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Live. Tonight the ties that

bind. The US seeks an even closer relationship

closer relationship with

Australia. And referendum in

three years on Indigenous

recognition in the

constitution. Qantas's pride

and joy grounded for at least

another three days and second-placed in Brazil, Mark

Webber still another big chance

for the championship. Good

evening and welcome to ABC

News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

The United States has declared

The Secretary of State, Hillary it's back

Clinton, has promised deeper

engagement with the region and

with Australia but she hasn't

spelt out the detail. Senior

members of both Governments

have now wrapped up their three

days of talks. They say it was

a successful summit with warm but serious discussion. Chief

political correspondent Mark

Simkin reports from Melbourne.

The big guns

The big guns arrived at

Government House. Ready to talk

Defence and diplomacy. Hello,

Kevin. How are you? It's a

flying visit but they insist

the United States is committed

to the Asia Pacific. We've

we will be here. We are a been here, we are ear here and

Pacific power. We have

reengaged in a major way. That

reengaged in a major way. That reengagement's expected to

include more joint xuricideses

and naval visits, cooperation

on cyber security and Australian bases. The two countries

countries will try to set up an

advanced space surveillance

station in WA, using it to

track an estimated half a

million pieces of space junk.

We welcome very much the United

States's enhanced engagement We welcome very much the United

States's enhanced engagement in the Asia Pacific region. The

diplomatic language camouflages

concern about the rise of China. Australia and the United

States are worried about Beijing's activities in outer

space and cyber space. We

expect China will be a responsible player. Australia's responsibilities in Afghanistan

were also high on the agenda.

Hillary Clinton insisted

progress is being made and urged Australians to be

patient. This is a tough

fight that we're in but we're convinced that starting next

year there will be parts of

garn that will be under the

will be under the control of control - of Afghanistan that

the Afghan Government. The

Secretary of State denies that

means they discussed an exit

strategy. A referendum will be

held in the next thirty-two years on recognising Indigenous

Australians in the

constitution. An expert panel

will be appointed and have 12

months to consult with community and while the Federal Government acknowledges

referendums are notoriously unsuccessful, the Prime

Minister is optimistic this one

will succeed. Stephanie Kennedy

reports. After the historic apology to the Stolen Generations, some Indigenous

Australians thought the momentum towards reconciliation

faltered. Now bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is

moving forward again. Now is

the right time to take the next

step and to recognise in the

Australian constitution the

first peoples of our nation. A

panel including Indigenous first peoples of our nation. A

constitutional scholars and community leaders

politicians will lead the

debate and it will report on

the best way to amend the

constitution then a will be held either before or constitution then a referendum

at the next election. For it to

succeed there needs to be a

majority vote nationally plus a

majority of votes in

of states. Referendums aren't

easy. There have been 44 in

Australia. Only 8 have been successful. A referendum on

this issue has Coalition backing. The disgrooens Independents are also on

board. Support this widespread across the parliament means we

have a once in a 50-year

opportunity for our country.

I'm certain that if this

referendum is not successful

there will not be another like

it. And that's a warning e echoed by some Indigenous

leaders. It's more than just about Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander people. This is

about Australia maturing as a

nation to recognise the history

Government hopes recognition in

the constitution will build

trust and respect. I know

we're only less than 4% of the

population in Australia but

we're the first peoples of Australia and everybody needs

to know that. There's already

been one failed attempt to acknowledge the Australians in the constitution

in the 1999 referendum. It was

rejected by nearly 60% of

voters. Back then the word ing

was a major hurdle for both Indigenous Australians and the

wider community. The wording

will be crucial. The wording

itself is something that will

not only determine the recognition but determine

whether there could be broad

enough support for the change.

And building consensus will be

the challenge. Qantas says its

six super jumbos will be out of

action for at least another 72

hours after more problems were found in the A380

dive on the news. Qantas had

hoped 5 out of its 6 A380s

would be back in the air by today but

today but in Sydney, Singapore, LA

LA and Frankfurt, almost $2

billion worth of planes remain grounded. We have discovered

on three engines on three

different aircraft oil leaks in

the turbine area of the

aircraft. Alan Joyce says the

super jumbos will be out of

service for at least another 72

hours. We will not be

operating the fleet until we're

100% sure we can ensure the safety of our operations. The

share price plummeted by more

than 4% on the news and edged

backed slightly throughout the day. Qantas also revealed it

will offer compensation to

passengers for the disruption.

