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Tonight - the US President's

push for peace in the Middle

East opens a deep divide

between staunch allies. Obvious

lsh there are some differences

friends. Preaching to the between us and that's going to

converted, the PM calls for

courage in the sh kaon price

war. This isn't a fight between

right and left, it's a fight

between right and wrong. The

Raiders make it two in a row as

they continue to confound their

critics. And back on track, a

tribute to an Australian

working class hero.

Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. The Israeli

Prime Minister has delivered a rare rare public rebuke to the US

President rejecting the idea of

a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. Benjamin Netanyahu declared his objections face-to-face meeting with objections during a

Barack Obama at the White

House. He also suggested that President Obama holds an unrealistic view of how to

achieve peace in the Middle East. Here's Washington

correspondent Craig McMurtrie. Their meeting ran twice as

long as scheduled before the House press pool was ushered doors

talks in. Barack Obama described the

talks as extremely useful. He also acknowledged the gap

between them. Obviously there and the precise formulations are some differences between us

and language and that's going to happen between

friends. There was no repeat of

his call for negotiations based

on 1967 borders, a position

quickly rejected by the Israeli

Prime Minister in a statement yesterday, one that Benjamin

Netanyahu again ruled out in person. It cannot go back to

the 1967 lines because these

lines are indefensible. The

White House is playing down the

divide pointing out that in his speech yesterday Barack Obama

also spoke of mutually agreed

land swaps. There's nothing in that statement, in the

President's speech yesterday,

that is contradicted by what

the Prime Minister said. With

the cameras rolling and the US

leader silent beside him Prime Minister Netanyahu also ruled

out negotiating with a

Palestinian government backed by Hamas

has a choice to make. He has to

decide if he negotiates or

keeps his pact with Hamas or

makes peace with Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu was

equally blunt on the long-standing Palestinian

demand for Israel to accept the

return of refugees. It's not

going to happen. Everybody

knows it's not going to happen. They didn't take

questions and while White House

officials describe the tone of

their private conversation as constructive, there's no evidence of evidence of progress and no

clear path forward. The US

President has won the qualified

backing of the UN and Europe

but despite the increased

pressure, the Israeli leader says there can be no peace

security forces are reporteded security based on illusions. In Syria

to have killed at least 30 people demonstrating after

video is believed to show Friday prayers. This amateur

protestors being shot at in the

central city of Homs. Activists

say 12 people died when police

fired live rounds at groups of demonstrators. Deaths were

reported in several cities as people protested in their

thousands in defiance of a

military crackdown. Journalists are barred from Syria so reports can't be

verified. Julia Gillard has sought to wrest back control of

the climate change debate by

comparing Tony Abbott to Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

Addressing the ALP State conference in Melbourne she urged the party price show courage in the fight to

price carbon. But as Frances

Bell reports, it coincides with

the Prime Minister. A home town another bad opinion poll for

audience, and a familiar message. This isn't a fight

between right and left, it's a

fight between right and wrong.

but Julia Gillard mounted It was far from a packed house

another fierce defence of her

carbon tax accusing Tony Abbott

of running a hysterical it. The truth is he is acting

more like the love child of

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

But that approach appears to

be working. A Galaxy poll in

the key State of Queensland has Labor's primary vote crashing

to 28% and Tony Abbott well in front of Julia Gillard as preferred Prime Minister. Kevin

preferred Labor leader. Giving Rudd is also streets ahead as

them a choice between Kevin

Rudd and Julia Gillard is a bit like giving people a choice

you don't really want either of them. The scoreboard that really

really matters in Australia

isn't the 24-hour news cycle,

it's the jobs numbers. Julia

faithful. Some were reaction from the party Gillard received a mixed

disappointed she didn't make

any mention of internally

contentious issues like asylum seekers and gay marriage. There

was the potential for an

awkward stoush when sections of

the party's left sought to

debate both issues on the floor

of the conference. Nothing

secret at the Labor Party

conference. A lot of people

come with strong passions and views

ideas. But it ended in farce

when those pushing the motion

failed to get a quorom. We need to confront as a community, we

government at a federal level government need to confront as a

and now we want to shut down

debate. Bringing the conference

to a premature end. Papua New

Guinea faces political upheaval amid reports the country's

leader may have to stand down

due to ill health. Prime

Minister Sir Michael Somare remains in a Singapore hospital after undergoing a month ago. The Government insists he will resume office. The uncertainty surrounding the

