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Tonight - Egypt on edge as

President Mubarak clings on to power. The current situation is

not about me. It is not about

Hosni Mubarak. It is now about

Egypt - its present and its

future. As more demonstrators

gather in Cairo, the world

watching. It's a moment of

transformation that's taking

place because the people of

Egypt are calling for change.

The Prime Minister abandons

her predecessor's health blue better deal for parents. This

is the biggest surrender since

Singapore. It really is. And

where the paint brush is

mightier than the sound bite, the Bald Archies take aim. Good evening. Welcome to ABC News. Egyptians are calling it

a day of rage - millions erupt

ed in anger after President

Hosni Mubarak addressed the

nation and insisted he will not

step down. The ageing leader did delegate

did delegate some power to his

deputy but he Ri reiterated his

intention to stay on until

elections in September. The anti-government demonstrations

day. But the biggest protest have now entered their 18th

rally will be held later

tonight. A gathering that is

expected to test the military's

be their day of liberation, u restraint. It was supposed to

but Hosni Mubarak stub yornly

vowed to hold on to power until

the election s in September. TRANSLATION: The current

situation is not about me. It

is not about Hosni Mubarak. It

is now about Egypt - its

present and its future. All

Egyptians are lying in the same

trench and we should continue the national dialogue we have

started. But these protesters

don't want dialogue. Egyptians

had expected Mr Mubarak to bow

ruling party to pressure and quit after

military hinted the President

was on the way out. After the 82-year-old's defiant speech,

angry demonstrators surged out

of the square in rage. Others

were too stunned to move. I am

very angry and I think people

around me as you can see are furious. The government is

clearly not being - is not

getting the message. He is

being very stubborn. Hosni

Mubarak's refusal to quit has

raged these protesters. They're

promising even bigger demonstrations after Friday prayers.

prayers. They're going to march towards the stale television

building and the presidential palace. For the past 18 days,

Tahrir Square has been packed with Egyptian sick of endemic

poverty. Among the thousands corruption and grinding

here, women and children. The

Vice-President says it's time

for everyone to leave the TRANSLATION: Youth of Egypt, go

back to your homes and your

work. The country needs you so

that we can develop. Do not

listen Tobiased foreign TV and

radio broadcasts. Instead,

listen to your conscience. The

Opposition Leader and laub el

naturalet Barry bar has called

the ray - ElBaradei has said

- Egypt will explode. Army must

save us now. There is no doubt today's demonstration will be

so huge it will rouse the

Mubarak regime. The great worry

is it may also trigger a bloody

confrontation between

protesters and the military. save us now. There is no doubt - Egypt will explode. Army must ray - ElBaradei has said ElBaradei bar has called the

confrontation between is it may also trigger a bloody Mubarak regime. The great worry so huge it will rouse the today's demonstration will be

protesters and the military.

United States with expectation There was confusion in the

building during the day that

President Mubarak was about to

relinquish power. It was

certainly what the US an expectant Barack Obama Government had anticipated with Government

telling a crowd they were

watching history unfold. North America correspondent Lisa

Millar reports. The President

watched the speech on board Air

Force One, Rying back at the

talks with his national White House and straight into

security team. In a statement, he said, It ended a confusing day

in the US capital, which began

with the CIA director feeding

the belief Hosni Mubarak was

set to go. As you can see, I

got the same information you

did, that there is a strong

likelihood that Mubarak may

step down this evening, would be significant in terms

of where the hopefully orderly transition in Egypt takes

place. The CIA rushed to

clarify he was only following press reports. The President

had been in Michigan, appearing

upbeat in a speech to university students. What is

absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold. It

it's a moment of transformation

that is taking place because

the people of Egypt are calling

for change. And he appeared to believe dramatic change was

about to occur. America will continue to do everything that

we can to support an orderly

and genuine transition to

democracy in Egypt. But his

hope force start of an immediate transition were

dashed. A senior US official

was reported as say teg jiption

the White House was expect ing President's speech was

and that's left the Obama

Administration being accused of

fast moving struggling to keep up with the

partial transfer of the President's power has done

little to allay the mounting

concerns of the international community. World leaders are

transition to democracy. Saying united in calling for a fast

now is the time for change.

