves Mexicans can trust in the country's law enforcement. TRANSLATION: Mexico's authorities have the capacity to confront and overcome those who threaten the tranquillity of our families. There's no adversity we can't overcome. All goals are reachable if we trust in the solidarity and strength of our institutions. Guzman's jailbreak last year made international headlines and greatly embarrassed the President. It was the drug lord's third escape from a maximum security prison, fleeing via a secret tunnel which burrowed up to the prison showers.Guzman now faces the prospect of extradition to the US over charges including cocaine smuggling and money laundering. Mexican authorities will be hoping they can finally keep the drug kingpin behind bars.A man has handed himself into police after they released graphic footage of a one-punch attack in Canberra on new year's day. The victim was struck outside a convenience store in the city centre just before 3am. He had emergency surgery and has since been discharged from hospital. Police have charged a 20-year-old man in relation to the attack after he contacted them.A 52-year-old Chinese national has told his lawyer during a bedside hearing that he wants the death penalty after being charged with the murder of his 2-month-old granddaughter. Police allege the man stabbed his granddaughter along with his wife and daughter during an attack at Parkinson on Brisbane's southside on Wednesday. He's been charged with one count of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder. Both the grandmother and mother remain in hospital and the case will return to court in February.The owners of pop-up shops around Melbourne which are selling and shipping baby formula to China say manufacturers need to lift their game and produce more formula to end the shortage. One of the pop-up shops today has denied media reports that it's been turning non-Chinese customers away.These are the pop-up shops springing up around Melbourne. This one on Victoria Street, Richmond, has only been open a few weeks. This woman holidaying in Melbourne has come here to send a package to China, not souvenirs, but baby formula.Because my relatives asked me to buy 6 cans formula for their baby.The shop's owner from Australia SFX Global Express wouldn't go on camera. He admits they deliberately set up near chemists and supermarkets and also half of the packages he sends to China are milk powder for adults and babies. The company also has a shop in Clayton which James Shi manages.I don't say that we have to take any responsibility to it because we just run our business. That is what we should do.Not just Chinese people buying the formula back to their homeland, it's Korea, the Indias.There's no doubt business is booming. On this one street in the Melbourne suburb of Clayton there are at least 10 shop fronts which arrange the shipping of baby formula to China.This buyer and this seller can't understand why Australian manufacturers aren't simply producing more baby formula.All the manufacturers have increased their supply, have increased their production of formula to the best of their abilities.Did you feel guilty at all sending it away when there's a shortage here or that wasn't a concern for you?Yes, yes, especially when saw plenty of Asia taking 6 or 10 cans from the supermarket. I feel it's bad.Australia SFX Global Express also denies newspaper reports it's been selling infant formula to Chinese customers only.Our major customer are from China so yeah, that is a fact and we provide the postal services as well as some product which are very popular.So popular some predict the shortage could last another 18 months.The White House says President Barack Obama will meet the PM Malcolm Turnbull in cashington later this month. It says they're expected to discuss the Transpacific partnership trade deal and the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria when they sit down together on January 19. It will be Malcolm Turnbull's first US visit as PM. The idea of space travel has the ability to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. With the reality of commercial spaceflights no longer light years away, there's a growing interest in space medicine.What exactly lies beyond Earth? It's a question that continues to fascinate the human race.We are explorers. We want to see what's across the river, what's on top of the mountain, what's on the next planet, what's in the next solar system.Former astronaut Robert Thirsk spent 205 days in space. He has a strong interest in space medicine and how space travel can be made accessible to more people.I'm looking forward to the day when we're flying not tens of hundreds of people per year but ten thousands of people per year.But there are medical Minsks of going into orbit?Space environment, vacuum, extremes of temperature, weightlessness are tough on the human body.Studies are under way to look at ways to counteract the physiological impacts.We need a lot of research in different areas and we have a very limited population of people that have flown into space currently.The answer, of course, is to fly more and more people in the new era of dawning of space tourism, perhaps, that will allow us to do more medical research with more people.At a conference in Adelaide, doctors across the country were put through their paces taking part in exercises that are designed to simulate what happens to bodies in space.GPs should have an awareness of it, particularly if the general population start travelling into space in large number.But they had to make do with exploring the final frontier from the classroom. More horrific evidence of starvation in the besieged Syrian mown of Madaya has emerged, despite a commitment from the Government to allow foreign aid in. The ABC has received this new video from inside the town showing emaciated men, women and children in hospital, surviving on salt. The aid group Doctors without Borders say at least 23 patients, including 6 infants under the age of 1, have died of starvation at an MSF supported health centre in the village. The executive director of MSF says the situation is getting desperate.We have been getting some assistance in until around a period of 3 months ago where it actually the siege was tightened and it became much harder. Of course the on set of winter has completely exacerbated that. So people - I mean they've been getting absolutely nothing for the past 3 months. There's no fuel, there's no access to fire wood, there's no medicines going on and as we see, the people are are starving.In the US a gunman claiming to have pledged allegiance to Islamic State militants has shot and seriously injured a police officer. 