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Today - New Zealand police confirm two dead climbers found near Mount Cook are Australians. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Also ahead - a spear fisherman mauled by a shark off the central Queensland coast. Child care costs predicted to hit $200 a day in some major cities by 2017. Stephen O'Keefe set to make his home debut after being named to replace Peter Siddle for the third Test. Hello. You're watching ABC News. I'm Kathryn Robinson. A quick look at the weather for tomorrow: More Australian lives have been lost in New Zealand's challenging mountain terrain. New Zealand police have confirmed two experienced climbers from Melbourne were killed after falling in the Mount Cook National Park. The bodies of Stuart Hollaway and his partner Dale Thistlethwaite have been recovered from the upper slopes of Mt Silberhorn. Police say they fell from the top of a 3,000m high mountain early on 29 December. They were last heard from via a radio call and their bodies were found roped together on New Year's Day. They had been travelling and climbing in the South Island since early December. Stuart Hollaway was a highly respected mountain guide. A man is undergoing surgery after he was attacked by a shark off the coast of central Queensland. The 31-year-old was spear fishing in waters off Yeppoon just before midday. He fought off the shark and made his way back to his boat. He was treated at the scene for serious lacerations to his legs and arms. He's now in Rockhampton Base Hospital in a a serious but stable condition. We've had very few shark attacks in this area. None that I can recall. And so, yeah, wrong place at the wrong time. Because they'd been in the water, there was an issue with temperature. And they needed to be wrapped up well to recover from the shock. The Federal Government says its overhaul of the child care system will make it more affordable. But the department of Social Services says fees for long-term day care are set to rise 14% by July next year. That would mean fees for a handful of daycare centres in Sydney could hit $200 a day and $150 a day in parts of inner Melbourne. Education Minister Simon Birmingham says the overhaul will include a cap on some services. Child care costs are a real problem, which is why our government has taken it seriously, gone through a proper process of getting the Productivity Commission to analyse all of the factors in the child care system and we are pursuing the most comprehensive reforms to child care funding and support that the nation has seen since child care subsidies and rebates were introduced. We're applying reforms that will keep a downward pressure on prices by having an hourly fee cap that's uniform across the nation that's designed to try to keep child care prices down, while we apply a new regime that gives the most support to those working families who most need it. The more hours a family works under the new child care subsidy , the greater the level of support they will get. The less income they earn, the greater the rate of subsidy on their child care rates they will get. This is an incredibly fair reform package, and my plea to the Labor Party today is that if they are genuinely concerned about the child care costs and availability in Australia, step out of the way, pass our savings measures and allow the child care reforms to pass and to come into law, because that is the way through $3.2 billion in extra spending that we can make sure we give the support Australian families need for child care. Education Minister Simon Birmingham speaking there. Opposition education spokeswoman Kate Ellis says independent analysis shows one in four families will be worse off under the changes. Figures released today show that Australian families will continue to pay the cost of the Turnbull Government being full of talk but no action when it comes to stopping child care fee increases. The figures revealed today show that some families will be hit by fees of $200 as we see a 14% increase in fees before the government's proposed child care reforms will even come into effect in 2017. What we know is that this will hurt thousands of Australian families. As well as their children. We know that many parents cannot be expected to find $200 in order to send their child to quality child care for a day so that they can return to work, so the impact of these fee increases will be that children will no longer have access to quality early childhood education. Parents will no longer be able to participate in the work force. And as a result, it won't just be families, but it will be the national economy who will be hit as a result of this. This is a government who came to power promising that they would make child care more affordable. But we see the only thing that they have actually delivered in this area is $2.3 billion worth of cuts to existing child care programs. Australian families deserve better than Malcolm Turnbull constantly changing child Care Ministers, constantly talking about what the government might do, but sitting back and remaining inactive as fees soar. Kate Ellis speaking there. A search is under way for a man near Mount Isa in north west Queensland. Specialist rescue teams have launched a full-scale search after he was seen diving into the Leichhardt River late on Friday night. Torrential rain has turned the usually dry river into a fast-moving watercourse and carrying a lot of debris. Local police say the water level has dropped about 5 feet since the man went missing but it's still moving quickly and is very murky. Eyewitness Mark Keyes watched the man dive into the river in the dark on Friday night. Then he was walking out on the footpath and he was slipping around and then he crossed the bridge diagonal and then he braced himself into a swimming position, ready to swim in through the current upriver, and then he just disappeared, like in a split second