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Tonight, the clubs accused

of pulling a fast one in the

poker machine debate. It just

shows you how tricky, how

cynical, how deceptive this industry has of breaching its human rights International accuses Australia

obligations. Australia scrape

past the Springboks and live to

fight another day. The Wallabies are through to the

semifinals! Great ball of

fire - David Besnard's race

goes up in flames at the

Bathurst 1000. This is a very

big incident at turn two, he's

backed it into the wall.

Good evening, Adrienne Francis with ABC News. Figures

internet have left the clubs

industry accused of

exaggerating the impact of

federal laws on poker machine bets. The private document

suggests the potential for lost

industry says publicly. revenue cop up to half what the

Anti-poker machine campaign

your Nick Xenophon says the

figures show the clubs are

behaving cynically but the industry insists technologies limiting poker

limiting poker machine bets

would wipe up to 40% off their income. Political

reports. Somewhere in correspondent Greg Jennett

clubland, someone pressed the wrong button. And through

debate on poker machine

regulation into new light. The

internal document was posted on internal document was

the Clubs Queensland website by

mistake, putting the potential

loss of revenue under the

Andrew Wilkie inspired system

to limit pokie bets at 10 to 20%, which is between a quarter

and a half what the clubs

industry says publicly. Lots

of things get posted on the

comments website, let's not rely on the

comments of one shows you how tricky, how

cynical and deceptive this

industry has been in their public public protestations of even

just a few days ago. Clubs Australia is disowning the figures, sticking with its estimate that precommitment

cards will hit revenues by up

to 40%. Deutsche Bank say the

revenue downturn will be up to

40%, so does Andrew Wilkie and

so dewe. It is upping the ante

on the government, demanding a

trial. It needs to be a proper

trial, scientifically tested, to see whether Andrew Wilkie's

licence to punt will help a

single problem gambler. The

to foot the bill for any clubs have asked the taxpayer

and set-up costs. I am confident there will be reforms

by the end of May because the

government knows Andrew Wilkie

means business whether it combs

to poker machine reform. Now

is not the time to provoke

Andrew Wilkie, this week is show-time for the minority

government, with a vote on its

laws in the lower house, it asylum seeker bills and tax

needs all the friends it can

anticipate get on the crossbenches. We

anticipate the legislation being successfully voted upon

in the House of Representatives

on Wednesday. We will see the

of Representatives and no doubt guillotine applied in the House

see debate guillotined in the

Senate but we won't see proper

parliamentary debate. It's

full throttle to the finish line. Great Australian

vehicles operating at their

best under very tough best under very tough

conditions. I wonder what their

carbon emissions will be?

Plentiful. Australia's made a second visit to the ambassador

Australian teenager being held

on possible drug charges in

Bali. Greg Moriarty says he

and his colleagues are still

working to get the boy back to

Australia as quickly as

possible. I had a good

conversation with him this

morning. He's doing his best to

cope with a very difficult

circumstances. The Boy us a

later says he thinks the

teenager will be kept in

custody until his case is dealt

with by a judge, and says the boy could be released


days before the case goes to It could be as long as 50

court. Amnesty International

should be internationally says the Australian Government

shamed over its failure to help

Secretary-General of the Aboriginal people. The

organisation has visited a

Australian desert and says the living conditions are inhumane. Allyson Horn reports from

Utopia, 250km north-east of

Alice Springs. These

traditional homelands are

called Utopia, but one of the

world's leading human rights

advocates says the name doesn't

match the conditions. I think

it's quite shocking that you can have this level of poverty

and this level of lack of basic

facilities in one of the

richest countries in the world. to Utopia to hear from

what they have told him. residents and is devastated by

Toilets broken and smashed up.

We need a new toilet seat.

have been isolated and we find

it extremely hard to keep on

going. This man has been

without power for more than two months. Some of the two-bedroom

houses have up to 15 people

living in them. Many don't have

toilets or showers and the

extreme poverty is causing

health problems. If you can't

wash your clothes regularly, if

you can't wash yourself regularly, if your mattress is

on the cement, you are far more

likely to get likely to get scabies. Amnesty

International says the Federal

Government is in breach of international human rights

obligations. Conditions which

are really almost inhumane.