leadership has cast doubt on

Australia's bid to reopen a

detention centre on Manus

Island. This was the last time

Sir Michael Somare was seen in

public. Soon afterwards the

75-year-old went to Singapore

for a health checkup but ended

up having surgery to replace a

valve in his heart. His lengthy

absence sparked rumours of his

death, rumours the Government

had to disspell this week. He's

still in the ICU and at any

time in a day or so we expect

him to move out of the ICU area. If he can't perform his duties

duties the Governor-General

must suspend him from office.

But that process hasn't

begun. They should always be a

prime minister, not an acting

prime minister and that's what

the law says. The Government

won't say when it's prepared to fill the if Sir Michael is incapacitated

for much longer. Is that what

the Government thinks? Not at

liberty to answer that. Sir

Michael's absence has been apparent

sitting of parliament which has been adjourned several times

for a lack of numbers. It's

also thought to be one of the reasons the Government is yet to respond to Australia's propose ale to open a processing centre for asylum

seekers in PNG. The longer the

Prime Minister doesn't come

back and we don't know his

status, the Government will

crumble and we will have a lot of

esteem in which Sir Michael is

held has largely prevented

discussion of what to do if discussion of what to do if he

can't resume office but if he remains in hospital for much

longer, P in smed G will have

to consider life without the

man known as the life of the

nation. An Australian woman is

taking legal action in London's

High Court against Rupert

Murdoch's British newspaper

'News of the World'. Mary Ellen

Field was working for the Australian model and business

woman Elle McPherson when she was accused was sacked. It was later

revealed that a private investigator had illegally accessed her voice mail messages on behalf of the

newspaper. Counsel for the

victims say it was a grand conspiracy that targeted not

only the rich and famous but those in their orbit. Like

Mary-Ellen Field who was one of

model Elle McPherson's closest

confidentants, she was her

business manager. I was accused

of 11 things that I had information to the press that

I'd been indiscreet which I knew I hadn't but I couldn't

explain it. Not long after she

was sacked private investigator

knlen Mulcaire admitted knlen Mulcaire admitted that he'd hacked into Elle

McPherson's telephone on behalf

of the 'News of the World'. In

2007 he was jailed for tapping

into phones belonging to the Royal household. London's High

Court will now run 5 test cases

to establish just how much each

person should receive . The

most high profile will be the

actor Jude

partner Sienna Miller settled

out of court. Mr Justice Voss

said Jude Law's matter was particularly significant and that's why he wanted it that's why he wanted it taken

to trial, because it's alleged

that his case, in the words of

the judge, implicates a very

senior 'News of the World' executive. Mary-Ellen Field has

been chosen as one of the

second tier cases to be heard

in London's High Court just in

case the newspaper decides to pay some people to drop their matters. 6 years matters. 6 years it is now.

It's November 2005, so it's

been a long time but at least

we've got a bit of a chance

now. Rupert Murdoch's empire

has put aside $30 million that

it expects to have to pay out

in damages. Hopes are fading

for a Canberra man missing in

the United States for more than

two weeks. Well known Canberra

DJ and public servant Alex

Beddows disappeared while on

holiday with his father in New Mr Beddows with several other

people at a New Orleans ferry

terminal on May 7. He was also

seen at a pub that night but hasn't been heard from since.

New Orleans police have been investigating but now believe

Mr Beddows may have slipped

into the flooded Mississippi River. Doctors say they've made a major break through in the treatment of macular

degeneration, the leading cause

of blindness in Australia. Eye

specialists say further trials of a

cannot only slow the

progression of the disease but

also reverse vision loss. Last

year doctors successfully trialed a new treatment for

people suffering macular

degeneration. Now the results

from further testing are in and for the first time the laser treatment has reversed the process that leads to vision loss. The most interesting