like that. A surf-lifesaving official says there was inadequate signage at a popular beach where two young Adelaide boys drowned on New Year's Day. The 11-year-old s got into trouble near a breakwater on Glenelg Beach. The area is considered dangerous for swimmers, but it doesn't have any warning signs. It looks like just another summer's day at Glenelg, but 24 hours earlier, this beach was the scene of a tragedy. Could've been anyone's kids. Not what you want at the start of the year really, is it It's understood five children were climbing and playing on these rocks when they ended up in the water. Three of them were rescued, but two 11-year-old boys couldn't be resuscitated. Their families watched on in despair along with hundreds of beachgoers. I would never swim off there. I would never encourage my children to swim off the rocks. But I'm not laying blame. I just think children will be children and unfortunately they got into trouble and on the other side of the rocks is the ocean, really, and that's when it's a bit dangerous and it's a bit of a worry. The rocks at this end of Glenelg Beach are pop har for climbing over and swimming around of the having said that, it's some 400m from the lifeguard station near the Glenelg jetty, making any activity on the rocks almost invisible to the lifeguards. Even today there were children and adults exploring the rocks. Surf-lifesaving patrols the beach at Glenelg and will seek to the local council at danger signs at the breakwater which could make a difference. We're hoping that every preventive measure we can put in place is actually in place and we'll work forward from there.Children love climbing rocks. You would think it was safe with the little cove there. There should be good signage placed along the whole beach, really.Lifeguards say it's a sad reminder to everyone in Australia to swim between the flags and supervise children around the water. If you haven't seen your kids for 20 seconds, it's probably a bit too long. Lightning has started at least 15 fires across Victoria's east overnight, with authorities warning it could be some time before several err extinguished. 20 firefighters from New Zealand will arrive tomorrow to relieve some of the exhausted Victorian crew. They're using this weekend's milder conditions to fight bushfires still burning along the Great Ocean Road. The 2300 hectare blaze claimed more than 100 homes on Christmas Day. A man is lucky to be alive after a dramatic crash south of Brisbane that left him trapped in his car in a creek for more than an hour. The 59-year-old hit a power pole near the brown plains tip this morning and his car crashed into a creek. Emergency workers had to cut him free from the wreckage. He was conscious throughout. The vehicle came to rest on its wheels. The male driver was subsequently entrapped quite severely. QFES and Queensland ambulance attended and had to use the jaws of life to extract the male. The man is in a serious condition in hospital. A woman has been released from hospital after a suspected drug overdose during the Field Day Music Festival in Sydney's CBD. The 23-year-old was taken to St Vincent's Hospital in a critical condition. She's since been released. Police say one 26-year-old woman was found with 100 ecstasy capsules. Almost 200 revellers were charged for drug offences at the festival, but police say people were generally well behaved. It's actually - the arrest numbers are down from last year. People will continue to come to these events and take drugs and the police will continue to police these events. If you intend to come with drugs, we'll hopefully detect you and arrest you. Do you think your approach is working?The approach? Well, each vid - individual person has to take responsibility for their own actions. You never know what will be in a pill and therefore you always take the risk of overdosing and this is the best course of action that police take to prevent people taking drugs into the festivals. No drugs were buried in the event earlier. A dog goes around the venue before the event to find anything hidden beforehand. All detections were the result of drug dogs by covert police outside the premises. The director of St Vincent's Hospital's Emergency Department says they've noticed an increasing number of women taking amphetamine substances over the holiday period. There is an increasing prevalence, the preferred drug for ladies is one or two pills, ecstasy, that's what they think it is. MDMA. We see a lot of it, every week rnsd even during the week from now till about nearly Easter is party time for Sydney. We see a lot of it. Even yesterday, we saw a couple of people who related to music festivals, who came to us because they were transporting internally, drugs, pills, and they got into trouble from that. They had bowel problems and things like that. So our thirst for ecstasy in Australia, especially amongst the females, is massive. A lot of money to be made by the illegal drug industry. And it really is a quandary, why the hell are we doing it? Why do they feel the need to? I don't know. The increase in girls preferring ecstasy and, over this Christmas period we've had quite a few, let's say it really started with the office Christmas parties. People who are normal citizens, secretaries, to even bosses, lady bosses, it's that sort of slab, but it is definitely increasing, and I can't see it stopping soon. What we found, very much markedly in the last few years, that nearly all the ecstasy overdoses and trouble is alcohol first. So alcohol - no excessive amounts necessarily, not at all. A few drinks, a few glasses of wine and then they make - their decision making is impaired and they feel they're safe to take an illegal drug. Every Friday, Saturday night. A whole number of young females, that includes the ones in the early 20s, who've come to grief from it. My big message is: (a) don't do it, it's not worth it, but if something, you do it and