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Australian Prime Ministers -

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(generated from captions) was Australia's first Prime Minister. NARRATOR: Edmund Barton he was born in Glebe, Sydney. The son of English immigrants, Barton became a barrister to promote federation - and worked for many years the various Australian colonies - the idea of combining now called states - into one nation. The result of our labour EDMUND BARTON: of high and august aims, will be to found a state be the envy of the world. which will one day Barton helped produce the document our Australian Constitution. which became Barton's first ministry was sworn in was proclaimed on January 1st, 1901 when the Commonwealth of Australia in Centennial Park, Sydney. at a huge ceremony Here's Barton. Behind him, with his top hat, Alfred Deakin. is future Prime Minster sat in Melbourne, At the time, Federal Parliament not moving to Canberra until 1927. protectionist government Barton's liberal the Immigration Restriction Act - introduced of the White Australia policy. the basis Commonwealth Franchise Act in 1902, His government also introduced the subjects resident in Australia. which gave the vote to adult British It included women, in the world, who, for the first time to stand for Parliament, had the right Australians, Africans, Asians but excluded most Indigenous except New Zealanders. and Pacific Islanders, as Prime Minister, After nearly three years Edmund Barton resigned of the High Court of Australia. to become a foundation member He died, aged 80, on holiday in the Blue Mountains. at the Hydro Majestic Hotel Scott Henderson Closed Captions by CSI - . the radio this morning - Did you hear about this over...