Los Angeles. We are working 500 people remain stranded

through what we're going to do

in terms of compensation for

passengers. But the aircraft

passengers. But the aircraft

engineers' union sees no short-term fisks to Qantas's

troubles. We wouldn't expect

even some of the other aircraft

to be in service within the next

next week because of further faults found with the engines. Australian safety investigators say they investigators say they need to recover more debris from Indonesia to determine what

happened on QF32. So we can

get a whole picture of the

nature of the failure and what

the initiator of the failure

might have been. Qantas is expected to take delivery of

another A380 next month.Burma's

first election in 20 years has been roundly condemned by the

West as anything but free or

fair. Critics say the election

rules were designed for the

military junta to win and the

poll was marred by widespread allegations of vote-rigging and intimidation. It's prompted a

flare-up of fighting on the Thai-Burma border with at least

three people killed. Zoe Daniel

reports. Burma's leaders say

the election results will be

released in time but with the main Opposition banned, junta's Union Solidarity and Development Party will win. It

was the only one contesting all seats and the

seats and the second-largest

party backs it too.

TRANSLATION: They were elect

frted their State and division

because they stood uncontested. Before polls

opened there were claims even

from the military supporters

that rigged prevoting was taking place and during yesterday's election with

turn-out as low as 40% in some seats, allegations that ballot

boxes were unsealed and stuffed with

with ballot papers. TRANSLATION: For the ballots

they use many ways to cheat. Thousands of ethnic villagers were excluded from

the election and now

ethnic groups who've long

opposed the junta are forming

an alliance. Eye winses on the Thai-Burma border report

gunfights and shelling and a number of

number of deaths and incidences

between Burma rebels and the

military today. We're afraid

once the Government comes into

power it will feel empowered on

account of the elections to

take repressive action against

the groups and increase serious

international crimes. A

handful of Opposition handful of Opposition and

ethnic candidate s will win

seats but the campaign for a

free and fair election has

failed. The elections have

been far from free and far from fair. In the meantime, Burma's

military turned vuvillian

Government is consolidating its

power. US President Barack

Obama has told India its his first official visit there.

Mr and Mrs Obama were given a

Mr and Mrs Obama were given a grand welcome at the

presidential palace ahead of

talks with the Indian Prime

Minister. The President made it

clear India is vital to US foreign policy in the region. I believe the partnership between the United States and

India will be one of the

defining partnerships of the

21st century. We are the two

largest democracies in the word, we share extraordinary people to people contacts, most

importantly we share a core set of

of values. Mr Obama urged

India to bolster ties with neighbouring Pakistan which deteriorated sharply after the

Mumbai attacks in 2000 8. The President will address a

special sitting of the Indian

parliament before he flies to

Indonesia tomorrow. The number of

of dead and homeless is worst eruption of the Merapi

volcano since the 1870s. More

than 130 people are known to

have died already but

authorities still haven't search led the villages

enveloped in thick volcanic

ash. Nearly 300,000 people have been forced to flee their

homes. Peter Cave reports from

Yogyakarta in central

Yogyakarta in central Java.

Thick choking dust from the

eruption has not only disrupted

air travel, it's devastated

hundreds of square kilometres

and driven hundreds of

thousands from their homes. President Susilo Bambang

Yudhoyono has ordered a full

brigade of troops into the

area, not only to try to clean

the streets of the ash but to

help feed those whose homes have become

have become too dangerous to

live in. As the ash continues

to rain down, clearing it away has become has become a dangerous and thankless task. The giant

stadium on the outskirts of

Yogyakarta has become a shelter

to tens of thousands. The

menacing mountain is barely

visible, shrouded in a haze of dust and ash.

TRANSLATION: I want TRANSLATION: I want to go home but in

but in conditions like this

what can you do? I can't even think.