something goes wrong, get help, get ambulance as soon as possible, come to us. If we get you early, I promise you, you will survive. If you're frightened 'cause you're 15 years old, then don't give us your real name. We're not the police. So as soon as something happens, they become sleepy, everybody knows that something's not right, get help at a music festival, go to the medicine tent ASAP, get help, come to us. We will look after you and we will not betray your confidence. President Barack Obama has pledged to take unilateral action to tackle the issue of gun control in the United States. In his first weekly address of 2016, Mr Obama said his new year's resolution was to move on what he called America's epidemic of gun violence. He said he would use his executive powers because the US Congress had failed to act. Three years ago, a bipartisan commonsense Bill would've required background checks for virtually everyone who buys a gun, but the gun lobby mobilised against it and the Senate blocked it. Since then, tens of thousands of our fellow Americans have been mowed down by gun violence. Tens of thousands! The US has just marked the third anniversary of the Newtown massacre, when 20 children and 6 teachers were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Israeli police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a popular pub in Tel Aviv. Two people were killed and at least seven wounded before the shooter fled the scene. The gunman has been identified as an Arab citizen of Israel, but police say the motive for the attack is not clear. Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill reports from Tel Aviv. New Year's Day and the busy pub on one of Tel Aviv's main streets was packed with young people. Security camera footage from the supermarket next door shows the gunman calmly opening his backpack, pulling out an automatic rifle and firing at the crowd before fleeing the scene.TRANSLATION: We were shaking. There were about eight of us in the storage room. We leaned against the door so no-one could break in. A distraught father rushed to the scene of the attack, to find his son amongst those shot.TRANSLATION: As soon as the ambulance arrived and I saw the kid, I faint ed because I saw that the kid was not alive.A few hours later and the city was still in lockdown. The main streets of Tel Aviv are now crawling with Israeli security forces, as they try and hunt down the attacker. They've told locals to stay inside and they've been going house to house to try and find this shooter. My house has been searched three times, you know, my neighbourhood, there's policemen everywhere, Special Forces. The shooter has been identified as a 29-year-old Israeli Arab man from the north of the country. But police haven't said what motivated the attack. They're trying to determine if the gunman had any links to terrorist groups or had radical tendencies. Local media reported that a copy of the Koran was found in a backpack left at the scene. A family member of the suspect went on local television to say that he had a history of mental illness and was not stable at the moment. Police have reportedly seized a computer from the man's house for more clues. The alert of an imminent attack in Munich has been lifted, hours after two of the city's main train stations were evacuated due to fears that jihadists were planning a suicide bombing. Authorities have defended their actions, saying the intelligence that prompted the shutdown was credible. Under careful guard, Munich's main train station has reopened. German authorities are still on alert, though. On New Year's Eve, French and US intelligence suggested there was going to be an Islamic State suicide bombing in Munich.TRANSLATION: There was a plan for a suicide attack, which was to hit the main Munich station or at the Pasing station. A relatively precise time was also given, namely, midnight. The stations were evacuated and the military sent out onto the streets. The police took to social media to warn people to stay away from crowds. The attack didn't eventuate. TRANSLATION: I still believe it was the right decision, taking into consideration the concrete threat, concrete place and time and also because of the serious sources. The sources suggested five to seven men from Iraq and Syria were going to carry out the attack. There are some names, but beyond that, it's sketchy.TRANSLATION: We do not know if they're mere in Munich or even if they're in Germany. It's not the first scare for Germany. A football match was cancelled after the Paris terrorist attacks over similar fears.TRANSLATION: The level of threat is high, and will continue to be high in the new year. There's relief in European capitals that the threats over Christmas and new year's either didn't eventuate or were thwarted. But there's also nervousness about what 2016 might bring. Time for sport now. Australia will field two spinners in its XI for the third Test against the West Indies which starts at the SCG tomorrow. Stephen O'Keefe has been recalled to the team at the expense of paceman Peter Siddle, who's still being troubled by an ankle injury. Peter Siddle went through his paces in the nets, but it appears the selectors had already made their minds up about playing two spinners for the first time in Australia since 2006. New South Wales team-mates Nathan Lyon and Stephen O'Keefe will combine on their home ground. Gives us an opportunity now to see Stephen and see how he goes. Obviously we've got a tour of Sri Lanka coming up, where two spinners is a pretty good possibility. Siddle will rest his ankle for two weeks in a bid to be fit for the upcoming tour of New Zealand. SCG curator Tom Parker says the pitch will have less of a green tinge tomorrow, but there's a strong chance the covers will come out during this Test. Day 2 and Day 3, they're predicting 40 mm each day. That's a lot of rain. So wait and see. Hopefully that will change and we'll have some clear skies