Residents say the government is

withholding funding to force

them off their homelands They

would like us to live in a

little township with nice neat

little streets and just sit

there and, I guess, rot away.

it's far from paradise, but

they are determined to stay.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh The 33-year reign of the Yemeni

could be coming to an end. He's under pressure from protesters

on the streets and renegade

units in the army. He has said

he will step down in the coming

days, but not everyone believes

he will stick to his word.

These are the words the Yemeni

people have been waiting to president. TRANSLATION: I

reject power and I will leave

it in the coming days and leave

coming days" means is anybody's it behind. But just what "the

appeared guess. President Saleh has

appeared ready to resign before, only to back out at the

last minute. Anti-government

protesters have been out on the

streets calling for his

resignation since January.

Hundreds of them have died

since then in clashes with

security forces. Protesters camping out in so-called change square remain

wary but have well come the president's statementment they

have been joined by the Yemeni human rights activist Tawakul

Karman, one of the three women

to win the Nobel Peace Prize

Friday. The long-time critic

of the regime says she doesn't

believe President Saleh but

insists his time is

up. TRANSLATION: I say to

tyrants and despots, your reign

is over, I say to Ali Abdullah Saleh and his regime, you are

deluded. If you thought the revolution would revolution was traxd. She said

her win was a victory for the

Arab spring, which has seen the

fall of regimes in Egypt and Libya. Colonel

Gaddafi might be gone but his

supporters are still fighting

to the death in his home town

of Sirte. Troops loyal to the

government are in control of

most of the city but can't take

it until they clear Gaddafi

loyalists from some key areas.

If they end up capturing Sirte,

the new government will declare complete liberation. Opponents

of the regime hoping they will soon be able

to do the same. The Australian Defence Force says

it is investigating the alleged sexual assault of a female

soldier in Afghanistan. The

assault allegedly happened last

month at the ADF base in Tarin

Kowt. The soldier reported it

four days ago. It is not known

whether the complaint is against another Australian

soldier. A barge has arrived

to help transfer oil from a grounded cargo ship off the coast of New Island. The container ship ran

on to a reef in the Bay of

Plenty and has been spilling

oil since Wednesday. The barge

is now in place as authorities try to recover oil from the grounded 'Rena', before the

splik hits the coastline. From

there it's likely to take about

40 hours to remove the oil from

the vessel. The ship has

ploughed into a well documented

reef in calm waters in the

middle of the night at 17

knots, so somebody needs to tell us why that More oil-covered penguins have

been found on the shoreline. Health authorities are warning people

people not to eat shellfish that has come from contaminated

water. Qantas has warned

passengers they face lengthy

delays and cancelled flights

tomorrow because of industrial

action by aircraft engineers.

The airline says 40 flights

will be cancelled and 27 others

brought forward or delayed by up to 3 hours. Industrial

action is planned at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports

from 7:00pm. Qantas says it

will use larger aircraft and qualified engineers from

management in a bid to minimise disruption. Qantas staff

threaten to walk off the job on

Thursday if they don't reach a

pay deal. The outer reaches of bang

bang counterclaim have been

indicted by heavy rain. The pictures are from north of the

capital, where thousands of

people have fled their homes.

I don't worry, I'm still in

good spirits, but I can't stay here. There's sleep. It's a similar scene

across most of the country. Prompting the authorities to

make sure they are prepared for

when the worst hits Bangkok.

They have ordered the dredging

of canals and the sandbagging of crucial infrastructure. More

than 250 people have died since

the start of the flooding in

mid-July. New South Wales' top

policeman is urging young women

to think about their safety

about before heading out on the town. town. Andrew sip owny says

binge drinking is leaving women vulnerable to dangerous

liaisons and urged women liaisons and urged women to confide in their girlfriends

about their plans before going

out It's a regular seen on

Saturday night and the Police

Commissioner is so concerned he wants women to discuss their

sexual plans before the big

night out. To talk about what

they are going to do is

important. If a mate sees a mate doing something to challenge. The commissioner's ideas drew a

mixed reaction from young

people at Sydney's Circular

Quay. Girls who don't have the conversations are putting

themselves at big risk. The

conversation is not spoken about with me and my guy

friends, but it's a good idea, better to be safe than sorry.