TRANSLATION: I'm afraid even

though here there is all we

need, food and milk. Providing food

food and clothing has become a massive operation with trucks

bringing in a constant stream

and large military kitchens working around the clock to produce food by

produce food by the barrow-load

but even as the trucks bring in food they bring in more mouths to feed. President Yudhyono

paid a visit and urged those

there to heed the instructions of authorities. He promised to the crisis is over. While

supplies of food and water are plentiful, conditions here are

crowded and miserable. They've

been that way for almost two weeks now

weeks now for almost 300,000 people

people and the problem is

nobody knows when it's going to

end and how it's going to end,

with a whimper or with a whimper or one almighty

bang. And still to come on ABC

News, from outback tracks to the big race in the Big Apple.

The future of disgraced Raiders

player Joel Monaghan won't be

decided until tomorrow. The Raiders board was expected

Raiders board was expected to

issue a sphament today in

relation to a photo featuring

Monaghan in a lewd act with a

dog which was posted on the Internet last week. There have

been reports that he'll quit the club and move overseas

rather than be sacked but neither Monaghan nor his

manager have told the club

that. Trying to work through a

few things now as to whether there is

not. It's not known at this stage. Monaghan's

stage. Monaghan's manager Jim Banaghan arrived in Canberra

this evening. The pair will

front the Raiders board

tomorrow. Unruly teenagers are

being told enough is enough as

part of a crack-down on alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour. Police behaviour. Police have scoured the streets of Western Sydney

picking up unsupervised teenagers as part of Operation

Enough and they're using a new

weapon in their fight, the

weapon in their fight, the

angry parent. It's a parent's

nightmare, discovering your 15-year-old isn't where you

thought he was. I've got your

young fella down here, your

grandson down here at a park

drinking with some mates in the bottom of Francis Street. This

phone call is NSW police's new

weapon of choice in the fight

against anti-social behaviour. Does your mum know you're in

the park drinking with your

mates? She knows that? I'm going to ring here shortly.

The police picked up 55 13 to 17-year-olds from the streets

of Western Sydney over the

weekend, 10 had alcohol on

them. Not a single parent knew

the true whereabouts of their

child. The least thing you

could do is tell your dad who

loves you where you're going to be. And it's be. And it's not teenagers who

were in the spotlight. The

police are calling on parents

to be more vigilant about where

their children are and what

they're getting up to. Be a

little bit more inquisitorial,

check up with where the kids

are, be bee a painful parent,

so to speak. Youth workers say

the fact that both parents work

is a factor. Kids have larger

periods of time when there's periods of time when there's no parental supervision

available. I think they are bored and there is not much out there for young people to

do. But there appears to be little faith in the police

crackdown. The real problem

lies in how we are parenting

the children generally in the children generally in our society. Queensland, Tasmania

and NSW are the only states

where it's illegal to give

alcohol to a child without

their parents' permission.

There are calls for those laws

to be rolled

to be rolled out across Australia.The Minister has rejected

suggestions that two Canberra

Hospital orthopaedic surgeons

have been recruited improperly.

The Opposition says the

surgeons were chosen by a

7-member panel which included

two of their existing work

colleagues. The Government says all potential conflicts of interest were declared. My

concern is not with the

concern is not with the surgeons that made the

decision, my concern is with the process that allows the process that allows that occur. One of the unsuccessful

job-seekers says a review by

ACT Health into the recruit

ment process wasn't independent

and he's investigating legal

action. There was nothing wrong with the selection process other than a couple of with the outcome have made a

complaint. Those complaints

have been investigated. The

Minister has refused an

Minister has refused an Opposition request to release

related documents. To finance

and the local share market slipped back slipped back today but as Alan Kohler reports, the Australian

Dollar went from strength to

strength. The biggest influence on the share market today was

Westpac's dividend although the share price fell much more than

the pay -out. It was down $1.07

for a 74 cent dividend.

for a 74 cent dividend. Westfield resumed trading after

announcing its plan to hive off its

its Australian shopping centres

on Friday which investors didn't like. Without those the All Ordinaries would have been

roughly steady, held up by

Caltex rising 6% because of a

broker upgrade and Orica up 3%

because the company upgraded it

the profit forecast. Speaking

of banks, here's aograph of

of banks, here's aograph of the average variable standard mortgage Bank cash rate. They knasically

moved together for 10 years

between 1997 and 2007, the

difference between them was

flat. In the last three years

the mortgage rate has gone up

1% more than the cash rate. Singapore, Japan and China markets went up by close to 1%

today. In New York an Friday the US indexes

the US indexes were up a small

amount after the labour

department reported an increase in employment. The Australian

Dollar edged high er and is sitting comfortably above

parity with the US dollar and

is above 72 Euro cents, 82 yen

and 62 British pence and above

75 on the trade-weighted index for the

for the first time since 1985.

