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Tonight - New Zealand police confirm two dead climbers found near Mount Cook are Australians. Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead, a shark attack in Queensland leaves a man in hospital with serious injuries. Ride sharing service Uber accused of price gauging customers on New Year's Eve. And Stephen O'Keefe set to make his home debut after being named to replace Peter Siddle for the Third Test. Hello, you're watching ABC News, I'm Kathryn Robinson. A quick look at the weather for tomorrow: The bodies of two Australian climbers have been recovered National
from New Zealand's Mount Cook National Park. The Melbourne couple, 42-year-old Stuart Holloway and 35-year-old Dale Thistlethwaite were found on New Year's Day. Authorities believe the experienced climbers fell from near the top of the 3,300 metre peak on December 29. Earlier efforts to recover their bodies were hindered by poor weather.They were roped together. One of them may have slipped and as a result, because of the severe nature of the terrain, the element of error is very small and they've fallen to their deaths.Another Melbourne climber died in the same national park ten days earlier. The deaths will be referred to the Coroner. A spear fisherman has undergone surgery after he was attacked by a shark in central Queensland. The 31-year-old suffered serious injuries to Rockhampton
his arms and was rushed to Rockhampton Hospital. Shark encounters are very uncommon in Capricorn waters. Brought ashore bearing the wounds of a brutal attack. The spear fisherman was in waters off the Capricorn coast near Miall Island when he was caught off guard.He said he was swimming in water about four metres deep and he saw a shark which appeared to be two to three metres in length and it came straight at him and attacked.He battled off the shark and made his way back to his boat. The Yeppoon Coast Guard training near Great Keppel Island responded immediately.We were able to bring him back to Roslyn bay Harbour.The 31-year-old suffered significant blood loss where major injuries to his arms.The bites were sustained to his upper limbs of his arms and minor wounds to the lower leg.The attack happened in the calm waters off Yeppoon, an area where shark attacks are considered extremely rare.So we've had very few shark attacks in this area, none that I can recall. Wrong place at the wrong time.He's exceedingly lucky. The wounds are severe.He's in a stable condition and will be transported to Brisbane tonight. Australian parents are set to dig much deeper for childcare. The Department of Social Services expects an increase of 14% over the next 18 months, taking fees as high as $200 a day in some of the nation's capital cities. But the Federal Government says it's overhaul of the sector will make it more affordable.For parents of young children, childcare fees are one of the biggest costs if the family budget.It feels when you have got childcare, you're always behind the eight ball, you don't feel like you can get ahead.Families in capital cities pay the most with fees at some centres above $150 a day.It's better for us to both work so childcare is definitely on
the only option. You get stung Federal
definitely on the cost.The Federal Government is promising its overhaul of the sector, including a single means-tested childcare subsidy will bring prices down. But reform is still 18 months away and figures from the Department of Social Services reveal long daycare fees will jump by almost 14% in the meantime.We know that all families will be worse off as a result of these fee increases, that every centre, that every child, that every family will have to pay it
more.For some Sydney parents it will mean paying as much as $200 a day.It creates a tipping point where women start to think is it worth me going back to work. By the time I've got the kids up, got them to childcare, worked all day and I look at my pay packet, I'm not making that much money.If we continue to increase childcare fees, it may have an effect on fertility rates as well as women's participation rates in the labour market.Under the two previous Labor Governments the price of childcare also rose by around 6% each year.We accept well and truly there are issues to be dealt with in childcare. We are dealing with them but Labor are all complaint and no solution.The Turnbull Government says the means test will save Australian families an average of $30 a week and there will be an hourly fee cap to help push prices down. A Surf Life Saving official says there was inadequate signage at a popular beach where two young Adelaide boys drowned on New Year's Day. The 11-year-olds got into trouble near a breakwater on Glenelg Beach. It looks like just another summer's day at Glenelg but 24 hours earlier this beach was the scene of a tragedy.Could have been anyone's kids. Not what you want at the start of the year.It's understood five children were climbing and playing on these rocks when they ended up in the water. Three were rescued but two 11-year-old boys couldn't be swim