thing is that the function of the retina seems to be improving

improving over many months and

never before have we had an

intervention that appears to

make the retina back to being

more healthy. In macular de generation patients often see

spots in their vision. The

laser shoots a nano second of

energy in the eye to restore damage in the retina dargting

the dots. One person in the

latest trial was Leila. The

very next morning after the

laser I was lying in bed and I

looked up at the ceiling and

whereas I used to be a sort of

a black spot on the ceiling

that had gone and that was a big improvement because I could

see the whole ceiling. Another

advantage of the technology is

with the first signs of macular

degeneration. Certainly very

encouraging that we are for the

first time seeing a reversal of

a slowing down of a slowing down of the normal

process that leads to vision

loss. Researchers will test the

laser in a larger trial and the treatment could be available in

5 years. The Queen has returned

home from her historic visit to

Ireland with politicians from

all sides hailing the trip a diplomatic triumph. Before she

left she greeted crowds for the

first time as security was The walk about wasn't planned

but it delighted thousands of

well wishers who had been kept

away from her other

engagements. I saw her engagements. I saw her and I thought it was like

It was like I thought it was a dream. Several dozen nationalists protested close by

but failed to overshadow the

visit. The Queen also managed a

trip to the countryside to see

where the ancient kings of

Ireland once lived. They say

that first impressions matter

and never more so than during a

job interview. Now a job interview. Now a new

organisation is disadvantage ed Canberra women

get back into the work force by

providing them with the right attire to make that first

impression. The founder says

the concept is simple and the concept is simple and the results outstanding. They say

looks aren't everything but

when it comes to job interviews

presentation is key. These are

your size, would you like to

try these ones on? A new

organisation is helping Canberra women dress to

impress. It certainly helps the

women in terms of how they feel. Even when they come in

here and try on the clothes you see they

feel fabulous. Michelle is the

founding of Working Wonders a

service providing clothes and

advice to disadvantaged women entering the work force. That

will go nicely with that. They

might be a refugee for example

or a younger girl who's not

finished school. They might not know exactly what's

appropriate. Run from a makeshift boutique the

organisation relies on

volunteers and donations. I

pick up clothes from the

donation drop off points, I've helped

helped set up the boutique here of clothes. They have

everything covered from top to

toe. Those little touches, I think, also help boost people's

confidence and make them feel

good about themselves. Clients are referred through community

organisations who say there's a

big demand for the

service. First impressions are

so important and when you go

into a job interview you've got

the person who is interviewing

you has 30 seconds to make up

their mind about you. There are

high hopes for the service's

future. It's obvious extension

for men and I think there is a need in the things like, you know, hairdressing, you know, whether

we can organise hair cuts or some make-up. Helping women

dress for success and reach their full potential. A garden

dedicated to meditation and

healing has opened on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

Near Clare Holland House it

gives patients, staff and

families a place to contemplate

but it's also open to all members of the public. It represents at least 12 religion and allows visitors to draw on different spiritual traditions.

An Aboriginal smoking ceremony

welcomed the first group of

visitors and guests were also

smeared with ochre to represent

the healing power of the

environment. If one needs to

meditate you've got to be in a

place in the right atmosphere

and we couldn't think of a better place than having a garden. Water is always something that's very healing

to people so you can see here

in this lovely setting next to the lake amongst more trees to be planted obviously. There's this peaceful setting. More saplings

will be planted and paths added

as the garden grows. The

Canberra Raiders have continued

their form revival shocking the

Bulldogs 20-12. F the Raiders

were forced to hold off a late

surge by the Dogs to win in match in near freezing

conditions in Canberra last

night. After a shocking start

to the season it's Canberra's

second win in a row while

Canterbury is ruing a third

straight loss. Jamal didn't vent his frustrations at missing Origin selection this week, instead he saved it for

the early passages of this


Idris clearly had a point to

prove but it was the Raiders

who got the first points of the

match. The Bulldogs heaped pressure

on the Raiders but every chance they had they squandered. Canberra on the other hand made the most of the most of their opportunities. The Raiders

snatching tries despite poor

field position for most of the match but when the difference

got to 18 Canterbury were finally spurred into action scoring two quick tries to

bring the margin to 6.

The home side seemed on the

verge of another collapse but

Bulldogs' debutante Josh

Reynolds gave the Raiders a

penalty. Jarrod Croker making no Bulldogs' comeback. It would

have been an injustice to be

honest. We weren't real good

tonight so it's quite disappointing. It would have

been pretty cruel if we were to have lost that game because I

thought we were in control. A

knee injury to Aiden Tolman in

the second half adding to the Bulldogs' woes. Bulldogs' woes. He's set for several weeks on the sidelines.