Here is a remarkable graph from

Friday's monetary policy

statement from the Reserve

Bank. Since 2007, the economies

of the north Atlantic stharkts

the United States,

and Canada, have not grown at

all while east Asia, excluding

Japan but including China, have

grown by 30%. It's been an earth changing few years.

That's finance. Police in

That's finance. Police in Germany want to stop a

train-load of nuclear waste crossing the crossing the country because of violent clashes with protesters. Riot police took on

angry activists who refused to

move from the train tracks despite some not-so-gentle persuasion. Tensions flared

with police using pepper spray

and batons as more than 1,000

people refused to move. Police delayed the train,

delayed the train, saying they're exhausted by the clashes.

TRANSLATION: The breaking distance is considerable. The

people who are getting on the

tracks are endangering their

lives. The train is carrying

123 tons of reprocessed nuclear

waste from France to a

disposable site in Germany. After more than a

century of building work, Spain's Segrada Famila church

has been consecrated by the

has been consecrated by the

Pope but it's not finished yet.

Barcelona's art nouveau

spectacle has been under construction for construction for 128 years and

won't be finished before 2026

but Pope Benedict has sankified

the building as a church, sprinkling the altar with holy

water. He criticised Spain's

liberal laws surrounding gay marriage, abortion and

divorce. The church opposes

all fourms of neglect or denial

of human life and promotes the

natural order of marriage. They

were plucked from the desert

tracks of the Top End and transported to the concrete

canyons of the Big Apple. Four Indigenous runners have just

competed in the New York

competed in the New York marathon, their first time over

the distance. The ABC's Lisa Millar watched them run the

race of their lives. From the

searing heat of the outback to

the predawn chill of a

Manhattan morning, this is the

next step in an extraordinary

journey. Bit cold. Other than

that, pretty nervous and

excited at the same time. It's

great. It's a great day. This

great. It's a great day. This

is a momentous

occasion. They've run hundreds

of kilometres through the

Northern Territory but until

now have never attempted the marathon distance. With the temperature barely reaching 11

degrees, these athletes joined

the throng bound for Manhattan.

Charlie Maher is the first to

pass through the 26km mark.

He's hard to spot but he's

He's hard to spot but he's

running strong. They all come

pace, and it's a nervous mentor

who greets them at the end. Charlie Maher finishes in 3.5

hours and declares it the hardest thing he's ever done. I'm grateful that I've

got the opportunity to do it

and I just want to try and set

an example for my people

Actually making it to the finish line

finish line here, bloody sensational. Good on you, mate. Despite an ankle injury,

Joseph Davies isn't far

behind. My legs are shaking.

I'm shaking. I was happy. I

thought I was going to cry when

I passed the finish line. They

certainly picked a challenging

race to compete in. The New

York marathon started 40 years

ago World War I 27 - years ago with

with 127 runners and now there

are 45,000 runners and 2

million spectators. It wasn't a

winning day for champion

Fearnley. After coming first in

the last four New York

marathons, he came in third. You You go out and give it a crack.

If it doesn't work you pull

yourself together and come back

next year. He probably won't

be the only one giving it

another shot. It couldn't be

much closer - Mark Webber is still in

still in the race for the Formula Formula One drivers' championship after coming

second in the Brazilian Grand Prix. With

Prix. With one race remaining

in Abu Dhabi next weekend, the Australian is just eight points behind the front-runner, Fernando Alonso. John Hayes

Bell reports. The equation for Mark Webber looks

uncomplicated. The world

driver's title will be his if

he wins next Sunday in Abu

Dhabi and Spain's Fernando Alonso

Alonso finishes no better than

third. Good for me to come

back off a bad racing

career. Achieving the desired

result will be far more testing

than the maths. Alonso and his

egg 8-point lead over the

Australian might be the least of Webber's worries. More

concerning for Webber is his German team-mate Sebastian

Vettel after his triumph in

Brazil. The Red Bull one-two secured

secured the constructor's title

but would have been so much

better for Webber in reverse

order. 2.5 weeks before the

Ashes, England is travelling smoother road to the Gabba.

