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(generated from captions) with $100,000 What are you gonna do Aussie cash? in tax-free, cold, hard,

gonna do is take a honeymoon Well, the first thing we're because we never got to do that. three weeks later, When I arrived to Australia, from my then-girlfriend, I got a call "Guess what, I'm pregnant!" my lovely bride.

quick, so we never got to... But we had to do things pretty Where are you gonna take Steph? Where are you gonna go? Going to the Maldives, Steph! We're gonna go to the Maldives.

Seph just won $100,000! Good on ya, mate!

in the Millionaire Hot Seat! See you next time Well done! Yeah! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by counted.

And we speak to Oprah as she flies

to Australia for a whirlwind visit.

It's a long trip but worth it.

Police have taken a sledge hammer

to organised crime across Sydney.

31 people are in police custody

tonight. Among them, some of the

drug trade. major players in the Australian

500 police took part in the top

secret operation, code named strike force domino.

Police say they've smashed a series

of drug manufacturing and

distribution networks. We will be

alleging that there are six linked

criminal syndicates involved. In

all, 31 people were arrested right

across the Metropolitan area and as

far afield as WA. Among them,

former Olympic judo champion Warren

Richards who competed in the

1976Montreal Games. Today, we

haven't taken a tenical off the

beast, we've removed a very, very

big beast. A large degree of people

who have been in business in the

criminal syndicates for a

significant period of years believe

themselves untouchable. This

morning we've disproved that. We

learned that a number of other

people linked to the criminal mileu

of the '70s and '80s have also been

taken into custody. They include a

man who was accused in 1988 of

conspiring to murder drug dealer

Michael Saywers. The drudges were

later dropped. We confirm that

those in custody are major players.

A drug lab has been located and

dismantled. Narcotics worth $9

million, cash, luxury cars and even

a helicopter were seized during the

raids. If you're a successful drug

dealer with a nice car and house, I

think you would be worried about

when we're going to come and

collect it. Those arrested look at

the range of supply of cocaine,

amphetamines and LSD. When it comes

to narcotics, NSW is closed for

business. Simon joins us now from

NSW Police Headquarters. This is

operation. just the start of a massive

The organised crime targeting squad

hasn't been in operation that long,

but judging by today's operation,

they certainly look like they're

taking on the crime syndicates

head-on and there will be more arrests.

The floods that have caused so much

misery across NSW have now also

claimed a life. Our correspondent

has been covering this story.

It's pwhairly a foot deep, but last

Friday night, she attempted to

drive her ute through this swollen

causeway. Her husband, Don, warned

her to be careful in the floods.

And she said, "Look, I want to get

home. "They were our last words.

Denise managed to escape the

sinking vehicle but couldn't

survive the strong current. Her

body was washed 0.5km down the

river. Don drove straight past the

water-logged ute when he's rieveed

home. He had spent the week working

at their other property where he

couldn't be reached by phone. He

contacted police after not being

able to fine his wife. Officers

searched the area before delivering

the bad news. The officer said her

body had been located. I knew, I

knew then. Denise is the first

person to die in these floods. A

tragedy for her family less than

three weeks before Christmas.

Wikileaks boss Julian Assange is

behind bars tonight but not for

revealing embarrassing secrets,

rather for alleged sex crimes in

Sweden. His arrest coinciding with

a damaging leak about Kevin Rudd.

We have the latest from London and

Canberra beginning with our Europe

correspondent nosm I will Julian

Assange driven into court in the

back of a -- Julian Assange driven

into court in the back of a police

car. The man everyone knew, freedom

was no longer on his terms. He's

wanted in Sweden over encounters

with two women in August. He claims

both cases were consentual. The

judge rejected an offer of $300,000

in bail - the money was put up by

high profile supporters including

Australian journalist John Pilger.

This is about a basic freedom. The

freedom of free information. The

freedom of speech and it is about

justice. Jemima Khan has never even

met Julian Assange, but there she

was in court offering help. I'm

here because I believe this is

about the principle of the

universal right of freedom of

information. Throughout today's

hearing, the magistrate repeated

over and over again that this was

not about Wikileaks, but a serious

sexual allegation from another

European country. Julian Assange

became the subject of an

international man-hunt after

releasing 250,000 sensitive

documents. Julian Assange will

vigorously oppose extradition. His

supporters say that the Swedish

prosecution is a pretext, all part

of a bigger conspiracy to get him

on to American soil where US

prosecutors are working up a case

alleging espionage and national

security crimes.

Let's go to Peter in London now.

What's next for Julian Assange?