The Raiders will remain in the

NRL basement despite the win while

while the Bulldogs may slip out

of the top 8. And the Canberra Raiders Cup the

Yass were too good for the

Kangaroos defeating the

Queanbeyan side

38-22. Queensland prop Matt Scott has disspelled any

speculation he will miss Wednesday's first State of

Origin match due to injury. The

front rower who has been

battling to overcome both knee

and ankle injuries completed

his first 2 training sessions

at the Gold Coast today. Ben

Hannant says Scott is a

certainty to play. He will be

fine to play. He's played plenty of Australia and State of Origin.

He knows that it will be alright and we've got full

confidence in him. The Maroons worked tirelessly on their defensive drills

Slater has warned that the

Blues' back 3 of Josh Dugan,

Matt Morris and Akuila Uate

will create havoc for the Maroons if they don't create a straight line in defence.

The match was closely fought

early with each team trading

penalty goals as they tried to

push the scoreboard along but

Wests gathered momentum as the

match went on capitalising on

the Eagles' mistakes. Wests

scored two tries late in the

first half pushing the margin

to 20 at the break. Despite a

late Eagles charge Wests won by

5 points. In the AFL Geelong remains unbeaten on top of the

AFL ladder after a thrilling victory over Carlton. This

afternoon the Saints notched just their second win of the

season in a hard-fought contest against Melbourne. While against Melbourne. While in Adelaide the Dockers breezed

past the Power to win by 52 points. Last night Geelong

marked the passing of club

legend Bob Davis with a 2-point

victory over Carlton at

Docklands. Of Geelong's 8 wins

this season this one clearly meant the most. Against a gutsy Blues side

that is starting to show it can

really mix it with the best,

the Cats' 2-point win paid

tribute to Bob Davis in

style. I suppose once you've

had a look during the week of

all the stuff on TV, a lot's

been spoken about him, it means everything to do this tonight

for him. Geelong wore black arm bands and the evening started

with a minute's I'll lens in

Davis's honour. But it was

Carlton that was quickest out

of the blocks booting the first

3 goals of the game on a 12-point quarter time lead. As they have for much of this

season, Geelong recovered from

their slow start and had drawn level at the main break. Before

threatening to pull away in the third. But Carlton played like

a team with a point to prove

and was still in touch late in

the final term. Robbie Warnock

spent the night in hospital

after this knock but with no serious physical damage he's

more likely to be carrying the

mental scars of the

misattempted goal which

followed. It left Carlton ponder what they need to do to

close the gap and Geelong to

saviour an emotional night. We

don't talk about outside things

but Bob is a big part of this

football club and will be

forever so it was important we

played the Geelong way. Zblt the Geelong way is something again to aspire to. In local

Aussie Rules Israel Falou

kicked his first AFL goals today against Queanbeyan. He

slotted 4 majors in the

jooint's 41-point win over the

Tigers in Sydney.

ranking will go on the line

when the French Open begins

torp. Nadal's considered the

king of clay but his dominance

at Roland Garros is set to at Roland Garros is set to be

tested by the form player on tour Novak Djokovic. Uncompromising, unbeaten and undeniably brilliant, Novak Djokovic now has the chance to

officially be the best. I'm a

better player in general on the

court, I'm more matured mentally, I know what to do and have a lot of self-belief. The

Serb has

row including 2 victories over

Nadal. The Spaniard could lose

the number one ranking if Djokovic's extraordinary streak continues continues through to the final

in Paris. The lifetime

that I have is to be the best

in the world is very close. Nadal's trying to focus

on his first-round clash with

big-hitting American John

Isner. Trying to do the right

things, try to do the things

well and try to find my best

level. The rest of the things

for me are not the most

important thing. It might look like a 2-man title but others believe they can contend. I think everyone in the draw is beatable, you just to win against Rafa and Novak and Roger you

play a great match. Mark Webber

might finally be on track to take down his team-mate Sebastien Vettel. The

Australian set the fastest time

in practice for the span jish

Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton

recorded the second fastest lap while championship leader

Vettel was back in third

heading into Bowditch and Johnsen den hold

down a share of second place

halfway through the PGA tour

event in Texas. They're 7

strokes behind the leader American

American David American David Toms.