Others think it's Others think it's unrealistic.

You don't plan on sleeping with

random people, so that you

discuss it. Girls go out to

have a good time, I don't think they sit are going to have sex or not. The commissioner's suggestion

comes on the back of new

research on female university

students which found heavy drinkers were more likely to

find themselves in dangerous

sexual situation also. You

need to make sure your

girlfriend is in good order and

not becoming the victim of a predator. Commentators are

wary about the proposal.

There's a dangerous slippery

slope between saying young

women need to protect each

other, to the notion that it's the job protect themselves from sexual

assault. Doctors say it has

meritment of We see a lot of

the fall-out from women getting

into problems with binge drinking, and things like

sexually transmitted diseases.

An increasing number of young

women are being hospitalised

for intoxication. Getting to

Antarctica by sea is difficult

enough but navigators face even

greater challenges once they

arrive. Inadequate charting

poses a threat to as well as research and supply vessels. International

cooperation is being sought to

fund a survey project which

won't come cheap. Charting of the coastline and seabed gives

the maps to stop them running

into underwater trouble.

Antarctica's isolation creates

extra danger. It's 4,000 miles

from the mainland, so if something goes wrong you get

into trouble. Only 1% of

shallow water has been adequately adequately surveyed. If they are navigating in an area of

floating ice, they can't see

the bottom. It's like navigating blind in a car If

you were navigating on your GPS

and had your eyes closed,

would make sure the GPS unit was giving you very good data.

The work is expensive and not the

the responsibility of any one

country. 16 delegates have been

been meeting in Hobart to increase cooperation between

nations. It's such a huge area that without international cooperation we

cooperation we won't be able to

cover it. It's a surveyed area, a huge amount of

work to be done. Tourism is

increasing, 28,000 people visit

Antarctica annually. Cruise ships are helping collect data to add to the charts. The hydrographic community is

working closely with the Antarctica tourism associations

to improve navigation charting

in the area, so safe travel and

safe navigation can occur. The

hydrographers next step is

promoting international

investment to increase charting of of Antarctica's impressive

waters. The man who brought Ruth Rendell's Inspector

Wexford to life on screen has

died. The British actor George Baker played the Baker played the sensitive detective on TV for 13 years.

(Phone rings) Wexford. Yes,

yes, I'm on my way. His other

notable role was that of

Tiberius in the BBC classic 'I Claudius'. Where does all this

get us? Not only Marcellus, Agrippa, and Augustus prefers

both of them to me. He was considered for the role of

James Bond. While he never

played 007 he appeared in three

Bond films. George Baker was 80

years old. Garth Tander and

Nick Percat have won the

closest Bathurst 1000 in history. After a thrilling finish at Mount Panorama.

Tander was forced to hold off a fast finishingings Lowndes to claim the win.

Earlier in the race there was a lucky escape for David Besnard

in a fiery crash on the second

corner. Drivers have night

naers about crashes like these.

David Besnard left trapped in

his car, surrounded by burning

fuel. This is a very big

incident at turn two, he's

backed it into the wall.

Bernard made it out of the car

unscathed, left to rue a missed

make opportunity. It took time too

make the track safe. It was rare bit of action after a

relatively uneventful start

after the drivers made the most

of a dry track. The track deteriorated on top of the mountain. Officials to remove the debris. Will mountain. Officials called upon

Davidson and you'll done went

out of the race. Pit lane

congestion forced Mark Skaife

to be held back and Garth

Tander and Jamie Whincup went

head to head at the front. In

a cruel twist for Whincup, an

championship leader before the him his chance at victory. The apparent electrical fault cost

race forced to let his

competitors go by. Coming from

10th place midway through the place, Craig Lowndes began the

charge. Lowndes v Tander. The

gap under a second in the thrilling final laps. Every

challenge Lowndes threw, Tander

covered and held on in a

grandstand finish to claim

victory. The margin after the 161-lap race just a car length.