They've really moulded their

team. They've worked for 18

month getting the team

together. Some are seeing off

spinner Graeme Swann as the difference between the teams.

It is going to be hard for any bowler to consistently

bowler to consistently take

wickets. It's up to you to do

your job and keep plugging

away. Australia's test players are back in the Sheffield

Shield ranks. There are five

Shield games before the Shield games before the first Test. Tiger Woods won't be the

only star trying to recapture

his best form at this week's Australian Masters. Sergio

Garcia's tumble down the world

rankings to number 70 but the

flamboyant Spaniard believe he's heading for

he's heading for a good

performance. I didn't come

to play well too, have a chance

at winning. The defending

Masters champion will arrive in

Melbourne after a top 10 finish

at the world championship event. Italian Francesco

Molinari won the tournament by a stroke from the new world

number one, Lee Westwood. The first appearance of the great

Haile Gebresellassie at the New

York marathon has turned out to

be his last. Gebresellassie pulled out

pulled out early in the race

and then promptly retired. I

don't want to complain anymore

after this. Which means it's

better to stop here. The 37-year-old Ethiopian is widely

regarded as the greatest-ever

distance runner. He's a dual Olympic gold medals in the

10,000m and hold the marathon

world record. And there was

world record. And there was one

early anxious moment before

Yamaha's world champion Jorge

Lorenzo capped off the Moto Grand Prix Spaniard's 9th win of the year came after overtaking

Australian Casey Stoner.

Stoner's farewell to Ducati coincided with third-placed

Valentino Rossi's last ride for

Yamaha.It was a family Yamaha.It was a family affair at the ARIAs

at the ARIAs in Sydney last

night with Angus and Julia Stone the big winners. The

siblings won both the best single and best Album of the

Year. They were among a bunch

of newcomers who earned a place

in the front row of the local music industry.

# Gonna take you for a ride on

a big jet plane... They were

nominated two years ago but

left empty-handed. This year

Angus and Julia Stone carried

off five ARIAs including the

two big ones, the duo has

brought back the hippy look. A

lot of the stuff we buy is secondhand and it has history

in it and love and a story to tell. Brisbane-born singer Megan Washington brought a

touch of old Hollywood glamour

she had a double triumph. Best female artist and best breakthrough performer. Dan Sultan

Sultan is emerging as

Australia's next rock star but employed some star power,

performing with INXS before

taking off the best male award. The singer said he was conscious he had no chest hair

so got some tats instead. I

got a few but this one was the

most painful. The ARIAs have been revamped this year with a

week of award-giving

culminating with the major ceremony at the Sydney Opera

House for the first time. ceremony at the Sydney Opera

Behind the hype and glamour of

the ARIAs there is a serious

business side. CD sales are

paramount and the good news is the around record industry is

fairing better than most. The

Powderfinger musicians don't

think it's all about the

economy but the honesty of Aussie music lovers. Some

friends reckon they would buy

only Australian music and

they'll comes to Australian artists

they'll buy it I think people

are faithful. What a strong

moral code. The band is

winding up and kept its last live TV performance by winning

two ARIAs, bringing their

career total to 18. Now here's

Mark with our weather news.

Thanks, Virginia. Good evening.

We all woke, particularly you

lot that live in Belconnen,

with a bang around 5 this

with a bang around 5 this

morning as a series of

thunderstorms came across the

city. Parts of Kingsford Smith

drive were covered in hail and

about 6mm fell. These storms will continue on

and off this evening and it's currently 16 degrees.

On the radar, there's still

rain to our south over the Victorian

approaching Sydney. Victorian Alps and some

Cloud over central NSW is Cloud

associated with a trough and

that's what's causing these

storms as the warm, humid air

from the east meets the cooler

air from the west so nationally

tomorrow, morning showers in

Brisbane, 26, storms around Sydney. This

stir This warm, damp weather will

stir up fungal problems on

roses and be prudent and spray

bushes with a preventative

fungicide but wait until the rain stops. That's ABC News.

Stay with us now for the '7.30

Report' coming up next and you

can keep up with the latest

news at ABC online and ABC News

24. Enjoy your evening.

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Live. US Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton has wrapped up her visit to Melbourne by appealing

appealing for patience as

international forces try to improve security in Afghanistan. After

hours of talks between top