resuscitated.I would never swim off there. I would never encourage my children to swim off the rocks but I'm not laying blame, I think children will be children and unfortunately they got into trouble. On the other side of the rocks is the ocean really and that's when it's a bit dangerous and a worry.The rocks at this end of Glenelg Beach are popular for climbing over and swimming around. It's 400 metres from the life saving station near Glenelg jetty making any activity on the rocks invisible to the lifeguards. Even today the adults and children were exploring the rocks. The only sign covered dog walkers and a dry zone. Police will speak to the council about danger signs on the breakwater which could make a difference.Sometimes a lot and sometimes as you know with signs, not much at all. We are hoping every preventative measure is in place.Children loves climbing rocks. That looks appealing when you have got a cove there and you think it would be safe. I think there should be good signage along the whole beach.Lifeguards say it's a sad reminder to everyone in Australia to supervise children around the water.If you haven't seen your kids for 20 seconds, it's probably too long. The search continues for a man who disappeared in floodwaters in north-west Queensland last night. The man was last seen diving into Mt Isa's Leichhardt River. Around 10 o'clock last night a man believed to be middle aged was seen crouching beside Mt Isa's swollen Leichhardt River.Crouched into a swimming position, swimming into the current up river and he just disappeared within a split second.All river crossings were closed last night due to recent rains. The flood waters witnesses
were moving very quickly and witnesses say it was impossible to help. One man flagged down a passing car who called the police. Emergency services and swiftwater rescue crews were unable
called to the scene but were unable to find the missing level
man.Five of those were our level 2 water rescue technicians. They are the technicians that enter the waterways. They have been trained for these conditions and carry out a thorough search.Searching has continued throughout the day. Police say the man has been described as tall and possibly indigenous.We have no further details about this, no persons have been reported mission to any police and it's unknown who this person is.This isn't the first time a person has gone missing in the Leichhardt River. Early last year a 60-year-old man drowned when he was swept away by floodwaters in this crossing. Police are urging motorists and pedestrians that if it's flooded, forget it.It's not worth the risk and not work the risk to our emergency service workers either.The search will continue tomorrow. A man is lucky to be alive after a dramatic crash south of Brisbane that left him trapped in his car in a creek for more than an hour. The 59-year-old hit awe power pole near the Browns Plains tip this morning and his car crashed into a creek. Emergency workers had to cut him free. He was conscious throughout.The vehicle has come to rest on its wheels. The male driver was subsequently entrapped quite severely and QFES and Queensland Ambulance attended and have used the jaws of life to extract the male.The man is in a serious condition in hospital. Uber riders say prices surged New Year's
up to 8 times the usual fare on New Year's Eve. The raid sharing app allows prices to rise in times of high demand. Uber said users knew what they were signing up for but the taxi industry says it highlights flaws in the system. Celebrating the New Year turned into an expensive night out for Jacob. He paid $384 for a trip that would normally cost him just over $44.We were informed that there was going to be a higher charge, so we accepted that, got home thinking you know, might be 80, 90 bucks maximum and then 15 minutes later we got the bill for $380. It was pretty ridiculous.Many passengers who got caught out took to social media to vent their anger:

Uber says users were warned about the price surge when they booked. It says of the trips that were charged at surge pricing, 90% were charged at three times or less and 70% of trips on New Year's Eve had no surge at all. But many users were taken by surprise and the taxi industry says it will push customers back into Yellow Cabs.This surge pricing is definitely going to do damage to Uber's marketing strategy and customers will definitely be voting with their feet and their wallets as well.The consumer group Choice says overall Uber is cheaper than taxis but users need to make sure they understand surge pricing.Before using services like Uber which have surge pricing, check the price before you go. Get a fair estimate and split the price with friends.Buyer beware for a happier New Year. A British adventurer has flown a biplane solo from the UK to Australia. Tracy Curtis-Taylor says she now knows what aviation eye near Amy Johnson went through, the first female to make the same journey in 1930. After flying across 23 countries, the Boeing 1942 Stearman finally reaches Australia, touching down in Darwin, the vintage plane has been on an epic journey from flying over the Arabian desert to seeing the mountains of Myanmar from above. The woman in the open cockpit thrilled with what she's achieved.The joy of being able to fly an aeroplane like this at low level halfway around the world in some of the most he epic terrain on the planet has been Curtis-Taylor
beyond anything.Tracy Curtis-Taylor has been retracing parts of Amy Johnson's famous flight from England to Australia in 1930. Amy Johnson made Darwin her first stop in Australia.It's a 9 hundred radial engine.The modern aviatrix paid homage to Twentieth
Amy Johnson.She was a Twentieth Century icon in terms of what she achieved. My flight is very much a tribute to her. It is yet celebrating what the pioneers achieved and what women achieve now in aviation as well.Although decades apart, both women made the journey across open seas and in dangerous conditions without modern comforts.As you can see it's devastating on the skin and hair. It's tiring, it's the noise, the vibration, the exposure.The plane's technology is from the 1920s and it has just a very simple stick and rudder for control. It cruises about the speed of a fast car and for most of the trip it's been at an altitude of 1,500 feet. Tracy Curtis-Taylor saying said flying over Darwin's coastline is euphoric but she is happy to have her feet on the ground. pledged to
