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Welcome to The Contrarians. Coming up

shortly we will be looking at

exactly how the government is

travelling, there is a lot of

issues in the economy in

relation how it is travelling in the front page of 'The Australian' today and the

Craig Thomson saga continues.

We will be looking at that as

well shortly. How do land

and own gold by Tony Abbott.

The fact he is turning around

and running such a hardline

on pairing initially of

itself is an understandable

thing, surely it's a backing

away from a agreed paradigm

parliament but that's in place in the new

politic, he is trying to put

pressure on the government

and press hard. He thinks

there are Labor MPs

interested in getting around

present for a vote on the carbon tax because they don't

want to be voting for a

carbon tax given how divisive

the issue is but extending

that to Craig Thomson whose

kwief is heavily pregnant due

to give birth any time in the

next couple of weeks is

ridiculous, ins sensitive.

Frankly it is stupid and

that's why he had to back away from that position today

and make the point he would

allow him a brief chance to

get to the birth of his son

or daughter. Well, how

generous of Tony Abbott to

allow a man to turn up at the

birth of their child,

briefly, I think frankly that

Abbott should be making it

quite clear the pairing

should allow Craig Thomson,

however much time he needs

and wants, to spend with his

wife and newborn child when

it comes. Births are never

there is smuntd that easy, the opportunity to be

shouldn't be missed and the

idea that Abbott is playing

politics with something like

this when he prof professes

family values is oh, so

important to him is a bad

look and bad decision from

him and Christopher pine who was there to go down that

path. Let's see what my panel think about this particular

issue as well as the evens on

the week in politics. 'The

Australian' newspaper Chris

Kenny. Former speech writer

for Kevin Rudd Troy Bramston

and columnist and features

editor for the 'Sunday telegraph' Claire Harvey.

What do you think. To what

extent on Tony Abbott? There

is only one way Tony Abbott

could have squandered the golden gift that Craig

National Coalition and that Thomson is to the Liberal

is to take it too

personal. Turn him into a

figure of sympathy That's

right and to bring the issue

home to his family which is

the one issue - one area where Craig Thomson does have a lot of sympathy from the public. There is no

suggestion his wife has done

anything wrong, there is no suggestion that she was

involved in any way, and to

bring the issue home to her

is a spectacular stuff-up by

the Opposition. Sensibly they

have seen sense on that today

I suspect led by Joe Hockey

who made very practical and

reasonable remarks about it

today. Saying essentially

that the government had a

heart and there had to be

decency. That's a good point.

Joe Hockey made it clear this morning that he thought he

deserved a pair. Last night

on Twitter Barry O'Farrell

responded to a Tweet of mine

saying he would make it clear

any MP could have a pair so

he didn't agree with Tony

Abbott either. This morning

on Channel Nine Tony Abbott

was being tough still, it was

only later in the day he

finally saw sense on this and

backed away. You sigh but

frankly that puts you in the

same category isn't it. It is

ridiculous. It is ridiculous,

people aren't interested in this, it's not much of a

story. It's not about whether

it's a story. It's a stupid

thing for Abbott to do

done. The government is under

all sorts of pressure on all

sorts of fronts so the media

is looking to have a crack at

the other side and Tony

Abbott by not saying he will

consider all the issues on

the merits initially opened

the door and there has been

kerfuffle about it but he

never ruled it out in

comments I saw. He was asked

directly about the Craig

Thomson affair. He restated a

frankly I think all taxpayers tough position on pairs and

and voters would appreciate

this tougher approach to

pairing in parliament and in

my experience it has been

grossly overused. MPs, until

we get this, we have ended up with this minority government

situation, MPs used to wander

off away from parliament to

visit their constituents, go

overseas on various study tours, do anything

basically. Or in Tony

Abbott's case fall asleep on

his coach after a big night

drinking and missed the

stimulus vote. Well, a lot of

MPs have been absent from

parliament too often in the past. Dare I say that was when Malcolm Turnbull was

leader, I can't imagine that

maul come was too happy about that. -- Malcolm was too

happy about that. You are

talking about people missing votes when they are in

parliament. Too often in the

past politicians have

actually been absent from

Canberra where they are

supposed to be in there when

parliament is sitting.