but it's not looking good at the moment.The world's coolest cricketers donned the pink caps for the McGrath Foundation and forecast more of the aggressive approached that surfaced during the second Test. I'm one of the players that like that kind of thing. It keeps me in the game personally. I believe that's the way cricket should be played. I don't think we should be on the field not saying anything. Australia's already wrapped up the series but another victory will help the world No. 3 in its bid to return to the top of the Test rankings. Huge motivation. That's what we want to do. We want to be No. 1 in all three formats. We're working extremely hard to get to there.All rounder Mitch Marsh is likely to be working harder, as one of only three pace bowlers in the team. Still on cricket - the Hurricanes have ended the Sydney Thunder's unbeaten start to the Big Bash season with an 11-run win in Hobart. The visitors sent the Hurricanes in to bat and some superb fielding and tight bowling restricted the tourists to 163. Skipper Mike Hussey ensured the Thunder were well positioned before a team hat trick triggered a late collapse. Massive moment in the match. He has taken the catch. Dan Christian's direct hit since Chris Hartley packing for a diamond duck while Jake Reed and a flying Tim Paine combined to dismiss Chris Read and move the Hurricanes to outright third on the BBL ladder. A record crowd here. We're very thankful for our fans turning up. The fielding towards the end, that back half, probably won us the game in the end. Reidy bowl ed a terrific over. Sean Tait was outstanding tonight. He has been a terrific signing for us. The Big Bash League continues today with the Melbourne derby between the Stars and Renegades just getting under way, while later on tonight, Perth will host an injury plagued Sydney Sixers with Ryan Carter likely to take the gloves after Brad Haddin was ruled out with a hamstring injury. In the A-League, Aran Moy will miss the clash with Sydney tonight. Brisbane Roar has a chance to go top of the ladder if they get a two-goal win over Perth Glory. So far the Roar have been luckless in front of goal. A number of chances have gone begging while Perth has had the best of the opportunities but skipper Michael that wait was unable to find the back of the net. At half-time scores were locked at 0-0. And referee Ben Williams has apologised following a number of controversial decisions in Western Sydney's 0-0 draw with Adelaide United. Adelaide's Michael Marrone was denied a spot kick, while Mark Bridge was denied a penalty at the other end. Having seen the contact now, I think that's a penalty. My apologies there. In regards to the other one, with Mark Bridge challenge, from my position I saw the defender take the ball but I couldn't see the other back leg and the other back leg is probably the one that takes Cam bridge and that's probably a penalty also. The draw extends Western Sydney's unbeaten run to 10 matches. Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios says he's matured since his controversial 2015 campaign, but he insists he has no regrets over his actions. Kyrgios was criticised for a string of on-court incidents during a roller-coaster year, after arriving in Perth to begin his 2016 campaign in the Hopman Cup, the 20-year-old says he's grown as a person, but won't change his on-court antics too much. Got no regrets but at the same time I knew it was going to be a roller-coaster. You know, I'm a young dude in his career, still growing into trying to be more mature. Kyrgios will partner Eugene Galekovic in the mixed teams event which begins tomorrow. And Roger Federer has arrived in Australia as he embarks on his quest to claim an 18th Grand Slam title. The world No. 3, who is in Brisbane to defend his Brisbane International crown, hasn't won a Major since Wimbledon back in 2012.Still happy now I'm playing. Last year was Novak's year. There's only that much to win if somebody is that dominant. He has sky-guy confidence. It was a pity for me, but I have won so much throughout my career. I feel like if I keep pushing forward, it might happen and if not, it's also OK. The Swiss master has a bye in the first round, but could play Aussie Ben Mitchell in round 2. The tournament will be the first time Federer links up with new coach Ivan Lubicic. The San Francisco coach Jim Tomsula has praised Jarryd Hayne ahead of the 49ers' last game of the seasoned on Monday morning. The coach was positive when he spoke of the progress Hayne has made in his first season in the NFL. The former rugby league star is expected to be chosen in the run-on side for the 49ers' clash with the Rams with with his spot in the 53-man roster giving San Fran the Australian's rights for next year.It's about guys who are developing. We were all excited about Jarryd Hayne the other day. You saw the stuff that he's been working on in practice, that Tom's had him doing and you saw that show up on game day. Which it wasn't before. But you know, that's just something you have to do. And keep doing. Let's look at the satellite. A broad area of low pressure is bringing rain and a few storms over Queensland, eastern New South Wales and parts of eastern Victoria. Over the other side of the country, a trough is triggering thunderstorms across central-western Australia. And a ridge is bringing clear skies to South Australia and the Northern Territory. Looking around the country for tomorrow:

Thousands have braved the chilly winter waters across the US to ring in the new year with the annual polar bear plunge. The biggest crowds were at New York's Coney Island which has been hosting the plunge for over a century. The water temperature was recorded at minus 1 degree celsius this year. Apart from getting rid of the new year hangover, the event aims to raise money for charity. And that is the news for now. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Stay with us. Talk About It is next.