Well, Julian Assange has six days

to put up his case to avoid

deportation to Sweden. His next

appearance will be next Tuesday.

He's got some pretty serious help

joining his legal help too

including Australian human rights

lawyer Jeffrey Robertson. And if

all of that fails, they can appeal

all the way up to the British High

Court, so Pete, still plenty of

options on the table before they

have to jump on the plane to Sweden.

Let's now go to our correspondent

in Canberra. Some scathing remarks

made by the US embassy about Kevin

Rudd. There sure are. According to

the latest cables, it's just not

pretty. Kevin Rudd described as an

abrasive control freak with doubts

raised as to whether he was even up

to being Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd

turning the soil on a Brisbane

housing development. But it's Rudd

who needed the hard hat, and if mud

sticks, he's covered in it. Smeared

by kails from the US embassy to

Washington saying as Prime Minister,

he was a control freak, abrasive

and compulsive. That he doesn't

have the staff or experience to do

the job properly and he made snap

announcements without consulting. I

couldn't care lels. That's water

off a duck's back. Diplomats have

this, and write these sorts of

things worldwide. Dismissed as the

rough and tumble of international

diplomacy. My job is to stand up to

the Australian interests where

other governments agree with it or

not. Kevin Rudd is doing a

fantastic job. Certainly, the

current ambassador is happy. In

fact, it seems he and Kevin Rudd

have a special relationship. On a

personal level, we're good mates.

You know, you've probably seen us

walking around the lake together.

We're having a bromance. If

Wikileaks has Kevin Rudd hot under

the collar, it's having no impact

on the consular assistance for

Julian Assange. Any Australian is

due to consular assistance,

including Julian Assange. The key

is making sure that his welfare is

well looked after.

Australian schools will have a

national curriculum by 2013.

Federal, State and territory

Education Ministers today agreed

that all children from kinder dells

garten to Year 10 will learn from -

- kindergarten to Year 10 will

learn from the syllabus. They're

worried that it will lower our State standards.

A 36-year-old man has avoided jail

despite getting behind the wheel of

his car while almost seven times

over the legal alcohol limit. He

had a blood alcohol reading of

0.342 after getting into his car at

Randwick and turning the engine on.

Police found him passed out behind

the wheel. He was given an eight-

month suspended sentence and had

his licence disqualified for two

years. Foil Oprah has arrived. And

she's flown straight to one of

Australia's most magical spots. The

Queen of TV has begun her whirlwind

trip at Hamilton Island meeting the

local wildlife, and as you would

expect, she's loving Australia.

She's finally here - Oprah coming

face-to-face with koalas of

Hamilton island, giving the talk

show Queen a warm and fuzzy feeling

that she wants to share with her

fans back in America. I mean, so

many hours to get here, but worth

it, really. It was so gorgeous

flying in. Yeah, better than a book

or a magazine or a travel log. It's

spectacular is what it is. What are

your first impressions? I just love

it. I flew in saying, God, I need

to move here. And locals scored a

nice compliment as well. The

friendliest, really, the greatest.

For Oprah's American audience, it

was another action-packed day.

Ready for the next adventure.

Fanning out in groups across the

country for a postcard parade of

Aussie hot spots including Hamilton

Island, the Blue Mountains and

Byron Bay. As well, a sea plane

trip to the Hunter Valley squeezing

every drop out of a trip to the

vineyards. And another group,

kitted out in akoubras, heading to

the sun burnt top end. We are

dressed for the conditions. Just a

warm-up for next Tuesday when Oprah

will record two episodes of her

show at the Sydney Opera House.

Then, there are rumours of a third

episode, possibly shot at Uluru.

All of this will be seen around the

world. Oprah's show screened in 145

countries. In America alone, seen

each day by 40 million people.

And Sarah Harris joins us live now

from Kirribilli. The tourism

industry must be hoping that all of

this publicity will lure more

visitors here. Absolutely. So far,

just the hype around Oprah's visit

has generated $38 million in free

advertising for Australian tourism,

but look, the real exposure will

come when the two Oprah shows go to

air, and hopefully it, it will

trigger a surge of visitors into

Australia not just from the United

States but also into the UK and

Asia. A young girl who tried to

save her father from a terrifying

truck crash has been honoured for

her drivery. She was among five

children recognised today for their

amazing achievements.

They say that courage comes in all

shapes and sizes. Well, meet five

very remarkable examples. Young

people who have shown the greatest

bravery facing an overcoming

frightening odds. They are just so

special and so courageous and this

is the one chance that we have to

honour these young people of

Australia. Such as Kaitlin.