A Foreign Minister visiting Sometimes it is un avoidable.

other countries overseas and

birds of baby, family

illnesses. The minister of

arts having to go to the

funeral of one of Australia's

greatest ar tiffs. It has

been abused in the past and

Tony Abbott is right to adopt

a tougher approach and he never ruled out allowing

Craig Thomson to be at the

birth of his child. And

no-one knows when the birth

is going to occur and whether Perth will be sitting at that

time. So it -- whether

parliament is sitting at that

time. That is a good point.

Nobody knows when the birth

is going to happen yet I have

seen Liberal MPs says Julia Gillard should time the vote so it doesn't coincide with

the birth. I don't think that

has anything to do with it.

issues that Chris raised We are not talking about the

which are right. We are

talking about the birth of a

baby and that's what it's

about here. And Tony Abbott

may not have ruled it out yesterday but he discernly

didn't rule it in Chris -- he

certainly didn't rule it in

Chris. I didn't say he ruled

it in or out he was asked a direct question about it and

he specifically talked about

a tough line being what's required. That is more than

just not ruling it out. I

actually think it is part of

the blood sport of Australian

politics. There is this sort

of seeping brutality that is

coming into Australian

politic, we have seen with

the Twitter food with this

show attacking all of us on the panel on a personal basis. You get it more than

most actually. And you know

what... No-one has the guts

to show up on the show and have their own say. Even though you offer them every

week. And we saw Nick Bride

the BBC correspond finish up

his tour of duty and his

final comments about his time

in Australia was about the

brutality of our politics.

And we saw Economist magazine

talk about the poor quality

of the political leaders and that is something straight away shouldn't have been an

issue. It should have been,

yep he's having a baby, his wife is, he doesn't need to be in parliament and it

should not have been a political issue at

all. Forgetting about the

pairing for Craig Thomson's impending fatherhood, this broader issue that parliament is getting brutal and there is a lack of political leadership that the whole

show is going under, is

really quite transparent and

pathetic and you see this all

the time from the left of

politics when you have a Labor government that's absolutely falling apart at

the seams and trailing in the

polls, they don't want to

just criticise the Labor side

they say the whole show is

fall apart. The body politic

we have never seen it in such

strife. That's nonsense. I never said the whole show is

falling apart but all the

protest rallies, you

know,... There were never protest rallues during the

Howard Government? You all

have to remember the House of Representatives. The personal

nature of it. John Howard

wouldn't have taken it personally? This idea you

can have a civil discourse

and robust debate of course

that's always been a part of

politics but there is this

brutality that has come into

it. Troy as opposed to what,

the brutality of Parliament House being stormed in the

early days of the Howard Government windows were

broken and so forth? That

wasn't right either. That is what happened though. It is

what happened, yeah. They broke the frond dooshs of Parliament House down stormed the building there, were

people holding trophies out

the front of Parliament House

with blood on their faces and

that was the kinder gentler

Labor government. There was

plenty of criticism about

that, that was railed against

by people on both sides of politics at the time. I think

it's fair enough to express

concern about the ugly thinks

that go on in politics. Absolutely. The day

we stop doing that is a sad

day. Correspondents weren't getting abused by people

addressing rallies back

then. The point is we always

condemn when people go too

far but the point is there is

not more anger or more

brutality or more nastiness

in politics now than ever

before. I that is nonsense. I

think we are seeing more of

it. I think the anonymity of the internet and the chance

for every one to have their

say on politics means we see

and hear a lot of stuff that

once would have been written

in nasty letters in capitals

to the politics or journos

themselves New York it is out

there on Twitter, a protest

out the front of booefz's

office with some -- on

Anthony beez's office shaking

his high. He handled that

brilliantly Anthony Albanes,

he addressed them and

defended the right to

protest. He stuffed it up

previously in parliament

referring to the convoy of no consequence. He realised... On reflection he should do things