Greg Murphy rounding out the

top 3, Tander's co-driver nip

nipt became the first rookie win in 30 years. For Tander,

the Bathurst title and the

Peter Brock toe if I. Germany's Sebastian Vettel is

the Formula One world champion

for the second year in a row

after finishing third in

today's Japanese Grand Prix. He

showed he meant business when

he shepherded Jenson Button cleared towards the grass and then

commanding lead, before making cleared out to hope up

an unscheduled pit stop on lap

9. McLaren's Jenson Button hit the front when he the front when he emerged ahead

of Vettel on lap 21. Ferrari's Felipe

Felipe Massa continued his ongoing feud with Lewis

Hamilton, losing wing after the

pair made contact. Mark Webber

was also trucked by tyre

degradation as he battled to

remain in the top 4. Vettel

finished third behind Jenson

Button and Fernando

with Webber fourth. One

commentator described it as the

best defensive effort he has

seen. The Wallabies are through to the Rugby World Cup to

semifinals after a dogged win over South Africa. The Springboks had more possession

and the Australians had to make

more than double the number of

tackles but ran out winners

11-9. In next weekend's

semifinals, Wales will play

France and the Wallabies will

face the winner of tonight's

New Zealand v Argentina match.

Wellington Stadium was a sea of gold and green for die clash of two of the

southern hemisphere's Rugby

heavy weights. The previews

pointed to a confrontation of

South African experience and

Wallabies recent fall against Australian flair. While the

the South Africans is good, historically the Springboks

have won 90% of their World Cup

games. From the opening

scrum, Australia's forwards

showed they were ready for the

war of attrition. The Springboks had the early

territorial advantage and went side, looking for defensive kick gave the Wallabies their flaws. A mighty Quade Cooper

first look at the other end of

the ground and capitalised when

South Africa surrendered the ball, Kurtley Beale through. And James O'Connor slotted 3

slotted 3 points for 8-0. The

Springboks closed in. The big

hits got bigger, Radike Samo and Bryan Habana both felt the

after effects of their

collision. Morne Steyn kicked a

penalty to cut the half-time

margin to 5. Two calls helped Australia's cause.

Another penalty and a field

goal gave South Africa the

lead. They had try scoring

the Wallabies won a penalty, chances but against the trend

James O'Connor's goal kicking

faced its biggest test.

Australia hung on with grim

defence to win by 2 points.

I'm proud of the way the twice

fought and dug in, it was a

huge effort that took everything. That is the greatest defensive effort I have seen in a Robbie Deans men head back to

Auckland and have a week to

recharge for the semifinal.

Approaching half-time in the

remaining quarterfinal,

Blacks are just leading

Argentina 12-7. Big names,

plenty of action and a huge

crowd. The A-League's opening

round glamour clash between

Melbourne Victory and Sydney

had it all - almost. There were

no goals. In other results, Brisbane opened its

championship defence with a win

over the Central Coast. This afternoon,

Wellington drew 1-1. Most eyes

were on last night's match at

Docklands. 40,000 - the

stands were full, the stars performances. The only problem show and incredible

for fans used to more high

scoring encounters at Docklands

is the men in the greatest

touch were between the goals.

A save by Liam Reddy to deny

Harry Kewell. Key men Harry Kewell and Brett Emerton delivered eye-catching

performances. Harry

Kewell.... It was Emerton who could have taken the early

honours after Mark Bridge was

brought down but denied by the penalty spot by penalty spot by Covic. Despite

the new faces, there was ill

feeling between the sides, and Mark Bridge was giving his

marching orders. In terms of the contest, satisfaction

levels were high. Before the

game started, Melbourne were

favourites, so to come away

with a draw is a good result.

Move over Black Caviar, the Brisbane Roar are tearing up

the record books with an

unbeaten run extending to 29 matches after a 1-0 win over

Central Coast. In the grand

final replay, the standards were my and were my and the Mariners held

out the reigning premiers for

much of the night. In a display

which suggests both teams will

be involved at the business end

of the season once again.

After routing a toothless

Malaysia, the Socceroos are

hopeful of more robust

opposition when they take on

Oman on Tuesday. The

expectation is for us to win, and rightly home. But the teams have

nothing to lose when they come

and play us here and they give

it their all. A win for the

Socceroos would pot them in the

box seat to move to the box seat to move to the next stage of World Cup

qualification Canberra rider

Nathan Haas has won this year's Tour of Tasmania in emphatic

fashion. He took out today's

final stage in Devonport. A

gruelling 12 laps of the 4.3km

street course didn't give the

cyclists time to enjoy the

scenery. Halfway through, small breakaway group opened a significant gap on the pack.