30-year-old Edward Archer fired at officer Jesse Har net in his patrol car in a Philadelphia street striking him in the arm. Despite his injuries, the officer gave chase to his assailant and returned fire, resulting in his arrest.He had on his vest but under those circumstances, man, I can't imagine that almost anything that you could have could protect you.American officials have been on high alert after a series of Islamic State-linked attacks including a shooting in San Bernardino when 14 people were killed.In Germany, Cologne's police chief has been sacked as more details emerge about the sexual assaults and other violence in the city on New Year's Eve. Among the 32 suspects identified as linked to the crimes, 18 are asylum seekers. The attacks have sparked a big debate about Germany's open door policy towards migrants and refugees.Germany's confronting a new reality. On New Year's Eve in Cologne, nearly 100 women were sexually assaulted. The authorities now admit that some of the men who attacked them may have been asylum seekers.Today Cologne's police chief was sacked amid allegations of a cover up. TRANSLATION: There are suggestions that the wording of a police report was changed for political reasons so it didn't mention refugees. That I find very bad.What happened here may yet have profound consequences for this country and that's because the New Year's Eve attacks cut right to the heart of a question which has troubled Germany for many months. Was this country right to open its doors so freely?No wonder, perhaps, Adil, a Yazidi from Iraq fears reprisals. Anti-refugee violence was already on the rise here. TRANSLATION: I believe these were new refugees because people who have been here a long time wouldn't do this. It's really sad. These people come to Germany and then commit these acts. It's a shame.It may also, this criminologist tells me, be part of a wider, more established pattern. TRANSLATION: We know asylum seekers who come to Germany for very legitimate reasons are being recruited by existing criminal gangs here. They're trained, taught to steal. They're being involved in the criminal infrastructure and that's something that really concerns us.This country is ill-at-ease. TRANSLATION: I don't feel that safe after what happened at new year.I know there's a large influx of immigrants coming in but I think if you go about it with a trusting heart and really make sure that you regard these as single incidents, it should be OK.Today in Cologne, the city authorities pledged to rebuild trust in the police. But officers have yet to charge anyone over the attacks and many wonder what it will cost to keep Germany's doors open. Copies of Adolf Hitler's manifesto 'Mein Kampf' are in high demand after bookstores in Germany began selling the book for the first time in 70 years. The State of Bavaria previously had copyright over the work and refused to republish it but that expired this year. The new edition has hit shelves after decades of debate on whether it could refuel neo-Nazi sentiment and it's being mix - met by mixed reaction from customers. Authors say the annotate ed text the essential to understanding Hitler's brutal rule. It's the latest craze in Japan. Professionals, office workers and even pensioners dressing in full body latex suits to escape the pressures of modern day life. Experts say it's all for a good cause and provides welcome relief from a society that demands conformity. North Asia correspondent Matthew Carney reports.By day Yukinko is a demure university student who spends most of her time in the library or at choir practice. But she's also a member of a secret club - the Zentais. TRANSLATION: My family is conservative. They like me to be quiet and feminine but in se credit I wear all-over tight ts and let loose.Once a week she transforms and Yukinko says only in her second skin is she truly free and totally liberated. TRANSLATION: I'm a different person wearing this. I can be friendly to anyone and I feel as if I can do anything.In Tokyo, the Zentais are about 3,000 strong and are sourcing new members every day. For many, it provides a break from the pressures and expectations of Japanese society where conformity is valued above individual freedoms. TRANSLATION: People can't see us and it's difficult to see them so whether one is a teacher or public servant, we lose our identity and our true self emerges.The Zentais are all ages and come from all walks of life. TRANSLATION: There is a Japanese phrase, elegance of silence, which means the more you hide the more attractive you are.And together from behind the safety of a latex suit, they can be someone else for a day.America's national Basketball Association will celebrate Australia Day for the first time this year. The commercial promotion by the Cleve land Cavaliers is a chance to showcase the Aussie talent the NBA has on and off court. North America correspondent Michael Vincent reports.Running with the giants of the NBA is a young Victorian from the town of Maryborough. Matthew Dellavedova is the latest Australian to make it big in the NBA, gaining international attention for his efforts in last year's finals.This year the NBA will celebrate his Australian heritage.To celebrate Australia Day at a Cavs game is something that's going to be very special and something I definitely wouldn't have dreamed of when I was trying to make it to the NBA.It means something to our team because anything special to one of our team-mates is something special to all of us.No-one would have dreamed of the crowd at the Cleveland arena singing 'Advance Australia Fair' though they will only have to do one verse.We feel privileged and honoured to be able to have the first Australia Day game of any NBA team ever.There's more