The French President was the

first foreign leader to react to Hosni Mubarak's decision to transfer some of his power.

TRANSLATION: It was unavoidable. He hopes Egypt

will move towards democracy and

not end up with an Iran-style leadership dictatorship. Germany expressed dis

appointment that the Egyptian leader's speech leader's speech was not the

hope ed for step forward and

now the international worries

has now grown. Britain is now working out what the

President's power handover

actually means. It is not

immediately clear what powers

are being handsed over and what the full implications are. Israel's Deputy PM refused

to be drawn on what impact the President's speech might have

on his country. It is up to the

Egyptian people to find a

change. Worlds leaders are change. way. Now is the time for

after a quick transition to a more representative

Government. We do believe there

needs to be fundamental reform. We do believe change has to come. We understand the status

quo is not a tenable position,

but we do want to see peace in the transition. Western democracy in whatever way they can.

Returning now to our

correspondent Mark Willacy who

has just sent this update from Cairo. It's the calm before the

storm here in Cairo because later today later today after Friday prayers we expect hundreds of

thousands of people to descend

on Tahrir Square, which is just

over my right shoulder here.

And those people are angry and

enraged after last night's

address by Hosni Mubarak. The.

The President who was widely

expected to quit power is

instead stubbornly hanging on. Today, we're hearing that these

protesters after Friday prayers

will swarm out of the square

and head towards key sites in

Cairo, among those sites the

presidential palace and also

the State TV building which is

literally 100m down the road

from where I am standing and on my my way here to talk to you I saw tanks in the streets and

also armoured personnel car

yes, sir an troops, heavily

armed troop, especially those

around the State TV building,

they are believed to be special forces

very royal to the ray jeement

so the big question is - will

the Army move on the protesters

if the protesters confront them

at these key sites? Many feel

there could be vile answer and,

if there is, it could be very

serious indeed. It was meant

to be health reform plan to end

the blame game but the Prime Minister Julia Gillard has

abandoned her predecessor's bid

to take control of the nation's

hospitals. Instead, State and

Territory leaders will be

presented with a watered down version on Sunday. The ABC's

been hold Kevin Rudd argued

against the changes during a Cabinet meeting last beeg

night. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. It's

a whole new prescription -

Julia Gillard's plan is both a compromise and a back compromise and a back down. It

is now clear that the agreement

that Prime Minister Rudd

negotiated will not become a

national agreement. To get a

national agreement, the Prime

Minister will bow to WA and Victoria. The Commonwealth will

no longer clawback any of the

State's GST payments. The

promise to become the John

Howard fund er of health care

is also gone. Instead st

Federal Government will pay 50%

of future cost

increases. Patients don't end

up worrying themselves and whose name is on

money. Does the little plaque

stay state or Federal? 16 billion dollars will be

injected. And the Government's

promise ing additional money

for after-hours GP service. In

return, the State's have to

agree to put their money intoo

a national pool. And it admere to national Standing Orders

including a four 46 hour

targeted for casualty waiting

times. This is a historic

capitulation on what the Government was proposing. This

is the biggest surrender since

Singapore. But will it be a

breakthrough? There is a very

real possibility of national

reform on health. I think

Julia Gillard has paved the way

for a resolution of this by

simply taking the issue of the

GST out. I won't be sign ing

up to anything on zirnd Sunday

& and we won't agree to

anything until we've had a good

look at it. The sabz being told

that Kevin Rudd is not happy

about his reform being

dismembered. At last night's Cant meeting for majority Commonwealth

funding. Source say that after

he made his points he stood up,

said I've got to go and left

the room. The nation needs

fundamental health reform,

fundamental hospitals reform, a

lot of work has gone into this

in the past. Internal tension

can be bipartisan. Privately,

some Liberals are complaining

about Julie Bishop's

performance as deputy leader. Do you have your

leader's support? Absolutely. All of my

senior colleagues have my full

and total support. A show of

unity Liberals wish wasn't

necessary. The ACT is combing

through the detail of the

revised proposal.. We want to make sure that at least level is maintained under this agreement, not agreement, not necessarily

improved, but we don't want to

see any loss of the commitment were given

were given to news April. The

Government says the biggest

concern is the level of Commonwealth funding for rising

health costs. It's expected changes around GST revenue

won't have much effect on the Territory. The ACT Opposition

says the Fremantle's rethink on

the plan is an opportunity for

the AC to. Get a better

deal. The father of a boy who

died after a schoolyard brawl

says he's dismayed at the findings of a coronial inquest.