46-year-old Toms posted a 62 matching his first-round performance to be 16 under

after 2 rounds. A wave of

emotion overcame Brazilian

surfer Adriano de Souza at the

tour event in Rio. Thank you to

all my fans down the beach

right now, to be here today and to stay with to stay with me. De Souza

defeated Australia's Taj Burrow

in the final to take over the lead in the world ratings. To

racing and the West Australian war horse Scenic Shot has claimed a third Group One

victory with a brilliant win in

Doomben Cup. Ridden by jockey

Shane striven opted for the

shortest way home to outstay European gallopers My Kingdom of Fife and Glass

It was Scenic Shot's second

Doomben Cup in 3 years. The gelding took out the race in

2009. Prerace favourite Shoot

Out finished 5th. From train

driver to prime minister, Ben

Chifley's rise from humble

beginnings to the Lodge as

Australia's post war PM made

him a working-class hero. Now

the steam engine on which he

began his troord extraordinary journey has been opened to the public in his home town of Bathurst. It was a very late arrival but

5112 was given a hero's

welcome. This was the end of a

restoration project that

dragged on for 22 years. Officially opened, everybody. Nearly a century ago

this was the engine Ben Chifley was driving around NSW. The

working class grandson of poor

lead the nation serving as a

us's post war prime minister

between 1945 and 1949. Tom

Keogh drove the same chains as

Chifley and said the job was a

great leveller. I think Ben

Chifley coming from where he

came from he had a came from he had a better understanding of everybody. And

Chifley's humble beginnings

have earned him respect from across the political divide

. Well, this is about when men

were men, you

in a train like that that's not air conditioned, it's not

covered in. There's no doubt the future prime minister was shaped by his time on the

railways. 25 years spent railways. 25 years spent on these engines helped forge Ben Chifley's political ideals.

After working his way up to the

coveted position of driver he

was demoted for taking part in

a strike. The experience

affected him deeply and

motivated him not just to work

his way back up the ladder but

on to Parliament. He loved his

train driving and I think he

a prime minister and go back to

being a train driver. The

restoration has cost the local council nearly $250,000, worth every cent it says as a

monument to Bathurst's

favourite son. Moving on to the

weather now and conditions were

mild and sunny in Canberra

today after the low cloud

cleared. It was quite a pleasant day for anything

outdoors an after a cold night

of minus 3 the day time

temperature peaked at 19

degrees. That was the common theme right around the region today. Plenty of blue skies mostly just light winds

although winds were fresher in

the mountains. Having a Having a few problems with our graphics but we'll plug on.

Balmy conditions on the coast

today, up around 23 and 24

degrees. Now there's not a lot of

of cloud in the immediate area

but some north of Sydney. A

change is in the wind. On the satellite picture

there's cloud over eastern

Queensland and further cloudy

conditions with a front over

South Australia. Now the rinl

through NSW will weaken allowing a low pressure system

and that cold front to move

through. Now that will bring

some unsettled weather to our

region over the next few days. There will be some windy

and wet weather in Adelaide


A broadband of cloud is

heading east wards with that

cold front. There will also be

coastal showers through

northern NSW right up into the

tropics. As the front sweeps

through showers will increase through the south-east tomorrow

impacting on the ACT from about

lunch time onwards. Conditions

will deteriorate as the day


A cloudy day in Canberra

tomorrow with isolated showers developing in the morning increasing to rain in the

afternoon. Up to 18 degrees after

Now before we go a brief recap of our top stories

tonight. The Israeli Prime Minister has rejected Barack Obama's suggestion of a peace deal based on Benjamin Netanyahu says the US

President's propose ale is

unrealistic. And the Prime

Minister has attempted to seize

back control of the climate change change debate. Addressing the

ALP conference in Melbourne

Julia Gillard urged the party

faithful to show courage in the

fight to put a price on

carbon. And that's the news for

now. You can keep up to date 24

hours a day at ABC News online,

on ABC News 24, you can also

find us on Twitter. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Closed

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