They were reined in on the last

lap, with Haas holding off Tasmanian Bernard Sulzberger in

the dash to the line. To win a stage at all in the Tour of

Tasmania is a real privilege,

but to take out the overall

tour with a stage win, I

couldn't be happier with the

finish. Haas finished 25

seconds ahead of New Zealander

Josh Atkins. This year, Haas

has won the Canberra and

Geelong tours but rates this as

his career highlight. I've set

it as a goal for a long time, and to do it, I couldn't be

more proud of myself and the team. Bernard Sulzberger

finished fifth and won the

criterium championship during

the week long event and pipped in the final stage I

was very close, Nathan was on

the inside but I couldn't get

him. I'm happy to finish with two jerseys. The New South

Wales rider Cameron Peterson,

who lead the tour earlier,

finished third overall. It's

not for the faint annual mountain bike race held

at Stromlo Forest in Canberra

runs for 24 hours. And tests both riders and their bakes. Face a gruelling sport

demanding both physical and

mental endurance. 2,000 riders

competed in the 24-hour event, the biggest race of its type in

the world. Most were in relay

teams but 1230 competitors rode

solo for the entire 24 hours.

Men's solo winner and current

fought off Ed McDonald for 20

hours. The harder I went, he

harder he went. It wasn't until

about three or four hours to

go, I gave it one last go and

he ran out of Jews around four

hours to go, so that's 20 hours

of battling head to head. Women's solo winner Courtney

Shinn found it tough as well.

During the night it was tough,

then it started to rain. But everyone faces the same conditions, everyone out there

goes through the ups

and it's about dealing with

them out there. Both winners

will travel to Italy for the world championships. Others

weren't so lucky. The wet

weather and punishing course

left a rider left a rider with concussion

and broken ribs, others

suffered a broken collarbone

and a dislocated shoulder. The

people out there racing people out there racing for 24

hours push their bodies until

it almost collapses, and it

will take them a whole month to

recover from the event. After 24 hours non-stop in saddle, even the best found it

hard to walk to terra firma.

Hidden cameras have captured the special moment a rare the special moment a rare baby

wombat took its first steps out

of its mother's pouch, a milestone for Queensland's northern hairy-nosed wombat

colony after they came

dangerously close to

extinction. On a dark night in

south-west Queensland, a wombat

joey takes its first step into

the wild, never straying too far from first year of its life in the

safety of her pouch. Motion

sensitive cameras capture each

step. It's amazing, I was very emotionally when I saw the little joey on footage, fantastic. Ranger David Harper

is part of the team working to

save the threatened species. He

says habitat loss is a major

concern. In the '80s the

animals, the species northern

hairy-nosed wombat got down to 38 animals in the

is quite a small number. The

adventurous joey is one of less than 200 northern hairy-nosed

wombat now left in the wild. To boost their survival chance,

15 were moved from their

habitat in Queensland's Epping

Forest National Park to the 100

hectare site near St George two

years ago. The fact that

within two years we have young

coming out of the burrows is

amazing, we have exceeded all

expectations. Rangers hope to

hear a second pitter patter paws by the end of the year

after confirmation of another

joey. With researchers, the dominant male of the colony is doing his best to save the

species. Turning to the

weather, cloud and glor Russ

sunshine for the capital today,

and light spatters of rain

across the border. The city

reached a top of 17, the winds

were westerly, averaging up to 20km/h. Further afield,

showers over Wagga Wagga, a low

of 7 for Yass, wind Goulburn, and sun over the

coast, Bega 18. Across the


Cloud over the eastern

states is associated with a weakening front. Central and

northern Australia is under

clear skies and a ridge of high

pressure. A weakening front

produced the isolated showers

today. A ridge of high pressure is expected to deliver fine conditions but another trough is expected

to deliver more rainfall later

in the week. Tomorrow:

That's the news for now. Virgin Virgin returns tomorrow

at 7:00. From me for now, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.