differently. He said when

the convoy that the tross had bigger protests outside his

office every week and the

trots didn't show up but some

other people did. . The point

of my argument is you have

misrepresented what I say. I

didn't say the show is going

under. I didn't say politics

had never been robust or

dynamic, I said the tone of

political debate in this country has become a little

bit sharper and a little bit

nastier and I think as Clare

says the internet has played

a big part in that. I think we agree that Troy is probably taking this up more

than is the case. But let me

ask you Chris, specifically

on the Craig Thomson saga,

there has been more

revelations today, George

Brandis as opposed to retreat

ing result as a result of the police investigation in NSW

coming to an end is looking

to take the new allegations

to a police investigation in

NSW once again. Obviously

they are calling on the Victorian investigation

waiting to see what happens

there. What is year view

about the saga? Is it going

to continue, is it losing

some of the heat? What's

your view. It will continue

and it should continue and

what the government needs to

do is make sure they get on

the right side of this

debate. Let's of course they

don't want Craig Thomson to

lose his seat in parliament,

that would be disastrous for

the Gillard government but

the Gillard government has to

represent Tehrans and as a --

tax pays and represent trade

union members and trade union

members do not earn their hard earned cash handed over

to the unions and expect it

to be spent at broth els or

at expensive dinners and lunches or someone's private

school fees. Now, the union

movement needs to make sure

it's accountable, the police

need to investigate of

course, a Fair Work Australia

needs to complete its investigation, and most importantly, Craig Thomson

needs to make a full explanation. He's been

running from this, he hasn't

told everybody exactly what's

gone on mere and I think the

both on the political side

and on the law enforcement

side people can expect this

to be followed right through

until there is a satisfactory

explanation. Just to play

devils advocate for a minute.

It's a difficult situation that Craig Thomson finds

himself in. Let's say he has

done things in the past he is not proud of or happy with

and he wants to explain in full, what's the right thing

for him to do? Should he

resign and leave the

government that his union members presumably would like

to be in power, to fall? Is

that the right thing to do?

He can start by explaining himself. He could turn up

here any time. I am certain

that Peter would be happy

to... We wuld love to have

him on the program. Let's

make no mistake about

that. He would get a fair

hair hearing. There is just questions he needs to

answer. When we come back we

will continue talking about

Craig Thomson. You are watching The Contrarians.

Welcome back. You are

watching The Contrarians, let's look at today's news headlines.

The Coalition has referred

new allegations against Labor

MP Craig Thomson to NSW

police for investigation. Shadow Attorney-General

George Brandis sent a brief

to police after Fairfax

published the claims today.

It's reported Mr Thomson and

another senior union official

were provided with credit

cards by a company they paid

exposure tantd amounts to to

produce a -- Exhorbitant

amounts to to produce a union newsletter. Mr Thomson

refused to comment on the

accusations. A boat carrying 72 asylum seekers has arrived

in Australian waters, the first since the High Court

rejected the government's

plan to send illegal arrivals

to Malaysia for processing. The Prime Minister is trying

to find a way to make offshore processing work since the High Court ruling.

But she will have a battle

on her hand, Opposition

leader is threatening to

reject legislation that will

allow offshore processing if

it include the Malaysia

solution. New York's mayor

has moved to calm fears

following reports a car or

truck bomb attack was being

planned to coincide with the

10th anniversary of 9/11.

Documents seized followingle

killing -- following the

killing of Osama bin Laden

revealed his consider ed

launching an attack on the 10

year anniversary. The NYPD

commissioner says authorities

will be taking additional precautions over the coming

days increasing the counter

terrorism operations. US

President Barack Obama has

urge ed Republicans to halt a

political circus and pass his

$447 billion jobs plan. The

American jobs Act aims to

reduce the country's 9.1%

unemployment rate. It

includes massive cuts in

payroll tax for employers and

employees, and a $50 billion

investment in infrastructure.

To create jobs in the

construction sector.

Republican Tea Party

candidate Michelle Backmann has said she won't support

the bill. And in support,

the Rugby World Cup gets

under way tonight in New

Zealand, James O'Connor has

confirmed his spot on the bench for the Wallabies ahead

of their rugby world opener

on Sunday. The Kiwis will soon get the competition

under way when they play

Tonga in the tournament's

first game tonight. And the weather:

Spit the dummy the

segment where we give you the

chance to come on the

program, I tell you what you

are a bunch of wimp, every

attempt that I have made this

week, and I must have

contacted dozens of people

that contact us by e mail on

Twitter, not one person is

prepared to come on the

program and stump up. I tell

you what Clare when you talk

about the anonymity of the

internet with this false

courage that exists, there is

a lot of it there when it

comes to this program. A lot

of people that are talking to

us via Twitter talking to us

on email. Not one this week that I contacted that was

interested in coming on the

program. So I'm now putting

it back on you, otherwise we

are dumping this segment as

of next week. Nn who is

interested on coming --

anyone who is interested on

coming on the program contact

me by email or Twitter at the Contrarians site or my Twitter site and give us your

details. If you are in a

position to get us in a Sky

News studio you can come on

and have your say. So far there is a collective lack of

will in the public. That's

because you smashed the last

gay who game on. It's my

fault. You have got to give

him a go. You can't say come

on to national television and

get smashed. I had no idea my

panel will be so sucking up

to the audience quite

frankly. This is - I didn't

smash the guy. They get a

free chance to have a kick on

television and we have

had... They have a free

kick. They do but if they say

something silly you have got

to jump in. Let them if they want to say something

silly. They talk about this

ig e issue Chris Kenny said

you have got to advise them

to have their say, give them

a kick once you are off

camera. I'm sorry I let them

have their say and I take

them on when they have a

chance to reply. Kenny's

version has a show coming up

on Sky on Saturdays, his

approach will be have your

say and get rid of them and

repel when they don't have a

right to respond. Like the

Alan Jones approach. Hit the

button on the microphone. Listen to

him. You can turn off cunny's

mic. -- Kenny's mic. Peter

will answer the question for

you Troy. Can I get a word

in Chris? I tell you the

sooner this guy gets his show

the better. Troy, let me ask

you serious question about

Craig Thomson. Okay. Police

investigation is no longer going ahead. Labor MPs

including the Treasurer Wayne

Swan have tried to use this

to say he's cleared, this

should move on, this smear should stop. The police

investigation was a pretty

narrow thing that was being

looked at. It had nothing to

do with what I think in the

public's mind is the bigger

issue which is union funds

being used on a brothel and

various other thing, what's

happening with that. That had

nothing to do with the police

investigation. Is it your

view that there is still significant unanswered questions in the Craig

Thomson saga? Peter it is not

my role to sit here as judge

and jury I am not asking you

that, I want a view. My view

is that there are other

investigations going on and

they are being looked at.

There was the police one in

NSW, they said there was no

case to answer. There was no

- the case, was to do with

whether there was some sort of deception in the use of

the credit card and their

position roughly was that

there is no deception in the

use of the credit card

because it was Craig

Thomson's credit card. But

that doesn't answerer the

concern of union members

which was it was Craig Thomson's credit card being

used for what it was. There is still other investigations

going on. But I'm not going

to sit here and say he's in

the clear or that he's

guilty. We don't really know what the investigations are

for but you would have to say

on basis of what's been in

the newspapers, look it doesn't look pretty crash hot

for Craig Thomson. But having

said that, there is processes

to go through and they are

going to go through the

processes. Isn't the

important question now how is

your union or anyone's union

looking after the money that

you are contributing as dues?

What are the structures of

Australia's trade unions. If

trade unions want to exist in

the next century or into next

year, what are they doing to make sure that people can

trust them. Yes and if the

Labor Party and union

movement want to keep

building more or stop the

decline in union numbers then

it's in their interests

anybody else's to get some

accountability here so people

who want protection there the

workplace can be confident

about paying the union dues. We are still on the Craig Thomson saga but a

different angle. There's been

a fair bit of Twitter discussion about this and I

have received an email from

Doug. He said you are a bunch

of guys and girls full of hot air and you have no influence

on any outcomes. So thanks

for that Doug. So getting to

the point. I can vote anybody

else. I forget to vote at the

last election and got fined. Another story. Do our military have the option of

coming home at a time of a

family birth? The answer to

that is no. There has been a

lot of discussion on Twitter

if the military don't have an

opportunity or a right to

come home for a family birth

why should Craig Thomson,

have the right to exit

parliament? Interested in

what the panel think about

that. Is there a similarity there that is worth talking

about or is that unfair to

the Thomson situation? I

think the birth of a baby as

Troy said is something that

is fine to sort of have a bit

of political argy-bargy about it... What about the comparison to the military? If something goes