Stricken with a brain tumour that's

left her virtually blind anding

time with children's charities.

When I go to the hospital, it kind

of all goes away. And then when I

look around, it's like, yeah, I'm

pretty normal. When I see the other

kids. Siobhan Parker. She's seven

now. Two years ago, she was trapped

in her father's blazing truck.

She'd gone for a ride with her dad.

He was trapped. She couldn't free

him. She gave him water and escaped

seconds before the truck exploded.

Later, she told her mum that the

angels had come for daddy. Today,

with her bravery award, all she

wanted to talk about was meeting

San a. What have you asked for at

Christmas? A teddy, an iPod and a

Zu Zu. Of course, all of the young

people are different, except in one

very important way. They all

believe there are many others who

are much worse off than they are,

and it is those others who need

their help. Wonderful.

In the news ahead:

How to avoid the cli mass gifts

that could injure your child.

Plus, how fans mark the anniversary

of John Lennon's death.

And actor Paul Mercurio pays

tribute to

(BRIGHT MUSIC) The St.George Business Mentor Program is a series of training seminars run in local communities to help small businesses be their best. And they're open to our small business customers for free. St.George - all the strength of a big bank, with the soul of a small.

Stkpwhrts less than three weeks

until Christmas -- it's less than

three weeks until Christmas and

everyone is searching for the best

presents. If toys are what you're

after, be careful. Investigators

have found more than 140 types of

toys that are dangerous and they've

now been taken off the shelves.

Ethan always looks out for his two-

year-old sister. When they're

playing, he makes sure that small

toys are out of sight. If she

swallows them, then she doesn't

breathe. A warning from a five-

year-old heard loud and clear by

authorities. They've ordered 102

retailers to remove toys from their

store's she was. Some of the toys

that we did confiscate could cause

a lot of danger to children.

Inspectors found that some didn't

have proper labels and the parts

were too small for children and had

the potential to cause injury. The

suppliers are now under

investigation. We want to make sure

that the children are fully

protected. The toys removed were

mainly found in discount variety

stores. Toys 'R' Us says that

everything in their stores are

there and all retailers have a

responsibility to know everything

about what they're selling. If you

bought your Christmas gifts early

this year, it's possible that you

have one of the banned toys under

the tree right now. The toys were

being pulled off the shelves up

until last night. The advice from

Fair Trading is to look for a full

list. And as Ethan says, take them

out from underneath the tree.

For the second week in a row,

Britain is facing a blast of brutal

winter weather and many Scottish

motorways are already seized up as

the snow rolls in.

Even in the south of the country,

temperatures tomorrow won't get

above 2 degrees.

In the world of theme parks, a

brand new attraction planned for

Kentucky in the United States.

They're getting a full scale

version of the publical Noah's Ark.

Past of a Christian experience.

It's a sister attraction to

Kentucky's Creation Museum. The

success of the museum is prompting

a new landmark in the Bible story.

Foil 30 years on, it's a day

remembered intensely by millions of

people. The shooting of Beatle John

Lennon outside his New York

apartment. Lennon would have been

70 years old.

'Strictly Ballroom' star Paul

Mercuio has spoken about the death

of his father, Gus. He was 28 and

said that he need today live until

at least 96 because he wanted to

take his youngest granddaughter out

for her 18th birthday. He was a man

with big dreams and he'll be missed.

He became one of the most

recognised stars in Australian film

and TV. His career included a role

in 'Croak owe dial Dundee II'. He

died during surgery for a chest

aneurysm late yesterday afternoon.

And now, the Ashes humiliation in

Adelaide? Our Ashes probably need

some help. And here's a hin of

where it might come from.

Also, fun and games in the sand hills.

And I'm inside the boxing ring at

Acer Arena

After a crushing Test at Adelaide,

there are renewed calls for Shane

Warne to again pull on the baggy

green. That's unlikely, but his

former mentor says that Warne is

the perfect man to become

Australian cricket's new spin


Sunnies on, England looked a tad

weary this morning. It's nothing

compared to the headache Australian

Cricket has right now. For Terry

Jenner, that's hard to watch.

Stkpwhrmple I'm not here to

criticise the selectors. That's not

what it is about, but they're

getting wrong. He helped to turn

Shane Warne from a rough diamond

into a cricketing gem and for four

years now, he's watched the

desperate search for a new Sheikh

of tweak. Warne is the best chance

to be able to impart this stuff.