US President Barack Obama has pledged to take unilateral action to tackle the issue of gun control in the United States. In his first weekly address of 2016, Mr Obama said his New Year's resolution was to move on what he called America's epidemic of gun violence. He said he would use his executive powers because the US Congress had failed to act.Three years ago bipartisan commonsense bill would have required backgrounds checks for virtually everyone who buys a gun. But the gun lobby mobilised against it and the Senate blocked it. Since then tens of thousands of our fellow Americans have been mowed down by gun violence. Tens of thousands.The US has just marked the third anniversary of the New Town massacre when 20 children and six teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Israeli police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a popular pub in Tel Aviv. Two people were killed and seven injured. The gunman has been identified as an Arab citizen of Israel. Police say there is a strong possibility the incident was a terrorist attack. Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeil New Year's
reports from Tel Aviv. New Year's Day and the busy pub on one of Tel Aviv's main streets was packed with young people. Security camera footage from the supermarket next door shows the gunman calmly opening his backpack, pulling out an automatic rifle and firing at the crowd before fleeing the scene. TRANSLATION: We were shaking. There were about eight of us in the storage room. We leaned against the door so no-one could break in.A distraught father rushed to the scene of the attack to find his son amongst those shot. TRANSLATION: As soon as the ambulance arrived and I saw the kid, I fainted because I saw that the kid was not alive.A few hours later and the city was still in lockdown. The main streets of Tel Aviv are now crawling with Israeli security forces as they try and hunt down the attacker. They have they have
told locals to stay inside and they have been going house to house to try and find the shooter.My house has been searched three times, my neighbourhood, there is policemen every where, Special Forces.The shooter has been identified as a 29-year-old Israeli-Arab man from the north of the country but police haven't said what motivated the attack. They are trying to determine if the gunman had any links to terrorist groups or had radical tendencies. Local media reported that a copy of the Koran was found in a backpack left at the scene. A family member of the suspect went on local television to say that he had a history of mental illness and was not stable at the moment. Police have reportedly seized a computer from the man's house for more clues. The alert of an imminent attack in Munich has been lifted hours after two of the city's main train stations were evacuated. The authorities feared jihad ists were planning a suicide bombing. They have since defended their actions, saying the intelligence that prompted the shut down was credible. Under careful guard, Munich's main train station has are
reopened. German authorities New Year's
are still on alert, though. On New Year's Eve, French and US intelligence suggested there was going to be an Islamic State suicide bombing in Munich. TRANSLATION: There was a plan for a suicide attack which was to hit the main Munich station or at the passing station. A relatively precise time was also given, namely midnight. The stations were evacuated and the military sent out on to the streets. The police took to social media to warn people to stay away from crowds. The attack didn't eventuate. TRANSLATION: I still believe it was the right decision, taking into consideration the concrete threat, concrete place and time and also because of the serious sources.The sources suggested five to seven men from Iraq and Syria were going to carry out the attack. There are some names but beyond that, it's sketchy. TRANSLATION: We do not know if they are here in Munich or even if they are in Germany.It's not the first scare for Germany. A football match was cancelled after the Paris terrorist attacks over similar fears. TRANSLATION: The level of threat is high and will continue to be high in the New Year.There's relief in European capitals that the threats over Christmas and New Years either didn't eventuate or were thwarted but there's also nervousness about what 2016 might bring. Australia has been given a rare glimpse of China's military might. Part of its Navy fleet has docked at Brisbane's port. The Australian and Chinese navies have been on a joint training mission. The two warships docked at the Port of Brisbane for a goodwill visit to Australia. Soldiers and sailors were greeted at the wharf by Brisbane's Chinese community. Under the watchful eye of officers, locals were invited to see the destroyer and frigate up close. Cannons, machine guns, missile silos, China's state of the art war machines impressed many.The ship awesome. In my first time in my life I see a ship like this.A big one, stronger, exciting.But some weren't concentrating on the military hardware.A lot of Chinese people, so exciting and we can very