joking matter. Military wrong it is no longer a

service is something that

people sign up for in

Australia. Voluntarily. Go

away for a fixed period of time and then come back at

the end of it. It is

extremely dangerous and that's why we give them all the respect that they deserve. But I don't think

the two issues are come

comparable at all. I don't

think they are comparable

either. The military are a particular case, they are overseas, they should be able

to come back and it will be

great if they could but I

don't think that's really a

practical solution or a

practical idea. You would also have, anybody if they work in the public service if they work in a private company, they should be able

to take time off work to be

there for a birth of their

child and they do get now

paternity leave or maternity

leave in you are having the

baby. So that's a good idea

and anybody who is having a

baby should be able to be

there. I was there for the

birth of my two children and

I'm sure you were too Peter

-- Peter. Almost missed the

second one. That's another

story. There was a tweet

coming in said how can you

forget to vote. The reason I

was because I was involved in

planning the election

campaign. That's the one

where I called the election a

little too early. I got fined

that's fine, my producer is

laughing at me in my ear.

Chris Kenny year view on

this. People should be made

to vote. It's a far comparison. A lot of

supporters are saying it's a

good come parson. It is not a

fair comparison. Massive sacrifices of course the

military make in all sorts of ways and we always have great

respect for that. And they do

miss out on... Should they be

allowed to attend the birth

of a child.. It is not

practical when you talk about deployments overseas and the

like. A parliamentan, the fairer comparison is with

other workers in the

workplace and we will expect

if at all possible to be

there for the birth of our

child. Troy, coming to you on

this question, there is an

email that I received which I

think is an interesting one

from Vince, making the point

a politician can leave

parliamentary sittings

whenever he or she wants, the pairing issue is one of the

Labor Party not letting Thomson go because of their concern over the pairing

thing. How do you respond to

that? Of course, any MP can

just go missing in action

the consequence but the from parliament and suffer

government wouldn't get the consequences are that the

legislation passed and the

government could fall. The

pairing thing is it doesn't

give anybody a positive or negative outcome because you

are paired so there is no

change in overaisle vote.

The percentage proportion of

the -- overall vote. The percentage proportion of the

vote remains the same. The

issue can be I could see

Labor MPs deciding on

spurious grounds to try to

pair so they don't have to go

and vote for the carbon tax

they know will be an electoral poisonus

matter. The birth of a

baby. Not including the

Thomson affair clearly. It is

a case by case basis He

didn't plan this nine months

ago. He might have. It has

got to be a case by case

basis. What is the value for the Opposition. Christopher

Pyne has had an idea it will

players because people like be tough parliamentary

that sort of thing. Do they?

People like the Opposition

when they are being tough on

policy and decisive and so on

but playing silly games

about, whether people compare

or not -- can pair or not it

is ridiculous and if the

Opposition wants Craig

Thomson to trip himself up

maybe they should let him go

do what he wants. Chris you

can sea say it on your show

next -- say it on your show

next week. When we come back

we will be talking about two

issues, the situation with

Wayne Swan and where he's at

in terms of some of the economic discussion during

the week and also asylum

seekers, there is obviously big news there in terms of

what kind of a deal may or

may not be done between Julia

Gillard and Tony Abbott. You

are watching The Contrarians

we will be back in a moment.

Welcome back. I am joined

as I am often by Kennedy from

'The Australian' newspaper,

Troy Bramston former spech

writer to krvrd and Claire

Harvey from the '-- from

Kevin Rudd and Claire Harvey

from the Sunday telegraph. We

will have someone next week,

crazy Jane, that's your calcine, whatever you call it

on Twitter -- calcine,

whatever you call it on -- call sign, whatever you call

it on Twitter send me an

email with your contact details, I we will receive

you on the program this time

next week. That's Contrarians

at Sky Let's

forward to what your argument

is. Crazy Jane. Let's hope that is an ironic name. Question will find how

crazy Jane is. There is a

tweet that came in from

Peter, I didn't send it that

says when are Troy and Chris

going to jump the fence and

become elected players rather

than complent ators. Troy you

have been talking about going to parliament for a long

time. When will you look to

do that? I'm not going to

actually. Chris and I have

bothed worked in the

Opposition Leader's office

and that's the end of it for

me. At the same time? No, not

at the same time. Although he would often give me information when I was there.

