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(generated from captions) time. We really have to succeed.

Get some Aussie beetroot on your

Aussie burgers. Now, Chris Guider

could have been one of Australia's

greatest footballers. Instead, he

quit the game for Scientology and

ended up in America working for the

head honcho. He new has turned his

back on Scientology and has a

chilling story to tell about life inside the church.

Little Chris at 5ft 4 does haven't

the issue instructions. It is about

control and it is about getting

money. He was a tough little player.

Scientology was a solution for me.

This is the story of a rugby league

hero whose career was cut short in

it very prime. Tens of thousands of

people watched him play in grand

finals at the SCG, but a choice to

join the Church of Scientology

means that we will never know

whether this rising star could have

great legends. gone on to become one of the game's

COMMENTATOR: League's tiniest man,

Chris Guider won the scrum 10-5 and

almost scored a try in his first-

grade debut. Chris Guider was one

of St George's best prospects in

the early '80s. What is before he

got mixed up with the Church of

Scientology. Oofrpblgts I was told

by the leader of the Church of

Scientology that I had to give away

the rugby league. A team-mate who

convinced him to join, we will get

to in a moment. By rejoining to the

headquarters in the USA, the man of

league had no idea of the

disturbing scenes he was soon to

witness. They won't admit they have

done something wrong or it is not

that way. What he claims happened

will shock you. The act of quitting

in his prime was at the time a

shock to all league fans. Nine's

Voss Ross Voss. He is the only

player to have ever played in three

grand finals on the one day, had

never happened before and will

never happen again. Incredible.

That's right, under-23s, reserve

and first grade. What is more

incredible, allegations. He was

working with the church's leader

David Miscavige in what has been

described as the honour guard. He's

told ABC's 'Lateline' program about

Mr Miscavige himself. I have seen

him physically bate one staff

member, Mark Fisher. Guider alleges

that he was told to attack another

church member by the leader. He

told me to beat the guy with the

stick. I looked at him and I

refewed to do that. He took that

very, very severely on me because I

didn't just do what he wanted me to

do. It is a charge that the church

denys. They are definitely without

fact well basis. Virginia Stuart

from the Church of Scientology.

People who were there at the time

have written details, declarations

what he saying now definitely did

not happen. Guider says that not

attacking his fellow church member

got him into trouble. He was sent

to this Scientology retreat in

Sydney as a punish: he said that

his credit card and passport were

taken off him. He lived here like a

prisoner, no television, no music,

he wasn't even allowed to read a

book. Gidley quit and has rebit his

life with a family of his own. How

was he possibly convinced to join

Scientology in the first place? A

tryst. Current Affair can reveal a new

COMMENTATOR: A real workhorse, big

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) and mobile Pat Jarvis.

Pat Jarvis is the league legend,

Scientologist and former team-mate

who introduced Guider to the church

at the time when a kidney injury

threatened to end guide guide's

career. He did a purification

program and some o their

counselling steps and went back to

the doctors and got full medical

approval to play. COMMENTATOR: Chris Guider was told

by the doctors to give the game

away. Apparently, he had a kidney

problem. Jarvis played Origin and

credits Scientology with helping

his own footy injuries. I had a

miraculous recovery, too, from some

counselling steps that I did and it

was pretty simple stuff. It had a

major affect. Jarvis remains a

member of the church and says that

his former team-mate is not

handling the situation well. I

spoke to Chris yesterday and he

told me a few things. I don't think

if you have a problem with certain

arrests, going to the media is a

solution for that. Senator Nick

Xenophon has monitored the church's

activitys, though, and disagrees.

Guide Guider hasn't been the first

and he won't be the last. If people

have had similar experiences, they

need to come forward and tell their

story. It is about control and

getting money. I disagree with that.

That is not what got me to quit my