see this handsome soldiers, very cool, yeah.These warships have spent the last two night conducting exercises with HMAS 'Darwin' off the Queensland coast. The aim, to practice communications between the Australian and Chinese navies.They are very basic exercises. It's just to promote the inter-operability between the two ships.Australian naval officers were also given the opportunity to learn more about the visiting world power.It's great to see visiting Navy ships and always interesting to see when they come into town.The Chinese task group has been on a global deployment for about five months and will spend a number of days in Brisbane before returning home. Time for sport now with Natalie Yoannidis. In the A-League, an under-strength Melbourne City is taking it up to Sydney FC. Without a host of stars including Aaron Mooy who pulled out with injury, but it was the home side that took a first-half lead. COMMENTATOR: Delivers! There is the goal! From Aaron Hughes! His first in the A-League.Sydney regrouped after the break and Ninkovitch goaled getting the Sky Blues back into the contest but city struck back midway through the second half to reclaim a one-goal advantage before the visitors won't go away. A second Ninkovitch goal has scores locked at 2-all.The Brisbane Roar has moved to the top of the A-League ladder. The Roar defeated Perth Glory 2-1 in an entertaining clash. The Roar were chasing their fourth win in a row. Their young star was keen to strike against his former club. COMMENTATOR: Not too far away from Jamie MacLaren.Jade North denied Jamal rEINERS at the other end. The Roar's marquee man couldn't beat the most experienced keeper.What a save from Covic.Perth's Chris Harold found an obstacle of his own.Jamie Young had to get down low.An untimely stumble proved costly for the visitors.Should have done a lot better.The nil-all deadlock was broken in the 52nd minute.Jamie MacLaren scores against his old club. That is the goal he he was looking for.And Henrique aadded to his impressive highlight real.They love it here in Brisbane.A sublime cut back by Diego Costa helped reignite Perth's quest for glory.Scores with his first touch.The visitors suddenly looked dangerous. Jamie Young denied them again.A big, big kick from Jamie Young.The Roar custodian could be thankful for timely help from his friends as the home side prevailed to move to the top of the ladder. Australia will field two spinners for the Third Test against the West Indies which Stephen O'Keefe
starts at the SCG tomorrow. Stephen O'Keefe has been recalled at the expense of paceman Peter Siddle who is still being troubled by an Peter Siddle
ankle injury. Peter Siddle went through his paces in the nets but it appears the selectors had already made their minds up about playing two spinners for the first time in Australia since 2006. NSW team-mates Nathan Lyon and Stephen O'Keefe will combine on their home ground.It gives us an opportunity to see Stephen. We have got a tour of Sri Lanka coming up where two spinners can a pretty good possibility.Siddle will rest his ankle for two weeks in a bid to be fit for the upcoming tour of New Zealand. SCG curator Tom Parker says the pitch will have less of a green tinge tomorrow but the covers might come out during this Test.Day two and three they are predicting 40mm each day. Hopefully we will have clear skies but not looking good at the moment.The world's coolest cricketers donned the pink caps for the McGrath Foundation and forecast more of the aggressive approach that surfaced during the Second Test.I'm one of those players that like that kind of thing. It keeps me in the game. I don't think we should be on the field not saying anything.Australia has wrapped up the series but another win would help of
Australia to return to the top of the rankings?We want to be number one in all three formats. We are working hard to get to there.All rounder Mitch Marsh is likely to be working harder as one of only three pace bowlers in the team. A century to Luke Ryan has seen the Melbourne Stars beat the renegades in their Big Bash League derby. In front of a record BBL crowd, a Cameron White half century set their rivals 162 for victory. A massive innings from Wright has seen the stars win the match by seven wickets. Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios says he has matured since his controversial 2015 campaign. But he insists he has no regrets over his actions. Kyrigios was criticised for a string of on-court incidents during a rollercoaster year after arriving in Perth to Hopman
begin his 2016 campaign in the Hopman Cup, he says he has grown as a person but won't change his on court antics too muchI've got no regrets. I knew it was going to be a rollercoaster. I'm a young dude in his career, still growing into trying to be more Daria Gavrilova in
mature.Kyrigios will partner Daria Gavrilova in the mixed teams events which begins tomorrow. And Roger Federer has arrived in Australia as he embarks on his quest to claim an 18th Grand Slam title. The world No.3, who is in bribs to defend his Crown hasn't won a major since Wimbledon in 2012.I'm happy how I'm playing. Last year was Novak's year. He played so well. There is only that much to win. If somebody is so dominant and got sky high confidence. It was a pity for me but I don't feel sorry for myself. I've won so much through my career. I feel if I keep pushing forward, it might happen. If not, it's OK.The Swiss master has a bye in the first round but could play It will
Aussie Ben Mitchell in Round 2. It will be the first time he links up with new coach Ivan Ljubicic. Let's take a look at the satellite. A broad area of low pressure is bringing rain and a few storms over Queensland, Eastern
eastern NSW and parts of Eastern Victoria. Over the other side of the country, a trough is triggering thunderstorms across central WA. And a ridge is bringing clear skies to SA and the NT. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

That is the news for now, I'm Kathryn Robinson. You can keep up-to-date on all the stories we're following by visiting our website and that's Stay with us, 'Catalyst' is next.

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