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Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) because then they know there are

others watching the progress. Good on you.

Joe Hockey has been doing work in

Victoria. G'day to you.

G'day, Kochie.

floods first hand You have been seeing the Victorian

floods first hand and some townships

need help, tell us what they need.

Well, Rochester was

inundated and almost every river Well, Rochester was completely

went under when the Campaspe

flooded. They are rebuilding the

town, two hours north of Melbourne.

They are having a concert on

Saturday, 5th February. They are

desperate for people to come and

perform. They are trying to rebuild

Rochester and trying to get morale

back up in the town. So they are

looking for some artists. They will

even take Beretts doing John Denver

impersonations, prepapered to take

the town. everyone just to lift the spirits of

What a great idea, we will put the

call out. If anyone around the

Victorian area who an entertainment industry,

we will get the details who to

contact with put it on the web site.

It is at the Criterion Hotel, one of

the pubs in town and I'll get more

details but that would be terrific.

Leave it with us, a lot of very

generous people wanting to help in

their own particular way, this one