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(generated from captions) over the assault of Wilson

Duque Castillo. Consumers have new laws to protect them when

buying goods and services. The

new protection laws will also

provide clearer guidelines to

retailers to prevent similar

fines to the one clothing

company Webster received last

month. The company, which owns and Marx was fined and Marx was fined almost

$20,000 from the ACCC for

misleading customers about its

refund policy on sale

items. David Bradbury is Parliamentary Secretary to the

Treasurer. These new laws mean

that for a resident anywhere in

Australia, they will be

governed by the same laws which

mean it is doesn't matter

whether you live in New South Wales, Queensland or Western Australia, for the first time Australia, for the first time

you will be covered by the same consumer protection laws. Can you

you give us an example of how

it will have this one law right around

the country? I would imagine

before this, there would have

been some confusion? Yes, one of the benefits of

product safety law, and for the Harmonisation is in the area of

first time we will have a

nationally consistent system of

product safety law. What this

the has meant in the past is with

the various regimes in place

has been that in some cases

there might be a product that

has been banned for safety

reasons in one State or

Territory, but has not been

banned in other states and safety of a product doesn't territories. Now, clearly

change simply because the

person using it is across the

other side of a State or

Territory border. So under the

new system we will have a nationally consistent system of

product safety laws and that product safety laws and that

will ensure that where a

product is deemed to be unsafe,

that it will be banned

regardless of where you live in Australia. And I understand

there is also going to be

changes to the conditions and

warranties. How will that

affect consumers? What sort of

changes will come into effect

there? At the moment when you go and quite often you will be provided with an express

warranty. They might say that

the goods have a warranty up to

2 years or 5 years but quite 2 years or 5 years

often you will buy goods

without there being an express warranty provided. Consumers should be aware that regardless of

of whether you're given an

express warranty, you do have

certain rights. Suppliers of

goods are required to provide

goods of acceptable quality and

to ensure that those goods are

fit for the purpose for which

they have

even if you don't have an

express warranty, you may well

have rights available to you

and those rights might include

having the goods repaired,

having them replaced or even securing a refund. David

Bradbury, thanks very

much. Thank you. To other

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iPhone also be fixed by

tomorrow. Around the world, people have overslept since New

alarm Year's Day when the phone's

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