than one Australian on the Cavalier s roster, Kyrie Irving's father played for the Bulleen Boomers and he maintains his dual citizenship.We have one of the toughest Aussies living in America right here in Matthew Dellavedova. He represents Australia the best way he can and does every single night and it's good to have two Aussies on one team.The team's connections down under extend to top sports scientist Alex Moore.I was the first one 3 years ago and I think there's 11 now. So it's proliferated quickly. A little bit fattish, maybe, they like Australians in there but it's definitely - it's expanding and it seems like Australians are hot topic right now in sports science.Australia's presence in the NBA is only expected to grow. The number 1 draft pick for next season is expected to be Melbourne-born Ben si monds who is currently playing at the college level. Legends like Magic Johnson rate him very highly and LeBron James is also impressed.Very good. If he continues to improve then he's going to be a very, very, very good basketball player in our league.A big compliment from a billionaire star of basketball. The positive signs keep coming for Nick Kyrgios with just over a week until the start of the Australian Open. The world number 30 continued his unbeaten run at the Hopman Cup with a straight sets demolition of France's Kenny De Shepper. He and partner Daria Gavrilova then booked Australia a spot in today's final against Ukraine with a dramatic victory in the third set tie break in the mixed doubles. Game, set and match Australia. Also overnight, Roger Federer booked his place in the Brisbane International semis with a 3-set victory over Grigor Dimitrov and Victoria Azarenka advanced to tonight's women's final where she will meet Germany's Angelique Kerber. Bernard Tomic faces Milos Raonic in the semis after a big win over Kei Nishikori.Still with tennis and tomorrow morning Novak Djokovic has the biggest test as he prepares to defend his Australian Open title. The world number 1 progressed to the final of the Qatar Open with a hard-fought straight sets victory over Tomas Berdych. He will face Rafael Nadal in the decider who had little trouble advancing.Adelaide has ended Brisbane's Big Bash finals hopes with a comfortable 8-wicket win over the cellar dwellers last night. The Heat were given a little bit of help by the high-flying Strikers. They set the visitors a target of 176 and in reply Adelaide's top order fired. Tim Ludeman, Mahela Jayawardene and Travis Head all smashed half-centuries.The Strikers are now on top of the ladder and have just two games left before the finals begin in a fortnight.The Melbourne Victory have denied they're a team in crisis after last night's thrilling 3-3 A league draw with Central Coast. The Mariners shocked the defending champions in the first half and took a 3-0 lead into the break. They couldn't maintain their advantage after - against the fast-finishing victory and Besart Berisha secured the hosts a crucial point just before the final whistle.

The Victory have won just once in their past 6 matches. Within the confines of that 4 walls there's no cry - crisis. Are we anywhere near where we want to be? No. There's one way to play your way out of this, you've got to work hard and in the first half, I hate to say it, as a collective, and I will put myself in that boat, we didn't work hard enough.Adelaide remains in the hunt for an NBL finals berth courtesy of an upset win over New Zealand. The 36ers came away with an 87-81 victory despite the Breakers producing one of the highlights of the season. Also last night, Cairns defeated Townsville by 14 points.The annual Summernats car festival continues in Canberra. Ruby Cornish reports. The atmosphere is just as great as it has been over the past couple of days. As yu can see behind me there are hundreds of people behind me just in this hall alone. From 9am it was just choccers and hear people have had a big night last night but it hasn't stopped them getting out here early this morning. There's a real buzz in the air. There's one man here who is a paraplegic. He became a paraplegic in the mid 2000s after a dirt bike accident and he has modified his car so that it's operated completely with his hands, which is incredible. I also met a couple yesterday, Debby and Peter Gray, they're a burnout couple. Debby's been in the game since the early 1990s. She's one of the only women to get behind the wheel here at Summernats but she said that there is an increasing female interest in Summernats and she's really happy to see the culture change over the years. So yeah, there are some really great personal stories in amongst it all here. The burnout competitions are definitely the crowd favourite here at Summernats. They're quite a sight to behold. The noise and smoke that billows up from these cars, sometimes the smoke is rainbow depending on what colour the tyres are. But it's just incredible. Apparently the aim of a burnout is to pop both the tyres on a car. So you can imagine what happens to these machines. And the amount of fuel that's used in just one burnout. But it is incredible to watch and hundreds of people gather around in the stands to watch those competitions. Car modification has a bit of a reputation as being a rich person's activity because of the money that goes into these machines. But I'm told that you can do up a car for under $10,000 or you can spend upwards as much as you want. There are people who have spent $750,000 on their vehicles here. That's really reflected in the demographic of people here. We have people from all walks of life and it is definitely predominantly a young white male crowd but like I said, there are more women coming along and there are plenty of families here as well. Let's take a look at the satellite. A high presh - pressure ridge is keeping skies clear across inland, Victoria, Queensland and NSW reducing cloud along the eastern seaboard. Troughs over western and SA are triggering showers and storms with easterly winds bringing cloud to Tasmania. Looking around the country tomorrow:

That's the news for now. I'm Jamelle Wells.But stay with us, 'Talk About It' is coming up.

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