Jay Morcombe died of a brain

haemorrhage after a brawl in

the school. The coroner found that that medical experts couldn't pin point the cause of the

haemorrhage but his father says

they should take responsibility

for his death. After listening

to two weeks of evidence, Jay

Morecombe's father is not very happy. Jay collapsed during a

fight involving up to 20

students at bull Bimby high

school in August 2009. The

deputy state coroner found the year 9

year 9 student died from a

brain haemorrhage but he

couldn't say whether it was

caused by blunt force trauma or a preexisting medical

condition. He is saw Jay Morecombe won't murdered. The

coroner said witnesses gave conflicts accounts of what

happened to the 15-year-old

during the brawl. And medical

consensus about the cause of

the haemorrhage. I just felt

like there should have been

more depth done to look at his

injuries. The coroner also

found the police did all they

could during the investigation

and the school did not have a culture of violence. The deputy coroner's report today is

appreciated. The actions of the

school in supporting Jay have

been endorsed. But for Jay Morecombe's father it is Morecombe's father it is not over. I am going to start

opening up new doors and

whatever that take. The coroner

made one formal recommendation

- that resuscitation must be placed in - plasks must be

placed in all kits in NSW schools. To finance and the

governor of the Reserve Bank

has indicated interest rates

are firmly on hold. As a

result, the Australian dollar

fell back below parity with the

US dollar today. I think this parliamentry committee today -

he is a happy governor, a

comfortable and relax one even,

ahead of the game, he says. As

the market economists reason listened to

listened to this they unch pd

in the words rates on hold into their group emails and hit

send. After which the currency

traders hit sell on their

Aussie dollar screens, as you

can clearly see here. There was rally when the committee

adjourned for lunch and then

more selling when the talking started again in the

afternoon. Here is where the

Australian dollar ended up, just below parity at 99.8, but

it rose against the yen and the

Kiwi. Share traders also hit

sell on their Rio Tinto sharing

this morn and the company must be reflecting now that the market is awfully hard to

please. The shares fell 1.5%

despite, as I reported last

night, profit more than

doubling, dividends going up

140% and the announcement of a $5 billion shire byeback. Not enough apparently. The jaurds ended cent low ecialtion and the

falling wer were across the

board. And not just Rio. Telstra slairs hepatitis

rising and Newcrest fell after

the CEO quit unexpectedly. It's also possible that investors

reckon the iron ore price is due to fall, and you can see

from this graph that it has

gone up rather a lot, and a gone up rather a lot, and a lot

more than base metals. And it

does look like an accident waiting to waiting to happen. That's one

of the thingsly be talking to

Rio Tinto CEO Tom Albanese

about on irn business this

weekends. 10am Sunday. Till

then, that's finance. The nation's Sports Ministers have

gone on the attack against

illegal gambling and

match-fixing in sport. They have endorsed a national

approach, they believe could

lead the global battle against corruption. The Specter of

illegal gam income sport is

never far from headlines these days. If there's a perception

that your players are throwing

matches or aren't trying as hard adds they could be, that's serious issue for the

sports. Kofrms, the council Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports,

believes necial national laws

are needed to combat corruption

in sport. The Federal Minister

and his state count part

agree. To ensure that max

fixing is taken seriously and

also the penalties are as stern

as possible to try to stop this scourge taking place. Sporting

body also exercise greater

control over what bets can be

laid. Spot betting on moments

in a game has become rife The

proposed law also also promote information sharing between

major sport, betting

seen that used very effectively

in the rugby league case that's on at the moment where a

belting operators were alerting

the rugby league to unusual bet

ing patterns have now resulted in police investigations. Senator Arbib wants the nation's major sports

