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Bravest of the brave. Australia

mourns the loss of a Sydney-based soldier in Afghanistan.

Police smash a male theft ring

operating in Redfern.

Fresh proof drivers are being

ripped off at the petrol pump.

A town wiped off the map by a killer tornado.

And a mother's pride as Jamie

Soward prepares for State of Origin.

VOICEOVER: This is Nine News with

Peter Overton. A loving husband,

dedicated friend and a warrior.

Today, Sergeant Brett Wood became

the latest Australian soldier to

die in Afghanistan. He is the 24th

digger to give his life to the

conflict. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has reassured a nation in

mourning that progresz is being made.

Highly decorated, a magnificent

soldier. Official words of praise

for Sergeant Brett Wood, killed

last night by an improvised

explosive device in Uruzgan

province. I'm told Brett was highly

professional, dedicated and an

exceptionally nice guy. Sergeant

Wood was on foot, conducting a

clearance operation, searching for

home-made bombs that have killed so

many soldiers and locals. One of

the devices exploded, killing him.

And seriously injuring two others.

One has life-threatening injuries.

It was Sergeant Wood's third tour

of Afghanistan. He grew up in

Gippsland, and the Stokes Brothers

were childhood friends. He will be

sorely missed. It is a tragedy. But

loved. at least he died doing what he

In 2006, Brett was awarded the

Medal of Gallantry for an attack

that killed seven insurgents in

Uruzgan. The assault was carried

out while he was wounded after an

earlier rocket attack. To Brett's

wife, I offer my deepest

condolences. I want her to know

that we're going to take care of

her, and support her as we bring

Brett home. Hours before the fatal

attack, another three Australian

soldiers were wounded in a separate

firefight with insurgents, all

three were medevacked to the

hospital at the Australian base at

Tarin Kowt. It is expected they

will be discharged later today. The

so-called fighting season has just

started in Afghanistan. Progress is

being made. It's difficult, it's

hard-fought for. And we are

entering a fighting season which

will challenge us.

Brett Woods is the 24th Australian

to be killed in Afghanistan since

the war began, nearly ten years ago.

Live now to Mark Burrows, at the

Holsworthy Army Barracks, where

Sergeant Wood was based., Peter, he

served with his second commando

regiment here at Holsworthy. Eight

members of that regiment have now

died in Afghanistan. Brett had only

been married for two months, a

short time ago his wife released a

statement to the media. In part, it

reads, "I have not only lost my

husband, I have lost my best friend.

The past six years with him were

the haps of my life, the biggest

honour ever to become part of his

wife and part of his family. Brett,

you done your country proud, and

you will always be remembered."

She says he regarded second

commander regiment as his second

family and no doubt everybody

inside is now feeling his loss.

Sydney police have cracked a major

fraud syndicate, arresting three

men over the theft of hundreds of

pieces of mail. Amelia Adams is at

the Redfern Mail Exchange. What do

the police allege the the men were

after? They say identity theft is

the likely motive. It is believed

the three men stole from mailboxes

around this area in the middle of

the night. Police are looking at

how long these alleged thieves may

have been stealing people's

personal mail and significantly

what they have been doing with that information.

Hundreds of bank statements, credit

cards, and cash. Police were tipped

off by residents, who noticed two

men acting suspiciously around

letter boxes on Cleveland Street.

Their arrests led officers to

another stash, in nearby

Chippendale. More mail, financial

statements and drugs.

During these search warrants, a

further male was identified, and

also placed under arrest.

Male theft is a national problem.

63,000 parcels have gone missing in

the post since July 2009. Lost or

stolen, none of them have been

retrieved. I sent out some

invitations. They had a CD in them.

None of them were delivered or

received. How many? About 35. Perth

stkrent Dwain Davison has been

expecting a parcel from Sydney. It

is a gift from someone that is

quite special. Not being there, it

was disappointing and upsetting.

Express packages that don't fit in

open. mailboxs are often left out in the

Secure your letter boxes. Securor

mail. Know who is around. Your

letter box contains a lot of

identification. valuable property. And your

There's more evidence that Sydney

drivers are being ripped off at the

petrol pump. A Commsec report has

revealed the average whole sale

price of fuel dropped by almost 8

cents a litre over the past

fortnight. But in the same period,

1.2 cents. prices at the bowser fell by only

We expect prices to come down this

week. They should have fallen

already. And they should also

continue to fall next week.