I have got no plan to go into

politics, no active plan, I

live in a safe Liberal

electorate, and that's about

it. Chris you live in a safe

Liberal electorate are you

looking to go into politic? I

toyed with it as a younger

man. When I was a great

Keating fan and later again

when I was working with the

Liberals but I have seen too

much of it. Why didn't they

want you? What was the reason? Exactly. Unpalletable

all round. We will move on

and talk about the economy.

Wayne Swan was discussing

some of those numbers during

the week. Troy I know you

take a keen interest in this

kind of thing what's your dak

on it? It is an -- take on

it.. It was an interesting report in 'The Australian'

today the rivers of gold that will throw into the Australian economy. No excuse

not to get to surplus. That

that's right and I think a

very important point about

the policy changes this means

for the nation in terms of skills, infrastructure, and a whole range of things about

how the government will

actually manage this another

mining boom. And I think we should also remember that you look at the manufacturing industry and the manufacturing industry employ

a million people in the

country. It's about three or

four our five times as many

people in the mining industry

and we can't forget them as

well. Yes we have got to

prepare pa for the next phase

of a new mining boom and what

means for the economy but

also let's not forget manufacturing because that's still, a very important part

of the economy. Clare each time you get the news about

the good as well as the bad

in the economy it's a tough one for Labor because good news about the economy might

be true at a macro level but

at the micro individual level

people are doing it pretty

tough and it's a tough

message for the government to

kind of match the two. It is

very difficult. Our economy, manufacturing is important

but our economy is more than

70% services, we are a

country that sells things to

one another and cuts one another's hair and that's

what our economy is. No

matter what the mining

industry would like us to

think. Mining is of course

very important in the resources sector is but I

think you are right in terms

of the government, the way

the government handles this

kind of thing. The big push

at the moment is

productivity. But it's almost

impossible to define. The

government hasn't defined it

and nor has industry. It's a big problem for both of them

I think and that's going to be the big challenge of the

next couple of years Chris I know economics isn't the

strong point so I will move

on to asylum seekers. Quickly

on that, it is a good sign that Wayne Swan has been

happy to just, just gently

talk about the possibility of adjusting the fair work Act

to try to get a little more flexibility in the

workplace. Why do you think

he's done that? Good

commonsense I think, let's

give him credit. We all know

there is a need to lift

product productivity and make sure we take advantage

of the mining boom. Employers

have been talking about a

little bit more flexibility,

of course the Opposition has,

very, very sensible for Wayne

Swan to just gently as I say,

suggest that there might be

some room to move there. On

to asylum seekers now and

this is a big issue. More

talk about it across the front page of 'The

Australian' today it's been

across front pages of all

partners during the course of

the week. Bob Brown having a

go at Julia Gillard over, and the Department of Immigration

frankly over the position of

using offshore processing.

Talk on line today 'The

Australian' about a deal

perhaps being struck between

Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard

over processing to go on both

in Nauru and in Malaysia

after each side of politics refused to countenance the

idea of processing in those

two areas. I want to get the panel's view on this

particular issue. Chris

starting with you. This is

the acid test now for Julia

Gillard and just checked on

the way in here the first of

the boat arrival s that people were expecting in the wake of the High Court

decision is happening as we

speak off Christmas Island. I

think this is the acid test,

Julia Gillard has sensibly

now looked to the main stream

and actually talked about the

possibility of doing a deal with Tony Abbott and the

Opposition, making some

leltion slative changes

around get -- legislative

changes and getting a

solution going. Of course

there is to-ing and fro-ing over Malaysia but she is

wearing a bit of criticism

from Bob Brown on

that. That's not a bad thing

for her politically. That is

a good thing for her, if she

hag the gums and political

will to -- guxt umtion and

political will and find compromise with the Liberal

Party and where the weather the criticism from Bob Brown

she may well chalk herself up

the first win in what has

been a pretty abysmal

premiership yip so far. If we

have crazy Jane on the

program we have to ask scruff

bucket, another person on

Twitter, God help us. We

asked scruff bucket on and we

have had no response. The

invitation still stands. The

show goes down by the day.