to sign a code of kuvenlth and

is so confident the anti-corruption policy also

work that he wants to take them

to the world. Sport is international, corruption is international. Unless governments an sporting bod

yirs are working together. You

can't stop it. He will begin

with a presentation to the International Olympic Committee

next movement D The former

England Test cricketer and broadcaster Trevor Bailey has

died in a fire at a retirement

home in Essex. Bailey was a

dour, middle-order batsman who

class runs. His aggressive fast

medium-based bowling brought

him 132 wickets in 61 Tests.

Bailey went on to be an administer at Essex county and will

will be remembered for his

cutting observations as an

expert commenterator on BBC and ABC Radio. Trevor Bailey was

87. Australia's World Cup

cricket squad is set ing into

Bangalore. Squads have been raving in the three countries

that will jointly host the Cup

with matchings to be played

with matchings to be played in Sri Lanka, India and

Bangladesh. John Hayes Bell

reports. It's 10 days before

Australia's open ing World Cup game against Zimbabwe, arriving

in the southern Indian centre

of Bangalore, the 15-player squad looked fresh for

business. But even the minnows

give them some hope in this

event. If we get to the quarterfinals, anything can

happen. On home sur

India will be imposing. It was a

a sharp session as the giant s

tuned up to play a pre tournament match against

Australia. Slowly you get used

to there being no pressure and

the good part I think they will

mix up the players is really

good. The six-week event ends

in Mumbai on April 2. Sydney FC

used into tomorrow's W-League

final but the defending

champion is wary of opponent, Brisbane. They're good side

and we can't take anything

light lie: I think it will be a

tough game. It will be a game

won at the end. The teams found

their bearings at the Grand

Final venue Campbell Stade

yment. With one stage to go,

Mark Renshaw has taken over the lead from fellow Australian Henrik Haussler at the Tour of

Qatar. Renshaw won from Bern

atty. It's really fast, I

looked and saw Bernard jumping

and that's when I had to start

the sprint. The 126km final

stage will be held tonight in Dohar. Northern Ireland's Rory

McIlroy has upstaged the big 3

to take the outright lead after

the opening round of the Dubai Desert Classic. Rory McIlroy is

two stroke s clear at 7 under

par. The top three in the world

ranks played together. Westwood

and Martin Kaymer finished 3 un

under. And towards had to

settle for a 1 -under 71. The Brumbies have narrowly

missed ow often a win settle for a 1 -under 71.

missed ow often a win against the nu, their missed ow often a the nu, their final hit-out

before the start of the super

rugby season. The two sides

drew 21 all-when the Hurricanes

leveled just after the

full-time sireen. The Brum bers

welcomed back their big gourns

last night's game against the

hu,. The Matt

the team for the first time and

showed plenty of signs he is

back to his best form. The fly half combined well with Coleman

at inside centre. It was a

fast-paced first half which saw

the Brumbies up by 14 at half-time. Stephen Hoiles made

his return to the field in the

second half, after an 8-month

absence while management McKaid

will keep his spot for noeks weekend's opening mixture

against the Chiefs. With most

of the Wallabies players coming

off in the second half, the

draw just after full-time.

Giteau looked set to start the

smn the number 10 jersey and also captain the side. I would

like to play fly half. I

enjoyed that sense of control. Hoiles pulled up well after the game and will more

than likely come off than likely come off the

bench. I don't think think I'm ready to probably play longer

than 30 or 40 minutes. So just

what role I play there will be

decided by the coaching staff. The Brumbies play at

Canberra Stade European Union

on the 19 vt American golfer Stacy lice and Australia's

Kristie Smith share the lead at

the halfway mark of the ladies

maftd owners to Gold Coast.