The problem, Jenner says, is too

much Twenty20 and one day cricket

too early. We're just so impatient

to push these guys forward and

we're just burn burning them off

one-by-bun. It could be the blonde

hair and baby face, but Jenner has

seen something special in Steven

Smith. I was privileged to have a

bit to do with him up at the

Academy and also in NSW where he

spun the ball like this. Beautiful

to watch. The original spin doctor

is now too ill to actively help our

cricketers after suffering a

serious heart attack, doctors have

given him six months to live. He

has one wish for his beloved sport.

I'd like to think that if I was

looking down from heaven one day,

that there were some kids who

actually had some good basic

technique and they were bowling the

way we always dreamed of bowling.

The best and worst of soccer was on

display in the Champions League

overnight. English club Tottenham

was gifted a goal thanks to this

embarrassing air swing by the Dutch

keeper. There was nothing any

goalie could do to stop this

spectacular effort from in Lyon's

2-2 draw with Tel Aviv. And talk

about a rough ride for a Chilean

driver preparing for the Dakar

rally. Climbing a sand dune, he

blew a tyre. Worried onlookers

rushed to the driver's side, but

luckily, he escaped without serious injury.

And now, let's go to Danny Weidler

who is out there in the ring ready

for the Anthony Mundine fight

tonight and plenty going on tonight,

but a lot of it is outside the

ring? There are whispers that

Russell Crowe will be here at the

fight tonight. We'll see everybody

from John Ibrahim to John Singleton

and of course sporting stars like

Sonny Bill Williams and Lote Tuqiri.

As for the fight, Jeff Fennick says

that Garth Wood would knock Anthony

Mundine out. This is what the man

has to say. So you reckon you can

stop him early? I could. But I'm

not going to beat him up and break

him down and then stop him late.

It' better get out of the ring

because there's a queue wanting to

fight me out there. You know what,

I can absolutely believe that!

Catch you a little later on. By the

way, Nathan Hauritz scored a

century today. He scored a century

against SA. Maybe that's the way to

get into the Australian team. against SA. Maybe that's the way to get into the Australian team.

To finance news:

We're here with the weather and

more rain and storms for Sydney

tomorrow. Yes, that is the official

forecast. Further details are

Coming up on WIN News... The ACT

aims to recycle 90 percent all aims to recycle 90 percent all wast

The SES gives advice for tonight' The SES gives advice for tonight'

deluge. And what' s the best

exercise after breast cancer

treatment?Join me for all the details next. What if doing good wasn't so deadly dull? Happily, Honda really thought about this and had an insight.

There'd be no point launching a new hybrid unless it's great fun. To wit, they created an affordable, playful five-door hatch whose clever dash tells you whether you're driving like a nit, or doing your eco bit. Introducing the Insight - all-new from Honda. What's next?

Well, it was a true summer's day in

Sydney. 32 for many of the western

suburbs and 26 for the coast and

city. Humid yet again thanks to the

fresh north-easterly winds. Flood

warning as we've all been hearing

are concern for all States and

Territories apart from WA. For SA

and most of Victoria, this is the

biggest rain event of the year and

we could easily pick up another

100mm along that trough line within

the next 24 hours for eastern

States. From Thursday, rain will

contract to the far north-east of

the state with another 50mm

expected. Rain is also extending

through inland parts of Queensland

and right through northern parts of

the country. Gusty storms for

Darwin. Some storms also for

Canberra and a top of 23 and

Melbourne is going to have a much

calmer day with a top of 26 and

some showers. For Sydney,

tomorrowing isolated showers could

arrive in the morning. In fact,

forecast any time of the day. 29 in

the city with rain and storms

mainly overnight on Thursday and

into Friday. Saturday just a few

morning showers and a top of 24. It

is looking sunny for our Sunday in

the city and the western suburbs

and the the city and the western suburbs and the humidity levels will

and the humidity levels will drop

dramatically from Friday night. I

know you like that. For more Sydney

news, go to our website. That is

Nine News for this Wednesday. Supertext

Late Edition. Tonight... The ACT to be part of a national education

syllabus. Will it impact our top

ranked schools. The Territory' s

recycling plan - aiming for almost

no waste. And: protecting pets. The

proposed law that could ban proposed law that could ban "doggie

in the window". First tonight, A

23-year-old man is in a critical

condition - after a serious highway

crash. He lost control of his car

just north of FYSHWICK shortly just north of FYSHWICK shortly afte

2 o' clock this afternoon. A 2 o' clock this afternoon. A lat

90' s model holden commodore white

in colour has left the Monaro

highway and crossed to the highway and crossed to the incorrec

side of the road - before side of the road - before collidin

with trees. The driver smashed

head on into a truck -- before