Comsec has called on the retailers

to pass on the difference as soon

as possible. A disaster of

breathtaking prorgss is unfolding

in Joplin, Missouri. 116 people are

now known to have died, when a

twister ripped through with

virtually no warning. When it came,

the killer tornado was hidden

behind a grey curtain of rain. They

could not see the deadly fury

bashing down on them. Then deadly

and roaring, it showed itself. Many,

though, were caught by surprise. My

husband was out in the garage. I

opened the door, and he came

running up to me. He had a look on

the face and he said, "You need to

take cover, now." There was no

hiding as the twister sore a

pathway a kilometre wide through

the city. My wife, daughter and I

and two dogs got in the hallway.

Everything fell down around us.

Terror in the voices of people

trapped in a supermarket. (SCREAMING)

Jesus! Jesus! One woman told how

she and her town house neighbour

kept track of one another through a

common wall. She was pounding back.

I knew somebody was there. You were

saying prayers on both sides of the

wall? You bet. Cameraman and storm

chaser, an Australian, Daniel Shaw.

The damage is widespread. The

emergency services are working in

large numbers to look for bodies as well as survivors.

The city's hospital is devastated,

and just when it is needed the most.

It is, indeed, a sad day in Joplin.

And that may not be the end of it.

More storm fronts are bearing down

on America's infamous Tornado Alley.

There was a small, but significant

victory for consumers today, after

Barry O'Farrell was forced into a

backdown over his unpopular changes

to the solar bonus scheme. The

Premier now says there will be

financial help for some of those

who have lost money after

installing solar panels in their home.

Even if he does qualify for

hardship provisions, Barry Edmonds

from East lined 23508 will have to

wait a long time to get his

investment in solar panels repaid.

Perhaps I may not in my lifetime

see the benefit of it. Add an extra

two or three years, it will put a

burden on what I've done. The

Premier is more concerned with the

State's finances and he remains

trimming the cost to the solar

program. We want to be fair to

those who entered the scheme in

food depaith, fair to families across NSW.

Details were seen today. It will be

sorted out through negotiation over

the next few weeks. Listen to those

who are concerned about hardship to

address that through a hardship package. He has come forward package. He has come forward today

with a package that is uncosted, unexplained and, frankly,

unbelievable. The solar industry is

unimpressed and believe the sky is

falling on them. And uncertainty

and delay for the solar industry

today is fatal. I don't think that

the Premier understands that this

is a solar crisis.

Jetstar passengers will have to pay

for the privilege of being checked

in at the counterby a real person.

The budget airline will instead

issue your boarding pass via a text

message, a world first measure

aimed at cutting costs and the queues.

Print your ticket, label your

luggage, discount-flying is fast

becoming do-it-yourself travel.

Jetstar has jumped into the deepend

of technology, all but dumping the

check-in counterfor a computer or a

mobile phone. You don't have to

hang around. It is great. I love it.

Passengers with carry-on luggage

can avoid the queues, a coded

message sent to the phone is canned.

It is an evolution.

Because it costs money to have that

space for check-in, airlines are

very anxious to get rid of it. No

frills and soon no face-to-face

service, Jess tar wants its

passengers to help themselves. Come

November, if you need assistance

checking in at the counter, you

will have to pay for it. $10 has

been mentioned and there will be

exemptions. For the elderly, the

infirm, for those that carry

disability or need that extra level

of assistance, there would be any

kpwost for them. A cut-throat

industry, budget airlines with

their gimmicks and radical ideas

have become the butt of jokes. Wake

me up when we get to Birmingham!

But buckle up! Qantas could be next

in do-it-yourself checking-in.

It is a mystery baffling the

community of Penrith in Sydney's

west. Who is poisoning their trees?

Police admit they have no idea who

the vandal is, but they will face a

fine of up to $1 million if they are caught.

Light circles mark the dark fate of

these six trees. At the base, holes

drilled and filled with poison.

Authorities were tipped off by an

unknown caller, and then lls

Following up, once again anonymous,

wanting to know what was happening

with the trees. If the culprit's

aim was to have them removed, they

have succeeded. Penrith City

Council wants to eliminate any risk

of danger, especially with a

playground nearby. We don't know.

It appears to be a targeted attack,

each tree within 30cm of another.

What that strategy is, without

having any evidence, and knowing

who is responsible, it is difficult

to high poth size, I guess. The

owner of the property next to the

reserve has lived there for seven

years. Today, he says was the first

he had heard of the attack. It is

not the first for the council.