They fired a second under par

round of 65 to lead the world number two by a stroke. Seven-time winner has fallen five shots off the

pace. Lewis took full advantage

of the morning conditions. She

rolled in five birdies an an

eegtol move to the top of the

leaderboard. I knew coming in what

what the course was like. The

key to this course was make ing

putts. Last week's Australian

open winner is lurking

ominously at 11-under. But Webb struggled on the royal pines

greens and faces a big task to

claim a record 8th Masters

title. Fellow Australian

Catherine Hull is well in contention at nine under. It's the satirical cyst tore the prestigious Archibald art

prize, it's the art to take the

mickey out of those who

distinguish themselves for

better or for worse. This year

the Bald Archies are dominated

by a Julian and a Julia. Characters who divide

public public opinion but clearly

delight artist. If politics is

the art of looking for trouble,

this art certainly takes the

trouble out of looking at

politics. Last year we were

inundated with Tony Abbotts.

This year we've lot lots

Julia Gillard s when there were no Julia Gillards and Kevin

Rudds at all last year, which

tells us it's a bit of a

barometer. In you know who is

in and who is out, who is up

and who is down: Those who

slipped up and those who have been caught out. With the Bald

Archies, recognition is

instantaneous, so you know who it

it is. There is showbiz for

ugly people and ugly people who

have made it in showbiz.

Business people who have made

it an ugly business, and busy people who have made it every

body's business. The man who

spent the years living lee,

taking one seems to be the

subject of choice. As is that

mysterious woman, the real

Julia. She takes her cut off

the attention. There is

here, where the paint drush is

mightier than the sound

bite. They have cottoned on to

the idea and they've got

wittier and deliverier each year. They're taking the show

on the road next month to

Sydney and a selection of country towns. Sticking to it

the powerful - Keep up it up.

Give them more. As only the art

world knows how. Now to the

wet eshks and just as the rain

began to pelt down at dix son,

Mark Carmody dropped in at the

multicultural festival. I hope you have your umbrella with

you. Yes, thanks. I got here

just in time and then it started

started to really bucket But I am pleased to say it's

eased right off. I have the

umbrella right up because I

have Christa with me, the

entertainment coordinator the multicultural festival. She

will let us know a bit about

it. What the highlights this weekend? First tonight we have

Jessica Mal boy coming on at 8

o'clock. The weather seems to be warming up. What about Saturday night? headline have headline act? Saturday night we have theletin headline act? Saturday have theletin carnival on the

Garema stage and we have a

really wonderful Latin band

that has come a couple of years

ago they came to the festival.

They were really good. Brazilian

Brazilian Latin dance

companies, lotses of great

Latin music. The festival is not oj not oj Aboriginal entertainment

but food as well. What food can people enjoy this

weekend? There's a huge

variety, it's thoord cover it

all. We have a Moroccan chef

who will be at the Moroccan

Embassy tent. We also have an Israeli chef who will be doing

something something. With all these people come, in this weekend, what about the roads

around the area? Is there any

effect on them? There is a

little bit of an effect on

London circuit. We have that

closed on because we have

square and the rest of the

festival. There will be people

on deck to help anybody out who

needs it. So finally, when does

the festival go to? It goes

Friday, Saturday Sunday and

close s up on Sunday at 5

o'clock. If you have nothing to

do this weekend, slip down to

the multicultural festival

because I am sure you will enjoy. What about the

weather? We had a sultry night

last night where it went down

to 17 but there's been rain about all day but not that

much, although it did rain here

fairly heavily an hour or so

back. We got to 25 degrees at

the airport.

That cloud is associated

with a trough that's moving

through and a cold front about

which will reduce our

temperatures tomorrow. Around

the State capitals tomorrow, it

will be cooler than today and

all the main eastern seaboard

capital s will be wets. .

I can see Mark is about to

run off and chase those

samosas. Egypt's President has

confounded expectation s by

insisting he won't step down.

Hosni Mubarak's announcement in a televised address to the nation provoked a furious

reaction from protesters gathered in Cairo. And Julia

Gillard is take ing a scalpel -

scalpel to her predecessor's

death deal. The Prime Minister

says the old formula will no

longer work. Instead she offering what she called as a

new partnership to meet the

growing cost of hospital

admission. That's ABC News.

Have a great weekend.


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