Troy let me come to you, we

just had Chris basically

saying he thinks Gillard is

about to turn everything

around. She can, I am not

predicting she will but I

hope she did. He is

predicting Gillard might turn

everything around on the back

of the asylum seekers deal

that might happen. What's

your view? We have a

situation here where it likes

like a stalemate but we might

get a hybrid solution. The

government still don't want

to go to Nauru, the

Opposition don't want to go

to mal ash Malaysia, there

is talk today on some kind of

hybrid solution on Manus

Island. Let's look at the

politics on this thing, I

thought the Labor Party had

to act much more quickly than

they have, it has been 10

days since the High Court

decision it was a blow on the

government's kridible it I in

an area they haven't had much

credibility for 10 years

since the 'Tambpa'. I think the government needs to come

up with a solution much

quicker. It would have been

worth talking about,

recalling parliament earlier,

possibly coming up with some

other legislative package to

perhaps get around the High

Court or come up with a completely new solution

onshore processing, or

something else but think the

government has let this go

too long now and now they are caught between are they going

to go the Greens route or do something with Tony Abbott or will they come up with something else and the Australian people still don't

know. It is interesting

actually, I have become more

of a fan of the Malaysia

solution since reading the

hibt's judgment and the

Department of Immigration --

High Court's judgment and the department's advice to the government. It seems to be

the solution that the people

who are experts in the field, that is the bureaucrats in

the Department of Immigration, who have had to

deal with all the policy

solutions to this actually

like. I have been appalled I

must say about Bob Brown's

suggestion that the Immigration Department staff

are extend phobes and turkeys because they -- Xenophobesenend turkeys

because they disagree with

what he thinks. That is a

ridiculous point to make for someone who is supposedly on

the side of sensible policy

makes and good decision

makes. Good call. We have

three minutes on program and

I want to talk about the

series on the ABC. 'At home

with Julia'. What are our

thoughts on this. I guess

both in terms of whether it

was funny or not. But also

whether it's appropriate or

not, to have that kind of

humour at the expense of a

Prime Minister. I turned it

on determined to dislike it

and... You thought it was

'Australian story'. I thought

it was going to be highly

offensive but I kind of found

it quite funny. I turned it

on wanting to like it and I

wasn't that big a fan. I

thought it was hilarious. The

person I was watching it with

couldn't stop laughing. I had

to turn then to pipe down.

Some my friends on the left.

I warped it with Kevin Rudd.

With Jasper and Abbey and

Terese twittering along. No

it wasn't. Some of my friends

on the left are saying it was disrespectful it wasn't

funny. We have had political satire for more than a century. But a key ingredient

of satire is it is funny. I

thought it was funny and it

served to human noise Julia.

If nn came out looking awful

it was poor Tim but Julia it

showed her warm personality.

It showed her to be a nice person. I don't think there was anything negative about

her at all. There bass

nothing negative about Julia

Gillard. There was about tism

but not about Julia at all. One of the things I

didn't like about it and I

don't want to sound like a

feminist boar. But you

will. I am the only chick on

the show so someone has to. I

thought it was - the sub

text of a lot of the jokes

were Tim is a e mass cull

lated sort of housewife.

Basically. He is obsessed

with when they will have for

dinner and he is naggy and

depressing basically. It was

harsh. I thought ta was rough. You thought it was hard on him rather than Julia

Gillard. Yeah, I did. Very un

dignify anied. I would love

to get Chris's thoughts but

we are right out of time. I

will thank the panel. I thought it was a documentary. You thought it was

'Australia's story'. Chris Kenny from 'the Australian'

newspaper thanks for your

time as always, bram former speech writer to Kevin Rudd

who by the sounds of it may

have watched the series with

him and Claire Harvey. Thank

you for your company. Don't

forget to tune in on Sunday,

the 10 year anniversary of

September 11. The attacks on

income and Washington from 5 p.m. eastern stand time Sky

will be running complete

coverage what happened and

you can tune in that more

than for 'Australian agenda". We will have John Howard for

our one and only guest for an

hour special looking at the

events of September 11 how

they changed the world and

how they changed domestic

politics and international

politics. We will be joined

by Dennis Shanahan, Kelly kel

and thanks for your company. See you then.

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