They're struggling to find out who

poisoned six trees surrounding this

BP petrol station. What can

councils do about this?

Well, black town City Council,

great example for community

awareness, and replanting trees -

14,000 they give away each year. As

we saw in Penrith, it is difficult

to monitor the situation, if you

don't have CCTV at park, homes and businesses. Information from the

public is key. If you see anything,

please, call the local council. Thank you.

To Origin and tomorrow night the

Blues begin their bid to end

Queensland's five-year domination

of the series.

Ken joins me now. There is one

Blues rookie who will be right in

the thick of the action? Peter,

good evening. Yes, it will be Jamie

Soward's job to guide NSW around

Suncorp Stadium. He has had to wait

a long time for the stunt. The

Blues five-eighth said that the

family have given him confidence.

Jamie Soward has all the tricks,

but that has never been in dispute.

From a young age, he had the

determination. But as a little man

in a big man's sport, he was

considered fragile, a genius in

attack, but a dunce in defence.

I've worked hard to try to limit

those people bagging me. Some of

the things I read about your

personality surprise me. I mean,

are you a rock star? Definitely

not! Sometimes I think my character

can be taken, you know, the wrong

way. His self-belief come from

those closest to him. They have

been passengers on his roller-

coaster ride. He has proven over

the last couple of years that he

has the passion and the drive to

succeed, and that's why it was sort

of relief, there has been talk over

the past few weeks, there was

something about him. It is really

hard. Jamie doesn't read the papers,

but we do, stupidly. I'm proud to

be able to represent my mum and

family. They have travelled

everywhere me. He can't forget the

influence his late father had on

his life. Last week was dad's 60th

anniversary. You don't think forget

those things. It is one of those

things that had a massive effect on

my life. Still does today. I think

I have grown to handle it better.

Soward doesn't want to let anyone

down tomorrow night. Your heart of

hearts says you can do this.

Definitely. I wouldn't be here if I

didn't believe that.

In the news ahead - Barack Obama's

Irish homecoming hits a speed bump. Skreez Oh!

Plus, we are behind-the-scenes with

the keepers saving the Australian

sea lion. Sometimes they like to do

their own thing!

And Oprah rallies her famous

friends for the final countdown.

The American President has had a

reunion with his relatives in an

Irish pub in the very town where his great-great-great grandfather

lived in the 1800s. Aside from the

moment when the official cadillac

grounded on a high kerb... This was

the happiest of homecomings. I come

home to find me a apostrophe that

we lost somewhere along the way!

Oprah Winfrey made her favourite

farewells in person and now she is

doing the same for her American

fans. She is hosting massive

programs in the US as the famous

program heads into the final week.

The all-singing, all-dancing

tearful Oprah farewell is underway.

So big and so emotional, they have

stretched it out over three days.

Thank you for being part of this.

And I feel so loved. Thank you. (SCREAMING)

They all came, one time un-knowns,

and we were reminded, too, of the

fresh young faces and the big hair.

You looked like you were ten at the

time. I know. Beyonce's performance

pointed to all those young women,

the great one had inspired.

I love you, Oprah. I love to read books. Sponsors were falling over

themselves to try to get a bit of

this one. Of course, it was a

guaranteed weepathon.

All those tears...well, Oprah had

that sorted as well. Kleenex made

sure that everyone had plenty of

tissues on hand. It is not really

the end, Oprah is now off to add

muscle to her network on cable

television, which, at the moment, is struggling.

So often at the the forefront of

conservation, Taronga zoo is

leading the fight to save the

Australian sea lion. They are the

rairs kind of sea lions in the world.

Nine News has been given exclusive

access to their home. When you have acrobatics...

Tricks... And a little bit of cheek...

You certainly have a crowd-pleaser.

Meet the seals of Taronga. There

are the Aussie sea lions, the Kiwis

and the yanks - from California, to

be exact. What we are asking them

to do is well within their

capability. It looks spectacular

that they can do it on cue. They

can move with grace, and their

intelligence, awe-inspiring. It is

natural behaviour, things they

instinctively know. It can take

longer for the youngsters to follow

instructions. Just like when you go

to school, you go to ABC before you

learn to spell words and sentences.

The Aussie sea lions are the rare

treasures of the sea, only 15,000

left in the world.

The zoo is hoping that Lexie will

keep them from going extinct. She

was an orphan on Kangaroo Island.

She has been here for some time.

Most of Taronga seals have similar

rescue stories, washed up on our

shores with injuries. Like

Antarctic leopard seal, Casey and

Sabine, the the only ones in

captivity. After months of care,

they are healthy again, and you

would expect them to be, with food

coming in by the bucket load. They

are good at following prompts from

their handlers, but sometimes that

I like to do their own things!

Thank, Pepper! They certainly can get away wit.

Two beautiful smiles. Ken is back

with sport, and one sleep till

Origin. Are the Blues ready? They

are saying all the right things.

And we catch Ricky Stuart's

passionate address to his players.

An Origin reject reminds the Blues

selectors of his skills.

And Sydney prepares for showers and

gale force winds. All the weather details for you shortly. (ALL LAUGH)

Yeah, and that's where we met - in Tuscany. Yeah, che bella. Wow. Well, that was beautiful. Oh, no, please - I'll do that. Oh! OK, thanks. Oh, that's nice. I'd better help the lad. Yeah. So what do you think? You could do better. VOICEOVER: You too could be doing better with a home loan from St. George. Save over $10,000 on your home loan in just four years. Visit a branch or call 13 55 10 today.

In just over 24 hours until Origin

one in Brisbane, and both teams

have completed their preparations

with training runs today. Danny

Weidler is at Suncorp Stadium. The

Blues have made a surprise visit to

the ground? Yeah, Ken. We have been

hearing about how relaxed the Blues

are. Suddenly things got serious

here at Suncorp Stadium. Ricky

Stuart gathered the players for a

surprise visit. He addressed them

very passionately, talked to them

about what Origin means. I asked

him why he came here tonight. It

the occasion is not going to beat

us. It is another ground, another

night at the office. I think it

helps the debutantes. Just to come

along and feel the silence tonight

and see what it is all about.

Quite emotional stuff there for

Ricky Stuart. He did take the boys

down Caxton Street on the bus as

well, where Blocker Rooch told them

stories about Origins past.

It is shaipg up to be a beauty.

Shane Shackleton has been cleared

of a serious eye injury and able to

join team-mates at the recovery

session today. It was feared Shane

Shackleton had damaged his retina

in the 40 to 6 flogging of the

Chiracs. She hopeful of playing

this - Sharks. He is hopeful of

playing this weekend. It is cleared

up. It sounds worse than it has

turned out to be. But it is - yeah,

a bit of a relief. Jarryd Hayne was

intent on sending a message to the

Blues Origin selector, setting up

two tries in a busy game. In the

worst performance in 62 years,

there are no Aussies left in the

men's French Open singles heading

into the second round.

Bernard Tomic was beaten in

straight sets by Argentina's Carlos

Berlocq. We were going better in

the womens with Anastasia Rodionova

advancing along with Sam Stosur.

Peter, the big show tonight, Origin

preview, 9.30. I will talk to you

from Brisbane tomorrow night from

the cauldron. Have a good time. I

will. After the break,

Coming up on WIN News... The

education overhaul. The Minister' s

plans for public schools.And: the

heartless attack - historic

headstones destroyed at Canberra' s

oldest church. Join me for all the

details next.

Well, we managed to get a glimpse

of some sunshine this morning

before that southerly change moved

through, dropping temps to 19

degrees in the city. through, dropping temps to 19 degrees in the city.

On the chart, a surface trough

linked to an off-shore low will

bring a strong gusty change to Sydney tomorrow.

Around the country tomorrow,

overcast in Brisbane for the Origin.

Another frosty start for Canberra,

dripping down to minus-1.

Melbourne and Adelaide can expect

cool southerly winds.

Well, that severe weather warn

willing continue tomorrow with

damaging winds expected along the coast.

Tomorrow, Pete, it will be wet and

windy. Yes, brace! Brace, indeed.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I'm Peter

Tonight ... Changing the way

schools do business. The plan to

shake-up the Education system. The

cruel act. Vandals destroy historic

headstones at Canberra' s oldest

church. And: cashing in. The early

snow, brings with it a business

boom. Good evening, I' m Danielle

Post. Canberra' s Public High

Schools and Colleges are set for an

overhaul, under a new framework

released by the Government today.

The plans offer a long term The plans offer a long term approac

to change how Canberrans think

about secondary schooling, part of

push to entice parents to keep

their children enrolled in our

public schools. The education